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End of the World, er, I Mean Year

December 27, 2022

Almost everybody I know is planning to Travel on 28 December 2022, which is fortunate, since Mercury turns Retrograde on 29 December (PST 1:31 am, GMT 9:31 am, IST 3:01 pm, AEDT Qld 7:31 pm). Actually, Traveling while Mercury is Retrograde is Frustrating only when you’re scheduled for an Opportunity to Let Go Of Irritation Karma, such as having important natal planets in 25 Degrees, especially 25 Degrees of Capricorn.

If you Travel with a Sense of (Cosmic) Humor and the Ability to Relax, Mercury Retrograde is not a worry. In addition to being an excellent Opportunity to Let Go Of Irritation Karma, it’s a prime Opportunity to Notice how Karma works. Karma is never in the Present Moment, it’s always an Echo from the Past. The Past is only a Thought, it’s never Real. Only the Present Moment is Real, unless you Think About the Present Moment instead of Experiencing it, then it’s another Echo. Echo. Echo. Echo. Echo. Echo.

You’ve Experienced Worry before, so you know it’s Karma, it’s not Real. If you Wink at the Cosmos, She’ll know you’re on to Her, Chuckle to Herself, and go look for somebody else to Teach, while you board your plane, find your seat, and Relax.

Aside from being everyone’s favorite FOO1 Festival, last week was pretty Intense. While most of them were Self-Resolving to one degree or another, we Experienced Opportunities to Let Go Of Karma around Fate and Choice, around Manifestation and Scarcity, around Self-Absorption and Self-Love, around Codependence and Self-Sovereignty, around Convention and Trail-Blazing, around Respect and Disrespect, around Commitment and Uncertainty, around Addiction and Satisfaction, around Abuse and Privilege, around Pattern-Breaking and Whole-Making, around Thinking and Feeling, around Excitement and Burnout, around Blaming or Learning, and around Embracing or Rejecting Our Own Values, all intertwined in overlapping Dramas. Busy busy!

Over the next week we’ll “only” be dealing with Opportunities to Let Go Of Karma around Suffering and Enlightenment, Karma and Climate Change et al, Belief and Doubt, Discouragement and Tenacity, Denial and Boundaries, Divine Assistance and Owning our Power, Growth in Consciousness of Spirit, Our Heart’s Truth, and Unquenchable Desires. Much less Complicated, and much less Intertwined.2

If Discouragement comes your way, spend a little time with this Pink Calcite. It’s Calcium Carbonate. Imagine some of those pesky Climate-Warming Carbon Dioxide molecules interacting with the Calcium Ions in your wallboard, liberating the extra Oxygen for you to Breathe, and leaving a Calcite Crystal. Or better yet, Calcium Ions attaching themselves to the nasty Carbon Monoxide molecules coming off of your Candle, Creating a lovely Calcite Crystal, and Saving you from Suffocation. In Geochemistry it’s not quite that simple, but your Imagination has no such Limits, so you can Stretch it as far as you Want.

1 Family of Origin.

2 Asteroid Samadhi (Enlightenment ) Stationary in 10 Virgo, 1 January 2023 (PST 2:59 am, GMT 10:59 am, IST 4:29 pm, AEDT Qld 8:59 pm). Asteroid Sisyphus (Perpetual Tasks and Desires) Stationary in 24 Virgo, 2-3 January 2023 (PST 1:59 pm 2nd, GMT 9:59 pm 2nd, IST 2:29 am 3rd, AEDT 7:59 am 3rd).

Santa’s Elf 3 and Self-Hugs

December 26, 2022

There were a couple of things happening on 24 December 2022. The most potentially troublesome is about our Orientation toward Abuse and Privilege, though it was a Self-Resolving Challenge. The most Full of Grace was a strong emphasis on Unconditional Self-Love. Give yourself lots of Self-Hugs this week.

Both dwarf planet Thereus, the Tough Teacher who arm-wrestles with Bears for entertainment, and asteroid Sappho, who symbolizes Unconditional Self-Love, were Stationary on the 24th.1 With slight differences, the Self-Love Station in 3 Degrees shares the same chart with the 23-24 December New Moon (2 Degrees), the 21-22 Solstice (0 Degrees), and the 20-21 Artesian Station (29 Degrees). This makes Self-Love prominent for the next several weeks (New Moon), and the next 6 or so months (Solstice).

Make a note to yourself (inside of your eyelid would be a good place to make it) to Notice every time you start to Judge yourself, and as soon as you Notice, Stop the Habit. A Judgment is just a Thought, and by now we know that Thoughts are always 2D, which means that every Thought is easily Cancelled by its Opposite. How could something so ephemeral be considered “True”? For every Thought you have that Underestimates yourself, you have another that Overestimates yourself. At any given moment, one of them will be louder than the other, and one of them may even be barely audible most of the time.

Seek Balance. Unconditional Self-Love is not “I’m Better than Anyone Else!” It’s “I’m Okay, You’re Okay!” Put that inside your eyelid too – “Me OK U OK!” No need for extra letters, Just The Facts. The second Self-Resolving Challenge in the Artesian Station chart was about Being Reborn into Respect for All Things.2 Since most people define themselves by their Judgments, getting to Unconditional Self-Love will require us to Lovingly Embrace our Codependence, Find and Feel our Gratitude for its Service, and then Let Go of it, because Codependence tends to Agree with Strong Judgments in order to Avoid Confrontation.

Contemplating Wollastonite Crystals, sometimes called Angelwings, can help us stay Balanced, Attuning our Root Chakra to our Crown Chakra. Wollastonite is a Calcium Inosilicate, where the Silicate Units form long chains.

In the New Moon chart, both Challenges are Fully Self-Resolving. However, the New Moon is Merged with dwarf planet Ixion, which is Out of Bounds, or Strong. Ixion reminds us that Promoting Change Requires that we Betray Social Convention. Between Observing our Codependence, our Obedience to Convention, our Judgments, our Guilt, and our SuperPowers,3 we’ll be busy. Our SuperPowers look to the Future. The other things on that list look to the Past.

When Choosing between those two, Choose the Future. Better yet, Choose the Present Moment. In the Present Moment you can Intend (or another PIAVA) to Gently Let Go of Codependence, Obedience, Judgment, and Guilt, after Thanking them for their Service to your Past. And then you can spend some time Focusing on How You’ll Feel when you Embrace your SuperPowers. You don’t need to catalog them, just Focus on how Competence will Feel in your Body.

Being careful to Let Go of your Thoughts about those Feelings, and your Expectations of what your SuperPowers will look like, Focus on Memorizing those Feelings, as Sensations. Where is your Chin when you Feel Competent. Pointing straight ahead, not Up or Down? Your Neck pretty Vertical? Your Back fairly Straight? Your Shoulders? Not Pridefully back, but not slumped Forward either? Play with those Postures, till you can Combine them into Sensations that Feel Good. Practice this several times a day, till you get good enough that you can Shift your own Moods with slight Shifts in your Posture.

1 Thereus Stationary 24 December 2022 in 18 Virgo (PST 2:42 am, GMT 10:42 am, IST 4:12 pm, AEDT Qld 8:42 pm). Sappho Stationary 24-25 December 2022 in 3 Virgo (PST 1:51 pm 24th, GMT 9:51 pm 24th, IST 3:21 am 25th, AEDT Qld 8:42 pm 25th).

2 Hopi Out of Bounds (Profound Respect for All Things) in 26 Libra Merged with Haumea (Rebirth) in 1 Scorpio T-Square Black Moon Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) Opposite Pluto Merged with Icarus Out of Bounds (Compulsion to Follow a Thread Beyond its Usefulness). The Hopi-Haumea Merger occurs across the Scorpio Cusp, so we’re moving from Creative Air to Fixed Water, or from Thinking About Other People to Feeling Deeply about them. The flip side of Self-Sovereignty is Codependence, and Codependence can easily lead to violating our own Values, which can Generate Strong Feelings. Upper Limits (Gay Hendricks, The Big Leap, chapters 1-3) is too big a Concept to describe in a few sentences, but it’s an important Concept that will help us a great deal to escape from Compulsions to Follow Threads Beyond their Usefulness.

3 New Moon-Ixion OOB is one corner of a Grand Cross, which is also Self-Resolving. The other three corners, any one of which could introduce Temporary Hassles which will eventually Resolve if we Let It Be, include Jupiter Merged with Nemesis (Confronting our Guilt Paper Tiger); Aletheia OOB Merged with Asbolus OOB and Chaos OOB (Full Acceptance of Our Intuitions about Our SuperPowers); and Ceres (Sustainability).

We’re seeing some important Sign Changes hereabouts.

Pluto (Compulsion) Initiated Icarus (Overexcitement) on 16 December and Began a New 2-year Cycle, in 28 Capricorn (Letting Go of a Lifetime of Negativity), and on 21-22 December, Icarus moved into Aquarius (PST 4pm 21st, GMT 4am 22nd, IST 9:30 am 22nd, AEDT Qld 2 pm 22nd). A couple of years of Compulsive Overexcitement can be hard on the Adrenals, and could move your posture from Neutral Competence to Star Power, which can lead to Expectations that will Pop your Bubble, so I highly recommend you do study up on Gay Hendricks’s Upper Limits Concept.3

On 23-24 December asteroid Arachne (Grandmother Spider Who Weaves the Web of Life) moved into Pisces (PST 3:19 pm 23rd, GMT 11:19 pm 23rd, IST 4:49 am 24th, AEDT Qld 9:19 am 24th) for the next two months. Our Relationship with Nature should be moving away from Detached Idealism, toward Compassion. I’ve already read that having discovered that Crabs and Lobsters shy away from Pain, several places on Earth now require them to be euthanized by Freezing before being boiled. They even taste better that way.

The Moon is In Bounds (Panic is less likely) from 25-26 December (PST 10:19 am 25th, GMT 6:19 pm 25th, IST 11:49 pm 25th, AEDT Qld 4:19 am 26th) until 3-4 January 2023 (PST 7:03 am 3rd, GMT 3:03 pm 3rd, IST 8:33 pm 3rd, AEDT Qld 1:03 am 4th).

On 26 December (PST 2:06 am, GMT 10:06 am, IST 3:36 pm, AEDT Qld 8:06 pm) Moira (Fate and Choice) backs into Taurus until the Ides of February. Fate becomes Choice when we bring our Karma into Consciousness to we can Change our Expectations and Manifest something else. I Imagine that our Karma will seem a little more Tenacious while Moira is in Taurus, but that could be a Good thing, as it may bring More Attention to our Untoward Habits, and it’s a much shorter step from More Attention to Becoming Conscious, than it is from Hidden or Disguised to More Attention.

Tantalus (That Karma which Stays Just Out of Our Reach, Seemingly Repeating Forever) moves into Sagittarius 27-28 December (PST 9:58 am 27th, GMT 5:58 pm 27th, IST 11:28 pm 27th, AEDT Qld 3:58 am 28th), which should make our most Elusive Self-Sabotaging Patterns a little Easier to catch with their pants down.

Santa’s Elf 2

December 23, 2022

The chart for the 20-21 December 2022 Station of Artesian1 (a Helper for Manifestation) includes two Challenges, but they’re both Fully Self-Resolving. Full Self-Resolution means that in general we’re better off avoiding Intervention if the Challenges bug us, because if we Intervened Consciously we’d probably be sticking a 2D band-aid on an nD issues, whereas if we 🎶 Let It Be, Let It Be, Let It Be, Let It Be, There Will Be An Answer, Let It Be, Let It Be, to quote Paul’s Mum.

1 Station of Artesian in 29 Leo 20-21 December 2022 (PST 1:14 pm 20th, GMT 9:14 pm 20th, IST 2:14 am 21st, AEDT Qld 7:14 am 21st).

In other words, Self-Resolving Challenges will Apply nD Solutions to the nD Issues that arise, though there may be a Gap between the Issue arising and the Resolution being Applied. If we can Stand Still for the intervening Tension, it will Give Us the Opportunity to Lovingly and Gently Embrace the Karma that’s being Let Go in the process. Aka the Opportunity to Feel the Feelings, Lovingly and Gently and without Blame. To quote Genia Pauli Haddon, we don’t want to be “the kind of person who repeatedly opens the oven door while the cake is baking, prematurely exposing what should be left covered, meddling where such ‘help’ is not needed” (Body Metaphors, p.42).

The word Feelings is deliberately Ambiguous – it can refer to either Emotions or Sensations. Emotions (Water) and Sensations (Earth) are Related because both are of the Magnetic or Feminine persuasion. We Live in a Yang Patriarchic World, and as such we’ve been Programmed to switch into Thoughts (Air, which is Dynamic or Masculine) so quickly and automatically that we don’t know that we’re doing it. Do we. If you never Break Free from any other piece of Karma or Programming, Break Free from this one. The Yang Male Patriarchy is Dying, to be replaced by the Age of the Yang Female, and you don’t want to be caught with your knickers down.

One of the two Challenges in the Artesian Station is about Fear of Our Fate.2

2 Fate or Choice (Asteroid Moira) Merged with Converting Fear to Power (dwarf planet Sedna) Challenged by (T-Squaring) the Debate (Opposition) between our Power to Manifest (Artesian) and our Fear of Accountability (asteroid Damocles). We can read Moira-Sedna four ways – our Fearsome Fate, our Inherent Power, our Choice of Fear, or our Choice of Power. Quite a foursome, though I guess we’d have to include the Fear of Choice and the Power of Choice as well.

We go from Fate to Choice by Becoming Conscious of our Karma. We go from Fear to Power by Loving our Fear till it Squeaks. We can Intervene in Fear with Kegels, but eventually we may have to Embrace our Fear as a Sensation if we’re unable to Separate our Fear as an Emotion from our Thoughts about our Fear.

I’m not sure I’d even know what that would “look” like. I have a hard time Describing to myself what it would feel like without resorting to terms of Sensation, like Queasy. We could always just use Intention, and forget about all the other Details. I spent an hour or so working with my Thoughts about my Fear of Accountability immediately before I sat down to write this, so I’m immensely grateful to have a Context for those Thoughts.

Genia Haddon points out that Yang Male Energy Acts Toward a Goal, while Yang Female Energy Acts From a Field of Reference. I’m thinking that perhaps Intervening in a Self-Resolving Situation From a Field of Reference may be less Disruptive of the Self-Resolution than Intervening Toward Stopping the Pain of a Challenge. It’s certainly more Educational, and seems like it may provide Both/And.

The Moira-Sedna Merger crosses the Cusp of Gemini. In the Snapshot View, our Fear remains pretty Solid and Grounded in Taurus while our Fate is beginning to Lose Track of Itself as it moves into Flexible Gemini with its Threat of Flibbertigibbetude. No Judgment there – Gemini’s Flibbertigibbet is just it’s way to Scramble the Puzzle Pieces so they can be Put Back Together to make a different Picture.

Both Moira and Sedna are Retrograde however, so the Video View has both Retreating back into Form to Clean Up some Unfinished Business about Context. Crossing a Cusp is always Tricky. It’s a little like turning Inside Out, as two adjacent Signs are in some sense always Opposites – Taurus gets so Stolid that Gemini’s job is to Tickle it till it Loosens Up.

You can use Epidote (Calcium, Aluminum, Iron, “Sorosilicate,” and Hydroxide; Sorosilicates wear their Silicate Units in pairs) to park your Ego Safely while the rest of you Flibbertigibbets. It’s just a parking lot, so I don’t think it will count as an Intervention.

If we stretch our Artesian-Station Sensitivity or “Orb” to include the near-Simultaneous Zero-Degree Solstice (1 day apart, which ain’t much on this scale), we Merge the Patriarchy’s Hit Man Heracles with Fear-of-Accountability Damocles. No wonder my father was prominent as I was examining My Thoughts about My Fear of Accountability earlier.

Santa’s Elf

December 21, 2022

I know we don’t all Believe in Christmas, but we all Believe in Santa Claus, Right? We’re mixing our Metaphors a little here, Confusing Solstice with Christmas, but we won’t be the first by any means. Confusion is the First Stage of Growth after all. We interpret asteroid Artesian as a Powerful Aid to Manifestation, so we can think of Artesian as Santa’s Elf. The Unconscious operates by Association rather than Cause An Defect, so already having an Astrologic License, we don’t need a Poetic License.

In Carl Jung’s thinking, Cause an Defect is to Logic, as Association is to the Rest of Life. In those terms, there isn’t really much covered by Cause an Defect, is there. Kind of shows us how far off the Mark Western Civilization is, with it’s Denial of Intuition and Nature and Magic. Magic just means we don’t know How it will occur. The Capricorn Solstice, as the New Year in the Perennial Wisdom, is the primary Initiatory event for the coming Year, and the chart for the Solstice at 0 Degrees is the same chart as the chart for the Station of Artesian at 29 Degrees. Almost.

The Solstice occurs with Artesian Stationary, so we can certainly say that 2023 will be an Artesian Year, a year for Amplifed Manifestation. But Artesian isn’t quite done with Leo yet – it turns Retrograde on the Cusp of Virgo, so by the time the Sun enters Capricorn a day later, Artesian is moving the other way. It hasn’t moved far, only 12 arcseconds, three thousandths of one Degree or nine millionths of the Zodiac. Nevertheless, it’s a Near Miss. Artesian doesn’t turn Direct again till April, and it doesn’t get back to the Cusp of Virgo till mid-year.

It means that if we’re Disappointed during 2023 by a False Alarm or an Almost-Manifestation, we want to Focus Deeply on our Disappointment for about twelve seconds, just so we don’t Stuff the Experience of the Feeling, before we Get Excited and start Celebrating what we’re about to Manifest. After a thousand steps Forward, don’t let two steps Backward get you down. Our Compass was just a little off those last few steps, and we were about to hurt our shoulder on the doorjamb. Two steps back to get it just right is exactly what we’re here for!

One of the biggest Obstacles to our Manifestation is that we get too Focused on our Expectations. When we’re trying to Manifest something we’ve never Manifested before, we actually have no idea what it’ll really Look like when we see it. We could Look right at it and walk on by. We can’t help but have a Mental Image of What We Want, but we have to strip that Image naked and beyond, to get to How It Feels. When we’re Open to How It Feels, we’ll Recognize it immediately. How it Looks is 2D, a black and white snapshot. How It Feels is nD, aka Real Life.

We can see that Clearly in the Salacia Station chart that we covered in the previous two posts. Asteroid Ganesa, Remover of Obstacles, is in the Salacia Grand Cross, Debating with (Opposite) our Karma, in particular our Karma about Global Warming et al (Pholus-Quaoar). Remember that Pootin’s War has become a symbol for Global Warming et al, including Demise of the Patriarchy, Collapse of the Planet-Destroying aspects of Western Civilization, etc. etc. So that comes down to the Choice between Focusing on our Expectations (Karma) or on Allowing Obstacles to What We Want to Be Removed (Ganesa).

The other Opposition in the Salacia Grand Cross was between Salacia and Kassandra, as we mentioned in our Forgotum. Salacia symbolizing our Commitment to Ascension and Kassandra our Not Quite Fully Believing our own Commitment, that is, the Unconscious Karma that makes Obstacles to our Commitment. As Bob says, “Somewhere in that Quantum Field is a wide open Gate, but it is a Feeling, not the analysis of the extraordinarily complicated fine print in the contract we signed prior to incarnation as Lightworkers in this lifetime! We just have to capture it and hold on to it like grim death!” [or like Ecstasy!]

An Artesian Spring is one that has enough natural Pressure that it Bubbles up on its own, without being pumped. Shamans sometimes do their Magic by Sucking out a Malady and then Blowing In a New Dream or Trance to replace it. Shamans need enough Power that they don’t Take On the Malady as they Spit it Out. We can use an Artesian Spring in the same fashion – Imagine the Spring Bubbling into the Malady, rinsing it out, and then Bubbling in a Whole New Trance, carried on Pure Water straight from Mother Goddess Earth.

Try it. It Works. We don’t even need to Worry about having enough Power to Reject the Malady, we can Trust Mother Earth to Compost it. And we don’t need to Name the Unconscious Obstacles to our Commitment. We just need to let Artesian Bubble them Out and rinse them away, and let Artesian Bubble in that Feeling that we have about What We Want. For instance, if we can’t help but Want Everyone Else to Ascend First, we could Bubble Out that Expectation and Bubble In the Recognition that We Came Here to Lead the Charge through Our Example.

The 19 December Salacia Station and 20 December Artesian Station1 are only a day apart. If we were doing a chart for “someone,” say, Baby Solstice aka Miss 2023, born on 21 December,2 we’d definitely include both of those Stations in the chart. And obviously the two other planets that are slowing down to Station on the 24th, Thereus3 (Relentless Teacher) and Sappho4 (Unconditional Self-Love), they’d be important parts of the chart too. And we’d want to consider the impending 23 December Moon-Sun Conjunction.5 These Energies would all be Merged into the Entity which will be born as 2023.

1 Station of Artesian in 29 Leo 20-21 December 2022 (PST 1:14 pm 20th, GMT 9:14 pm 20th, IST 2:14 am 21st, AEDT Qld 7:14 am 21st).

2 Sun enters Capricorn, Northern Winter and Southern Summer Solstice, 21-22 December (PST 1:48 pm 21st, GMT 9:48 pm 21st, IST 2:48 am 22nd, AEDT Qld 7:48 am 22nd).

3 Station of Thereus in 18 Virgo 24 December (PST 2:24 am, GMT 10:24 am, IST 3:24 pm, AEDT Qld 8:24 pm).

4 Station of Sappho in 3 Virgo 24-25 December (PST 11:51 am 24th, GMT 7:51 pm 24th, IST 2:51 am 25th, AEDT Qld 5:51 am 25th).

5 New Moon in 2 Capricorn 23 December (PST 2:16 am, GMT 10:16 am, IST 3:16 pm, AEDT Qld 8:16 pm).

Goddess of the Sea Forgotum

December 19, 2022

There’s so much going on in an astrological chart that it’s so easy to Forget something you meant to include. A Forgotum is Latin for an Addendum that includes what was unintentionally omitted.

I forgot to mention that the fourth corner of the 19 December 2022 Salacia OOB Station Grand Cross, the corner Opposite Salacia, is filled by asteroid Kassandra. Kassandra symbolizes the inverse of Pinocchio, completing the Deception theme. Kassandra is Lit Up when you’re Speaking Truth but no one Believes you. Kassandra has been in charge of the Climate Crisis since the first Hockey-Stick graph. The backlash against Science is more than warranted, it’s just misplaced.

Goddess of the Sea

December 19, 2022

Salacia was evidently well ensconced as Goddess of the Sea before Neptune stalked Her. Her name is derived from Salt, as in Sea, not from Salacity. I guess the latter term derived from the “Saltiness” or preference for obscenities and general social privation of sailors. From its Discovery chart, we interpret dwarf planet Salacia as Commitment to Enlightenment, which is important because the Ego can be so tricky in its Self-Preservation that Enlightenment requires significant Commitment to stay the course.

The Sea, or course, is also a significant Metaphor for the Unconscious, and finding the True Self hidden in the Unconscious is trickier than Poseidon’s Dolphins’ search for Aphrodite. Poseidon and Aphrodite being the Greek precursors to the Neptune and Salacia of the Romans. Leave it to the Romans, the original model for Western Civilization, to de-emphasize the Spiritual and emphasize the Mundane.

The complexities of the 19-20 December 2022 Salacia Out of Bounds Station (PST 8:10 pm 19th, GMT 4:10 am 20th, IST 9:40 am 20th, AEDT Qld 2:10 pm 20th) echo the Commitment-to-Enlightenment theme. The Station occurs in 7 Aries, “A polarity, which can become either tremendously conflictual or, paradoxically, infinitely resolvable in a whole different unity… The only thing needed to enter and become conversant with open-ended mysteries is the slaying of the dual mind – a small thing to ask for such a great reward” (Lonsdale, pp.41-42).

There are two Major Challenges – Potential SuperPowers – in the Salacia Station chart. Neither is Self-Resolving, but both are Enhanced.1 Salacia OOB Herself is one corner of a Grand Cross, but worth interpreting as a Fully Self-Resolving Challenge.2 All three Challenges link to one another in such a way that they all Complement each other, increasing the Self-Resolution.3 Self-Resolution means that, whenever we can Stand It, we will be better off Letting smaller Hassles Be as they are rather than trying to “Fix” them, because they will eventually Self-Resolve, and our “Fix” can disrupt the Self-Resolution and leave us with a 2D fix to an nD issue.

1 Two T-Squares, neither of which is a Diamond Star (a T-Square and a Finger of the Goddess pointing to the same place, which creates a “bowl of Grace” under the T-Square to make it Self-Resolving), but which are both Enhanced by the Focus of the T-Square also being one corner of a Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace). …… 2 A Grand Cross is four planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac. That creates four T-Squares or Challenges, however, the four are In Balance by virtue of filling the Zodiac, so they Complement one another. The Salacia T-Square is a Diamond Star and one corner of a Grand Trine. …… 3 The two Grand Trines link all three T-Squares to one another, lending Grace to each.

The first non-Self-Resolving Challenge is about Deception.4 The Duality we’re asked to “Resolve in a whole different Unity” is between our Shame and our Enlightenment.5 The Enhancement involves Salacia Herself and the Choice between Life and Death, though one can Extend Life by Choosing Ego Death.6

4 The Focus of the T-Square is asteroid Pinocchio OOB (Exaggerated Prevarication). …… 5 The Enlightenment end of the Debate (Opposition) is asteroid Samadhi (Enlightenment ). The Shame end is more complex – the Merger of asteroids Phaedra (Shame), Vesta (Unconscious Limitations), and Atlantis (Collapse of Civilization), and dwarf planet Gonggong (Intrusive Memories). Once one Imagines Merging all those Stories, though, it seems pretty clear – Unconscious Shame Left Over from the Collapse of Atlantis. I mean, really, other than throwing our Sabots into the Fusion Reactor, what could we have done? The technologists were Drunk with Power, there was no way to Communicate with them. Maybe the “whole different Unity” is to pull our Attentions out of the Rhymes of Herstory and Invest them in How We Would Like to Feel From Here On. …… 6 The Grand Trine connects Pinocchio with Salacia and Cyllarus-Varuna (Death-the Life Force), both of which are Out of Bounds (Exaggerated ) and Merged (Indistinguishable from one another). If we Realize that the Life Force is Interrupted by Held Emotions, and that Held Emotions are Resolved by Loving them to Death, we can interpret Cyllarus-Varuna as a Life-Saving Healing.

The second non-Self-Resolving Challenge is about the Edge between Narcissism and Unconditional Self-Love.7 The Argument that must be Resolved to stay on this Edge is between on the one hand the Choice between Life and Death, and on the other hand the Healing of our Self-Doubt Karma.8 The Enhancement lies in the Relationships between the Edge, Shame, and Enlightenment.9

7 Asteroid Narcissus (Self-Absorption) Merged with minor planet Zhulong (the Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment) and dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation). …… 8 Cyllarus OOB-Varuna OOB Opposite Panacea (Healing) Merged with Atropos (Expired Karma) and Chariklo (Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt). …… 9 Narcissus-Zholong-Makemake Trine to asteroid Samadhi Trine to Phaedra-Vesta-Atlantis-Gonggong.

The Salacia OOB Diamond Star Resolves a Conflict between our Karma about Global Climate Change and Delegating to Ganesh, the Remover of Obstacles.10 The Resolution lies in the Collaboration between Unconditional Self-Love and Enlightenment, though we need to take the first step toward Balancing Self-Love and Self-Admiration.11 The Enhancement involves Deception and the Choice between Life and Death.12 How do Deception and Life-and-Death Collaborate? Perhaps by Selective Denial.

10 The Opposition is between asteroids Ganesa Out of Bounds (the God Ganesh, Remover of Obstacles, Amplified ) and Karma Out of Bounds Merged with dwarf planets Pholus and Quaoar (our Extreme Karma around Being Fully Responsive to our Survival Instincts). …… 11 The base of the Finger of the Goddess is the Sextile (Grace after we supply Initiatory Energy) between Narcissus Merged with Zhulong and Makemake (Manifesting a Balance between Self-Absorption and Enlightenment ) and asteroid Samadhi (Enlightenment ). …… 12 The corners of the Grand Trine are Salacia (Commitment to Ascension), Pinocchio OOB (Propaganda), and the Merger of Cyllarus OOB and Varuna OOB (Renewing our Vitality and Healing our Health through Embrace of our Held Emotions).

Is it our Karma to be born just as Global Climate Change is about to decimate our Species, or did we as Souls Sign Up in the Lightworkers Lounge to be part of the Solution? What’s your Most Difficult Karma about, the most difficult Personal Issue you’re still working on after all these years, and the Global Issue that you still Worry most about? Poverty? Grief? Health? Vitality? Hunger? Homelessness? War? Lust? Loneliness? Oppression? Fascism? Pain? Anger? Aggression? Abuse? Privilege? Rape of the Earth? Injustice? Memories that Torture you?

As Lightworkers, we aren’t here to be Victims of those Issues or others. We’re here to Surrender to Victimhood just long enough to have the Real Experience of what they feel like so we can Empathize Authentically. And not to waste a minute more on being their Victim, because there’s more Work to be done Healing them. How? Poor-Sweetheart yourself for being their Victim, then Change the Subject. Then spend all of your “Spare Time” Triggering in yourself the Emotion that you’ll Feel when all of your Misery about that has Dissolved and instead Changed to Excitement about your Adeptitude with the Issue, or the Imagined Adeptitude of others.

Not able to dig up any Feeling of Adeptitude? There is some level of Adeptitude you’ve earned, no matter how small – Focus on Gratitude for that. Focus on Gratitude that in the Present Moment, this Issue doesn’t require 200% of your Attention to Keep yourself Alive. Not able to Escape from your Victimhood for more than a few minutes? Poor-Sweetheart yourself for Being Stuck, and Move On. Not have any Spare Time? What is it that you’re Not Taking Full Ownership of? Are you here as a Lightworker, or did you get Hypnotized by the Ambient DramaTrauma and Forget? Both, of course, Hypnosis is how we Experience what we need to Empath. But you can snap your fingers now and Wake Up.

Emotion is not Either/Or, it’s Multidimensional and Unitary. Hate is not the Opposite of Love. The Opposite of Love is the Absence of Love. You can think of a hundred names for the Opposite of the Thought of Love, but there is No Opposite for Love itself. Emotions are Absolutes. You’re either Feeling them or you Aren’t. Pick the Personal or Global Issue that you still Worry most about. Then find something about that Issue that you can be Loving toward, no matter how Tiny. Nothing Changes Until We Accept It Exactly As It Is. Then PIAVA to Grow your Love toward it Daily. That’s what we came here for. Let’s get to it, K?

Cavansite, the blue Crystal below, symbolizes Gentle but Disciplined Focus and Consistent Attention, especially toward your Highest Frequencies. Good Will and Good Boundaries, Good Relations with our Higher Self, Appreciation of and Comfort with Self. It’s actually a Mica (“Phyllosilicate,” like Pyllo Dough, a Silicate mineral the grows in planes, tightly connected to its horizontal neighbors but more loosely tied to the next plane vertically). It’s composed of Vanadium, Calcium, Water, and the Silicate units.

It grew atop a cluster of Stilbite Crystals, also called Desmine. It conveys “the loving allowance that creates the ability to accept one’s condition and move beyond.” It’s a hydrated Potassium Aluminum tektosilicate (where the silicate units arrange themselves in a 3D network), and a Zeolite, a type of Crystal that contains millions of tiny holes that can vacuum up unwanted physical or biological nano-Entities and store them to be contained or removed. (Marquist and Frasl, pp.38 and 142)

Crystals grow in pockets of hot molten stone within mother rocks. As temperature and possibly pressure decline, the chemical compounds that Crystallize most easily, like the Potassium, Aluminum, Silicate, and Water in the Stilbite, solidify first. For some reason the Cavansite Crystalized on top of the Stilbite. Maybe a suitable temperature-pressure environment for Cavansite occurred later, and/or maybe the pocket was near a fault or crack that later allowed a different substrate of molten stone to enter the pocket, one that contained Calcium and Vanadium. Vanadium is an unusual element in that it can have several different electrical states. Many Vanadium Crystals are dark red to brown; this one is blue because it uses a unique electrical state. The property is used to create batteries that can be charged and discharged at the same time, using different states of the Vanadium. House-size vats of dissolved Vanadium are used at scale by utilities for this purpose.

Embrace Your Karma – OrCuss Reduxdux

December 14, 2022

Just discovered a few other Transitions in our Weltanshauung over the last few days…

Aletheia moved Out of Bounds (the Truth of the Heart Gets a Lot Louder) 12-13 December 2022 (PST 9:27 am 12th, GMT 5:27 pm 12th, IST 10:57 pm 12th, AEDT Qld 3:27 am 13th), in 28 Gemini. I have noticed a few apparently Black-Hearted Folks Seeking and Getting Minia Attention a little more shamelessly than usual. They seem to be trying to Rally one another, which could be seriously Uncomfortable for folks who are Triggered by their Abuse, React, and get Attacked online and Goddess-Forbid offline by a crowd of Black-Hearts.

With Ebony-Hearted T.rump seeming to be fading in his efforts, this could be another Herxheimer Reaction, where BlackHearts come out of the Woodwork to reveal their True Colors and the obvious bulletholes in their feet turn their GreyHearted fellow travelers back toward Civility. It will probably make the new US Congress more interesting. Aletheia retreats back In Bounds in mid-August 2023. Aletheia OOB will be important next week, as it stands out in the 20 December Artesian Station chart in 29 Leo.

Not that BlackHearts are a new phenomenon. T.rump as a child was Mentored by Joseph McCarthy’s lawyer Roy Cohn, master JetBlackHeart of the early 1950s. The obvious Polarization of the post-Gingrich Era was foresaged by the 30 December 1999 Pluto-Chiron Initiation in 12 Sagittarius, Tranced into Tracing the Scattered Threads of a Compelling Shadowy Karmic Drama that You Can’t Let Go of. This chart colored the Decade of the Oughts but not the Century (which began 1/1/2001) or the Millennium.

It does however continue to color the entire 70-year Chiron-Pluto Cycle. The most important Turning Point in a Cycle is always the Waxing Square, when the faster planet is three Signs ahead of the slower planet. That’s 2030 for this Cycle. Chiron is now 74 Degrees ahead of Pluto, the Quintile, one fifth of the way around. For the Cycle, that’s about Teaching. For us, it’s about Learning. Our Attention is our Most Valuable Power. Instead of Focusing on the Bright Dawn of Ascension, we Focus on the BlackHearted Clowns waving their arms and blowing their Dog-whistles to rob us of our Attention.

We’re Learning about Our Compulsion to Despair, Chiron-Pluto. Anyone who has seriously Practiced Poor-Sweethearting knows how Effortless it is to Jump from Despair to Miracles if we’re Ready. While Chiron introduces itself with Despair, it’s also about Miracles, about not Solving problems by Thinking Differently, but Making them Dissolve by Shifting our Perspective. If we’ve seen anything before, it’s Karma. It’s a Paper Tiger, a Shadow Puppet. It becomes Physical Karma only after we Transform it from Expectation to Reality by bathing it in Negative Attention. Is the Truth of your Heart Negative Attention? I doubt it. Choose otherwise.

A second planet moving Out of Bounds, at 1:45 am PST (GMT 9:45 am, IST 2:55 pm, AEDT Qld 7:45 pm) 13 December in 10 Sagittarius, was asteroid Pinocchio! Another Paragon of Negative Attention. Pinocchio has a prominent role in the 19 December Salacia Station, where it sits as a Challenge between Shame and Enlightenment. It’s hard to imagine that this story isn’t meant to subtly Shame little boys about their erections and educate little girls to know that Lust isn’t Love. It stays Out of Bounds till Día de Muertos 2023.

The third planet moving Out of Bounds doesn’t do so until 17-18 December (PST 4 pm 17th, GMT 12 am 18th, IST 5:30 am 18th, AEDT Qld 10 pm 18th). It’s Ganesa, and it stays OOB till mid-May 2023. Like Pinocchio, it plays an important role in the Salacia Station chart, where along with asteroids Kassandra (more Obfuscation) and Karma Out of Bounds Merged with the Global Climate Change (Pholus-Quaoar) it’s a corner of the Salacia Grand Cross.

Embrace Your Karma – OrCuss Redux

December 13, 2022

I forgot to mention that asteroid Tantalus (Desires Forever Just Beyond Our Reach) went Out of Bounds (Intense Desires Infinitely Just Out of Reach) on 1 December 2022 and won’t return In Bounds until 21 January 2023. As we mentioned in the last paragraph of the previous post, Tantalus moves into Scorpio (Where Desires Are Often Difficult to Suppress) 14 December 2022. “Astrology Made Me Do It” is not a valid excuse for dodging Accountability.

Embrace Your Karma – OrCuss

December 13, 2022

Separation Karma is not Personal, it’s very Cultural, and very tied to Western Civilization, its Colonialism, its Patriarchy, and its Enforced Disbelief in anything beyond the 2D Mind, in Direct Contrast to most Indigenous Cultures and your “crazy” aunt who reads Tea Leaves.

” ‘We Mayans know a basic truth.’ She held up three fingers and described how all life rested on three pillars: mineral, plant, and animal. ‘All are equal, all have spirit. All are one.’ She emphasized that [Hupers] are merely a small part of one of the pillars. Her speech, her very Presence, left no doubt that in her view our species did not hold any exalted position; we were not enthroned at the top of some hierarchical pyramid. Then she raised her other hand above the fingers and drew an imaginary arc in the air. ‘Over all,’ she said, ‘is the universe. And below’ – she lowered her hand to form a plane under its mate – ‘is Mother Earth.’ She took a breath and glanced around the room.” —John Perkins, The World Is As You Dream It, p.44.

I do Battle with my Separation Karma every day. I was once told that the French have a philosophy called Resistentialism, which holds that “Inanimate” Objects are inherently Perverse, as proved by the Marmalade Down test. Drop a piece of toast on linoleum, and it lands Marmalade Up. Drop it on the rug, and it lands Marmalade Down. In Oz you’d use Marmite instead. If you test it, use a piece of discarded carpet.

Of course that was a joke on Existentialism, but in my rush to Get More Done, my Mind is usually not in the Present Moment, but moving on to the next several things. Consequently, I’m always up against Resistentialism because I don’t keep enough Attention in the Present Moment. Native American tales include the same process, referring to it in some dialects as the Puk Wudgies, wee Mischievous Elves who spill your paint pot when you aren’t looking.

Now as John’s friend Candelaria points out, Nothing is Inanimate. As I Work to Love my Separation Karma into Oblivion, I often catch myself swearing at some poor “Inanimate” Object for not automatically Bending to my Will. So I Apologize to it, and Ask for its Cooperation. The Fierce Etruscan God Orcus, spelled with only one S, was in charge of Punishing Oath-Breakers.

Astrology indicates Dimension, not Direction or Position. That includes Negation, because astrology describes the Unconscious, and there is no Negation in the Unconscious. So rather than Oath-Breaking, the astrological symbol Orcus stands for Oathing, the process of Making or Breaking Oaths. Orcus is Stationary 3:57 am PST (GMT 11:57 am, IST 5:27 pm, AEDT Qld 9:57 pm) 14 December 2022.

Our Karma often begins as an Oath, or Promise, or Decision. If it’s Important, say, Life-or-Death, like an Oath of Allegiance to some Prince in the Middle Ages, or to some 21st Century army where we’ll get shot in the back if we try to Revert, we’ll reorganize our Reality so that Breaking the Oath isn’t Allowed. Presto, Karma. In order to Let Go of that Karma and Liberate ourself from Servitude, we have to Stand Still for an Ego Death. Our South Nodes are full of this sort of Karma.

In today’s blog post,, Brenda Hoffman points out that…

“The new earth leadership – if it can be labeled leadership – has become an upside-down pyramid. A format in which individuality and uniqueness reign. Others can provide you with a broad direction for finding your unique path, but they cannot inform you of much more. Their input is that you have a path to find – not what that path is or how you will discover it.

“Perhaps that last concept is a bit confusing, given you are most comfortable with a 3D someone telling you what to do and when to do it. ThreeD interactions no longer apply to you or anyone else. If you are concerned that you are not skilled enough to discover your path, it is time for you to reassess new you in this new earth. You are no longer a follower.”

The three Challenges in the Orcus Station chart are all Self-Resolving Diamond Stars (a T-Square and a Finger of the Goddess both pointing to the same planet). The Challenge in Self-Resolution is to Sit Still while waiting for a second Hassle to Autocorrect a first Hassle. If we intervene to “Fix” the first Hassle, we could screw up the Self-Resolution.

The Focus of one of the Diamond Stars is Karma which has Not Expired yet, but which we can Choose to Let Go Of (asteroid Lachesis). The Debate which Powers the Challenge is between Respect for the Death of our Karmic forebears (asteroid Requiem Merged with the South Node) and our Life Mission and it’s Heavy-Duty Cheerleading Team (the North Node Merged with Uranus [our own Soul] and asteroid Pan [the Soul of Nature]). You’d think there would be no Question there – of course we’d just Choose to go with our Life Mission! Oh but that South Node Karma can be so Elusive and so Difficult!

It’s not just Difficult to Embrace, it’s Difficult even to Choose to Embrace it, because Letting our Karma Go can Separate us from our Community and our Comfort. So much of Shared Huperity is Shared Victimhood, and we usually don’t even know it’s Victimhood. The Difficulty is Temporary, and it leads to Higher Frequencies, but where are the Guarantees?

And look at the Debate – it sounds like both sides should be Arguing for One thing – Letting Go of Karma and Moving Toward our Mission. But it’s an Opposition, an Either/Or. So the Arguments are so very Subtle that we get Confused and just want Certainty, and that means our Old Comfortable Friend Karma.

However, the Focus, Lachesis, sits in 18 Aquarius, Compulsion to Self-Liberation, and a Natural Talent to do so. Maybe the real Question is whether we’re Burned-Out yet and just need a Rest.

A second Diamond Star features Stationary Orcus hisself, but as one side of the Debate. Orcus is Merged with Thereus, a No-Nonsense Teacher whose favorite hobby was Wrestling with Wild Bears. The other side of the Debate is Abuse and Privilege (Nessus) Merged with Expanding our Consciousness (Juno). Orcus and Thereus are tough hombres, are they Asking us to Give Up our Privilege and Face Up to our Abuse, or something more Subtle? Like Recognizing how much we Learned from our Abuse?

And what’s the Crux, the Focus of the second Diamond Star? Mars OOB Merged with Altjira OOB. Powerful. Altjira represents The Field which Allows Life to Emerge. Merged with Mars, does that make us a Fierce Defender of Nature. or a Relentless Exploiter of Nature? Maybe Orcus and Thereus are Teaching us to Stop Thinking we’ve Been Granted the Privilege of Abusing Nature. The Focus is 16-18 Gemini, basically the Sagittarius Duad of Gemini, or Letting Go of our Objectives in order to Allow a Higher Order to Come In.

The third Diamond Star Focuses on Chiron – Despair and Miracles. We usually recommend Poor-Sweethearting to counteract Despair, but if we use that here, will we undermine the Self-Resolution? The Debate pits Intellectual Compassion (Veritas in Cancer) against Surrendering into Accepting Help to start a Whole New Life (Klotho Merged with Magdalena). Chiron is in 12 Aries, Awareness of the Ascension. That sounds positive.

We usually label a Diamond Star as Fully Self-Resolving if the Focus of the Diamond Star is also one corner of a Grand Trine (three planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac, meaning Dumb-Luck Grace). In this chart, none of the three Diamond Stars are party to a Grand Trine, but each of the six ends of the three Debates or Oppositions is a corner of a Grand Trine, and the two Grand Trines make a Grand Sextile (six planets more or less equally spaced around the Loop, meaning Great Grace as long as you Take the First Step)! So this makes a whole new category of Self-Resolution, and it’s pretty Fully. It’s these Oppositions that create the Dilemmas that the T-Squared planet has to Resolve, but the Grand Sextile is doing a heck of a job of Resolving them already.

There are a number of puzzling-sounding Decisions to be made around Orcus here, if we aren’t fully Committed or Compelled to our Path already. Pietersite is a Mineral Conducive to Decision-making. It’s an amalgam of Quartz and many other minerals and elements, the blues, called Hawk’s Eye, where the iron in the Riebeckite Inosilicates (where the Silicate Groups align in Chains) has not Oxidized, and the reddish parts, called Tiger Eye, where the Iron has “Rusted.”

Pietersite is Chatoyant – its colors shift as the angles change between the Stone, your Eye, and the Light. Gazing at Pietersite could even help you Stand Still for Indecision while these Configurations Self-Resolve, and rather than Making a 2D Intellectual Decision, you can use your Neutral Observer – if you’ve been Developing one – after the fact to see which Decision if any (none may have been actually Necessary) your Multidimensional Unitary Intuitive Self made. In Real Life Both/And is more common than Either/Or. We don’t need to use Debates to Make Decisions, we can instead use them to Educate ourself about the Complexities of Reality.

We’re in the midst of several Sign Changes…

Venus moved into Capricorn 7:54 pm 9 December (GMT 3:54 am 10th, IST 9:24 am 10th, AEDT 1:54 pm 10th). After a month of experimenting with More Flexible Values (Sagittarius), we’re back to Focusing them more Pragmatically.

Aletheia backed into Gemini 5:42 am 10 December (GMT 1:42 pm 10th, IST 7:12 pm 10th, AEDT Qld 11:42 am 11th), after dipping a Toe into Cancer since early September. The Truth of our Heart was probably More Compassionate in Cancer, but now it will be testing to see which Truths are most Important to it as it makes a final tour of the end of Devil-May-Care Gemini.

Atropos (Expired Karma) moved into Aquarius 1:49 pm 12 December (GMT 9:49 pm 12th, IST 3:19 am 13th, AEDT Qld 7:49 am 13th). We’ll be Invited to Purge more Social Karma while Atropos is in Aquarius, after Purging Doingness Karma since late September while it was in Capricorn. Karma doesn’t automatically Leave when it Expires, because it feels like an old friend that we’re Attached to. We have the Option, however, so it’ll be useful to Review our Social Habits to see if any of them Feel Old and Tired, or downright Ornery.

Tantalus (Desires Forever Just Beyond Our Reach) moves into Scorpio 2:01 pm 14 December (GMT 10:01 pm 14th, IST 3:31 am 15th, AEDT Qld 8:01 am 15th). Tantalus’s orbit runs from just inward of Earth to just outward of Mars. It only spent two weeks in Libra, and it will only spend two weeks in Scorpio. We may have been Tantalized by Other People while it was in Libra, and we may be Tantalized by Hidden Secrets while it’s in Scorpio. Watch for an uptick in Conspiracy Theories, and don’t waste your Energy on them.

The Other Wind

December 7, 2022

“He laughed. ‘Now I know who called thee, Eldest!’ he said.
” ‘I did,’ the child said. ‘I did not know what else to do, Segoy.’
“She still looked at the dragon, and she spoke in the language of the dragons, the language of the Making.
” ‘It was well, child, the dragon said. ‘I have sought thee long.’
” ‘Shall we go there now?’ the child asked. ‘Where the others are, on the other wind?’
” ‘Would you leave these?’
” ‘No,’ said the child. ‘Can they not come?’
” ‘They cannot come. Their life is here.’
” ‘I will stay with them,’ she said, with a little catch of breath.
“Kalessin turned aside to give that immense furnace-blast of laughter or contempt or delight or anger – ‘Hah!’ Then, looking again at the child, ‘It is well. Thou hast work to do here.’
” ‘I know,’ the child said.
” I will come back for thee,’ Kalessin said, ‘in time.’
“And, to Ged and Tenar, ‘I give you my child, as you will give me yours.’
” ‘In time,’ Tenar said.
“Kalessin’s great head bowed very slightly, and the long, sword-toothed mouth curled up at the corner.
“Ged and Tenar drew aside with Therru as the dragon turned, dragged its armor across the ledge, placing its taloned feet carefully, dragging its black haunches like a cat, till it sprang aloft. The veined wings shot up crimson in the new light, the spurred tail rang hissing on the rock, and it flew, it was gone – a gull, a swallow, a thought.”

Ursula K. Le Guin, Tehanu, pp.248-9 (Earthsea).


In Camilla Blossom’s post today,, she talks about her Meditations on the Mauna Loa eruption…

“The Stargate above the Hawaiian Islands opened wide to connect Earth to Heaven above. Dragons keep these spaces open and activated. My friend from the Big Island, Pavli, told me she saw numerous dragons flowing out of the crater at Mauna Loa.

“Humans are perfectly aligned with Gaia and our Divinity and can choose to awaken.

“We are on the cusp of mass awakening supported by Dragons.”


Our Chief Asteroid Officer noticed that today, 6 December 2022, at 9:27 pm PST (GMT 5:27 am 7th, IST 10:57 am 7th, AEDT Qld 3:27 pm 7th), Pluto Initiates asteroid Atropos in 27 Capricorn, The Ability to See through the Veil, which we can use to Ascend if we Choose to. Pluto represents the Universal Unconscious, or the Zeitgeist of our Time, as it Evolves. Most of us to one degree or another are Addicted to this Zeitgeist, it’s the Trance that Holds us here and makes us Believe that the only Alternative is Physical Death, a Trick of the Ego in its Resolve to push the Soul into the closet.

Programmed by the Patriarchy, the Ego Believes the Soul to be a Competitor. To Ascend is to See through the Veil of the Ego’s Trick and Acknowledge our Immortal Soul as Who We Really Are. With Uranus (the Individual Soul) transiting Taurus (Matter), that Time is here. Time to Allow the Soul to Merge with the Ego, while the Physical Body continues to Live. The Ego’s function is to Keep the Physical Body Alive. The Patriarchy has been telling the Ego that the Soul only Emerges after the Body dies. Near-Death Experiences tell us otherwise.

Atropos meanwhile, symbolizes Expired Karma. Since Karma is our Expectations, we are always the last to know when Karma passes its Expiry Date. When it does we go looking for it, it’s our Familiar, we know it well and we miss it. It has Defined the Edges of our Reality since Time Began, or so it seems. When we can’t Find it, we Make It Up. Our Friends and Family wouldn’t recognize us without it. We’d Betray them if we Let It Go. Sooner or later, though, we stumble into old Circumstances where the Expired Karma would have Limited us, and without thinking, we Notice that it’s Gone!

With Pluto Beginning a New Cycle with Atropos, in which We See through the Ego’s Veil, Freedom awaits us. It’s hardly ironic that the astrochart describing this New Cycle features a Major Challenge with Denial and its Revelation.1

1 With no Self-Resolution whatsoever – this is Up To Us – Eris T-Squares the Pluto-Atropos Initiation, which Opposes Pallas Out of Bounds Merged with Black Moon Lilith. Quite literally, the latter Merger means Our Boundaries with Our Codependence. The Pluto-Atropos Initiation meanwhile is Merged with Icarus Out of Bounds! As our CAO likes to say, You can’t make this stuff up! Our Hesitation to Betray our Old Reality (Pallas OOB-BM Lilith) can argue that With Our New Freedom We’ll Fly Too Close to the Sun and Burn Up! The Sun will Melt our Earwax so we can Hear the Voice of What’s Been Denied.

But that’s what the Angels and Devils on our Shoulders are Shouting. We’re Clever enough to Ask, What’s the Coin? What’s Happening Here in the Present Moment? Everyone’s shouting Either/Or. Luckily, we Know Better. We Know Reality is Both/And. How does that work? Does Therru get to take Ged and Tenar home on the Other Wind after all? Both/And works because Either/Or is 2D, and Contradiction doesn’t happen in 5D. It’s Paradox there, or more accurately, it’s just more Unitary and Multifarious than Duality can Grok.

The Naked Square from Converting Fear to Power (Sedna) to Continuing to Melt Down Civilization (Atlantis) by Failing to be Accountable (Damocles) to the Web of Life (Arachne) is also Noteworthy.


Now, in astrology Dragon is the other name for the Moon’s North and South Nodes. The South Node is the Dragon’s Tail, our Held Emotions, which can knock us several blocks off our Path with a small twitch. The North Node is the Dragon’s Head, our Life Mission, which Lights a Fire under our Butt once we Figure Out what the Hell we’re Doing Here. So do the Nodes play nice in the Pluto-Atropos Initiation chart?

Whew! Fully Self-Resolving! One Big Challenge – to Let Go of not just our Expired Karma, but also our Unexpired Karma (Lachesis). Karma is Dead, Recall. We are not Helpless against our Karma. All we need to do is Bring it into Consciousness, Notice that a situation has Triggered our Expectations of Bummers, and Change our Response to it. With NathaJay’s Lighten Up, Buttercup for instance (see previous post).

But look at all those Heavyweights on the Dragon’s Tail! Whoever moves these planets around really wants us to Pay Attention! to our most Recalcitrant Emotions! Especially the ones that We’d rather Die than Feel. Ego Deaths (Requiem), Transmutation (Ka’epaoka’awela), Trust (Eurydike), and the Red Dragon of Enlightenment (Zhulong), all getting whacked around by the Spurred Dragon’s Tail. Who’s on the other side of the Argument, standing up for our Mission? Just Our Soul (Uranus).

It’s not drawn in on the chart, but there’s even a Yin Gate, a Mystery School, on the Nodal Axis. A Yin Gate means “Don’t you Dare try to Understand the Relationship between your Karma and your Mission – it will only Lead you Astray. Because all of the Quincunxes (two planets five Signs apart) between the planets on either side of the Nodes. Each Quincunx is a mini-Mystery School that the Dualistic Mind lacks the Bandwidth to Grok.


A Crystal that carries Dragon Energy? Goshenite, Clear Beryl, Beryllium Aluminum Cyclosilicate, where the SiO4 Silicate nodes are arranged in Hexagonal Rings, like Aquamarine and Emerald, the blue and green forms of Beryl. Goshenite “pierces the veil of maya or illusion which separates the ego and the analytical mind from true recognition of reality” (Marquist & Frasl, p.70). Sounds a lot like “Pluto Initiates asteroid Atropos in 27 Capricorn, The Ability to See through the Veil, which we can use to Ascend if we Choose to,” don’t it. You’ll want Full Screen for this one…