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Group Souls

March 6, 2019

A reader writes…

“I’ve got this quincunx rectangle and I’m wondering if you would be so kind as to help decipher its meaning?”

Absolutely – we don’t spend enough time talking about either Quincunxes or Rectangles.

The “standard protocol” for interpreting any Rectangle or “Box” is to interpret the diagonals.  We’ll talk about that, but it’s a bit of a cop-out, especially here, where we wouldn’t want to ignore the Richness of the Quincunx and Unx for the boring old Dualistic Oppositions in the diagonals.

The chart in question may be obscure to many of you – it’s a “Progressed Composite.”  A Composite chart is the chart of the Group Soul of two or more people.  It’s done by taking the Midpoints of each planet in the two charts, and it represents the “invisible” third party that Manifests when two people enter Relationship, their Group Soul.  The Group Soul may be invisible to the naked eye, but I’m sure all of you have noticed that when you enter a Relationship, someone you don’t Recognize arises.

It’s entirely possible that neither party in a Relationship or Transaction Recognizes their Group Soul as someone familiar.  That’s probably true with most of the People we meet and pass like cars in the night.

Suppose for instance one of you has Venus (Values) in Libra (Relationship Above All) and the other has Venus in Sagittarius (Detachment Above All).  There’s Potential for Mutual Judgment here, as the Libra Person probably won’t think the Sagittarius Person Respects Others as much as they should, and the Sagittarius Person may feel that the Libra Person gets too Attached.  Of course you’d get over that by actually Listening to one another and Trusting that the Other Person knows more about themself than you know about them (duh! – but how often…?!?!).

Well, when these Folk come into Relationship, their Composite Venus (halfway between their two individual Venuses) may be in Scorpio.  Scorpio is a Fearless Explorer.  Venus in Scorpio won’t stop diving and digging until they feel like they Grok things as Deeply as they possibly can, and even then they’ll still be Curious.  You might think of Scorpio as Secretive and therefore possibly a little Sneaky, but Scorpio is Secretive because they Learned early in Life that if they spoke Openly, they’d Scare the Shit out of everyone because of all the Cultural Taboos they’d upend.

If either Person Projects this New Companion on the Other, and the Other doesn’t Notice the Invisible Third, then the latter will have no idea what the former is talking about, and they’ll feel like they haven’t been Seen for Who They Know Themselves To Be at all.  Like all of the hour-long Relationships you’ve had in your Life.  Unless you’re very good at Listening and Trusting Other to Speak their own Truth.

Or if either Person Merges with the Scorpio Newcomer and tries to go too Deep on the Other, who doesn’t see the Newcomer, then the Other will likely Feel completely Invaded.

On the other hand, if both People hold hands with the Scorpio Newcomer, the two of them can talk together for hours about Realms that they don’t usually Visit, and Bingo, it’ll feel like Soulmates at first Sight!  We want to be Present with our Group Souls, but not Merged with them.  At least not all the time.  Unless you’re a Two on the Enneagram, and then it’s your Top Skill.

We often fashion ourselves to End at our Skin, or at the least at the Edge of our Aura.  But our Boundaries are Arbitrary.  You End where you Believe you End, Moment to Moment.  You could be Big as the Universe one minute, and Small as a Dot the next.  You could be Merged with any of the Different Group Souls that you’re in cahoots with in one Moment, and Fully Drawn Into your Individual self the next.  Your Identity and Ego vary Constantly.

You know how it Feels when you’re with your Best Friend or Friends, and someone else comes along and joins in.  Suddenly the Delicious Rapport you’ve been Feeling can fade away, and unless you’re quick at Adapting, it can be very Disappointing.  Imagine all of the People you Know.  You have Group Souls with each of them.  And all of the Combinations of People you Know, and all of the Groups of People you hang with at times.  You probably have far too many Group Souls to even Count!  You have Group Souls with People you don’t even know Personally!

And, Moment to Moment, you’re Merged with any number of your Group Souls, to one Degree or another.  So much for Ending at your Skin.

Western Culture is really Deeply Invested in the Ego as the Atom of Existence, but that’s a pure Fantasy.  Your Ego and Identity is no more Constant than the Bird who just dug a Worm from your Lawn and then flew away, unlikely to return.

Who was it that wrote…

“First you must know who you are
Then you must know who [he][she] is
Then you must know who you are”

Wasn’t it Richard Brautigan?  Sounds like Brautigan.  But he left out “Then you must know who your Group Soul is.”  Think about how you can become a Different Person, depending on who you’re with.  That’s Group Soul stuff.

Then there’s Time.  Astrology has many ways of measuring time, but the two most common are called “Transits” and “Progressions.”  Our Transits are the Relationships between the planets in the Sky Now, and the positions they were in when we were born.  Our Progressions are like that, except that we use “a year for a day.”  We look at what our Transits were when we were thirty days old, and those are our Progressions for when we are thirty years old.

So a Progressed Composite chart is getting pretty esoteric.  It’s a Snapshot of our Group Soul at a moment in time.  But it can be very useful.  Group Souls aren’t any more Constant than Egos.  Like yourself, they may have a dominant Theme, but the Dances they do around the Theme, and the Explorations with other Themes and with the Interactions between Themes, are likely to be as evident.  People are complicated even without Group Souls.  Add Group Souls and Time, and you’ve really only one Choice.

That’s to move to Intuition.  The mind just fuzzes out when we get anywhere near the Complexity that’s really There, and Here.  But Intuition can zero in on the core of whatever is Happening.  Even if we don’t Trust our Intuition, we can PIAVA to Know.  That’s how astrology is used most effectively, as a Trigger for Intuition.

So let’s look at this Quincunx Box…

We’ve taken it out of context and grafted it onto another chart, so ignore everything that’s crossed out.  We’ve also simplified it down the just the few planets that are within a few Degrees of one another (in different Signs).

It’s quite a Potent group of planets – Expansion (Jupiter), Soul (Uranus), Instinct (Moon), and Communication or Intellect (Mercury).  We could start by just Intuitively putting these four Concepts together.  We could read it as “By Expanding our Instincts we can Communicate better with our Soul.”  Or “What if we Amplified our Instincts – would that Allow us to Listen to our Soul more Easily?”

Of course we could make any number of Negative interpretations, such as “Our Instincts are too Unexpanded to be able to Convey Messages from the Soul.”  But why would we Choose the Negative?  That’s just shooting ourself in the foot – or the head.  Would you make Negative Prayers?  Every Thought is a Prayer; is that what you want to Ask For?  Now if Negative Intuitions arise on their own, that’s good information, because you’ve just Identified Negative Beliefs in the Unconscious.  You’ll want to Tap those Out and replace them with Positive Beliefs.

That “What if we Amplified our Instincts – would that Allow us to Listen to our Soul more Easily?” interpretation leans toward the Quincunx Spirit here, as it Asks a Question.  The Quincunx means Curiosity, and the more we can leave the Curiosity Unresolved, the closer we get to the Spirit of the Quincunx, because the Quincunx doesn’t Ask us to “Figure it Out” or Answer the Question.  It Asks us to Give our Full Attention to the Wonder and Awe in the Question, to move to Beginner’s Mind and see the World through the Eyes of a Newborn.

“What if we Amplified our Instincts – would that Allow us to Listen to our Soul more Easily?”  Can you Ask the Question and then leave it dangling, without an Answer, just more Curiosity?  That’s what the Quincunx Asks of us, and if your “left” brain is a busybody, it may be almost impossible.  If that’s the case, the only way you can Open to True Curiosity and Awe will be to Change the Subject – Let the Question Arise, then go watch TV.  That way your Intuition can work on it while your “left” brain is otherwise engaged, and Surprise you later with Wisdom to Complement the Wonder, rather than Extinguish it.

If we look at the diagonals and interpret them as Oppositions or Contradistinctions, we might Believe that the chart is saying that the Soul is too ineffable to actually Communicate to us.  But again, why would we Choose the negative?  We need to Transcend the Duality, not get immersed in the Apparent Competition.  So how can we Merge Communication and Soul?  That’s pretty Easy – it’s Speaking our Truth.

We might interpret the other diagonal – Instinct and Expansion, as a direct Suggestion – Expand your Respect for your Instincts!  So if we go straight to the diagonals we might interpret our Interaction with this Other Person a This Time as the Suggestion that we Speak our Truth and Respect our Instincts.

What if we focused on the Quincunxes instead?  Quincunxes are always Questions.  “How is it that Intellect and Instinct Complement one another?” [Change the Subject].  “Do I Merge my Ego with my Soul by Expanding, or??” [Change the Subject].  It’s important not to Answer the Questions, because the “left” brain will always try to keep us in the Cage it has us in, and not let us Think out of the box.  If we aren’t Learning we’re Stagnating.

And the short green lines, the “Unxes,” those are about Pattern-Breaking, but we can make them more Powerful by phrasing them as Questions too.  For instance, “What does my Soul have to do with my Instincts?” [Change the Subject].  And “How might I Expand my Communications” [Change the Subject],  Since Unxes naturally Break Habits, while we’re watching TV our Intuition could be Building us New Habits of Communicating more Expansively, maybe about how great it is to Trust that our Instincts Serve our Soul.

We might be Surprised to find ourself telling these things to our Group Souls tomorrow, without even Realizing that we’re Channeling.

Breaking Patterns

October 9, 2015

A reader wonders about a Configuration that develops over the next half-day or so…

“I’m asking because it activates my natal Ascendant/Descendant axis, and am thinking this would be a major pattern-breaking opportunity – but also wondering what it is that we would have to “supply” to get the best results?”

The Configuration in question is what we call a Quincunx Box, a rectangle formed by two Oppositions that are separated by Quincunxes and Unxes (an Unx is one-twelfth of the way ’round the Zodiacal loop).  The Twelfth Harmonic is just as our reader suggests, a major Pattern-Breaking opportunity.  It peaks at around 1am PDT ( ) on 10 October, when the Moon Opposes Chiron. The second Opposition is Sun Opposite Chiron, which is with us for several days yet.  The main drivers then are Moon Quincunx Uranus, which will be hot for six hours or so, and Sun Quincunx Chiron, which is within three Degrees of Sensitivity during 8-14 October, give or take.  As you well know by now, we interpret the Quincunx as Curiosity, not in the sense of answerable questions, but in the sense of Awe and Wonder you would feel, if you were half awake, watching a Seed sprout.

It’s easy to postulate that the Planet’s chagrin these days is due primarily to one thing.  That’s the prevalence of proponents of the Dualistic, Reductionist “Left” Brain, the logical mind.  Even the Religionists who thrash out against “Science” operate from a Dualistic Perspective.  Of course it’s always Both/And, so to attribute the downfall of Western Civilization and the regression of the Planet into unlivability to just one thing, is Dualistic in itself.  Of course there’s a second cause – the failure of proponents of the Multifarious, Wholistic, “Right” Brain, aka Feelings or Heart, to stand up and put a stop to the primary cause.  

I mean, how do you argue against logic itself?  Well, it’s actually effortless.  Logic is meaningless without a set of Assumptions to underlie it.  You just Ask repeatedly, “What Assumptions are you basing your logical house of cards upon?” and then point out over and over again how wrong those Assumptions are.

One of the worst features of Dualism is the Belief – which is largely Unconscious these days – that there are Answers for every Question.  Take the Question, “How can a Seed sprout?”  The “Answer” to that Question, which is not an Answer, plain and simple, is “It’s a Miracle.”  Sure, you can create some Assumptions around Genes or the like, and erect an Atlantean house of Frankencards on your tautologies, but that does not Answer the Question.  Whomever it is that invents Undynamite should create a prize for the person who most effectively teaches Awe and Wonder.

To Buddhism, this is “Beginner’s Mind,” worthy of great striving.  James Clerk Maxwell, the inventor of Electromagnetism, put it this way, “A state of thoroughly conscious ignorance is the prelude to any real advance of knowledge” or for that matter, Wisdom.  The Configuration our reader was inquiring about is based on just this, Permanent Curiosity, Conscious Ignorance.  It’s about PIAVAing to Discern our Expectations and Unconscious Assumptions, so we can shatter them.   This is how we Grow Consciousness.  Our Expectations and Unconscious Assumptions constitute our Limiting Beliefs.

There are six components to the Configuration that our reader wonders about…

  1. The Duality between our multi-Lifetime Soul Self, and our Essence (beyond Ego) in the current Lifetime
  2. The Duality between our Instinct to Manifest and our Ability to Transform our Perspective
  3. Our Awe over the Soul’s Ability to Guide our Instincts to Manifest (when we achieve Beginner’s Mind)
  4. Our Curiosity about how we can bootstrap ourself into a Life of Freedom and Abundance
  5. The Potential to jettison Habits that no longer serve us
  6. The Potential for the Soul to Guide the Transformation of our Limiting Beliefs

Which are (1) Uranus Opposite Sun, (2) Moon Opposite Chiron, (3) Uranus Quincunx Moon, (4) Chiron Quincunx Sun, (5) Balsamic Moon, and (6) Uranus Unx Chiron.

What we would have to “supply” to get the best results?  We have to get “ignorant” as best we can.  Since to do that we have to cross the Veil and retrieve what has been brainwashed out of us by our acculturation, we pretty much need to rely on PIAVA.  Something like “God/Goddess, may I please become Aware of the Expectations and Assumptions which block me from Manifesting my Deepest Desires.”  Or, “I fully Intend to leap across my Limits in a single bound, become fully Conscious of the Change, and Hold the New Energy Effortlessly.”

Our reader’s reference to their Ascendant/Descendant axis is about how the Configuration is likely to impact them personally.  The Configuration occupies 17-19 Degrees of Pisces-Aries and Virgo-Libra.  Crossing the Cusps of Aries and Libra indicates that – to the extent we can achieve Conscious Ignorance (or Awe) – both our Personality and our Relationships are up for serious Change.  Expecting Miracles is tricky business, because the Left brain wants to define what the Miracle will look like, and unfortunately it’s not a Miracle if we let that happen.  Expecting the Unexpected, or Expecting the Unimaginable, or Imagining the Unexpected (without defining it) might work a little better.  

Or, Imagine yourself on one side of a razor-wire fence, looking at “greener grass” on the other side of it.  Then Imagine How You Might Feel when you Levitate yourself over the fence and are now surrounded by greener grass.  Now, watch closely for any Yesbutts or Guilt or Fear or Grief or other Unpleasantries that arise.  You can Tap those out, Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade them, or simply Imagine an additional fence with yet-greener grass on the other side of it, and Levitate yourself on over!  Now that you see how easy it is, you can Levitate over any number of your Limiting Beliefs – why not All of them!  Bliss’R’Us!

There are two things to remember.  The first is that Confusion is a sign of success.  The second is that while the grass is greener, you don’t want to let yourself Imagine anything else about what it’s like over there.  Focus on How You Might Feel when your every Want is immediately and fully Satisfied – without defining anything about your Wants; once you’re beyond your Limiting Beliefs, your Wants may be very different than they are now, in Unimaginable ways.  It’s not about the Known, it’s about the Unknown.  An Unknown full of Grace.

There are actually two other Configurations in today’s chart that endure into and beyond Monday’s New Moon, and color it strongly.  One of them will provide Epiphanies about our Soul Self and how to adjust our Values and Identity to manifest it more strongly (which Epiphanies will be multiplied by our intervening success at achieving Beginner’s Mind).  The other is about being Reborn into the Unimaginable through taking small steps toward Embracing our Orphaned Forbidden Genius.

Which are in turn, (1) a Uranus Mjolnir (a third planet at the far Midpoint between two planets that Square one another) on a base of Venus Square Saturn, and (2) a Golden Rectangle between dwarf planets Eris, Chaos, Haumea, and Ixion, with Centaur Pholus Conjunct Ixion, the New Moon Conjunct Haumea, and Uranus Conjunct Eris.

Makemake III

June 21, 2014

chloriteq2945bpPhantom Quartz would be an excellent companion when Makemake is lit up.  Here Chlorite (green clay) has been deposited on the Crystal face as it was growing, and later enveloped by the Quartz as it resumed its growth.  Chlorite Quartz and Phantom Quartz are both great Healers that speak to us about the layers of unexpressed and condemned Self that are occulted inside of us.  These layers would otherwise speak to us through self-sabotage, having no other practical way to circumvent our Denial of their existence.   

* * * * *

Here’s a proposed glyph for Makemake, though it would be hard to draw as a small symbol, even if you reduced the circles to points…

MakemakeBut I love the symbol, since that’s just how Makemake looks in the Rapanui petroglyphs

makemake* * * * *

Makemake I Illustrated

Here’s first core of the Makemake discovery chart, the Fez and Grand Trine that we’ve already dissected

MMFezWith a cap like that, Oblio could have escaped banishment.  Maybe we’ll call a configuration like this an “Oblio.”  If you don’t know Oblio’s story, it’s a delightful classic Harry Nilsson made-for-TV animation called The Point.  Netflix and Amazon both carry it, and I’m sure one of your favorite video streaming outfits does too.

* * * * *

Makemake III (or Ia)

The second core of the Makemake discovery chart involves many of the same players – in fact, if we weren’t in the process of discussing the Fez, we probably would have chosen this complex for the key process…

The two Squares in the Fez are each one side of a T-Square, which connects both T-Squares to the Grand Trine, which makes for a very fortuitous chart, as the T-Squares provide motivation to spur “the Native” (ie, Makemake) into using the Grand Trine constructively. 

Here’s the dance…

MMTSThe T-Squares are the dark red triangles.

A couple of things pop out.  First, the Grand Trine is actually a Kite, with Makemake hisself at the Focus.  Makemake has a very good agent!

A fourth planet midway along one side of a Grand Trine creates a Kite – as in all of the blue lines in the picture above.  The name should be obvious.  The fourth planet becomes the Focus of the whole Kite.

With such a fortuitous placement…

We have to consider Makemake a great benefic.  Of course to benefit from its Grace we’ll need to Master that Moon-Pluto Stallion. 

* * * * *

The Moon-Pluto T-Square

As we spoke of in the Makemake II post.  So now we don’t just have an Out-of-Bounds Moon sitting on a Stationary Pluto, but it’s also the focus of a T-Square!  Which forces us to conclude that…

Makemake is “here” to help us learn how to Manifest. 

Lord knows we need that, as our reductive Plan-Execute masculine process of making things is beyond bankrupt.  And it appears that Makemake had a similar role on Rapanui.

The base of the Moon-Pluto T-Square is the Juno-Makemake Opposition, the spine of the Kite.  Which tells us that…

The Manifestation processes that Makemake will be teaching us are all about the Edge of our Consciousness.

The Juno-Makemake Opposition, as the spine of the Kite, has two Trine-Sextile Bridges, one with Ceres (Sustainability) and one with Lilith-Saturn (which, as the focus of the second T-Square, we’ll talk about shortly)…

So Makemake will be teaching us how to Manifest Sustainably – another thing we much need!

And two Quincunx Bridges (the green lines), to the Nodes, with Eris Conjunct the North Node…

We need to approach the Edges of our Consciousness and Identity as a Mystery, with Curiosity.  Of course, this is a T-Square, so it won’t all be wine and roses – unless we remember and appreciate the curriculum.

* * * * *

The Lilith-Saturn T-Square

The second T-Square is focused on Lilith-Saturn…

The other major lesson, though much less intense than our Manifestation homework, is Andogyny.  Combining the Yindependence of Lilith with the Discipline of Saturn.  While it’s clear from this Conjunction that The Most Important Thing will be our Yindependence, it’s also clear that Lilith’s wild Yintegrity will be tempered by the fatherly influence of Saturn.

If we’re going to aver this, we should check the status of Venus and Mars.  A Lilith-Saturn form of Androgyny is much more sophisticated and “adult” than the sort of Venus-Mars Androgyny that we’re used to considering.  Venus is in a Waxing Sextile to Mars.  The Cycle that they recently started is about “A woman, fecundated by her own Spirit, is ‘great with child’: A total reliance upon the dictates of the God-within” – 17 degrees of Scorpio.  Intense.

So we’ll be learning to fertilize our own eggs.

The base of this T-Square is the Nodal Opposition, with of course Eris on the North Node.  Which tells us…

That we learn these skills by Letting Go of our dysfunctional Karmic Patterns, and in particular that we take Responsibility for them.  As in Able to Respond, not as in Blame.  It’s not about Retribution, it’s about Inertia.  The key here will be recognizing when we’re playing the part of the Victim in our drama, and rewriting the script.

We don’t have a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Nodal Axis, but Lilith-Saturn is a corner of the Grand Trine and shoulder of the Kite.

So we get a whole lot of help making our Androgynous Consciousness Sustainable.

That is, dancing with Juno and Ceres.  We do have a Quincunx Bridge across this Opposition, and it’s the same double QBridge that we have for the Moon-Pluto T-Square; the base of each T-Square is the Quincunx Bridge for the other.

We need to approach our Karma and our Mission as Mysteries, with Curiosity.  We will no longer be able to deny our Deepest Desires.  Of course, this is a T-Square, so it won’t all be wine and roses – unless we remember and appreciate the curriculum.

When we Recover an element of our Soul that we repressed earlier, it comes to us at the age when we repressed it.  So our Deepest Desires (which are often forbidden to us to make them more provocative) are often 2 years old, or 14.  Some may even have been repressed when we still lived in caves and scored our dinner by throwing rocks.  So yes, absolutely, there will be chaos at first, as we all go around saying “Goo” or “Ugh.”  But remember too that once we lovingly and gently accept those regressed parts of ourself, they’ll age very quickly, making the chaos short-lived.

* * * * *

The Quincunx Box

A Mystic Rectangle is formed by two parallel Trines separated by Septiles.  When two Squares are parallel you get a Grand Cross.  Two parallel Quintiles would be separated by Trideciles.  Two parallel Trioctiles would be linked by Octiles.  And two parallel Quincunxes have Semisextiles between their ends.  In all cases, the angles add to 360 degrees, filling the circle, and the figure created is symmetrical. 

These comprise the Box family of Configurations.  All of them are Energized by the Oppositions that connect the corners.  All are important, as they add to 360 degrees, completing the Circle.

So the green rectangle in the picture above could stand on its own as a legitimate, important Configuration.  We could call it “Makemake Ib.”  Here the themes are

  • Karma and Mission (the Nodes),
  • Fourth-Step Inventory (Eris on the North Node),
  • the Growing Edge of Consciousness (Juno),
  • Manifestation (Makemake),
  • Forward Progress (the Nodal “Coin”),
  • Overcoming Resistance (as in blocks in Consciousness interrupting the Manifestation process – the Juno-Makemake Coin),
  • Curiosity (the Quincunxes), particularly about
    • Consciousness of our Karma (Juno-South Node) and about how
    • Lying to ourself doesn’t work (Makemake-North Node/Eris)
  • Pattern-Breaking (the Twelfth-Harmonic Semisextiles), especially
    • Bringing our Deepest Desires into Full Consciousness (Juno-North Node/Eris)
    • Manifesting Bummers (as a heuristic showing us what happens when we don’t bring our Karma into Consciousness – South Node-Makemake)

There’s a microcosm of the whole chart, right there.  It lacks the emphasis of that extraordinarily strong Moon-Pluto, and doesn’t introduce directly the Androgyny of the Lilith-Saturn combination, but it summarizes the core issue, which we could consider to be…

Makemake is about taking Responsibility for our own Creations.  As Seth said, our self-sabotaging Patterns are writ large in our Personal History.  All we have to do is read the book.  

Cardinal 10-14

February 15, 2014

mntao7125bpA bruised-up Manganotantalite Crystal.  Manganotantalite helps us speak in such a way that others can hear us, allowing us to convey difficult and sensitive things without upsetting them.


As you may remember, the action these days is occuring at 10-14 degrees, mostly in the Cardinal signs.  Right now it’s even concentrated into 11-13 degrees.  If we look at the current chart (ignoring all the Mjolnirs), it’s fairly simple…

021414The Uranus T-Square with Pluto and Jupiter as the base, and the Chiron Trine-Sextile across the same base.  Pretty easy to call…

The Compulsion to Expand our Yintegrity is irresistible.  The “easy way out” is to Reframe the whole picture. 

That means to stop and examine your basic assumptions about Life, particularly the ones you’ve never questioned, and the ones that were handed down to you by the significant adults in your youth.  When you were but small, what were your parents’ favorite phrases?  Money doesn’t grow on trees?  Nice girls don’t do that?  Don’t be a sissy?  You’ll go blind if you do that?  Chances are, those repeated phrases hypnotized you into believing they’re actually true. 

Even if you’ve proven to yourself that they aren’t, it doesn’t mean they don’t still lurk down there in the Underwhere.  Make a list.  When you’re tempted to judge someone – anyone, what advice would you give them to help them avoid trouble next time?  These are your Limiting Beliefs, which you must somehow transcend if you are to align with your own Soul.

You can’t do it intellectually, and you can’t just turn yourself upside down and shake yourself by the ankles till your Limited Beliefs fall out.  You have to PIAVA, and you have to outsmart yourself doing it.  For instance, you might PIAVA

Great Spirit, may I please lovingly and gently experience what it’s like to have enough money? 

Visualize doing what nice girls don’t do, but doing it in a nice way.

Declare your intention to act out what it looks like to be a sissy.

Wonder what it would be like to be blind and still enjoy Life fully.

That’s a snapshot of what’s going on for all of us, irrespective of our Natal charts.  But Life doesn’t happen irrespective of our Natal charts.  Our Natal charts are like filters through which we experience the World.  The interactions between the Now and our Natal charts will be greatest if our Natal charts include planets at 10-14 degrees.  Let’s pick a sample and see how that might work.


Just to choose a birth date at random, let’s look at, say, July 1962.  The biggest event of that month was the Neptune Station, so let’s pick that day.  If we draw that chart and draw in only the Angles at 10-14 degrees…

0762Whoa!  That’s a lot more complicated than the first chart!  What would it mean?

T-Square #1

Well, obviously with Neptune Stationary (Strong), we’d start there.  It’s that trident marked “SD” on the right side.  Neptune represents our relationship with everything larger than ourself, including especially the Source of All That Is, but also our Culture and Tribe.  It’s Square (the red lines) to the Nodal Axis (the headphones and earbuds near the bottom and top), with Saturn (the “h” next to the earbuds) on the South Node…

We’re unlikely to ever feel secure about our relationship with the Goddess, or for that matter to Trust anything larger than ourself.  We probably feel like we have to do everything ourself if we want it done “properly.”  It will probably feel like we’re always having to clean up other people’s messes.

Are there any “helpers,” or easy-ways-out, like Chiron provided in the Now chart?  Yes, Pluto (the golf ball in the cup at the bottom) is Quincunx (green line) to Saturn-South Node…

We’re obviously going to have to be dedicated to tireless Curiosity about why we’re always feeling like we have to clean up other people’s messes.

On the other side of the Nodal Axis there’s a Trine-Sextile Bridge (the blue lines) formed by Eris (the ball and down-arrow at top left) and Mars-Pallas (the “boy” sign with the diamond-on-a-stick, on the left side), which makes a Neptune Yod (green wedge pointing at Neptune)…

Wow, we’re going to have to practice being really skillful at “telling it like it is,” so we don’t alienate everyone, because we have a real gift for seeing what other people are Denying.  We wonder how we can make that easier on ourself.  Probably with a lot of prayer and surrender to the Goddess.

Which of course is a problem, since we’re unlikely to trust Her.  But it’s a T-Square, so we have to somehow understand how prayer and surrender to the Goddess is our greatest Skill – T-Squares represent Mastery through Challenge.  Yes, the Challenge, we get that.  But the Mastery?  We’ll have to PIAVA to grok that!

T-Square #2

There’s a second T-Square, as Mars-Pallas T-Squares the Opposition between Jupiter-Chiron (top of chart – the curly 4 for Jupiter next to the Chiron key) and Venus-Pluto (the “girl” sign next to the golf ball-in-a-cup).  Lots going on there, let’s take it apart.  Jupiter-Chiron…

Oh, we’re a Magician.  Well, we knew that, we’ve just always been careful not to build a public Ego on it just in case it ever failed us and we’d look foolish.  We’ll have to make a note to embrace that.


You know, we really do sincerely believe that our way of doing things is the best way.  You can’t admit that to too many people, because they think you’re an egotist.  But it’s true.


Boundaries are important, and we know very well how to set them.

And the T-Square…

Well dang, if we’re such a Magus and we’re so good at knowing the right way to do things and set good boundaries, how come we’re always getting tripped up by things not going the way we want them to?  Oh yeah, we remember, those are Learning Opportunities!  Who needs Learning Opportunities – how about something just working out once in a while!

Any “helpers” for this T-Square?  Oh, the biggest one is the Trine-Sextile (blue lines) to Neptune her Stationary self, on the other side of the (red) Opposition…

Okay, so Surrender to the Goddess should do the trick.  We’ll probably also have to give up our expectations of particular outcomes too, won’t we – that’s what Surrender means, doesn’t it.  That’ll be hard, but we can do it.

Big Curiosity

And look, the ends of the T-Squares are Semi-Sextile (green lines) to one another, making a Quincunx Box (the green rectangle) across the middle of the chart.  A Quincunx box – the Twelfth Harmonic, or Pattern-Breaking – means we’re always having to redesign ourself, and we never really know who we’re going to be next month…

That can get really exhausting.  People always complaining about how we’re not “consistent” enough for them.  Yintegrity – what a joke!  Can you even imagine doing what we want to do, moment to moment?  What chaos!  Of course, that would be an opportunity for us to examine some of our Limiting Beliefs, wouldn’t it.

And each of the four Squares (shorter red lines) has a Tricolor (red-green-blue Triangle) attached to it.  Those are very positive, if we can muster the Curiosity.  Remember these string Challenge, Curiosity, and Grace together in such a way that if we can respond to the Challenge with Curiosity then we can unleash the Grace.

They’re Saturn-South Node Square (red) to Neptune which is Quincunx (green) to Mars-Pallas which in turn Trines (blue) Saturn-South Node …

When we’re Challenged by the dissonance between our Focus on what’s not working and our Vision of how it should be, we need to Wonder how better Boundaries might resolve the dissonance.  That’s real Wonder, not rhetorical wonder.

And Neptune Square (red) North Node Quincunx (green) Jupiter-Chiron Trine (blue) Neptune…

We get lost easily when we try to figure out what our Mission is.  We guess we just have to let the Magic do it for us.

And Jupiter-Chiron to Mars-Pallas (red) to Neptune (green) and back to Jupiter-Chiron (blue)…

If we’re such a Magician why are we always putting our foot in it?  Oh, we get it, we have to stop doing everything ourself and let the Goddess do it for us.  How the devil can we do that?  We’ll just have to PIAVA.

Not to mention Mars-Pallas Square to Venus-Pluto Quincunx to Saturn-South Node Trine to Mars Pallas…

We can’t help it if they get upset because we do it better than they do.  We’d be glad to help them learn how to do it better, but that’s hard when they seem so irritated.  Oh my gosh, wait, maybe that’s not their irritation but ours?  Whoa, that’d shift the whole World! 

There’s more, but you get the idea.

Then and Now

So how does the Now chart link up with the Then Natal chart?  Well, the only place where they actually overlap, by Sign, is in Aries, where the Now Uranus (the Challenge to Yintegrity) sits on the Then Eris (the need to Tell It Like It Is).  What might that look like…

Well, we guess we need to make another list – a list of people who’s Egos we’re protecting.   If we’re going to go around without any censors on our True Self speaking their mind, then people’s sensitivities are going to get bruised.  That’s going to trigger a lot of Abandonment.  If you aren’t nice to people they’ll dump you.

Do we have any really close friends, folks with whom we can speak our mind without any editing and without fear of alienating them?  Maybe we could ask them if they’d help us practice ways to be more straightforward with other people.  Like instead of laughing together at how silly other people are, maybe we cold brainstorm gentle ways to tell then how silly they are, gently enough that they could hear us and not get upset.

Of course, all of the other Then concerns will be lit up as well, and the Reframing Magic in the Now chart will be a powerful aide.  Not an easy road, with the Now chart so insistent and the Then chart so complex.  But it’s real Life.