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March 14, 2019

We’re falling under the Influence of a recently discovered asteroid nicknamed “Bee-Zed,” which is Stationary 16 March (2pm PDT) in the middle of Capricorn.  It’s an unusual animal, orbiting “backwards” around the Sun, with an orbit as long as Jupiter’s (about twelve years) – most asteroids take four or five years to circle the Sun.  It’s orbit is elliptical; at the moment it’s an Earth-Sun distance beyond Jupiter, but when it’s closer to the Sun it’s no further from us than Mars.  It symbolizes Transcendence.

Compared to what we’re used to, the Station has a simple chart…

The Station Merges with (Conjoins) symbols for Self-Sovereignty (dwarf planet Hylonome) and Trust (asteroid Eurydike), makes an Angle of Curiosity (Quincunx or five Signs away, the green line) to symbols for Consciousness (asteroid Juno), Intuition (dwarf planet Asbolus), and Ego Death (asteroid Nemesis).

We take that to mean that we’re Transcending the tired notions (mostly Resistance) that we Learned early on about Ego Death being anathema.  We have after all recently Learned that an Ego Death, as Unpleasant and Scary as it can be when we’re in Resistance to it, is actually a huge Growth spurt that will allow us to Expand beyond what used to be our most distressing Limitations.  We could easily say that our most Exhilarating Experiences – after the fact – have been Ego Deaths.

There’s also Grace in the chart, in the form of a Blessings-If-You-Take-the-First-Step Angle (Sextile, the blue line) to planets symbolizing Beginnings (asteroid Klotho) and Spirituality (Neptune).  That our Discovery of a Whole New Relationship to Life, the Universe, and Everything (Klotho-Neptune) Clashes with (Square, the red line) our Old Fear of Ego Death is a given, and the Clash is much softened by Acceptance of our Transcendence.

The combination of red, green, and blue lines in one triangle is called, logically enough, a “Tricolor.”  We unlock the Blessings in the blue line by directing our “right brain” to hold on to the Amazement embedded in the Curiosity of the green line and Resist the Compulsion that our “left brain” feels to “Figure It Out.”  That Wonderment will Resolve the apparent Tension of the red line.

It’s almost Spring in the Northern Hemisphere!  You know what that means…

Meanwhile, the ridiculous “Second Law of Thermodynamics” has been Transcended – shown up for the bunk that it is…

We run Time backwards all the time, whenever we Remember something.  We don’t Manifest it outwardly very often because when Moses carved this “Second Law” on his stone tablet, we Believed it.  It was Carved in Stone after all, how could it not be True?


December 17, 2018

Our reader (the one with the knees) responds…

“This was all so thoughtfully answered, fascinating in scope, and beyond helpful – I’m still processing all of it, really, but I can’t tell you how spot-on and surprising and eye(soul)opening this is.  Much gratitude and grace in abundance emanating your way.

“So much to digest here, and so much that a deep thread in me sings to.  Abbey Road is my father’s favorite Beatles album, and I listened to it so much growing up I feel it is nearly inextricable from my dna – strange to say in a way, but it is really hard to separate (sometimes) the sounds/songs you grow up with from your current timeline.  This alone is a Big Thought…”

A Big Thought indeed!  How many songs from our formative years still go through our head and get stuck there!  Music is Powerful.

“…but I find it so amazing that for as much as I have always loved “Oh Darling!” I never truly heard those particular lyrics, “Nearly fell down and died”, so loud and clear.  “Something” paired with it is almost a call and response, and absolutely relevant to my thoughts that January eve.  Ingeniously appropriate you chose the Clapton version – Patti Boyd and all.  :)”

I didn’t know of Patti Boyd, I was out of the loop at that time.  But what a story.  When young Women were “Birds.”

“All of this made me contemplate holes as well – what is an interpretation of a black hole or dark matter?  Do they have a place?  I’m assuming/ believing of course they must, but it makes me think mostly of the kinds of things we carry without knowing consciously the what or the why or the how of it.  A little like karma you unconsciously carry?  (Fixing a hole where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wandering where it will go) Ringo and his hole in his pocket, and of course, Alice and that particular trip down a hole. I suppose on a macro scale the 60’s offered a lot of holes, and this interpretation needs obvious work, but perhaps not all missteps are missteps, and not all holes are void – or even to be avoided?  Narnia and other such portals might agree :)”

Voids and Holes (Wholes) are the complements of Matter, teleologically and epistemologically necessary to Complete a Material World seen through Duality.  I think that’s why Holes and Wholes are homophones.  As kids we believed for a while that if not for the Moon radiating Cold, the World would get too Hot from the Sun.  Till we Learned that Cold is the relative Absence of Heat, the way Fear is the Absence of Love and Small is the Absence of Larger.

Some elements of our Language are Unitary rather than Dual.  Since Physics defines Heat as the degree of Movement of elementary particles, it doesn’t define an Anti-Heat.  There’s Movement and there’s Rest.  In these cases, the Limit – the Absolute – is usually unreachable, only Approachable.  As we Approach the Limit we can only Adjust our Scale to measure Smaller and Smaller.  So with a Black Whole, where Gravity Approaches Infinity, we as Matter lose all Opportunity for Perspective.  We have to travel out of our Body to Experience it.

With Dualities it helps to use Circular or Spherical or Cyclical Scales, where if you go far enough toward North you end up going South, or far enough toward Absolute and we end up Relative.  The same might be true of Black Wholes – if we fell into one we might end up Knowing the Incredible Lightness of Being, as our Material Vehicle would be so torn apart that the only thing left would be Spirit.

“(My knee faired so much better this time around – nothing ice and time can’t fix, thank god/goddess!)”

Good news!

“BZ / Transcendence – I’m still really curious about this, and your perspective resonates, and I’m very interested to see what it continues to reveal.

“I’m working carefully on absorbing all of this, along with my PIAVAs, but in the meantime I just wanted to extend an effulgent parhelion of gratitude to you.”

You’re teaching me new words!  Thanks!!  And thanks for the complements!

As for asteroid BZ509, or Bee-Zed as it’s known (if you’re looking for it, you might find it under “514107” or “2015 BZ509”), here’s its Discovery chart…

A lovely Grace-filled Grand Sextile, with planets near 19 Degrees of all of the Dynamic (Air and Fire) Signs. There’s a T-Square (Challenge) to Pallas (Boundaries) in Scorpio (Fearlessness), but it’s Self-Resolving (a Diamond Star).

A Discovery chart is a Birth chart (the birth of Hupers’ Awareness of Bee-Zed), so we could easily have stretched our Sensitivity to six Degrees or so, which would include…

  • Lachesis in Virgo (Allowing Ego Death)
  • Aletheia in Capricorn (Conjunct Pluto and Karma – Accepting the Truth of What Is)
  • Chiron in Pisces (Poor-Sweethearting our Suffering)
  • Sedna in Taurus (Reframing Fear)

…leaving only the Vacancy at 19 Cancer to fill in the Magnetic (Earth and Water) Signs and make a Grand Unx, where there would be a planet near 19 Degrees of every Sign.  Since Unx is the Twelfth Harmonic – Pattern-Breaking – a Grand Unx is the epitome of Liberation.

The Vacancy in any Almost-Complete Configuration becomes one of the Most Important, if not The Most Important, indicator in the chart.  Cancer 19 is “A priest performing a Marriage Ceremony.”  So to Complete our Liberation from Patterns, we need a Ritual – a Pattern whose Power lies in its Repetition – and we need to break out of Separation and Duality into Unity.  Gollum couldn’t have come up with a more twisted Riddle.  The message is that what we need to do to graduate into 5D is to Recognize and Embrace our own Anxiety and Discontent, our own Resistance to What Is.  It’s not about Changing 3D.

The chart has a litany of other Clues to our Transcendence…

  • Bee-Zed itself is in the process of Initiating asteroid Nemesis at Leo 19, “A houseboat party” – rather than sinking beneath our Held Emotions or Living in them, we need to Float atop them and Celebrate our Ego Deaths.
  • Sappho (Self-Love) is being Initiated by Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) at 28 Aquarius, “A Tree felled and sawed to ensure a supply of wood for the winter” – do we need to Love our Abuse?  No, we need to deconstruct it and make Lemonade out of it.
  • Pluto (Trance re-Formation) is Initiating asteroid Karma (Recurrent Bummers) at 13 Capricorn, “A Fire worshiper meditates on the ultimate realities of Existence” – what are the Relative Values in our Life of Comfort and Learning?
  • Orcus (Oath-Breaking) is Initiating Moira (Fate/Choice) at 8 Virgo, “A five-year-old child takes a first dancing lesson” – Our Oaths inevitably get Forgotten, and become Limitations, with or without Held Emotions.  So a Cycle where we Discern our Historical Limiting Oaths and Dance out of them.
  • Vesta (Beliefs) is being Initiated by Hylonome (Self-Sovereignty) at 27 Sagittarius, “A sculptor at work” – Which of our Beliefs sculpt a Reality Devoted to the World we Want to Live in, and which carve a Reality that someone else Wants us to Live in, someone to whom we have Consciously or Unconsciously Given our Power?  Time to Reject Codependence and PIAVA our own Path.

Offhand I don’t think it’s routine for five Cycles to be Initiated in the same Discovery chart.

Another Molt IV

October 18, 2018

And the week wasn’t just about Ego Death, it was also about Transcendence, as asteroid BZ509 was also Stationary, on 17 October.  Pairing their Stations in time is like having BZ509 Initiate a new Cycle with Nemesis – we have to read them as if they were Merged.  BZ509 is a recently-discovered asteroid with a somewhat Jupiter-like orbit, which would give it some of the Power of Jupiter.  But its orbit is Backward relative to most everyone else.  It symbolizes Transcendence.

Here’s the chart of its Station…

A lot more going on here than in the Nemesis-Station chart.  Just for starters, we notice that the BZ509 Station is Merged with (Conjoins) both our friend Saturn, whom we’ve just discussed, and dwarf planet Hylonome.  Hylonome is about Stepping Out of Relationships where we’ve been Merged with Other.

Of course that only applies to college freshpersons without dependencies and other complications.  Real Life is a lot more complicated.  But the “Leaving” isn’t really about Physical Separation, it’s about Egoic Separation, about becoming your own person, directed by your own Mission, and not someone else’s.  When we Change, the World Changes to reflect our Change.  Many of the repercussions we Fear don’t actually evolve, and/or they’re Compensated by other Changes we didn’t foresee.

So in this case I was probably Merged with Rebellion, possibly as an Unconscious (and probably Karmic, given the Nemesis-Station chart) Reaction to having been Judged all my Life for “Lacking” Discipline.  Everybody’s got a Saturn, so nobody Lacks Discipline – we just don’t understand how their Protocols differ from ours.

So to complete my homework I need to spend some time Wondering how Rebellion and Self-Sabotage have complemented one another in my Karmic history.  If I don’t do that, I’ll likely be less Conscious the next time Saturn and Mars are in a Challenging Angle to one another. 

A seldom-mentioned subtext of PIAVA is Expansion.  Like that old Meditation where you become as big as your house, then your yard, etc etc till you’re as big as the Galaxy.  Or the one where you Ascend to larger and larger Geophysical Perspectives.  These are good ways to Explore your Karmic history, while Remembering that All There Is Is Now.

Mars is Waxing Novile to Saturn these days.  The Novile is about Meditation.  The current Mars-Saturn Cycle Initiated early April of this year in 9 Capricorn, “An Angel carrying a harp.”  That’s pretty cool.  The Mars-Saturn Cycle is about how our Energy interacts with our Attention to The Most Important Thing.

This chart has two Big Challenges (T-Squares)…

  • Can we stop Projecting those Memories of Abuse onto everyone who reminds us of our historical Abusers?  Or Get more Neutral about the Memories themselves, so we can Respond instead of Reacting in the many situations where they arise, especially when they’re Unconscious?  (Nessus-OR10 T-Square on Hopi-Lachesis Opposition)
  • Do we Trust our own Values?  Do they Deserve to be Trusted, or do they need to be Updated, particularly the Values that came to us from our Karma?   Or from our Abuse?  (Eurydike-Venus T-Square on Lilith-South Node to Varuna-North Node Opposition)

And the most prominent planets in the chart are the two outliers that aren’t knitted into the bottom of the chart like everyone else is – Lachesis (Changing TimeLines by Choice) and Varuna-North Node (achieving Good Health by Cleaning Up our Karma and Attending to our Mission).

There’s a potentially interesting free series of webinars this weekend called “Finding the Life You Were Born to Live: Astrology, Life Purpose & Destiny,”, put on by Astrology University (which I’ve never heard of, but their faculty is reputable).  They include a Wonderful quote from Dane Rudhyar…

“When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be.”

Notice that these two form the base of a Yod (Pay Attention to…) focused on Saturn-BZ509-Hylonome (Transcending our Patterns of Giving Away Our Power).  Touchè.

Another Molt I

October 14, 2018

A story that marine biologists tell is that when Crabs Molt, a male wriggles out of his old shell, then holds the shell of a female, to help her to wriggle out of hers, back end first…

Whether this is Chivalry or Grounds for #MeToo, I’m not in a position to Judge.  Here while the Patriarchy winds down, this approach may not be the most recommended way for Hupers to Molt, but since Molt we must, whatever works is good.  As Con Ed may have once said, “Molt we must, for a Growing New Consciousness.”  We usually refer to it as Ego Death.

Newly Molted Crabs are undefended against predators, as their new shells don’t calcify and harden for a couple of weeks.  The same and more is probably true for those of us who wear our Protective Ego-shell on the inside rather than on the outside.  In the next picture, the new shell is at the upper right, the old shell at the lower left…

Which is what an Ego Death often feels like – like being “Eaten Alive.”  Ego Death may dominate our Experience until about 18 October, as asteroid Nemesis slows down and Stands Still.  A few signs of Ego Death include…

  • Self-Doubt
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Getting Lost in your own neighborhood (or your own house)
  • Feeling like you’re out of Options or at a dead end
  • Discouragement
  • Feeling like you don’t know who you are or what you’re doing or why
  • Waking up and not being sure where you are
  • Noticing when an Existing Habit or Addiction is being Triggered

These Experiences often Inspire Fear that “something is wrong” (which, from the Ego’s Perspective, is quite true).  On the Contrary, something is very much “right.”

When we Learn to Recognize these signs…

  • As Not-Wrong (Fear plus Thinking)
  • As Curious or Wondrous (Fear plus Delegation to a Higher Power)
  • As Exciting (Fear plus Breathing)
  • As Power (Fear plus Kegels)
  • As the Threshold to Liberation (Fear plus Vision beyond the Drama)

It’s dramatically Life-Changing, as we’re now on the road to eliminating Self-Sabotage.

Some of us are used to Experiencing these signs most of the Time, most of our Lives.  If we’ve somehow avoided medicating them out of our Life, we can simply Recognize that we’ve (on the Soul Level) Chosen a Lifetime on the High Road to Enlightenment.  Your birth chart will usually show this.  As the Transformation Game says, “The most difficult tasks are only given to the best people.” 

But Ego Death is Miserable till we make that Transition from Fear to Excitement or Power or Liberation or Surrender to God/Goddess, and begin to Look beyond the current Drama and Wonder how our Life will be Levitated by the Elimination of whatever Limits this particular Ego Death is Removing – and to Awe about how Miraculous is the Process.  It’s counterproductive to try to Understand what’s being Transformed, as it Limits the natural course of the Process by drowning the Miracle in your old, Limiting Grid. 

Instead, Wait and Enjoy the Gift of Surprise.  You’ve made it this far, you can hold on for another few days.  Besides, once you Detach from immersion in the Drama, the sticks and stones and lances and bullets go right through you, so it’s not even a matter of holding on or holding out!  After you laugh at how Overwhelming it was when you were immersed in it, you can dust yourself off and Enjoy what you Really Want to do with your time.

We get a huge boost by Developing a Relationship with an Entity or Energy (Guide, Angel, God/Goddess, Channel, or Whomever) that can Assist from the “Other Side” or the Unconscious.  And then Developing the Habit of Giving Over our Difficulties to their Assistance, rather than having to Do everything “ourself” by Force of Ego.  If you don’t now have this Relationship or Habit, we often Recommend Theta, Ganeshi, and other forms of PIAVA, but these Suggestions are by no means intended as a Limit.  If you already have a Process that works, don’t fix it.

See, and/or  Ganesh is the “Remover of Obstacles,” often Prayed to Ritually as “Ganesh My Love, Please Remove All Obstacles to…”

We are of course All One, so while we Personalize these Entities as External to “ourself,” we Recognize that our Ego thrives on Separation.  So if we Identify with Soul, these Entities are just Specialists we can call upon.  When we Identify with Ego, these Entities are indeed Separate from “us.”   By definition, Ego is how Hupers naturally Operate, and we may never actually fully Transcend Ego while Embedded in Matter – and that’s Okay.

We want to hold both Perspectives (“I” am Soul and “I” am Ego, or, as it’s often Expressed, “I Am That I Am”), at the same time, as often as we can – “our” Helpers be Separate in the sense that they can make Easy what is Difficult for “us,” and they be part of “us” in the sense that we’re all on the same Team.

While asteroid Nemesis (Ego Death) is Stationary till 18 October (2pm PDT), another Helper, asteroid BZ509, is also Stationary till 17 October (4am PDT).  BZ509 (look for “514107” or “2015 BZ509” in ephemerides) is a recently discovered Jupiter-scale (in orbit length) asteroid that orbits backwards relative to most of the rest of our Solar System.  It symbolizes Transcendence, so the Opportunity for us this week is to Transcend Ego Death.

Karma Full Moon II

May 29, 2018

So BZ509/Transcendence Conjoined Mars and the South Node in the Karma Full Moon and OR10 Station charts.  I guess Roseanne is our poster child for that – an invitation to Face Down (Transcend – BZ509) our Karma (South Node and Full Moon) around Anger and Violence (Mars).  BZ509-Mars-South Node was one side (Opposite Aletheia/Truth) of the base of the Lachesis-Nemesis T-Square (the Challenge to Shift our Timeline around Ego Death). 

Of course, if we’re proactive about Growing our Consciousness and about Improving our Attitude toward Ego Death, we could see the BZ509-Mars-SN corner as a Suggestion that we Act (Mars) to Transcend (BZ509) our Self-Sabotaging Patterns by Embracing our Held Emotions (South Node).  Held Emotions are the ones we’d Rather Die than Feel – which is of course an Ego Death invitation that’s being Refused, since “I’d rather Die” isn’t about the Dying, it’s about the “I”.

The new twenty-month Mars-BZ509 Cycle began 28 May (6am PDT) in 5 Aquarius, “A Council of Ancestors implements the efforts of a young leader.”  Rudhyar interprets that as Current Actions using the Momentum of Past History, which makes sense if we assume that Ancestors are deceased.  I don’t think the definition requires that, however, which means we could read it as “A Council of Elders implements the efforts of a young leader.”  To me this is an image of a young Leader, such as a War Chief or Chieftess, being supported by their Community.

We could probably feed both Birds with one seed by Praying or otherwise PIAVAing that our Transcendence of Ego Limits be Supported by the accumulated Energies of the Monks and Curanderas who’ve aspired to Ascendance in the Past and, while we’re at it, in the Future and the Present.  On Wall Street they refer to that as “Don’t fight the tape.”

BZ509 – Transcendence

May 28, 2018

Asteroid “2015 BZ509,” aka Minor Planet #514107, or BZ509 for short, was discovered from Hawaii on 26 November 2014.  The unique thing about BZ509 is that it orbits backwards.  Like Uranus, which rotates sideways, it clearly says “Pay Attention to Me!”  At eleven years 7 months, It has a Jupiter-like orbital period, but its orbit varies from three to seven “AUs” (Earth-Sun Distances) from the Sun. 

Without an official name (we could call it “Breezy” I suppose) we have to depend on its Discovery chart, as the Birth of its observability by Hupers.  Which is…

We’ve used three-Degree Sensitivity for the heavy lines, just to indicate the most Powerful Angles.  The light lines show six-or-so-Degrees of Sensitivity.  As this is a Birth chart, six to eight Degrees is actually more appropriate than three Degrees, but that makes the chart impossibly complex.

The most prominent themes in the heavy lines are…

  • Ego Death coming into Consciousness (BZ509 Conjunct Nemesis and Juno); if our Identity is larger than our Ego, we can just Allow ourself to Molt peacefully, without all the Sturm und Drang that usually goes along with it, and eliminate a lot of Suffering.
  • Trusting that Spirit is Innocent (BZ509-Nemesis-Juno in Leo Trine Eurydike-Ixion in Sagittarius Trine South Node in Aries to make a Fire Grand Trine); Karma is a Paper Tiger that can Conspire with Ego to make us Believe that it’s Physically or Emotionally Real in the Present Moment.  When we Know that it’s All “just” Spirit, we can relax and be entertained by the movie.
  • Realizing that Spirit is as Infinite as it is Innocent (Golden Rectangle formed by the Nodal Axis and Chaos Opposite Eurydike-Ixion); when we Realize that ALL of what we formerly Believed were Limitations are actually just Figments of our Beliefs, we can Manifest whatever we Want.
  • Accepting that we had valid Reasons to formerly Limit ourself, which are now no longer necessary (five points of a Grand Sextile, leaving us to supply the sixth point by Intent; 18 Aquarius, “Secret Motives Publicly Unmasked”); Forgiving ourselves for our former Limits.

When we Expand to six Degrees of Sensitivity, in the lighter lines, we add…

  • Expansion of All of the Above (BK509-Nemesis-Juno Conjunct Amplifier Jupiter).
  • The World is Starting Over (the Grand Sextile is Completed by asteroid Klotho, Beginnings); if you’re Holding On to something from the Past, Let Go.
  • The Paradox between Fear and Boundaries becomes Clear (Sedna Opposite Pallas completes the Yin Gate embedded in the Golden Rectangle); how can it be that we need to Loosen our Boundaries against Fear?  Because Fear is a catalog of the Ego’s Limitations.
  • We are unable to Escape the Truth of our Karma (asteroids Karma and Aletheia Conjunct Pluto, Quincunx BK509-Nemesis-Juno and Trine-Bridging Sedna-Pallas); our Attention to our Karma is Compulsive.  Don’t dwell on your Karma, dwell on the Revelation that it’s Fake News.
  • Rebirth of our Soul’s Truths (Haumea Conjunct North Node and Uranus-Eris Conjunct South Node); Rebirth of our Attention to our Lifetime Mission as a result of Revelation of our Soul’s Purpose in the Lifetime.

We’ve written in, without lines, the planets that are six to eight Degrees from BZ509.  They include…

  • The Most Important Thing about any new Projects we undertake, is that we Relax our Boundaries to Achieve Respect for All Things (Saturn Conjoins Pallas and Hopi Conjoins Sedna in the core of the Yin Gate).
  • Our Trust in the Innocence and Infinity of Spirit will cause us to Let Go of All Beliefs that Inhibit our Confidence in Taking Full Response-Ability for the Survival of ourself, our Community, and our Planet (the Eurydike-Ixion corner of the Yin Gate includes Vesta, Hylonome, Chariklo, Quaoar, and Pholus).

Transcendence is the Keyword I’m choosing for BK509.  It’s Discovery seems to me to indicate a whole new chapter in our Ascension.