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Awe II

May 30, 2014

This is from Stephen Harrod Buhner’s The Secret Teachings of Plants in the Direct Perception of Nature, pp.148-151.  I’ve made a few small modifications to establish context and maintain continuity…

“Using direct perception to learn the medicinal powers of plants is not a spectator sport.  Eventually you have to move from looking and go into feeling, realizing that feeling is a sense, too.  Not the touch of the fingers, but the touch of the heart.  This kind of touch has another dimension, deeper than that possessed by the fingers.

and as we touch, so are we touched

“Everything has a hidden face.  Hidden, not in the sense that it is intentionally concealed, but in that it can only be seen with different eyes than the physical.  A different mode of perception must be used.  The hidden face of Nature can only be seen with the heart.

“Sit with a plant, focus on its sensory attributes, and begin to

”    s l o w    d o w n    n o w

“Become aware of the feelings that arise in you as you sit by the plant.  How do you feel?  Now you are learning to see – not merely the physical form of things, but the meanings that each thing expresses.

“Everything we encounter in the wildness of the world gives off its own electromagnetic pulse of communication.  These waveforms are filled with meanings, living communications that touch us and that we experience as feelings.”

“Because we have been taught for so long to disregard these kinds of feelings, it may be hard to let yourself notice them.  Begin by allowing yourself to describe these plant-generated feelings in any way they come to you.  Take the step of letting them come into consciousness and emerge into words.  Do not control the words or make them big and analytical.  Let them emerge of themselves, in their own form.  Give yourself permission to say out loud what they are, no matter how foolish they might seem to your linear mind.

It is a rare qualification to be able to conceive and suffer the truth to pass through us living and intact.    –Thoreau

“Because of our long habituation in the linear mind and the things we have been taught about the livingness[or absence thereof] of the world, this is the hardest thing of all – to give reality to the feelings that flow into us from the world itself.”

“Giving reality to the feelings that come to us from the world directly contradicts the Western insistence on the linear mind and the (presumed) unreality of the living soulfulness of the world around us.  Doing so breaks a cultural agreement that is powerful and strong and deeply embedded within us.”

“Embracing the reality of the feelings that come to us from the world is the first step in the decolonization of the soul.  In this moment, the linear mind is truly left behind.  This is the moment you begin to use a different mode of cognition – the moment you begin to think with your heart.”

“Most of us have been taught that feelings only come from within us.  For those of us who wish to learn directly from the wildness of the world, to learn directly from plants the medicinal uses they possess, it is essential to begin to feel with the heart.  To do so you must go to meet the plant with your most vulnerable self.  You must open your heart and let the plant’s living communication flow into you, weave through you.  You must receive what it has to offer.”

“Because it is out of your conscious awareness, you must notice everything that your body does during this process, everything you feel, every stray thought that comes into your head, no matter how insignificant, unrelated, or ridiculous it seems.  You are learning a new language now.”

Fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl.  Reanimating the Planet and its denizens is one of the first steps in making ourselves a Sustainable Home here.

Awe Shucks

May 29, 2014

A great three-minute video on Miracles, Chiron, Juno-Saturn, and the Edges of Consciousness…

I think of Awe as being inspired by something outside of us (to the extent that anything actually is outside of us, of course) – it’s hard to make a Conscious decision to be Awed.  Could be just my own Limitations, but I see it’s first cousin Wonder as more accessible to us – we can get to Wonder just by choosing to focus our Attention at a different level or place than we usually do.

For instance, Radio Shack sells a powerful hand-held microscope for a few bucks.  Looking at a teaspoon of Sand through that will stop your World – it will restructure the Edges of your Consciousness (Juno-Saturn), which could be more profound than “reconfiguring your mental models of the world,” even while it’s more subtle.  Choosing a few minutes of genuine (not rhetorical) Wonder every day might end up being more expansive and more lasting than a “mind-blowing” experience of Awe.  

We haven’t tried to reconfigure PIAVA to PICAVAW or PAVIWAC (though PAVIWAC has a nice ring to it, even without giving the dog a bone), but we can literally add genuine Wondering (that triggers real Curiosity) to our short list of Praying, Intending, Asking, Visualizing, and Affirming, as another method for using Magnetism to Create.  The added C stands for Commanding, to add a place for Vianna Stibal’s remarkable Theta Healing process.

The (more or less, masculine) mind is a great tool for making a binary decision, developing a strategy, dividing it into tasks, and executing a plan to get something specific done.  But as Jung said, the mind is irrational unless it’s connected to the Heart, because Values reside in the Heart.  Consequently, the mind often makes decisions and executes plans that are contrary to our Values – hence, self-sabotage.  Now, if we want to actually solve a problem, as Einstein famously said, we can’t do that using the same thinking that postulated the problem.  We need to find a new approach.

That’s what Chiron does for a living.

The (more or less, feminine) PAVIWAC process, if we carry it through the Changing-the-Subject and Paying-Attention phases, can find new approaches for us.  It doesn’t necessarily involve the Heart, so we can still use it for self-sabotage if we try hard enough, though being less reductive and more wholistic than the intellect, PAVIWAC is less likely to get us in trouble.  Basically, if we do it right, the answers that we get from PAVIWACking (nice word!) come straight from the Unconscious, and will therefore be much larger in scope and dimensionality than answers provided by the linear dualistic mind. 

When PIAVA does appear to sabotage us, is when the Unconscious feels that it’s time to educate the Ego, and gives us a heuristic, or exercise meant to teach, rather than inform. 

It’s like Uranus and Eris, in the sense that they’re, yes, Disruptive and Dischordant,

But what’s being Disrupted is that which is no longer True to the Soul, and what’s being thrown into Dischord is Denial that we can no longer afford.

We can reduce the likelihood of self-sabotage or even heuristic detours by starting from the Heart, choosing what it is that we’re PIAVAing or PIAVAWACking so that it supports our Values.  How to do that?  Well, we could first PIAVA to know and support all of our Values around the problem we’re trying to hack.  Or, we could just move directly to Feeling.  Rather than PIAVAing a red sports car, PIAVA how you’re going to Feel when driving or admiring your red sports car.  Or how you’re going to feel when we’re all working together respectfully to Co-Create a Sustainable place on the Planet.


May 27, 2014

For most of June we’re challenged to vigorously support our Yintegrity (and that of others).  Think of it as a test, which most of us will pass.  If you let someone intimidate you out of being your True Self, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost.  Go back and do it over.  Tell them – calmly – that you don’t appreciate their trying to Shame you for not doing it there way, and you’ll accept an apology.  If they’re bigger than you and prone to violence, tap it out instead, then PIAVA an alternative way to claim your space.  There’s Yintegrity, and then there’s foolhardiness.  If you ignore the Safety First rule, the Ego backlash will just make it worse.

Mars completes its Confidence-Builder (third) Waning Square to Pluto on June 14 (the Portal spans June 1 through 23), and its Confidence-Builder Opposition to Uranus on June 24 (the Portal spans June 14 to July 3).  We’re looking at 13 to 17 degrees of the Cardinal Signs, give or take.


The Sustainability of our Beliefs dominates through June 1.


June 2 should be an interesting day.  If you’re willing to be open and loving with any Emotions and Memories that arise, you may be very surprised by the result – which could be Life-changing.

As the Moon crosses Lilith, it makes a Septangle with Pluto and the South Node, peaking at 3pm PDT, with the Portal open for four hours or so on either side.  See also June 3-7.

The Septangle consists of a Triseptile between two planets (three sevenths of the way ’round the Zodiac) with a third planet at their far Midpoint – that is, Biseptile (two sevenths) to each.  It means that Magic is afoot.


June 3 to 7 could easily bring us a reset of our relationship to Other, including especially our relationship to the Goddess.

With Neptune Stationary (see next paragraph), Mercury slows down to turn Retrograde on June 7.  The Station forms, with Venus, a Bridge across the Lilith-Neptune Opposition.  Mercury’s Shadow Period is draped across the Cancer Cusp, spanning 25 Gemini to 4 Cancer.  The Cancer Cusp basically says “One more time, with Feeling!”  We started something (in early April), made a big effort to complete it, and didn’t get it done to our satisfaction.  So we took it apart, found out what was unsatisfying about it, and now we’re eager to start over.  But we have to wait till July.  That’s okay, we can review the blueprints one more time.  Chances are this “something” has a lot to do with the Goddess – like maybe a whole new way of understanding the World.

A Bridge forms when one or two planets form Trine-Sextiles across an Opposition.  It represents “the easy way out” of the tension created by the apparent dichotomy of the Opposition, particularly if the Opposition is part of a T-Square.

Expect to get pretty spacey June 8 and 9, if you weren’t already deep in Trance since June 2 or thereabouts.  A good guideline to follow is that what is Confusing or foggy (and Emotional) through Material eyes, becomes Clear when viewed through Spiritual eyes.  To locate your Spiritual eyes, look to see what’s the positive function of what appears to be negative.  June 2-9 is about connecting to Spirit.  You’re building something important to you here, and this is a time for breakthroughs about the parts you weren’t sure how to handle.  Not so you can rush to finish, but so you know what to study over the next five months – then you’ll know what needs to be done and how to do it.

Neptune is Stationary Retrograde on June 9 at 8 degrees of Pisces.  It backs up to 5 degrees before turning Direct on October 31.  That’ll make for some Halloween, and an especially lively Dia de Muertos.  Five to 8 degrees of Pisces is the Taurus Duad.  Heavy Emotions first overwhelm us, then inspire us.  In the Taurus Duad of Pisces we get to work Manifesting our Inspiration into Form.  We’ve been through this space once (since February), now we traverse it again more slowly, looking for puzzle pieces that we missed the first time.

A Duad or Dwad is one twelfth of a Sign.  The first two and a half degrees of Pisces is the Pisces Duad, next comes the Aries Duad, then the Taurus Duad, etc. round the Zodialoop.

The likely spaciness we’ll experience June 2-9 will be augmented by some degree of Clarity around Boundaries and Choices.  If you need to make decisions that can’t be postponed, you might find the Awe Shucks post useful. 

We covered the Pallas-Neptune Opposition fairly thoroughly in the Neptune Station II post.  This is the Confidence-Builder, so it shouldn’t bring up too much difficulty.

The same Clarity around Boundaries and Choices will strengthen between June 9 and June 12. 

The actual Pallas-Neptune Opposition occurs on the June 12.  The Portal’s open for about 8 days before and after.

Look to see if we get any major clues or shifts – or technological innovations – toward Cultural Sustainability between June 10 and 12.

We’ll have to find time to analyze the Makemake discovery chart, as Makemake turns Direct on June 12 at 29 degrees of Virgo.  It turned Retro during the last few days of 2013 at 2 of Libra.  This is a very powerful Cusp, signifying the shift from individual effort to exploration of Community.  Our first clue about Makemake’s meaning is that he’s here to help us transition to Sustainability, since he was a Survival God on Rappa Nui.  With Mercury Retrograding into Gemini, we may be looking at technology to help.  The discovery chart will tell us more about Makemake.

Makemake is a dwarf planet about 2/3 the size of Pluto, orbiting in a fairly circular path in the neighborhood of Pluto.

Makemake enters Libra thrice – October 19, 2013; September 7, 2014; and July 13, 2015 – as it stutter-steps across the line.  It takes about 30 years for Makemake to cross a Sign, so we’ll only see a Makemake Sign-change such as this twice or thrice in a Lifetime.  The last time it moved from Virgo into Libra was 1713.  Ben Franklin was 7 years old.  George Washington wasn’t born till 20 years later, Thomas Jefferson 30 years later, James Madison 40 years later.

It’s interesting that the Pallas-Neptune Opposition corresponds with the Makemake Station.  As they say, history doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes.  As it was in Ben Franklin’s youth, remote masters are setting up conditions for possible revolt by overexploiting the People.  Then they were geographically remote; now they’re sociopathically remote – though they were undoubtedly that then too.


Great time to PIAVA Miracles between June 13 and June 19.  The key to knowing when to seek Miracles here, is the sense of an Emotional Ego Death – the feeling that “I’d rather die than go through this again.”  Tap it out, then PIAVA the Miracle.

Chiron turns Retrograde on June 19, at 18 Pisces.  Jupiter has left the building, but Saturn still Trines Chiron.  Chiron’s Shadow Period spans 14-18 Pisces, which is basically the Virgo Decanate.


Then for about four days on either side of June 29, a wide channel will open between Source and the Unconscious.  You want to get in on the act, and open a three-way dialog between your Ego, the Unconscious, and Source.  A few tricks… 

  • If you get Confused, move to seeing the World with Spiritual eyes rather than Material eyes.  PIAVA to know the deeper meaning of any untoward experiences. 
  • Don’t get lost in the Emotions – take a wider perspective.  If there’s conflict, look to see things through the eyes of the overarching Community that encompasses yourself and your antagonists.  If that Community doesn’t seem to exist, imagine it!  You don’t know what it looks like?  What if you did know?  What notions did you just reject?  That’s probably your clue.

The first step toward Win-Win is understanding your antagonist’s goals.  The second step is telling them what you think their goals are, and asking them if you’re right, and if you’re omitting anything.  The third step is checking to see if they understand your goals, or if they’re willing to be open to understanding them.  At this point you have a bifurcation…

  • If they’re open to understanding your goals, pursue it.  Once you’ve gone through these preliminaries, you should be on the same team, with both of you working to meet your common goals, and open to finding ways to at least partially meet one another’s goals where they conflict.
  • If they aren’t open to understanding your goals, or if at any point you find that they’re working to undermine your goals rather than support them as best they can without abandoning their own goals, then disengage if you can.  When you play Win-Win and your antagonist plays Win-Lose, you Lose.  Another bifurcation, but this time it’s Both/And…  
    • If you can’t disengage, you need to play Win-Lose with them and defend your goals as best you can.
    • Whether you can disengage or not, at this point you know enough about the portions of your goals and theirs that overlap.  Work independently of your antagonist to meet those goals.

If Emotionality bogs you down, talk about it as directly as you can.

This is a singular event, a Waxing Square from Juno back to Neptune on June 29.  The Initiation occurred January 9 of this year at 4 Pisces, “Heavy traffic on a narrow isthmus between two seashore resorts.“  Mercury is also Stationary here, getting ready to turn Direct on July 1.


Expect Rebirth as June ends.  We also get to restart our Big Project.

The dwarf planet Haumea turns Direct July 4 at 20 Libra.  Haumea was named after Pele’s mother, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fertility.  It’s about a third as big as Pluto, and orbits in the same region.  More on Haumea later.  Mercury turns Direct again on July 1.

New Moon of the Giraffe

May 27, 2014

As usual, Kelley Hunter’s Lunar Summary is completely complementary…

A couple of notes: the latin name of the Giraffe is Giraffe camelopardis because the Giraffe’s body resembles that of a Camel.  Also, the Giraffe has the largest Heart of any land animal – how timely.  Large-Hearted Giraffe is used as a totem by the Nonviolent Communication movement.

Vesta and Ceres

May 27, 2014

Ceres doesn’t Initiate Vesta till July, but their nearly concurrent Stations here at the end of May are singing the Vesta-Ceres Song, and while the door is open, let’s talk a bit more about the Vesta-Ceres Cycle, which we introduced in the previous post.  To review…

“These Stations are only two degrees apart, as these asteroids are on their way to Communion in early July.  Ceres will then Baptize Vesta at 22 Libra, ‘A child giving Birds a drink at a fountain: The concern of simple souls for the welfare and happiness of less-evolved Beings who thirst for life renewal.’  We take exception to the part about Birds being ‘less-evolved’ Beings, but at least there is Compassion there, if not a lessening of homocentrism.  The Judgment is Rudhyar’s, and befits the Beliefs of his era.  Rudhyar usually sees Birds as intimating Spirit; we can modernize the reading to ‘A child giving Birds a drink at a fountain: Manifest form reconnecting itself to its overarching Spirit.’  Gratitude for the Bees made manifest, in other words.”

The asteroids between Mars and Jupiter all have orbits around four years long, so they chase each other around in very complex dances, as their Retrograde periods overlap and weave a dense fabric.  Some of their Cycles can be many centuries long, as we discussed when Vesta and Ceres turned Retrograde on March 1. 

The Vesta-Ceres Cycle runs sixteen to eighteen years; this one will be coloring our lives till early in 2030.  The Waxing Square will occur five times between 2016 and 2019.

Recall that the Energy of a Cycle is strong at its birth for those who are sensitive to it.  Then it appears to fade until the Waxing Square, as it prepares foundations underground.  The Energy “becomes permanent” at the Waxing Square.

We’ll be feeling strong hints of this new two-decade Cycle already – it’s about identifying and eliminating ossified Beliefs that prevent us from centering our Lives around the Heart.  With luck it will crack religious and scientific Fundamentalism wide open.

Fundamentalism means taking your metaphors literally.  Guess what.  The Universe is at the very least multidimensional and nonlinear, and the linear Dualistic mind is simply not a sufficiently useful tool for grokking the Universe.  While physicists get closer with their nonlinear and multidimensional mathematics (which some of them believe they actually understand), the mind isn’t even aware of what lies beyond the multidimensional and nonlinear.  In other words, it’s all metaphor.  Swami Beyondananda can teach you more about the Universe than Stephen Hawking.

A few scientists understand that the “real” scienterrific process judges metaphors (which they call theories) based on their utility and parsimony, not on whether they can generate grant money, pass peer review, or are sanctified by their department chairman, corporate hierarchy, or central dogma.  The rest use the same kind of thinking that the religious Fundamentalists use, they just base their logic off a different set of assumptions.

Expect Fundamentalist Resistance to strengthen for the next two years – that is, Fundamentalist ideology will appear to be stronger – and a Herculean three-year struggle to dislodge it will follow.  It’s easy to see how the religious Fundamentalists are throwing their sabots into everything.  And the religious Fundamentalists easily see how the scientific Fundamentalists are screwing us up – as few others do.

Religious Fundamentalists are so hopelessly out of date that they don’t realize that escaping from Egypt or controlling the next village or tribe will no longer fix what ails us.  Scientific Fundamentalists are so enamored of their Dualistic Reductionist view of the World that they can’t see the Faeries for the Flowers.  As long as the World is run From the Head, the only source of Hope is the knowledge that the Planet will eventually shake off her tormentors – and that bodes ill for most of us lovers of the status quo.

As many have long said, the World needs to be run From the Heart.  That is the change in the way of thinking that will create Miracles.

It’s intriguing that the fivefold Vesta-Ceres Square occurs right after the sevenfold 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto Square has finished transforming us.  Certainly finding our Yintegrity is a prerequisite for reconnecting to the overarching Spirit.

Following the Vesta-Ceres Square, in 2020, two important astro-events occur.

In January Pluto Initiates Saturn.  The Saturn-Pluto Cycle fundamentally restructures society.  The current Saturn-Pluto Cycle began in 1982 (think Reaganomics and Thatcherism, and “trickle-down” propaganda), Waxing Squared in 1993 (first WTC bombing, NAFTA, repeal of Glass-Seagull, Waco & the Davidians), Opposed in 2001 (think 9/11), and Waning Squared in 2010 (think collapse of the old paradigm).

The old Saturn-Pluto Cycle began at Libra 28, “A Person becoming aware of Spiritual forces sustaining and assisting them.”  That’s certainly what’s been happening, but has that Person ever been fighting the trend!  The 2020 Saturn-Pluto Cycle will Initiate at Capricorn 23, “A soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat.”

Then in December 2020, Saturn Initiates Jupiter, at 1 Aquarius, “An old adobe mission in California.”  The current Jupiter-Saturn Cycle, which began at the dot-com crash in 2000, started at 23 Taurus, “A jewelry shop filled with valuable gems.”  As we’ve pointed out

The current Jupiter-Saturn Cycle is about deciding which gems from the Industrial Revolution we want to take with us into the two-century Age of Automation that begins in 2020.  We’re still deciding whether or not “we” (as a Culture) want to take Industrial-Age wage slavery with us.  That’s a losing game, as “Labor” will be obsolete in the Age of Automation, except for a few machine and game designers and armies of servants for the Elite.  By then a few of the Elite may have read about Henry Ford’s efforts to pay his employees enough that they could afford to buy his cars.

We’ve talked a lot over the last several years about the “Fresh-Violets-in-an-ancient-pottery-bowl” Chiron-Neptune Cycle and the “New Paradigm” it has heralded.  That New Paradigm isn’t about wage slavery, it’s about surviving on your wits and your Community.

The Rest of May

May 27, 2014

topazolite2543bpNew ways of thinking lurking under cover.  Topazolite is the Yellow form of Andradite, a Calcium-Iron Garnet (Garnet is a family of minerals).

Before we get to the foreground, we don’t want to forget the two big ongoing events in the background.  First, our “dumb-luck” Grace continues through the end of May, and second, our Yintegrity work is temporarily winding down a little after a huge peak in April – though there’s some debriefing to do in mid-June.

The foreground also holds two significant events.  We don’t usually put “structure” and “Unconscious” in the same sentence, but that’s what’s happening here, as over the last two and a half years the Dissonance has increased between how we structure our view of Reality, and the “actual” Reality (such as it is) that we keep bumping into.  Dissonance between who we believe ourselves to be (individually and as part of a number of collectives) and how we see ourselves and our Communities acting and speaking, reveals critically important information about our Unconscious Beliefs – it betrays our Denial.  Dissonance represents a fabulous opportunity for Growth in Consciousness.

It’s a crossroads of sorts.  If we’ve been adjusting our sense of self and our sense of belonging as the Dissonance developed, particularly over the last year, then we’re at the point where we can take a fourth-step inventory of the other parts of our Life to see what physical Changes we want to make to integrate our Consciousness Changes.  But if we’ve let the Dissonance build up, without adjusting our self-concepts and our memberships along the way, then we have remedial work to do on our Identity.  Maybe we knew someone at UCSB, and our NRA membership is starting to give us second thoughts – that sort of thing.  Or maybe you aren’t taking enough time to be Consciously Grateful for the services that the Bees provide to us, even though you’ve noticed that the Energy Exchange between your two species is very unequal, perhaps fatally so for both of us.

The other big foreground event is about your Beliefs per se, and how Sustainable they are.  It’s very complementary to the first foreground event, but a little different.  The first event is about the Edges of your Consciousness and how ragged they are; this second one is about how you have to shuffle your deepest Beliefs in order to find the motivation to either keep on keepin’ on, or make some pretty serious changes in your Lifestyle to maintain your sense of internal harmony. 

In the first case you might be learning a lot of new things, and either anxious or excited about putting them to work.  In the second case you might be finding that many of your assumptions about Humanity or God or “those people” are actually dead wrong, and scrambling to figure out how to rebuild your Reality so it doesn’t sabotage you so much.

I’m splitting hairs here, since we’re going to be grokking them both as one set of Experiences.  Remember that part of the Big Grace in the background is the availability of Miracles.  To get to Miracles you have to change the way you think.  Not what you think about, but the way you think about what you think about.  How the devil do we do that? 

With PIAVA.  The most important part is Changing the Subject after you PIAVA.  What to PIAVA isn’t so hard – just Ask or Pray for something you want a lot but that’s not possible.  And don’t forget to Pay Attention after you Change the Subject.  Wait a while between the two steps, though, otherwise you won’t really be Changing the Subject.  Maybe keep a journal, do your PIAVAs on Tuesdays, then forget about them, but check back on Saturday to see what happened.  You’ll probably need to stretch (that is, Change the way you think) in order to find connections between your Prayers and whatever transpired while your Attention was elsewhere.

The first Portal is open for several days on either side of May 28, with the several days prior to May 28 likely to be stronger.  The second Portal has two peaks, one on May 27, and the other on June 1, with the window first opening around mid-May.

In the background, April’s chronologically intense Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter-Mars Grand Cross

The individual Squares and Oppositions in the Grand Cross were exact at almost the same time, hence “chronologically intense.”

has faded, as has the followup Uranus-Jupiter-Vesta T-Square.  We started this Yintegrity business in May 2012, and we won’t be done with it till May 2015, but the heat is off for July, August, and September this year.  June’s a little more complicated, but we’ll get there later.  Our current work here is around 14-17 degrees of the Cardinal Signs, which will light up any of your natal planets in this range.

The Big Grace comes from the Chiron-Saturn-Jupiter Grand Trine, which occurs in 18-20 degrees of the Water Signs, and will especially impact any natal process you have going on there.

The important thing to remember is not to self-congratulate for your brilliance, but to find your Gratitude for the Grace.  Self-confidence (nose points straight ahead) is great; self-adulation (nose points up) misses the point entirely.  If nose points down, get to work PIAVAing your Miracle.

As for the foreground, Juno Opposes Saturn on May 28 (the “first” foreground event), Vesta is Stationary Direct on May 27, and Ceres is Stationary Direct on June 1 (combined, the “second”).

To whit, on May 28 Juno Opposes Saturn.  The Portal will be Open for three of four days on either side.  This Juno-Saturn Cycle is about “Two men placed under arrest: A breakdown in the constructive relationship between the individual and society,” and the Initiation occurred in mid-September 2011 at 18 Libra.

The Opposition is a crisis point of sorts in a Cycle.  Cycles begin at the Conjunction (Initiation), the Music gets loud at the Square, and the Opposition is the point where you either realize you have remedial work to do, or recognize how much you’ve changed and modify the rest of your Life to fit whom you’ve now become. 

You can see the value of Consciousness; if you understand the trend, it’s easy to jump into the remedial work.  If you see Life as a constant, you’re most likely to just rue the lost opportunity to restructure your relationship to your Culture, not realizing that the real opportunity lies in front of you.

The Cycle starts to unwind after the Phitile, which occurs just after the Waning Trine.  The Opportunity to remedy unfinished work or expand results into other arenas occurs between the Opposition and the Phitile.

The Opposition occurs at 19 Taurus-Scorpio, so will ignite any natal hot spots you have at 17-21 of the Fixed Signs, as well as any natalities you have in the neighborhood of 18 Libra.  The Phitile will occur in the first week of August.  If you harmonize your Life between now and then, you’ll be glad you did.

Meanwhile, Vesta is Stationary Direct on May 27, and Ceres on June 1.  Using one degree of Sensitivity, their Stationary periods began about two weeks prior.  They’ve been Retrograde since their simultaneous March 1 Stations.  They’ve both been backing over the last Decanate of Libra, the Gemini Decanate.  Libra is Open to Other.

When a planet Retrogrades, it crosses its “Shadow Period” (the span of its Retrogradation) three times, once forward, then backward, then forward again.  It means that we’re asked to closely re-examine any issues involved with that Shadow Period.  A Decanate is a third of a Sign, or ten degrees.  The Decanates take the qualities of the following Signs of the same Element – here, the Air Signs Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. 

So the first Decanate of Libra is the Libra Decanate (unrestrained Openness to Other), the second is the Aquarius Decanate (making sense of Other), and the third is the Gemini Decanate (puzzling over the way Other doesn’t make sense).

Each zodiacal Sign is a reaction to the previous Sign. 

Virgo’s spiritual purpose is to break up the self-focus of Leo, and as it is with all Mutable Signs (Mutable as in mutation), the result is in some degree chaos, as the old way self and society were organized breaks down into pieces that must be reassembled in new ways.  The Cardinal Signs react to Mutable chaos by creating a new sense of Order.  Libra’s notion of Order means Creating Community.  The Libra Decanate Reaches Out to Other.  The Aquarius Decanate tries to make sense out of what worked and what didn’t in that effort – though of course “what worked” is dependent on one’s objectives, and everyone has different objectives.

Since Reality is infinitely more complex than Duality, the mind never meets its natural objective of putting everything into neat categories.  So the Gemini Decanate is stuck with trying to fit the pieces together – trying to identify the parts of ideology that seemed to fit Reality and the parts of Reaching Out that seemed to work, trying to put those together, trying to understand why parts of ideology didn’t work and why parts of Reaching Out backfired.  The end result is an intense Curiosity inspired by the need to rectify Confusion (which, recall, is the first stage of Growth).  That takes us to Scorpio and its intense need to “get to the bottom of things.”

Any planets, asteroids, lights, house cusps, or other major symbolic points that you have in the last third of Libra will be triggered for you.

These Stations are only two degrees apart, as these ‘roids are on their way to Communion in early July.  Ceres will then Baptize Vesta at 22 Libra, “A child giving Birds a drink at a fountain: The concern of simple souls for the welfare and happiness of less-evolved Beings who thirst for life renewal.”  We take exception to the part about Birds being “less-evolved” Beings, but at least there is Compassion there, if not a lessening of homocentrism.  The Judgment is Rudhyar’s, and befits the Beliefs of his era.  Rudhyar usually sees Birds as intimating Spirit; we can modernize the reading to “A child giving Birds a drink at a fountain: Manifest form reconnecting itself to its overarching Spirit.”  Gratitude for the Bees made manifest, in other words.

The Vesta-Ceres Cycle runs sixteen to eighteen years; this one will be coloring our lives till early in 2030.  The Waxing Square will occur five times between 2016 and 2019.

Recall that the Energy of a Cycle is strong at its birth to those who are sensitive to it.  Then it appears to fade until the Waxing Square, as it prepares foundations underground.  The Energy “becomes permanent” at the Waxing Square.

We’ll be feeling strong hints of this new two-decade Cycle already – it’s about identifying and eliminating ossified Beliefs that prevent us from centering our Lives around the Heart.  With luck it will crack religious and scientific Fundamentalism wide open.

Song of Mars

May 18, 2014

rube4360bpTourmaline is traditionally one of the stronger Healing Stones because of the Boron in it.  Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly, and Boron is the fifth-lightest element.  There are officially 29 different Tourmalines, as the Crystal structure is complex and has many substitutions and variations.  The Lithium-rich version of Tourmaline is called (by geologists) Elbaite.  Lithium is the third-lightest element!  So these Angels can really fly.  Informally, Elbaite comes in several varieties.  The pinky-reddy ones, like this lovely example, are called (by non-geologists) Rubellite.


Well, this remarkable opportunity

“This is a remarkable opportunity to Let Go of any and all Patterns, especially Relationship Patterns, that keep us from living out our Deepest Desires.  Not only are they up in our face, but there’s very strong Grace behind our Intentions.”

may not feel so hot, when all or our Limiting Beliefs and Self-Sabotaging Patterns really are up in our face, eh?

But take heart.  At half past 6pm PDT on May 19, Mars turns Direct, and once that happens (or once you realize it’s happening – it works like that, it’s called Consciousness, and it’s an alternative to Victimhood), the flavor should lighten up.  As we’ve said often, a planet’s Song is strongest when it’s Stationary, ie, now.

Mars works with our Assertiveness.  Without Mars it’s difficult to set effective Boundaries.  The Passion to follow our Joy comes from Mars.  Western Culture rewards highly the folks who can allow their Mars to run amok without remorse.  The rest of us get the trickle-down, which has been pretty much in the red lately.  So if we aren’t already sociopathic, there’s a couple of things we can do. 

First, we can be loving and gentle with our remorse.  Remorse is a good thing actually, because it motivates us to do the second thing, which is to improve our skill at Assertiveness.  It’s totally possible to be consummately effective at setting solid Boundaries while harming no one and being completely charming about it.  We just haven’t figured out how to do it yet.  We’ll probably need to PIAVA that.

So let’s review what we know about this particular Mars Station…

The most significant characteristic of this Mars Retrograde Period is it’s entanglement with Jupiter and the Uranus-Pluto Square.

Retrogrades, Repeating Events, and the Can-Opener:  Remember that when a planet entangles with another during a Retrograde Period, it usually makes the same angle with the other planet three times.  The first event we’ve called the “Can-Opener” because it pops the lid off of some drama we’ve been keeping in the basement, usually catching us off guard and throwing us out of our comfort zone.

The Can-Opener is usually the meat of an issue.  The other two recurrences are much less memorable, unless we’re in the habit of counting our Blessings, of course.  In this case, the Exposition or second pass for all three Cycles – Mars-Uranus, Mars-Pluto, and Mars-Jupiter – occurred at the same time, in April.  How was that for you?

The Exposition and Confidence-Builder:  The second pass we’ve called the “Exposition” because the same drama recurs, but this time it unfolds more slowly, giving us the opportunity to practice our skills at dealing with it.  The third time is the “Confidence-Builder,” because now when the drama comes back we deal with it pretty easily, having extended our comfort zone by learning and practicing new skills.

Responsibility:  All this assumes that we’ve taken Responsibility for it at the Can-Opener, or at least during the Exposition (often we’re too off-guard at the Can-Opener to be present with Responsibility.  That’s not Blame, that’s the willingness and ability to Respond, as opposed to being the Victim of the drama.  The longer we delay taking Responsibility, the more adamant is the Universe at rubbing our face in the issue.

Stations:  Between each of these three events the offending planet is Stationary.  That is, the soon-to-be-Retrograde planet passes the other one once going forward (Can-Opener), then it Stations and turns Retrograde, then it backs up and passes the second time going backward (Exposition), then it Stations and turns Direct again, before finally crossing the entangled planet for the third time (Confidence-Builder).  And as we’ve said, the offending planet is strongest when it’s Stationary.

Pictures at an Exposition:  So we might see the Exposition itself as occurring in three stages, once at the Retrograde Station, again at the second crossing, and finally at the Direct Station.  That gives us five events, and five is the number of Learning.

So just what is it we’re likely to be learning here?

The Mars-Uranus Can-Opener occurred around Christmas (2013).  It was an Opposition, a minor culmination of the Mars-Uranus Cycle that began in March 2013 at 9 of Aries, “A Crystal gazer: The development of an inner realization of organic wholeness.”

Sabian Symbols:  In the same way that each astrological Sign has a flavor or meaning, each degree of the zodiac, all 360 of them, has it’s own flavor!  The flavor or deep meaning of an individual degree is called its Sabian Symbol.  We put it in quotes and italics, and often amend it with Dane Rudhyar’s expansion on it from his book An Astrological Mandala.

Is there a part of yourself that’s been brewing for a little over a year, that has to do with integrating various parts of your Life, and that allows you to bring more of your Passion into the pursuit of your Deepest Desires?  Or at least a strengthening drive to seek your Passion or Follow your Joy?  Maybe some issue or decision or process that was lit up last Christmas?  You could easily have breakthroughs here.

The Mars-Pluto entanglement here is a Waning Square.  Its Can-Opener was during the last few days of 2013, and this Cycle began in late November 2012, at 9 of Capricorn, “An Angel carrying a harp: The revelation of the spiritual meaning and purpose at the core of any life situation.”  Mars-Pluto usually doesn’t screw around, so this sounds like it’s right out of Pi’s playbook around Responsibility.

Squares – the Motivators:  A Square between two planets – when one is a quarter of the way round the loop from the other – I’m sure you know by now if you’ve been reading for long, is an Angle symbolizing Mastery through Challenge.  The Waning Square is the time of debriefing, for reviewing what we’ve experienced and learned, so we can be sure to take it with us when we leave.  The Waxing Square is when a Cycle’s Song gets into the elevators, or the Energy becomes permanent.  Prior to the Waxing Square, the Song was mostly in the background.

Remember Northern Winter Solstice 2012, when the Mayan Calendar ended and Pi replaced Gaia as the Goddess inhabiting the Earth?  Seems like only yesterday, right?  Whoa, no way.  That was lifetimes ago in subjective time.  Can you detect a qualitative difference in your own Life?  This is a real good time to Pay Attention to what’s Changed, what hasn’t Changed, and what still need to Change.

The Mars-Jupiter Cycle began in July 2013, and hit the Can-Opener of its Waxing Square in January of this year.  The Initiation was at 6 of Cancer, “Game Birds feathering their nests: An instinctual dedication of self to new forms of life.”

There are new stages of your Life being born here.  Do you feel them?  Are they part of your own Intention, or are they being forced upon you?  Are you Resisting?  (It’s futile, y’know.) 

Meanwhile, Mars has also been dancing with Vesta, Ceres, and the North Node.  Mars came sashaying right up to all three of them in late February, but stopped a few degrees shy of overtaking them, as they all turned Retrograde at one big party around March 1.  In July, once Mars gathers momentum again, it will overtake these three and Initiate new Cycles.  So there are a number of Energies that are fading into history here.  Probably wouldn’t hurt to talk more about those too, as we’ll be Intuiting those Futures too here at the Mars Station.  But we’ll do that later; for now…

And Endings Galore. 

We’re growing increasingly frustrated about following a course we’ve been considering to be Sacred, as we see Moths eating holes in that tapestry.  The Sacred is important, we can’t just abandon it completely, so something else will be taking its place.  Do you have any sense of what that might be yet?

We can’t keep following paths that aren’t Sustainable.  Changes are coming down there too.

Passion about our Mission?  Hard to do when we aren’t sure what it is.  But you actually do know.  Ask yourself, “What if I did know?” and then stop, back up, and pick up that first answer that you rejected so quickly that you barely noticed.  It’s impractical?  So…what’s your point?  It’s Disruptive?  Well, what will it Disrupt – that fraying old Unsustainable portrait you had of what you used to think was Sacred?


May 18, 2014

I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but we seem to be settling into a new format for writing this.  The “English” part, the mostly plain-language interpretations are in bold italic like this.

The “Astrologuese” part, the reason why we’re saying those things, is indented, not bolded, and not italicized.  We think it’s important to include this part because folks who know a little astrology can read so many more dimensions from the Astrologuese, than from any narrow interpretation.

And finally, doubly indented and italicized, are the sections we use to teach astrology, so you can gradually learn to get more out of the “Astrologuese” sections.

Let me know if you’re finding this format useful.

Sedna Full Moon

May 14, 2014


Cacoxenated Amethyst.  The smaller brownish Crystals are Cacoxenite, or Hydrated Iron Aluminum Oxide Phosphate Hydroxide.  The Power in this combination derives from the Ascension of the Purple Quartz (7th Chakra) and the Phosphate (the “Bringer of Light”), the Grounding of the Iron, the Clarity of the Aluminium, the Energization of the orange-brown (3rd Chakra) Cacoxenite, and the unbounded Grace of the Waters in the Cacoxenite.  Like “Walking the Spiritual Path with practical feet” as Angie Arrien puts it, while having a Magic Wand to make it all effortless.

Declare the Intention that these Crystals will speak to you.  Then sit back, make your vision fuzzy, enjoy that for a little while, then let one part of the picture stand out and draw your Attention.  Don’t choose one part, let the picture choose the part and present it to you.  Focus your Attention on that part without focusing your vision.  Then Ask yourself, without allowing words in the answer, How does this Feel?

Which Full Moon occurs at quarter past noon PDT May 14. 

Start with Kelley Hunter’s excellent summary at, and don’t miss her section on Algol.  Kelley uses a slightly different angle on astrology than we do…

She doesn’t use the asteroids or the dwarf planets as much, and she uses a wider degree of Sensitivity than we do – we try to stick with three degrees.  Saturn, for instance, is four and a quarter degrees from the Full Moon, and Algol is three degrees and four minutes from the Sun.  I’m obviously splitting hairs there – her approach is absolutely as valid as ours, if not more so.

but she speaks from basically the same Worldview as we do…

In a word (so to speak), a Gender-Equal (if not more so) Jungian Worldview.  She has advanced degrees in this Worldview, we just have a ton of reading, access from past lives, an open Channel, and several appropriate natal planets.

We’ll look at the Full Moon from a slightly different perspective…

We’ll emphasize the Pallas Mjolnir and the Sun-Sedna Conjunction (they’re only ten minutes, or one sixth of a degree, apart – that is, Sedna Initiates the Sun only four hours after the Full Moon).

but if you combine her perspective with ours you’ll be a million miles ahead. 

You also don’t want to forget the two relevant issues we’ve already talked about, the Big Grace

The Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron Grand Trine.

and our evolving Yintegrity work as we restructure our orientation toward the Sacred…

The Jupiter T-Square with Vesta and the budding Uranus-Venus Initiation.

So those are two more perspectives to integrate.  Remind me a little later and I’ll try to help pull it all back together.

Our own perspective on the Full Moon itself involves mostly Boundaries and Responsibility.  Stephen Buhner (Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal World: Beyond the Doors of Perception into the Dreaming of Earth, pp.356-7) starts it off for us with some opportunities around Boundaries…

“During such moments, whether they come from a dolphin or a great tree we have unexpectedly stumbled upon in some ancient forest, we are suddenly caught up in something that has nothing to do with the human world.  We feel something coming into us from out there, something that is outside our narrow human perspectives.  In that moment, we are pulled out of ourselves into a world that is more ancient than the human – a place where living intelligences can teach each other as kin.  We discover then that trees have been doing something more for the past 300 million years than simply pining away for our emergence.

“We feel the touch of life, of a nonhuman awareness, upon us.  But more – we experience something unique to most humans in the West.  An intelligence, just as subtle and sophisticated as our own, but very nonhuman, reaches out and communicates with us.  Across the species divide, in spite of our isolation, a different kind of language than our own, one filled with meaning and intent, tells us something.  And a new world opens up.  When that happens we take a long floating leap, land somewhere else, and look around with new eyes.  We experience in that moment what the ancient Greeks – the Athenians – called aisthesis, the touch of a nonhuman soul upon the deeps of us – and know that ours touches them in turn.

We are not here for ourselves alone

“Aisthesis such as this often emerges into our experience at unexpected times.  It comes sideways to our normal orientation, grabs the depths of us and drags us unexpectedly into a world we did not suspect existed.

This is almost always how it begins for us in the West

“And when that happens, we abandon the view of life that does not allow us to extend interiority to dolphins or trees or rocks.

And so break the great injunction of reductionist science

“Being unable to extend interiority and consciousness outward, as Robert Bly once said, keeps human beings isolated in their own house and, in extreme cases, we simply look out at a world with which we have no possibility of contact.  We are cut off from the metaphysical background of the world and our perceptual capacities are kept in a box.

A box that science teaches us is the whole world

“If that box is very tiny, as it is with strict reductionists, the mind can see very little of the real world that lies outside the box; there is only the human on a ball of resources hurling around the sun.  All things in the universe – from that orientation – center around the human, for there is no exterior consciousness.  To such scientists the sun may no longer revolve around the Earth but it most certainly still revolves around human beings.

“But … once you are touched by a living intelligence from out there, you are changed.  It is nearly impossible not to be.  The living reality of that experience works on the self, undermining the old paradigm, and you begin to, more and more frequently, step outside the normal habituated boundaries of the Western world.  You begin to enter an older, wilder, less domesticated world, the place barbarians inhabit, where the hair begins to grow long, where wild lights begin to gleam in the eye.  You begin to enter the wilderness that still lies underneath the concrete of the civilized world.”

Boundaries used to mean being able to say No! and being honest without offending.  We’re stretching a bit here, eh?  A stretch that’s necessary if we give a shit about the future of the Planet, let alone our grandkids.  

The Sedna discovery chart features a Pallas T-Square with Chiron and Saturn.  Plus, the May 14 Sedna-Sun Initiation occurs at 25 Taurus, “A vast public park” – aka The Commons.

The folks who have been teaching us about Pi emphasize that our Piscean Victims no longer have a starring role in the Age of Aquarius.  We need to prioritize and Focus our Energy on What We Want rather than wallowing in our “They won’t let us have it” Victimhood.  Remember what we said about Unconscious Despair in The Ides of May?

Don’t waste the Chiron Grand Trine we have for the rest of May – get your butte in gear!

This Full Moon adds another layer of Responsibility.  We can no longer be Victims of our Relationship Patterns.

Kelley was riffing on the Venus-Uranus Conjunction square to Jupiter and Pluto, plus the Venus-Mars Mutual Reception, when she brought Relationship into her Full Moon reading.  We’re extending that, as our three-degree focus and adding the asteroids puts more weight on the Jupiter T-Square with Vesta and Uranus-Venus.  Plus, a major element of the Sedna discovery chart was a Venus T-Square with Mars and Jupiter, while Venus was flanked closely by Pluto and Vesta.  So Sedna tells us to stop projecting and get intimate and beyond Judgment and Denial with our own Anima and Animus.

In the Sedna discovery chart (which tells us about the Full Moon because it tells us about Sedna, and Sedna is very close to the Sun at Full Moon) the Sun is on the South Node (taking responsibility for one’s Karma), and there are two Pythagorean Tricolors – Pallas Square Saturn Quincunx Venus Trine Pallas…

If you aren’t sure where to Focus to stretch our Boundaries, Ask yourself What would the Heart do?

and Mars Square Venus Quincunx Saturn Trine Mars…

If your Inner Boy and Inner Girl are already married, then Relationship to you is something you do just for fun, not something you do out of need or with difficulty.  If that’s not you, then Ask yourself What’s The Most Important Thing I should be Focusing on? 

Okay, we’ve covered a lot of ground.  Time to review and reintegrate. 

  • Kelley suggests that we work on our Victim spaces, reminds us that it’s our Inner Female who leads because she’s the one who understands what’s important to us, and challenges us to a fourth-step inventory of who we really are.
  • We remind about the Big Grace and Sacred Yintegrity work that’s part of the Full Moon.
  • Our own Full-Moon focus is on Boundaries, Responsibility, and Relationship.

Which all fits together surprisingly well.  We could wrap it up thus…

This is a remarkable opportunity to Let Go of any and all Patterns, especially Relationship Patterns, that keep us from living out our Deepest Desires.  Not only are they up in our face, but there’s very strong Grace behind our Intentions.

The Ides of May

May 12, 2014

proustite2067bpFor now we see through a glass dimly.  Red Crystals of Proustite – Silver Arsenic Sulfide – in a bed of sparkly Silver Crystals.  Arsenic as a homeopathic can heal the nausea we feel when we’re caught in internal conflict.  While the sparkling Silver may represent our Pride in following our Values, the Proustite beams out the heat of our Passion, muted by the poison of our Self-Judgment.

Before we get into this next event we want to talk about, we need to remind that the next three weeks is about Grace, particularly around our ability to dissolve what appear to be problems (especially people problems) by stumbling into just the right balance of Expansion and Contraction, or Focus and Diffusion that enables us to suddenly see the World differently.  For instance, suppose we’ve been thinking that someone important to us is upset with us, and we’ve been struggling to find a way to make amends or explain ourself or promise to do better next time.  Then we encounter them unexpectedly, and discover that they aren’t upset with us at all, it was just our own Guilt or Abandonment acting up.

In a Both/And Universe, Expanded/Contracted and Focused/Diffuse are not opposites, so it may not be about trading one for the other.  Keep in mind that finding just the right balance may involve increasing or decreasing both.  You may find yourself becoming more Focused and more Diffuse, or less Contracted and less Expanded.  There isn’t much doingness going on here; this is more sort of a dumb-luck kind of Grace.  So any time you notice that you’re trying too hard (or, trying at all!) lighten up.  We’ve been working pretty hard so far this year; we can use the break.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Chiron form a Grand Trine till the end of May.

Not that our Yintegrity work doesn’t continue.  But it’s shifting.  We’ll now be examining our Limiting Beliefs, especially any Beliefs and Values that inhibit our ability to Love ourselves Unconditionally.  It’s not so much that doing this work will trigger Grace; it’s more that the natural background of Grace here will make it easier to do this work, and make the Alchemy a lot more profound.  

Think about your Deepest Desires.  There are good reasons why you haven’t been pursuing them, because they conflict with your Deepest Values.  You have to reject either your Desires or your Values, or both.  Or what’s most crazy-making, rejecting first one then the other and back again.  This is “Unconscious Despair” – we don’t even conceive that it might be possible to co-create a Reality that has room for both, let alone one that celebrates both. 

Well, guess what.  “Conflict” isn’t part of the objective World, it’s part of the Observer.  Our understanding of our Deepest Desires and our Deepest Values is limited.  When we Focus on Expanding our understanding of both, life-changing surprises await us.  Our Desires and Values don’t change, though they evolve.  But our understanding of them will change drastically. 

When you contemplate your Deepest Desires, there is a moment of Joy before your yes-buts kick in and you settle back into mediocrity.  When you contemplate your Deepest Values, you will probably meet either Pride (if you feel like you’re following them) or Shame (if you’re feeling like you aren’t).  Both Pride and Shame are Ego, not Values.  Neither indicates that you’re following your Values, they just indicate that you’re looking in the mirror and you like or dislike what you see.  When you’re following your Values, you just unthinkingly do the “right” thing.  You don’t anticipate reward or punishment or acclaim or disdain, you just do it.

You might be thinking that Honesty is a Deep Value of yours, but maybe you’re only looking at Fear of being accused of something.  When you examine your Pride and Shame you can start to tell the difference between Values and Ego, and deepen your understanding.  There is no room for self-rejection here.  We’re speaking of understanding from the Heart, not by the Mind.  We aren’t talking about Forgiveness, but the experience will feel similar, as if you’re Forgiving yourself. 

Using our normal three degrees of Sensitivity, Jupiter has already moved out of its Opposition to Pluto, breaking the T-Square, though Jupiter and Pluto are both still Square to Uranus.  In other words, if you’re more Sensitive, you’ll still very much feel it, though its strength will be diminished.  If you made any Life-Limiting Decisions (“I’ll never do that again” or “I’m not like that“) during the Grand Cross or the T-Square, those will continue to grieve you.

But meanwhile, we have a new T-Square, as Vesta (what we regard as Sacred) has backed into an Opposition to Uranus and a Square to Jupiter.  So instead of a Uranus T-Square with Pluto and Jupiter, we have a Jupiter T-Square with Uranus and Vesta.  so the basic question becomes…

How can I Expand into Living my Own Truth without violating the Sacred?

Meanwhile, Uranus is Initiating Venus.  The crossing takes most of the next week, and peaks around 5pm PDT on May 15, at 15 Aries: “A Native American weaving a ceremonial blanket.”  The Venus-Uranus Cycle takes about a year, so while this Consecration is highly charged by the Opposition to Vesta (and further amplified by the Square to Jupiter), the real consequences will take 6-9 months to work through.

We could hope that some of our most morally corrupt “leaders” will be caught in their own lies as a result.  We can certainly expect that we’ll be Challenged to Master our own Yintegrity more deeply. 

For review, Yintegrity means that we trust our Intincts, while Yangtegrity means that we keep our promises.  Yintegrity means we keep our most fundamental promise to ourself – Self-Trust.  Sure, renegotiate and make amends when you can’t keep a promise (and it might help to think about it before you make a commitment), but Yintegrity is the bottom line.  It means we’re in synch with our own Soul.