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What She Said Redux

January 1, 2017

Another important message, from someone whom I consider to be my First Teacher…

One of the things she taught me: Truth is Different for each of us because Truth resides in the Heart.  She also used to say that “your own Truth goes right through you,” meaning that a few seconds later you are unable to repeat it; it just doesn’t register in your Memory.  Like asking a Fish about Water I guess.  

While it may be useful, getting our Truth written down so we can memorize it doesn’t provide the kind of Self-Knowledge we’ need; our Truth is usually Paradoxical, residing far beyond the Ego’s Desire to Collect self-congratulatory aphorisms.  We Learn to Embrace Paradox in Mystery School.  Our current Mystery School, around the Relationship between our Self-Sovereignty and the Recognition of the Truth of our Fear, peaks on 1 January 2017.

We’re referring to the Lilith-Sedna/Aletheia Yin Gate that we’ve been talking about, embedded in the Abandoned Genius Recovery Golden Rectangle (Saturn-Ixion-Juno-Nemesis Sextile Jupiter-Haumea Trine Chaos Sextile Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne)  The Golden Rectangle will be with us well into February, but the Lilith-Sedna Yin Gate fades near the end of January, to be replaced a few days later by several weeks of another Yin Gate, featuring Sappho-Klotho and Sedna-Aletheia.  

That second Yin Gate will be about Restructuring a new Ego/Life/Rebirth around Self-Love, particularly Self-Love when we’re in Fear.  Like so…

When we’re Honest with ourself about Fear, we can be Grounded, Breathing, and in Fear at the same time – an experience which you’d probably not label as Fear in the sense you’re used to.  In addition to the Wonderings that make up a Yin Gate, Chiron forms a Trine Bridge across this Opposition – “You poor Sweetheart, you’re in Fear, aren’t you.”  

The Wonderings in the current Yin Gate are something like…

  • I Wonder what Self-Sovereignty will Feel like in an Unlimited Reality (Lilith Quincunx Chaos).
  • I Wonder how I can resist the Cultural Pressure to squelch my Self-Sovereignty when I’m fully in my Yintegrity (Lilith Quincunx Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne).
  • With the scope of my Rebirth Expanding so fast, I Wonder how I’ll handle the Fear (Jupiter-Haumea Quincunx Sedna-Aletheia).
  • When my Abandoned Genius becomes The Most Important Thing to me and my Olde Ego bursts because of the huge quantity of New Information being Downloaded, I Wonder how I can Embrace the inevitable Fear (Saturn-Ixion-Juno-Nemesis Quincunx Sedna-Aletheia).

The Wonderings in the new Yin Gate will be more like…

  • I Wonder how I’ll be able to Manifest Self-Love while lacking anchors in an Unlimited Reality (Sappho-Klotho Quincunx Chaos).
  • I’m so Habituated to suppressing my Yintegrity that I Wonder whether I can Allow myself to Let Go of All of my Masks (Sappho-Klotho Quincunx Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne).
  • With the scope of my Rebirth Expanding so fast, I Wonder how I’ll handle the Fear (Jupiter-Haumea Quincunx Sedna-Aletheia).
  • When my Abandoned Genius becomes The Most Important Thing to me and my Olde Ego bursts because of the huge quantity of New Information being Downloaded, I Wonder how I can Embrace the inevitable Fear (Saturn-Ixion-Juno-Nemesis Quincunx Sedna-Aletheia).


A partial timeline for these Adventures…

  • 27 December: Saturn Initiates Nemesis (The Most Important Thing is Ego Death) at 21 Sagittarius (Using Imagination to Transcend Mundane Physical and Emotional “Realities”)
  • 6 January: Ixion Initiates Nemesis (Embracing the probably-Chronic Traumas that Isolated our Abandoned Genius) at 25 Sagittarius (Play despite apparent handicaps)
  • 7 January: Grand Quintile connecting Saturn-Ixion-Juno-Nemesis to Venus-Pallas-South Node to Moon to Vesta to Hopi
  • 9 January: Ixion Stationary Direct 23 Aries 
  • 11 January: Saturn Initiates Juno (A Searching and Fearless Inventory of our Olde Ego) at 23 Sagittarius (Learning the Fundamentals of a New Culture)
  • 12 January: Almost-Grand Quintile connecting Saturn-Ixion-Juno-Nemesis to Pallas-South Node to Moon-Vesta to Hopi
  • 17 January: Aletheia Stationary Direct 26 Taurus
  • 19 January: Ixion Initiates Juno (Becoming Conscious of Who We Must Become) at 26 Sagittarius (Trusting our Guides)
  • 22 January: Haumea Stationary Retrograde 25 Libra
  • 27 January: Sappho Conjunct Klotho, 22 Scorpio Opposite Sedna-Aletheia 
  • 15 February: Ixion Initiates Saturn (The Most Important Thing is Recognizing the Imperative of Acknowledging our Abandoned Genius) at 26 Sagittarius

Because their orbit lengths are so similar, Sappho-Klotho and Juno-Nemesis travel together for several years, where the distance between them is more about which side of the Sun the Earth is on, than about how much their Longitudes differ.  The Nemesis-Juno Initiation occurred in August 2015, with an Exposition in September 2016 and the Confidence-Builder in April 2019.  The Klotho-Sappho Initiation occurred in November 2014, an Exposition in December 2015, and the Confidence-Builder in January 2017.

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥  

Remember Both/And; Truth is Different for each of us because Truth resides in the Heart, not in the mind’s Duality.  Even if this is not your Truth, it may be useful to you, as all New Perspectives are.  New Perspectives may help you Let Go of Judgment of Others, they may help you Let Go of Unconscious Limiting Beliefs, and they may Grow Corn for you in Unusual or Unexpected Circumstances.  Either/Or is always Politics; Spirit is Both/And.

Awe Shucks

May 29, 2014

A great three-minute video on Miracles, Chiron, Juno-Saturn, and the Edges of Consciousness…

I think of Awe as being inspired by something outside of us (to the extent that anything actually is outside of us, of course) – it’s hard to make a Conscious decision to be Awed.  Could be just my own Limitations, but I see it’s first cousin Wonder as more accessible to us – we can get to Wonder just by choosing to focus our Attention at a different level or place than we usually do.

For instance, Radio Shack sells a powerful hand-held microscope for a few bucks.  Looking at a teaspoon of Sand through that will stop your World – it will restructure the Edges of your Consciousness (Juno-Saturn), which could be more profound than “reconfiguring your mental models of the world,” even while it’s more subtle.  Choosing a few minutes of genuine (not rhetorical) Wonder every day might end up being more expansive and more lasting than a “mind-blowing” experience of Awe.  

We haven’t tried to reconfigure PIAVA to PICAVAW or PAVIWAC (though PAVIWAC has a nice ring to it, even without giving the dog a bone), but we can literally add genuine Wondering (that triggers real Curiosity) to our short list of Praying, Intending, Asking, Visualizing, and Affirming, as another method for using Magnetism to Create.  The added C stands for Commanding, to add a place for Vianna Stibal’s remarkable Theta Healing process.

The (more or less, masculine) mind is a great tool for making a binary decision, developing a strategy, dividing it into tasks, and executing a plan to get something specific done.  But as Jung said, the mind is irrational unless it’s connected to the Heart, because Values reside in the Heart.  Consequently, the mind often makes decisions and executes plans that are contrary to our Values – hence, self-sabotage.  Now, if we want to actually solve a problem, as Einstein famously said, we can’t do that using the same thinking that postulated the problem.  We need to find a new approach.

That’s what Chiron does for a living.

The (more or less, feminine) PAVIWAC process, if we carry it through the Changing-the-Subject and Paying-Attention phases, can find new approaches for us.  It doesn’t necessarily involve the Heart, so we can still use it for self-sabotage if we try hard enough, though being less reductive and more wholistic than the intellect, PAVIWAC is less likely to get us in trouble.  Basically, if we do it right, the answers that we get from PAVIWACking (nice word!) come straight from the Unconscious, and will therefore be much larger in scope and dimensionality than answers provided by the linear dualistic mind. 

When PIAVA does appear to sabotage us, is when the Unconscious feels that it’s time to educate the Ego, and gives us a heuristic, or exercise meant to teach, rather than inform. 

It’s like Uranus and Eris, in the sense that they’re, yes, Disruptive and Dischordant,

But what’s being Disrupted is that which is no longer True to the Soul, and what’s being thrown into Dischord is Denial that we can no longer afford.

We can reduce the likelihood of self-sabotage or even heuristic detours by starting from the Heart, choosing what it is that we’re PIAVAing or PIAVAWACking so that it supports our Values.  How to do that?  Well, we could first PIAVA to know and support all of our Values around the problem we’re trying to hack.  Or, we could just move directly to Feeling.  Rather than PIAVAing a red sports car, PIAVA how you’re going to Feel when driving or admiring your red sports car.  Or how you’re going to feel when we’re all working together respectfully to Co-Create a Sustainable place on the Planet.

The Rest of May

May 27, 2014

topazolite2543bpNew ways of thinking lurking under cover.  Topazolite is the Yellow form of Andradite, a Calcium-Iron Garnet (Garnet is a family of minerals).

Before we get to the foreground, we don’t want to forget the two big ongoing events in the background.  First, our “dumb-luck” Grace continues through the end of May, and second, our Yintegrity work is temporarily winding down a little after a huge peak in April – though there’s some debriefing to do in mid-June.

The foreground also holds two significant events.  We don’t usually put “structure” and “Unconscious” in the same sentence, but that’s what’s happening here, as over the last two and a half years the Dissonance has increased between how we structure our view of Reality, and the “actual” Reality (such as it is) that we keep bumping into.  Dissonance between who we believe ourselves to be (individually and as part of a number of collectives) and how we see ourselves and our Communities acting and speaking, reveals critically important information about our Unconscious Beliefs – it betrays our Denial.  Dissonance represents a fabulous opportunity for Growth in Consciousness.

It’s a crossroads of sorts.  If we’ve been adjusting our sense of self and our sense of belonging as the Dissonance developed, particularly over the last year, then we’re at the point where we can take a fourth-step inventory of the other parts of our Life to see what physical Changes we want to make to integrate our Consciousness Changes.  But if we’ve let the Dissonance build up, without adjusting our self-concepts and our memberships along the way, then we have remedial work to do on our Identity.  Maybe we knew someone at UCSB, and our NRA membership is starting to give us second thoughts – that sort of thing.  Or maybe you aren’t taking enough time to be Consciously Grateful for the services that the Bees provide to us, even though you’ve noticed that the Energy Exchange between your two species is very unequal, perhaps fatally so for both of us.

The other big foreground event is about your Beliefs per se, and how Sustainable they are.  It’s very complementary to the first foreground event, but a little different.  The first event is about the Edges of your Consciousness and how ragged they are; this second one is about how you have to shuffle your deepest Beliefs in order to find the motivation to either keep on keepin’ on, or make some pretty serious changes in your Lifestyle to maintain your sense of internal harmony. 

In the first case you might be learning a lot of new things, and either anxious or excited about putting them to work.  In the second case you might be finding that many of your assumptions about Humanity or God or “those people” are actually dead wrong, and scrambling to figure out how to rebuild your Reality so it doesn’t sabotage you so much.

I’m splitting hairs here, since we’re going to be grokking them both as one set of Experiences.  Remember that part of the Big Grace in the background is the availability of Miracles.  To get to Miracles you have to change the way you think.  Not what you think about, but the way you think about what you think about.  How the devil do we do that? 

With PIAVA.  The most important part is Changing the Subject after you PIAVA.  What to PIAVA isn’t so hard – just Ask or Pray for something you want a lot but that’s not possible.  And don’t forget to Pay Attention after you Change the Subject.  Wait a while between the two steps, though, otherwise you won’t really be Changing the Subject.  Maybe keep a journal, do your PIAVAs on Tuesdays, then forget about them, but check back on Saturday to see what happened.  You’ll probably need to stretch (that is, Change the way you think) in order to find connections between your Prayers and whatever transpired while your Attention was elsewhere.

The first Portal is open for several days on either side of May 28, with the several days prior to May 28 likely to be stronger.  The second Portal has two peaks, one on May 27, and the other on June 1, with the window first opening around mid-May.

In the background, April’s chronologically intense Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter-Mars Grand Cross

The individual Squares and Oppositions in the Grand Cross were exact at almost the same time, hence “chronologically intense.”

has faded, as has the followup Uranus-Jupiter-Vesta T-Square.  We started this Yintegrity business in May 2012, and we won’t be done with it till May 2015, but the heat is off for July, August, and September this year.  June’s a little more complicated, but we’ll get there later.  Our current work here is around 14-17 degrees of the Cardinal Signs, which will light up any of your natal planets in this range.

The Big Grace comes from the Chiron-Saturn-Jupiter Grand Trine, which occurs in 18-20 degrees of the Water Signs, and will especially impact any natal process you have going on there.

The important thing to remember is not to self-congratulate for your brilliance, but to find your Gratitude for the Grace.  Self-confidence (nose points straight ahead) is great; self-adulation (nose points up) misses the point entirely.  If nose points down, get to work PIAVAing your Miracle.

As for the foreground, Juno Opposes Saturn on May 28 (the “first” foreground event), Vesta is Stationary Direct on May 27, and Ceres is Stationary Direct on June 1 (combined, the “second”).

To whit, on May 28 Juno Opposes Saturn.  The Portal will be Open for three of four days on either side.  This Juno-Saturn Cycle is about “Two men placed under arrest: A breakdown in the constructive relationship between the individual and society,” and the Initiation occurred in mid-September 2011 at 18 Libra.

The Opposition is a crisis point of sorts in a Cycle.  Cycles begin at the Conjunction (Initiation), the Music gets loud at the Square, and the Opposition is the point where you either realize you have remedial work to do, or recognize how much you’ve changed and modify the rest of your Life to fit whom you’ve now become. 

You can see the value of Consciousness; if you understand the trend, it’s easy to jump into the remedial work.  If you see Life as a constant, you’re most likely to just rue the lost opportunity to restructure your relationship to your Culture, not realizing that the real opportunity lies in front of you.

The Cycle starts to unwind after the Phitile, which occurs just after the Waning Trine.  The Opportunity to remedy unfinished work or expand results into other arenas occurs between the Opposition and the Phitile.

The Opposition occurs at 19 Taurus-Scorpio, so will ignite any natal hot spots you have at 17-21 of the Fixed Signs, as well as any natalities you have in the neighborhood of 18 Libra.  The Phitile will occur in the first week of August.  If you harmonize your Life between now and then, you’ll be glad you did.

Meanwhile, Vesta is Stationary Direct on May 27, and Ceres on June 1.  Using one degree of Sensitivity, their Stationary periods began about two weeks prior.  They’ve been Retrograde since their simultaneous March 1 Stations.  They’ve both been backing over the last Decanate of Libra, the Gemini Decanate.  Libra is Open to Other.

When a planet Retrogrades, it crosses its “Shadow Period” (the span of its Retrogradation) three times, once forward, then backward, then forward again.  It means that we’re asked to closely re-examine any issues involved with that Shadow Period.  A Decanate is a third of a Sign, or ten degrees.  The Decanates take the qualities of the following Signs of the same Element – here, the Air Signs Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. 

So the first Decanate of Libra is the Libra Decanate (unrestrained Openness to Other), the second is the Aquarius Decanate (making sense of Other), and the third is the Gemini Decanate (puzzling over the way Other doesn’t make sense).

Each zodiacal Sign is a reaction to the previous Sign. 

Virgo’s spiritual purpose is to break up the self-focus of Leo, and as it is with all Mutable Signs (Mutable as in mutation), the result is in some degree chaos, as the old way self and society were organized breaks down into pieces that must be reassembled in new ways.  The Cardinal Signs react to Mutable chaos by creating a new sense of Order.  Libra’s notion of Order means Creating Community.  The Libra Decanate Reaches Out to Other.  The Aquarius Decanate tries to make sense out of what worked and what didn’t in that effort – though of course “what worked” is dependent on one’s objectives, and everyone has different objectives.

Since Reality is infinitely more complex than Duality, the mind never meets its natural objective of putting everything into neat categories.  So the Gemini Decanate is stuck with trying to fit the pieces together – trying to identify the parts of ideology that seemed to fit Reality and the parts of Reaching Out that seemed to work, trying to put those together, trying to understand why parts of ideology didn’t work and why parts of Reaching Out backfired.  The end result is an intense Curiosity inspired by the need to rectify Confusion (which, recall, is the first stage of Growth).  That takes us to Scorpio and its intense need to “get to the bottom of things.”

Any planets, asteroids, lights, house cusps, or other major symbolic points that you have in the last third of Libra will be triggered for you.

These Stations are only two degrees apart, as these ‘roids are on their way to Communion in early July.  Ceres will then Baptize Vesta at 22 Libra, “A child giving Birds a drink at a fountain: The concern of simple souls for the welfare and happiness of less-evolved Beings who thirst for life renewal.”  We take exception to the part about Birds being “less-evolved” Beings, but at least there is Compassion there, if not a lessening of homocentrism.  The Judgment is Rudhyar’s, and befits the Beliefs of his era.  Rudhyar usually sees Birds as intimating Spirit; we can modernize the reading to “A child giving Birds a drink at a fountain: Manifest form reconnecting itself to its overarching Spirit.”  Gratitude for the Bees made manifest, in other words.

The Vesta-Ceres Cycle runs sixteen to eighteen years; this one will be coloring our lives till early in 2030.  The Waxing Square will occur five times between 2016 and 2019.

Recall that the Energy of a Cycle is strong at its birth to those who are sensitive to it.  Then it appears to fade until the Waxing Square, as it prepares foundations underground.  The Energy “becomes permanent” at the Waxing Square.

We’ll be feeling strong hints of this new two-decade Cycle already – it’s about identifying and eliminating ossified Beliefs that prevent us from centering our Lives around the Heart.  With luck it will crack religious and scientific Fundamentalism wide open.

Wizard of Earth, Sky, Fire, and Ice

April 27, 2013

Some rather incredible photos of a Solar Flair’s Aurora as a backdrop for an active Volcanic Earth Flair, on a Mountaintop in Iceland…–203885341.html?tab=gallery&c=y&img=9

There’s a “Read the Story” link in the upper right that’s well worth it.  Apt symbols for the Juno T-Square and its Vacancy.  The Aurora is an electromagnetic reaction to the Sun’s Flair.

Full Moon Partial Eclipse

April 21, 2013


No more Grand Sextile, as the Moon moves out of position fairly quickly.  For a while though we keep the two T-Squares,

Uranus-Pluto-ISON/Ceres (further alignment of our Soul-orientation – or more disruption of the Obsoletes we’re hanging on to) and

Juno-Saturn-Venus/Pallas (adjustments to our Unconscious Identity as we become conscious of our self-sabotaging Patterns),

and the Saturn-Ceres/ISON-Chiron/Neptune Grand Trine (Great Grace flows when we align with the New Paradigm).

On Monday there’s an additional opportunity to better understand our Mission on the Planet, as Mercury and Jupiter form a Yod with the North Node.  Your most productive approach will be to follow your Curiosity.

On Tuesday there’s different kind of opportunity, as the Moon completes a Grand Cross with the Uranus-Pluto-ISON/Ceres T-Square – a Challenge to further align with our Soul-orientation and reorganize the Obsoletes we’re still hanging on to.


Then Thursday we have a flesh-wound Partial Eclipse – the Earth’s Shadow barely grazes the Moon, at 1pm PDT.  Even if you were looking straight at the Full Moon (in Europe, Africa, Asia, or Australia only) you’ll probably have a hard time seeing the faint dimming on the edge – or for that matter noticing that Saturn is right behind the Full Moon.  That’s the same Saturn that’s a corner of the Grand Trine and a corner of the Juno T-Square.

In general, any Eclipse is about growth in Consciousness, as what was formerly part of the background now stands out because it is suddenly absent.  That’s the nature of Consciousness – it grows by differentiating new Patterns out of the background tapestry.  Like suddenly noticing that Deer that’s the same color as the Bushes behind it.  The Full Moon is at Scorpio 6, “The passionate search for new values which, at any level, promise a more abundant life.”

And of course the Eclipsed Full Moon represents the flowering of the Energies birthed at the prior New Moon…

Or, to get more information, we can look back to the previous Scorpio New Moon – which was the Total Eclipse a week after Obama’s election, the one when Chiron was Stationary.  We wrote quite a bit about that…

Here’s an excerpt from one of them…

“In the US, there is a significant cohort of old white men, some young even, with sanguine body parts between their ears and their collarbones, who firmly believe that Obama’s gonna take their guns away from them, especially the AK-47s that they use for hunting and proof of gender.  The image of Men Killing Things is deeply Primordial.  The astrological function of Scorpio is to root out any Unconscious content – bars on our birdcage – that inhibit collaboration and ascension.  At 22 degrees, the Eclipse occupies the Cancer Dwad of Scorpio – nurturance.  Motherhood.  Sounds to me like more basic shifts in The Balance.”

The Bottom Line here is that we have to turn our usual Worldview upside down.  What seems bad or nasty is likely to be a Release of something Obsolete.  The worse it seems, the bigger the Release.  Don’t try to analyze it; if you feel the need to understand, PIAVA understanding.  But don’t Re-Lease the Obsolete.  The attraction is the Emotion.  Tap it out, embrace it, Love it to death, but cut the connection between the Emotion and the Event that triggered the Emotion.  If it’s not easy, Let It Go.  If it’s hard, or complicated, or heavily weighted with Emotion, Let It Go. 

That’s the Challenge.  The Challenge that we must Master is not the material that triggers our Emotions or our Perseverance.  The Challenge is to accept that, at this time on this Planet, if it’s not effortless, it’s the wrong path.

Golden Eagle

Scorpio has three levels – the Scorpion, the Snake, and the Eagle.  The Scorpion is the stage of Protection, the place where we need to Make Space for ourselves to be ourselves, where we need to hide to stay safe, where we need to keep secrets.  The Snake is the stage where we are able to shed our skin, where we are able to be vulnerable, where we are reborn as a new being.  And the Eagle is the stage where we no longer need Judgment, where we see far enough to understand, where we can be Compassionately Present.

If Scorpio is heads, Pluto is tails; they’re the same coin.  You can see from the three levels of Scorpio how Pluto implies Transformation, Trance Reformation.  The Eagle is the intermediate stage in the essence of the Energy inherent in the Century-birthing Chiron-Pluto Initiation – “A Flag turning into an Eagle that turns into a Rooster heralding the Dawn.”


April 19, 2013

Economic Abuse

Austerity is usually justified with reference to an academic paper that purports to show that growth is negative when debt exceeds 90% of GDP. Turns out that paper wasn’t quite a hoax, it just wasn’t very honestly done…

 The real relationship between debt and growth is much more ambiguous.

Multiple Universes

And then we have Kepler, the Space Telescope that’s taking an inventory of nearby Stars with Earth-like planets around them at an appropriate distance where Water would be liquid, such that Life (as we know it!) would be possible. Kepler netted a couple of good ones recently…

 Comet ISON

Latest news on Comet ISON…

Turns out Comet ISON will join Ceres in early Cancer to strengthen a Grand Sextile that the Moon will make on April 21.  Stay tuned, as we’re preparing a post about that now.  Hope your Portal was better than the experience in Boston!

Portal 4.19

April 18, 2013

Busy busy busy.  I still recommend we PIAVA that we discover

…any places where we’re Denying what’s most important…

because that still looks like the main effect.

We’ve lost the “Learning Opportunity” (Saturn-Mercury-Jupiter Quintile Yod) and the “Mission Seminar” (North Node-Mercury-Ceres Mjolnir) elements of the chart we’ve been working with, but we retain…

  • The Juno-Saturn-Pallas T-Square (Challenge to our Unconscious Identity)
  • The Lilith/Vesta-Saturn-Juno Mjolnir (which should be illustrating gaps in our Integrity)
  • The Saturn-Neptune-Ceres Grand Trine (Big Grace for Focusing on making the Cultural Zeitgeist Sustainable), now four degrees from exact

And in addition, Mercury is crossing Uranus (Aries 10, Rudhyar: “Revision of attitude at the beginning of a new cycle of experience”) as Pluto continues to move backward toward the next Uranus-Pluto Square in mid-May – more illustrations of gaps in the alignment between our Ego and Soul.  I urge you to examine your internal reactions to all of the external Stürm und Drang of the last several days, as that’s where your leverage should be greatest.  I expect we’re close to several Tipping Points, and this examination could put you ahead of the curve.

But Friday is the Big Day, potentially much bigger than the other recent drama-filled days.  Starting around 11pm PDT on Thursday, and running for about twelve hours, the Moon, in Leo, completes a Grand Cross with the Juno-Saturn-Pallas T-Square, and makes a Yod with Chiron and Pluto. 

That’s really a Diamond Star, with embellishments.  There’s a lot going on here, but if you squint a little and focus on the heavy lines, you can see the (red and green) Diamond Star perched on its (blue) Bowl of Grace…


The Grand Cross (red), Grand Trine (blue), and Mjolnir (purple) are drawn in using lighter lines.  So, where does all this leave us?

Well, the focus of the Diamond Star is the Moon.  What does that tell us?  Let’s start with the Moon’s role as the arbiter of Authenticity.  Friday is an 11 day; Angie says (Tarot Handbook p.66), “This [11] symbol represents the beauty that we all possess in our gifts, talents, and resources which can quell the beasts or demons within our nature.”  Authenticity is the first cousin of Yin Integrity; our willingness to be completely honest about what’s going on with us, moment to moment, apart from our masks, personae, roles, and any need to appear consistent or meet anybody’s expectations.

Imagine how much you would learn about yourself – and about your own Unconscious Identity – if you let yourself do that even a few days a month!

Why would we want to do this?  Quite simply, because it would eliminate self-sabotage and open us to our true Power.

The (green) Yod stands on the (blue) Waxing Chiron-Pluto Sextile, which of course springs from the Chiron-Pluto Initiation that occurred on New Years Eve – and New Century’s Eve – 12/31/1999, the Initiation that characterizes the 21st Century.  That was 12 degrees of Sagittarius,

A flag turns into an Eagle, which turns into a Rooster saluting the dawn.”

That’s a symbol with enormous power – a flag representing Unconscious Identification with some externality such as a nationality or an Ego, the Eagle symbolizing vast perspective and growth, and the Rooster standing for Awakening, Enlightenment.  And this is Chiron and Pluto – Miracle and Transformation – or if you prefer, Despair and Fate.  Remember, you transform Despair into Miracle by changing your perspective.  You change Fate into Freedom by letting go of your attachment to what’s obsolete.

Heaven knows what other symbols of the Old Order will explode!  First we had Competition, then Fertilizer.  What is it we colloquially call our Karmic Patterns?  Our “Shit” – Fertilizer.  The only thing that’s remaining Unconscious is our habit of viewing the World as being out there rather than viewing it as the perfect fun-house mirror of what’s going on in here.  Look how carefully modern Warcrafters control journalists so we no longer see the modern equivalents of the My Lai Massacre, or Wounded Knee, on television daily.  We have to depend on “fiction” for our violence hit instead!

What country makes more bombs than almost all of the rest of the World put together?  What are the Intentions behind those bombs?  Whose taxes pay for them?  Do you suppose there’s any possible connection between that Energy moving outward from the American Ego and the current carnage moving inward toward the shocked and horrified American Ego?  Who, Me?  That’s what it means to have your Unconscious Identity exposed, to have your cover exploded.

The other players in the Diamond Star are Saturn and Pallas.  The Serenity Prayer is a good metaphor for Pallas – God, please grand me the Power to change what can be changed, the Serenity to accept what cannot be changed, and the Wisdom to know the difference.  Saturn provides a Focus on the Wisdom, and the Opposition implies Discovery, Illumination.  Remember that the current Pallas-Saturn Cycle acts out “the first stage of actual participation in the great ritual of planetary evolution.”

We should have time to look at all this from several other angle on Thursday.


April 16, 2013

FearsI was just looking at this sign yesterday and thinking, that’d be fun to use, but what is there to fear, we’re heading into six months of Grand Trines.

Nothing jumps out of the Boston chart that isn’t already in the T-Squared Double-Mjolnired Quintile-Yodded Golden-Rectangled Grand-Trined Gol-Durn Saturn-Dominated chart that we already looked at.  We just have to repeat…

This will put tremendous pressure on any places where we’re Denying what’s most important.  I suspect that over the next several days we’ll see many examples of what we used to call Instant Karma.

Interesting timing, corresponding with the Mother of all Gold Smashes.  The “Gold Bugs” say that the Lizards must really be terrified about something.  That’d also be a good reason to sacrifice a few Innocents on the altar of Patriotism.  That would implicate the Saturn Mjolnir with Vesta and Juno – and hence the Juno T-Square with Saturn and Pallas – as our primary culprits.  Remember, our aim here is to interpret, not to predict.  Remember the Initiations embedded in that T-Square?

The Juno-Saturn Initiation was 18 Libra in September 2011: “Breakdown in the constructive relationship between the individual and society,” using Rudhyar’s interpretation.

Pallas-Saturn Initiated at 26 Virgo in September 2009.  Rudhyar’s take on 26 Virgo is “The first stage of actual participation in the great ritual of planetary evolution.”

What would this imply?  Perhaps that what’s most important is getting honest about our Unconscious Identity.  For example, what’s more important to you – Peace, or Justice?  Seriously?  No judgment or blame or anger there?  Just Forgiveness?  No Us and Them involved?  If you crave Peace, is that because you loathe the alternatives?  Because you long to be part of a constructive effort working collaboratively on the Planet’s Real issues?

If Boston was the first stroke in a drumbeat for War, can you remain a Pacifist in the face of rabid Patriotic fulmination?  Does it matter?  War would appear to solve a lot of our economic conundrums, and allow the 1% to whip us into another patriotic frenzy where we’re pleased to donate our meager resources and sacrifice our benefits.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Prince Arjuna confesses his moral hesitation about War to his charioteer Krishna.  April 15, 2013 is a 7 day – the Chariot, Shamanic Power, Tantra.  The closest Western culture comes to that would be “keep your powder dry,” or “don’t shoot till you see the whites of their eyes” – War metaphors.  Krishna reminds Arjuna that as a mortal, he does not have the Power of Life or Death – that Power is reserved for the Gods.  Folks say that so many Souls have come to Earth now in order to be present for the Great Transformation – and many have come to assist.   Imagine what that will look and feel like!  Are we ready for that?

The Ides of April

April 12, 2013


As we enter the Grand Trine Zone,

The watchword for the next week or so is Collaboration.

That’s easy to say.   Explaining why will take a lot longer.

Lilith and Juno

First, there’s the Mjolnir pointing at Lilith (pre-intellectual instinct) and Vesta (the Sacred).  The message of a Mjolnir is Get it together, please, Now.  When your pre-intellectual instincts are triggered, you don’t Compete.  You either Collaborate, or you leave to find a tribe that is willing to Collaborate.  The feet of the Mjolnir are Saturn (Focus on what’s most important) and Juno (Unconscious Identity).

The feet of a Mjolnir are connected by a Square (Mastery through Challenge), in this case of course the Square between Juno and Saturn.  It turns out that Pallas is moving into Opposition to Saturn, forming a T-Square (Mastery through even greater Challenge) pointing at Juno.  To me this means big shifts in Unconscious Identity are underway – perhaps even those proverbial Tipping Points we’ve mentioned.  Let’s look at the Initiations of the Juno-Saturn and Pallas-Saturn Cycles that the T-Square is manifesting.

The Juno-Saturn Initiation was 18 Libra in September 2011: “Breakdown in the constructive relationship between the individual and society,” using Rudhyar’s interpretation.

Pallas-Saturn Initiated at 26 Virgo in September 2009.  Rudhyar’s take on 26 Virgo is “The first stage of actual participation in the great ritual of planetary evolution.”

The tension in the Mjolnir and T-Square fall on Lilith and Juno.  Their angular relationship is Sesquisquare. – that is, realignment.  In other words, as individuals we’ll be discovering our self-sabotaging Patterns (such as Denial), and beginning to Act to correct them (Sun-Mars have passed Eris, but they’re still quite close).  As a society, we’ll be realigning the relationship between individual and culture – either by getting the individual in line Nineteen-Eighty-Four-style, or changing the culture.  The Pallas-Saturn Opposition suggests the latter is more likely.  Because the media faces backwards, Tipping Points appear to happen suddenly.

The First Grand Trine

It’s still six and a half degrees off (we’d like to see three degrees), but the first Grand Trine (Big Grace) is forming.  Six and a half degrees is close enough to impact any endeavors begun now.  The members are Saturn, Neptune, and Ceres.  Neptune: Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity.  Ceres: Sustainability and Sustenance.  Saturn: Focus.  So Grace flows as we Focus on Sustaining Spiritual Clarity and recognize Confusion as the first stage of growth – very much reinforcing the Lilith-Juno theme of recognizing and changing dysfunction.

Ceres is also one foot of another Mjolnir that points at the North Node (our individual Mission as one atom of the Planet’s Evolution).  The other foot is Mercury (Communication, intellectual realization).  An education, in other words.  Tuition is your willlingness to recognize and change your self-destructive Patterns.

Saturn, meanwhile, enlists Pluto and Pallas to form a Golden Rectangle with Ceres.  A Golden Rectangle consists of two Trines separated by two Sextiles – more Big Grace in other words.  Pluto as Transformation, Pallas as Boundaries, Ceres as Sustainability, Saturn as Focus.  Quite simply, Grace Transforms us as we say No to self-sabotage, as we say No to short-term gain that sabotages our Survival.  Wouldn’t it be great if Predatory Capitalism itself reached it’s Tipping Point!

Phlogopite and Alexandrite

Love this picture, of a Phlogopite book (a stack of Mica Crystals is called a “book”) looking over it’s shoulder at its Alexandrite Shadow.  Phlogopite is a Potassium Magnesium Aluminum Mica, Magnesium and Aluminum to add Levity, and Potassium to open our Eyes to self-deception.  As for Alexandrite, let’s just quote Dorothy Roeder (Crystal Co-Creators, pp.40-41)…

“Earth is just now beginning to reach the point of spiritual balance necessary to interact with the rest of the galactic sector so that it can function as a participating member. 

One study of the results from the Kepler space telescope estimates that there are a hundred billion Earth-like planets in habitable zones around their Suns just in the Milky Way!  We won’t be joining our “galactic sector as a participating member” while we’re still channeling John Wayne and Blondie.  Continuing Dorothy’s comments…

Alexandrite’s properties symbolize Earth’s present challenge.  The higher energies that are now surrounding Earth are the new light which is stimulating her developing potential.  Responsibility is the key word here.  Humanity must learn that it is responsible for its thoughts as well as its actions.

“Fortunately, there are now more individuals focusing on cooperative goals.  The group focus greatly outweighs individual ones.  Humanity must learn to be balanced in its spiritual awareness and emotional maturity so it can serve as the key to moving Earth to this new level of responsibility creativity.  The light focused by its combined will and intentions will create the changes desired.”

Learning to Focus our Thoughts

Speaking of which, for the weekend (April 14-16), a Quintile Yod (Learning Opportunity) forms between Mercury (Thought), Moon-Jupiter (Manifestation) on Sunday, and Saturn (Focus), pointing at Saturn.  That’s Moon-Jupiter on Sunday, and just Jupiter (Amplification) on Monday and Tuesday.  Saturn’s also in

  • the Grand Trine and
  • Golden Rectangle,
  • the Juno T-Square, and
  • the Lilith Mjolnir

– very busy dude!  This will put tremendous pressure on any places where we’re Denying what’s most important.  I suspect that over the next several days we’ll see many examples of what we used to call Instant Karma.