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Pez’s Brother Joe

November 9, 2021

I expect this free online 5-part workshop by Dr. Joe Dispenza to be excellent. It’s hosted by Louise Hay’s Hay House


It starts with a meditation from his book Breaking the Habit of Being You, available now at the link above, and continues with additional sessions available 11, 13, 15, and 17 November, each accessed through the link above. It you don’t know Dr. Joe, he’s a chiropractor who Channeled a healing of his own mangled body after being on the losing end of a competition between an SUV and his motorcycle for the same stretch of roadway. You’ll recognize him if you saw the movie What the Bleep (if not, you still can). A year or so ago we linked to a video of a live workshop of his, where he described the relationship between Quantum Reality and Hardcopy Reality more comprehensively than anyone I’ve ever heard. Alas, that video was only available for a short time, although there is plenty of great material on his website,


October 9, 2021

Well, most of us Lived through the Pluto Station, now we gauntlet on to the Saturn Station (7:16 pm PDT 10 October 2021, in 7 Aquarius). Pluto and Saturn are everyone’s favorite Malefics, but I don’t go for that. Pluto’s just about What Compels Us, and Saturn just means we need to Pay Attention to The Most Important Thing.

If we weren’t Repressed, What Compels Us would be our Genius, and if we Followed it we’d probably be Famous, Rich, Happy, Incarcerated, or maybe all four. And if we always Paid Attention to The Most Important Thing, we could probably figure out pretty quickly how to Get Out Of Jail Free, and end up Happy, Famous, or Rich, depending on our Druthers. So Saturn and Pluto ain’t so bad; it’s mostly our Resistance to their Energies that gets us in trouble.

Yes, the two of them can Raise Havoc when they Party together, especially when Mars is in the Room, but when we’re Compelled to Do The Most Important Thing with Passion, it usually works our pretty well, at least from some Perspectives.

My own Experience with Saturn is that I often hesitate to Pay Attention to The Most Important Thing because it’s the Thing that will most crush my Ego if I “Fail” at it. So I have all these Fallbacks and Plans B and Alternatives that I don’t want to Let Go Of for Fear they’ll Go Away if I don’t continue to Pay Attention to them. (Of course there are lots of good books and essays on the Value of “Failure,” but do I read them?)

But, when I have thrown Caution to the Winds and just did The Most Important Thing, all those Fallbacks were waiting patiently for me while I was gone, and hardly seemed to notice that I wasn’t there – probably because all the folks who were Depending on my Doing what I said I would, were too busy Doing their own The Most Important Things, or Lost in Remorse over Not “Being Able To” (ie, Not Letting Themselves) Do it.

There’s a fabulous little book called The Lover Within: Opening to Energy in Sexual Practice by Julie Henderson. Sorry to Disappoint, but it’s not about Sexual Practice at all, it’s about Energy Exercises (which of course can be used to great advantage in Sexual Practice if you want). She has us Practicing the Experiences of having our Energy Expanded and Diffused (Jupiter), and having it Contracted and Condensed (Saturn). Those are four very different States, if we exclude Texas. Doing these Exercises quickly leads you to Realize that Saturn is about Focus and Concentration.

Do we Fear Focus and Concentration? Are we thinking about What Am I Missing? My Dreams Could Be Coming True, right behind my back, while I’m Focusing and Concentrating, and I won’t be home to Enjoy them! Yes, Focus and Concentration can be Limiting, as can Life and Time, so we’re better off Focusing and Concentrating on The Most Important Thing. Especially if The Most Important Thing is Making our Dreams Come True.

This week’s Saturn Station chart contains two Major Challenges (T-Squares, the thick-lined red triangles)

One of them Focuses on Enlightenment, with the Energies of The Most Important Thing, and of The Life Force Itself, Competing for Supremacy. When you consider your Path to Enlightenment, for instance, do you Focus on the Contribution that your Body makes to the process? (Minor planet Zhulong T-Squaring the Opposition between Saturn and dwarf planet Varuna, which is Out of Bounds [Strong].)

The other one Concentrates on Taking Full Responsibility for our Survival – or Global Climate Change, with the Qualities of Feminine Emotional Magic and Creative Manifestation serving as the Raw Materials for the Challenge. For instance, if you’re used to thinking of Creative Manifestation as a Dynamic, Masculine Challenge, then Feminine Emotions are going to seem Disruptive rather than Powerfully Creative. (Dwarf planets Pholus and Quaoar T-Squaring the Opposition between dwarf planets Salacia and Makemake.)

They’re hard to pick out with so many lines on the chart, but both of these red triangles are host to green wedges pointing to their Vertex. This makes them Self-Resolving Challenges, which means we only need to refrain from tinkering to find that both Challenges Consummate themselves nicely! (The green wedges are Fingers of the Goddess meaning Pay Attention! to what they’re pointing at. The blue lines represent Grace, and the combination of the red T-Square and the green Fingers create a “bowl” of blue lines across the bottom of the T-Square. The combination is called a Diamond Star, representing a Powerful Challenge to your Energy Body which Resolves Itself on its own.)

And speaking of Grace, the chart is ringed by a blue Hexagon that symbolizes the epitome of Grace. The only caveat is that we may have to take the First Step to Trigger the Grace. For instance, Saturn is connected with short blue lines to Venus and Salacia, both Powerful Sources of Feminine Magnetic Magic. Feminine Creative Energy directs what Einstein called “Spooky Action at a Distance” – Quantum Entanglement – to Manifest directly, seemingly without mechanical intervention.

“Magic” in other words, to the Plodding Left-Brain Doing of the likes of Saturn or Mars. So the First Step that our Masculine Saturn Energy would need to take, to start the Energy Flowing, would be to Open its Mind to New Possibilities. (The short blue lines are called Sextiles, meaning Grace after you take the First Step, and the Hexagon is a Grand Sextile, or Harmonizing Magical Possibilities.)

And look at those many long blue lines! Those represent Dumb-Luck Grace – Grace that is so delectable that your Ego is tempted to think that the Magic is yours instead of the Goddess’s. If you do that, instead of just Riding and Appreciating the Perfect Flow, the result is Hubris, and Broken Spells.

In the chart it’s the Dynamic or Masculine Signs, representing Spirit and Intellect, that are Connected into one Matrix of Effortless Grace, the Six-Pointed Star inside the Hexagon. Just to take one example, a long blue line Connects Saturn to Makemake, meaning that this weekend is the Time to Make Something Very Important, Effortlessly. (The blue triangles are called Grand Trines and signify Dumb-Luck Blessings – the long blue lines are called Trines.)

Now, the Real Prize is hidden deep inside the chart. Can you isolate the three big blue rectangles in the chart, each with two long blue lines and two short blue lines? Only one of the three is split lengthwise by a thin red line, the red line Connecting dwarf planets Gonggong and Thereus. On either side of that red line there are “Xes” of thin green lines. This Complex and Rare Configuration represents a Mystery School where we can Absorb Paradoxes that Allow us to Grok Multidimensional Mysteries that the Dualistic Mind cannot normally access. (The Configuration – a blue rectangle dissected by a red line separating two green Xes – is called a Yin Gate. The blue rectangle is called a Golden Rectangle because the ratio between the length of the sides and the length of the ends is the Golden Ratio of Sacred Geometry. This Golden Ratio is everywhere in Nature.)

So, the Paradox here that is The Most Important Thing for us to Grok1 has to do with an apparent Contrast between Gonggong and Thereus. Gonggong symbolizes Intrusive Memories, and we interpret Thereus as Learning to Wrestle Wild, Otherwise Overpowering Natural Energies into Useful Skills.2 Our Intrusive Memories are usually Karmic, and well do we know that while the Decision to Let Go of Karma is Necessary for Liberation, it is not Sufficient. Freedom requires Consciousness of the Karma, involving the Iterative process of Noticing that the Pattern is Repeating, and Choosing an Alternative, which is likely to take many Iterations.

Our Karma is often Archetypal, as described by Jung.3 An Archetype is a Grand Pattern that has a Life of its own apart from the individuals and cultures who are under its sway. An Archetype is an Untamed, Wild, Otherwise Overpowering Natural Energy that we may be able to Wrestle into Useful Skills. For instance, many these days are Captives of what they call a Freedom Archetype which causes them to think and behave irrationally, including things like Believing that being Asked to wear a cloth face mask is somehow equivalent to being sent to a Gas Chamber – Archetypal Extinction of their Ego. When Karma is involved, Confusion between Physical Death and Ego Death is common.

Our Chief Asteroid Officer wonders if we would interpret the current Lachesis-South Node Initiation4 as “consciously choosing to leave the past behind…or something along those lines?” And the answer to that is Yes, asteroid Lachesis meaning Karma that has not reached its Expiry date, but which we may be able to Choose to Abandon, if we’re willing to Persevere at Noticing and substituting New Patterns, and the South Node meaning Our Held Emotions, those we’d rather Die than Feel, aka our most Persistent Karma. This Initiation Corroborates the Gonggong-Thereus Yin Gate.

  • 1 Paradoxes are not Linear, Logical, Rational Left-Brain Understandings; they combine Intellectual Understanding with Intuitive Sensing to Reach beyond 2D thinking.
  • 2 The Historical or Mythic Thereus was known to journey to the Mountains and bare-handed wrestle Bears into relative submission, enough so that he could bring them back into town with him. Thereus and the other Greek Mythics Lived in the Age of Aries, the Age of Heroes, so we don’t have the Current-Lifetime Experience here in the Age of Pisces to know whether they were Mythic or Historic.
  • 3 E.g. Carl Jung, Four Archetypes: Mother/Rebirth/Spirit/Trickster.
  • 4 Complete 16 October in 3 Sagittarius, “Two men playing chess: The transcendent ritualization of conflict” – or, in this case, a Dragon (Gonggong) and a Bear (Thereus)! The Lachesis-Node cycle takes about 8½ years. Another name for the South Node is the Dragon’s Tail.

Fear of Liberation

July 25, 2021

If you don’t know Zach Bush, MD, there’s no better time to start than the Eternal Now…

The Heart: Understanding the vascular system, resilience & repair

Via Zoom at noon PDT 29 July 2021.

With Fate and Choice Exaggerated for the last several days (asteroid Moira Stationary 22 July) in the last few Degrees of Pisces (Letting Go of Excess Emotional Baggage), I imagine most of us have been doing significant Pruning in our Karmic Garden. The bottom line for asteroid Moira is that our Karma remains our Fate as long as it’s Unconscious, and it becomes Choice, Potentially, as soon as we bring it into our Awareness. That’s “Potentially” because even after we’ve Let Go of our Karma, we’re still surrounded by the Habit Patterns that we developed over the years, and Lifetimes, to Accommodate the Karma.

For instance, suppose we always wanted to Travel, but our Fear of the Abandoning the Comfort we Know always stopped us. The Stories we heard about the Pickpockets in Rome and the heavy Rains in India and the Vampires in Transylvania, didn’t help a bit. Well, we may have Let Go of our Resistance to Travel last week, but our Habitual Thoughts about those Pickpockets and Rains and Vampires may still be a Deep-Seated Pattern – the more reps we have Believing them, the sturdier they are.

We have elaborately-constructed Justifications for every Resistance we’ve ever had, and some of them aren’t even our own. Somebody’s Grandmother caught a nasty Flu and died once, generations ago, after she went out in the Rain, and ever after whole generations of people have been told that going out in the Rain “will be the Death of you.” Even after we’ve Let Go of our Flu Karma, we still may Fear going out in the Rain – we may never make the Connection.

This is why Consciousness is so Helpful. Karma has its own Timeline, including its own natural Expiry Date, and those Expiry Dates can pass without our ever noticing them. Without being Aware that we’ve left our Flu Karma at the train station on the way Home from work yesterday, our Chances of Connecting Fear of Flu with Going Out in the Rain diminish, and our Opportunities to Let Go of Obsolete Limiting Beliefs can pass us by. This is also why it is Critical to Recognize Confusion as a Valid and Important Emotion, and Avoid trying to Intellectualize it away. Confusion means that our Habitual Mental Cage of Limiting Unconscious Beliefs – the Justifications for our Fears and Limiting Beliefs that we’ve Memorized to Keep Us Safe, is losing Strength.

What’s left behind is usually Fear – Fear that Granny has left the Cage door open and Sylvester will be home any minute from work at the Mousery. Fear is another Valid and Important Emotion that we need to Avoid Intellectualizing away. If you really were facing a Sabre-Toothed Tiger in your kitchen, you’d Know it, you wouldn’t have to Intellectualize it. Even before we’ve Let It Go, Karma is always a “Paper Tiger” (a residual Symbol of Fear, not a Current-Moment Object to be Feared). Once we’ve Let It Go, Consciously or not, it becomes a Diaphanous Paper Tiger. We don’t have to Think about it, we just have to Look Through It.

Which is why we need to Work Hard to Distinguish our Emotions from our Thoughts about our Emotions. It’s not at all as Easy as it sounds. Any time you add an Object or a Cause or a Prepositional Phrase to an Emotion, you’ve Abandoned your all-important Emotion (the Original Intuition), and walked into the Fantasy World of Thought. Nothing wrong with Fantasy, but use it to your Advantage, not to Sabotage yourself. “I am Angry at…” is a Thought, as is “I am Angry about…” and “I Fear Vampires.” The Thoughts are just part of the Mental Cage we use to Create the Illusion of Safety. When we are Truly Safe, which many of us are a good deal of the Time (any time we aren’t Thinking about whether or not we’re Safe), we have no need for Thoughts to keep out the Dangerous Windstorms.

Even “I am Angry,” without the Grammatical Embellishments, is Misleading. “I am Angry” is a statement of Identity, an Ego-Identification, not a description of Emotions. When we really want to Clarify our Emotions, it would be “I Feel Anger” or “I Feel Scared” or “I Feel Pain” or “I Feel Safe” or “I Feel Ecstatic,” no more, no less. Rather than Embellishing your Emotional Clarity with Dysfunctional Thoughts, Go Inside, Locate the Feeling in your Body, and spend time Sitting With It. There’s so much to Learn from that process, and it’s not Intellectual. If it’s difficult to Locate, Ask yourself, “What If I Did Know?” and if the Answer isn’t Immediately Forthcoming, Wait for It. While you’re Waiting, take Inventory to see if you’ve already gotten the Answer but Dismissed it Out of Hand because it wasn’t Politically Correct to your Ego-of-the-Moment.

The 23 July (7:37 pm PDT, in 2 Aquarius) Full Moon, and the two weeks which follow, is about our Confidence in our Instincts (dwarf planet Chariklo [Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt ] Conjunct Moon), and our Lust to Reconnect with our Soul (asteroid Psyche [Goddess of the Soul ] Conjunct Sun). It’s Challenged by the Red Dragon of Enlightenment (T-Squared by minor planet Zhulong)…

Just as Unexamined Thought Separates us from our Emotions, Unexamined Thought also Separates us from our Soul. Our Concepts about Enlightenment will stand between us and Reunion with our Soul. Brenda Hoffman’s recent Channeling at reminds us…

“This is a confusing time. Your new world is no longer linear.  Circular is your new action word – and soon-to-be, belief. Even though that which was is no more, this new is different than you expected…

“Your new world has very few clear divisions. The deciding factors of yesterday are no more. Your actions and beliefs change daily. So it is, you are flitting from belief to belief, action to action, and thought to thought. In 3D, clear-cut delineations were necessary to promote community thought. You are in a new place in a new time, discovering that nothing is clear regarding who you are or what you believe.

“That last concept is frightening because you are not used to the freedom of thought and action while of the earth. You are now exploring new frequencies, dimensions, beliefs, and actions in Universal terms – as has been true since you were conceived eons ago. But when you were of 3D earth, you limited your thoughts and actions to fit within the accepted parameters established by others to create a 3D cohesiveness.

“That 3D cohesiveness no longer exists.”

This Full Moon Challenges our Existing Unconscious Beliefs (asteroid Vesta [Unconscious Limiting Beliefs] T-Squares the Opposition between dwarf planet Chaos [Unlimited Potential ] and the Conjunction between dwarf planets Pholus and Quaoar [Global Change]). We need to parse this furthur. Quaoar symbolizes our Survival Instincts, and Pholus represents That Which We Haven’t Prepared For, but which is Essential. And Chaos is about The Zero Point Field, or the Vacuum of Space, which in the Quantum World is a version of the Infinite Improbability Drive that Zaphrod Beeblebrox pilfered (Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe, pp.76ff). You haven’t read that yet? That’s as Unprepared as not having bothered to see the definitive documentary Men In Black. The Centaur Pholus got himself dead by Failing to be Prepared.

Seriously, any Limiting Belief is Risky these days. We have to continue to PIAVA What We Want, NOT What We Think We Can Manifest. Ice Cream for Breakfast? The Antichrist for Ambassador to Xinjiang? World Peace? Environmental Justice? Sympathy and Understanding, Harmony and Trust Abounding? What Is It That You Want? Don’t Hold Back. You’re In Charge of Your Piece of the Pie. Clotted Cream, or Ice Cream? Which Is It You Want? It’s Not a Time to Think Small.

It’s None of Your Business What Others Want for Their Piece, unless you’re Negotiating Win-Win with them and Helping each other Out. Competition and Scarcity are Obsolete; revise your Thinking toward Cooperation and Sharing instead. You don’t want to Know how What You Want might be Delivered – you’re not In Charge of that. It’s not about the Mechanisms which might Create it; many of those aren’t invented yet. It’s about What You Want Created. That and That Alone is Your Assignment.

We’ve made it through our six Cuspal July Self-Love Challenges (Stations). We have some Sign Changes in the next few weeks. Venus and Mars enter Virgo on 22 and 29 July respectively. That will be Challenging, as our Values, our Actions, and our Relationships will all seek reorientation through Ego Deaths. Mercury moves into Leo 27 July, so the Mind should Sparkle, as long as we keep it out of places where it’s way out of its League – Emotions and Enlightenment for instance. Jupiter backs into Aquarius 28 July, and Ceres moves into Gemini 31 July. Our Emotions should calm a little, and our Notions of what Sustainability means will Expand as much as our Limiting Beliefs are, if we let them.

We start August with Atropos moving into Virgo on the first – more Ego-Death-like Adjustments to Replace Expired Karma with something more Constructive. Till 2 August (4:23 pm PDT) we’ll be Feeling our Consciousness continuing to Expand (asteroid Juno Stationary in 9 Sagittarius) to fill the Voids Created by the July Demise of our Self-Judgments. Then we pretty much Get A Break till the Ides of August, though the subsequent Exaggerations of The Truth of the Mind and Descent of Soul (Stations of asteroid Veritas and Uranus 19-20 August) are likely to Expand to fill the empty space.

New Project Week II

June 6, 2021

As we move into our New Self (asteroid Klotho Stationary 4:30 am PDT 7 June 2021 in 18 Libra), it will behoove us to Attend to our Relationships with Abuse and with Privilege (dwarf planet Nessus Stationary 9:24 am PDT 14 June in 16 Pisces). Though it’s only one of many Challenges that will Confront our Newbie shortly after our Rebirth, Unconscious and Conscious Changes in our Relationship with Abuse and Privilege is probably the biggest one. The intervening Challenges…

  • Emotional Intensity (Moon moving Out of Bounds for four days starting 10:57 pm PDT 9 June in 18 Gemini). This hits a peak on 11 June (Moon Stationary in North Declination 25:39 and Longitude 11 Cancer at 9:08 pm PDT), and fades on 13 June (Moon moving back In Bounds at 6:19 pm PDT in 4 Leo).
  • Ego Death(s) Required to Let Go of Karma (asteroid Karma moves into Virgo 2:34 pm 9 June). If you have a Journal, Karma was previously in the Sign of Ego Death (Virgo) between 1 December 2020 and 23 January 2021), before it backed back into Leo till 2 April. It’s been moving forward in its third Dance over the last five Duads (2½ Degrees) of Leo since then. This deserves a post of its own.

💥 For now we’ll just say that Virgo is what happens between the Cyclic Culmination of our Individual Identity (Leo) and Meeting Not-Us or Other (Libra). Just as Pisces is about Letting Go of Emotional Baggage so we don’t have to drag it with us into our next Adventure, Virgo is about Letting Go of Obsolete Identities so we don’t mess up our Relationships with Others by “Pretending” (usually Unconsciously) to be someone we ain’t. “Others” includes not just People, but since Everything in the Universe is Conscious, it also includes Everything that we aren’t Being or Owning in the Moment. For example, if you Identify with Loving Nature, prove it to yourself by Inviting a Bird to perch on your finger, without pooping on your hand or giving you Salmonella.

💥 We also need to say that our most troubling Karma is where We Would Rather Die than Feel That Again, aka our “Held Emotions” (South Node). Because most Hupers Believe that we’re Once-Born or Twice-Born, we misinterpret “I’d Rather Die Than Feel That” as “I’d Rather Die Than Feel That,” while it’s really “I’d Rather Die Than Feel That” – Ego Death. We’re just sawing through one of the legs of the three-legged stool we usually sit on. If we Want to minimize Pain, we’d stand up before we did that. But if you know what it means to Go Without an Identity (ie, stepping out of your Identity) for a few minutes, I’d love to know. The Emotion of Confusion is the closest we can come, and we regard Confusion as one of the best Emotions because it’s the Doorway to Evolution. We usually try to suppress it by Figuring Out What’s “Wrong, which is one of our most Self-Destructive Habits.

  • Illuminations about the State of our Planet and the Likelihood of our Survival if we continue on our Current Trajectory (Annular Eclipse of the Sun 3:52 am PDT 10 June in 20 Gemini [Sabian Symbol “A modern cafeteria displays an abundance of food, products of various regions“], primarily impacting the several weeks following it). It will be visible if you happen to be crossing the North Pole (bring a Boat, that’s cold Water). An Annular Eclipse is one where the moon is far enough from the Earth that it doesn’t quite appear to cover the face of the Sun – an Almost-Total Eclipse. Consciousness Grows by Discovery, not by Invention, and under Eclipses we Discover what’s now missing, that we hadn’t noticed previously. For more details, see
  • An Increase in Selfishness (Mars enters Leo 6:33 am PDT 11 June). Which is not always a Negative thing. We can’t Love Other Fully until we Love Ourself Fully. Given our Illuminations about the State of the Planet and its Huper inhabitants, though, the Greedheads will probably be making another Power Grab. If we Pray enough for it, they might Betray their Heartlessness and be met with Rotten Tomatoes, or better yet new laws about, say, voting, taxing, and legal theft, and new Cultural Norms about Worshiping Wealth. The few Greedheads who aren’t Sociopaths might even have Epiphanies about their own antisocial Greed. Mars will stay in Leo till the end of July.

While we usually just dwell on the Back-of-Hand/Palm dynamics of Abuse and Privilege, we should actually look at the Pros and Cons of each. For instance, having Privilege can make so many things so much Easier. Rather than Gloating about our supposed Superiority as the source of our Privilege, or arming ourself to the hilt to keep the Rabble from “stealing” back what we’ve stolen from them, or Resisting Privilege because we’re Conscious of the Abuse that results and Guilty about it, we might instead find our Gratitude for our Privilege. In 5D where Collaboration outduels Competition, we’ll no long be in a Zero-Sum World, but back in a Natural World where the Sum is Much Greater than its Parts. From a place of Gratitude for our historical Privilege we may be able to Share it or Teach Others how to Enjoy it without creating more Abuse – not like the Missionaries that enabled the Conquistadors, however. How would we avoid that?

As for Abuse, until enough people Unite against the Psychopaths and Sociopaths and Missionaries (which will require that we no longer Worship Wealth and Greed) and enforce a meaningful Equality, the most positive feature I can envision for Abuse, is for it to Inspire us to Delete our Abuse Karma. History of course was written by the Abusers, who were by and large proud of their Conquists, so the Horrors of our Karmic History may be Exaggerated by their Pride, though I’m not naive enough about the Cruelty and Sadism of our Species, or the extreme Privilege of the Abusers, to Believe that any such Exaggeration has been more than slight.

“Trust but Verify” is good advice. During the 1980s, when Pluto was in Scorpio and Recovery was all the rage, I Learned to Ask, “What color is the wallpaper?” to remind myself that most PTSD episodes are Flashbacks and not Present-Moment. The Jungle “wallpaper” of Vietnam, and the Bare Metal “wallpaper” of the Ships, contrasts with even unadorned wallboard, so we could distinguish hallucinations from real napalm, torture, anal probes, and implants. Grounding is always a helpmate (running an imaginary cable from the base of your spine to the center of the Earth), Eating, and Orgasm are reliable Grounders.

Mirrors are always useful, especially when you’re trying to Heal Feelings that aren’t yours, which is not possible. Mirrors are even useful as a first response – when you’re Feeling awful without obvious Triggers, take the first person who comes to mind, and for five to ten seconds hold a wardrobe Mirror between you and them, facing them. If your Feelings become more acceptable, you know you’re trying to run their Emotions through your Body – or, they’re Manipulating you. If you’re being Manipulated, even with the best Intentions, it’s never fun. Most folks are totally Unconscious that they’re Manipulating. Mirrors are a good strategy for dealing with Climate Deniers, Mask Objectors, Gun Freaks, folks who want to Deny your Vote and Control your Body, and other Antichrist Lovers. You won’t need to get into a hopeless morass of Conversation with them, and if you position your Mirror so it Reflects their Energy back at them, they’ll get a bit of their own toxic “Medicine.”

The Big Advantage of using “Then versus Now” tricks, Grounding, and Mirrors, is that they’re Habit-forming. When we’re Vulnerable to Manipulation by Other People’s Energy, it’s because our Programmers “Intentionally” (though probably Unconsciously) carved a Hole in the back of our Aura, so they could reach in and pull our strings whenever they wanted or needed to. It often looks and feels like Shaming. Habitual Manipulators “see” those Holes, usually Unconsciously, so we can be Manipulated by strangers we pass on the street. Our Programmers just thought it was good parenting, and you may do it yourself when your own kids threaten to drive you Batty. As these “tricks” become a Habit, the hole in our Aura actually Seals Up, so not only do the “tricks” become second-nature, they also Heal the Source of our Dis-Ease. When our Will is Healthily Self-Serving, Habitual Manipulators pass us by without a second glance, because we’re useless as an Object for their Power Games.

Issues such as these may Confront our Experiential Infant this coming week. It never hurts to recall that we’re actually an Eternal Energy Nexus (often called an “Immortal Soul”) borrowing a Material Body. Energy can never be Destroyed, only Transformed. Revelation of Denial (dwarf planet Eris) remains Out of Bounds through all of this (until 4:12 am PDT 18 July in 20 Cancer), so don’t be Surprised if New Information about your Personal or Karmic History or Herstory comes into your Consciousness during these Adventures. If you’ve noticed that almost everything above occurs in 16-20 Degrees of one Sign or another, you’ll be checking your natal chart to see what will be Lit Up for you, as your own Energy System meshes with the Planet’s.

All of this is Important, because as we get past the 14 June Exaggeration of Abuse and Privilege (Nessus Station), we drop into a week of very Intense Manifestation Energy, as three Big Energies are simultaneously Emphasized. When Energies Conjoin in Time, it’s as if they’re Conjoining in Longitude – and these Big Fellas are also actually in neighboring Degrees of their respective Signs. The three Energies are Manifestation Itself (dwarf planet Makemake Stationary 6:42 pm PDT 19 June in 6 Libra), Expansion (Jupiter Stationary 8:04 am PDT 20 June in 3 Pisces, and The Opportunity to Jettison Karma Early (asteroid Lachesis Stationary 2:42 pm PDT 20 June in 6 Scorpio).

If as is the case hereabouts, you’re Wondering why the Foundations of your Personal Infrastructure seems to be Falling Apart, each Failure is a Big Clue about the Unconscious Energies “you” are running but not Owning, that Block what you’re trying to Manifest. Take time to Sit with each Failure of Intention or Function, and Merge with it Energetically. The Objective is to Meet each of your Unconscious Blocks as Energy Clusters in the Unconscious, Meet them in Neutral territory without Bias or Judgment on your part, and with an Open Mind Ask the Question, “Is this Energy really My Own, but I’ve been Denying it?”

End of an Era II

April 11, 2021

From Stephen Harrod Buhner’s Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm: Beyond the Doors of Perception into the Dreaming of Earth, pp. 342-348…

“The writer John Gardner considered the elements of this process –

  • Reclaiming the Feeling Sense,
  • Training the Eye,
  • Depth Immersion of the Self,
  • Synaesthesia,
  • Entering the Dreaming State –

as ‘the fundamental units of an ancient but still valid kind of thought.’ It is a form of cognition that, in fact, allows depth understanding of the world without recourse to linear reductionism. And it finds, not facts, as [Nobel Laureate Barbara] McClintock noted, but truth.

The process of truly understanding something in the way McClintock or Goethe or Burbank did, however, it must be said, takes years. It took Barbara McClintock six years to understand corn transposons, six years until its full nature burst into her understanding.

It took me ten years to understand the function of the gastrointestinal biological oscillator in humans, eight years to a depth glimpse of phytoandrogens, twenty-five to an understanding of heart perception and cognition. As Einstein once put it, ‘I think and think, for months and years.’ But really, what else do we have to do with our time here, play cards? Believe me, this is a lot more fun.

“McClintock knew that her particular kind of seeing was crucial to her eventual understanding of corn genetics, knew that her seeing was often affected by her internal state. So she would sometimes leave her laboratory and go sit beneath nearby eucalyptus trees to meditate and, as the put it, ‘work on herself.’ Then, when she was ready, she returned and began to look and feel into the corn once more.

“Such caretaking and work on the self is essential. Feeling so deeply actually involves feeling deeply and, because the heart and the self remain open, undefended, not dissociated, all the consciousness modules, all the parts of the self are affected. Stuff comes up. And that can affect the capacity to do the work. As Goethe once put it…

” ‘[To be as attentive as possible to grasping the phenomena, as exact as possible to fixate them into experiments, as complete as possible to order one’s experiences, and to remain many-sided enough to come to know all the ways in which one might view them,]1 requires that one work one’s poor ego in a way I had else hardly thought possible.’

“Self-caretaking, deep interior analysis, a drive for rigorous self-examination, a genuine love for all parts of the self, and importantly … the willingness to remain mutable, to have flexible perspective, the willingness to see what’s true, not what you have been taught is true, is essential in order to remain balanced.

That is part of the reason why reductive scientists prefer reductionism. They are afraid of such self-examination, such self revelation. They are afraid to feel the world, to feel much at all. That we as a people have refused to recognize this in them has allowed the distortions of science they create, and the harm it creates, to go unchallenged.

“Over time and deep relationship, long years of it, McClintock began to understand that something other than chance was controlling mutations in the genome. As Keller comments, ‘these were mutations that did not strike capriciously with the life of a single plant; whatever set them off was a factor that was constant. For McClintock,this regularity meant that something was controlling the rate of mutation. And this was McClintock’s sin, the transgression that caused her ostracism.

“She commented later that the instructions for gene rearragement came not only from the organism itself but also from the environment in which it lived. Nothing could have undermined reductionist Darwinism more. As Keller comments, ‘Central to neo-Darwinism theory was the premise that whatever genetic variation does occur is random, and McClintock reported genetic changes that are under the control of the organism. Such results just did not fit in the standard frame of analysis.

“But this recognition, that environment and organism controlled genetic mutation, did more than ‘not fit’ the model in place. It indicated intelligence in places that human centrists could not accept that it existed. But there are furthur implications that are even more troubling. … When McClintock’s understanding is combined with Heisenberg’s insights into the nature of subatomic particles – that they change their nature from particle to wave and back again depending on whether they are observed or not – something tremendously unsettling begins to emerge.

“Subatomic particles exist in a quantum state of potential. When they are measured – ie, observed – that potential collapses; the particle takes on a specific form and that form subsequently shapes both space and behavior. Subatomic particles act along quantum planes, they don’t live in the classical Newtonian world of linear cause and effect. And while generally unrecognized, this has powerful impacts on genetic structures.

“DNA is a flexible organ of the cell that exists in a state of dynamic change; it is in fact nonlinear, as all organs are. It constantly responds to environmental cues, to the exterior world’s touches upon it. From one orientation, any current shape of DNA in an organism can be viewed as a grouping of genetic codes held in place, in that structural formation, by chemical bonds. Genes are turned on and off when those chemical bonds are broken, then reformed in new ways as new chemical bonds are generated.

“And those chemical bonds are broken and reformed by the movements of electrons and protons – all working at the quantum level, in quantum space, in quantum reality. Protons and electrons exist in quantum reality, and in the quantum world they exist as potential in multiple locations and forms simultaneously. In other words, in the quantum world the subatomic particles exist in forms that both turn on and turn off genes at the same time.

“The genes that are generating the current form of an organism, a bacteria or a plant, are in essence stable. The subatomic particles that control how those genes act have already been measured and have collapsed into classical space, what we think of as reality. So you find an apparently stable state. But all organisms contain what has, from classical perspectives, been considered ‘junk’ DNA, that is, sequences that don’t seem to do anything. And there are a lot of them.

“These apparently irrelevant DNA sequences are highly mutable and responsive to quantum alterations. The genes in these ‘junk’ sequences, in the quantum world, exist in multiple states of potential continuously. They are no longer nailed to classical reality but exist and drift within the quantum multiverse of potential gene sequences. In this state, as molecular geneticist Johnjoe McFadden comments, there is ‘a quantum superposition of all possible mutations. The superposition would have grown, branching like a tree, into the multiverse of all the trillions of possible DNA sequences that could lead off from the original gene.’

As the thousands/millions of environmental inputs are taken into the organism, they put pressure on the organism to alter itself to maintain homeodynamis. Those inputs are taken in as a complex gestalt, and it represents a specific, unique communication that the organism analyzes far below the level of what we call conscious awareness. Those ‘junk’ genes that are existing simultaneously in the quantum multiverse hold within them all potential forms the organism can take in any of the millions upon millions of possible exterior environmental states. And as one of those possible environmental states comes into being its nature is communicated to the organism through sensory inflows.

That communication percolates down to the genetic level and entangles some of those potential genetic states in itself. It calls forth a particular kind of emergence from the multiverse of potential forms. As McFadden puts it, ‘The only event capable of halting our duplicated gene’s drift through the quantum universe is the establishment of another chain of entanglements with the cell’s environment.’ And the environmental pressure, the unique communication that occurs, is what does it. That communication in essence matches certain forms in the multiverse that can be thought of a communicatory responses. The communication in essence brings potential into actuality. It touches the quantum world and begins the movement of genes in quantum potential along a pathway of response, the gene form coming more into being at each step along the way.” …

“DNA restructures itself, form alters its nature, and adaptive mutation occurs. And the environment? When it needs a particular rearrangement of genetic material to express a form that will support self-organization, it moves organisms along the path most likely to do so. In other words, ‘The instructions for gene rearrangement come not only from the organism but from the environment in which it lives.’

And it is not just plants and bacteria that alter gene expression in a single generation in response to organism or environmental inputs – and then pass those alterations on to their offspring – salmon do as well. It is becoming clear that this is more the norm than the exception. Not only environment but organisms are a great deal more fluid than we have been taught. There is no fundamental ‘it’ to be found, only temporary forms of message material that themselves are indicative of ongoing communicatory interactions, that themselves show the shape of environmental space at that moment in time.”


To me this implies that we can Manipulate our Genes to Become anything we want to Become, if we’re Willing to be Loving with all the Stuff that comes up. We definitely would not want to do that Reductively. We would want to PIAVA an Outcome, such as Thriving under 5G, or Seeing and Interpreting Energy, or Surviving Well Effortlessly in any Socioeconomic Situation, or Healing any Dis-Ease, stay Present for all of our Yes-Buts, and Trust our Organism to handle the Collapsing of the Potentials.


1 I’ve reorganized these four elements from German word-order to English word-order, in order to make them more easily understandable to English-readers.

Minor Planet Thereus

January 5, 2021

A dwarf planet, like former asteroid Ceres and former planet Pluto, has enough mass and spin to rotate itself into a sphere, and enough suck to glom unto itself a goodly part of the debris that cluttered its orbit. “Minor” planets might be asteroids or any number of flavors of iceball that Live furthur out in the tules. “Centaurs,” in the astronomical sense, are dwarf or minor planets that have fairly irregular and relatively unstable orbits more or less between Saturn and Uranus. There’s a couple hundred of them. They’re called Centaurs because like the chimeric Centaurs of Greek literature, they seem to behave partly like planets and partly like Comets that have been “captured” by the gravity of the Giant Gasball planets (Jupiter to Neptune). The classic Centaur is Chiron, but we also routinely use Chariklo, Hylonome, Pholus, Nessus, and Asbolus. I recently read someone referring to Bee-Zed as a stabilized Centaur.

Thereus is a small, 50-mile- or 80-km-wide Centaur with a 35-year orbit in the neighborhood of Saturn. If it came to visit us, it would fit tidily between London and Cambridge, Melbourne and Puckapunyal, New York City and Philadelphia, or San Francisco and Sacramento, though with devastating effect. Even if it figured out how to land gently, it would still squash a lot. By comparison, the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs was somewhere between 10 and 50 miles wide, so if we did invite it, we’d probably have to ask it to land gently in the Sahara or Washington DC or some other desert. It wouldn’t work in the Mohave because of the Desert Tortoise. My impression of the Sahara is that it’s devoid of Critters, but it probably isn’t, Critters are everywhere. A Thereus landing might actually be useful in Washington just now, if it were timed right and we were careful not to forewarn certain folks. It would save a lot of greenhouse-gas-generating cement.

Speaking of Washington, that’s Why we bring up an obscure planetoid like Thereus. But let’s start from the beginning (of the Why). There are a couple of “Minor” (that is, non-“Major,” certainly not minor) Configurations that keep showing up in recent charts, including the year-ending Full Moon and the 5 January 2021 Makemake Station chart.

One is a Mjölnir or Trioctile Yod, meaning This is an Important Opportunity to Return to Balance! It focuses on asteroid Vesta (Unconscious Limiting Beliefs), and in the Full Moon chart it sprang from the Challenge (Square) between Uranus-Lilith (The Self-Sovereignty of the Soul) and Pallas-Veritas (Boundaries that Correspond with the Reality of the Connection), suggesting that we “Get Real” with ourself and others. In the current Makemake chart it springs from the Square between Jupiter-Saturn (We want you to show us how to Expand and Contract at the same Timeyou’ll Need this Skill to Adapt to the Digital Age) and Uranus-Lilith (Dropping the subterfuges).

For a trivial example, we’ve all been Contracting sharply in our Face-to-Face Contacts, but Expanding quickly in our Virtual Contacts. Virtual – isn’t that sort of like Imaginary? As we Expand into Encountering the Consciousness of non-Huper Entities and Structures (which is an essential part of Healing our Relationship with the Earth), we’ll be Expanding our Imagination and Contracting our Judgments. To Co-Evolve with 5G, which appears to be It Is What It Is, we’ll need to Protect (Contract) ourself while Expanding the only Protection that works Ultimately – Vulnerability.

We may have to Co-Evolve with any number of Viruses as well. How many of us have Asked, in person, Consciousness to Consciousness, as Individuals, without Fear or Judgment, what it is that the Virus wants from us, or for us?

The other “Minor” Configuration is the root of a Grand Quintile – five planets spaced more or less equally around the Zodiac, signifying the Presence of a major Educational Opportunity. As in “Oh Shit, another Educational Opportunity,” like I saw painted on the side of a badly dented car once. Such Opportunities do often require an Ego Death or two, as we’re Asked to Contract by Abandoning Core Beliefs while Expanding into making Space for more Comprehensive Perspectives. Not all Education involves Transcending our Identity, but if it doesn’t it’s probably more about Technique than anything Life-Changing.

The Configuration here starts with a Quintangle – only three planets separated by Quintiles (72 Degrees, one fifth of the Circle). That’s a good start, but it’s lopsided, not in Balance. Such a structure always Asks to be Completed, perhaps by two asteroids or Stars that we haven’t met yet – Surrogates for two portions of the Unconscious that are Asking to enter our Awareness. Or perhaps by Consciously supplying the missing Energies, which we can read from the Sabian Symbols (readings for individual Degrees) of the two Vacancies. One Space Rock or Iceball that keeps showing up for this task, on the Cusp of Virgo no less (Virgo being the Home of Ego Death), is this Thereus fellow.

The only thing Greek literature tells us about the Mythic Thereus, is that he liked to hunt Bears, wrestle them to the ground, then bring them home with him, still kicking and snarling. Not sure what he would do with them next. Maybe train them and sell them into the thriving trade in trained Bears that the Greeks had with Russia in those days, though I don’t think Ovid ever mentioned that. Probably an oversight, he may have thought that everyone traded trained Bears all the time, so no need to bring it up.

Without thumbs per se, when Bears pick Huckleberries (Wild Blueberries), which is one of their favorite pastimes, they “rake” the bushes with their 6-inch Claws, eating whatever results – Berries, Leaves, Stems. They’re omnivorous, with a small second stomach for fermenting cud – I’ve seen one actually Grazing on Grass like a Cow in the spring while waiting for the early Salmon runs. Funny to see a Grizzly imitating a Cow, but you wouldn’t want to Laugh out loud, or point. Huckleberry Leaves are actually anti-diabetic, which is probably a help since Bear’s purpose is to stuff themselves with Huckles so they’ll have enough fat to burn through the winter while they nap. I’ve seen recently-raked Hucklebushes with Berries sliced neatly in half as if with a razor blade. I couldn’t get a knife sharp enough to slice a Huckleberry in half without flattening the Berry at least a little. So we know Thereus was Rugged!

In wandering around the internet I noticed astrologers who interpret Thereus as a Predator and Stalker, and not especially a good Relationship or Friend candidate, I guess because they don’t think he was kind to the Bears. I’m sure they’re looking at their accumulated client experience, but that doesn’t mean they’re interpreting the connection between Predation and Thereus appropriately.

However, I don’t see Predation jumping out of the Thereus Discovery chart (for 9 August 2001), which Strongly emphasizes Learning (it too has a Grand Quintile, but this one’s Complete already) and Clearing Karma. The Thereus Discovery chart even includes a Grand Unx (twelve planets more or less evenly spaced around the Loop), which is about Letting Go of Obsolete Habits (the Twelfth Harmonic), with only one easily-filled Vacancy. The Vacancy is occupied by the asteroid Itokawa, the tiny Space Rock that Japanese Spacefaring robots took samples from and brought back to Earth. It has a “Potentially Dangerous” Near-Earth Orbit. So yes, Ego astrology would find Thereus Dangerous, as both Learning and Habit-Breaking can Threaten the Ego.

Where is Thereus in our Predator-In-Chief’s birth chart? It’s pretty Intense. Just looking at the Conjunctions, it’s Merged with four other planets – dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation) and asteroids Nemesis (Guilt, Ego Death), Requiem (named in honor of the Discoverer’s just-deceased mother), and Psyche (the Bride of Eros). It’s one Sign or Unx from asteroid Pandora (Releasing Evil, leaving only Hope in the box), two Signs or Sextile from asteroid Narcissus (Self-Enchantment), three Signs or Square from dwarf planet Ixion (Sociopathy), four Signs or Trine from asteroid Damocles (Self-Undoing), five Signs or Quincunx from asteroid Hopi (Disparagement for All Things), and six Signs or Opposition from asteroid Pallas (Boundaries). Obviously we’re selecting the downside of all those planets, but only because that’s what he Presents.

I’ve always maintained that the reason he’s dominating our Field these days is because he’s Teaching us about Creating our Own Reality, which is certainly what he’s been doing! It may not be a Reality we like, which we can condemn on other grounds, but he has been Teaching us about Rolling Our Own. And we have to carefully consider whether what we don’t like about what he’s been Creating is any of our Business. To the extent it does us Real-Life Harm, for sure it’s our Business. If we just object because it’s not the way we’d do it, or not the way Mom taught us that it should be done, then those are our Unconscious Limits to Manifestation, and they’re Lit Up so we can Let Them Go. We don’t have to Choose them, but if they don’t do us Harm, then it’s we who are holding up our shift to 5D, not them.

And again, if we’re looking at his pitiable Delusions and using it to conclude that Rolling Our Own doesn’t really work, that’s another of Our Own Unconscious Limitations. Unless he succeeds in drumming up a Coup with his ragtag army of submachine-gun-toting war-gamers, or with his fellow Demented Elite in Congress, he’s simply Out of Touch with Hardcopy Reality, his Illusions of Grandeur have him totally Tranced Out, and That’s what’s not working for him, not his Creating of His Own Reality. What he’s Succeeding at Creating – Again – is Mommy Doesn’t Love Me. If he’d Broken Out of that Trance two months ago, he’d be well set up by now for a run at 2024. He’s also Teaching us That!, Teaching us that it’s not about Recreating our Karmic Trances, it’s about Busting Out of our Karmic Trances.

He doesn’t “deserve” our Praise, it would only take him Deeper into his Illness. But he definitely deserves our Silent Applause. Once the concrete is poured, or Thereus has Landed on the South Lawn, we can Shout our Bravos! out loud as we shatter our newly emptied Magnums on it.

Karmic Digital Age 2

December 26, 2020

Hope everyone is having Rewarding and Enjoyable Holydays in spite of the impediments, and mostly staying Safe. Speaking of Karma, getting this particular Gorillavirus can create all manner of PTSD (or Held Emotions, some of the hardest kind of Karma to shake) for the rest of this Lifetime and probably many to come. Instead, Choose to Die Peacefully in your sleep at some unspecified future date, if you’re planning to Die at all.

It’s bad enough that we have to deal with Post-Trump-Syndrome, assuming we eventually get to the Post part. The astrology can always go either way, depending on what we Co-Create, but I’d say the odds are good that we get to move on, since as we pointed out in the previous post, the Karma (the T-Squares) is Self-Resolving on all three counts.

More Monoliths…

Be sure to scroll down on this one to see all the Critters…

There are a couple of isolated “Squares” (two planets three Signs apart) in our two Karma charts. Isolated Squares aren’t as Challenging as a “T-Square” (two Squares end to end) or as Balanced as a “Grand Cross” (four Squares end to end), but they can Require Ingenuity to Resolve. There are two in the Digital Age chart…

One is about Trusting the Process (Jupiter-Saturn-Chariklo Square Haumea-Lachesis). A Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction is about Changing Horses in Mid-Stream or Lifting our Boat with a Sky-Crane – we have to Expand into Contraction (which might look like Respecting our own Boundaries) or Contract into Expansion (we might Contract one part of our Life to Make Space for Expanding another), or somehow deal with the Merger of Opposites. Which of course is just a Paradox, and since it’s Either/Orish, we know the Limits are in the mind of the Observer and not in What’s Being Observed. Reality has no problem Merging Opposites, because Opposition occurs only in the Languaging. Even without slipping out of 3D we can envision getting an Edge or a Coin if we Merge heads and tails, or even a number between 65 and 75.

We can also think of Saturn as Compression. Julie Henderson (The Lover Within, p.42) talks about Compression and Containment as “the line between control and abandon” which allows Pulsation and Flow. “We move into a position that requires control to maintain and, in that position, abandon ourselves to it, surrender to is effects… To describe what’s involved is a bit difficult because it isn’t often modeled to us as children. We learn repression and explosion of our energies instead.”

And Jupiter-Saturn in turn is Merged with Confidence and Doubt (dwarf planet Chariklo). We might link Jupiter with Confidence, and Saturn with Doubt, but we have to consider it the other way around as well. We can Create Confidence by Contracting into an Ego – “I’m not one of those people who…” And easily Create Doubt by Expanding beyond our Competence. Isn’t this what Growth is all about, Tolerating and Embracing the Confusion and Doubt while we Decide how much it’s Safe to Stretch. You can see why Conjunctions are circled in red (Tension) rather than blue (Grace) or green (Curiosity) – Merging Energies that aren’t always Comfortable with each other Creates Stress.

And we haven’t even gotten to the Challenge (Square) yet. The other end of this Square is itself another Conjunction – between Rebirth (Haumea) and Choosing to End a Karmic Pattern (Lachesis). The Rebirth is Happening, like it or not, and we have to Decide how much we can Afford to Grow and where to set our Boundary between Control and Abandon. If we’re Lucky – the Boundary may appear to be set for us by Outside Forces over which we have no Control. That always indicates the Presence of The Most Important Thing (Saturn) in any Life – the Edge (or Gap, or Yawning Chasm) between Ego and Soul.

Soul is Always in Control, Always making Choices. When “You” aren’t, you need to make a Soul Retrieval to get back Within Yourself. Many ways to do that. You can Call Forth a Ceremonial Soul Retrieval by a trained Shaman. You can Mirror an Oppressor or Abuser if they’re Localized, or the Spirit of a Programmer if you can Identify the Programming involved (someone Teaching you that you weren’t good enough for instance). You can PIAVA to Call Forth the part(s) of your Soul that are Missing from your Ego (whether you can guess what they are or not), and Ceremonially Merge with “them.” Who have you always Admired, for instance?

Close your Eyes, hold the Image of yourself in one hand and the Image of your Hero in the other, bring your hands together, and as you Merge those two Images into one, Locate any Discomfort that arises in your Body and Love it to Death (Hint: Love is Soft and Warm, Fear is Cold and Hard). Asteroid Atropos is about Karma that’s Done with us, whether we’re Done with it or not. Asteroid Lachesis is about Karma that we’re Done with before it’s Done with us. That’s Scary, because we’re stepping into the Unknown, even when we know that Karma is really Dead, and we’re just going through the motions like the Karmic ‘Bot that we actually are till we get Conscious about it. You might need some Kegels, or some combined Theta and Tapping.

You could Look Up who if anyone sits in the Vacancies near 1 Degree of Taurus and Leo to see if they can offer any clues (they would Complete the Grand Cross, bringing your Energy more into Balance). For instance, you may be being Called to “Own” or Embrace your qualities of Devotion or Beauty (asteroid Cyllarus, near 1 Leo), or your Creativity or Ability to Make Things (asteroid Hephaistos, near 1 Taurus) in order to bring your Soul and Ego closer together. You could also try Owning or Embracing the qualities you most Admire in your Hero.

Between finding Confidence in our Expanding Contraction and Stepping out of an ongoing Karmic TimeLine into a whole new Trance where we aren’t even sure Who We Are (it’d be a good idea to jot down your passwords somewhere first) there’s an Empty Space.

By the way, the Fairy and Human Relations Global Congress will meet online 15-17 January 2021, featuring presentations by David Spangler on Incarnational Spirituality, Indigenous Earthkeeper Brooke Medicine Eagle‘s Wisdom Teachings, RJ Stewart on the Living World of Faery, UNESCO Artist for Peace Marko Pogačnik on GaiaTouch, Faery Seer and Teacher Orion Foxwood, Land Healer Mahala Frye, Shamanic Herbalist Julie Charette-Nunn, Jaap van Etten on Lemurantis and Metaphysical Ecology, Jeremy Berg on the Card Deck of the Sidhe, Camilla Blossom on Earth School, a David Adam Journey thru the Realms concert, Deborah Koff-Chapin leading the Saturday Ritual, and Joanna Schmidt on Heart-Centered Shamanism. Find info at

The Karmic Digital Age

December 24, 2020

Since Karma is Dead, it won’t be a problem that the Digital Age is Karmic, right? Almost enough to make a person subscribe to Retribution…

But no, Karma is Inertia, and do we ever have Inertia! Huge Inertia in government dysfunction, possibly increasing Inertia with apparently more Powerful Mutant Ninja Garudaviruses in the wings in spite of the nascent Vaccines, Inertia with Inequality as the Robber Barons use Virus-Rescue dollars for their own lunch money and worse, far too much Inertia in Global Balming, und so weiter.

The chart for the 21 December 2020 Saturn-Jupiter Initiation, which Initiates the 140-year Digital Age (the span during which the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions occur in Air Signs) and especially the next 20 years (the current Jupiter-Saturn Cycle), features only one Big Challenge, and that’s Karma (a T-Square to asteroid Karma from the Opposition between Sedna [Converting Fear to Power] and Juno [Expansion of Consciousness])…

If that’s not enough, asteroid Karma itself is also Strong (Stationary), with Peak Exaggeration on 27 December at 2:30 am PST and two Challenges (T-Squares, the red triangles), one to Our Instincts (the Moon, from the Opposition between asteroid Karma herself and Gonggong [Flushbacks]) that Challenges us to Stay in the Present Moment, and the other to Our Willingness to Break Karmic Habits (asteroid Lachesis, from the Opposition between Jupiter-Saturn itself [the Conscious or Unconscious Decision whether to Contract away from new Energy or to Expand into Embracing it] and the Conjunction of Atropos [Karmic Patterns that have Finished their TimeLine, which our Ego may or may not have Let Go Of] and Varuna [Our Vitality])…

The Conscious or Unconscious Decision whether to Contract away from new Energy or to Expand into Embracing it (Jupiter-Saturn) in the Karma Station chart mirrors the apparent Contradiction between Converting Fear to Power (Sedna) and Expansion of Consciousness (Juno) in the Digital Age Initiation chart. Notice that these are both Either/Ors, which by now we automatically associate with the Observing Mind rather than Observed Reality – right? If we want to deal with Reality we have to Change the Subject and switch from HeadsOrTails to the Coin. Since the Mind mostly does only Either/Or, we have to Intuit the Both/And Coin.

Well, obviously, when we Contract (Saturn) away from Reality, we only drive it into the Unconscious, from where it Controls us from behind the Curtain of our Denial. No Pressure – Denial is our Best Choice when we aren’t Ready to Integrate something into Consciousness. Overwhelm will usually set us back. So at least we can Expand into Embracing (Jupiter) our Contraction. In fact, a Poor Sweetheart might be an ideal Response – “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re really Frightened by that, aren’t you.” If we can then Change the Subject and go about our business without Obsessing on what Frightened us, we may be able to just Manifest the Miracle of Transcending our Fear of the New rather than Denying it.

Chiron is Positively Related (Sextile, two Signs apart, meaning Grace but we have to take the first step) to Jupiter-Saturn, and Chiron is the Unhealable Healer who Connects us to the Wisdom that What Heals is Empathy – hence our Self-Empathy Mantra, You Poor Sweetheart… Like Tapping, it Recognizes the Truth of our Heart and brings various parts of ourself into Alignment, while moving our Assemblage Point or our Identity, the Place Behind our Attention, from WhatAfflictsUs to Compassion.

Notice what Opposes Jupiter-Saturn – Varuna-Atropos (the End of Karmic Limitations to our Vitality). We can carry this directly to the Crapolavirus. Atropos stands for Karmic Patterns that have Finished on their own Accord but which our Ego may not have Let Go Of yet. In other words, the Virus is Optional if we Wish it So. Which means we have to Let Go of our Belief in Disease. Sounds Dangerous, doesn’t it. Sounds like a good way to get Dead. Yes, that’s the Sedna part. If you get stuck on that, Locate your Fear in your Body and focus Intensely on it while doing a hundred Kegels, to Convert the Fear to Power, whenever the Fear arises or returns.

Meanwhile, consider it an Experiment, and don’t Act like a Covidiot. This is like a Placebo – it works best if you Believe in it. And it will work (Jupiter-Saturn is joined by dwarf planet Chariklo [Confidence and Doubt] – Choose the Confidence side). But we’re Playing on the Growing Edge of our Consciousness (asteroid Juno), so we never quite know ahead of time if we’re Ready to Transcend. If your Intuition is working fairly well, Thetas can help you evaluate your Readiness. When we Ask for What We Want, the Universe will either Give it to us directly, or Give us a demonstration of what else we need to Let Go Of in order to become Ready to Receive. Let the Universe stub your toe, instead of Dancing with a Miserable Death.

For folks who don’t Believe in Magic (ie, Choice) – and therefore Karma isn’t Dead for them – Karma still means Cause and Effect. Like Blame, Cause and Effect is a very sticky artifact of the Dualistic “Left” Brain. It’s not Easy to Think in terms other than Cause and Effect, because that’s the way the Observing Brain is wired. If you Allow it, the “Right” Brain – Intuition – can go Directly from Want to Outcome without worrying about Mechanism. For Left-Brainers, the Digital Age’s focus on C&E is good, because it may Allow them to Connect their Beliefs and Behaviors to their Outcomes in spite of their red hats. And there’s a lot of Inertia there which needs to Shift before Mother Gaia can Finish her Trance(Re)formation, though when it’s Ready it can Shift overnight.

When we look more closely, we see that all three Challenges (T-Squares) are Self-Resolving (Diamond Stars – red-triangle T-Square and green-wedge Finger of the Goddess pointing to the same planet). This means that, when the Universe Threatens to Repeat your worst deja vus All Over Again, the Appropriate Response is to Smile to yourself and raise your Energy, while you Recognize that the Universe is a Trickster, and share a Chuckle with Her. She’s giving you another Opportunity to Practice using the Belief and Action that you’ve Chosen to Replace your Obsolete Karmic Pattern, or any Alternative Pattern, so you can Erase through Repetition your old Connections and cement New Patterns into your Flexible and Opportunistic Brain.

Ego Death and Insomnia

December 5, 2020

A reader writes…

Your posts have been immensely helpful with this transition. Really lining up with what I’m experiencing. Curious about why insomnia happens with big ego death. Is there any literature or understanding you can point me to understand it better? It has passed since I’ve allowed myself to feel, move, integrate, draw, accept, forgive, and do a composting ceremony, but I still had to use rhodiola and GABA to help my nervous system not go bonkers into oblivion.

My first thought when reading this was Yintegrity. Yangtegrity is when we Do what we said we were going to Do, and Do it when we said we were going to Do it. Yintegrity is when we Do what we feel like Doing, moment to moment. Living Yintegrity in a Yangtegrity World, however, requires that we minimize our Commitments, Renegotiate when we’re able to, and Make Amends when Renegotiation isn’t possible and the Relationship is worth Keeping, Yintegrity is associated with Uranus, as Living in Yintegrity is the Soul’s Preference because being more Multidimensional than Yangtegrity, it’s more likely to put us where we Need to be when we Need to be there, to move toward our Goals and our Life Mission.

And, Uranus is all about Sleep Disruption. When Uranus is Lit Up, we need to Sleep when we’re tired, and Create when we aren’t. Uranus don’t much cotton to Clocks and Calenders and Yangtegrities. But it’s not Uranus that’s Lit Up, it’s Neptune. So what gives? What’s the Angle between them in the Sky now? Well, Uranus is in a Waxing Septile (49 Degrees ahead, Seventh Harmonic, about Timing – what a Coincidence!) to Neptune.

The Cycle began on 2 February 1993. a day I remember well. As is often the case with Uranus, there was a huge Windstorm, and it blew over an ancient 200-foot Walnut tree near where I was Living. The Cycle is about “A hidden choir sings during a religious service.” It’s a 157-year Cycle, so it’s still warming up.

How does the Uranus-Neptune Septile map out? Like so…

(Pretend those lines are Lavender, not Grey.)

We had to add a Star or two and get a bit Erotic, but a very reasonable Grand Septile emerges. The Septile family of Angles are about Timing – putting us where we Need to be when we Need to be there. Doesn’t matter what we’re Doing, Timing is critical, and sometimes referred to, appropriately, as “Everything.” I hadn’t connected the two words before for some reason, but the Synchronicity that Dr. Dispenza talked about in his video, is exactly that, Timing!

We don’t have any problem adding Betelgeuse, it’s a major Star and means Joy and Success (in spite of the movie). The Star Pherkad is more of a stretch, but as the Little Bear’s right paw, it’s one of the Guardians of the North Pole, and used by Navigators to tell the Time at night. It’s known as a Jovial, Expressive, Creative Crown Prince. Minor planet (TNO) Praamzius is also a stretch, but the Mythic Praamzius was The Lithuanian God of Time, and the chief God of the Lithuanian Pantheon. The Lithuanians once ran an Empire stretching across the Breadbasket of Europe from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. We haven’t included asteroid Eros before, but who would ever want to exclude Eros except some tightass Religionist who’s trying to cover their own perversity by Shaming others. Sappho/Self-Love and Pluto/Trance round out our Septemvirate.

Notice that Neptune is also making a Waxxing Septile to Pluto. That Cycle began 2 August 1891 in 9 Gemini, “A quiver full of arrows.” Cupid’s, undoubtedly. We’re familiar with the “Ouija board” Uranus-Pluto Cycle from it’s Waxing Square in 2012. A lot of folks were skeptical that 2012 signified The End of the World as We Knew It. Little did they know that they were just Impatient – the Earth moves on a Geological time scale. Eight years is a twitch of an eyelash. Uranus is Biseptile to Pluto, combining the Seventh and Second Harmonics – Timing with Rules! PIAVA is sort of a set of Guidelines for Timing Magnetic Manifestation – Rules in a sense, and so is Dr. Joe’s Work.

Is Uranus involved in our Correspondent’s nativity? Well, the current Neptune Station is very closely and auspiciously placed relative to their Mission in the Lifetime (North Node), which in turn closely Relates to their own natal Neptune, which in turn close Relates to their own natal Uranus. The Suggestion is that this is a Gift that they would greatly Enjoy if they stopped Resisting it. Psychologist Gay Hendricks talks about Upper Limits – having Too Much Fun, or Too Much Good Fortune, so we have to Manifest something, usually Unconsciously, to bring us back into the range of Emotions we’re Comfortable with.

Big Ego Deaths are associated with the South Node (Held Emotions) more than the North Node. That Religionist we mentioned is a good example – they try to Hold their Erotic Emotions back by tightening their Sphincter. Held Emotions are Emotions that we’d rather Die than Feel, and they Hide Skills we need in order to Achieve our Mission in the current Lifetime, Skills which we developed to a high Degree in other Lifetimes, but which eventually became associated with some serious Trauma (like William Tell sneezing and missing the Apple on the low side), leading to a Never Again Vow that must be Reverted in the present Lifetime.

So I suspect that our Correspondent has recently Broken Through an immense wad of Karma, and the Vast Void of Limitless Potential that follows such a Feat, is Frightening. Not sure what Gay recommends today (I’ll be reading his The Big Leap next week), but R&R is what he once Suggested as a remedy for Upper Limits, and being very gentle with our New Self, treating ourself like the Newborn that we are. Our Held Emotions are usually Held just outside of our Consciousness for Self-Protection, so it’s common for us to be Unaware of them. We can often get a hint about them from our favorite Criticisms of Others.

Let me back up a step and talk a bit about Ego Death, as I’m not sure the average person on the street would know what the term means, and might be intimidated by the second half of the phrase, if not insulted by the first half – Ego in popular language usually means either Narcissism or Selfishness. We use it in a quasi-psychological sense, as our Identity or Sense of Self. The verb “am” signifies Identity. I Work because I am an Employee or Entrepreneur. I Eat because I am Hungry. I Sleep because I am Tired. Or because I am Enslaved by Clocks. I Write because I am Inspired to Share.

By the end of a week I am a lot of different Word Pictures. Our Ego is Complex and Constantly Changing, yet it carries a Consistent Flavor. Our Friends and Associates will easily Identify what we do or say that’s “Out of Character” or not, based on their familiarity with Who I am in their Experience. Our Ego is quite Vague, but at the same time Curiously Distinct. In any given moment, whatever I am not in that moment is The Unconscious. Whatever I am never is my Karma. Those are very simplified definitions, as “Reality” is much more Complex, but they’re the Core of it.

Hupers are Thinkers and Communicators, which Chains them to Words. Words are Symbols, but too easily Confused with their Referents – with what they Symbolize. If someone calls me an Asshole, that’s just silly, because I know that I am a lot more than my Anus. If I Respond to that moniker with Anger, which would not be unusual, that’s a whole ‘nother story, and an example of Confusing the Map with the Territory. Confusion though, is Good; it’s the first stage of Growth in Consciousness – as long as we Recognize it and Eschew Anal-ysis.

That never business we mentioned as our Karma is important, because we line the Cage that it represents with Words, and we Understand that venturing beyond the walls of our Cage is Dangerous. We Feel the Danger in our Guts. When we’re Forced to, or Decide to, step out of our Karmic Cage, we have to Confront our Physiological Reactions to that Danger. We have some Tools for that – Fear plus Breathing equals Excitement, Fear plus Kegels can equal Power (if we do enough of them), Fear plus Reframing can equal many things. We’ve talked several times about alternating Thetas and Tapping to distinguish Flushbacks from Intuitions. Being Aware of the Fear – rather than the alleged Danger – is a critical first step.

I just finished reading Annie Hopper’s Wired for Healing: Rewiring the Brain to Recover from Chronic and Mysterious Illnesses – any of the Alphabet Soups that the Medical Cartel is finally beginning to Recognize but has no idea what to do with except to ring their cash register. The book is an introduction to Annie’s techniques for using neuroplasticity to rewire the Limbric Brain so we Recognize false positives in the Fight/Flight/Freeze department, and Reframe them. Injuries of various kinds – including environmental toxicity and Trauma, can create miswirings there that give us little respite from the Ghosts of the Lions and Tigers that we used to be in Competition with.

Annie’s miswirings started from a “minor” traffic accident, and accelerated into debilitating after she moved her counseling office into a toxic moldy building. I haven’t done any of her formal rewiring exercises (they aren’t in the book, they’re on her DVDs), but I’ve been playing with the idea that some of my Anxieties may be false positives. I believe because of this, and because of watching Joe Dispenza’s video a few days ago (I know Joe is a Powerful Healer who would give me “my money’s worth” for my $50, and his video covered the same ground in a very different way), I had a very unusual Experience yesterday.

I had an errand in another town an hour’s drive away, and it was a bright sunny day. As the road turned southbound with the sun in my eyes I noticed how difficult it was to see into the parts of the road that were shaded by trees. I squinted into the road a ways in front of me, and, talking to myself silently, I decided that I could see well enough to tell that there were no bicycles or other obstacles lurking there.

I was very surprised when someone answered me! The Voice was from the back of my head, but in my spontaneous imagination it was in a Body, as if it was in the back seat. It said, “Well, it’s Clear now, but it may not be by the time you get there.” Neither the Voice nor the Body were any person I knew, but the Body was like a cartoon character that was familiar, though I couldn’t place it. Maybe reminiscent of Humpty Dumpty. I Realized that the Voice was mine and was always there, but for some reason in this moment, it was distinctly Separate from me. “My own” Consciousness was Dual – part still focused on the road, and the other part in the back “seat” talking to this Entity.

There was no animosity between us, more like camaraderie. I asked him if he was able and willing to fly on ahead and tell me if the road was clear so I could relax and focus on the immediate future, and he was delighted to be of Service – Service has obviously always been his Intent, but too often Conscious-I Felt him as a mild paranoia. When another car or truck in front of me obscured the road ahead, I was able to ask him if it was clear in front of them. I was able to ask him if traffic lights up ahead were going to turn yellow before I got to them. Judged by my Belly, his answers were trustworthy. His Separate Existence is no longer so clear, but I’m still able to ask him to extend my Second Sight.

Today as I’m reading, I see that Dr. Joe has turned the concept of Ego Death inside out. We can call it Thaed Oge – sounds Irish, don’t it. From Dr. Dispenza’s Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (p.22)…

Our routine, known thoughts and feelings perpetuate the same state of being, which creates the same behaviors, and creates the same reality. So if we want to change some aspect of our reality, we have to think, feel, and act in new ways; we have to ‘be’ different in terms of our responses to experiences. We have to ‘become’ someone else. We have to create a new state of mind … we need to observe a new outcome with that new mind.

From a quantum standpoint, we have to create a different state of being as an observer and generate a new electromagnetic signature When we do, we will match a potential reality in the field that exists only as an electromagnetic potential. Once that match exists between who are being/what we are broadcasting and the electromagnetic potential in the field, we will be pulled toward that potential reality, or it will find us.”

If you want a new outcome, you will have to break the habit of being yourself, and reinvent a new self.”

As Gary Craig does with his Unseen Therapist, Joe points out that to Manifest a new Reality we need to both, at the same time, Focus our Intention, and Raise our Vibration by generating Feelings of Love or Gratitude or Joy, perhaps by recalling positive Experiences. Experiments have shown that neither, by itself, is sufficient, and both are necessary.

Wegetwhatweaskfor Full Moon

October 2, 2020
Photo by Sally Lloyd Jones

It’s no coincidence that they call Her a Laughing Gull.  The 1 October 2020 (2pm PDT) Full Moon in 10 Aries Gives Us What We’ve Been Asking For, but we stumble on the part of We that isn’t fully Conscious.  Whenever we Experience something that we don’t like, we need to Ask Ourselves, “Who the Hell in Here Asked for This, Anyway?!?”

When you notice someone in there Cowering, first take a Deep Breath to soften up a little, then tell them, “You Poor Sweetheart, You’re trying to get Your Needs met, and I haven’t been Listening to You, have I.  I’m Sorry.  How can I make it up to You?” 

By now They may already be Talking to you.

If not you’ll need to work at it.  Our Most Rejected Selves have after long Abandonment become like Wild Animals.  To “tame” Them (it’s actually “Us” that needs taming) we’ll need to set out something we think They might like, turn our backs, and sit patiently waiting to see if They’ll come out of hiding to check it out.  Don’t turn around.  If you do this twenty or a hundred times, they might Feel Safe enough to approach you.  You’ll have to Wait for Them to come to you, you won’t be able to “Here, Kitty, Kitty!” Them – by now they know better than to fall for that from you.

Are you Feeling sickly?

Have you been Wishing someone would take care of you better than you have been?

Are you Enduring Scarcity?

Have you been Judging those who aren’t?

Are you Willing and Able to Ask for Help?

Are you Willing and Able to Receive?

Do you Distinguish Abundance (Having Enough to Share) from Wealth (Having More Than Others and Hoarding It when they Obviously Need It more than you do)?

Are your Teeth cracking?

Has it been you, or your Evil Twin, that’s been Eating more Meat and Sugar (Acid Foods) than Vegetables (Alkaline Foods)?

Are we “Blaming the Victim” here?  Darn right.  Wherever we’re feeling like a Victim, that’s Exactly where our Power lies, and that’s Exactly where we need to Go to Retrieve It.  We’re going to have to Learn to be Loving and Gentle with our Inner Victims, because They’ll never Trust us otherwise, after so many years of our Ignoring or Punishing or Insulting or Intimidating Them.  But it’s never too late to start.

Here’s the chart that says this…

We’ll explain how it says this after we spend some time taking better care than I have been, of an Inner Self or several.