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Expanding into Fear III

August 29, 2021

I reassembled and replaced the previous post. Now the software we won’t name is censoring my posts. They don’t tell me I’m being censored, they just delete a line or two, and break the post so I can no longer edit or post it. I really need to find a new one.

Expanding into Fear II

August 29, 2021

In the 30 August 2021 Sedna Station (Emphasis on Converting Fear to Power) chart…

…we’ve adhered closely to our usual 3-Degree Sensitivity…

That’s “Orb” in astrologuese. Like most astrologers, we consider “Transiting” Angles to be Live if they’re within three Degrees of Exact; for instance, dwarf planet Cyllarus is 1 Degree and 47 Arcminutes (31:02 less 29:16 equals 1:47) from an exact Sextile to Sedna – that’s within 3 Degrees. The Sextile Angle (short blue line) connects two planets that are 2 Signs apart. “Transiting” means “in the sky now,” as opposed to “Natal,” meaning in a Birth Chart. The average Natal Sensitivity commonly used is around 8 Degrees (varying depending on the Angle – more for a Conjunction, less for an Unx). We’ll introduce Cyllarus a bit later.

On the other hand, we’ve expanded our Sensitivity a tad to 3½ Degrees in the 22 August Full Moon chart (if we round up the Degrees, as is customary in astrology, from 29:37 to 30 [=0] for the Moon, from 2:56 to 3 for Pholus, and from 26:10 to 27 for Karma, it still looks like 3 Degrees of Sensitivity – we often do this rounding up)…

We’ve omitted Jupiter (Expansion) in the Sedna station chart, but it was only 3:24 away from a Square (Challenge) to the Sedna Station. And, the 22 August Full Moon was Conjunct Jupiter, which is to say, About Expansion, so you can see why we speak of “Expanding” into Fear. A Full Moon chart applies mostly to the two weeks following the event, while a Station chart applies mostly to the week or so prior to the event, though as we said in the previous post, we expect the Sedna Station chart to influence the week after the event because of the Out of Bounds Moon.

We’ve also added several extracurricular Stars and ‘Roids to the Full Moon chart, in order to fill in some obvious Vacancies. We’ll get to that later. First, let’s look at the Sedna Station chart…

The meat of the Sedna Station chart is the Major Challenge (T-Square, the red triangle) to Becoming Aware of our Karma (Mercury/Awareness Conjunct/Merged With asteroid Karma/Karma). Becoming Aware of our Karma often involves an Ego Death, which are seldom pleasant, unless we Focus on The meat of the Sedna Station chart is the Major Challenge (T-Square, the red triangle) to Becoming Aware of our Karma (Mercury [Awareness] Conjunct [Merged With] asteroid Karma [Karma]). Becoming Aware of our Karma often involves an Ego Death, which are seldom pleasant, unless we Focus on How Wonderful Life Will Be After We Ditch Those Bummers! (Hint Hint). But the vegetables are in the Heavy Heavy base of the T-Square, which is where the Real Action often lies in a T-Square.

On one side of this Opposition (Dualistic Argument aka Politics) are Orders from Headquarters (the Galactic Center), Our Hidden and Often Forbidden Genius (dwarf planet Ixion), and That Which Will Blindside Us If We Continue to Ignore It (dwarf planet Pholus). Like Kabul and Nahlins and Waverly and the California Conflagrations, the Message from Galactic Headquarters is We’re Done Messing Around, It’s Time To Get your Creative Butt in Gear and Get This Fixed! Did Recycling save the Roman Empire from decline? Nothing on our Catastrophic Trajectory will Change until Hupers regard the Planet as a Partner rather than a Resource, regard Excess Profit as the Crime of Grand Theft that it is, and regard Social Norms as the Foundation of the Status Quo that is the Cause of the Problem. And that’s Exactly what our Forbidden Genii came here to Fix. Not far from Pholus are our Survival Instincts (dwarf planet Quaoar).

On the Other Side of this Political Duality are Our Intuition (dwarf planet Asbolus) and Our Unlimited Potential (dwarf planet Chaos). How many of us Cherish our Intuition and Practice Trusting it constantly? How many of us are Exhilarated by Unlimited Potential, and how many of us Terrified by it? On the GC-Ixion-Pholus side of the Political Divide are the Guts to tackle the Elephant in the Room, and on this Asbolus-Chaos side are all of our Yes-Buts. Yes-But it’s Scary – we could Lose our Mod Cons! We’ll Lose a lot more than that if we don’t Change the Trajectory.

Fortunately, we don’t have to do this Alone. We have Allies. There is a Truss Bridge across the Divide (the blue lines connecting GC-Ixion-Pholus, Klotho-Haumea, Eurydike-Thereus, and Asbolus-Chaos). We can Trust (Eurydike) our Ability to wrestle Bears (Thereus). And we can Trust our Recent Double Rebirth

A Significant New Life Chapter Began (asteroid Klotho enters Scorpio) at 4:16 am PDT 26 August. Scorpio doesn’t mess around. It’s Fearlessly dedicated to Getting to the Bottom of Things. What Things? Since it’s on the cusp, it’s the same chart as the 22 August Full Moon. In that chart, it’s blocking for dwarf planet Haumea, another Strong Rebirth Signal. Pele’s daughter Haumea doesn’t make it to Scorpio, though, turning Backwards in January 2022 two arc-seconds shy of the Cusp of Scorpio. Its dallying delays Haumea’s flow of hot lava into Scorpio till mid-November 2022. Klotho has already crossed Haumea, though, Beginning a New Cycle on 14 August, a few minutes past 12 am PDT, in 28 Libra, “A person becoming aware of spiritual forces surrounding and assisting them.” The four-year Klotho-Haumea Cycle is about Rebirth upon Rebirth. We’re just getting started.

The other Powerful Allies are in the Dumb-Luck Blessings (Grand Trine) that also Touches the Mercury-Karma node. The Allies here are Fearlessness (the Sedna Station itself) and Confidence (dwarf planet Chariklo). If Doubt comes up, Let It Go immediately. You know we’re right about this. Business as Usual is rapidly making this whole Planet look like a Martian Desert. By the time Musk and Bezos get there, Mars will look Lush by comparison to Earth. That’s why Gaia threw a well-deserved fifth wave of the Moronavirus at us.

Finally, dwarf planet Cyllarus demands our Attention as it makes the Grand Trine into a Kite, with itself at the Top. Cyllarus, along with asteroid Requiem (Honoring Death) dropped in to Complete two Vacancies in the Full Moon chart, filling a Grand Sextile and a Grand Cross. He completes the Storyboard for the Sedna Station. Herakles, or Hercules, had a Zeus-given assignment to help Rid the World of Threats to the Patriarchy, especially the Mysteries left over from the Matriarchy. On his journey to this end, he bunked with the unsuspecting Centaur Pholus.

Pholus had Responsibility for safekeeping the Sacred Wine of the Centaurs, and while Pholus was out shopping at Emporos Iosif’s, Herakles Opened the unhidden Sacred Wine. Did he know what he was doing? Probably. The scent carried, and the Centaurs immediately went mad and starting killing each other and everyone in sight. Pholus, true to his habit of ignoring consequences, got dead by picking up a poison dart that had killed someone else, and clumsily dropping it on his foot. Chiron (Despair and Miracles) got the Wound that would eventually make him give up his Immortality. The third corner of the Grand Trine is Centaur Chariklo, Chiron’s wife. And distraught Centaur Hylonome (Codependence and Self-Sovereignty) killed herself with the same spear that killed her Centaur-Stud Lover. That Lover was Cyllarus.

If you need a Program, We are the Centaurs in this story, and Predatory Capitalism is Herakles. We’re killing each other as we help kill the Planet, and we don’t even know why.

Expanding into Fear

August 29, 2021

I’m late with this…

We don’t all live in Kabul or New Orleans or Waverly Tennessee or Northern California, but many of us are Feeling as if we did. The primary astrocorrelate of what’s-going-on is an Emphasis on Converting Fear to Power (dwarf planet Sedna Stationary) that peaks at 7:09 am PDT 30 August 2021. Sedna is about the Terror or Helplessness or Despair we Feel when an Energy or Entity far larger than ourself appears to be Out-of-Control Angry with us, or Acting as if they are. Like Gaia for instance. The Sedna Station occurs in the last Degree of Taurus, “A peacock parading on the terrace of an old castle.” A symbol for Homo exitius I guess.

The Moon crossed Sedna at 8:13 am PDT 29 August. The Moon is often the timer that Triggers an event.

The impact of an astroevent usually drops off rapidly after the event, assuming we haven’t made Decisions that will cement in place a negative Reaction to the event, such as I’ll never do that again! In this case the Converting Fear Energy may be stretched out for several days, as it will make an excellent Justification for the Excess Emotionality that usually accompanies Moon Out of Bounds, which will span 4:54 pm PDT 30 August through 4:08 pm PDT 3 September (in 16 Gemini through 4 Leo), peaking at 5:24 pm PDT 1 September (Stationary at 25:23 North Declination in 10 Cancer).

The Sedna Station chart emphasizes Awareness of our Karma on a very Deep level.

I’ll detail that (and the “Expanding” part) in the next post, as I want to get this one out before it’s even later yet and folks start making Decisions.

Soul Descending II

August 22, 2021

The 19 August 2021 Uranus Station chart…

Lots to say, but little time. Major points…

The Fixed Star Sirius completes the important Full-of-Grace blue hexagon (Grand Sextile), which implies that while We Need to Consciously Take the First Step, after that Grace will take over. The other five Collaborating Partners in this Grace are the Uranus Station itself (Soul Descending), dwarf planets Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) and Hylonome (Self-Sovereignty and Codependence), asteroid Lachesis (Karma that We Can Let Go Of), and dwarf planet Orcus merged with Mercury and Mars (Awareness of the Origins of our Karma and of Actions that We Can Take to Change It).

The overarching Grace implies that any negative impacts (such as Abuse, Codependence, Sticky Karma) can be Healed If We Allow It. Consciously Taking the First Step to Allow it can be as simple as PIAVAing that they be Healed. Most important, if and when you Experience any Memories or Examples of negative impacts, Notice that Your Karma Is Lit Up, and Respond by PIAVAing that it be Healed. We can Tap Out any Fear or Anger or other untoward Emotional Reactions to the Experience, repeating the Tapping sequence as many times as it takes to Feel Grounded and Centered. Then we can PIAVA (Pray For or Intend or Ask For or Visualize or “Feelize” or Affirm or Theta or other Magnetization)What We Want Instead.

It’s Important to Achieve Grounding and Centering – and/or Excitement – before we Ask for What We Want, because it markedly increases our odds of Success. We can and should be Excited about every Opportunity to Let Go of Negative Karma, because it will make our Future so much Easier. As we Practice Responding Constructively to Negative Emotions and/or Circumstances, Noticing that we’ve been Karma-ed becomes Easier and Faster, and Excitement follows naturally.

There are two potential Difficulties (T-Squares), Resistance to Surrendering (T-Square to the Galactic Center), and Respect for All Things (T-Square to asteroid Hopi). This suggests that we should consider Pride about Our Own Skillfulness and Independence, and any Judgment, as indicators of Negative Karma.

While the Uranus Station has Peaked, the influence remains (it’s no longer Stationary, but it’s still moving very slowly, and the slower a Planet, the greater it’s Impact), and part of the Practice of Changing our Karma involves Stopping untoward processes in mid-stream in order substitute an Alternative. So it’s never too late to review any Past Experience and Imagine where and how you might have intervened to Change the process. Don’t worry about evaluation – the important thing at the early stages of Karma Change is that the process is Interrupted and any Alternative substituted. Make it Fun.

Sirius, meanwhile, according to Bernadette Brady (Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, p.85) “indicates that the mundane may become sacred, that the small action of the individual has a large effect on the collective. The individual, however, may be sacrificed to this collective expression, or may gain fame and glory. It is a blast of energy that can burn your fingers or help you achieve levels that seem impossible… Sirius can bring immortality, … but the price may be the burning away of the mortal flesh.” Remember that it’s not “I would rather die than Feel that again,” it’s I would rather die than Feel that again.” Consciousness of the process of Ego Death can Liberate you from oodles of Pain.

Be mindful of any Fear or Anger or Pride that might arise for you while reading today’s Arcturian Channeling by Marilyn Rafaele – more Exciting Opportunities…

“Greetings dear ones. In spite of everything you are hearing about and seeing, know that all is proceeding according to plan. Allow the Divine plan to unfold both personally and globally trusting that it cannot be influenced or stopped by those who do not want it, fear it, or believe it doesn’t exist. The Divine Reality that underlies all things is held in place by Divine law, and remains intact despite the actions of three dimensional minds.

“You volunteered and were chosen to be on earth during these intense times because you were spiritually evolved, strong, and capable of assisting with earth’s ascension process. You were well aware before coming that your choice would involve experiencing and witnessing events of negativity and chaos. You wanted to serve earth’s ascension process by bringing in and holding Light for the frightened and spiritually unaware majority.

“Your choice never meant that you were not to enjoy yourself or have fulfilling earth experiences, but did mean that while doing it you would remain connected to higher levels of awareness allowing the Light of your consciousness to impact those around you as you went about ordinary living unaware of your influence.

“You are the way showers, a Light in the dark for those who do not understand what is taking place and who live fully in the density of a three dimensional belief system. Your calm and trust will provide an example to others when things become even more intense as they soon will.

“At this point your work is simply to allow which means trusting that you are right where you need to be and experiencing what you need to experience for your spiritual growth. Even for the very evolved, the Higher Self will bring about situations that seem problematic from a human standpoint but which in reality are clearings or learning experiences necessary to evolving into a higher level of spiritual awareness. This is where trust becomes very important.

“When a soul incarnates into the lower frequencies of the third dimension, they are no longer in full alignment with the higher frequencies they came from and forget who they are. They begin to think of themselves as just human beings and accept what they are taught by parents, teachers, and society in general. Many very evolved souls have lost sight of their mission simply because they got caught up in earth’s belief system which is why it is very important to keep yourselves consciously connected at all times.

“Remember always that you are not a human being subject to every belief of duality and separation floating about in the collective. You have been that state of consciousness in many previous lifetimes but have evolved beyond it and no longer need to keep holding on to its beliefs. You know who you are and now must actually and wholeheartedly accept it.

“Allowing means resting in the truth of your being and accepting that your Higher Self is running the show. There are no accidents. Allowing can be difficult if not impossible for those who choose to remain aligned with old energy by spending hours watching and analyzing the news or in close contact and agreement with others fully enmeshed in third dimensional consciousness.

“Stay above the fray. But ‘how?’ you ask. Learn to turn off phones, computers, and televisions. Spend time in nature, do short meditations while at your desk, doing dishes, waiting at a stop light, or whenever… Wean yourselves away from addiction to constant distraction–music, voice, texting, radio, phones. The human mind loves distraction and gets a sense of satisfaction and even accomplishment from it, but if you are seeking alignment with the Higher Mind you must understand that IT speaks in Silence and cannot be heard over the noise of distractions.

“When things get difficult as they often do because you live in a lower resonating society, stop, take a step back, and contemplate—‘I am love. I am connected to all life within the ONE LIFE. I am peace, harmony, completeness, abundance, intelligence, wholeness etc. etc. etc. I am everything that Source/God is because I am Source expressing ITSelf.’ Then ask yourself if you really believe it.

“Many begin to practice truth but when things don’t immediately change or get better, they give up in the belief that it does not work. Truth must become your state of consciousness before it can manifest outwardly because consciousness is that which forms the outer. It takes practice and patience even when nothing seems to change or even gets more difficult.

“As truth gradually integrates and becomes your state of consciousness you begin to experience more synchronicity, choices becoming easier and better, life events unfolding easily and without effort and struggle, abundance of what is needed when needed and often from where it is least expected– harmony in all facets of living.
“Do not lose hope for realization is a gradual process although in reality, it already is complete. No need for struggle and work to attain spirituality, for these actions simply solidify the belief that God and your good is outside of you. Cease any further struggling and rest in what is.

“You the awakened ones, have reached an important spiritual point. ‘Do I really believe what I have learned is the truth of myself and others or do I still question and consider truth too impractical for everyday living?’ This is your personal journey and you must accept that no guru, book, channel, ceremony, religion, or even Jesus or the Buddha can do it for you.

“Everyone has all the time they want to shift into a higher state of consciousness but now is a perfect time because the energies of earth are rapidly changing as new and higher frequencies of Light come in. Right now is the time you have hoped, awaited, and chose to be present for, but free will allows you choice with no wrongness or rightness about it and no mandate from ‘on high.’ We simply say that now is a really good time.

“Time has run out for playing the role of being a ‘spiritual person’—’reading books, taking classes, and spouting the ‘truth’ words without being willing to live them. All serious students of truth will soon be needed to assist those shocked and afraid as events and information unfolds. You don’t want platitudes and truths learned but never fully accepted to be all you have to offer.

“You need not seek strength and courage in these times because you now know that these qualities already exist fully present within you as does love, security, peace, etc. and everything else you have sought from people and spiritual practices throughout your many lifetimes.

“The times for seeking are finished but only if you choose. Every person at some point faces the choice of accepting that everything they have ever sought already exists fully present in the Divine Consciousness of their real being or continue living from the concepts and beliefs of the third dimension many of which have actually served well at times.

“The world is rapidly changing because its vibrational frequency is rapidly changing. Learn to stand back and observe while holding spiritual reality in your head and heart. Practice seeing the light within every person, especially those who are causing disruptions and trouble. You may see only a small pin point of Light in some while with others you see Light filling their whole body.

“The acknowledgement of Light within every person is love and is how you love yourself as well as others. Love does not mean accepting without question everything another says or does nor does it mean you need to somehow develop an emotional attraction to the person. In its highest sense, love is simply knowing and accepting that all are Divine Beings in spite of any outer appearances and then taking what ever human actions you may be guided to take. Love is the interconnecting energy between all within the ONE.

“Love is not an emotional attachment as so many believe although that is often a part of it. Love is not forcing someone out of their chosen ‘gutter experience’ if that is what they are choosing. Love is not doing nothing while spouting ‘God will take care of it.’ Love is knowing the truth in all situations while allowing intuition to guide you to appropriate actions which may on the surface look very three dimensional.

“For some of you, living Love will be a life of quiet awareness, silently acknowledging the truth and Light for everything you see and witness in the world. Others will be guided to become actively involved in movements and groups where their Light will help guide others to higher ways of creating a better world.

“Allow yourself to be guided as to how you can best serve the ascension process because there is no right or wrong way to be Light.

“Love yourself and all your seeming flaws in the realization that God has no flaws.

Meanwhile, the 22 August Full Moon, in a completely different Degree Zone, also sports an almost-Grand-Sextile. More on that soon.

Soul Descending

August 18, 2021

In the Unconscious, there is no Direction, only Dimension. So Ego Ascending and Soul Descending are the same thing. Except of course that Ego is tricky to define. We’re said to have to “Let Go of the Ego” in order to Ascend, but that refers to the colloquial definition of Ego, the one that’s associated with Pride. No question that it’s difficult to fit a swollen Pride through the narrow Portal of Ascension – remember when you single-handedly wrestled the handle-less Queen mattress into your new house or apartment the last time you moved? The Ego isn’t just big, it’s slippery and easily changes shape. Think Loki or Coyote or Mercury – very hard to pin down unless you’re a lawyer who’s tricked every fool into thinking that Debate has winners and losers rather than just mutual self-abusers.

Why did they take the handles off of mattresses anyway? Lobbying from the moving industry? Figuring no one would notice and they’d save $20 per million mattresses, that the CEO could sweet-talk into a $20 million bonus?

To us Ego isn’t about Pride, it’s just the part of the Psyche that’s been put in charge of our Survival. So the sense of “Letting Go of the Ego” is just about Letting Go and Letting the Goddess, Surrendering our Survival into the hands or tentacles or fins or hoofs or wings or breast of a Greater Power. But if the Goddess helps people who help themselves, who is it that buys the Lottery ticket? The Ego. The Rhetoric is tricky. Power and Ego are synonyms. Which is easier, Just Do It! or Talk about it? We probably need both. It’ll probably help to Intend to Collaborate instead of Competing.

Anyway, I’ve several other relatively urgent tasks this afternoon, so I don’t have time for a full-out post, but there are a couple of things that are easy to forget, but which we need to remember, before the 19 August 2021 Exaggeration of the Soul (Station of Uranus, peaking 6:40 pm PDT, at the Midpoint of Taurus). First, traditional Ego astrology interprets Uranus as Disruption, and appropriately so. And second, we interpret Uranus as Disruption of All that Is No Longer Aligned with Our Soul’s Purpose. So it’s a great time to Let Go and Let the Goddess Open Up Space for our next Adventure.

We’ll look at the Uranus Station chart tomorrow.

Facing Denial

August 16, 2021

As we’ve averred many times, Denial is a healthy Psychological process, allowing us to focus our Attention on what we’re Building or Unbuilding, so we don’t get Overwhelmed by Issues we aren’t ready to Deal With yet. But it’s a Temporary process, because sooner or later it’s likely to Sabotage our other Projects, and if we Want the Bennies of those other projects bad enough, we’ll have to Deal With the Elephant that’s Obvious to everyone else but either Invisible or Intentionally Avoided by us.

Of course “Temporary” can still be many Lifetimes worth. Seth told us a couple of generations ago that it was really Easy to know our Karma – all we had to do was look at our Personal History. Of course, if we’re still a Victim of our Personal History, we’ll continue to Avoid seeing our Karma as a Choice, even as it’s Consciousness that converts Fate to Choice, and looking at our Personal History is a fabulous way to get our Karma out of Denial and into Consciousness. Of course we’d also have to get out of Blame, which can be a Big Challenge.

As long as we’re the Victim, the Blame for our Karma Lives somewhere else. Blame and Denial are as intertwined as the Snakes on the Caduceus. It helps to Realize that Karma is Inertia, and not Retribution. The notion that our Karma is Retribution is Political Propaganda meant to keep the Underclasses in Guilt and out of Competition with the Overclasses. As long-time readers know, Karma is Dead.

Does this put the Blame squarely on our own shoulders? See how difficult it is to get out of Blame? It’s got to go somewhere, right? Yes, put it in the toilet and flush several times, quickly, before you get it on you. It’s a Horseshit Political Manipulation, part of the Privilege-and-Abuse syndrome, and we need neither. Blame is Abuse, plain and simple, whether it’s Abuse of Other or Abuse of Self.

“Concepts are like flashlights. Through them I can see better and in a more differentiated way, but they are also the source of error. Concepts have to be supported by perceptions. When you begin speculating and stop perceiving, then you can fall into error. The perception is always true; only the interpretation of the perception can be wrong if you apply the wrong concepts.”

–Thomas Mayer, Answering the Call of the Elementals, p.15.

Once it’s Understood that Blame is always a Power or Ego Trip and a Manipulation, Owning our Karma as Inertia and Choosing Otherwise becomes the Obvious road Furthur. We may also need to Reframe Responsibility. Blame looks backward into the Past to Assign Guilt. Responsibility looks forward into the Future to Change Outcomes. When you Give Up Guilt, you don’t need to wallow in the Forgiveness trap, because there’s nothing to Forgive.

If you Love Yourself Unconditionally, you Realize that everything you’ve Experienced Up Until Now is just the road you took to get Where You Are. You have a Blank Canvas now, and you can Paint anything you Want on it. If someone smeared Horseshit on it, a little Turpentine is all you need. Just don’t mainline it like the Antichrist wanted you to do.

And now that we know the Difference between Our Feelings and Our Thoughts about our Feelings, lets go a step Furthur. Past and Future don’t Really Exist – All There Is Is Now. Past and Future are Trances. They’re just Thoughts about our Feelings, and those Thoughts are Happening in the Present Moment. So, can we Change the Future we Experience by Changing our Thoughts? Maybe. Doesn’t cost much to do that, so we can give it a try. You probably aren’t old enough to remember John Candy’s movie Delirious, and it didn’t get very good reviews. I thought it was Fabulous.

Hmmm. We’re back in the PIAVAChange the Subject Universe, aren’t we. All those Yes-Buts. The ones we can hear, and the ones we can’t.

“Your subconscious rumblings cause a disturbance in the flow between us. You are as yet unaware of the power of thought. Directed and focused, thought is of immense power. Suppressed and unconscious thoughts or desires cause a distortion in the clarity we seek to import.”

“Before you are ready to use the full power of focused thought, it must become clear, pure, and refined. Cluttered, imprisoned, and suppressed thought is a danger, always seeking to hold the thinker in bondage. Thought should not be imprisoned. Look into the dungeon of your mind and release any locked-up thoughts. Let them go free. Attach no claim on them. Be not embarrassed by them, simply release them.

“To do this you must acknowledge the thoughts which shame you, accept their existence. Speak them aloud to a loving friend, or into the Silence. In the speaking they shall be released, no longer holding you by their unspoken deceit. In the release of these thoughts, you shall find your own release. Only by the release of thoughts as they arise into the conscious mind shall you master thought.”

–Michael J. Roads, Talking with Nature, pp.97-98.

At worst we can Learn a lot about our Manifestation Karma by Changing our Thoughts and watching to see what Happens. We know that Karma is Dead, but we haven’t gotten around to burying it yet by replacing it with Replications of New Patterns, have we. Debbie has a nice review of some of our possible Pitfalls, at

Maybe we need to Change our Feelings. I think it was Dr. Joe Dispenza who quoted research showing that Manifestation was likely to work when we PIAVAed while having Positive Feelings, but we needed both – PIAVA and Positive Feelings – or it wouldn’t work. I know that if I try to Manifest while Feeling Fear or Anger, that’s what I Manifest, more Fear or Anger. I remember how offended I was when someone suggested that I Change my Feelings. I was already working to Recover My Feelings, but they were still mostly Unconscious, and the Unconscious runs our Life from behind our back.

Of course, when our Emotions are Unconscious, what does come into Consciousness is Our Thoughts about our Feelings. Not knowing where those Thoughts come from, we mistake them for Truth. My first Thought about the idea of Changing my Feelings, was “No, those are my Values, that’s Who I Am, I can’t Change those!” Feelings and Thoughts make a Big Feedback Loop, and there’s Leverage there. It’s easier for me to start by Changing my Thoughts, and if I’m ready (for instance, maybe I’ve Tapped Out all the Yes-Buts), my Emotions start to Shift.

So why do we go down these deep tunnels searching for the Bunny? The 19 August 2021 Exaggeration of the Truth of the Mind (asteroid Veritas Stationary, 1:22 am PDT, in 22 Aries) is Merged with the symbol for Revelation of What’s Been Denied (Veritas Conjunct dwarf planet Eris in 25 Aries). It’s an unusual chart…

The Primary Configuration looks like a Pair of Scissors, or a Raven’s beak. Asteroid Sappho is involved, so we’re still working on making our Self-Love Unconditional. The green wedges that point to the two planets on the right are Fingers of the Goddess that mean Pay Attention to these! They’re the symbol for Karma (asteroid Karma) and the symbol for Trust (asteroid Eurydike). The symbol for Boundaries (asteroid Pallas) is Merged with the symbol for Confusion (Conjunct Neptune), which is appropriate considering the colossal Boundaries work we’ll be doing if we indeed Shift our Relationship with Guilt and Blame, let alone Time.

The Veritas-Eris Merger is Challenged by Compulsive Transformation (naked Waning Square from Pluto). We wrote about this Compulsive Transformation in March

“The Waning Square from Pluto to dwarf planet Eris also indicates that Profound New Self-Knowledge is Forcing it’s way into our Consciousness, and plotting for us as Individuals and Species a potential path through the Decline of the Pluto-Eris Cycle that began in December 1756 and 19 Sagittarius, ‘Pelicans menaced by the behavior and refuse of men seek safer areas for bringing up their young: The need for people concerned with the future to discover a new way of living and more wholesome surroundings.’

“1756. The Declaration of Independence, in what would become the US, was still twenty years in the future. Apparently not taking their experience in the US to heart, it took the British another 62 years to defeat the Maratha Empire and Colonize India. Like the US, they Believed that they were ‘endowed by their Creator with unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of’ Profit at the expense of Others.

“Captain Cook’s sail-by ‘Conquest’ of Australia was still 14 years hence, and it was 32 years before Sydney became a Penal Colony. European nationalities (most weren’t nations yet) were squabbling as usual, this time in the ‘Seven Years War’ (beats the ‘Hundred Years War’!), among themselves and with the Russian Empire and the declining but by no means disarmed Ottoman Empire. There was still a remnant ‘Holy Roman Empire’ – in Austria.

“The Pluto-Eris Cycle is about how a Culture Suppresses inconvenient Truths, which always return to bite them in the butt, and how it eventually Resurrects these Truths. What is Suppressed, Lives in the Unconscious, and controls our Life from there, just outside of our Awareness, until it is Promoted or Restored into Consciousness. At least one signer of the US Declaration of Independence freed his slave first so he could sign in good faith.

“This is the Waning Square, meaning that it’s time for us to Let Go of however we’ve been interpreting the Cycle. Even if we aren’t campaigning to Make America Grovel Again, most of us are still Celebrating our Entitlement. But this has been a long Cycle, begun in the Era of Ben Franklin and Frederick the Great. Can we possibly erase from our Mental and Emotional and Physical Bodies eight generations of Cultural Programming? If you’re feeling like you have no idea who you are or what you’re doing, welcome to the club!”

In North America, Ben Franklin’s Pennsylvania Gazette began lobbying for the Independent British Colonies to begin joining together to fill the Political vacuum left after the “French and Indian War,” the North American stub of the Seven Years War – the beginning of the idea of a “United States.” This has been a very long Cycle, begun in the middle of the publication of Diderot’s Encyclopédie, one of the generally accepted benchmarks for the beginning of the Tyranny of “Scientific” Thought, more often practiced as Scientism, or the Forgetting that Theory is not Fact, fitting for a Veritas Station.

The Pluto-Eris Cycle spans about five Centuries, and the Waning Square of any Cycle is the Beginning of the End, and we’re Obviously moving from being Allegiant to the IPCC (as if “we” ever were, though it may have been so if it were earlier in the Cycle), to being Obeisant to the Book of Revelations, replacing a Compulsion to Do Something! to a Dedication to the Helpless Gnashing of Teeth as we bemoan our Victimhood at the loss of our Mod Cons – or Distract ourself with mass Patrick-Henryesque (and Prophetic) Protests of “Give Me Masklessness or Give Me Death!” We can see it also as the Beginning of the End of the idea of a “United States,” especially the United part.

If we think of the Granolavirus as Mother Gaia’s Agent, we can hear Her saying, “No, it’s not about ‘Going back to Normal.’ Think Again.” Before the advent of the Encyclopédie and the États-Unis, colonialism was doing a yeoman’s job of Destroying Humanity and Sustainability. But Scientism and the American version of Colonialism, allied with Industrialism, upped the ante considerably, destroying the Livability of the Earth Herself.

“He/I am once more spraying the chemicals of distortion onto his/my vine body. I call again into the silence, and he responds. He yawns mightily and turns off the engine of the tractor, deactivating the pump. In the sunshine, on that warm, mellow hillside, he responds by going to sleep, an unusual act for so busy a person.

“He dreams. He dreams that he is the blackberry vine, and he experiences the distortion of the chemical effect. He learns that killing a physical vine is of little consequence, especially if it is done by natural means, but that his spray is wreaking havoc in the etheric regions. He experiences that havoc, and in his dream he groans aloud. I am the dream and the dreamer. I am the cause and the effect.

“Within all this, I can sense a rightness, a movement within Nature that I know can precipitate balance. I know that the time bomb in consciousness is primed in many human Beings, and each in his or her own way will trigger his or her personal explosion. When the farmer self wakes up, he stares at the blackberries in awe. In consciousness, he, human, connects with me, vine. He climbs to his feet, rolls up the long hose, and climbs onto the tractor. He starts the engine and drives away. He never sprays chemicals on blackberries again.”

–Michael J. Roads, Journey into Nature, p.39.

There’s one additional triangle on the chart that’s unique, the one drawn in orange lines with purple striping. The Moon will be Out of Bounds when Veritas Stands Still, and an OOB Moon often causes a big chunk of Huperity to become Enthralled by the Collective Thoughts about some Experience (such as the OOB poster children, “9/11” and the Canolavirus), helped along by an eager media. And the Moon is traditionally astrology’s alarm clock. So we need to Ask, what’s the Moon got to do with this?

The Moon will be Waning relative to Veritas, and making a 96 Degree Angle. In traditional astrology, 96 Degrees means nothing. But 96 Degrees is exactly four fifteenths of the way ’round the Zodiac. To interpret four fifteenths, we combine the Fifteenth Harmonic (Pan) with the Fourth Harmonic (Dominion) – Having Dominion over Pan (Discerning Thought from Feeling while Conscious of Both) or Pan having Dominion over us (Being Ruled by the Contents of our Denials). The Moon-Veritas Cycle would be about Coordinating our Instincts with our Intellect.

The current Cycle Began in 20 Aries, “A young girl feeding birds in winter: Meeting crisis with compassion.” Moon Cycles only last a month, so this particular crisis would be about the Delta variant of the Spikeolavirus. Or the Taliban. The Waning stage of the Cycle might suggest that the Crisis has peaked, which would be nice. On the Big Screen, our Poster Children this time are the Give-Me-Masklessness-or-Give-Me-Death folks Being Ruled by the Contents of their Denials. On the Personal Level, look for an Issue where you aren’t being Compassionate with Yourself, perhaps Blaming Yourself for something and you’ve been Beating yourself Up about it. Waning Angles, once we’re past the Phitile (222 Degrees), are all about Letting Go and Opening Up that New Blank Slate.

Thoughts about Emotions

August 14, 2021

The Meyers-Briggs inventory identifies the parts of ourself that we tend to emphasize – Feeling versus Thinking, Introversion versus Extroversion, Perception versus Judgment, Intuition versus Sensing. Not that those characteristics are Either/Ors, or even Opposites, but people usually lean toward one side or the other in each of those comparisons.

Two of the comparisons are split more or less 50-50 in the general population, but the other two are more like 75-25, leaving the two 25% groups as often misunderstood. For instance, one minority group is Introversion, and Extroverts generally have no basis for comprehending Introversion. Since there are very few if any introverted grade-school teachers, and we often can’t rely on our parents to grok Introversion either, most of us Introverts have learned to regard ourselves as Inadequate Individuals by the time we’re twelve.

A quick rule of thumb, by the way, is that, when Frazzled, Introverts reassemble their Sense of Self in private, while Extroverts need to bounce off other people in order to find their Grounded Center again. No one is 100% one way or the other, it’s a matter of degree of emphasis. When Jupiter is Lit Up, we’re more likely to be Extroverted, and when Saturn is Lit Up, Introversion is more likely. A good friend has a natal Jupiter-Saturn Square (Challenge), and they have had a difficult time finding Balance, boomeranging between Extroverting till they can’t stand it, then Hermitting till they can’t stand that.

When I first took the simplified version of the Meyers-Briggs in Jerome Keirsey and Marilyn Bates’s book Please Understand Me, some forty years ago, I was shocked to discover that I had two sets of answers – one for general consumption and another for secret, personal Truth. If anyone was looking, I emphasized Thinking. If no one was looking, I favored Feeling. So I set out to Recover my Emotions. Like any Addiction, one is never Recovered, but always Recovering. After forty years of Recovery, my True Self is still a small voice in the back of my First Chakra.

One of my most important recent Discoveries is that Our Feelings are very different from Our Thoughts about Our Feelings. This is true whether we’re talking about our Emotions or our Sensations. We Easily make ourselves sick by focusing on Our Thoughts about Our Fears when something Feels Amiss in our Bodies. On the other hand, we can often quickly Eliminate Physical Symptoms by focusing Intensely on Exactly what it is we’re Feeling, and Precisely where in our Bodies we Feel it. “Mind over Matter” such a practice is often called, but the term is misleading, because “Mind” is often Confused with Logical Thought, rather than Attention. The phrase “Attention Heals Discomfort” is more appropriate.

At any rate, we should be replete with Opportunities in the coming week to Discern the Difference between Our Feelings and Our Thoughts about Our Feelings. Until 1:22 am PDT 19 August 2021 (and beyond, if we get Trapped by Our Thoughts about Feelings), The Truth of the Mind is Exaggerated (asteroid Veritas Stationary, in 22 Aries). During this astroevent, we’re also Experiencing Exaggeration of the Truth of the Soul (Uranus Stationary, in 15 Taurus) till 6:40 pm PDT 19 August.

Emotions, and most Sensations, are Transitory, and the sooner we Let them Go, the better. Yes, we read them, Pay Attention, and take them seriously as the Intuitions that they are, but they’re Messages, not Gospels. On the other hand, Thoughts, especially when they lead to Decisions, can Easily become Programmed into our Everyday Self. So Our Undesirable Feelings, when Cemented in by Our Thoughts and Decisions, or even just Compulsive Thinking about them, Stick to us like Tar, and with enough Replications, can become new Karma to haunt us, potentially for Lifetimes.

It should be Obvious that Messages from our Soul are Important, and “worth keeping.” We aren’t so sure about Our Thoughts about Messages from our Soul. For instance, if our Soul says, “Don’t Do that,” and our Thoughts say “But they’ll be so disappointed and so will I,” or “But we’ll starve,” which voice are we likely to Trust? At the very least, it would behoove us to Learn to Know the Difference, even if we Compromise and Ignore the Soul again.

To complicate things, the Moon will be Out of Bounds. When the Moon is “OOB,” there are always Excellent Reasons (that is, Thoughts) to Freak Out about something, and since everyone else will be sucked in (especially the Media), it’ll be Difficult to Trust a voice suggesting that we go our own way. The Moon is OOB from 11:17 pm PDT 16 August till 7:42 am PDT 20 August (spanning 16 Sagittarius through 4 Aquarius), peaking at 3:30 pm PDT 18 August (Moon Stationary at 26 South Declination, in 10 Capricorn).

The Moon is astrology’s alarm clock, so there are a couple more times that may prove to be significant – we’ll leaf them into a calendar for 19 August…

  • 12 am PDT (midnight Wednesday night) – A good time for Potential Insights into the ways we habitually Discourage Interaction with our Soul (OOB Moon Trine Stationary Uranus).
  • 1:22 am PDT – Exaggeration of the role of Thinking in our Spiritual Life (Veritas Stationary in Aries). Jung referred to people who overemphasized Thinking as “Irrational,” because they were less likely to be in touch with their Values, and hence were not aware of when and how they Sabotaged themselves. Aries is about Creative Spirit, and it is pitifully Easy to second-guess our Spiritual Creativity as Out of Line, as it almost always Contradicts Norms, and Aries is several Signs from having any idea what it is they’re Creating, and therefore cannot Explain themselves or the Purpose of their Creations.
  • 10:36 am PDT – A likely time to get caught (not necessarily by others) relying on Stories that don’t Grow Corn, or that Conflict with one another (OOB Moon Square Stationary Veritas). Stories that Conflict happen all the time, since Stories (aka Philosophies or Rules for Living, or “Gospels”) are just Metaphors. But we may be Inspired to find the MetaStory that Resolves the Conflict, or to Appreciate the Inconsistency as Mystery. Either way, they need to Grow Corn (perhaps by Leading us to more Contact with our Soul, for instance).
  • 6:40 pm PDT – Strong Contact with our Soul as it Descends into Flesh (Uranus Stationary in Taurus).

Relief from Self-Love Pressure

August 7, 2021

July 2021 was about one topic – Self-Love, with five planets Emphasized (Stationary) in the 25-29 Degree Zone, starting with asteroid Sappho (Self-Love) Herself. It certainly Worked Over any birth planets we have in that zone, and gave us 24-Caret Opportunities to Let Go of Impediments to our Self-Love around Allowing ourselves to be Reborn into it (dwarf planet Haumea), around Adjusting our Boundaries to Promote it (asteroid Pallas), around Letting Go of Guilt about it (asteroid Nemesis), around What We’ve Been Denying about it (dwarf planet Eris), and around Any Confusion we have with our Fate about it (asteroid Moira).

Well, we’re done with those Dramas. You were likely Confronted with all the ways you don’t Unconditionally Love Yourself, as that’s the quickest and most effective way for the Universe to Teach us. It’s too Easy for us to get sucked into the Negative thoughts that we Embellish our Emotions with, and spend a good part of July mired in Self-Judgment, Self-Doubt, Self-Rejection, and, perish the thought, Self-Hate.

It’s not too late to review your own Experience of July, and after the fact Notice whenever you were diverted from Self-Love, and how the process worked, so you can be more Aware and Revert the curse sooner next time. It’s Never too late to Relive and Modify your Experiences. Linear Time is a Fiction anyway, so you could re-enter those Negative July Experiences as if they were Dreams – which they were – and Redo the Experience, this time Realizing what the whole thing was about and Enjoying the Shift into Self-Appreciation!

Even if you aren’t adept at Time-Travel, you can Root yourself in the Present Moment (Ground yourself, for instance), Remember the Emotions, Return to the Present Moment (a Poor-Sweetheart might help), Congratulate Yourself for Enduring the Experience no matter how it unfolded, Tap It Out if necessary, and make notes about the clues you might Notice a little earlier in the Karmic Trance next time. The sooner we Notice, the Easier it is to Interrupt the Ancient Karmic process and substitute a Different behavior.

Enlisting the Physical is always worthwhile. If you can Recall or otherwise Retrieve the Places in your Body where your Self-Judgments were centered last month, you can Meditate on those Places. Put your Attention into that part of your Body, and Hold it there for as long as you can, Gently and Lovingly bringing your Attention back to that place when your Attention wanders. When you Feel a Shift, that’s Success, you’ve just Thawed a Karmic Fossil. Follow it, find out where it plans to Hide next time. Our Attention is a Scalpel – our Karma can Run from it, but it can’t Hide for long.

August is a lot more diverse, so it should be “Easier” – in the sense that it’s less Intense, though it may require dealing with multiple Portals at once. Everything has it Pros and Cons. We just try to Choose options where the Cons are Amateurs, not Pros. If we have the Internet or a telephone, we don’t need no more Scammers!

The Moon is already Out of Bounds – it went Out at 11:22 am PDT 3 August, and comes back In Bounds at 6:40 am PDT 7 August, spanning 17 Gemini to 4 Leo, and Peaking at 9:47 am PDT 5 August at 25:42 North Declination in 10 Cancer. Moon Out of Bounds makes us more Emotional, but we usually have our Emotionality well Justified, so we often don’t even Recognize it as Emotionality. It’s the Delta Virus making many folks go Tilt this week, except for the folks who’ve lost their Homes to Fire and Flood, who have much else to Fret.

The Moon will be back In Bounds by then, but we’re working up to a 6:50 am PDT 8 August New Moon in 17 Leo. The Midpoints of the Fixed Signs (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus) are nicknamed the “Four Horsepersons of the Apocalypse,” because they’re Potent Locations. The only other Horsedude that’s Lit Up is Uranus (Soul ) at 15 Taurus. The other two are on Sabattical, working on the Fires and Floods.

However, the New Moon itself is Merged with (Conjoins) the asteroid meaning Respect for All Things (Hopi), and it’s Amplified (Out of Bounds). So it’ll be our Judgments that will be Lit Up, so we can Let Them Go, this weekend. Ego-astrologers interpret Uranus as Disruption, because it Disrupts anything that our Uranian Soul regards as Obsolete. Since Uranus Challenges (Squares) the New Moon and Hopi, we can Expect our Judgments to be Challenged, and to Star in our Learning Opportunities for the next several weeks. Traditionally, the New and Full Moons have their primary influence during the two weeks or so following their occurrence.

Other than this, the New Moon chart isn’t too complicated…

The green wedge pointing at the New Moon is informative. It’s called a Finger of the Goddess, and it means Pay Attention here! The base of it connects the symbols for Codependence (dwarf planet Hylonome) and for Abuse and Privilege (dwarf planet Nessus). Codependence and Abuse/Privilege are markers for Inequality. If we Respect Others, and Respect Ourself, as true Equals, there is no Codependence, no Abuse, and no Privilege.

The green lines themselves are called “Quincunxes” because they connect planets that are five (Quin-) Signs (-unx) apart. They mean Curiosity, or Mystery. The indicate that, in this instance, the Relationships between Respect and Codependence/Self-Sovereignty, and between Respect and Abuse/Privilege, are not open to Intellectual Anal-ysis. They must be considered Paradoxes, whose Meanings are only open to Intuitive Approximations.

Asteroid Hopi makes a Waxing Square (three Signs ahead) to Uranus. The Waxing Square is the point where the Energy of the Cycle becomes Mainstream. The Hopi-Uranus Cycle is about Soul-to-Soul Relationships, not just to other people, but to All Conscious Entities. And all Entities are Conscious, since Consciousness is the fundamental building block of the Physical and Energetic Universe.

The current Hopi-Uranus Cycle began in April 2020, in 7 Taurus, which means “The woman of Samaria at the Ancestral Well.” Rudhyar describes who she is, and the herstorical significance of her meeting Jesus there. He says,

The highest meets the lowest when this lowest is free from traditional bonds and open to love. The creative future descends first to that which has become chaos. An old order is never open to a new Revelation until it has accepted disorder in the name of that Power which subsumes all forms of order, i.e. Love.”

An Astrological Mandala, p.75.

Monique LionHeart volunteers via email,

“The Lion’s Gate Portal is open, offering access to higher vibrational energies.  As Sirius rises in the night sky, the moon is retreating into darkness.

“The Lion’s Gate energies are said to reach their peak on 8 August – this Sunday – which coincides with the New Moon! What better time to clear out the ‘old’ to make space for the NEW?

“To assist in this process, I am offering a free 10 Meditations Group Clearing call on Sunday 8 August 9am PDT Will you join me?   Click this link at that time:

“Never used the 10 Meditations Mastery Tool before?  No Worries!   Think of the 10 Meditations as ‘scrubbing brushes’ that assist you in cleansing your energy field.    I will guide you to run a series of clearing statements, and you simply notice what you notice.    It is that simple!” 

Yintegrity Guilt 3

August 2, 2021

Who knows if it was the only thing that caused WordPress to Disappear my first Yintegrity Guilt Post, but Dragging-and-Dropping my Images does seem to Disappear my entire Post. When I Upload them instead, the Post doesn’t Disappear. Of course it could have just been Karma, and Goddess Knows, these days it could have been straight Censorship, though I haven’t heard otherwise that they’re censoring bits about 5D yet. Wouldn’t Surprise me.

After this Portal, we may be more Cryptic, in order to squeeze out more information in less time. If we’re too Cryptic, Ask Questions.

One thing that was in the Lost Post was a review of Yintegrity

Yangtegrity is when we do what we said we were going to do, when we said we were going to do it.

Yintegrity is when we do what we damn well feel like doing, Moment to Moment.

In 5D we’ll basically have to stay in Yintegrity, or we’ll drop right back into the 3D Patriarchy. To Live in Yintegrity and Survive in a Yangtegrity World, we may have to Minimize our Commitments, Renegotiate Often, and Make Amends when Renegotiation isn’t possible and the Relationship Is Worth Keeping.

Since the 3D World has gone Hyperkinetic, we may also have to move into Sustainability. The first step toward Sustainability is Giving Up what’s Unnecessary, so Sustenance may also be Required. If we’re Reacting to the escalating Electromagnetic Hyperpollution with Neurasthenia and the Inability to continue to Live Hyperkinetically, we may also have to Pool our Resources while we Adapt to the Microwave Death Rays.

Another thing that was lost, was a bit about the Uranus-Neptune Waxing Septile. The 172-year Uranus-Neptune Cycle is about the Relationship between the Individual Soul (Uranus) and the Collective Soul (Neptune). The Septile is about Being in the Right Place at the Right Time (7th Harmonic, the Chariot). The Chariot is At Rest (meaning Relaxed), but always Poised for Action when Needed. There is no Space-Out Lag, no Shoulda Coulda Woulda, only a Seamless and Constant Connection between Goals and Actions, and Readiness to Take Advantage of Opportunities.

The Waxing Septile is a particularly Potent time for Injecting Consciousness-Expanding Action into the Collective Experience, as the first quarter of any Cycle is a Struggle for the New Cycle Energy to keep it’s head above water while the Diehards of the Old Cycle do everything they can (especially propaganda) to keep their obsolete Old-Cycle Investments growing corn when it’s no longer Natural. Your Consciousness-Expanding Action could be Foundational Investments in your New-Cycle Survival or Exploitation Endeavors, or Political Action to furthur Promote New-Cycle Energy, or of course both.

The New Uranus-Neptune Cycle began in February 1993 at 20 Capricorn, “A hidden choir sings during a religious service.” The Old Cycle began in March 1821 at 3 Capricorn, “A Huper soul, in its eagerness for new experience, seeks embodiment.”

Seems like there’s a persondate (Patriarchy-Speak: mandate) in the New Cycle to Collaborate. Use Zoom, as choirs make particularly good Superspreader Events, as everyone labors to Project their various oral exudations. There’s a persistent rumor that all these new Souls that incarnated on Gaia recently, are craving the Planetary Ascension Experience. You probably know people who have moved on to the Other Side already, many because they knew they could Act more Powerfully from that Side as the Veils thinned, which the Veils have certainly been doing.

Invite Dialog with these ex-people, especially your Twig-Mates (our multiple Soulmates) and FOO-Mates, they have a lot to Teach us, and can Help us immensely with our own Survival Struggles. Don’t be Fooled by Appearances; many of the most “Ordinary” people are Manifestations of Extraordinary Souls, as if they all aren’t. And don’t be Fooled by your own Doubt. Your programmers taught you that “it was only your Imagination” in order to keep you pinned down under the Patriarchy’s Tsunami of Bullshit. You can have as many Invisible “Imaginary Friends” as you want now. If Appearances are still important to you, don’t tell anybody else. But keep up your end of the Dialog whether or not you detect any Response from the Other Side, as the Response is likely to come through Unexpected Channels – such as Healing.

The current Emphasis on Growth in Consciousness (the 2 August 2021 Station of Juno), which is our Big astroDeal at the moment, is situated in a Waning Biseptile to Neptune, and a Waning Triseptile to Uranus. Waning Angles in general are about Letting Go. The smaller the Angle, the greater the Admonition that it’s Time to Let Go. Bi-Angles in general are about Traditions, Rules, the substantial Power of Repetition (the Second Harmonic, the Priestess). Tri-Angles in general are about Compassion, Love with Wisdom (Third Harmonic, the Empress).

So the Waning Juno-Uranus Triseptile might be about Letting Go of all Concepts we have about the Soul and all Concepts we have about the Relationship between the Ego and the Soul. Even though we all always seamlessly Identify with our Ego – by definition (think about that please) – most of us are Unaware of this moment-to-moment. And even though we are all always seamlessly Merged with our Soul, many of us are Unaware of this moment-to-moment as well. Identification is Different from Merging. “I Am…” is Different from “We Are…” Percolate this with your Morning Coffee or whatever Upper you use, whenever your “Morning” is. In particular, investigate whether your Understanding of Ego and Soul, and of Ego-and-Soul as a Couple, are Uncompromisingly Loving and Wise.

The Waning Juno-Neptune Biseptile might be about Letting Go of any Rules you ever Learned about the Collective Soul, the Godhead, the Goddessheart, Source, and the Head Cheese by any other name. As Ursula LeGuin so aptly put it in her five-book Wizard of Earthsea trilogy, “Rules Change in the Reaches” (ie, the Edges of things) and Goddess knows we’re in the Reaches! And of course any two- or three-dimensional “Rules” you learned about the Unitary and n-Dimensional Godhead or Goddessheart were Bullshit Political Propaganda to begin with. The Power of Repetition is useful, but it’s about What Works, not what’s “the Right Way.”

We had a question about Septiles a while back, that I haven’t had time to answer yet. I think we’ve spoken a lot in the above about the Septile in general, but this person was asking about a Venus-Juno Septile specifically, and that’s oh so timely now that Juno is Lit Up (Stationary). The main keyword we use for Venus is Values. So a natal Venus-Juno Septile would suggest a Lifetime where one was Constantly Learning more (or Growing in Consciousness) about one’s own Values. That could be a real pain in the you-know-what, as Errors and Failures in Applying our Values to Real-Life situations can be Painful, even as Errors and Failures are the most Powerful Curriculum for Growing in Consciousness.

Like the car I once saw with “O Shit Another Learning Opportunity” written over the big dent in it. Or the Errors in Applying my Values that I made as a young child, that I still vividly Remember, and seventy years later still Regret Alienating that person for Life. Astrology, like Psychology, prefers either Heads or Tails or both, but seldom Edges. So depending on the other Angles, one’s Karma, one’s Programming and Education, and one’s general state of Enlightenment, a Venus-Juno Septile could suggest a person whose Timing about Applying their Values was impeccable, never quite right, or Painfully Inept. What’s assured is that Timing about Applying one’s Values would be a Lifetime issue of one sort or another, and most likely that if one took inventory, they’d find that their Skill at their Timing vastly Improved over the course of their Lifetime.

Yintegrity Guilt 2

August 1, 2021

So I can at least show the chart (though even that may be a little blurry, but readable with a little effort)…

And summarize quickly…

We’re Growing in Consciousness around our Held Emotions (Juno Stationary Conjunct South Node). Since our Held Emotions are the ones we’d Rather Die than Feel, this is no fun for our Current-Moment Ego. If you’re Feeling a Death Wish, Embrace it, it’s just your Ego Molting. Meanwhile, if we can Tune into it through the Carnage, our Instincts are in touch with our Life Mission (Moon Conjunct North Node). This dynamic is Challenged by largely-Unconscious Recollections of the Original Source of our Karma, as we re-Experience the Original Bummer (dwarf planet Orcus T-Square Nodes and Juno-Moon).

And we’re being Advised that The Most Important Thing if we Wish to Jettison this batch of Unpleasant Karma, is that we Be Loving with every Part of Ourself in the Experience, Then and Now (Saturn Opposite Sun and asteroid Hopi Out-of-Bounds, T-Squared by asteroid Lachesis).

What we actually Manifest will Depend on our Unconscious Limiting Beliefs, whether we focus on the Bitter Lemons from the past, or the Sweeter Lemonade we will Create though Letting Go of this Trauma (asteroid Vesta Conjunct dwarf planet Makemake in Trine Bridges to both T-Squares, and in an Air Grand Trine with Saturn and Moon-North Node).

(WordPress Disappeared this one too, but I may have discovered a clue to the earlier post’s demise, as I was recover this one by loading the chart differently.)