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Moon Over Mars

December 6, 2022

Below is a screen grab from that’s a frame from a movie simulating the Moon Putting Mars in its Place. Spaceweather says that since Mars is very close to the Earth and therefore very large (peaking at about 9:30 pm PST 7 December 2022), we should be able to see a “red glow” peeking out from behind the Moon even while Mars is fully Eclipsed. If you’re Northwest of a line drawn from Austin TX to Albany NY you should be able to watch it, as long as you’re Southeast of a line from Valdez AK to the North Pole. Or, if you’re Northwest of another line from Marrakesh to Moscow, you should also be in the Zone of Totality.

It will be happening in “Real Life” soon… “Till 7-8 December, Moon Out of Bounds Eclipses Mars Out of BoundsAmplified Instinctual Anger or Shame. Pay Close Attention to This, and Do Not Project It on Anyone Else. Instead, Ask Yourself “What’s the Original Ancient Source of This Anger or Shame?” Then Change the Subject. The Answers Will Arrive Soon, from Unexpected Directions (peaking PST 8:18 pm 7th, GMT 4:18 am 8th, IST 9:48 am 8th, AEDT Qld 2:18 pm 8th).” [Adapted from previous post.]

There’s lots more information about it, and illustrations, in,,, and By the way, an Eclipse that hides anything but the Sun and Moon is called an “Occultation.” The word Occulted just means Hidden.

In NathaJay’s blog post for today,, she describes a great exercise for Capturing Good Vibes and saving them for Working with whatever Emotions arise from this or any other astroevent. I’ve already found it to be very useful!