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Full Moon Lingering

January 7, 2015


It’s pretty obvious we aren’t done with this Full Moon Emotionally, so we better have another look at it astrologically.  We’re also dealing with an Eris Station in a few days, but that shouldn’t be that strong yet,

unless we have natal planets in the 20- to 25-degree range.  The Full Moon will be tickling (or wringing) our planets in the 10- to 17-degree span, and to a lesser extent 0 to 3 degrees.

The chart above is upside down.  So what looks like earbuds at the top is really the North Node, and what looks like headphones at the bottom is really the South Node.  When they’re right-side-up, the North Node looks like headphones and the South Node looks like earbuds.  We turned it upside down to better show the emphasis on Saturn.

A Kite is a Grand Trine with a fourth planet at the Midpoint of one of the Trines.  The fourth planet becomes the focus, channeling the Grace of the Grand Trine.  This is a Grand Cross with a fifth planet at the Midpoint of one of the Squares, so I guess we could call it a Box Kite.  The fifth planet would become the focus, channeling the Challenge of the Grand Cross

In this chart it also has “wings” – those symmetric Sextiles from two corners of the Grand Cross.  They actually make another new Configuration, a Sextile Fez, to join our family of the Trine Fez and Square Fez.  The Sextile Fez consists of two interlocking Yods or Fingers of God, telling us to Pay Attention to the two planets at the base of the Sextile Fez, and suggesting that we can resolve the Square on top by making sure that our Curiosity – about the relationship between the two planets in the base – is genuine.

Combining a Box Kite and a Sextile Fez that have parallel bases, gives us a complex symmetric Configuration with seven sides and dominated by the Mjolnir focused on the fifth planet in the Box Kite.  The seven-sided figure brings the Seventh Harmonic into the picture, so we may want to check to see if there’s any Shamanic Magic afoot.  For lack of a better term, let’s call it a Septogram.

Got all that?  Well, let’s start with the Mjolnir

If we’re confronted with the Manifestation of our Karma, what’s The Most Important Thing for us to do (or be) about it?

That is, the base of the Mjolnir is a Square (Challenge) between the Moon (Manifestation) and Uranus on the South Node (the Held Emotions which prevent us from Living our Truth).

That’s pretty heavy.  I’d say that The Most Important Thing would be to not get sucked into the pretense that this is a Present Moment issue.  There’s a high likelihood that we’re Reacting to past events, not to the Reality of what’s going on in the Present.  When Emotions arise we crave Justifications for them – so we know what to Grieve, or who to be Angry with, or what it is that’s Scaring us, or what makes us Ecstatic or Excited or “just” Satisfied.  But when the Emotions aren’t Present-Moment, the reasons we’re making up are unfortunately just noise, and it’s noise that can do significant damage to our Present-Moment circumstances, if we React to our reasons.

The Most Important Thing to “do” with non-Present Moment Emotions, is to Witness them, lovingly and gently.  It helps to locate them in your Body, where you can warm and soften them.

How do we know when Emotions are non-Present Moment?  When the Moon Squares the South Node, it’s a sure bet (even without Uranus on the South Node.  Uranus just makes the whole thing more personal).  The Present-Moment Triggers for our Emotions could even be valid reasons for us to Respond as if the Emotions were “Real.”  But our Reactions will be out of proportion to the Trigger.  When our Reactions make the situation worse, it reinforces our justifications, so now we believe we’re “right,” adding another brick to our narrow Karmic silo.

So the Insight (the Mjolnir) that’s available here is provided by the situation that grabbed you, whatever it was.  That situation always Regresses you so you aren’t bringing your Present-Moment Skillset into the situation with you.  You’re using an incomplete Skillset from an earlier age and era.  You can “Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade” by recognizing that you’re Overreacting Emotionally, and stepping aside to Witness your Emotions.  Even if you’re in the thick of your Reactions, you can Stop, make Amends if necessary (“Gee, I’m getting Emotional here, aren’t I.”), and take a timeout (“Lets finish this discussion later, okay?”).

What about the Sextile Fez?  The Square across the top is Sun-Pluto to North Node, so the Challenge is likely to be that…

You’ve been doing very well working toward a Goal or Mission of yours that feels critically important, you may not even be sure why it feels that way, and the Emotional situation that has arisen has kind of sucker-punched your efforts toward your Goal.

And what’s the Quincunx about at the base of the Sextile Fez?  Juno to Chiron – the Edge of Consciousness and Despair/Miracles.

Recognize that, whatever other Emotions have been Triggered, you’re also feeling Curious about something.  What is it that piques your Curiosity?  It may be whether or not the Motives that you’re attributing to the other parties in your Drama are really theirs.  They might be and they might not be, but when we’re Regressed, the important thing is to be present with those Motives as if they were our own.  Not so we feel Guilt or Self-Judgment – those feelings indicate that we’re off-track.  But is there a sense in which we weren’t being completely straightforward?  Maybe we just weren’t speaking the Whole Truth, maybe we were holding something back.

When we Own the Motives that we’ve been attributing to Others, if we can do it without Judgment or Blame, we stretch the Edges of our Consciousness and Create Miracles.  Situations that felt Hopeless are suddenly salvageable.  We could even find Despair replaced with Excitement.  The Other is a funhouse Mirror.  Our hidden Motives are never perfectly parallel to the Motives that we believe drive the Other, but they’re “something like that.”  You probably don’t even want to name them.  You could even just state your Curiosity…

“Gee, I’m really intrigued by how I might actually be Creating this Drama.  What if this is a play and it’s Me that’s writing it?  Who would I want to play the part of Me in the movie?  Who would play The Other?  Suppose I’m the Director, and I have to give Direction to the person playing The Other.  How would I advise them?  How would I Direct the person who’s playing Me?  Wow, what a Trip!”

Friday’s Eris Station will give us more clues.  We’ll talk about them next.