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Confidence Game

August 17, 2020

In the 18 August 2020 (7:41 pm PDT) New Moon (in 27 Leo) chart, The Most Important Thing (Saturn) is our Confidence (Chariklo) that our Species can Rebirth itself (Haumea) and Act (Mars) on the other side of Denial (Eris) and Codependence (Lilith)(That is, a Saturn-Chariklo T-Square across the Opposition between Haumea and Mars-Eris-Lilith.)  Worth repeating…

The Most Important Thing is our Confidence that our Species can Rebirth itself and Act on the other side of Denial and Codependence.

They call Grifting a “Con Game” because more than anything, Hupers are Attracted to Confidence.  We’re Programmed to Give Away our Power to those who Project Confidence.  Without our own Confidence we waste our Energy and Creativity on Worry and Negative Thoughts and Emotions, and Negative Thoughts and Emotions Create What We Don’t Want, because the Energy we Project is the precursor of What We Manifest, and if our Energies are Negative our Manifestations will be Unsatisfying.  So we need to “Pretend” like it’s all going to Work Out, and that we’re heading pell-mell for 5D.

It’s actually more complex than Pretending, because when we Pretend we don’t really Believe it, and we need to Believe it.  Do we need to go into that here, or does everyone understand how that works?

As is common of late, we have Almost-Great-Grace (an Almost-Grand-Sextile), but we find two Major Stars and an asteroid to Fill In the Vacancy and Manifest the Grace.  The Vacancy contains (1) the Star Deneb Algedi that symbolizes a Benefic Ruler – which would be a Refreshing Change, (2) the Star Sadalsuud that means “The Luckiest of the Lucky” (Brady’s Book of the Fixed Stars, p.308) – Hooray!  And (3) asteroid Damocles.

So yes, that Sword dangling over our Head is the Antichrist, the object of our “Pretending,” or rather our Passionate, Frequent, and Prolonged Focus on How We’ll Feel when We Have a Benefic Leader, because that’s what’s likely to Create our Confident Belief in that circumstance.

The part about Action on the Other Side of Denial and Codependence is Critical because the Antichrist knows that Denial Creates a Reality, and knows very well how to Maintain the Illusion that it’s Real.  The disadvantage of Denial is that it eventually crumbles under the weight of its own Falsehood, and our Confidence will facilitate that crumbling.

Codependence Creates a Reality of Self-Rejection in favor of the Truth of Others.  The Definition of Conservatism is Trust in Authority – which is Codependence on Steroids.  Trust in the Illusion of Authority that the Antichrist Projects is one of the tools of his Deceit.  And Trust in Authority is how the Planet-Destroying Wetiko sickness is maintained and strengthened by the Status Quo.  We blow through that Mirage by Rooting Out our own Temptations to Give Away our Power to Others, and to Obsolete Paradigms and Memes.