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Relief from Self-Love Pressure

August 7, 2021

July 2021 was about one topic – Self-Love, with five planets Emphasized (Stationary) in the 25-29 Degree Zone, starting with asteroid Sappho (Self-Love) Herself. It certainly Worked Over any birth planets we have in that zone, and gave us 24-Caret Opportunities to Let Go of Impediments to our Self-Love around Allowing ourselves to be Reborn into it (dwarf planet Haumea), around Adjusting our Boundaries to Promote it (asteroid Pallas), around Letting Go of Guilt about it (asteroid Nemesis), around What We’ve Been Denying about it (dwarf planet Eris), and around Any Confusion we have with our Fate about it (asteroid Moira).

Well, we’re done with those Dramas. You were likely Confronted with all the ways you don’t Unconditionally Love Yourself, as that’s the quickest and most effective way for the Universe to Teach us. It’s too Easy for us to get sucked into the Negative thoughts that we Embellish our Emotions with, and spend a good part of July mired in Self-Judgment, Self-Doubt, Self-Rejection, and, perish the thought, Self-Hate.

It’s not too late to review your own Experience of July, and after the fact Notice whenever you were diverted from Self-Love, and how the process worked, so you can be more Aware and Revert the curse sooner next time. It’s Never too late to Relive and Modify your Experiences. Linear Time is a Fiction anyway, so you could re-enter those Negative July Experiences as if they were Dreams – which they were – and Redo the Experience, this time Realizing what the whole thing was about and Enjoying the Shift into Self-Appreciation!

Even if you aren’t adept at Time-Travel, you can Root yourself in the Present Moment (Ground yourself, for instance), Remember the Emotions, Return to the Present Moment (a Poor-Sweetheart might help), Congratulate Yourself for Enduring the Experience no matter how it unfolded, Tap It Out if necessary, and make notes about the clues you might Notice a little earlier in the Karmic Trance next time. The sooner we Notice, the Easier it is to Interrupt the Ancient Karmic process and substitute a Different behavior.

Enlisting the Physical is always worthwhile. If you can Recall or otherwise Retrieve the Places in your Body where your Self-Judgments were centered last month, you can Meditate on those Places. Put your Attention into that part of your Body, and Hold it there for as long as you can, Gently and Lovingly bringing your Attention back to that place when your Attention wanders. When you Feel a Shift, that’s Success, you’ve just Thawed a Karmic Fossil. Follow it, find out where it plans to Hide next time. Our Attention is a Scalpel – our Karma can Run from it, but it can’t Hide for long.

August is a lot more diverse, so it should be “Easier” – in the sense that it’s less Intense, though it may require dealing with multiple Portals at once. Everything has it Pros and Cons. We just try to Choose options where the Cons are Amateurs, not Pros. If we have the Internet or a telephone, we don’t need no more Scammers!

The Moon is already Out of Bounds – it went Out at 11:22 am PDT 3 August, and comes back In Bounds at 6:40 am PDT 7 August, spanning 17 Gemini to 4 Leo, and Peaking at 9:47 am PDT 5 August at 25:42 North Declination in 10 Cancer. Moon Out of Bounds makes us more Emotional, but we usually have our Emotionality well Justified, so we often don’t even Recognize it as Emotionality. It’s the Delta Virus making many folks go Tilt this week, except for the folks who’ve lost their Homes to Fire and Flood, who have much else to Fret.

The Moon will be back In Bounds by then, but we’re working up to a 6:50 am PDT 8 August New Moon in 17 Leo. The Midpoints of the Fixed Signs (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus) are nicknamed the “Four Horsepersons of the Apocalypse,” because they’re Potent Locations. The only other Horsedude that’s Lit Up is Uranus (Soul ) at 15 Taurus. The other two are on Sabattical, working on the Fires and Floods.

However, the New Moon itself is Merged with (Conjoins) the asteroid meaning Respect for All Things (Hopi), and it’s Amplified (Out of Bounds). So it’ll be our Judgments that will be Lit Up, so we can Let Them Go, this weekend. Ego-astrologers interpret Uranus as Disruption, because it Disrupts anything that our Uranian Soul regards as Obsolete. Since Uranus Challenges (Squares) the New Moon and Hopi, we can Expect our Judgments to be Challenged, and to Star in our Learning Opportunities for the next several weeks. Traditionally, the New and Full Moons have their primary influence during the two weeks or so following their occurrence.

Other than this, the New Moon chart isn’t too complicated…

The green wedge pointing at the New Moon is informative. It’s called a Finger of the Goddess, and it means Pay Attention here! The base of it connects the symbols for Codependence (dwarf planet Hylonome) and for Abuse and Privilege (dwarf planet Nessus). Codependence and Abuse/Privilege are markers for Inequality. If we Respect Others, and Respect Ourself, as true Equals, there is no Codependence, no Abuse, and no Privilege.

The green lines themselves are called “Quincunxes” because they connect planets that are five (Quin-) Signs (-unx) apart. They mean Curiosity, or Mystery. The indicate that, in this instance, the Relationships between Respect and Codependence/Self-Sovereignty, and between Respect and Abuse/Privilege, are not open to Intellectual Anal-ysis. They must be considered Paradoxes, whose Meanings are only open to Intuitive Approximations.

Asteroid Hopi makes a Waxing Square (three Signs ahead) to Uranus. The Waxing Square is the point where the Energy of the Cycle becomes Mainstream. The Hopi-Uranus Cycle is about Soul-to-Soul Relationships, not just to other people, but to All Conscious Entities. And all Entities are Conscious, since Consciousness is the fundamental building block of the Physical and Energetic Universe.

The current Hopi-Uranus Cycle began in April 2020, in 7 Taurus, which means “The woman of Samaria at the Ancestral Well.” Rudhyar describes who she is, and the herstorical significance of her meeting Jesus there. He says,

The highest meets the lowest when this lowest is free from traditional bonds and open to love. The creative future descends first to that which has become chaos. An old order is never open to a new Revelation until it has accepted disorder in the name of that Power which subsumes all forms of order, i.e. Love.”

An Astrological Mandala, p.75.

Monique LionHeart volunteers via email,

“The Lion’s Gate Portal is open, offering access to higher vibrational energies.  As Sirius rises in the night sky, the moon is retreating into darkness.

“The Lion’s Gate energies are said to reach their peak on 8 August – this Sunday – which coincides with the New Moon! What better time to clear out the ‘old’ to make space for the NEW?

“To assist in this process, I am offering a free 10 Meditations Group Clearing call on Sunday 8 August 9am PDT Will you join me?   Click this link at that time:

“Never used the 10 Meditations Mastery Tool before?  No Worries!   Think of the 10 Meditations as ‘scrubbing brushes’ that assist you in cleansing your energy field.    I will guide you to run a series of clearing statements, and you simply notice what you notice.    It is that simple!” 

Ascension New Moon

April 19, 2020

Wouldn’t ya know we have a barbell distribution, with most of the votes on either end.  I’ve always believed that we should be able to vote NO WAY for something, in which case nothing would get our vote, but a vote would be subtracted from the tally of the thing we voted NO WAY (or “annoying”) on.  If we tally the votes that way, we tentatively end up with hex code CC66FF for our interspersed astrologuese jargon.

Now that we’ve Claimed as much of our Power as we’re ready for (the 18 April Station of Hylonome [Self-Sovereignty]), our next major astroevent is a New Beginning on 22 April 2020 (6:25 pm PDT) that’s all about Ascension (New Moon in 4 Taurus [Matter] Conjunct Uranus [Soul]) with a Big Serving of Unconditional Self-Love (Diamond Square pointing to dwarf planet Makemake [Manifestation] and asteroid Sappho [Self-Love]).

There are lots of additional details worth describing.

For instance, the Big Serving of Unconditional Self-Love might end up dominating the week, since it takes the form of a Challenge that Resolves itself (a Diamond Star, or T-Square and GoddessFinger both focusing on Makemake-Sappho)

…and since it at least partially Resolves the Most Meaningful, Rewarding, and Mysterious Processes in our Life (the base of the T-Square is the Nodal Axis [our Lifetime Path]).  The Mission end of this Process is Unadulterated, or Whole (North Node in 3 Cancer, without Conjunctions).  Our Mission is usually just beyond our comprehension, but at least here we may be able to Sense the Whole of it.

The Karma end of the Process is all wrapped up in the big Extended Climate Change Drama (including the Granolavirus) and our Potential Unique Personal Contribution to Regenerating our Species and its Role on the Planet (South Node [our Held Emotions that we’d rather Die than Feel] Conjunct dwarf planets Pholus [Covering All the Bases], Quaoar [our Survival Instincts], and Ixion [our Forbidden Genius]).

As many have averred, the big Extended Climate Change Drama (including the Corollavirus) is actually a Funhouse Mirror Image of the process of Ascension into 5D.  Marilyn Raffaele’s Arcturian friends began their Channeling today with…

Understand that you are presently engaged in one facet of earth’s ascension process and that something much bigger than disease is taking place.  As you witness chaos keep in mind that these times are bringing change to many universally accepted but false three dimensional concepts...”

And as we and others have often averred, we are Outpicturing – Manifesting – our Future now and in every moment through our Thoughts and FeelingsOur Reality is Created by our Energy.  If we spend our Limited Time and Attention on What We Don’t Want, that’s ultimately what we’re likely to Manifest.

If we instead devote our Limited Time and Attention to What We Want and How We’ll Feel When We Create It, THAT’S what we’re more likely to Manifest.

This is Complicated, largely Unconscious, and Dependent on many Multidimensional factors that we usually don’t consider (Pholus).  But we are Spiritual Creators, and we spend every moment, waking or otherwise, Creating (PIAVAing) our Future.  Creating our Individual Future, yes, but since the Boundaries (asteroid Pallas) between the Egos and Bodies and Minds of our self and our Fellow Travelers (including not just the People but also the Critters and Plants and Crystals) are totally Imaginary, Creating our Collective Future as well.

The Individual and the Collective occupy the same Space and Time.  They are Separate in our Dualistic Mind, but not in Objective Reality.  But both the Individual and the Collective are Infinitely Redefinable.  The Collective is not a big box of Sandwiches, it’s a big Cauldron of Soup.  And a gazillion little bowls.  And the containers are Imaginary.  The Boundaries aren’t even lines on a map.  They’re Ideas in our Minds, flexing constantly.

Every Thought is a Prayer, and All Prayers are Answered.  That’s a preposterous idea, isn’t it, because the result is Unimaginably Multidimensional.  That’s Exactly how Limited our everyday Dualistic Mind is, compared to an Infinite Universe.  If we Want to Manifest Consciously, we need to Upgrade our Thinking.

What if every Decision we ever made Created a New Universe that included that version of ourself, along with Parallel Universes containing versions of ourself that made the Decision Differently.  When we Rue a Decision made long ago, especially one which we made Unconsciously – which we’ve been doing lately, haven’t we (dwarf planet OR10, which we’ll get to later) – we’re Experiencing Bleedthrough from that other Universe.  We don’t have the Bandwidth to comprehend the Multiverse Intellectually.

But we can Grok the Multiverse a little bit Intuitively, and that’s a place to start Expanding our Ideas about Boundaries between “us” and “them” (the New Moon T-Squares the Opposition between Saturn [The Most Important Thing] Conjunct Pallas [Boundaries] and Varuna [the Life Force]; meanwhile the New Moon-Uranus Stellium itself is also Conjoined by asteroid Hopi [Respect for All Things/Beings]).

We’re being Gifted here with Unconditional Self-Love

(Diamond Star to Makemake-Sappho from the Nodal Axis – !!! – think about What That Means !!!  What more could we possibly Ask for?).

It’s not about What We Want for Everyone Else, It’s about What We Want for Me, Myself, and I.  What “they” Want for themselves is not the same as What We Want for Ourself.  The Golden Rule was always Fucked.  In a Win-Win Universe it’s always Do Unto Others as They Want to Be Done Unto.

The Cosmic Jigsaw Puzzle self-assembles into the Perfect Tapestry when Each of Us Outpictures What We Want and of course when Each of Us is also Advanced Enough to Avoid Harming Others, including not Abusing them by Dishonoring their Self-Sovereignty.  Yes, “We” got a ways to go, but the only Person you can Change is You, so our Work is Well-Defined, isn’t it.

The chart for the 22 April Uranus-Hopi-Makemake-Sappho New Moon…

That’s not all, but it’s a whole lot, and we’ll continue in the next post.  How are we doing with Route 66?