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Wegetwhatweaskfor Full Moon III

October 5, 2020

The upper front paws of the two Flying Squirrels in the 1 October 2020 Full Moon chart…

…are one Sign (an Unx) apart, which means we have two Big Challenges (the big red triangles or T-Squares), each mitigated by Big Blessings (Grand Trines). When a Finger of the Goddess is embedded in a T-Square (as in the Diamond Star,, we have what we call a “Self-Resolving Challenge.” I don’t know of an established name for a Configuration with a Grand Trine embedded in a T-Square, so we’ll have to make one up. The nested red and blue triangles…

…remind me of the nested roofs of a Pagoda, so that’s what we’ll call the Configuration, a Pagoda. When we’re born under a Grand Trine (the blue triangle, or Great Blessings), we’re initially tempted to think that the Blessings arise from a Unique Skill of ours, so the first meaning of a Grand Trine is Arrogance. With a bit of Life Experience though, we usually notice that other people have other Skills of their own, and we replace our Arrogance with Appreciation of Teamwork. This Grand Trine has just Materialized out of the Sky, however, so unless it’s a repeat of a natal Grand Trine of ours, we often lack the relevant Life Experience to graduate from Arrogance.

So we’re going to suggest that our Initial Reaction to a Pagoda will be Blame. We have a Hassle (the red-triangle T-Square), yet we can also Feel the Blessing (the blue-triangle Grand Trine). When we Identify with the Blessing, our Ego will naturally assume that the Hassle must be someone else’s fault, that we must be a Victim of other people’s incompetence or ill will. If we instead Identify with the Hassle, then we may Blame our otherwise-Blessed Self for screwing up. Of course if we’re Conscious of the Ambiguity, through astrology or wisdom, we can use the Blessing to address the Hassle. If we look we may find ourself Doing just that in spite of our Identification with the Hassle or Blame.

In the Pagoda chart above, the Energy of the Hassle is Focused on the Truth of the Head, or Facts (asteroid Veritas). It’s safe to assume that the extraordinary difficulty that die wäre Führer has with facts is a Demonstration for us of a Universal Trait shared by all of our Biased Egos. This is mostly where we get our WeGetWhatWeAskFor interpretion of the chart. When the Facts don’t Support what our Ego wants to Believe Reflects Us, we either have to Blame Other or Self, or Investigate the Unconscious for Evil Twins that we need to Own and Befriend.

The base of the T-Square (Moon-Chiron Opposite Sun-Makemake) fleshes out the Hassle. Chiron’s downside is Victimization, it’s upside is Miracles, or events that aren’t within the Realm of Possibility when we see the World through Victim’s Eyes. The Moon symbolizes our Instincts. Blame aka Victimization, is a Universal Instinct, and one that’s a Complete Logical Universe Unto Itself and thus very Difficult to Escape using the “Left Brain.” It’s the source of the Original Sin Concept.

All of us though also have a Universal Instinct to Seek Wholeness. Western Civilization, because the fuel it runs on is Power Over, Programs us to Repress the latter Instinct and Emphasize the former.

Makemake symbolizes Manifestation, and the Sun our Essence – we are Essentially Creator Beings, Lightworkers. But when we’re wearing the Excrement-Colored Glasses of Original Sin, we totally Forget our Essence, and tend to confuse the Color of our Glasses with what we Manifest. Die wäre Führer also illustrates for us what happens when we wear the Rose-Colored Glasses of Original Narcissism. While the Observer is an Integral part of the Observed, we want our Perception of the World and of Ourself to be as Clear as we can get it.

The Grand Trine portion of this Pagoda is in Earth Signs, emphasizing What we’re actually Creating in Hardcopy Reality. It’s the Dance between our Soul (Uranus) which is the Source of our Urge toward Wholeness, our Accumulated Decisions (dwarf planet Orcus) which are the Source of our Karma, and the Facts of our Life (asteroid Veritas) which are the Results of our Accumulated Decisions. Our tendency to be smugly Self-Satisfied About this Dance (the Blessings part) is Interrupted by the Hassles (the Challenge) that some of the Facts are introducing. (Like this clumsy editor.)

The second Pagoda Configuration in the 1 October Full Moon chart that Colors at least the first half of October…

…Focuses on Fate and Choice (asteroid Moira). Fate is what happens To Us while we’re Unconscious of our Karma. Choice is what We Practice when we Become Conscious of our Habitual Thoughts and Behaviors – if we Choose to. Of course we can be Conscious and still not be Proactive, and often are, because it’s very easy to Fail to Notice when Habitual Self-Sabotage arises, largely because when we Recognize and begin to Correct such a Pattern in one area of our Life, the same Pattern will be Present in other portions of our Life, but in Disguise. Not a bad idea to Proactively Poor-Sweetheart ourself in an effort to inoculate ourself against this – “Your Poor Sweetheart, you don’t always Notice when your Self-Sabotaging Patterns arise, do you.”

The base of this Challenge to Own and Befriend our Victim Selves, is the Opposition between Abuse and Privilege (dwarf planet Nessus) and our Accumulated Decisions (dwarf planet Orcus). If we presume that “We,” on the Soul Level, are Immortal and Beyond Harm’s Way, and have Free Will, which we do, then each of us carries a Karmic Catalog of Decisions we once made about the kind and degree of Abuse and Privilege we Agreed to Experience for our own Education.

That Catalog is actually accessible to us if we PIAVA to read it ( As with any PIAVA we have to be prepared to Receive an Answer that differs significantly from our Expectations – sometimes we need to follow up with a PIAVA that we Grok the Answer at least a little. Imagine talking to a combination of Smaug and Sméagol – their World is immensely larger than ours, so anything they tell us has to be downsized by many Dimensions. We don’t need to know Details, just a code name will do, but to Let Go of our Karma and Get Clear about our Mission in the Lifetime, we want to Revert any of those Decisions that we can glimpse, always Lovingly and Gently.

Like those Vows of Poverty you made in the 1934th Quendential on Gannymede 14b. And your Commitment to never again be Sober that you made in 1785 in Genoa. Each long-Forgotten Oath like these spun off a TimeLine that “We,” Soul-We not Ego-we, eventually need to Retrieve. The process of Getting Clear is the same as the process of bringing the Ego closer to our Soul, and it’s what this Pagoda is all about.