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Ego Edges

September 6, 2021

We’re still trying to satisfy two Goals with one Blog – describing what’s going on on the Planet while gradually teaching astrology, since anything you Learn about astrology will greatly deepen your Experience of Life on Earth and your Adeptness with it. In this post, read through it first while Suspending Disbelief and ignoring the footnotes. Then go back and reread the whole post, exploring the footnotes as you go. Even if you have no interest in Learning anything about astrology, there is much to gain by simply skimming the footnotes to see if anything catches your eye. Skimming may not get us a PhD, but when we’ve skimmed the same or similar material many times, a lot more has sunk in than we Realize.


One of the greatest Toxins that we Encounter is Certainty. My training as a Psychic was rudimentary. I had fabulous Teachers, I just didn’t pursue it very far because there were too many other Threads going on at the time, but one of the first things I learned was that an easy way to access our Intuition is to Ask ourself, What If I Did Know?

It’s a great technique, and it almost always serves us, but without additional Discernment Skills, it serves our Heart’s Truth, not necessarily the Etheric Truth, and not necessarily Someone Else’s Heart’s Truth. Our Heart’s Truth is a Reliable Guide for Avoiding Self-Sabotage, but it doesn’t Clear our Limitations. Of course, for most everyone reading this, your Heart’s Truth will include a Life Mission of Clearing your Limitations, but that can’t help but compete with other, more trivial matters, such as Survival, or Getting Bald and High…

We’ve just been through a couple of weeks of Fear and Anger,1 and we’re already diving into another week that isn’t per se about Fear and Anger, but is by its nature heavily encumbered with Fear and Anger.2 We’ll talk more about this Forbidden Genius of ours soon, but I want to introduce Them through a prominent (though subtle) feature of the 22 August Full Moon…3

1 The 30 August 2021 Station of Sedna [Converting Fear to Power] in 30 Taurus, stretched out by the 30 August-3 September Out-of-Bounds Moon [Excess Emotionality Covered by Deep and Wide Culturally-Supported Justification, AKA Focusing on our Thoughts about our Emotions rather than on how and where we Feel the Emotions in our Body]. Can we tell the Difference between our Emotions and our Thoughts about them?

Our Thoughts about our Emotions are Mental Gibberish serving only to prop up our Old Ego, Prevent Rebirth, and Maintain our Karmic Limitations. Emotion Itself on the other hand, is the Portal to our Sacred Intuition, to our Future, and potentially to our Liberation from Karmic Limitation (if we have the Fortitude to tackle our Thoughts about the Emotions that We’d Rather Die Than Feel ).

If we can Learn this Discernment1a in this Lifetime, it will be the Pinnacle of Cosmic Success that will Change our Karma forever. Our fellow Gronabixoleans won’t recognize us when we return to our Home Galaxy. Discerning our Emotions (Pisces) from our Thoughts about them (Aquarius) is the Central Lesson of the Pisces-Aquarius Cusp, and if we don’t Learn it here we could be Stuck in Piscean Victimhood for possibly another 25 thousand years, till the next Progressed Pisces-Aquarius Cusp rolls around. Won’t that be Fun. Thank the Goddess that Linear Time is an Illusion.

1a We also have to Learn that Emotions aren’t Ours or Theirs, any more than the Weather is. Emotions are Independent Energies that Visit us, and can Attach to our Egos like Leeches and Suck Away our Life Force. But they also Serve us as a Portal to our Sacred Intuition. We Feel and Dismiss them in a flash, till we get Stuck on Our Thoughts about Them. If we make Decisions based on our Thoughts about Them, we Create sticky new Karma that can follow us around the Multiverse like a hungry Coyote, just Out of Sight. But we know they’re There, don’t we.

2 The 12 September (5:07 am PDT) Station of Ixion [Our Forbidden Genius] in 30 Sagittarius, the same Degree (in different Signs) as the Sedna Station and the Full Moon. When planets are in the same or nearby Degrees, the Interactions between their Domains of Impact are much more Intense. The Full Moon, the Sedna Station, and the Ixion Station span three weeks, but the Unconscious doesn’t Live in Linear Time. There in the Universe beyond the Bounds of our Ego (which Universe, if you haven’t noticed, is usually very much Larger than we are), everything is Simultaneous. Natives of North America (nee Turtle Island) Believe that everything that ever happened in a place is still going on there. If you bother to Look for it, you can Feel it.

3 In 30 Aquarius. The New and Full Moons primarily impact the 2-4 weeks following them. Find the complete chart for the 22 August Full Moon in the Expanding into Fear II post.

…namely, we have a Challenge between a double symbol of Rebirth and a double symbol of Death.4 This is not a Duel, but a more nuanced Conflict with many combatants and collaborators and involved spectators who have Skin in the Game.5 Our Self-Confidence is deeply Involved,6 as is The Integration of Feminine Power into our Life.7

4 Asteroid Klotho [Beginning New Fateful Adventures] Conjunct [Merged With] dwarf planet Haumea [Rebirth in an Unformed Molten State] on the Birth side, Square to [Challenged by – drawn as the shorter red line] two Strangers we’ve added to fill Vacancies, asteroid Requiem [Respect for Death] Merged With dwarf planet Cyllarus [Death in Combat] on the Death side. Centaur Cyllarus was Killed in the battle that Wounded Chiron.

5 The Square is part of a Grand Cross [Difficult and Complex Process involving many Related Issues – four planets equally spaced ’round the Zodiac, shown by the red square with a cross in the middle].

6 The other two corners of the Grand Cross are dwarf planet Chariklo [Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt ] – Chiron’s wife, and…

7 Two Fixed Stars, Al Rescha [Bringing two disparate Concept Sets together to Create Deeper Understanding] and Mirach [Harmony, Receptivity, Intuition, Magnetism, Collaboration].

Remember our first sentence? When we’re in a Life-and-Death Struggle, Certainty is the Order of the Day. We’re Certain that the Oxymoronavirus will kill us if we Let It. Or Wait! No, the Vaccine will Certainly Kill us! Meanwhile, Global Warming is Killing us, drowning some of us while we sleep. The Emperor has no Clouds. What is it that the Howlers Fear Most? Loss of Freedom, all seem to say.

Freedom to continue Life As It Was Known. Freedom to Blame the Threat to Survival on Viruses, Vaccines, Abortions, Masks, Political Opponents, anything which will Focus Attention on those Thoughts about the Fear that Life will Change drastically, because if the Caterwauling is loud enough, Influencing the Outcome of those Issues may be Possible. Won’t it be a shock when it’s discovered that Stopping Abortions and Vaccines and Viruses and Political Opponents doesn’t Stop Floods and Wildfires and Freezeouts. Won’t it be a shock when parents who risked their Children’s Lives sending them back to School discover that the Schooling that the Surviving kids received is worthless because it was only Relevant to Destroying the Earth.

In any four-cornered astrological Configuration, the Diagonals between the corners provide useful information. In this Death-Rebirth Configuration the Diagonals are Oppositions, usually signifying that two Concepts are Arguing, or if we aren’t in Resistance, that they’re willing to Cooperate.

The Rebirth corner Dances with the Integration of Feminine Power corner.8 If we’re indeed on the Cusp of Letting the Patriarchy Burn Itself Out, this will be a Delightful Dance. If we’re Terrified that our Investments in the Patriarchy are Bankrupt, then we’re likely to be Screaming into our Zoom Meetings that it’s Imperative to Bring Back Business-As-Usual, because that’s More Important (to them) than how many people are Dying.

The Death corner Dances with Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt.9 If we’re Confident we’re on our Path, then we’ll Embrace the Ego Death. If we’re in Self-Doubt, our Fear of Death will probably be Lit Up, and we might even be contemplating Physical Death.

But it’s not that simple. If we look closely we can see that both of these Oppositions are Mystery Schools.10 In a Mystery School we Learn something completely Surprising and Unexpected from the Dance, something that’s not accessible to the two-dimensional mind. If we’re Open to it, that is, and if we Avoid trying to “Figure It Out.” The Insights available are not accessible by the Mind, as they’re more multidimensional that the Mind is able to Grok. We have to be Mindful of the Presence of Thinking, Thank it and Bless It, and Open our Intuition instead.

There is something Profound to Learn, available to us over the coming week, about the Relationship between (Ego) Death and Confidence or Doubt, and something Profound for us to Learn about the Relationship between our Rebirth and our Integration of Feminine Power. Astrology does give hints about where to look for these Insights.11 Death and Confidence-Doubt are somehow tied up in this Adventure with Being More Open to Embracing our Hidden Genius and Acknowledging How We Were Punished For It in our Youth. Rebirth and Feminine Power are somehow bound up in this Workshop with Acknowledging our Guilt and Tapping It Out.

8 Klotho-Haumea Opposite Mirach-Al Rescha.

9 Requiem-Cyllarus Opposite Chariklo.

10 These Oppositions are both Yin Gates. The Klotho-Haumea to Mirach-Al Rescha Opposition is surrounded by a big blue “Golden” Rectangle, Golden because the ratio between the length of the sides and the length of the ends is the “Golden Angle” of Sacred Geometry fame, an Angle that is Replete in Nature. Its corners are Karma, Nemesis [Guilt], the Fixed Star Scheat [Creative Freedom from Conventional Thinking], and Sedna.

The Chariklo to Requiem-Cyllarus Opposition is also enclosed in a Golden Rectangle, but it’s drawn in thinner blue lines. It connects Ixion et al, Moon-Jupiter [Expanding our Instincts], Chaos-Asbolus [Intuitive Insight into our Unlimited Potential], and Sun-Thereus [The Places in our Essence where we’re Willing to Wrestle with Bears].

11 In the six diagonals embedded in each of the bisected Golden Rectangles…

For Rebirth-Feminine Power they’re the Karma-Scheat and Nemesis-Sedna Oppositions, Klotho-Haumea’s Quincunxes to Scheat and to Sedna, and Mirach-Al Rescha’s Quincunxes to Nemesis and Karma. Quincunxes are 5-Sign Angles, drawn in green lines.

For Death-Confidence they’re Chaos-Asbolus’s Opposition to Ixion-Pholus-GC, the Sun-Thereus Opposition to Moon-Jupiter, Chariklo’s Quincunxes to Chaos-Asbolus and Sun-Thereus, and Requiem-Cyllarus’s Quincunxes to Jupiter-Moon and Ixion-Pholus-GC.

These many Relationships are for Meditation, not Analysis – that’s 12 Meditations. If you’re up for that, more Power to you! Remember that Quincunxes represent Questions, not Answers or Statements. And Remember that in a Yin Gate, Oppositions will not be Arguments or Collaborations, but Paradoxes, like Zen Koans. What’s the Sound of One Bear Wrestling while Expanding? might be an example (Thereus Opposite Jupiter). The Insights in these Gordian Knots will be Personal, not Global. If you have any natal planets on Cusps, the Rewards from this Exploration may be Immense.

There Must Be Even More

March 8, 2020

I love Dr. Chu’s Metaphor in the previous post.  In case you didn’t listen through her video, she was saying that the general approach of allopathic medicine is like stepping on a Cat’s tail.  Every time you do that, the Cat opens its mouth (to howl).  Modern medicine debates whether to sew the Cat’s mouth shut, or feed it dumbcane, without considering lifting its foot.

It’s the same with our Karmic Self-Sabotage – we’re enormously Creative about how to Ameliorate our Suffering, but we’re unable or unwilling to take our foot off of our own tail.  Many of us are so used to being the Victim of our Self-Sabotaging Habits that we don’t even Realize that the Perp is our own foot.  Well, this is the weekend to Notice, and to lift our foot.

Apart from all the Action that the previous There Must Be More post spoke of – Action in the 6 March 2020 astrology for (the Station of dwarf planet Chaos in) the neighborhood of 25 Degrees (of any Sign) – there’s also Strong astrology Lit Up for planets around 5 Degrees.  There are three primary Poster Children…

  • Big-Time Bad Karma around Global Warming.
  • The Depressive Downside of Codependence.
  • The Soul Meets the Ego’s Resistance as It Descends.

Let’s take them one at a time…

Big-Time Bad Karma around Global Warming

Two Important dwarf planets have been Dancing with one another for several years, getting more and more Intimate as they do.  They Consummate their Dance on 23 February 2022, after getting Perilously Close (within 70 Arcseconds) in early April 2021 (they’re ¼ of a Degree apart as we speak).  One of these dwarf planets symbolizes our Survival Instincts (Quaoar), and the other represents Taking Full Responsibility (Pholus).

The 2022 Initiation occurs in 8 Capricorn, “In a Sun-lit home, domesticated birds sing joyously: The wholesome happiness which subservience to the ideals and patterns of a well-established culture brings to those who accept them unreservedly.”  Isn’t that scary – that’s how we got where we are. with everyone Singing Joyously about the Glories of an allegedly Dead Planet that can be Dissected at will for personal gain. 

Of course, if we have a Culture that Respects and Reanimates the Natural World by then, that’d be great.  What do you suppose the odds of that are?  If we Allow ourselves to move to 5D, they should be pretty good.

Their Dance is the Obvious astrological correlate of Global Climate Change and all of the other Efforts that the Industrial Era has made, and continues to Try to make, Consciously or otherwise, to Destroy the Habitability of our Planet.  The Coronavirus is only one example…

It’s Important to distinguish Responsibility from Blame.  Blame looks backwards to Assign Cause.  Responsibility looks forward to Improve Outcomes.  When we look at the Mythology behind our astrosymbol for Responsibility (Pholus), we see that he got Dead by failing to take all Possibilities into account.  In our earlier There Must Be More post we talked about Trusting New Information that will take us Beyond Our Limitations.  That’s why we talk about Taking Full Responsibility.

What does this mean for us?  It means we need to Ask ourself, What are my Survival Instincts telling me that I am Denying?  It won’t be Easy to Answer that Honestly, because our Ego will try to Intercede in its own behalf and try to continue Denying anything that threatens to lean toward Facing Emotions that We’d rather Die than Feel.

The Pholus-Quaoar Conjunction [our Response to our Survival Instincts] is very close to the South Node [our Held Emotions] in the 6 March Chaos-Station chart. 

The South Node crosses Quaoar on 8-9 March, and Pholus on 13 March, both Initiations in 5 Capricorn, “Indians on the warpath – while some men row a well-filled canoe, others in it perform a war-dance: The mobilization of physical and emotional energies in a spirit of conquest.”  These are roughly 17½-year Cycles.  So who are the Indians here?  Greta’s team?

The South Node crosses Ixion [our Forbidden Genius] on 19 June in 30 Sagittarius,”The Pope blessing the faithful.”  Ixion also Conjoins Pholus-Quaoar-South Node.  This crossing, and the 16-year Cycle it Initiates, should Teach us a great deal about how our Forbidden Genius was Forbidden. 

Expect it to be Karmic – ie, not Present Moment, no matter how Horrible it Feels.  If we manage to Stay Open during the Ego Deaths associated with this crossing, we may be able to Let Go of the Forbidden part and get on with Healing the Planet.

It’s intriguing that in this chart drawn for Pacific Time, this symbol for Climate Change et al (Pholus-Quaoar-South Node Conjunction) is also closely Conjunct to the astrosymbol for our Community (the Midheaven), which of course depends on Time of Day and hence Longitude.  I’m Wondering if this has anything to do with the fact that the Epicenter of Coronavirus Activity in the US (Kirkland WA) lies in the Pacific Time Zone.  It’s also intriguing that Kirkland, Milan, and Wuhan are each Separated by one third of the Globe.

We’ve run out of time, as I try to lift my foot off my habit of burning the candle at both ends.  We’ll look at…

  • The Depressive Downside of Codependence (Lilith-Chiron).
  • The Soul Meets the Ego’s Resistance as It Descends (Venus-Karma-Atopos-Uranus).