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Abuse and Privilege Full Moon

September 1, 2020

When I first saw this 1 September 2020 (10:22 pm PDT) Full Moon chart it blew my mind…

Almost exactly the same chart as the 28 August Sedna-Station chart, with its two interlocking Yin Gates

My first thought was, of course, it hasn’t been that long since 28 August, so the planets haven’t moved that far.  My second thought was, Wait a minute!  This is in a completely different Degree Zone on the other end of the Signs, and completely different planets!!  My third thought followed quickly, With double Yin Gates – Mystery Schools demanding that we Open our Minds to Paradox – repeated twice in quick succession with different planets, the Universe is very clearly telling us to Forget Everything We Think We Know because our Perceptions about Life the Universe and Everything are about to be turned Upside Down!

Then I noticed my error.  Remember those cartoons they used to put in the newspapers called something like “Find three things wrong with this picture?”  Maybe they still do.  As I’m sketching out the Angles I notice that I accidentally put Pallas where Aquarius is supposed to be when I was filling the chart from one source, and, from a second source, also put Pallas in Capricorn where it belongs.  So, will the real 1 September Full Moon chart please stand up…

Not so much as a blue (Golden) Rectangle, let along a single Yin Gate!  I’ve done enough charts in the last fifty-plus years to know though, that Mistakes are Intuitions in Disguise.  So how do I interpret this “new,” correct Full Moon chart?  The Universe is very clearly telling us to Forget Everything We Think We Know because our Perceptions about Life the Universe and Everything are about to be turned Upside Down! 

Look how easy it would be to find an asteroid or dwarf planet or Star to plug into 10-13 Aquarius and Complete the Configuration!  I don’t usually stretch that far – I probably wouldn’t even have noticed that adding a single “planet” would give us Siamese-Twin Yin Gates!

But I couldn’t find a single asteroid or dwarf planet or major Star in those Degrees!  Wild.  So I had to look up the Sabian Symbol for the Degree Opposite Vesta, 10 Aquarius – “A man who had for a time been the embodiment of a popular ideal is made to realize that as a person he is not this ideal“!  Intense!  I’ll bet you can’t imagine who that made me think of.  Why, John Wayne of course!  Not!  I didn’t even bother to geld the pronouns like I usually do (assuming that Elsie’s use of pronouns was an artifact of her time)That could turn the World upside down, at least from the Perspective of our Anxiousness.

You can perhaps see why I put so much Attention on Vacancies.  They’re the most Important planet or Void in the chart.  The general “rule” is that, if there is no planet or Star in the Vacancy, then in order to bring Our World into Balance, WE have to provide that extra Energy.  With nothing in the Vacancy we’re Out of Balance, as if we have a limb missing or bound.  That suggests that a very Powerful exercise for us to contribute to Changing the World, to move it a little closer to How We Want It To Be, would be to Ask ourself, What popular (or popularly unpopular) Ideal do WE think WE Embody? 

Thinking about my Relationship to Ego astrology and my Hippie Days and the years in between, I guess some kind of minor “Rebel” might qualify for me.  Someone who thinks they don’t have to Follow the Rules.  I was too young to see the James Dean movies, but it was in the air.  I remember Realizing much later in Life than I could have, that wearing a “Warm” persona would have been a lot more rewarding than having worn a “Cool” one.  What happens to me when I envision dropping the Pretense of either?  I may just get Grumpy!

I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue this tomorrow, and I know I won’t on Thursday, so it may be Friday before we can resume.  Remember that Full and New Moons have their primary impact during the two or so weeks after the event.  There are a number of Profound Energies in this “real” Full Moon chart, such as…

  • The Moon Outpicturing Abuse and Privilege (Conjunct Nessus),
  • Cutting Loose enough Long-Suffering Decisions that have Limited us that it will be as if we can Begin Anew (Sun Conjunct Orcus and Klotho),
  • Realizing that our Victimhood is our own Worst Enemy (Nemesis Opposite Chiron) – the “Rebel” has a Chironean Wound,
  • Confronting the Unconscious Fantasies that prevent us from Allowing our Soul to Descend (Uranus Square Vesta),
  • Noticing the False “Truths” we’ve been using to draw Boundaries that Allow and Create our own Racism (Veritas and Stationary Pallas Opposing Hopi).

And then there’s the “Other” Vacancy that, without the hidden Yin Gates beckoning, becomes the Most Important place in the chart – namely the Vacancy in Scorpio that will Complete the Grand Sextile and bring Grace into our Endeavors.  The Star Alphecca suggests a Woman’s Crown but implies some Sorrow may be Involved.  The asteroid Typhon is named for Medusa’s Monstrous Reptilian brother who tried to destroy Zeus to defend his mother Gaia, but Failed.  Even the Grace is Heavy.

Asteroid Karma does move into Leo on 3 September (9:30 pm PDT),  so for the next three months we may find it easier to more clearly Picture What We Want when we Notice that we’re Focusing on What We Don’t Want.  After that, as we begin the Digital Age, Karma moves into Virgo, the Sign of Ego Death, which will be fantastic, to have our Karma undergoing Ego Death!  And also Scary, since it’s our Karma that feels so Comfortable to us that it feels like Home.

The Bottom Line is, I’ll repeat, that Everything we’re Experiencing – and  Anxious about (though aren’t we less Anxious, or at least more Conscious about our Anxiety, now that Sedna has finished its Station?)is about the Demise of the Patriarchy.  They’re being such Pricks because they know they’re Done For, but they aren’t about to let us (or their own Embodied Delusion) Believe it by Acting Contrite.  Yet.  Till they have to admit that they and their Ideal aren’t the same.

Soul Descending II

August 16, 2020

We ended the previous post with…

“Like we did with Aldebaran for the Full Moon, if we could fill the Vacancy in the Soul-Descent Almost-Great Grace (Almost-Grand Sextile), we could Resolve the Challenge to Victimhood (convert the Chiron T-Square to a Diamond Star) while we Activated the Great Grace (filled the Grand Sextile).

“And can we ever!  This Vacancy is a Zoo!  It’s filled by two dwarf planets, two Near-Earth asteroids, and a major Star…

  • “Dwarf planet Typhon is a hundred-mile wide ‘Centaur’ (half planet, half comet) with a 237-year orbit, named after the Giant Serpent-Person, son of Gaia and uncle to Medusa (and far more fearsome), who lost to Zeus in a battle for control of the Cosmos, marking the Beginning of the Earth-Destroying Patriarchy.

“This requires a lot more discussion, which we’ll continue soon…”

For instance…

“What if we told you that humanity is being driven to the brink of extinction by an illness?  That all the poverty, the climate devastation, the perpetual war, and consumption fetishism we see all around us have roots in a mass psychological infection?  What if we went on to say that this infection is not just highly communicable but also self-replicating, according to the laws of cultural evolution, and that it remains so clandestine in our psyches that most hosts will, as a condition of their infected state, vehemently deny that they are infected?

“What if we then told you that this ‘mind virus’ can be described as a form of cannibalism.  Yes, cannibalism.  Not necessarily in the literal flesh-eating sense but rather the idea of consuming others – human and non-human – as a means of securing personal wealth and supremacy.”  —

An excellent essay on the Colonialist Wetiko Trance that the Patriarchy has evolved into.

Since Pluto represents our current Trance and Trance-Formation, and Saturn symbolizes our Identity, can we find any hope for Major Change in the recent Pluto-Saturn Initiation of its 35-year “Two Awards for Bravery” Cycle?  Yes, as both Soul (Uranus) and Revelation of Denial (Eris) were very Strong (Stationary) in its Birth chart.  That’s Long-Term, but it’s enough that we can consider the Trauma we’re facing now to be a Herxheimer.

Gaia’s Monstrous Children (Typhon, Medusa, et al) Defended the Mystery.  Their Demise allowed the “Rational” mind and its Hubris to take over Sovereignty of Huper Culture and begin Destroying the Planet.  The symbol for Hubris (asteroid, and Greek Goddess of Insolence, Hybris) Sat Still on the Great Attractor last week (Stationary at 16 Sagittarius on 11 August), at the Focal Point of the Finger of the Goddess (Pay Attention!) and in a Curious Relationship (Quincunx) to Soul (Uranus) and to Ending Resistance to Trusting our Instincts (Atropos-Eurydike-Moon).

Hubris was also closing a Cycle (Waning Unx) to the Pluto-Saturn Initiation, and Begins New 5-year Cycles next year…

  • Trance-Formation and Hubris (Pluto-Hybris Initiation) 20 January 2021, “A store filled with precious Oriental rugs(25 Capricorn) – which definitely belong more to the Matriarchy than the Patriarchy.
  • Confidence and Hubris (Chariklo-Hybris Initiation) 5 February 21, “An old adobe Mission in California(1 Aquarius), the same Degree that Initiates the Digital Age (Saturn-Jupiter Initiation) in December 2020.  Confidence in Colonialism, and Confidence in its Demise.  This year’s melees may be just an introduction.
  • Identity and Hubris (Saturn-Hybris Initiation) 26 February 2021, “A flag turning into an Eagle(9 Aquarius).  Moving from Patriotism to Perspective.
  • Expansion and Hubris (Jupiter-Hybris Initiation) 29 April 2021. “A Butterfly emerging from a Chrysalis” (29 Aquarius).  Digital technology moves beyond its Formative stages, as does Resistance to it.

Not that it wasn’t warranted, but we digressed…

“This Vacancy [in the (Uranus-Stationary) chart at 11 Scorpio] is a Zoo!  It’s filled by two dwarf planets, two Near-Earth asteroids, and a major Star…”

  • The second dwarf planet is Dziewanna, a 300-mile-wide iceball with an almost-600-year orbit (Pluto takes “only” 250 years), named after a Slavic Goddess of Wilderness, Forests, and the Hunt (similar to Diana or Artemis), with an obviously Stronger connection to 5D Collaboration than to 3D Competition.  In the context of the emphasis on Sovereignty (Hylonome-Pallas-Veritas) in the Soul Descending (Uranus Stationary) chart, we can quote a classic Codependent conversation, “Dziewanna get a pizza?”  “I dunno, what Dzuwanna do?”

Near-Earth or “Apollo” asteroids (aka “NEOs”) are those with Earth-Crossing Orbits, candidates for future Collisions with Earth like the approximately 8-mile-wide ‘roid that wiped out the Reptilian Dinosaurs in roughly 66,000,000 BCE and Opened Space for Mammals to take over the Planet, for better or worse.  The two Apollos in the Vacancy are…

  • Poseidon is a 1½-mile-wide asteroid with a 2½-year orbit, so it swings by pretty often.  Its current “Earth-Minimum-Orbital-Intersection Distance” is about 76 Lunar distances.  As a Water God, the Mythological Poseidon suggests that we shift our Values to pull Emotion up out of the Sewer that the Patriarchy put Her in, clean Her up, and Celebrate Her along with Her siblings Intuition and Instincts.
  • Asclepius, named after a Greek Hero of Healing and Medicine, is only 300 meters across, with an orbit of only one year, and comes too close for comfort.  In 1989 it missed us by less than 1.8 Moon-distances.  It must be named after Allopathic Medicine.

The Star in the Vacancy is Alphecca, star of the Northern Crown, or Ariadne’s Tiara.  Alphecca implies a Gift that comes with the price of Pain or Darkness.

So our Vacancy will Establish Great Grace (Completing the Grand Sextile), and Neutralize the Challenge of Victimhood (Convert the Chiron T-Square to a Self-Resolving Diamond Star).  At what cost?  Not that it’s Optional; these are the planets that are Living there.  The Energy that does this work includes (1) Medusa’s Terrifying brother Typhon who lost to Zeus in battle thus Enabling the Patriarchy, (2) A Goddess of the Wilderness Dziewanna, two Potentially Life-Destroying Near-Earth asteroids, (3) Water God Poseidon and (4) Healer Asclepius, and (5) Fixed Star Alphecca, whose Promise of a Gift includes a period of Darkness and Pain.

Wait!  This sounds a lot like the Reality we’re being forced to Live, doesn’t it!  Is Typhon back for a Grudge Match?  Dziewanna sounds like a fitting Guide for Earth Restoration.  Poseidon echoes Moon Out of Bounds.  Medicine is completely out of its League and we’re forced to Rely on Curiosity and Intuition to move beyond it.  And we’re in the middle of Darkness and Pain that is Gifting us with the Empirical Experience that we can actually turn Global Warming around if we’re willing to Surrender Victimhood and move Decisively to substitute Community for Money and Having-Enough-to-Share for Always-More.

We obviously have a lot of PIAVAing yet to do to Create a 5D Vision out of these pieces, but the Building Blocks are there.  And the Bottom Line of it all?  Soul Descending into Matter.