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Ego Death Full Moon

March 8, 2020

Let’s interrupt our There Must Be More series to talk about the 9 March 2020 (9:45 am PDT) Full Moon.  Joe Dispenza’s Meditations take us Beyond Time, Place, and Identity, and that’s pretty close to what this Full Moon does (Our Instincts Merge with Ego Death [the Moon Conjoins asteroid Nemesis] while our Essence Dissolves [the Sun Conjoins Neptune]).  We don’t spend much time Wandering in the Identity Wilderness, however, as we’re quickly and Intuitively Guided into a New Beginning (a Self-Resolving T-Square [Diamond Star] Focuses on Intuition and Rebirth [dwarf planet Asbolus Conjunct asteroid Klotho]).

The Grace that Eases the Ego-Death Challenge (the Double Trine Bridge across the T-Square) has two complementary sources (the two Entities that Trine the Full Moon).  First, we See Through our Victim Dramas (Fate and Choice [asteroid Moira] – Consciousness Coverts Fate to Choice) and take our foot off the Cat’s tail.  And second, we Assertively Reorganize our Boundaries with those who would Enjoy Power Over us (No-Nonsense Action [Jupiter-Mars] on our Boundaries [asteroid Pallas] around our Codependence and Self-Sovereignty [dwarf planet Hylonome).

The only other Energy in the chart is an Expansion of our Consciousness, engendered by our Newly Declared Sovereignty, that facilitates our New Identity (asteroid Juno Squares Mars-Hylonome-Pallas-Jupiter and Trines Klotho-Asbolus).  It continues to be remarkable the way the astrology is so Clearly and Unambiguously tracking What’s Going On.  Here’s the Full Moon chart…