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*Lots* Going On 3

October 10, 2016

(5) We’re changing the Water, as a great deal of Ease drops away.  Not all of it, just the most Effortless.  What we’re left with it complementary relationships between Allowing the Rebirth that follows from Letting Go of our Masks, and the Scary Limitlessness that Opens as we begin to Embrace our Abandoned Genius.  The biggest remaining Challenge will be dealing with the Shadows and Projections of our Self-Love, Self-Hate, and Fear.  More on this to follow, as we work up to the Yin Gate and Full Moon.

(6) The Planet, with considerable Authority behind it (namely, the Galaxy), amps up its warning that its tolerance for Abuse is Limited.

(7) Are we actually witnessing another milestone in the Demise of the Patriarchy?  Will The Donald rescue himself?  Tune in next week.  See also (10).

(8) You’re right, War and Violence are not at all Self-Loving, for anyone involved, even the poor Souls trapped in the Bodies of Unconscious Warriors.  If you’ve been wondering where the Grief has been coming from, this is probably it.

(9) If we’re actually going to co-exist on the same Planet, Charisma alone isn’t enough – it begins to look too much like Rhetoric.  We also need to Work at Listening and Understanding.  Acknowledging another person’s Feelings goes a long way toward rapport, especially if you do it with a question instead of a statement.

(10) In the USofA we’ve lately seen plenty of Abusiveness and Privilege coming into Consciousness.  At the moment it’s the Privilege of Men and the Abuse of Women; the Privilege of Whites and the Abuse of Minorities will be back in the news soon.

(11) We’re still warming up to this Initiation; we’ll talk about it soon.

(5) By around 10 October, Karma abandons the Diamond Star and Grand Trine, but asteroid Hopi (Respect for all Things) moves into Opposition to Chiron, completing the Grand Cross till around 20 October.  The Grand Cross will still be Trine-Bridged by a Golden Rectangle and Quincunx-Bridged by Haumea and Uranus-Eris.  

The Ixion/Pholus-Chaos/Veritas axis of the Grand Cross is one of the three Oppositions in the developing Yin Gate.  There’s a picture of a Yin Gate at , if you’re unfamiliar with the Configuration.  Of course the planets are different than they were in July, but the structure is the same.

The trace of our previous Bravery Vacancy will still make a Grand Trine with Haumea and Chaos, and Kites pointing to Uranus-Eris and Ixion-Pholus.

(6) We have two Initiations today (5 October).  Normally we’d cast Initiations as the centerpiece of our Interpretations – their relegation to footnotes shows how Big (#1-4) are.

First, Quaoar (Survival) Initiates Moira (Fate), which sounds pretty heavy.  The Degree is 28 Sagittarius, an old bridge still in use, and of course the Galactic Center, which is a pretty old bridge all right.

(7) Second, Lilith (Yindependence) Initiates Venus (Values) – the Blue Kachina that Lisa mentions, a significant milestone on our path toward the Yang Feminine Energy that we expect to replace the Patriarchy.  It occurs at 16 Scorpio, which symbolizes a girl breaking into a smile.  Mid-Scorpio is one of the four “Horsepersons of the Apocalyse” or Power Points of the Zodiac.

(8) The Red Kachina that Lisa mentions is found in the Initiations of Mars (Energy, Action) by Hylonome (Grieving the Disattachment from an Archetype) and Chariklo (Charm and Grace)…

First, Hylonome-Mars 29 September in 2 Capricorn, three Gothic Rose windows, one damaged by war.

(9) Second, Chariklo-Mars 3 October in 4 Capricorn, outfitting a large canoe.

(10) On 8 October, Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) and OR10 (Irruptions from the Deep Unconscious) Conjoin.  This is a long-term, slow-moving astroevent, and can be blamed for much of our Pain, as we become Aware of and Let Go of old Abuse.  See .

(11) At our mid-month Yin-Gate Nemesis-Juno Conjunction (see ), Mars will be Initiated by Pluto (Transformation, aka Trance-reFormation), which is Opposing Sirius, which Lisa mentions in regard to the Hopi Prophesies.