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Orcus and Hopi IV

May 20, 2017

A reader notes…

“It’s the Ixion-Chaos Axis that the Hopi Station T-Squares.  The first thing that tells us is that We Need to Immediately Forgive the Perps Who Suppressed our Genius.  We cannot maintain Respect for All Things if we harbor resentment toward our Programmers, and Respect for All Things is precisely the Challenge that here haunts the Recovery of our Genius.

“As we Strive to Immediately Forgive the Purps, we want to remember that Forgiving does not mean ‘making up.’  Forgiveness is about Letting Go of our Internal Stress, not about Loosening Boundaries.  As we’ve said many times, Forgiveness isn’t a Decision, it’s a Discovery – one day we wake up and Discover -“ Lo, We aren’t Angry about that any more!  Just because Forgiveness isn’t a Decision, though, doesn’t mean it can’t be an Intention.

“And Forgiveness doesn’t mean we discard the Lesson that we aren’t Safe being Vulnerable around those folks or in those circumstances; it just means that we don’t have to constantly remind ourselves how Angry we are in order to Keep ourself Safe.  We’ve Forgiven ourself for being so inappropriately Vulnerable.  It means we now have a new Habit of routinely Keeping ourself Safe in similar circumstances – we’ve Expanded our Consciousness and Let Go of an Archetype that compelled us to Abandon ourself and Give Away our Power.”

“I had a dream last night…

“Walking with a big but light suitcase.  A relative, who touched me inappropriately when I was 11, is leading the way, we go up some outdoor stairs that are covered.  The relative takes the suitcase from me.  We reach upstairs into a bright room, but the relative has lost their shoes.

“I woke up and realized although I had thought I had let it go, it was still something I did think about…  And realized my dream said I can let it go, the staircase although outside was enclosed like it had no light…  Walking up was like walking into the light, my relative taking the suitcase was letting go the baggage, and their losing their shoes was like something was taken from them in life that caused them pain and inconvenience. 

“Then I read your post and realized how relevant my dream was to this.”

The key here is “…I can Let It Go…”  Traumas never leave us completely, because “we” (on the Soul level) “signed up” (if “we” indeed Choose to Take Full Response-Ability) for them so we could Experience them, and the PTSD (in the beginning) and Trace (once we’ve Let Go of the Emotional Load around them) are the equivalent of our Degree, gathering dust up in a frame on the wall.

Even in the most Powerful of Gary Craig’s Letting-Go-of-PTSD videos, the process takes many Tapping iterations; the path from PTSD to Trace is gradual, each step Letting Go of another layer of Held Emotions.  Consider that we may well have repeated the Trauma in various forms thousands of times over various Lifetimes, as we Explored variations, Left Karmic Reminders for ourself, recruited several of our Twigmates to Act out the different roles in our Drama, and swapped roles and genders.  Archetypes are not simple or one-dimensional, or we would have penetrated their Mystery long ago.

Current-Life “Operational” Identities are very useful.  If you Identify yourself as an astrologer, it makes doing astrology easier, because you aren’t always struggling against “yourself” to do it.  If you Identify with “Science” (as it’s generally practiced, where you get nowhere without a pat on the head from your senior “peers”), you’ll have a hard time doing astrology, because you won’t have access to the Associative Skills that it requires. 

But there’s nothing wrong with Identifying yourself as an astrologer on Tuesday and as a peer-reviewed Scientist on Wednesday, just as you might Identify yourself as an employee at 11am and as a parent at 8pm.  You probably either practice multiple Identities, or struggle with them, frequently, as for instance when you get a call at work from your child’s school, or when your political party asks you to Deny Climate Change but you can see it all around you plain as day.

Well, it’s no harder to Identify with a Parallel Life – I’ll wager you actually do it every day.  I’ve a friend who just returned from Italy and sent pictures, and a couple of times I caught myself staring at a building or a village in one of the pictures and spontaneously Imagining I was Living there.  Every time you get Spaced Out for a few minutes you could well be Experiencing a Parallel.  Remember that Time is an Illusion; those few seconds could be a long time in that other place.  Then there are Dreams.

Okay, now that you realize that you know how to manage multiple Identities sequentially and simultaneously, why not check in with the MC of the whole show, your Soul Self.  Give it a PIAVA; I’ll wager you’ll be surprised at what happens.

Orcus and Hopi III

May 19, 2017

The third Yin Gate in our sequential Orcus and Hopi Stations this weekemd is in the Hopi Station chart.  Of course the two charts are only a day apart, so the only planet that’s moved more than a Degree is the Moon.  Here’s what the Hopi-Station Yin Gate looks like…

The Central Axis is our old friend Sappho-Sedna – Finding Self-Love by Facing our Fear, Breathing into It, Tapping It Out, and Kegeling it into Submission.  It’s a Yin Gate though, so expect Paradoxes around that theme.  The enclosing Golden Rectangle is also very familiar – Rebirth of our Yintegrity (Haumea Opposite Uranus-Eris) on one diagonal, and Opening the Door to Limitlessness by Recovering our Abandoned Genius (Ixion Opposite Chaos, with Ixion joined by Most-Important-Thing Saturn, and Chaos joined by Truth-Aletheia and Action-Mars) on the other.

It’s the Ixion-Chaos (or Ixion/Saturn-Chaos/Mars/Aletheia) Axis that the Hopi Station T-Squares.  The first thing that tells us is that We Need to Immediately Forgive the Perps Who Suppressed our Genius.  We cannot maintain Respect for All Things if we harbor resentment toward our Programmers, and Respect for All Things is precisely the Challenge that here haunts the Recovery of our Genius.

I was tickled recently when, getting my computer upgraded at the Mac Store (which upgrade allows us pictures again), the person at the “Genius Bar” who was helping me told a story about “before I became a Genius.”  For most of us, though, seeking employment with Apple would probably not quality as “Recovering our Forbidden Genius.”

As we Strive to Immediately Forgive the Purps, we want to remember that Forgiving does not mean “making up.”  Forgiveness is about Letting Go of our Internal Stress, not about Loosening Boundaries.  As we’ve said many times, Forgiveness isn’t a Decision, it’s a Discovery – one day we wake up and Discover – Lo, We aren’t Angry about that any more!  Just because Forgiveness isn’t a Decision, though, doesn’t mean it can’t be an Intention.

And Forgiveness doesn’t mean we discard the Lesson that we aren’t Safe being Vulnerable around those folks or in those circumstances; it just means that we don’t have to constantly remind ourselves how Angry we are in order to Keep ourself Safe.  We’ve Forgiven ourself for being so inappropriately Vulnerable.  It means we now have a new Habit of routinely Keeping ourself Safe in similar circumstances – we’ve Expanded our Consciousness and Let Go of an Archetype that compelled us to Abandon ourself and Give Away our Power. 

Now, you may not have noticed that the two Stations are half a Sign distant from one another.  So what?  That would be the 24th Harmonic, and the Major Arcana stops at 21.  But both Stations occupy Degrees that hold many other planets.  That means that there could be planets in one of the charts that are four and a half Signs – a Trioctile – from a planet in the other chart.  A Trioctile’s primary claim to fame is that, if it’s joined by a second Trioctile, it forms a Mjolnir, signifying Epiphany.  Do any of those occur in this weekend’s charts?

Six of them!  A Mjolnir is formed when a third planet sits at the far Midpoint between two planets that are Square to one another.  Here they are, in purple…

The Mjolnir will Open us to Healing Insights around the Challenges represented by the Square in it’s base.  The six Mjolnirs are…

  • The Hopi Station on the Square from Mercury to Nemesis: Rather than trying to Understand what your Ego Deaths are about, just Focus your Attention on Forgiveness toward anyone who has insulted you, remembering what we said above about Forgiveness.  We can Respect someone without making ourself Vulnerable to them in circumstances where we aren’t Safe.
  • Haumea on the Square from Nessus to Ceres-Mnemosyne: Epiphanies around Past and Current situations of Power-Over, where we may be on either the Privileged or the Abused side of the Equation.  Giving up Inappropriate Vulnerability, Replacing Victimhood with Consciousness of our own Vulnerability and Habits of Self-Protection.  Learning about Power-With.
  • Ixion-Saturn on the Square between Mercury and Vesta: Insight into the Limiting Beliefs which Correlate with the Repression of our Hidden Genius, and the Realization that we have the Power to Change our own Limiting Beliefs once we bring them into Consciousness.  At one point we were Victim to Repressions where we lacked Power; Now we have the Power to turn this around, because the Perp is now our own Limiting Belief, a vestige of the Repressive events.
  • Nemesis on the Square from Hopi to Chaos-Mars-Aletheia: Easy Ego Deaths, so Easy we probably won’t recognize them as that, because we won’t feel Tortured.  Seeing the Truth of how it’s our own Actions that Limit our Ability and Willingness to Collaborate in Win-Win situations with Talented People.
  • Uranus-Eris on the Lilith to Orcus-Karma Square: Epiphanies about the Relationship between our obsolete Oaths and our Self-Sovereignty.  You may have had no Choice but to Obey in the fourteenth century, but that was then and this is Now.  Once you connect the Oath and the Self-Sabotage, you can Dance into the sort of Self-Love and Self-Confidence that will make others want to help Co-Create your Dreams with theirs.
  • Mercury on the Hopi to Ixion-Saturn Square: The Realization that Respect for All Things includes Respect for Ourself and All of Ourself, especially including the Selves we’ve always Wanted to Be and Wished We Were – that is, our Forbidden Genius.  Thinking back over your Life, you Discover the Daydreams that you’ve always had, and Realize that only your Limiting Beliefs hold you back, and that you can Intend to Change those in an Instant.

Orcus and Hopi II

May 18, 2017

This cute puppy is a cluster of Neptunite Crystals (the black ones and the red residue left when they break off – the black is from Iron, and the red from Manganese; Neptunite also contains Potassium, Sodium, Lithium, Titanium, Silicon, and of course Oxygen).

My favorite – because its Interpretations closely match my Experience, unlike most others – Crystal book says that Neptunite allows “group dynamics to be maintained without a disciplined structure” and allows “individuals to orient to the broader community vision” while promoting “voluntary contribution … with a free and open willingness”(Collen Marquist and Jack Frasl, Crystalline Communion 2000 , p.104).  She continues…

“One can recognize the inherent demand of the activity, but it is raised to a vibration of service and contribution rather than enslavement and demand.  It promotes circular sharing of power within a group rather than hierarchical structure.  Where cooperation is required, Neptunite reaches out to create a community allegiance, and allows individuals to highlight the aspects of group intuition.  This can lead to a prophetic ability in describing the destiny of a culture or group, and allows the individual to play an important role.”

An alternative to the Oaths and Commitments that leave a Karmic trace in our crypt of Unconscious Limiting Beliefs, in other words.  Collen’s words closely match what Genia Haddon Pauli (in Body Metaphors for instance) says about the Yang Female which she proposes is in the process of supplanting the Patriarchy.

The “loudest” Configuration in the Orcus Station chart is a combination of a Grand Cross (Strong Motivation, and Skill at Multitasking) and an almost-Grand Sextile (Great Grace).  Strong Motivation and Great Grace in combination are widely considered to be “the best kind of chart” (from the Productivity Perspective) because the Motivation prevents disengagement while the Grace prevents Frustration…

The other terms in the Grand Cross, besides Orcus and its sidekick asteroid Karma, are Nessus (Abuse and Privilege), Lilith (Self-Sovereignty), and Ceres-Mnemosyne (Remembering Sustainability).  We’ve already talked about the Lilith-Ceres/Mnemosyne Opposition, which leaves Orcus-Karma Opposite Nessus.  Well, many of our Oaths, probably including our most ancient Karmic Oaths, were made to escape Abuse or preserve Privilege, so we can expect some fairly nasty Recollections to surface from other Lifetimes, and from their early-Childhood refractions.

There are a number of plausible Perspectives that connect Past-Life Karma and Current-Lifetime Experience. 

  • One is that our Soul’s Urge to Heal brings these up so we can Embrace them and Let Them Go. 
  • Forget the Perspective of Retribution; it’s Self-Abusive.  Once you remove the Dualistic Either/Or Judgment from Abuse and Privilege, Perp and Victim are really just different sides of the same Coin.  If you have a strong reaction to this Perspective, first Tap Out your immediate Emotional Load, then extend your arms, palms up, to each side.  Put your personal or vicarious Victim Experience in one palm and your personal or vicarious Perp Experience in the other.  Close your eyes and very slowly bring your hands together while Paying Attention to what happens in your Body.
  • Another Perspective is that we as Souls choose what Issue we Choose to help Clear in an Earthy Lifetime, then before we take birth we spend time in a Simulator to indoctrinate our Huper Form with the Emotions of the Issue.  Once we’re born, we’re engaged with the Issue.
  • By now you’re probably familiar with the Inertia Perspective, where we can be trapped by the Power of Habits making nests for themselves in the Unconscious.  Noticing, Embracing, and Building replacements is a primary strategy for these Archetypes.

Remember though, All There Is Is Now.  All of those “Karmic” Adventures are just Dances Being Performed by other parts of your Extended Self, Now.  So all you have to do is move the Veil aside, and Stop Performing that Dance.  If you can shift your Assemblage Point to the multifarious Perspective of your Extended Self, that is.  And why not?  PIAVA it. 

Bottom line, We Can Expect to Be Working with our Demons this Weekend.  Consider it a Blessing, and Trust that Whatever Comes Up is Coming Up so you Can Let Go of It for All Time.

The Orcus/Karma-Nessus Opposition is also involved in the Grace-full Grand Sextile, we we won’t be “Alone” with our Demons, we’ll have Allies.  The other three corners of the almost-Grand Sextile are Mercury (Communication) and Hylonome-Veritas.  The latter is the central axis of the Yin Gate we spoke of in the previous post.  The most Powerful corner of an almost-Grand-Whatsit is the Vacancy, in this case 7 Scorpio,Deep-sea divers: The will to explore the hidden depths of all experiences and to search for primordial causes,though I’d be careful to measure “cause” by what makes the Heart Whole rather than what makes the mind go ding.

If you look at the lighter lines in the picture, you see the second Yin Gate in the Orcus Station chart.  The Central Axis of this one is an Opposition from Nemesis (Ego Death) to Vesta (Limiting Beliefs).  We also spoke about that Opposition in the previous post, as it was a diagonal in the first Yin Gate – it was one of very many indications pointing to a Likely Huge Flush of Limiting Beliefs Surfacing so We Can Let Them Go.  Notice that Mercury T-Squares the Central Axis; another warning to Avoid getting stuck in the Either/Or mind while we’re working with Multidimensional realms.

Orcus and Hopi I

May 18, 2017

Our next Adventure is the sequential Stations of dwarf planet Orcus (Oath-Making and -Breaking) and asteroid Hopi (Respect for All Things).  Both Stations occur just prior to 6am PST, Orcus on 21 May, and Hopi on 22 May.  This will be a particularly fascinating combination of Energies, because most of our Limiting Beliefs were founded by Oaths, Oaths always Power-Over one side or the other of some Duality, and Respect for All Things means the Absence of Judgment.

The result of the Merging of two such contrasting Energies will be laden with Paradox, and Paradox of the exact nature that Spiritual Progress is paved with.  Remember that limiting our Commitments as much as possible is a prerequisite to Yintegrity.  And to be Self-Sovereign, rather than Slaves to our Archetypes, we need to Renounce all of our Oaths.  Being thus Free, we’ll be able to follow our Instinct and Intuition without constraint.

You would think, for instance, that an Orcus-Hopi astroevent would simply be a great time to Swear to Respect All Things.  But that would Betray Respect for Ourself, as it would inhibit our Freedom to Follow our Instincts and Intuitions.  Paradox is not accessible by the logical mind. so we just have to Accept it as a Mystery.

Paradox, as we’ve said, is the realm of the Yin Gate Configuration, a Golden Rectangle bisected on the short side by a third Opposition.  By “coincidence,” there happen to be three Yin Gates in the Orcus and Hopi Station charts.  Here’s an example of one, in the Orcus Station chart…

The Orcus Station itself T-Squares (Mastery through Challenge) one axis of the Golden Rectangle (which is the blue box).  “Coincidentally,” the axis that it T-Squares is the axis between Lilith (Self-Sovereignty itself) on the right and a Conjunction of Ceres (Sustainability) and Mnemosyne (Memory) on the left.  The implication is that We Already Know How to Sustain Self-Sovereignty, all we have to do is Remember That We Know.

Another “coincidence” – one axis of each of the three Yin Gates is T-Squared by one of the Stationary planets.  Such redundancy convinces us that the Universe is serious about this message.

The Challenge is our accumulated Oaths, and the Archetypes we still cling too.  Remember that Karma is dead; our Karma does not CLING TO US, we CLING TO IT.  Are you about to do something that you’ve done before?  Do it differently.  I was about to go get a half-glass of Beer, so to break up the Pattern I’ll do a couple of pirouettes between here and refrigerator.  Not that a half-glass of Beer is a big Pattern of mine, but a trip to the refrigerator certainly is! 

Surprisingly and Remarkably, each pirouette produced a big surge of Joy.  I may adopt a new Pattern!  If you spot an old fart pirouetting down the road, say Hi.  Wait, that’s an Oath!  Revert!

The Opposition in the Yin Gate itself (the one in the center of the Golden Rectangle – I know, it’s both blue and Golden – blue because that’s how we draw Energy lines representing Grace, and Golden because the ratio of the sides is the Golden Ratio of Sacred Geometry fame) is between asteroid Veritas (Truth) and dwarf planet Hylonome (Letting Go of Archetypes) – yet another redundant repetition of our basic theme here, which is about Facing the Truth that Allowing ourself to be Directed by our Unconscious Patterns not only Inhibits our Spiritual Progress, it also generates a good deal of Self-SabotagePirouettes are in our Future whether by Oath or Instinct!

The other diagonal of this Golden Rectangle is an Opposition between asteroids Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) and Nemesis (Ego Death).  Lordy Lordy, another redundant repetition!  Well, most of us will have Ego invested in our Unconscious Limiting Beliefs – that’s how we get them to stick.  Of course we all want to be good little girls and boys, and if Granny told us over and over again that good little girls and boys don’t do that, then there you have it – Ego Investment.  

So you remember how to do Ego Death, right?  You reinterpret “I’d rather DIE” to actually be “I’D rather die,” and them you just let it happen.  Egos are like Moles (the ones in your yard) – if you ever do succeed in killing one, another one will pop up to replace it before you can say “Hooray, I’m Freee at Last!”   Chagrin (or Terror) over Ego Death is totally wasted; new Egos are a dime a dozen.  When someone tells you they gave up their Ego when they were Enlightened, that’s their Ego talking. 

You Embrace Confusion as the First Stage of Growth in Consciousness, which heralds less Slavery to Archetypes and less Self-Sabotage (and another sign of Ego Death).  You might be driving or walking a few blocks from home, and suddenly realize that you’re in a very different World, even while you know exactly where you are.  You might suddenly forget all your passwords, or your spouse’s name, because without warning you’ve regressed to age 6 or 12 or 32 or Atlantis or the time you met Genghis Khan, when the Steppes were in bloom.

As with Curiosity, you want to Break all Habits (Oaths!) to try to Understand.  Trying to Understand means you’re scrambling back to your Olde Ego, and losing all the benefits of Psychic and Spiritual Growth.  Confusion and Curiosity are Beautiful just as they are, they aren’t problems to be solved or reasons to exercise that big glucose-burner in your skull.  They’re glorious states to relax into.  They will take you to Heaven if you let them.

This is only one part of the Orcus-Station chart; we’ll take up other parts in the next installment.  For now, notice that the Orcus Station happens to be Conjunct asteroid Karma – yet one more confirmation of our basic theme of Liberation.  The Initiation of Karma by Orcus already occurred, in mid-November of last year, at 10 Virgo, “”Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows: The growth of true understanding, born out of the transcendence of duality even while immersed in the world of duality.” 

The Validations just keep on coming!  The Karma-Orcus Exposition (Retrograde Conjunction) occurred in early March, and the Confidence-Builder (final crossing) will happen on 30 May.  By then we should be feeling pretty good about how much Karmic baggage we’ve been putting out on the curb for recycling.

Response-Ability 4

May 17, 2017

This ongoing Dance between Pholus (Respond-Ability) and Quaoar (Survival Instincts) has been going on for several years; we’ve just been Paying Attention to other issues because they were more Prominent in the charts.  The Dance has been happening on the Cusp of Capricorn.  We can’t help but think that Pholus-Quaoar is about Global Warming, Ascension, and the Patriarchy.  We think of Capricorn as the “Just Do It” Sign, and Pluto (the Mandatory that can be Directed but not Reversed) is about to enter the Virgo Decanate of Capricorn (2018-2024).  That Decanate would imply “Just Break Down your Olde Ego, K?”

The Cusp of Capricorn is of course the northern Winter Solstice.  In many ancient traditions a Day begins at dusk of what most of us would usually consider the evening before, and a Year begins at the Winter Solstice.  To the Romans it initiated Saturnalia, their equivalent of Oktobefest, a celebration of disregard and reversal of the everyday rules of social discourse.  The conversion of Saturn and Capricorn (which are first cousins) from rule-flaunting to rule-making was done by the early Christians in order to enhance their Political (Either/Or) Control over the People. 

The Romans had the luxury of their Mediterranean climate.  For folks further north, the Winter Solstice meant likely hardship, dependence on Community, and the necessity to Attend to The Most Important Thing – Surviving another northern winter.  That yields the primary keywords for Capricorn and Saturn, respectively Pragmatism and Focus.

Like Aries (northern Spring), Cancer (northern Summer), and Libra (northern Autumn), Capricorn is a Cardinal or Creative Sign, signifying a Rebirth.  Aries is the Rebirth of the Indwelling Spirit (Fire) as fresh evidence of the Life Force emerges in northern Plants and Animals in March.  Cancer is the Rebirth of Compassion (Water), as the northern Earth begins to generate a surplus in June (Radishes at least, and all the Leaves we can eat).  Libra is the Rebirth of Community (Air), as the northern September Harvest requires Cooperation and Fair (ideally anyway) distribution.  And Capricorn is the Rebirth of Attention to Material Form (Earth), as Winter cold and snow demand a Focus on Physical Survival in December.

In parts of the Southern Hemisphere, the same pattern could be repeated because most of the habitable Southern Hemisphere landmass lies much closer to the Equator than in the Northern Hemisphere.  In many locations Aries represents recovery from estivation rather than recovery from hibernation.

We can see Western Civilization as a massive social experiment to see what happens when the Individual is celebrated as the Highest Expression of Huperity, rather than the Community.  Though it very much feels like a failure, it’s not a pass/fail test, it’s an experiment.  The Balance between Community and Individual isn’t a linear trend, it’s a sine curve.  As China replaces Europe and the US in the role of World trendsetter, the Balance will swing back toward Community.  Not that the Chinese are any less Patriachal, they’re just more likely to be smart enough to know when Change is necessary.

Here are a few Timepoints that you can compare to your Journal and your Schedule…

  • Mid-January through November 2015 – Quaoar on Galactic Center
  • Early February through December 2016 – Pholus on Galactic Center
  • Late January 2017 – Quaoar enters Capricorn
  • Early March through November 2017 – Saturn on Galactic Center
  • Late March 2017 – Pholus and Quaoar simultaneously Stationary (turning Retrograde) while one Degree apart across the Capricorn Cusp
  • Early June 2017 – Quaoar backs into Sagittarius
  • Mid-September 2017 – Pholus and Quaoar simultaneously Stationary (turning Direct) in Sagittarius
  • Early December 2017 –
    • Pholus Initiates Saturn in 29 Sagittarius, “A fat boy mowing the lawn of his house on an elegant suburban street
    • Quaoar re-enters Capricorn
  • Late December 2017 –
    • Saturn enters Capricorn
    • Quaoar Initiates Saturn in 1 Capricorn, “An Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe
  • 2018-2021 – Pholus and Quaoar continue to Dance closely at their Stations
  • 20 February 2022 – Quaoar Initiates Pholus in 7 Capricorn, “A veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a god”

Remember that the Digital Age begins in earnest in late 2020.

We can’t address Response-Ability without commenting on “New Age Guilt.”  New Age Guilt is a misunderstanding of Taking-Responsibility-to-Create-Your-Own-Reality that occurs when Creating is seen from the Perspective of Blame.  I’ve a friend that suffers from a serious disease and a nasty hospital-acquired superbug infection.  If they try to Take the Blame for this Past Creation, then absolutely it may turn out to feel like Guilt, though I’m not sure how that Blame or Guilt would be related to “New Age.”

Blame, remember, means Assigning Cause to Past events and circumstances.  Sure, with perfect foresight they might have been somehow able to sidestep the Triggers for their misfortune, but it would be a real stretch to Blame them for it.  On the other hand, my friend is absolutely Taking Responsibility to Improve their Future Outcomes, which is exactly how Response-Ability is defined.  They are very much Intending to Create an Improved Reality for themselves in the Future, preferably the Near Future.

In Jane Roberts’s seminal Nature of Personal Reality, Seth points out that it’s Easy to know the nature of our Karma, all we need to do is summarize our Current-Lifetime Personal History.  So sure, if you want to Blame someone’s Present-Moment Ego for all of their Past Lives, you might aver that they have “Created Their Own Past Reality,” but what a stretch that would be.  It would be like that movie where they prosecuted people for crimes that they might commit in the Future.

That doesn’t mean we don’t all have the Opportunity to review our Current-Lifetime Personal History and try to fathom how to read our Limiting Beliefs from the Funhouse Mirror that it is, and use the information to reduce our Self-Sabotage.  Karma remember is Inertia – Olde Habits and their underlying Beliefs – not Retribution.  The notion that we need to be Punished, for whatever, is just Power-Over, usually perpetrated by Religions and Governments.  So it may make some sense to speak of Religious Guilt or Government Guilt.

Another way to look at the difference between Blame and Response Ability, is to look at how our Ego is defined in our self-concept.  If our Operating Ego is Merged with our Individual Soul, then we may be Open to encompassing all of our other Past and Parallel Lives, and extending our Response Ability to some of the issues in those Lifetimes, including any hypothetical Habits and Beliefs Created in those Lifetimes that may linger into the current Lifetime. Of course we’re talking about Sainthood here.

If on the other hand our Ego is Merged with our Physical Body, which Fear of Death would Betray, since our Soul is immortal; or Merged with our Dualistic mind, which would be Betrayed by the presence of Either/Or Judgment of any kind; or Merged with our Emotions and Betrayed by Resistance or Attachment to any of them.  Knowing this could help us define our homework.

Fate is what happens TO us when we’re Unconscious of the Archetypes (Karma) that run our Lives.  When we bring these into Consciousness we gain the Power to Choose otherwise, often referred to as “Free Will.”  Identifying with our Physical or mental or Emotional Bodies keeps Archetypes frozen in the Unconscious.  Identification with our Individual Soul is an ambitious Goal that most of will never achieve.  However, every step we can take in that direction will reduce our Self-Sabotage.

We can never say how accurate and how metaphorical we might be when sending a Healing to someone else (or even to ourself!), but when I send a Theta Healing to my friend for their affliction, the picture I get is one of Panic.  When I then send a Healing for their affliction and their Panic and their Belief that the superbug can kill their physical body, the picture I get is one of Peace and Competence.  So if we revert to the previous Response-Ability 3 post for Guidance, we might Wonder if it would help my friend to Ask themself whether they have an Ancient memory and a Held Emotion around Fear of Being Poisoned, and if so to see where it might lead to Tap that Out and Poor-Sweetheart it.

Moving from Blame to Response-Ability isn’t easy, because Blame is a Closed Universe.  There are no logical paths out of Blame; the only way to exit is is to PIAVA an exit.  Given our conditioning it’s even more difficult, but we’re even better off if we can glimpse the World through eyes other than Cause and Effect.  Cause and Effect is absolutely dependent on Linear Time, and every Spiritual tradition on the Planet advises that All There Is Is Now. 

Without Cause and Effect, there is no Blame.  Response-Ability can run completely on PIAVAs – no need for Cause and Effect at all.  Your PIAVAs don’t “Cause” your Future Outcomes, they “merely” have potential to shift the Beliefs that Control your Perceptions of “Reality.”

Response-Ability 3

May 16, 2017

Given how we Interpreted the various Angles to Pholus earlier (…

  • Galactic Headquarters is telling us that Recovering our Abandoned Genius is not just The Most Important Thing, it’s also Critical for our Survival
  • Much Grace is available to us if we Interview our Mission for the Lifetime in the context of what Galactic Headquarters is telling us
  • The Pain that is likely to be involved in our Held Emotions and Despair that we’ve never been able to Heal them
  • Our Life Force is in the Balance
  • We have much to Learn

How do we take Full Responsibility for this?

Well, the first thing we need to do is Change our preposition…

How do we become Fully Responsible TO this?

We can start at the bottom and work up…

  • We have much to Learn:
    • That’s a shift of Attitude already, as we’re advised to approach the issue with Curiosity, hoping to grok things which we haven’t grokked before.  That’s a lot different from the pre-baked Rhetoric which we’ve been hearing, and probably speaking.
  • Our Life Force is in the Balance: 
    • Where in our Life do we suffer Lack?  We need to take a Searching Inventory of that, to determine if this is an Unmet Need, or an Excess Ambition.  The flip side of Sustainability is Sustenance – what can we do without, and what do we really Need?  Do we go to bed Satisfied with our day?  Do we wake up Excited about our new day?  How could we shift to add Excitement and Satisfaction to our Life?
  • The Pain that is likely to be involved in our Held Emotions and Despair that we’ve never been able to Heal them:
    • What’s the worst thing we can Imagine?  How would that make us Feel?  Are we completely Comfortable with those Feelings?  How would we Respond to the worst thing we can Imagine?  Would our Feelings inhibit our Response, or support it?  Can we practice Poor-Sweethearting those Feelings?
    • How would we approach our Death?  With Fear?  How can we shift that so we approach it with Loving Kindness?  What if how we approach our Death has a lot to do with how much Fun our “Next” Lifetime will be?  How often have we Experienced Ego Death in our Current Lifetime?  Can we tell the difference between Ego Death and Physical Death?
  • Much Grace is available to us if we Interview our Mission for the Lifetime in the context of what Galactic Headquarters is telling us:
    • Do we have a rough idea of what our Mission is in this Lifetime, why we took Form as a Huper at this time?  Or did it just Happen To us?  If there’s a part of us that groks, more or less, why we’re Here Now?  Maybe it would be useful to PIAVA getting to know that part of us?
  • Galactic Headquarters is telling us that Recovering our Abandoned Genius is not just The Most Important Thing, it’s also Critical for our Survival:

    • That’s a pretty heavy Assignment.  Do we have an inkling what Galactic HQ is talking about?  Maybe it would be useful to PIAVA increased Clarity around this?  We don’t want Understanding; that just rearranges the deck chairs.  We already know that we Need is to be Open to grokking things which we haven’t grokked before.  Grokking involves the Heart, not the mind.

As the Transformation Game says, “The most difficult tasks are only given to the most competent people.”

Response-Ability 2

May 16, 2017

Today is Pattern-Breaker Day, as per the last picture in the Rose above the Sky post (  Well, okay, the next-to-the-last picture; the last picture is the Beatles.  So if you encounter anything less than Blissful, remember that the only reason you would Choose to Experience less-than-Blissful for more than a few moments, is that it’s a Habit, and today all you need to do is make the Choice to Feel What Want to Feel, and let the natural Energy of Habit-Breaker Day do the rest.

Habits are like Muscles; you build them up with repetitions.  The more you Allow Bummers to run your Life, the more you reinforce that Habit, but the more you Choose the Positive, the easier it gets.  There’s one HUGE exception to this.  You have to be Loving and Gentle with your olde Bummers.  Poor-Sweethearting them is good.  Tapping out their Intensity is good.  Giving yourself some Limited amount of time just to be Present and Forgiving with them is essential. 

This is the Edge between Denial and Choice; Denial is Resistance to your Habitual Bummers, Choice requires Loving Acceptance of your Bummers exactly as they are.  A good “rule” to remember about Feelings, Circumstances, Bummers, Habits, and just about everything else, is that…

Nothing Can Change until You Accept It Exactly as It Is.

Poor-Sweethearting is a good place to start.  You may not be able to deflate a Lifetime Bummer in one Choosing today, but if you practice it today, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can jump ahead.

We still have more to say about Responsibility, but first, here’s a completely different Perspective on the same thing…

If you don’t know John, he was a Peace Corps volunteer in the South American jungles, and from there went on to work for the modern American Colonial Establishment (the World Bank).  When he says “EHM” in his post, he’s referring to his career as an “Economic Hit Man,” which job he describes briefly in the post.   Later, after he saw through the Colonial game, he went back to the jungles, where the Shamans taught him that The World Is As You Dream It, which is the title of one of his many Powerful books (


May 14, 2017


Here’s some Wisdom for us, from Suzanne Lie, Channeling the Arcturians…

“Please remember that real is a third dimensional word, the term ‘real’ is much more a perceptual decision than a reality.  For uncountable incarnations, humans have perceived the third dimension as real, the fourth dimension as dreamtime, or perhaps a meditation or creativity, and the fifth dimension was experienced as a fantasy, a desire, or in the very best case, a distant possible reality.

“What is interesting is that the fifth dimension is actually the threshold into the real worlds.  There are the sixth dimension and beyond real worlds, and the fifth dimension, as the threshold to those real worlds.  This fifth dimensional threshold allows those ones who can cross that threshold to go into the sixth dimension and beyond of ‘real realities.’

“Now let us take a moment to define the term ‘real reality.’  Real reality is a reality in which you take full responsibility, and/or credit, for the experiences that you created.

“In other words, reality is real when you, the creator of that reality, take full responsibility for your creation.  Humans often do not like this component of a ‘real reality’ (as opposed to an illusion of reality) because you must look deeply at your own power of creation, as well as to release all sense of victimization.”

If we speak of Full Responsibility, we have to look at what dwarf planet Pholus is up to, and it’s actually been quite busy…

  • It’s still on the Galactic Center – ie, Galactic Headquarters is asking us to look sharper
  • It’s still Conjunct Quaoar, meaning that it’s Critical for our Survival
  • By now Saturn has inched closer, which is to say, it’s now The Most Important Thing
  • Along with Ixion, which is still Conjunct Saturn and virtually Conjunct Pholus, which tells us that Galactic Headquarters is telling us that Recovering our Abandoned Genius is not just The Most Important Thing, it’s also Critical for our Survival
  • It makes a Grand Trine with Mercury and the North Node, which implies that much Grace is available to us if we Interview our Mission for the Lifetime in the context of what Galactic Headquarters is telling us (see previous bullet)
  • The Grand Trine is really a Kite pointed at the South Node, suggesting that what’s really Most Important is Taking Full Responsibility for our Held Emotions (that is, the Emotions we’d rather Die than Feel)
  • It Squares Chiron, illuminating the Pain that is likely to be involved in our Held Emotions and Despair that we’ve never been able to Heal them – which we must address with Loving Kindness for ourself and our Pain (ie, Poor-Sweethearts)
  • Along with the South Node it’s the base of a Finger of God pointing to Varuna, which says that our Life Force is in the Balance
  • Four of the five corners of the Full Moon’s Grand Quintile remain – Pholus-Quaoar-Saturn-Ixion, Sedna-Sun, Vesta, and Jupiter, though some of the internal Angles are getting ragged.  Nessus is still Quintile Saturn-Ixion, but a bit out of range for Pholus itself.  That is, we have much to Learn, and while some of it will be easy, some of it will be harder to grasp.
  • We didn’t mark it as part of our Grand Unx (see the last picture in The Rose above the Sky at ), but you can sketch both Pholus and Quaoar in next to Saturn and Ixion in the upper right.

Much more to be said about Responsibility, but I’m out of time at the moment, so we’ll continue Tuesday if not tomorrow.




May 11, 2017

We often talk about the Chironean process, whereby we take something that we Reject – often accompanied by Pain or even Severe Pain – Despair for instance, and convert it to Miracles.  When we’re Feeling great Pain such as Despair, it’s very difficult to Detach our Identity from the Pain.  But Pain is always much more manageable when we Feel it rather than Being it.

We often abbreviate this process by calling it “Poor-Sweethearting,” because the easiest way to put it to work is to say to ourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Despair, aren’t you.”  That simple statement is Magic, because by saying it we’re stepping out of our previous Identity – Despair – and stepping into a New Identity, as a Compassionate Witness.

Eugene Gendlin, the creator of the Focusing process, wrote his PhD dissertation on what actually worked in psychotherapy.  He observed a large number of counseling sessions that used different methods and theories of Healing, and concluded that it didn’t much matter what method or theory was used; counselors that were successful were those that Empathized with their clients.  Those that didn’t Empathize didn’t have successful outcomes with their clients.

Which is exactly what we’re doing by Poor-Sweethearting, Empathizing with ourself.  Tapping uses the same principle, when we begin the process with “Even though I’m in Despair, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself. 

When we Poor-Sweetheart ourself, we shift our Perspective.  We’re no longer looking out from the Perspective of Despair, we’re now looking in from the Perspective of Compassion.  Einstein supposedly said that you can’t solve a problem using the same thinking that postulated it, and that’s exactly what we’re doing, were changing our thinking, our Perspective.  And Poor-Sweethearting ourself is literally all we need to do because the next step is to Change the Subject, like we do when we’re PIAVAing.

If we don’t Change the Subject, our old Perspective takes back over, and we’re stuck with the same unfunctional Perspective on the same problem.  So we Poor-Sweetheart ourself, and then we just go about our business.  We may not even notice it when Miracles happen.  Miracles are simply things which are beyond the range of Possibility from our old Perspective.  Once we Change Perspectives, the range of Possibilities Changes, and Voila, Miracles.

Alternatively, before we Change the Subject we can sit with ourself for a little while after we Poor-Sweetheart ourself, because often we can hear or Feel a Child’s small voice answering us from within.  “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re really Feeling Helpless, aren’t you.”  “Well, there’s nothing I can do!” she might reply.  If we can develop a dialog with these Inner Kids of ours, that’s a goldmine.  They have untold information about how our Limiting Beliefs formed in our current Lifetime, and that information can help Liberate us from Self-Sabotage.

I certainly don’t claim to have invented Self-Empathy, but the Poor-Sweethearting process came to me after I had refused induction to Vietnam, and I was waiting for the FBI to come and arrest me.  I spent a lot of time working over many different possible actions and possible consequences in my head in those days, and Despair was never far away.  Of course it was not my first Experience with Despair, but it was a Powerful and Extended Recurrence.

I was impressed today when Daniel Scranton Channeled a more-Neutral version of the same process…

“Greetings.  We are the Arcturian Council.  We are pleased to connect with all of you.

“We have always been willing to accept where you are in any moment, as a collective and as individuals.  It has been this acceptance that has allowed us to see beyond where you were in the moment, and this has given us the insights that we knew you would be able to receive at some point.

“Your willingness to accept your current circumstances in your lives will enable you to shift.  Acceptance will enable you to loosen your grip on your current set of circumstances, and that will assist you in creating something new, something more to your liking, something that you will more readily be able to enjoy.  The process of acceptance is like anything else. It doesn’t happen all at once.  It happens in stages or steps.

“First, you must be aware of something, and then you must allow yourself the reaction to it.  In other words, you’re still going to feel your emotions, even though your goal will be to find a place of acceptance within you.  After you have processed whatever emotions come up within you regarding your circumstances, you can open yourself up to the possibility that what you are experiencing in the present moment is actually serving you in some way.

“And once you come to that conclusion, it becomes easier for you then to accept the circumstances you are in.  And when you see how something serves you, you also see how it is temporary and anything that you need to do in order to move past it on the physical level.  The change becomes clearer to you, and the steps that are required to make those changes become evident.

“Most importantly, when you are in acceptance, you are not in a state of judgment.  You are not criticizing yourself for being where you are, and you are not in resistance.  Therefore, you enable yourselves to find some comfort in your current situation, some relief, and you give yourselves the necessary ingredients to catapult you into a better future.

“We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

The Rose and the Apple

May 11, 2017

The slowest planet in the Grand Quintile and Grand Decile is the Sun, which moves one Degree per day, so both “Grands” persists for another few days.  Here’s an intriguing use of Apple…

Notice her association between Apple and Heart.  And while we’re on the subject of Activism, here’s an interesting approach…

And a few potential places where either approach might be useful…

I’m reminded of my experience of watching the movie The Corporation.  When I left the showing, I was troubled about feeling the need to go back to the barricades, but as I walked, the sidewalk began to undulate under my feet as I felt Mother Earth’s Breathing, and a seven-foot green Fellow “spoke” to me from a pit next to the sidewalk, instantly telepathing that it wasn’t about Protest, it was about PIAVAing the World I wanted to see.

Later I related the story in an RJ Stewart (among other things a Priest of Irish Mysticism, workshop, and RJ responded with his own story about a team of women who protested England’s first nuclear power plants.  After failing to stop the creation of the power plants they moved to the Western US and started a Meditation Group.  That Group, RJ said, created the Energy that expanded into the Environmental Movement in the US.

Which is no condemnation of Activism, if you’re called to it.  Most of my own Activism is low-key, focusing on Respect for Nature and Food Security and Quality (eg,,,, Native Rights (eg, and Relative Truthiness (eg,,

These folks, for instance – – are featured in the Spring 2017 issue of Permaculture International, only one of so many examples of what’s going on outside the view of Fear-mongering television news.  And in the Summer issue co-founder Maddy Harlan says (Empowering Women with Permaculture, p.52)…

“My favorite principle of Cultural Emergence is allow for the possibility of the seemingly impossible.  This encourages us to envision the world we actually want.  Could we, for example, imagine a world where there is zero sexual abuse?  It might seem impossible from where we currently are, but it is by allowing for that possibility that we will actually find ways to bring it into reality.

“Emergence is a term used in systems thinking where two or more things come together with unexpected results.  So who knows where the turning points are and what opportunities will open up when we focus our combined attention on designing and creating the cultures we want to flourish in the world.

It’s important to Focus on what’s most Meaningful to us, and it’s very important to be Neutral.  If we don’t approach Activism from a Neutral place we’re likely to be part of the problem rather than part of the solution.  Fighting for Peace is War, not Peace.  Struggling against the Patriarchy is Power-Over, not Power-With.  We need to Be the Change we Wish to see in the World, as Gandhi said.  It’s much more important to Work on our Neutrality (eg Tapping, Poor-Sweethearting, PIAVAing) than it is to be a non-Neutral Activist about anything.

Neutrality and Passion are not a Duality, they’re Both/And.  In the Grand Unx in the previous post, all six of the Oppositions are Yin Gates.  Which one do you think may be suggesting that we’re about to come face to the face with the Paradox that Passion and Neutrality make Powerful Partners?  We can be Deeply Committed without being Attached to any particular Outcome. 

In a sense, this is what the Patriarchy is illustrating for us.  The specific Outcome doesn’t matter to them, they just Spin it, and use it as the ground for their next attack on Equality.  Liberated from Maslow’s Pyramid, they’re playing with Reality like a Cat plays with a Mouse.  They’re very much showing us how to Create Our Own Reality.  Our Expectation of Consistency is a Limiting Belief.  Reality is Unitary and Multifarious and Infinite.  Contradictions are in the Limitations of the Beholder. 

Our Outrage at their Success is a Funhouse Mirror for our Limiting Beliefs.  We Want a different Result, but we’re being invited to follow their example and Create What We Do Want.  Marilyn Raffaele Channels the Arcturians for us…

“Creativity in all its forms is the Divine Feminine expressing Itself–Divine Mother giving birth to  new ideas in infinite form and variety on all levels and in all dimensions.  The energy of the Divine Feminine resides within the heart center and as increasingly more people allow their hearts to open, integrating and activating the energy of the Divine Feminine in balance with the Divine Masculine, it will manifest as creative ideas  heretofore never dreamed of.

“In order for this true creativity to flow and manifest, the Divine Masculine must also be integrated for they are two halves of a Divine Whole.  Men are being guided to integrate and allow their Divine Feminine to flow, while women are being guided to integrate and allow their Divine Masculine to flow.  The creative ideas of one without the other are either non-existent or only able to manifest in incomplete, three dimensional, and often uninspiring forms.

“Allow the process dear ones, allow the process.  Be not afraid to embrace and  implement each new truth into all facets of daily living.  Trust that your Higher Self is always guiding and leading you to where you are ready to be.  Allow the process.”

The rest of this May 7 post of hers is a good.  Find it now at ; once she Channels another message, you can find it at or .