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Yintegrity Guilt 3

August 2, 2021

Who knows if it was the only thing that caused WordPress to Disappear my first Yintegrity Guilt Post, but Dragging-and-Dropping my Images does seem to Disappear my entire Post. When I Upload them instead, the Post doesn’t Disappear. Of course it could have just been Karma, and Goddess Knows, these days it could have been straight Censorship, though I haven’t heard otherwise that they’re censoring bits about 5D yet. Wouldn’t Surprise me.

After this Portal, we may be more Cryptic, in order to squeeze out more information in less time. If we’re too Cryptic, Ask Questions.

One thing that was in the Lost Post was a review of Yintegrity

Yangtegrity is when we do what we said we were going to do, when we said we were going to do it.

Yintegrity is when we do what we damn well feel like doing, Moment to Moment.

In 5D we’ll basically have to stay in Yintegrity, or we’ll drop right back into the 3D Patriarchy. To Live in Yintegrity and Survive in a Yangtegrity World, we may have to Minimize our Commitments, Renegotiate Often, and Make Amends when Renegotiation isn’t possible and the Relationship Is Worth Keeping.

Since the 3D World has gone Hyperkinetic, we may also have to move into Sustainability. The first step toward Sustainability is Giving Up what’s Unnecessary, so Sustenance may also be Required. If we’re Reacting to the escalating Electromagnetic Hyperpollution with Neurasthenia and the Inability to continue to Live Hyperkinetically, we may also have to Pool our Resources while we Adapt to the Microwave Death Rays.

Another thing that was lost, was a bit about the Uranus-Neptune Waxing Septile. The 172-year Uranus-Neptune Cycle is about the Relationship between the Individual Soul (Uranus) and the Collective Soul (Neptune). The Septile is about Being in the Right Place at the Right Time (7th Harmonic, the Chariot). The Chariot is At Rest (meaning Relaxed), but always Poised for Action when Needed. There is no Space-Out Lag, no Shoulda Coulda Woulda, only a Seamless and Constant Connection between Goals and Actions, and Readiness to Take Advantage of Opportunities.

The Waxing Septile is a particularly Potent time for Injecting Consciousness-Expanding Action into the Collective Experience, as the first quarter of any Cycle is a Struggle for the New Cycle Energy to keep it’s head above water while the Diehards of the Old Cycle do everything they can (especially propaganda) to keep their obsolete Old-Cycle Investments growing corn when it’s no longer Natural. Your Consciousness-Expanding Action could be Foundational Investments in your New-Cycle Survival or Exploitation Endeavors, or Political Action to furthur Promote New-Cycle Energy, or of course both.

The New Uranus-Neptune Cycle began in February 1993 at 20 Capricorn, “A hidden choir sings during a religious service.” The Old Cycle began in March 1821 at 3 Capricorn, “A Huper soul, in its eagerness for new experience, seeks embodiment.”

Seems like there’s a persondate (Patriarchy-Speak: mandate) in the New Cycle to Collaborate. Use Zoom, as choirs make particularly good Superspreader Events, as everyone labors to Project their various oral exudations. There’s a persistent rumor that all these new Souls that incarnated on Gaia recently, are craving the Planetary Ascension Experience. You probably know people who have moved on to the Other Side already, many because they knew they could Act more Powerfully from that Side as the Veils thinned, which the Veils have certainly been doing.

Invite Dialog with these ex-people, especially your Twig-Mates (our multiple Soulmates) and FOO-Mates, they have a lot to Teach us, and can Help us immensely with our own Survival Struggles. Don’t be Fooled by Appearances; many of the most “Ordinary” people are Manifestations of Extraordinary Souls, as if they all aren’t. And don’t be Fooled by your own Doubt. Your programmers taught you that “it was only your Imagination” in order to keep you pinned down under the Patriarchy’s Tsunami of Bullshit. You can have as many Invisible “Imaginary Friends” as you want now. If Appearances are still important to you, don’t tell anybody else. But keep up your end of the Dialog whether or not you detect any Response from the Other Side, as the Response is likely to come through Unexpected Channels – such as Healing.

The current Emphasis on Growth in Consciousness (the 2 August 2021 Station of Juno), which is our Big astroDeal at the moment, is situated in a Waning Biseptile to Neptune, and a Waning Triseptile to Uranus. Waning Angles in general are about Letting Go. The smaller the Angle, the greater the Admonition that it’s Time to Let Go. Bi-Angles in general are about Traditions, Rules, the substantial Power of Repetition (the Second Harmonic, the Priestess). Tri-Angles in general are about Compassion, Love with Wisdom (Third Harmonic, the Empress).

So the Waning Juno-Uranus Triseptile might be about Letting Go of all Concepts we have about the Soul and all Concepts we have about the Relationship between the Ego and the Soul. Even though we all always seamlessly Identify with our Ego – by definition (think about that please) – most of us are Unaware of this moment-to-moment. And even though we are all always seamlessly Merged with our Soul, many of us are Unaware of this moment-to-moment as well. Identification is Different from Merging. “I Am…” is Different from “We Are…” Percolate this with your Morning Coffee or whatever Upper you use, whenever your “Morning” is. In particular, investigate whether your Understanding of Ego and Soul, and of Ego-and-Soul as a Couple, are Uncompromisingly Loving and Wise.

The Waning Juno-Neptune Biseptile might be about Letting Go of any Rules you ever Learned about the Collective Soul, the Godhead, the Goddessheart, Source, and the Head Cheese by any other name. As Ursula LeGuin so aptly put it in her five-book Wizard of Earthsea trilogy, “Rules Change in the Reaches” (ie, the Edges of things) and Goddess knows we’re in the Reaches! And of course any two- or three-dimensional “Rules” you learned about the Unitary and n-Dimensional Godhead or Goddessheart were Bullshit Political Propaganda to begin with. The Power of Repetition is useful, but it’s about What Works, not what’s “the Right Way.”

We had a question about Septiles a while back, that I haven’t had time to answer yet. I think we’ve spoken a lot in the above about the Septile in general, but this person was asking about a Venus-Juno Septile specifically, and that’s oh so timely now that Juno is Lit Up (Stationary). The main keyword we use for Venus is Values. So a natal Venus-Juno Septile would suggest a Lifetime where one was Constantly Learning more (or Growing in Consciousness) about one’s own Values. That could be a real pain in the you-know-what, as Errors and Failures in Applying our Values to Real-Life situations can be Painful, even as Errors and Failures are the most Powerful Curriculum for Growing in Consciousness.

Like the car I once saw with “O Shit Another Learning Opportunity” written over the big dent in it. Or the Errors in Applying my Values that I made as a young child, that I still vividly Remember, and seventy years later still Regret Alienating that person for Life. Astrology, like Psychology, prefers either Heads or Tails or both, but seldom Edges. So depending on the other Angles, one’s Karma, one’s Programming and Education, and one’s general state of Enlightenment, a Venus-Juno Septile could suggest a person whose Timing about Applying their Values was impeccable, never quite right, or Painfully Inept. What’s assured is that Timing about Applying one’s Values would be a Lifetime issue of one sort or another, and most likely that if one took inventory, they’d find that their Skill at their Timing vastly Improved over the course of their Lifetime.

Empath and Empathy III

July 1, 2018

The Karma-Ceres Cycle spans about 42 years, so we’ll only Live through two or three of them in an average Lifespan.  The Cycle is about finding a way to deal with Karma that’s Workable for the Long Term.  This particular Cycle began June 2007 in 6 Taurus, “A cantilever bridge across a deep gorge,” which is so very appropriate for finding a way to deal with Karma that’s Workable for the Long Term!  But look at it this way – there IS a Bridge!  We just have to find it.

The Energy of a Cycle is Strong shortly before and during Initiation, but then goes Underground, as those who profit from the previous Cycle Resist Change.  The new Cycle gradually gains the upper hand, and at the Waxing Square, the Energy of the Cycle emerges and becomes prominent in the Cultural Mainstream.  These two asteroids travel at similar speeds (Karma about 4.2 years per orbit, Ceres 4.6 years), so they can Dance together for a while; their Waxing Square repeats seven times between 2017 and 2020.

In other words, we’ve found the Bridge, and we’re drawing maps to it.  The Deep Gorge is the chasm between our knee-jerk Karmic Archetypes and Judgments, and our Authentic Neutrality and Compassion.  Or between 3D and 5D.

We’ve slipped a partial Solar Eclipse into the July calendar, on the 12th (8pm PDT) in 21 Cancer – does that Degree Zone sound familiar to anyone?

The second T-Square in the Chiron Station chart is focused on Saturn (The Most Important Thing), Quaoar (our Survival Instincts), and Pholus (Being fully Responsive rather than Reactive), indicating – wait for it – that The Most Important Thing is to Fully Respond to our Survival Instincts. 

The base of the T-Square hints Strongly that we’re entering a New Time Province, and we’ll have the Choice of either Suffering over the Loss of what’s Comfortable or even Authentic for us (Chiron-Moon), or Trusting that we will have no trouble Manifesting What We Need in the New Province (Eurydike-Makemake).  All Losses must be Grieved, so we won’t be skipping that step, though if the Changes are sudden we may have to process it quickly to avoid accumulating Karma.  There’s a Difference between Grieving and Suffering.  “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Grief, aren’t you” will go a long way toward reducing or eliminating Suffering.

Our ultimate Mission as Huper Light Workers is to have Compassion for All Things, including All of “our own” Emotions.  As we’ve said before, we don’t “own” our Emotions, any more than today’s Weather is “ours.”  Emotional Microclimates are more complex than Weather Microclimates, but the principle is the same, except that while Weather Microclimates are relatively stable over Time and Space (Climate Change excepted), Emotional Microclimates are incredibly fickle. 

At various Times we Relate more Intensely to some Emotions than to others, so they certainly Feel like they’re “ours,” especially when we Ego-Identify with them.  When our Self-Talk is along the lines of “I Am Grieving” rather than “I Feel Grief,” that’s not just a grammatical difference, it’s unambiguous Ego-Identification.  When we’re Feeling Emotions rather than Merging with them, there’s room for us to Realize that like modern computing, we’re borrowing them from the Cloud. 

The Sensations in your Body are not Emotions, they’re Sensations.  Like Thoughts, Sensations can be closely Related to Emotions, and they can Feed one another.  But they aren’t the same.  Like Thoughts and Emotions, for instance, Sensations can be Intuitions. “My Pain” is different from “The Pain in my Heart.”  The Heart is yours, the Pain is a visitor, a separate Entity.  It’s useful to think of Emotions as Entities, as many Primary Cultures do because they know that Personalizing them is a good way to avoid Identifying with them.

These ideas are not original, but they are radical.  In fact, it was Steven Levine who first taught me that Emotions are not Personal.  It’s been a while since we spoke of what Castaneda called “Cognitive Dissonance,” the Ability to hold Mutually Contradictory ideas at the same time.  I don’t Ask you to Surrender your own Natural Understanding of Emotions and Sensations.  I don’t hold it out as Truth, but as Useful.  I do Ask you to hold this Alternative as a Possibility. 

As we move through these Transitions, this Alternative may turn out to be more Useful to us than our Natural Understanding, which is irretrievably tainted with our pre-Transition Limiting Beliefs.  And we need to be Open to several to many Other Alternative Perspectives, because as the World Pixelates and Reconstitutes, we may need many of them.  We need to be more Engineers than Scientists – in Engineering, Utility is always Situational, and many different Situations are recognized.  Science like Religion tends to be more Fundamentalist, Believing that its Metaphors are literally True.

Bottom Line – The more Perspectives we can carry around with us, the more Skills we’ll be able to bring to many different Situations.  Ego-Identifying with Emotions is as dangerous as Ego-Identifying with Thoughts.  Can you think of Situations where you tend to Ego-Identify with Sensations in your Body?  Identifying is dangerous because it’s Self-Limiting.  If you Are Scared, you’re very unlikely to also Be Happy.  If you Feel Fear, nothing prevents you from also Feeling Joy, even perhaps at the same time – like when you Respond to Fear with Kegels. 

We traditionally Ego-Identify with our Physical Body.  “I’m going to the store,” rather than “I’m taking my Body to the store.”  But what if you Ego-Identified with your Soul instead of your Body.  Then taking your Body to the store doesn’t sound so weird, does it. 

In the Chiron-Station chart, the Saturn-Quaoar-Pholus T-Square looks very similar to the Karma T-Square…

And in fact they’re closely Related.  For example, the Juno-Uranus Conjunction (our Soul Coming into Consciousness) makes a Trine Bridge to the Karma T-Square – Allowing Awareness of our Soul makes it Easier (Trine) to Transcend our Limiting Habit Patterns and Beliefs (Karma).  But Juno-Uranus makes a Quincunx Bridge to the Saturn-et al T-Square.  In the process of meeting the Challenge to Respond to our Survival Instincts, Awareness of our Soul triggers our Curiosity instead, and it’s important to hold that Curiosity as the Emotion that it is rather than regarding it as a puzzle to be Solved.  Mary Oliver expresses this exquisitely…

Curiosity should be Astonishing.  If it’s not, we’re Stuck.  How will we help Mother Earth Reanimate Herself if we aren’t Astonished?  Can we Reanimate the Faerie Realms without being Astonished?  What happens when we Ego-Identify with Astonishment?  Is that kind of like Identifying with our Soul?  Or with Mother Earth herself?  Or with Dragonflies, or Fireflies?

Judgment and Mirrors

March 23, 2014

A friend and regular reader writes,

When you say we need to relax our judgment of the characteristic of our True Self that we are rejecting when we encounter it in others, are you implying that this characteristic is potentially something positive?  I’m sure the answer is yes, but can’t make that work yet in this situation.  I have relaxed my judgment (of the other), can even feel compassion, and I’m sort of seeing how I might actually share that characteristic.  But I can’t see that it could be something positive or useful, to be honest.  So what do I do?  PIAVA understanding of how this characteristic is potentially positive/useful?

The Universe is a Mirror, but it’s a Funhouse Mirror.

For instance, I very clearly judge Greed.  Does that mean I’m Greedy?  It’s easy (especially if we’ve read Alan Watts’s The Wisdom of Insecurity, or haven’t) to imagine that we have all manner of devilish aims at heart, and there’s a good chance that in some sense we indeed do.  And it’s also easy to imagine that we aren’t devilish at all.  Of course, if we really are All One, then what does that tell us?  It suggests that we would profit from spending a good deal of time exploring how it feels in our body to be, for instance, Greedy.  Is there anything about that feeling that is not lovable?  That informs us – if we want to help Heal the Planet (=us) – that we have some work to do.  Love is not an intellectual exercise.

But let’s go back to our question, does that mean I’m Greedy?  If I compare myself to Diana Nyad’s brother, I’m incredibly greedy.  She refers to him as schizophrenic; I’d just consider him a Saint.  So much for our Judgment- and Competition-centered Culture.  But I’m probably more generous than a lot of people.  You know, though, I find that most people are very generous in their own way, many remarkably so.  I think we’ve discovered that comparing ourself to Others isn’t really very productive.  So is there some objective standard against which we can measure Greed?  That would help.  We can maybe ask a dozen people what behavior they would consider to be Greedy.  Do you suppose we’d get a dozen different answers?

The basic issue, is that I am not an adjective.

Breaking down our sentences is often a useful technique.  For instance, try

I am sad

in your body, and see how it feels.  then try

I feel sad

in your body, and see how that feels.  For me at least, I am adverb feels a lot worse than I feel adverb.  The former is kind of a dead end, while the latter has a kernel of hope in it.  It’s the same with adjectives.

I am Greedy


I can get Greedy at times, or at least Selfish

are pretty different when I try them on in my body too.  Blanket statements like the former have an implied always in them, and statements with always or never in them are never true, except this one.

Now, can I think up anything good about being Greedy?  Well, I can certainly imagine some not-so-negative synonyms for Greed.  Something like

I am able to Receive

might be an example.  That’s what I mean by a Funhouse Mirror; what’s reflected is your Judgment, not the object of your Judgment.  We aren’t seeing Greed, we’re seeing Judgment.  We’re seeing incomplete Self-Love.  Again, we recommend Eugene Gendlin’s great little book Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams.  Gendlin’s talking about Dreams per se, but don’t forget that you have no way of knowing whether your “waking” Life isn’t someone’s Dream, probably your own.  The techniques in that book apply perfectly well to our “waking” hologram.

So what our friend is saying is that someone somewhere taught them to associate some term with the notion of unrepentably bad.  But it’s not the term that they need to explore, it’s the Judgment.  If they can identify who taught them that and in what circumstances, that might open them up to greater Self-Love, especially if they Tapped on it.  Or not; could be worth a try.

But our friend implies that someone they know has been attempting, and maybe succeeding, to be unrepentingly bad at their expense.  Which brings us to one of our most basic rules…

Safety First!

Our friend is reviewing their own circumstances and behaviors and potential “personality characteristics” (the adjectives they own or that other people want them to own), attempting to be constructively critical – a genuine desire to expand Consciousness and clean up any Karma that might be lingering in the wings.  But they’re doing that after they’ve gotten out of the “grasp” of whatever “evil” that Other was trying to perpetrate.

And that’s The Most Important Thing.  If our friend had been uncertain about their Reactions (some of which are Instincts) when they were in the unpleasant victim circumstance, they could have been hurt or worse, and it’s very unlikely that any Expansion of Consciousness would occur in that case.  In fact it would probably be quite the opposite, our friend could have been traumatized, which would have cemented their Limiting Beliefs and probably expanded their scope.

They waited till after they were Safe, and then they examined their behaviors and beliefs.

Which is the way it must be done, if we wish to move forward.

King Bolete

March 21, 2014

Look at this incredible “Toadstool” Configuration…

DSCN4839Not only is Icarus sitting on the budding Uranus-Juno Initiation, which we know is the focus of a T-Square with Pluto and Jupiter, but Juno-Uranus is also the focus of a Mjolnir!  Which means that each of the three Squares in the picture form the base of their own Mjolnir!  The Juno-Uranus Mjolnir has a base made up of Pallas and Saturn.  The “King Bolete” (Boletus edulis, aka Cep or Steinpilz), generally considered to be the most desirable Mushroom on the Planet, has a plump base like this Configuration does.

In other words, we’re about to get a download that’ll boot us out of our Masks like we were a slapstick cartoon character getting a good kick in the behind.

But lets break that first paragraph down to try to make it more accessible to folks who don’t speak astrologuese.  The links lead to more information.  You can also use the “index” at right to further explore a topic…

Icarus – An asteroid that may imply over-exuberance, and possibly danger to the Ego.

Uranus – A planet symbolizing the Individual Soul and our urge to express our True Self, which we often call our Yintegrity.  In traditional Western astrology Uranus means Disruption, but that’s because it Disrupts that which is false, and causes houses of cards to tumble.

Juno – An asteroid signifying the Edge between the Unconscious and Consciousness, and our Unconscious Identity.  Juno can reveal Archetypes,  gigantic impersonal and often Cultural complexes, that we’ve Merged with, and that essentially control us and make us believe we’re right when we’re out to lunch.  Patriotism is an Archetype, for instance, as is Fundamentalism of any sort.  Like those Tea-Partiers waving signs that say “Government get your hands off my Medicare” – even when they understand that Medicare is a government program, the Fundamental aspect of their Belief makes the knowledge irrelevant.  Fundamentalism means taking your metaphors literally.  Scientific Fundamentalism can be as destructive as Religious.

Initiation – When two planets/asteroids meet in the sky, they initiate a new Cycle.  The Juno-Uranus Cycle runs 4-5 years, and represents the interface between our Ego Consciousness and our True Self.  The Juno-Uranus Cycle being born is about an unexploded bomb.

If we put together what we have so far, we end up with…

A possibility of putting our foot into the mouth of the Masks we use to keep other people from seeing the parts of our True Self that we don’t Believe are Safe to express.  We may have been shamed by the significant adults in our childhood about those parts of ourself, or been put to death in a “past” Life because of them, for instance, or both.  (It’s usually Both/And.)   This Shift will last about a week, during which time we’ll see the beginning of processes that will run for several years and very much change who we believe ourselves to be.

T-Square – Two planets that Oppose one another, with a third halfway between them.  The T-Square in the picture above is the red triangle pointing upward, so named because they form a “T” when you draw lines that connect each of the three planets to the center of the circle.  We use red to signify Creative Tension or Motivation.  The Energy in a T-Square is focused upon the third planet, in this case Juno-Uranus.  A T-Square means Mastery through Challenge.

A prominent characteristic of T-Squares is that they never feel satisfying, because they aren’t a “problem that needs to be Solved” (which would make us feel successful); they’re an “open question that we’re compulsively Exploring” that doesn’t have any concrete answers – imagine being obsessed with “What’s the meaning of Life?”  Once we drop the expectation of Solution and learn to enjoy the Exploration, a T-Square no longer implies Frustration, and can be the Joy of our Life.  Since we obsess on the question, a T-Square is often the area of our greatest expertise, but while we remain in Frustration we don’t recognize our skill.

Pluto – A planet symbolizing Global Energy shifts, Transformations, Trance Reformations, and Changes that end up, by virtue of the difficulty of Resisting them, appearing to be Mandatory.

Jupiter – A planet representing Expansion or Amplification, and in general Good Fortune.

So this T-Square would imply that…

We are being Challenged to Express more and more of our True Self, and we’re finding it increasingly difficult to Resist and hold on to our Masks and False Selves.  This process runs from 2012 to 2015, so we’re well into it.  It reaches one of its crescendos in April.

MjolnirA Norwegian word meaning “Hammer of Thor,” equivalent to the Vajra or Dorje of South Asian traditions.  A Mjolnir occurs when two planets are separated by one fourth of the Zodiac, and a third planet is three-eighths of the Zodiac from each.  The Energy of a Mjolnir is focused on the third planet, so we name our Mjolnirs using the name of the third planet.  It signifies an irresistible force meeting a hard place.

While that can imply destruction, the most useful symbology for us is Lightning.  We usually interpret it as Epiphany, as Thor’s Hammer destroyed mountains in the sense of removing obstacles in his path.  Similarly, a Lightning Insight can destroy an Egoic house of cards.  As an Epiphany, we don’t usually object, though it may take us quite a bit of work to make our amends and reorganize our Life to align with our new Self.  From the perspective of other people who’ve become attached to our prior personality, such an Epiphany can be devastating.

So a Juno-Uranus Mjolnir implies…

The likelihood of Life-Changing Insights about the Masks we may not even realize we’re wearing.

Square – Two planets that are separated by one fourth of the Zodiac.  It’s called a Square because if you have four of them and draw lines between the four planets you’d make a square.  The long red line in the picture is an Opposition; the sort red lines are Squares.

Trioctile – The gold lines in the picture, connecting two planets that are three-eighths of the way ’round the Zodiac.  The Trioctile symbolizes Realignment and Bringing into Balance.  As with most Angles between planets, Realignment can mean disruption, as we have to release our attachment to that which is no longer in Balance (if it ever was).  If you were a coal company you’d be running scared these days, for instance.

Pallas – An asteroid meaning Boundaries and Edges.  The Serenity Prayer is a good example of Pallas Energy – Lord, please grant me the Power to Change that which I can, the Serenity to Accept that which I can’t, and the Wisdom to know the difference.

Saturn – A planet asking us to Pay Attention to The Most Important Thing and postpone our Attention to all other priorities.  If we’re attached to our lower priorities, Saturn can feel like Limitation, but it’s real meaning if Focus and ConcentrationIt can mean Contraction if we’re over-extended.

So “The Juno-Uranus Mjolnir has a base made up of Pallas and Saturn” means…

One could make a good case for the notion that moving toward being and expressing our True Self may be The Most Important Thing in our Lives.  We set up our Masks in order to make a Safe Space for us to do the best we can in the circumstances we found ourself in.  So we can expect major Insights into Realignment of our Boundaries, and Changes in our understanding of what’s The Most Important Thing, that facilitate our embodying our True Self.

And “each of the three Squares in the picture form the base of their own Mjolnir,” aka the other two arrowheads in the picture, are a Pallas Mjolnir based on the Uranus-Pluto Square and a Saturn Mjolnir based on the Jupiter-Uranus Square

The Pallas Mjolnir means that…

We’ve been rejecting parts of our True Self that we left behind before we even learned that we had a choice.  We’re likely to encounter circumstances where we’re forced to bring those parts up into Consciousness.  If you keep finding yourself in situations where you’re Judging other people, those are likely to be the Self-Censorship that you’ve been Unconscious about.

The Saturn Mjolnir will imply…

While Pallas often implies that we need to tighten our Boundaries in certain circumstances, here we’re being asked to Expand our Edges instead.  When we Judge someone, we can Stretch our concepts of what’s okay, or we can Tighten the distinction that separates us from them.  Here the more likely preference is to Stretch.  In fact, it could even be The Most Important Thing we need to do.  In order to accept some rejected characteristic of our True Self, the first thing we need to do is relax our Judgment of others who portray that characteristic.

This Toadstool Configuration is long-lasting, though Saturn’s role in it is weakening.  It’s worth noting that this chart rules the birth of Northern Spring and Southern Autumn, implying that its impact will linger for at least three months.

Now you can maybe see why we also want to include the astrologuese – if you know any astrologuese, we can communicate to you in one paragraph what otherwise requires more than twenty paragraphs of mind-numbing detail.  We aren’t asking you to learn astrology if you have no interest, but we do suggest that if you pay a little more attention than you otherwise would while reading about astrology, and occasionally check the links and index when inspired, you’ll gradually absorb enough to amplify the amount of information you receive from a given quantity of reading.

Yintegrity, Consciousness, and Hubris

March 19, 2014


It’s a most remarkable “coincidence,” but Elizabeth has pointed out that as Juno (the Edge between Consciousness and Unconsciousness) overtakes Uranus (Yintegrity) on March 25 – which of course are both T-Square to Pluto (Global Trends) and Jupiter (Expansion) – the asteroid Icarus (often Overconfidence or Overexuberance) is in the same place as well!  Not only that, but Icarus is Stationary (Strong).

It’s already a remarkable “coincidence” that Uranus would Initiate Juno just as the Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter-Mars Grand Cross is forming.  And it’s not particularly comforting that the Symbol for the Uranus-Juno Initiation is An unexploded bomb, though it would be appropriate to be Grateful that it’s not exploding!  The Uranus-Icarus Initiation doesn’t actually consummate this year, as Icarus’s Station is a degree shy of Uranus.  Juno does, or rather did (on March 17) Initiate Icarus, at 8 Aries (“A large woman’s hat with streamers blown by an east wind”).  Curious, as a large hat would protect us from the Sun, while Wind from the East would in general signify Wisdom, since the Sun enlightens us from the East.

Icarus, as Hubris, gives us a couple of clues about our budding Consciousness of Yintegrity.  It warns us that we could easily overshoot the mark in the next week or more, and “over-express” our True Self, bringing our Security as a good wage slave (for instance), or our Relationship Security (if it’s based on “trying to get along” rather than mutual respect), into question.  But remember, we should be expecting “failure” two thirds of the time.  And failure, as the Learning Opportunity that it is, is the key to success.  It’s not how many times we fall down, it’s how many times we get back up, and the like.  And the bomb doesn’t explode.

The other interesting thing about Icarus is that it’s a Sungrazer and an “NEO” or Near-Earth Object.  It’s orbit takes about fourteen and a half months, and runs from twice the Earth-Sun distance to only one fifth of the Earth-Sun distance.  It crosses the Earth orbit in June every year, and is due for a “close” approach (20 Earth-Moon distances) in 2015.  It’s a kilometer and a half wide, enough to make a Big dent if its orbit shifted in our direction, but it’s not a serious threat in any reasonable timeframe.

So since it’s Initiated by Juno but not Uranus, I’m guessing that we’re more likely to become more Conscious of the fragility of our position on the Planet than be slapped down for Hubris.  Which is good, because Sustainability is one of the Prime Directives of the 21st Century (Ceres having Risen – in the East – everywhere on the Planet as the Century was dawning on 1/1/2000).

I’m out of time right now; remind me to talk soon about Eris and Ceres and Chiron and how they might relate to Icarus’s adventures with Juno and Uranus.

Level 2 Discernment and Yintegrity

March 18, 2014

By now it’s silly, but I’m still kind of amazed when synchronicity works so well.  For instance, after writing Yintegrity, Yindependence, Denial, and Noticing, it was “by chance” that I picked up the book that described the three levels of Discernment and “by chance” that I opened it to that place.  Of course we could replace the “by chance” with “by virtue of the Full Moon lighting up Virgo.”  But it still kind of surprises me.  And what dropped into my inbox this morning, from places totally unconnected to this blog?  A good essay on Level 2 Discernment!

and a great short video on Criticism…

I mean, that’s exactly what we need to confront when our True Self needs to experience and express things that we were taught were “evil.”  Angie points out in her Tarot Handbook that “evil” and “devil” are Live and Lived spelled backwards.  In the same way that an Eclipse increases our Consciousness by pointing out through their sudden absence elements of Reality that we had not yet differentiated from background noise, on the Soul level we chose our programmers so they would set up Resistance around what we wanted to Learn in the Lifetime.

For instance, suppose we came into this Lifetime to learn among other things finesse, or decisiveness.  Well, a Mars (Action, Assertion) T-Square (Mastery through Challenge), if we were paying attention, would teach us a lot about both.  But if we had significant adults in our childhood who encouraged us to be shy or to take risks, or taught us to see things from all points of view, that would compound the degree of Consciousness that we Mastered.  And of course if our childhood’s most significant adult had Saturn (Focus, apparent Limitation) or Jupiter (Expansion) or Mercury (Analysis) in the same place as our Mars, wouldn’t that make it all the more intense.

Hence the sense that we, as a Soul, “Choose our parents.”  If that sounds like we’re trying to run Time backward, that’s fine.  You don’t really experience Time as linear, or of constant width; it’s only our slavery to industrial society that encourages this pretense.  (Why do you suppose that “we” chose to endure that Trance?)  You can imagine a Soul up there calculating all manner of complications, but that’s a projection of your Mercury.  For the Wisdom of the Soul, it’s all Intuitive.  Or so we imagine, which in itself is an interesting projection.

The Universe is a holographic Mirror for our current state of Consciousness – As Within, So Without is one expression of that ancient wisdom.  We could add that idiom to our foundational assumptions about Life, the Universe, and Everything along with We Are All One and All There Is Is Now and All There Is Is Love.  So if we meet people with Level 2 Discernment, people are likely to meet us with Level 2 Discernment.  Which gives us all the more reason to feel Rejected.  Not that we need to be confrontational – we need to PIAVA a loving and gentle transition toward greater Yintegrity.  A useful practice is Separation.

Separate your Identity (Self, Ego) from your Reactions to other people’s Reactions.

Again, you use Noticing to shift your Assemblage Point, as Don Juan would have called it, or the place from which you are seeing the World.  Otto Scharmer recommends the same process in Leading from the Emerging Edge.  It’s a Chironian shift.

Whenever you notice that you have Reacted rather than Responded to any situation, shift your perspective to a place where there is no Judgment.  You won’t be able to do this in Real Time, because “You” aren’t home when you’re Reacting – it’s the Unconscious that Reacts.  Response comes from your Consciousness.  But you can do it retrospectively.

Which as a practice will expand your Consciousness and increase the odds that you’ll Respond rather than React in future circumstances.  We’re really talking here about Uranus Initiating Juno as both sit in T-Square to Pluto and Jupiter.  The advice Don’t Get Even, Get Odd is actually useful – and of course very relevant to Uranus, as “odd” is right up there with “evil” in the list of things we were educated not to be.

When we’re Responding, we can Respond any way we choose.  So once we create a Separation between our Reactor and our Identity, we can just use Level 3 Discernment with the intention of helping to educate the Other about who we really are.  Not that they are likely to understand or care (Level 1 speaking), but that doesn’t matter.  For all but the most dedicated sociopaths, they’ll eventually get Curious.  We just want to eliminate our investment in the Outcome – so we really don’t care whether they “get” it or not.

The nature of industrial Work is manipulative anyway.  Our job as anyone’s employee is to manipulate the supplier or customer or delegatee or co-worker, or even boss, so they perform their tasks in alignment with the goals of the organization that’s paying us.  They don’t pay us to be our True Selves, do they.  Even in the Arts that’s unlikely.  So when we’re Responding rather than Reacting, we can actually use Level 3 in work situations, but our objective is not to express our True Self, our objective is to further the mission of the organization.

In pre-industrial society it was more likely the case that Community and Abundance were more closely related, and in that situation, the most Abundant Communities may have been the ones where Yintegrity created the most productive teamwork.  Since the Waxing Uranus-Pluto Square is where Yintegrity becomes permanent, we certainly want to aspire to move more and more of our Life into this pre-industrial model.  That’s a long-term project, not likely one  we can do overnight, and if we expect 60-70% failure for every attempt we’re less likely to be discouraged by the timespan of the project and by the fact that as a Co-Creation, it’s not totally within our Span of Control.

But if we don’t do our own part of the Co-Creation, the risk of overall failure increases.  We don’t have to do it all ourselves, but we do need to move in that direction for ourSelves.

March Portals III

March 12, 2014

jim3117bpA “hairy” tangle of Jamesonite Crystals – Lead Iron Antimony Sulfide – can be used to direct Intention into Gene Expression, healing what could otherwise contribute to mutation or disease or even aging, since most of what we experience as aging comes about from minor mutations in cell division.  This tangle sits between two Quartz Crystals, making its directionality or “steerability” even stronger. 


Then it gets hairy, Part I…

Fortunately (considering what follows), on March 22 Neptune Initiates Mercury…

Remember that Confusion is the first sign of Growth.  Confusion occurs when your Limiting Beliefs are developing cracks because you noticed parts of Reality that don’t fit, and you started taking them seriously.  Before, you ignored the dissonance.  Confusion is a huge Blessing – Celebrate it!

This occurs at 7 Pisces, “Illumined by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea mist,” or in Rudhyar’s view “The spiritual blessing which strengthens individuals who, happen what may, stand uncompromisingly for their own truth.”  That’s very tricky, since we’re so used to believing that Truth comes from the Mind and is definitive, rather than believing that it comes from the Heart and Soul and is ineffable.

Remember too that the cross has been hijacked by Christianity; it’s deeper meaning is as a Crossroads.  In the traditional Irish view of the World, the Crossroads is where Spirit meets Matter, so actually, the Sabian Symbol couldn’t be more perfect, as the shaft of light (Mercury, as intellect) finds the cross (connection to Spirit, Neptune) amid sea mist (Neptune).  Remember our old saw about Neptune…

Neptune symbolizes Confusion when the World is viewed through Material eyes, and Clarity when it is seen from the Spiritual perspective.

On March 24, the Moon crosses Pluto and illuminates the Uranus T-Square – more Yintegrity work.  This Portal is open for about five hours starting around 7pm PDT March 24.

On March 25, the Moon Opposes Lilith and completes a Grand Cross with the Lilith-Nodes T-Square; celebrating our Yindependence again.


Then it gets hairy, Part II…

Or more likely, it already has.  On March 25, Uranus Initiates Juno.  We’ll talk more about that soon, but this Energy starts March 23 at the latest, and it will…

Bring us face-to-face with our pretenses.  It may not be quite like getting “caught lying,” but the impact will be similar.  If you get hung up in Shame or Abandonment or Fear, Tap it out.  It’s important that we begin this four-year Cycle with Clarity and as much Self-Love as we can muster.  We want to experience this as Insight, and for that we’ll need to clean up any negative emotions.

The Initiation occurs in a potentially difficult degree, 13 Aries, “An unexploded bomb reveals an unsuccessful social protest,” or what Rudhyar calls “Adolescent Frustration.”  With Uranus at the Apex of a T-Square with Pluto and Jupiter,

Of course we aren’t going to do everything right the first time we try.  Remember that in baseball we go to the Hall of Fame if we get on base 35% of the time, let alone hit any home runs.  When we recover our True Self, it will be at the developmental age that it was when we abandoned it to please our “Superiors.”  We could be starting to resume behaviors and perspectives that we last practiced at age 14, or 7, or 2, or 6 months.  We will be stark rookies!  We’ll need loads of Self-Forgiveness.  But take Heart – it will take us a lot less time than we imagine to get up to speed!


Then it gets hairy, Part III…

And on March 27, the dwarf Planet Quaoar (pronounced “kwah’war” or “kwah’o-ar”) turns Retrograde.  Quaoar is half the size of Pluto, and currently about a third farther away.  On March 13, Quaoar is only three arc-minutes from it’s Station, so we may have been experiencing this Energy for a while already.  We’ll go into more detail later, but Quaoar was something akin to a Creator God to the pre-colonial Natives of southern California.  Good for Mike Brown and Chad Trujillo, Caltech discoverers of many of the new dwarf planets, for honoring these local victims of genocide by both the Spanish and American colonialists.

Thanks largely to the fact that by 1900 only 5% of California Natives had somehow managed to remain alive, and because the Spanish Missionaries brutally tortured and often killed any “savage” that refused to knuckle under to their Yahweh and their intolerant version of “Christ,” little clean knowledge remains of who Quaoar was.  It’s fairly clear that he is credited with providing to the Native People the technology to survive in cooperation with Nature.  Under Quaoar Humans were differentiated from the rest of Nature, and plants and animals went from being “people” to being “food.”  Prior to Quaoar they ate “clay.”  Appearing from nowhere, he could easily have been another Visitor or “tall stranger,” the technology-giver that occurs in many mythologies.

Like MakeMake’s role on Rapa Nui, there is a strong connection to Survival.  After Quaoar left town, he delegated Raven, Bear, Rattlesnake, and Cougar to avenge any transgression from his “rules” – though that sounds suspiciously like an unconscious Old-Testament introjection.  Starvation would be ample punishment for transgressing his Earth-keeping technologies.  M. Kat Armstrong, in Tending the Wild: Native American Knowledge and the Management of California’s Natural Resources (p.110)…

John “Muir’s view of California nature was a necessary counterweight to the view that had prevailed before – that nature was there to be used, exploited, and commodified – but it left us with a schizophrenic approach to the natural world: humans either conquer nature and destroy its integrity, or they visit it as an outsider, idealizing its beauty and largely leaving it alone.  These seemingly contradictory attitudes – to idealize nature or commodify it – are really two sides to the same coin, what the restoration ecologist William Jordan terms the ‘coin of alienation.’  Both positions treat nature as an abstraction – separate from humans and not understood, not real.”

Armstrong argues that the California Natives were an integral part of the natural landscape, in the Permaculture sense, where whatever is not in Balance is in the process of being brought into Balance.  Where any invasive overconsumer would be met by its own predator, or overconsume its way to starvation and collapse.  If the natural economy of California prior to Spanish colonization was in Balance under Quaoar’s tutelage, it’s taken a couple of centuries for the invasive overconsumer – Spanish and American – to wear the ecosystem down to the point of destruction.  Sure, drought has been a factor, but as Permaculture demonstrates, drought is not sufficient by itself to destroy an environment.  It also takes removal of plant cover by hoof, plow, or saw.

At any rate, Quaoar has something to do with the Balance between obedience to Sustainable technology, Survival, Kindness (he was eventually poisoned because of cruelty and corruption – which again could have been an introjection of a frustrated cry for justice), and effective response to invasion.  And when a planet is Stationary, it is Strong, so we get the opportunity here to learn more about Quaoar.  While Juno-Uranus will also be strong, the Moon crosses Quaoar at 7am PDT on March 23, another opportunity for us to observe.  As usual, that Portal should be open for several hours before and after, especially before.

And by the way, at 27 of Sagittarius, Quaoar sits in front of the Galactic Center, so it’s channeling the Energy of our Galaxy to us.



All this may not make sense until March 28, when the Moon and Mercury both cross Chiron, opening us for major major Insights.  More about this later.

Then on March 30, the Moon crosses Uranus and Juno, lighting up the Yintegrity issue again.  Since the Sun crosses Uranus on April 1, this will be enhanced.

The Fool, remember, symbolizes Courage.  So if you have the Courage to test out some of your newly Recovered personality traits, April 1 is a good day for it!

And on March 31, the Moon ambles over the South Node, again triggering the Lilith T-Square and our Yindependence, with a strong undercurrent of self-sabotage.

apon9062bpBut it could just as well be Angelhair!  The “hair” is a cluster of fine Natrolite crystals, and the green Crystal under it is Apophyllite, favorite Crystal of the twelve Apophylls.  Both are complex Silicates.  Apophyllite opens the Intuition, while Natrolite can open the Crown Chakra.