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Heavy Duty Full Moon

February 28, 2021

The 27 February 2021 (12:17 am PST) Full Moon has a noteworthy chart. Full and New Moons usually have their greatest impact in the two weeks following them. The loudest event is probably the Debate (Opposition) between our Victim Spaces (Chiron) and our Manifestation Results (dwarf planet Makemake), as it’s both the base of a Major Hassle (T-Square) over Climate Change (dwarf planets Pholus-Quaoar), and the Central Focus of a Mystery School (Yin Gate). It should be pretty obvious that our attempts to Manifest Energies that we Consciously or Unconsciously don’t Believe are Possible, are likely to be difficult. In usual circumstances we may be able to squeak past this kind of Unconscious Despair by Poor-Sweethearting ourself and then Changing the Subject.

For instance, I’ve been encountering Worry over a Potential Future where I have no control over important parts of my Living Circumstances (think “HOA”). Anything like that in your own Young Life? Assuming you don’t live in Texas, of course. The suggestion that the Energy will emerge through Climate Change or the like (Pholus [our Ability and Willingness to Recognize and Respond to…] and Quaoar [our Survival Instincts]) can refer to any situation where we Personally, or our Community, or Huperity in general, are in Denial about a Grave Danger that we don’t really Feel Competent to deal with. No shortage of those Energies in the News these days. It could refer to Earthquakes or Floods, for instance.

Chiron also represents Miracles, in the sense that we can’t Solve a Problem using the same Thinking that postulated the Problem – we need a new Paradigm. Once we find the right Paradigm however, Miracles follow. Miracles because from our previous Frame of Reference, they were Impossibilities. The Linear Mind isn’t capable of Thinking beyond its current Concept Set, it’s Limited not just by having great Difficulty escaping Duality, but also by its own Linearity. Our current Concept Set defines what’s Possible and what isn’t. To escape that box we need PIAVA, or Intuition, or Epiphany, or some other Flash of Nonlinear or Multidimensional Inspiration that allows us to Transcend our Concept Set.

Which is precisely what the Yin Gate Mystery School (two green X’s in a blue rectangle) requires us to Invite. We do get a Clue, in the form of asteroid Karma (Karma) making a Mjölnir (in orange in the chart below) to the Chiron-Pholus/Quaoar Square. A Mjölnir is a Trioctile Yod (a Square with a third planet four-and-a-half signs from each end) or crushing Hammer of Thor in the language of Ego Astrology, but like its Hindu predecessor the Vajra, a bolt of Illuminating Lightning in our Cosmology…

The Clue is a bit circular, as any Chironean Victim Energy that’s stopping our Manifestation is almost certainly Karmic. But recalling Seth’s advice that our Karma is written in our Life History, we can at least Examine our Emotions for traces of I-don’t-know-what-to-do or I-feel-like-a-Failure or I-feel-like-Giving-Up-but-I-Can’t Victim Energies around the places where our Manifestation is stalled. Given Saturn’s position, it’s probably about The Most Important Thing. You can see that “I” occurs four times in those three sentences, so there’s obvious Ego Entanglement. Our Karma is embedded into the current Lifetime by our Childhood Programming. If you want to Give Up (aka Surrender Control and Open to Guidance), which Ghost of Christmas Past would be Disappointed in you? Trying to “Prove Something” to somebody is a sure way to short-circuit Creativity.

As they say on Wall Street, “It’s not what you Earn, it’s what you Learn.” Succeeding or Failing at Manifesting any given thing is no big deal compared to What We Learn about How to Manifest, because We Take That With Us from Lifetime to Lifetime. And we know enough about Karma to get mileage out of it. For instance, we know that Karma Is Dead. In the same way that a Virus needs to borrow a Cell-Copying Device from a Victim in order to continue mimicking Life, Karma needs to borrow a Repetition-Repeating Process from its Victim, Consciously or Unconsciously. The only thing sustaining our Karma’s mimicking of Life-On-Its-Own is our Willing Repetition of the Pattern. Unconsciously Willing sounds oxymoronic, but it’s just the Absence of Willing to Change the Pattern.

Especially when the Pattern is Unconscious or Addictive, we “just” need to PIAVA otherwise – for instance with a Theta such as…

“God/Goddess, Creator of All There Is, I Command that I am Willing to Substitute More Constructive Habits for the Karmic Pattern I Want to Break. It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done. Thank You, God/Goddess. Show Me.”

Since WeGetWhatWeAskFor, and since we never know which of our Contrary Egos might be lurking in the background and Manipulating our Intent, our PIAVA will probably work better when we’re fairly specific about which Pattern we Want to Break. You probably don’t want to be more specific about the More Constructive Habits you want to provide instead, because you want to be Open to new Patterns you haven’t Thought of yet – you’ve probably already Failed using the Mechanisms you can Think of, and we need to carefully avoid Mechanisms when Asking to Manifest something New. If we already know that all of the Mechanisms we can Think of will never work, we’ll never be able to Manifest. We need to Solicit Mechanisms that we haven’t Thought of yet.

The eight “Unx” Angles (one Sign – the short green lines) in the chart are a Fortuitous Complement to this process. Each one is a Get-Out-Of-Karmic-Jail-Free card, as the Unx (one twelfth of the Zodiac, aka the Twelfth Harmonic, corresponding to the Hanged Man – by the Heels for a New Perspective – in the Tarot Major Arcana) is all about Pattern-Breaking. Let’s take two of the eight for examples, using the Foci of the other two T-Squares (the red triangles drawn using lighter lines) in the chart, Saturn and Nemesis. Nemesis (Guilt) is a Major Challenge (T-Square) to the Full Moon itself, and Saturn (Priorities) is a Major Challenge (T-Square) to Our Allowing Our Soul to Enlighten Our Ego (the Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment [minor planet Zhulong] Opposite Our Soul [Uranus]).

We can think of our own Personal Global Warming (Pholus-Quaoar) Issues as All of Our Patterns that Prevent us from already Living in 5D – that is, Effortlessly and Collaboratively Manifesting What We Need or Want. So these two Unxes tell us that…

It’s an Opportune Time to Reduce or Reverse the Priority we assign to Karmic Habits that Protect our Ego from Enlightenment by our Soul (Pholus-Quaoar Unx Saturn T-Square to Uranus-Zhulong), and

It’s an Opportune Time to Change Karmic Habits that Trigger our Guilt about Living from our True Instinctual Self (Pholus-Quaoar Unx Nemesis T-Square to Sun-Moon).

We just need to be willing to PIAVA these things, and Surrender to the Changes that are Initiated as a result. We may not Manifest our Orange Robes in one sitting, but we can make good Progress.

The other six Unxes? They provide Blessings around Letting Go of our Victim Postures and substituting Patterns of PIAVAing What We Want (Chiron Waning Unx Uranus), around Letting Go of Patterns that Fall Short of Appreciating and Celebrating the Miracle of Who We Really Are (Sun Waning Unx Chiron), around Giving First Priority to Who We Really Are rather than to our Ego-Protecting Masks (Sun Waxing Unx Saturn), around Letting Go of Confusion that Manifestation means Material Creativity rather than Creating New Integrated Spiritual-Emotional-Intellectual-Physical Practices (Makemake Waning Unx Zhulong), and around Letting Go of Programmed Limits on our Instinctual Creativity (Moon Waning Unx Makemake), and around Connecting with New Spiritual Guides (Nemesis Waxing Unx Zhulong).

Zhulong by the way has an irregular orbit of about 412 years, where it ranges from about 32 to 77 Earth-Distances (“Astronomical Units” or “AU”) from the Sun – for comparison Pluto has an orbit of 247 years that spans 30-50 AU. Zhulong reaches its closest approach to the Earth (Perihelion, more or less) on 14 May 2029, in 23 Scorpio, “A Rabbit morphing into a Nature Spirit.” Like Pluto, Zhulong spends a long time in Taurus (72 years) and zips through Scorpio (13 years). Zhulong dipped a toe into Scorpio on 27 November 2018, then entered Scorpio “for good” on 24 September 2019.

The current Nemesis-Zhulong Cycle began on 6 November 2020 in 4 Scorpio, “A youth carries a lighted candle in a Devotional Ritual.” At the Waxing Unx of a Cycle, the Excitement of the New Cycle has faded, and the Defenders of the dead previous Cycle are loudly reminding everyone that they used to be in charge, in the hopes that no one notices that they aren’t any longer, under the theory that “if you tell the same lie often enough, people believe it.” The Creators of the New Cycle meanwhile, are quietly building its Foundations. The momentum of the New Cycle reaches into the Mainstream at the Waxing Square, which in this case occurs on 17 February 2022, in 8 Aquarius-Scorpio, in time for the next Congressional elections.

We usually think of Nemesis in the Negative, as a Punisher of Transgressions or a successful Antagonist. Our Antagonists however are Invitations to Examine our Ego, to see whether we can be 100% in Integrity, or Yintegrity, when our Motives or Behaviors are questioned. And if we’re In Tune, we can Recognize our about-to-be Transgressions before they occur, and take another course. So then, if we Reframe Nemesis in the Positive, what do we get? Perhaps we get Our Spiritual Guides. Or, that which we can Do or Be without Triggering our Guilt.

Zhulong was in Taurus from 1775 (the founding of which country, more or less?) until 1847 (when Abe Lincoln was elected to Congress), reaching Aphelion (farthest distance from the Sun) around 1822 (when the first freed slaves from the US set up housekeeping in Liberia in west Africa).

We hope to find time to look at the rest of the busy 27 February Full Moon chart soon, and we’d still like to review the current and newly Waning Saturn-Uranus Cycle.

Handmaids and Handbaskets 3

November 8, 2020

As often happens, “tomorrow” gets delayed as Life intervenes. But I’m not complaining! When any astroindication is Lit Up, we’re either likely to Experience its Essence, or the Opposite of its Essence, because astroindicators are about Dimensions rather than Directions. Direction is up to us, as we can React (through Karma) or Respond (through Choice) anywhere along the Dimensional scale. Of course it’s not anywhere near as Cartesian or 2D as that, but that’s the way the Western-trained Either/Or mind sees it.

So on 6 November 2020, when Respect for All Things (asteroid Hopi) was Exaggerated (Stationary), we could have Experienced Either Respect for All Things or Disrespect for All Things, and we Experienced Respect for All Things. That’s a tremendous Blessing! Well, maybe Respect for Most Things would be more accurate, as we also Experienced Disrespect for Thuggery. Since Thuggery is Disrespectful in the Extreme, though, I for one am quite willing to let two Negatives multiply to a Positive, and translate Disrespect for Thuggery into virtual Respect for All Things.

But since “tomorrow” has finally arrived, it’s time to interpret the Merger (Conjunction) of Guilt and Ego Death (asteroid Nemesis) with Illumination (“Torch Dragon” minor planet Zhulong). Just phrasing it that way sounds useful – having Light cast upon our Guilt and Ego Deaths! We Experience Remorse and Guilt when our Behavior transgresses our own Values. Our Behavior follows from our Ego, so in order to Make Amends for our Transgression, we must first Adjust our Ego’s Relationship to our Behavior – ie, often, an Ego Death. Lighting up this process is a Boon.

As two planets make their way ’round the Zodiac, faster planets will repeatedly pass slower planets. When they do, they Begin a “Cycle,” with the Slower planet Initiating the Faster planet as an Assistant in accomplishing its Mission. The Slower planets set the Agenda, while the Faster planets implement the Evolution specified in the Agenda. Each Cycle lasts till the next Meeting of the two planets. Cycles evolve in predictable ways (as delineated in Dane Rudhyar’s The Lunation Cycle)…

The Beginning or Initiation often Illuminates an Issue or a Change (which becomes an Issue whenever we’re Attached to the Status Quo).

During the first one fourth of the Cycle (till the Faster planet Squares the Slower planet, or gets 90 Degrees Ahead of it), the Issue is Underground, as Ego Investments (and in the Pandemican Empire, especially Monetary Investments) in the previous regime Lobby and Propagandize to Discourage the Change.

Between 90 and 180 Degrees of Separation, there is an initial Crisis as the New Cycle Erupts from the Underwhere, followed by a Blooming of the New Energy at 180 Degrees (Opposition).

The New Cycle Fruits between 223 Degrees (the Phitile) and 270 Degrees (the Waning Square).

After 270 Degrees of Separation, the now-no-longer-so-New Cycle begins the Autumn of it’s Lifespan. Often the Cyclical equivalent of the Fall Equinox or Last-Quarter Moon includes a Crisis that suggests we Loosen our Ego-Attachment to the now-Old Cycle’s Manifestations, by Requiring Adjustments to keep our Response to the Issue relevant.

During the Last 90 Degrees of the Cycle, the Suggestions to Let Go, and the Necessity of Adjustment, get more Extreme as we approach the Next Initiation.

If we’re paying Attention, the Energy of the Next Cycle begins to get very Obvious once we’re within 15 Degrees or so of the Next Initiation – ie, when the Faster planet is 15 Degrees or less Behind the Slower planet.

Of course our Sensitivity will determine how much and how well we Respond to each of these Cosmic Suggestions.

Our first clue for interpreting the nature of a Cycle, is the Nature of the planets involved. Here, the Torrent of Evolution toward Enlightenment (Zhulong) prescribes the Agenda, by Illuminating the places where our Karmic Patterns are out of Synch with our Values (Nemesis).

The second clue is the nature of the Sign and Degree where the Initiation occurs, as read by its Sabian Symbol (a reading for the individual Degree) of that Degree. The Nemesis-Zhulong Cycle spans about 5 years. The Cycle that’s now finished Began December 2015 in 24 Libra, the reading for which is “A Butterfly with a third wing on its left side,” which is to say, A Transformation Focused on our Magnetic (Feminine) Nature. I can easily see how that’s been Occurring.

Our New Cycle begins in 4 Scorpio, “A youth carries a lighted candle in a devotional ritual.” Ahem. They aren’t usually so remarkably Obvious.

The third clue about the nature of a Cycle, which is a lot more trouble to Divine, is the chart of its Initiation…

The Crux of this chart is a Challenge (T-Square) to Transcend (asteroid Bee-Zed) the Relationship between our Intrusive Memories (dwarf planet Gonggong, formerly known as “OR10”) and our Limiting Beliefs (asteroid Vesta).

Wow, is that ever relevant! When I first saw the length of the red bar and the absence of the “blue wave” on the Electoral College bar-chart on Wednesday morning, my Intrusive Memories of Childhood Abuse and Karmic Oppression Triggered Depression. The Challenge is that we Avoid the Likelihood of our Ego being Drowned by the Held Emotions of our Regression. That would look like inner Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth, and outer Submission, as if the Oppression and Abuse was Personal and Present Moment.

There are two Relevant Alternatives to Drowning. We can Recognize that we’re Experiencing those Emotions (as Opposed to Believing that the Trauma is Present Moment), and Lovingly and Gently be Present with them. In Meditation, perhaps, or in Conversation with someone who’s able to be Non-Judgmental, or by Locating the Emotions in our Body or our Field, and being Loving and Gentle – Soft and Warm – with them there.

And we can Directly Transcend them. That requires that we spend at least a few minutes Recognizing them. Avoidance is not Transcendance, though at times Denial is Healthy, as it allows us to Avoid Overwhelm while we address several Issues in turn instead of trying to swallow them all at once.

The simplest form of Transcendence might just be Recognizing that we Been There Done That and Survived, and we can Do It Again If We Have To. That’s still pretty Depressive, though, so it’s not exactly Transcending the Karmic Whirlpool of Thoughts and Emotions. A better Choice would be a PIAVA or two. For instance, saying to ourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you really got sucked into that Regression, didn’t you.” That would have been the epitome of A Transformation Focused on our Magnetic (Feminine) Nature from the Old Cycle. The new Cycle didn’t start till Friday morning, after all!

I didn’t think of doing that, though for several reasons it would have been the Preferred Alternative. I eventually took the Risk of Accumulating additional Karma by Thetaing Joe moving into the White House, in Peace. When the “Show Me!” phase indeed showed just that without having to Tap Out any Resistance, my Emotional Reactions were much Relieved.

A “general rule” of Responsible Manifestation, is that we Change only that which we can Change – namely Ourself – and Accept what we can’t Change – namely the Universe Outside Ourself. And of course that we have the Wisdom to tell the Difference. Acceptance was my initial Response, which is Good, because it demonstrates that I have Succeeded in becoming Adept at a Self-Transformation that I began forty years ago, namely Recovering my Feelings, which (in my Perception) my Family of Origin didn’t Allow.

When I Recognize however that the Universe Outside Myself is “just” a Mirror for the State of my Limiting Beliefs, the World Changes. Other people obviously prefer to Live in a World where the Antichrist still occupies the White House, and that’s okay. I want to Live in the Other World. It’s okay with me (and perhaps even okay with Quantum Physics) if the Earth “splits in two” on some level or another, as long as I end up with my Preferred Option. Isn’t that getting pretty close to what “5D” might mean?

As the Votes were being counted, I wasn’t done with my Karmic Mirroring. My car threatened to repeat the need for a ridiculously expensive but necessary small repair. For that one I made do, and set it aside, choosing temporary Denial. While I PIAVAed that it was just a Feint, as it turned out to be, once Hopi’s Station was Exact.

Then my computer died. That’s a Biggie. Not only would this blog die for a while, but so would much of the rest of my Life. I finally got it to work again, but not after a lot of PIAVAing and Accepting, Imagining the steps I would have to take to meet my Delivery and get back up to speed with everything. I still don’t know if it will be working tomorrow, so this is obviously a Suggestion that I begin the process of replacing it. If I’m lucky I might make it to mid-February 2022 (when Nemesis Squares Zhulong and a Crisis of Illumination arises).

And that I begin to Change the way I use it. I spend too much time sitting. I’ve already been leaning toward spending more time carrying lighted candles in devotional rituals, ie, in Meditation. By the way, a friend has steered me toward…

I haven’t had time to check it out yet (it’s live till 10 December), but I plan to, and I recommend it to you as well. If we’re still on the same Planet afterward, I’ll let you know how it turns out – maybe you can let me know if you check it out?

The T-Square (red triangle) in the Nemesis-Zhulong chart is overlain by a Truss Bridge (the blue superstructure). If this Bridge was in the opposite half of the chart, the Transcendence (Bee-Zed) Issue would be Self-Resolving (a Diamond Star). With the Bridge overlying the T-Square instead, we have a portion of the Self-Resolution, but not all (we lack the Finger of the Goddess pointing to Bee-Zed, which would Focus our Attention on the Transcendence Directly, rather than our having to Manipulate the Relationship between our Memories=Gonggong and our Beliefs=Vesta). My Experience Validated this, as the Issues that arose for me were Resolved for now, but not entirely without my Active Intervention.

The Elbows in the Truss Bridge, aka the Gifts that will Serve us in our Transcendence, are Nemesis-Zhulong itself (Illumination of Guilt) and Pholus-Quaoar-asteroid Lilith (Taking Full and Sovereign Control over our Survival). These are Blessings, and my Responses to the Issues that arose for me Reflect that, as I was Inspired to Imagine the steps I would take to mitigate the Issues, rather than being Sucked into an Emotional Whirlpool that rendered me useless.

But the Configuration also Asks us to see what would Balance the chart, as a Finger of the Goddess (two Quincunxes or 5-Sign Angles converging on Bee-Zed) or a Grand Cross would fill in the Empty lower half of the chart.

We can make the T-Square into a complete Grand Cross by adding asteroid Admetos, at 3 Gemini. The Mythic Admetus was a bit of a Drama Queen that was admired for his hospitality, suggesting that it might behoove us to Talk About our Memory-Limitation Adventures.

We can add three Stars to complete our Finger of the Goddess. Mirzam at 8 Cancer is known as an Announcer, reinforcing our Talking suggestion. Hamel at 8 Taurus was known for Independent Action, and Schedar (not the cheese) at 8 Taurus was a “Strong woman who demands Dignity and rules by the Power of her Respectability and Honor” and Suggests that we “Rely on our Desire to always Function with Propriety, Treat others as we would like to be Treated, and Know that our Dignity is the Source of our Power” —Brady’s Book of the Fixed Stars, pp.86-88, 96, 227-8.

Handmaids and Handbaskets 2

November 5, 2020

I’m hearing lots of comments these days about “How Heavy the Energy Feels,” “How it Feels like a Regression to Nazi Germany,” “How it feels like we’re Being Psychically Attacked.” And in a sense we are. Astronomers have recently been detecting “Fast Radio Bursts” or FRBs, which are milliseconds-long, repeating, intense radio signals from “Outer Space.” Now one has been detected from within the Milky Way, a Magnetar (Magnetic Neutron Star) which emits “as much energy in radiowaves in one millisecond as the sun does in half a minute.” That’s 30,000 times as Powerful as our Sun.

Like I do, you may know folks who are Sensitive to Solar Flares. We all probably are, Physiologically, just not Consciously, as our Pineal Glands are detectors of Magnetism and Electrical Current – that’s how Birds navigate across Continents and Oceans, and how Dowsers find Water underground. You’re reading this because my computer has placed coding that represents letters into a Carrier Frequency, and dispatched it onto the Internet where you can tune into it, subtract the Carrier Frequency, and read the letters. A Solar Flare, and an FRB, are Carrier Frequencies orders of magnitude more powerful than the microwave or fiber-optic connections between the two of us.

Our Cultural Narcissism trains us to Believe that we’re the only Species around that’s Conscious, has Language, etc etc – Fallacies that anyone who’s ever owned a pet and thinks about it, knows to be ridiculously flawed. A lot of us carry on conversations with Trees and other Plants, Crystals, other Rocks, Weather, Elementals, and Seldom-Visible Entities of all manner. When we think about it, we quickly Realize how Dumb it is to assume that the Milky Way doesn’t have a Consciousness of its own, just as does Nature-Mother Earth-Gaia-Sophia. We would have to be very naive to assume that there Isn’t a coherent signal encoded in an FRB from a Milky Way Magnetar.

As we speak, the Galactic Center sits behind dwarf planet Ixion=Our Unique Hidden Genius, which Opposes dwarf planet Chaos=Our Unlimited Potential. Yes, it feels Heavy, it feels Oppressive, it feels like an Attack – to our Ego. I don’t there there’s much question that our Hidden Genius Dancing with our Unlimited Potential, which are both Verboten to “us,” would feel pretty Heavy to the Ego, which is Heavily invested in maintaining the Status Quo.

And a Strong characteristic of our Hidden Genius is that we were Punished as Children for displaying it, because it would have Challenged our Caretakers on several levels (I can hear them saying, “Artists starve! Engineers make steady incomes!”) and because on the Evolutionary level that’s the Best Way to Draw Our Attention to it! So yes, it should feel Oppressive. And yes, since the Ego’s job is to Protect the Sanctity of the Ego, it is a direct Attack against it if “someone” tries to drill a hole in its Firewall and pass a cable or other Carrier Frequency through the hole!

The FRBing Magnetar sits in late Capricorn=Just Fix It behind Pallas=Boundaries, Jupiter=Expansion, Pluto=Compulsion and Trance including Karmic Trance, and Chariklo=Confidence and Doubt. So we’re Receiving the Energy, and whatever signal it’s carrying, in those areas – Am I Allowing no Boundary Against the Expansion of my Compulsive Karmic Self-Doubt Trance? or Am I Setting New Boundaries that Support the Expansion of my Self-Confidence Trances? We’ll come back to that…

In our first Handbasket we spoke about Vesta=Unconscious Limitations moving through Virgo=Ego Deaths, and how any revision to our Unconscious Limitations Requires an Ego Death, whether Vesta is in Virgo or the third trimester. The Firewall between Consciousness and the Unconscious is the Ego, so wiring in a secure link between them requires a reboot. We just don’t always have to make our Ego Deaths miserable, we can Notice their Necessity and their Approach, Welcome them, Recognize their usual Tells, and Sail right through them.

We have to remember that Deconstruction precedes Reconstruction. We can’t Rebuild from the Foundation Up by hanging a new painting in the hallway, and if Huperity is to Survive with anything resembling a “Civilization,” we have to start in the basement. No, we have to start below the basement, Culturally and Personally. So everything is indeed Breaking Down – going to Hell in a Handbasket, and that’s a necessary and positive thing, even though it’s a severe Threat to our Status Quo.

It’s why Permaculture folks have been talking up Resilience for a couple of years now. If we want to move into the New World with Ma Dirt, we’ll have to be willing to get Dirty, and give up many of what are really Luxuries. The flip side of Sustainability is Sustenance, and the first and most important step toward Sustenance is Eliminating the Unnecessary. Our Cultural Narcissism trains us to hear “Sustenance” as a Dirty word, something that “Primitive” People do. But it’s where we need to go (and they aren’t Primitive – they’ve Survived a lot longer than we have, on a lot fewer Resources).

Besides Vesta in Virgo, the other Big astroevent that’s making us feel like we’re going to Hell in a Handbasket is asteroid Nemesis (Guilt and Ego Death) moving into Scorpio (Fearlessness about Getting to the Bottom of Things). Nemesis entered Scorpio on 26 October (2:40 pm PDT). Both Nemesis and Scorpio can Feel a lot more ominous and Heavy than either Vesta or Virgo. Nemesis stays in Scorpio for only three months, though it returns for seven weeks next summer.

When we were researching our discussion about Varuna (the Life Force), 3 November’s Main Event, we discovered minor planet Zhulong, the Torch Dragon, signifying Light and Enlightenment. It was Challenging (Squaring) Varuna in Leo=Confidence from Scorpio=Fearlessness. The Suggestion is that if we can Eschew our Self-Doubt (the other side of the Confidence Coin), then we can be Fearless about Healing whatever ails our Life Force, whether the ailing is Physical or Mental or Emotional or Spiritual. The Torch Dragon shines its Light on this.

Well, it turns out that, with both Nemesis and Zhulong in Scorpio, they Conjoin very soon – in a few hours in fact – 6:30 am PST 5 November 2020! Some of us grew up in households that Validated and Encouraged Spiritual (as opposed to Religious) Work, but not most of us. So many of us who came here to do Lightwork were made to feel Guilty about Our True Self because we weren’t enthused about the Cultural Party Line of Dollars, Competition, Overwork, and Over-Consumption. Again, that’s a Strategy that the Soul uses to get us to Pay Attention.

So for Lightworkers, Nemesis on Zhulong may be the event that’s Triggering our Guilt about our True Self, inviting us to Recognize this Self-Doubt Karma and Let It Go. The flip side of Guilt is Accolades. Next time someone Acknowledges your Lightworking Skills, instead of passing off the Complement with “Oh, it was Nothing” or “Namaste” or “My Pleasure,” Stop and Take It In. Something like “Thank you, it Feels Nice to be Recognized” might be an alternative. Write it down, and keep it in a scrapbook or notebook with all of the other Accolades you’ve Received for Lightworking.

Or use one of our Letting-Go “Tricks.” A few days ago when I was in a Funk, I was Noticing that I was, and thinking about how to approach it, whether to Meditate, or Tap It Out, or Theta it, I didn’t even move, I just said to myself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re feeling like a Failure on all Levels, aren’t you.” Then I just kept working, and the ennui faded. Did I really Let that Karma go, or did I just push it Deeper into the Unconscious?

That may not be the last time this Self-Deprecation Pattern arises, but the important point is that instead of Allowing my Thinking to drive me Deeper into negative Emotions, I Chose an Alternative. Every time I Believe Negative Thoughts and Emotions, I Deepen the Karma. And every time I Choose an Alternative, I Deepen that New Pattern. Our Karma is Comfortable, even in a perverted sort of way Comforting. Karma is just Inertia, and every Action we take Reinforces that Pattern, whether it’s Self-Sabotaging or Self-Honoring.

Sleep overcomes me – we’ll write about the Nemesis-Zhulong chart tomorrow.