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How to Read Astrobuss 2

November 12, 2020

I notice (here in November 2020) that folks are reading an ancient version of a How to Read Astrobuss post. Unfortunately, the format described there has mutated about seven thousand times since then. At the moment I’m struggling to adapt to this new author-torture device that WordPress calls an “editor,” so the format of the blog is changing daily as I try to find some accommodation that allows me to spend more time writing than wrestling with the editor.

I’m still trying to provide both interpretation and skeletal astrologuese, in some way that can help you “pick up” the astrologuese as you read. I believe that’s valuable because astrologuese is an extraordinarily rich language. I try to replace astrojargon with words that relate more to meaning than geometry, like “Challenge” instead of “Square,” but I try to include both because as you learn astrology you come to understand that “Square” means so much more than “Challenge.”

I still welcome questions, and I still request that you include in your comments whether you’d like your question or comment to be anonymous or not, as I use questions and comments as input to future posts. I greatly respect Privacy, but I also want to give credit where credit is due whenever possible.

Use the “Categories” in the right-hand column to look up articles which contain definitions or stories about specific astrological, or other, terms. The Categories column doesn’t appear when you’re looking at a single post, however, so you may need to go back to to find it. I’m trying to include links to explanations of some of our more arcane concepts, like PIAVA, as I write. But again, ask away about anything, okay?

Harmonic Anticlimax

October 3, 2015

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More Blessings

September 2, 2015

Reminder about format: bold italic is for Everyman and Everywoman to read, while…

Indented plain text is for anyone who wants to know the astrology behind what we’re saying, or who wants to Learn it.  If you read these sections without worrying about how much you do or don’t understand, after a while you’ll notice that you begin to see how it works.

We don’t do this in the current post, but if we were defining some astrological term or how some arcane astroprocess works, we’d double-indent and use italics.

  β    β    β    β    β  

We start September with an additional Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace) – Vesta (Beliefs), Pallas (Boundaries), and Venus-Mars (Self-Love) that forms a Kite focused on the Centaur Asbolus (Intuition).  It holds for a day or so.  There’s a gap of a couple days before Mars (Action) forms the Grand Trine  with the Stellium (Order from Central Command to Take Full Responsibility) and Uranus-Eris (Getting Honest about What We Really Need to Do with Our Life), but it’s still better than, say, tear gas.  It has a caveat though – Vesta Squares (Mastery through Challenge) Pluto (What We Can’t Avoid), and the Sextile (Friendly) between Venus-Mars and Asbolus is the base of a Finger of God (Pay Attention!) pointing at Pluto.

So nobody’s going to get away without Changes to their Beliefs and their Relationships, whether we’re Conscious of the Changes or not.  However, they’ll be fairly Painless, especially if we succeed in entertaining ongoing Curiosity about what sort of Miracles our Intuition will reveal about how our Relationships are Changing.  Even if we’re Unconscious of the Changes in our Beliefs, we don’t want to assume our Relationships aren’t being Transformed.  We’re likely to find that our bullshit meter has become more sensitive, for instance, and we’re likely to be surprised at how easily and Emotionlessly we watch ourself reject being conned.  Enjoy it while it’s here.

It’s remarkable how prescient these little snippets are…

Don’t you wish I was that economical with words?

Portal 21-25.5

May 20, 2015

galk5564bpAren’t these lovely little Gems?  In many crystals, one metal or anion can substitute for the usual suspect.  In this Crystal with three metals, Galkhaite, the first metal can be either Cesium or Thallium, the second either Mercury or Copper or Zinc, the third either Arsenic or Antimony, and the anion is Sulfur (a metallic ion is positively charged, so to make a neutral Crystal you need a negatively charged partner, the anion).  So you don’t know whether a given specimen of it is innocent, or dangerous because of Radiation and/or Mercury and/or Arsenic!  Kind of like the Karma you thought you had successfully Denied, till Medusa saw through your subterfuge.  Good chance our defenses against our Yintegrity could get outed here!

We promised in Plenipotent New Moon to follow up on…

More soon, as the Star Capulus (Perseus’s sword) is also very close to the New Moon, and probably contributes to Algol’s reputation.  Algol and Capulus together represent one Coin of raw, unrestrained – even psychopathic by many standards – Sexual Energies, Algol the Magnetic and Capulus the Dynamic.  They also pair Sex and Ego Death as another Coin, and we could go on for a looong time on that subject.  Kelley introduces the notion that Perseus was an agent of the Patriarchy doing Inquisition duties, and we have more to say on that too.

And we will.  For instance, did you know that “ED” is the abbreviation for Ego Death?  But first, here are some pretty incredible tools for dealing with a New Moon that’s a gravitational lens for the Eye of Medusa…

Actually, the Star Algol, symbol of the I of M, is quite a bit Out of Bounds, so the New Moon doesn’t physically gravitationally lens it, only astrologicallyAstrology works mostly with Longitudes; if Declinations matched up too, we’d have an Eclipse or an Occultation.

To remind, this sort of type is intended for everyone to read, while the indented non-bold non-italic type is meant for anyone knowing some astrology or interested in picking it up by osmosis.  The doubly indented non-bold but italic type mostly defines astrological terms and esoterica, so can be completely ignored by anyone who doesn’t intend to learn astrology.

Two planets or stars on the same Longitude are Conjunct; two on the same Declination are “Parallel.”  Declination is used instead of Latitude; Latitude measures the angular distance from the Earth’s Equator, while Declination measures the angular distance from the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun (the “Ecliptic”).  Since the Earth is tilted (which is why many of us have Seasons), Latitude and Declination aren’t the same, though we can think of Declination as Celestial Latitude. 

The Celestial equivalent of Longitude is called “Right Ascension,” and starts at the Aries Point, or the Sun’s Longitude at the Northern Equinox.  This makes Right Ascension (RA) and astrological Longitude basically equal in Tropical astrology, once you divide RA into Signs.  Physical Longitude of course starts in London.  In both Sidereal astrology and physical geography, the Aries Point moves, so Right Ascension and Longitude are only equal every 26,ooo years or so. 

When both Longitude and Declination align, we have a “Parallel Conjunction,” which may be known as an Eclipse or an Occultation, depending on who’s Occulting and who’s Eclipsed.  Both words mean the same thing, that one body crosses in front of the other.  When the Occulting body is smaller than the Occulted body, though, since that’s not usually considered an Eclipse, it’s called a physical “Transit,” like the “Transit of Venus across the face of the Sun” in 2012.  An “Annular Eclipse” occurs when the Occulting Moon, being at the far end of it’s elliptical orbit, appears to us as smaller than the almost-Occulted Sun, so the Eclipse is incomplete.  To “Occult” something just means to hide it.

An astrological Transit is something different.  A Transit occurs when a planet, in the sky now, makes a major Angle or Harmonic to a planet in your natal chart.  A Harmonic is a fraction of the Zodiac.  The First Harmonic is a Conjunction (1/1).  The Second Harmonic is an Opposition (1/2, or half way ’round the Loop), the Third a Trine (1/3), the Fourth a Square (1/4), etc.  Multiples of Harmonics, like the Quincunx (5/12) can also be considered as Transits, though they’re often called “minor” Angles, as are the Harmonics above the Fourth.

And before we forget, we want to introduce our next Portal…

Venus Opposes Pluto on 21 May and Squares Uranus on 25 May.  With Pluto Retrograde and Uranus moving forward, the Uranus-Pluto Square is now outside of our usual three-degree Orb or Sensitivity.  Nevertheless I’ll wager we’ll still experience the Uranus T-Square rather loudly, as something like…

Putting finishing-school touches on our Yintegrity.  If you’ve forgotten, Yintegrity means doing exactly what you Feel like Doing, when you Feel like Doing it – as opposed to Yangtegrity, which means Doing what you said you were going to Do.  Of course, if you Live in a World that hasn’t made the transition yet, in order to Live in Yintegrity you may have to reduce your Commitments, Renegotiate the remaining when your Intentions shift, and make Amends later when your shifts are too sudden for Renegotiation and your audience is of Value to you. 

OR, you can accelerate the Planet’s Ascension, by just Living your Yintegrity and letting the chips fall where they may, since the Chips will be things you didn’t really Love anyway.  Imagining doing this will probably engender Fear, which is great, since you want to be Loving with that Fear first, while imagining, before you jump in.  If you Feel Your Fear and Do It Anyway, your Fear may Manifest on you.  Of course, if you Feel Your Fear and Love it to Death, or use Dr. D’Eramo’s ABC process…

  • A. Be Aware of your Fear
  • B. Breathe while spreading your shoulders and arching your spine
  • C. Choose a far better alternative

Then go for it.  Be Aware that this is a variation of Empathizing with your Fear, so if you’re Open to them, Miracles may be available for you to Choose.  The C in ABC is a fabulous time to turbocharge your PIAVAs.  For B we could even add Let Go of our Limiting Beliefs and shout YOO HOO! so the Miracles can rush in.  Imagine how the World would Change if we all shouted YOO HOO! in the middle of a frightful Manifestation.

What a “coincidence”!  This Portal turns out to be a perfect foil for a Medusa New Moon!  Like with all those Grand Trines Pi gave us in 2013 to ease our transition, Pi is good to us!  She’s uncompromising on the Responsibility bit, but She recognizes that we need time to figure it out, and reps to practice it.  Our Gratitude is in order. 

~~~  YOO HOO!  ~~~

Readability Reminder

September 3, 2014

Just a reminder…

Left-justified bold italic text is meant for general reading, and though there will be some jargon in it, the intention is to not require any astrological knowledge in this section.

Indented non-bold non-italic text is meant for folks with some astrological knowledge.  For instance, if you have any foreknowledge of what a term like “Saturn” means, then when I talk about “Saturn” it’ll convey a lot more meaning to you than the narrow interpretation I provide in the bold-italic sections.

Doubly-indented italic text is meant for folks who have an active interest in learning more about astrology.  In this section we teach the meaning of astrological terms.  For instance, I may define “Brilliant.”  At any time you can use the “Categories” in the right-hand column to look up articles which contain definitions or stories about specific astrological terms.

Whatever is unclear, or if I’ve left something out, just leave a comment with a question (whether it’s about meaning,

astrological information,


definitions of astrological terms

), and I’ll answer as I get time.  If you want me to just answer the question rather than publish your comment (so it’s anonymous), just say so in the comment – all comments are screened before being published.


May 18, 2014

I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but we seem to be settling into a new format for writing this.  The “English” part, the mostly plain-language interpretations are in bold italic like this.

The “Astrologuese” part, the reason why we’re saying those things, is indented, not bolded, and not italicized.  We think it’s important to include this part because folks who know a little astrology can read so many more dimensions from the Astrologuese, than from any narrow interpretation.

And finally, doubly indented and italicized, are the sections we use to teach astrology, so you can gradually learn to get more out of the “Astrologuese” sections.

Let me know if you’re finding this format useful.

Categories, Formats, and Comments

January 4, 2013

I’m going to ossify our process a little.

First, I’m changing from “Tags” to “Categories,” because categories allow hierarchies, and they always can be found on page 1.  I got tired of searching linearly for the PIAVA article so I could link to it!  Now you can go directly to all PIAVA articles just by clicking on the Category.  Only the most recent articles have been changed so far, but I’ll use this strategy going forward.  Hierarchies don’t show up in the page-1 Category list (it’s in alpha order), but they’re there.  For instance, the PIAVA Category is a subset of the Manifestation Category, so if you click on the Manifestation Category, you’ll get all the PIAVA articles too.  If you click on PIAVA, you only get the PIAVA articles.

And second, I’m going to try to adhere to a “tell ’em what you’re gonna tell ’em, tell ’em, then tell ’em what you told ’em” strategy, with a Bottom Line paragraph at the beginning, a How We Got There tome in the middle, and a Where Did We End Up? paragraph at the end.  If I don’t get that format on the first pass because I’m in a hurry to get something out the door, I’ll try to come back and add the first and last paragraphs as soon as I get time.  I thought about just doing a separate blog with no astrologuese in it, just the naked conclusions, but I decided this strategy was better.

I’ve added an Administrative Details Category for things like this.

We’re always open to feedback!  All comments are reviewed before being published, so be sure to add a note about how much privacy or publicity you want.  That can take any of the following forms

  • Promoting your contributions (if I’m impressed by them)
  • Publishing your comment as is
  • Editing personal details out of the comment before publishing it
  • Repeating your comment as “Someone says…”
  • Repeating your comment with only your first name or initials
  • Not publishing or repeating your comment at all
  • Treating it as a personal email to me

Or any other form you’d like to specify.  If you don’t specify how much privacy you want, I’ll make my own guess.

Don’t be shy about commenting; your comments help me know what to write about.  If you have a personal question, please feel free to ask.  Worst thing that could happen is I might not have time to answer.