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Truthspeaking Full Moon II

October 15, 2016

Forgot one important piece of the 15 November Full Moon – the collapse of Civilization As We Know It.  Like the 2012 “End of Time As We Know It,” we don’t need a decline into complete Social Collapse (though it’s happened many times in the past) to Survive.  However, to replace the Patriarchy with its successor, there will be enormous Changes in the way our Cultures are organized, and those Changes will take a while to evolve.

When an astrological Cycle enters its last quarter, its organizing principles break down, and when several astrological Cycles Wane at the same time, we enter a period of Uncertainty, Disorder, and Confusion.  In Eastern Mythology, this Deconstruction and Recycling is a routine process.  In Western Mythology, it’s swept under the rug and Denied its proper role, with the result that we’re burdened with a lot of Unfinished Business and Unnecessary Baggage.  For just one example, why is the “Abolition” of Slavery still in our face a century and a half later?

We’ve talked, and we will again, about the Jupiter-Saturn (Social Organization) and Saturn-Pluto (Ego Death) Cycles, both of which are seriously Waning, Jupiter-Saturn on the Super-Cycle level.  These days the Saturn-Neptune (Social and Mythological Order) is breaking down.  Part of The Donald’s appeal is the “Every Man for Himself” message (Women of course don’t count, they’re only property to the Patriarchy’s Perspective).  When the Social Order is breaking down, the message is appropriate, though “Every Person for Themselves” is more real.

Hupers, however, are Social beings, so while the message has appropriate impact, it’s not at all complete.  What’s really appropriate, is moving our sense of Community to a more local level.  Not just geographically, but also philosophically – hence the Polarization that the Media so exploits.  It’s not really Polarization, however, it’s Atomization.  With the Social Structure breaking down, we’re thrown back into more of a Survival mode – as Quaoar is making clear to us, while offering his Helping Hand.

The Waning Square (the beginning of the Deconstruction and Recycling phase of a Cycle) between Saturn and Neptune is complicated by several other players.  Neptune sits on the South Node, symbol of Emotional Baggage, reminding us that we not only need to Let Go of obsolete Patterns and Archetypes, but we also need to Recover the Skills Hidden behind the Emotional Baggage.  

So Saturn is also Squaring the Nodes, bringing us a Personal Identity Crisis in addition to the Cultural Challenges.  The basic Question is “Who Am I?”  Am I the Embodiment of my South Node (my Akashic and Astral Body), or Am I the Embodiment of my North Node (my Ambitions and Etheric Body)?  Saturn is moving from the North Node toward the South Node – the Challenge is to maintain an Etheric Identity while “descending” into more mundane Trances.

Bear in mind that Descension and Ascension are different sides of the same Coin.  Rudolf Steiner pointed out that Devolution meant Spirit “Descending” into Form as much as Evolution meant Form “Ascending” into Spirit.  If we approach this apparent Contrast from the Material Perspective, we have Collision, like two cars trying to go opposite directions on the same road.  

But if we use the Spiritual Perspective, there is no Conflict – what happens when you point two flashlights at one another?  There may be some interesting Resonance Patterns, but they don’t Collide.  If you’re standing behind one of the flashlights you can still see the Light of the other one.  Either/Ors don’t serve us, they freeze us into Duality and Separation.  Both/Ands are the doorway into the Paradox of Multifariousness and Unity, a good introduction to the impending Yin Gate.

Finally, dwarf planet Orcus – symbolizing Decision, Promises, Commitment, Oaths, Vows – on the North Node, opposes Neptune.  This is multi-edged sword.  On one hand it symbolizes the Decisions and Oaths we made in the past which hardened into Limiting Beliefs that we need to Let Go of if we are to move forward, and any Guilt or Fear (“If you ever tell anyone I will kill you,” eg) we Feel about doing so.  On another it represents the Commitment we need to make to our Mission, which we approach only through our Deepest Desires – which in turn requires Letting Go of any Guilt or Hesitation that surrounds our Deepest Desires.  

And on yet another level it signifies the Paradox that our neonatal Yintegrity requires that we reduce our Commitments.  Saturn means The Most Important Thing.  The Square from the North Node to Saturn is Waxing – our Commitment to our Mission is Growing.  The Square from the South Node to Saturn is Waning – our Attachment to our Patterns and to Resisting our Held Emotions is Descending into the Void.  This is Confusing for the Ego, because the Future is Unknown, and little is Stable.  So Be It.  Increasing our Comfort with Uncertainty is probably the Most Important Thing we can be doing.

This is a T-Square, meaning that we can bring it into Balance by providing the Energy represented by the Vacancy Opposite Saturn, which will convert the T-Square into a more-Balanced Grand Cross.  That Energy is 11 Gemini, which signifies Opening Up to New Experiences.  The Saturn-Orcus Square is Waxing, so we’re in the process of Owning a new Relationship with Oathmaking.  The Initiation took place in August 2007 at 29 Leo – A Mermaid Metamorphosing into Huper Form.  Sounds like Descension to me.