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March III – Self-Love

February 28, 2017

As we enter March, and Sappho (Self-Love) and Aletheia (Truth) move out of the Yin Gate (see March I), they mix it up with some planets that we haven’t been talking about much lately.  They’re Opposite one another, and an Opposition is about Duality and Ritual.  Ritual gets its Power through Repetition, so there’s a more or less “right” (ie, Repetitive) way to do it, so it is indeed an Either/Or.  Duality is the mainstay of Political Systems, including Religions and “Morality.”  “Ethics” from the Mind is a little fuzzier, but it’s usually just a description of the Morality of the Ethicist.  We all have Values in our Heart, which are much more Reliable than Morality or Ethics.

The point is that we may be kind of struggling with our Concepts of Self-Love.  We’re so used to Believing that Truth lies in the Mind rather than in the Heart.  Truth in the Heart is Situational, not Absolute.  We know it when we see it, but if we try to pin it down with words it gets stuck.  If Truth is Absolute, it’s not Truth, it’s Doctrine.  So in that Context then, what is Self-Love?  

If we take the Emotional Love we’ve Felt and point it at ourSelf, does that feel like Narcissism?  And what’s the difference between Absolute and Unconditional?  We might be working with those kinds of Questions.

What I’d contribute, is that if there is Self-Judgment, it’s not Self-Love.  I seldom meet Perfect Beings, so of course there’s Self-Judgment.  What we should be striving for is Awareness of our Self-Judgments.  When Judgment operates below the level of Consciousness, and when it operates on the level of Absolutes, it becomes Self-Sabotage.  Sabotage because if we aren’t fully in Self-Love, then to that extent we’re in Self-Sabotage.  It’s that important.

Are you in your Yes-Buts at this point?  Maybe contrasting Self-Love to Selfish?  Selfish is a relative term.  Most of us got our definition of Selfish from someone who was using it to Power-Over us.  So it’s a lousy benchmark.  Many times folks have argued that Self-Criticism is not something we can Abandon.  Folks with strong Virgo in their charts are particular prone to that Perspective.  But if we want to use Self-Criticism as a benchmark, we have to differentiate Blame from Responsibility first.

In a nutshell, Blame looks to the Past in order to attribute Cause, and often Guilt.  On the other hand Responsibility looks to the Future in order to Create more Desirable Outcomes.  We may look into the Past to try to Discover what the fulcrum is that will Create better Outcomes for us.  Maybe we were kind of drunk when we had that last car crash, and in fact hailing a cab is likely to work out better next time.  This issue is how we Feel about it.

If we’re Critical of ourself, if we Feel Bad about our role in the Water going under the bridge, that’s a form of Self-Sabotage.  We can’t Change Anything until we Accept It exactly as It Is.  It’s kind of a cliché, but if we’re saying “Wow, I’m really glad I crashed my car, because it’s Teaching me not to drink and drive, before I kill somebody,”  and we’re really Honest about Feeling more or less Good about it, then we’re Edging toward Self-Love.

What we want to aim for is Neutrality.  We’re Feel okay about any Outcome.  We have Preferences, we’d rather not be the instrument of anyone’s Death Wish, but if it happens we’ll Feel okay about it, and Take Full Responsibility for working to Create more Desirable Outcomes in the Future, once we get out of jail – maybe even before we get out.  

Well, Surprise!  One of those “new” Planets that are Dancing with Sappho and Aletheia, is none other than Pholus, which is about Taking Full Responsibility for Improving Outcomes.  Pholus is conjunct Quaoar, which is about Taking Responsibility for our Survival.  Responsibility Squared in other words.  It should be obvious that if we’ve achieved Self-Love we’ll be Taking Responsibility for our Survival.  

Both Pholus and Quaoar go Stationary (Strong) and turn Retrograde at the end of March, within a few days and within one Degree of one another.  Pholus has been less than three Degrees behind Quaoar most of the time since 2014.  While Quaoar is a dwarf planet well beyond Pluto and Pholus a Centaur closer to Neptune, at this point in their respective elliptic orbits they’re traveling at about the same speed, so Quaoar won’t Initiate Pholus until 2022.

That’s when Huperity might begin to Take Full Responsibility for its Survival.  The Initiation is in 8 Degrees of Capricorn, which is about Domesticated Birds Singing Joyously in a Sun-Lit Home.  I’ll take the Joyously part to mean that Hupers have finally Relearned how to Cooperate with Nature to at least some degree, rather than the possibility that All of Wild People have been Domesticated.

Pholus-Quaoar make a Quincunx Bridge across the Sappho-Aletheia Opposition, with Pholus-Quaoar Unx (Pattern-Breaking) to Sappho and Quincunx (Curiosity) to Aletheia.  Meanwhile, Varuna makes a Trine Bridge across the Opposition, Trine to Sappho and Sextile to Aletheia.

The Angles between Pholus-Quaoar and Sappho-Aletheia are first about Curiosity – which, recall, we regard as next to Love in Grace, since both eschew Judgment – and second about Breaking Patterns – which in turn is positive as well, since Huperity’s Patterns for Taking Responsibility for its own Survival and for Self-Love, have historically been pretty miserable.  

The other “new” planet tied to Sappho-Aletheia in the 1 March chart is Varuna, which symbolizes the Life Force.  And the Relationship between them is very positive.  Basically, at this time the Life Force is favoring Self-Love more than it’s favoring Truth.  “Truth” has to step up and Earn it’s Blessing from the Life Force, presumably by issuing from the Heart rather than the Mind, while Self-Love basks in Grace.

The combination focuses a Finger of God (Pay Attention to This!) onto Pholus-Quaoar.  That says to me that as Lightworkers we aren’t waiting until 2022, we’re building the Foundations for Communion with Nature now.  This is very true, but you’d never know it from the mainstream media (if there is such a thing anymore – I think it’s more like a number of sloughs than a main stream), unless you read the literature on Permaculture or Organic Agriculture, or Michael Roads’s Stepping…Between…Realities.

Michael’s message for today ( is…

“Most people think that in their life anything can happen.  This is seldom true.  Lifetime following lifetime we are creating a template of probabilities, and in each life that template holds an ever more probable definition of the way that we, individually, will live.  This is the prison in which humanity is caged, and the probability is that it will continue.  

“You do, of course, have the option to break the probability template, if first you have accepted its reality.  You break the template by treating yourself with the honour and respect that you would  accord to a Goddess, or a God.  It also helps to consciously . . . choose Love!.”

By the way, this Sappho-Aletheia Cycle Initiated May 2012 in 14 Cancer, so the Cycle is about “A very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast.”  Sounds ominous.  This Opposition, which culminates next January, is the “Blooming” of this dark Cycle – everybody blooms, even deadly Hemlock.  Rudhyar interprets the northeast as the Spiritual Void, or “that apparent Darkness which is an intense Light invisible to our senses” – very apparent in our earlier contrast between Expansion and Confusion.

By this measure then we have more apparent Darkness to reinterpret as intense Light, as the Blooming continues through this year, followed by the Fruiting, which occurs at the Phitile or Golden Angle (222.5 Degrees).  Sappho reaches the Phitile next March and the Waning Square next July.  Then they Dance around on the Waning side of the Cycle till we exit from this Void-of-the-Void in 2022.  

The 2022 Cycle will begin at 15 Taurus, “The courage needed to meet the crises precipitated by social ambition” (Rudhyar).  Sounds like we’ll want to be in the Fifth Dimension by then, or at least if we want to be Boddhisatva about it, traveling the way Michael does (Stepping…Between…Realities or Through the Eyes of Love).

March II – Neptune

February 28, 2017

At 7pm PST on 1 March Neptune Initiates the Sun – which as you may know is already in Pisces – in 12 Pisces, which Degree is about being “tested” as we enter a new phase of our Spiritual Evolution.  Marilyn Raffaele explains this in her Channeling of the Arcturians at .  Since Marilyn’s “newest” will change after she enters a new post, we’ll send you to a copy that hopefully won’t change, at…

Marilyn or the Arcturians may actually do this on purpose, so you aren’t reading what’s no longer current and relevant.  We see our purpose here as Interpretation rather than Prediction, and a big part of Interpretation is Reinterpretation of our Life Events, so this website Intends to allow you to correlate your Journals and Memories with what was going on in the Sky at the time.  So, for what it’s worth, we prefer a link to a post that won’t Change as the Landscape Changes.

Marilyn’s Channeled picture of Doubt is different from the Expansiveness we suggested in the previous March I post, but equally probable, maybe more so for many people.  Astrology is after all Both/And when you take the Unconscious into account; it tells us Dimension (if we’re lucky enough to find a keyword that Communicates) but not Direction.  So yes, a Chaos Station can Feel incredibly Expanding or, if that’s too Scary and we shut down to Protect ourself, incredibly Contracting.

As for Neptune, the Strongest Lesson I’ve ever taken from it is that it Creates Confusion (aka Doubt) when we’re looking through Material Eyes, and Clarity (aka, at the moment, Expansiveness – not to disparage Contraction when it’s more appropriate) when we’re looking through Spiritual Eyes.

Remember that Confusion is “just” the first stage of Growth in Consciousness (aka Spiritual Evolution).  It means a glitch in our Set of Beliefs about how the World and our Lives are Limited – aka a tear the “Veil.”  So Confusion is always a sign of imminent Expansion, unless we Resist and try to ambush our Confusion with mindstuff.  

We’ll qualify the times when our Spiritual Expansion involves Learning about the places where we’ve been Programmed to Give our Power Away, because in those situations we Expand Spiritually by Contracting Politically – ie, Setting Better Boundaries.

Think of Confusion as a legitimate Emotion, and Accept it as is, without trying to change or “fix” it.  Like any Emotion, if you do that, it won’t last long.  Pretty soon you’ll be flooded with Insights, most of which probably won’t even seem Related to what your Confused about, and Excitement is likely to follow, especially if you’re Breathing.


March I

February 27, 2017

As we move into March, our Grace-Full Unique-Genius-Recovery and Rebirth-into-Yintegrity Golden Rectangle Configuration remains strong.  As the month wears on the planets separate a bit from our three-Degree limit (though all month we can still chain them together), but remember that for any project we’re beginning, including a Persona we’re Birthing or Rebirthing – which is exactly what we’re doing – windows of six to eight or even ten Degrees are more appropriate.

At the beginning of March the eight planets (two on each corner of the Golden Rectangle) span 21-27 Degrees, but we can chain them together easily: [21,23,23,23,25,25,26,27].  By the end of March the span stretches to 20-30, but chaining is still possible: [20,21,24,24,24,27,28,30].

Daniel Scranton’s Arcturian message for today has some good suggestions for our Unique-Genius Recovery…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

Our Rebirth-into-Self-Love Yin Gate doesn’t stay quite so coherent, as…

  • Sappho (Self-Love) gradually separates from Klotho (Cutting the Cloth of a New Timeline/Persona) and
  • Aletheia (Truth) gradually separates from Sedna (Becoming Conscious of our Fear and Anger).  

Klotho and Sedna (A New Timeline based on Becoming Conscious of our Fear and Anger) stay well within the Yin Gate window, while Sappho and Aletheia (The Truth of Self-Love) move away, though they move away in tandem.  Our three-Degree Sensitivity window fades by 6 March, and an eight-Degree window by 24 March.

On March 1, all four are within four Degrees of each other – [26,27,29,30], but by the end of the month we’re looking at [26,26] for the Klotho-Sedna Opposition, but [31.37] (or [1,7]) for the Sappho-Aletheia Opposition.

We start March with dwarf planet Chaos (Limitlessness) Stationary (Strong) – you can already Feel that if you look for it, maybe without even doing that.  Brenda Hoffman describes the Feeling…

The exact Station occurs at 7am PST 2 March.  Once we’re past that Threshold we could feel a Letdown.  Don’t Believe it.  The only difference is that the Universe won’t be holding you up by the nape any more so you’ll have to use your own Wings.  Don’t waste any time drying them out.  It’s your Life – do you really want to waste it in Bummers, or would you rather Recover that Feeling of Expansion, and Intend to Keep it.  Take good notes 28 February and 1 March, so the Grace will be Easier for you to Remember.

There are six other Stations during March, starting at the Ides, but mostly during the fourth and fifth weeks.  More on that later.

Marching On

February 26, 2017

Well, as we approach March we have to partially retract our comment that

“We should be through with the onslaught of our Abuse Memories that we’ve been through over the last several months.  More ancient Memories may still arise around the time of the Eclipse, but they’re unlikely to be as Traumatic.  The Important Thing to remember is that they’re Up so we can Let Go of them.”

While it’s definitely true that “The Important Thing to remember is that they’re Up so we can Let Go of them,” we have several more days of potentially-Abusive memories coming, as Mercury crosses Nessus.  The crossing culminates at noon on 28 February, but may extend as much as three days either way.  Now Mercury is “just” the Mind, so it’s actually very Shallow.  Mind is, however in bed with the Emotions, so we could drop back into Trauma if we aren’t monitoring our thoughts in order to clean up what we Manifest.  

Consider it a Portal – a Ring of Fire even, where we’re Tempted to fall into Mind-Emotion helicopter trips and Bum ourself out.  Choose to shoot down the helicopter and see what happens.  Choose to be Loving with yourself no matter what.  “You poor Sweetheart, it’s really Tempting to Believe those Threatening thoughts and let them trigger those Horrible Feelings again, isn’t it.”  What if those Horrible Feelings really are finished for me.  What would that Feel like?  

We might Feel kind of Empty.  We might be Tempted to go back to them because they make us Feel Real, because the Anger and Isolation that they Triggered was our only reliable way to Protect our Most Vulnerable Self.  People have always turned away from us when we’re in that space – probably because they can see from the look on our face, or Feel from the Energy we’re projecting, that the wise thing will be to keep their distance.  Or because it Triggers their own Abandonment, and being Extroverted they reach out to Other to Rescue themselves from our Bummer.

What if we could Stand Still in the Emptiness, let What Is be What Is without having to Change it.  What would happen next?  What would we Like to happen next?  What would that Feel like?  Would we Believe it and Allow that Feeling to stay with us?  What if we Imagined  – Made Up from Scratch – a conversation with ourself that could replace those old Bummer tapes.  A conversation that would Spiral us Up into an Open Future rather than Spiralling us down into a Closed Past.

A conversation that Allowed us to Receive what we’ve Always Wanted, to Imagine Receiving now what we Never got in the first place, when we most Needed it.  An Adult version of it, not the Infant and Adolescent Fantasy versions we’ve been stuck with All of our Lives.  Would we even know what an Adult version would look like?  Not from the Movies, but from our own Heart.  Better spend some time with that Question.  There aren’t any Easy Answers, are there.  Reaching into Unknown Territory, maybe we should Ask our Self.

What would it Look Like to Receive What I’ve always Wanted, to Receive what will Really Fill my Heart?  Before we can Focus our Attention on it, we need to know What It Is.

Intention and Mechanism

February 26, 2017

Dynamic Creativity works when we manage to Figure out What We Want to Create, Decide that it’s Doable, Figure out How to Create It, and then Execute that Mechanism.

Magnetic Creativity works when we Ask Ourself What We Want to Create, Listen for an Answer, and Focus on our Intention to Create It.

Of course both are Iterative processes.  As we Execute our Dynamic How-to Mechanism we’ll be Learning, and as we Learn we’ll improve our Mechanism.  And as we Iterate our Magnetic Intention we’ll also be Learning, by Changing the Subject and Paying Attention many times, as we’ve detailed many times… .

Here’s an additional Perspective on Intention, with Daniel Scranton now Channeling the Pleiadian High Council of Seven rather than the Arcturians…∞the-pleiadian-high-council-of-seven/

“It is a matter of frequency.  It is a placing of attention upon a particular frequency that is the answer to most questions.  That is your journey now.  This is an energetic journey through frequency states, you see.  Everything else that plays out in your reality is a reflection of the frequency that you hold.  It really is not any more complicated than that.  Therefore, give more of your attention to the frequency that you are holding.

“How do you that, you might wonder.  Well, the more in tune you are with your feeling state, the easier it is for you then to measure the frequency that you are holding.  The higher frequencies feel better in your physical bodies than the lower ones, and there is no reason for you to fear or judge the lower frequency states.  There is no reason for you to judge yourselves for having activated those lower frequency states.  That is the first place for you to start.

“Let go of any notion that you have that a frequency you are holding is somehow inappropriate, that you should fear it, or that you should feel bad about yourself for accessing it.  It’s just there to be experienced and also to give you a point of relativity.  You cannot really know that you have moved from a lower frequency to a higher frequency without first becoming aware of the lower frequency and what it feels like in your body.

“So start by celebrating that you are aware of the frequency that you are holding.  And if you are holding a higher frequency, then simply amplify it, ride the wave of it, enjoy the feeling to the greatest extent possible.  Let go of your desires to understand where the frequencies come from, how you got to where you are, and just embrace it all.

“Activating a frequency is as easy as modifying your breath.  You know that when you pay attention to your breathing, you can shift how deeply, how slowly or quickly you are breathing, and the same is true of your frequency state.  If you put your attention on it, with the intention of raising it, it does not have to be more complicated than modifying your breath.  In fact, you could say that the two go hand-in-hand.

“So utilize your breath and your ability to consciously breathe in order to tune yourself to your frequency state, in order to amplify your frequency state, and in order to enjoy those higher frequency states to the greatest extent possible.  And then, it is our recommendation that you do not look around your world for immediate results.

Instead, continue to enjoy your ability to modify your frequency, because in doing so you change the way you feel.  And then the reality around you doesn’t have to change in order for you to feel good.”

But the Reality around you does Change anyway.  If you peek to see if it did, be very Mindful that any Disappointment you Encounter about how it hasn’t Changed enough is an invitation to be Loving with your Disappointment and move your Frequency the next step forward.  Michael Roads,

in an email, concurs…

The reality you are in is the reality you have created.  If you like it, congratulations, if you do not, then I suggest you change it.  How?  By changing the content and focus of your thoughts.

Illusion is looking at life as good or bad, right or wrong.  Nothing is good or bad, right or wrong; the way you think makes it so!  Remember that you live what you create.  Your thoughts need to be your creative power in conscious action.

Pay attention to what it is that you do want in life, not to what you do not want.  Focus on what is enjoyable in your life, not on what makes you miserable.  Continually entertain the thoughts that allow you to feel uplifted and happy.  

Think Love, and consciously . . . choose Love!

Ring of Fire Yin Gate

February 25, 2017

The Ring of Fire Eclipse doesn’t erase our ongoing work with the Saturn-Pallas et al Golden Rectangle (Recovering our Lost Genii and our Natural Vulnerability) and the Sappho-Sedna Yin Gate (Assembling a New Timeline Founded on Self-Love).  They create a Double Portal – being Birthed through a Yin Gate and having to jump through a Ring of Fire at the same time – but their positions on the Zodiac make them Complementary, fortunately!

The Eclipse itself is at 9 Degrees, and its compatriots span 7-13 Degrees.  Meanwhile, the Golden Rectangle and its embedded Yin Gate span 21-29 Degrees of their respective Signs.  These two spans are almost perfectly 15 Degrees apart, and 15 is evenly divisible into 360 – one twenty-fourth of the Circle.  That’s a little too big to fit tidily into the 21 Harmonics of the traditional Tarot, but it’s the 24th Harmonic nonetheless.  It’s twice Twelve (Ritual Pattern-Breaking), thrice Eight (Loving and Wise Rebalancing), and reduces to Six (Partnership and Collaboration).  More Gifts from the Universe.

A note about Sensitivity or “Orb”:  We like to limit our consideration of What’s Going On Now  to three or even one Degree, but here we’re spanning six or eight Degrees.  We do this because of links between the planets.  If planet A at 7 Degrees makes a Significant Angle with planet B at 9 Degrees, and planet B makes a Significant Angle with planet C at 11 Degrees, within reasonable limits we consider them all to be related.  Between the Golden Rectangle/Yin Gate and the Eclipse’s fellow travelers, there are 27 planets involved

Here we’ll look specifically at the multiples of 15 Degrees, especially 45 (the Eighth Harmonic or Octile, Rebalancing) and 135 Degrees (the Trioctile or Loving and Wise Rebalancing).  And most especially we’ll look for places where a Square (Mastery through Challenge) adjoins two Trioctiles from its Far Midpoint, forming what we usually call a Mjolnir.  Like a Finger of God and a Quintile Yod, a Mjolnir is a wedge or arrowhead pointing at and hence emphasizing a particular planet.

A Finger of God says Be Curious about the Affairs of This Planet!.  A Quintile Yod says Learn about the Affairs of This Planet!  And a Mjolnir says Be on the Lookout for Insights and Epiphanies about the Affairs of This Planet.  Mjolnir is the Norwegian term for “Hammer of Thor,” the traditional astrological term for this Configuration.  But the Hammer of Thor is imbued with implications of Ultimate Destruction.  And yes, a Mjolnir could certainly Ultimately Destroy our Attachment to an Archetype.

But that’s a good thing, and in Western Culture Destruction is seen as Negative.  The Mjolnir in Nordic Creation Stories has the same function as the Vajra in Hindu Creation Stories.  It stands for Lightning, sudden Illumination.  Yes, Lightning can Utterly Destroy, but as a force for Illumination, it’s far greater.  It Utterly Destroys Darkness.  Lightning, and its characteristic smell, Ozone, are associated with Uranus, which symbolizes the True Self or Soul Self.

So the Mjolnir is a Gift that makes the Challenge to Mastery of a Square much easier, through Critical Insight.  Which Squares in the Eclipse and Yin Gate charts are so Illuminated?

First, we can expect the Eclipse to Illuminate any Limiting Beliefs we carry that are inhibiting our Rebirth.

The New Moon and Eclipse itself is Trioctile to each end of the Square between Jupiter-Haumea (Expansive Rebirth) and Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs), which is Out of Bounds (Strong).

Second, we can Trust that any Traumas we Re-Encounter are here to be Let Go, and Trust that if we are Willing to Cooperate with the Letting Go by Surrendering into it, they will not Retraumatize us.

Asteroid Eurydike makes a Mjolnir across the Square from Saturn-Ixion (The Most Important Thing is to Recover our Lost Genius) to Chiron (Despair and Miracles).  These first two Squares are the Wings on the Flying Squirrel Configuration that our Golden Rectangle has evolved into.

Also, the South Node (our Chronic Bummers and Hidden Skills) finished crossing Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) in early February, and the South Node crosses Nessus’s fellow traveler OR10 (Irruption of Unconscious Contents) on the day of the Eclipse…

So we should be through with the onslaught of our Abuse Memories that we’ve been through over the last several months.  More ancient Memories may still arise around the time of the Eclipse, but they’re unlikely to be as Traumatic.  The Important Thing to remember is that they’re Up so we can Let Go of them.

The third Mjolnir will Illuminate our Attachment to our Fears by showing us how they derive from our Judgments, accelerating our Rebirth Founded in Self-Love that’s promised by the Yin Gate.

Sedna (Fear and Anger) is Trioctile to both ends of the Square between Hopi (Respect for All Things) and Juno-Hylonome (Gaining Consciousness of the Archetypes That Have Us by the Hair).

And finally, we can successfully simply Declare the Intention to Raise our Vibration above any Bummers or Confusion we encounter Intuitively.  If you find yourself Feeling like “Something is Wrong” or “There’s a Disturbance in the Force,” just Revert! and it’s likely to go back where it belongs, on a Lower Plane than the one you’re now on.

Jupiter-Haumea (Rebirth) makes a Mjolnir across the Square between the Eclipse and Veritas-Asbolus (the Truth in our Intuition).

Karmic Ring of Fire Bearing Gifts

February 25, 2017

As we described in our Karmic Ring of Fire post ( ), the 26 February Annular Solar Eclipse is the Heart of a very complex Knot of planets, the primary Focus of which is Breaking Free of our Karmic Limitations.  If you look, you’ll discover that you can Break Patterns here, that you’ve been trying and failing to Break your whole Life.  It will be particularly Easy to Ground Self-Sabotaging Emotional Patterns.  Once Grounded, it will be much Easier for you to step out of your Identity with them, look back, and “Poor-Sweetheart” your former Minor Self that used to get caught in their Grasp.

The Eclipse Knot of planets also has other Foci as well, and they can help advise us on how to Break Free with less Sturm und Drang.

One of the other Foci suggests that a key will  be Respect for All Things.  Look to see if there’s Judgment behind any Bummers that arise.  You can’t just Decide to Forgive; it’s more complex than that, though the Intention to Forgive is useful.  The Intention to Accept is even more useful, and often easier.  Accepting without Forgiving can allow you to set Healthy Boundaries without poisoning yourself with Chronic Anger.  The Acceptance of What Is is the first, and Necessary, step toward Changing Your World.  And Changing Your World is the same as Changing The World.

Among other things, the Pisces New Moon and Eclipse is the head of a Kite – that is, it’s at the Midpoint between two corners of an Earth Grand Trine, making it the Focus of all of the Grace in the Grand Trine.  This will make Breaking Free of our Karmic Limitations much easier than it otherwise would be.  

The asteroid Hopi (Respect for All Things) is the head of a second Kite.  Hopi is in Libra – Air or Mind, while its Grand Trine is in Fire – Spirit.  An excellent Opportunity to “clean up” our Thoughts – to Ask them to serve us as contributors to What We Want, rather than disserve us by dwelling on What We Don’t Want.  Daniel and the Arcturians even commented on this today…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

A third Gift is the Power to Trust our Intuition.  It’s our Intuition that’s telling us which elements of our Obsessions are actually Healthy Keepers, and which elements we can jettison with little Effort.  There’s no such thing as Absolute Negativity – Negativity is defined only by its Context.  Even if our “Negative” Self-Sabotaging Habits kill us, when we look at the process from a multi-Lifetime Perspective, what a Learning Opportunity that is.  Parts of our Forbidden Genius are actually hiding somewhere in the Obsessions we’re Dancing with here, among the Healthy Keepers.

A third Kite focuses on Asbolus-Veritas (the Truth in our Intuition) in Gemini, also on the Fire Grand Trine (Angelic Intervention).  Asbolus-Veritas Opposes Antares (Obsession), Square to the Eclipse and its Opposition to Karma-Orcus (Breaking Karmic Bonds).  The combination of a Grand Cross (Motivation) and a Grand Trine is one of the Strongest indications you can get from astrology.

The fourth Gift is Ease at the normally-Challenging process of divesting Archetypes from our Identity.  The only thing Negative about an Archetype – which otherwise represents a consummate Skill – is that it robs us of Choice.  When we Detach from the Archetype, if we do it without Judgment, we retain the Skill but gain the Ability to use it when it’s most appropriate and use better Tools when they’re more appropriate, rather than having to use the Archetypal Tool all the time whether we’re screwing or stapling.  Sort of like trading our running shoes in for a car and a pair of running shoes.  Now we won’t have to go to parties all sweaty and run home in the Rain.

This one is a Hylonome-Juno (Consciously Letting Go of False Identities We’ve Merged with) Diamond Star.  A Diamond Star is a T-Square and a Finger of God with the same foci.  The feet of the Finger of Yod create a Bowl of Grace (Double Trine Bridges) under the T-Square, greatly Easing its Challenges.  Hylonome-Juno is also one corner of the Earth Grand Trine, further amplifying the beneficial effect.

Hylonome Initiates Juno at 2pm PST 28 February, in 8 Capricorn, Domesticated Birds singing happily in a Sun-lit home.  Since Hylonome represents Merging and Demerging with an Archetype (especially Codependence) and Juno symbolizes the Edges of Consciousness, the five-year Juno-Hylonome Cycle is about Getting Conscious of our Karmic Patterns.  The Archetypal Birds sing happily because the Light of Consciousness has Liberated them from the Slavery of rote Performance.

Notice the Repetition – when several astrological Patterns suggest the same things we can be assured that this is what the Universe is teaching us, unequivocally.  We don’t have a lot of Choice but to go along – and why would we want to Resist such Gifts!

Neutrality, Fun, and Time

February 24, 2017

Dr. Kim has a dynamite video for us today…

And Daniel’s message for today pretty much agrees…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

We would like to see all of you take your lives less seriously.  We invite you to see all of this that you experience as a game, and you are the players.  And that means that you are here to play, primarily.  Everything that you do can be done with more joy, and we invite you to bring your childlike essence to more of your daily activities.  We certainly encourage you to bring it to your job or business.

“What the world needs more than anything else is for you to be you.  And when you are worrying about something, you are not being your full self.  When you are playing and dancing and laughing, you most certainly are being your whole self, your true self.  And you bring more to this world.  You bring more to the universe when you lighten up and let your heart guide you to the next fun experience, and the next, and the next.

“This is a game, but it’s not a competition.  There are only winners here.  You are all winning because you are all experiencing what you set out to experience…  So we suggest that you add some variety to your life.  Add some adventure, and certainly schedule in more playtime for yourselves.  Whatever it is that you think you came here to do, to accomplish, it is going to be an ongoing journey.  You’re never going to get it done, so you might as well relax and enjoy yourselves more.  You might as well make your primary mission to be having more fun than you had yesterday.

From a slightly different angle, Suzanne Lie tells us that the other 97% of our brain, the part that’s not being used to Perceive (and to Limit our Perception to) Three-Dimensional Reality, is already actively Exploring other Dimensions.  I have to really focus to read this, and take a break every few paragraphs.  That’s because it’s talking to that other 97%, what I usually call “the Unconscious.”

Here’s an excerpt…

The first meanderings of the 3D mind beyond its normal limitations of a 3D reality, often takes their wandering consciousness into the fourth dimensional astral world.  In these lowest realms of the fourth dimension, often known as the ‘Lower Astral Plane’ the 3D mind perceives the fears that have created limitations to take hold in their daily life.

“When the owner of that 3D mind, is able to look into his/her past fears and sorrows, they create a pathway through which their mind can expand into the higher sub-planes of fourth dimension in which their innate imagination becomes activated.

“However, fears of failure must be faced before one can step into the reality of being a creative person.  Most of these fears were implanted in them when they were young, they brought forth these unresolved fears from another incarnation, or the fears are social fears, which an awakened person is aware of.

“If one can look into their personal and social fears, stand tall and send these fears the healing force of Unconditional Love, then transmute these healing fears into the next higher octave of reality with the Violet Fire, they can open the portal to their Multidimensional SELF.”

Karmic Ring of Fire

February 23, 2017

Sunday’s Annular or “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse (7am PST 26 February) 

– the Moon is far enough away from the Planet that it doesn’t appear to be quite big enough to cover the Sun’s disc, leaving the “Ring of Fire” around it – 

is all about Clearing Away Obsolete Trances and Abrogating Obsolete Promises.  While there may be Power Struggles between our Freedom-Craving Conscious Ego and “our” Change-Resisting Unconscious Identity, the Fulcrum is Decision.  Once you make the firm Decision  that you’re Choosing Liberation, the Olde Patterns don’t stand a chance.

The 9-Pisces New Moon Eclipse Opposes the Conjunction of asteroid Karma (Obsolete Habits) and dwarf planet Orcus (Making and Breaking Oaths), which Opposition makes a Grand Cross with another Opposition between Asbolus-Veritas (our True Intuition) and the Fixed Star Antares (Obsession).  

Once we make the firm Decision, the Obsession is “on our side.”  Prior to the Decision, we’re “fighting” the Obsession.  We may well find that the Conscious Decision, in Linear Time. follows the Unconscious Shift!  Make the Conscious Decision anyway, even if it seems unnecessary, as it then becomes a Conscious Intention – a literal PIAVA.  I’ll even wager that your Decision/Intention will help your Hidden Genius emerge, and in the process relieve you of a Life-long Frustration.

The Grand Cross is aided and abetted by a Grand Trine that puts the Eclipse at the head of a Kite.  The shoulders of the Kite are Hylonome (Letting Go of Archetypes) and Mnemosyne-Ceres (Remembering the ancient Oaths that created the Unsustainability in your Life).

The Kite has Wings, making it into a Flying Squirrel Configuration.  The feet of the Squirrel are Hopi (Respect) and Eurydike (Trust).  There’s a picture of a similar Flying Squirrel at .  The Flying Squirrel/Grand Cross combination also contains a Diamond Star (which rinses the Difficulty out of the Eclipse-Asbolus-Antares T-Square), making the Eclipse Stronger yet.  There’s a picture of a similar Diamond Star at .

The Eclipse occurs at 9 Degrees of Pisces, and its Embellishments span 7-13 Degrees, which will trigger the planets in those Degrees in your natal chart, and their associated Issues.  If Hassles arise, do Remember that this is all about Letting Go.  The Hassles are there to remind you that if you are Willing to Let Them Go, it will be much Easier than you imagine it will be, much Easier than you’re used to.  Make the Conscious Decision to Let Them Go.  

Karma is Dead, and you can prove it to yourself.  Instead of “Grasping” your Chronic Bummers with “Oh Shit, there’s that Bummer again!” and “Trusting” the knot in your stomach to Bum you Out for the next month, Consciously Relax your tummy and say “Oh Fabulous, there’s that Olde Obsolete Bummer, Up in my face so I can Stare It Down and Let It Go!!!  Yippie!”  Then just Change the Subject.  Check back in fifteen minutes, and you’ll see that the Bummer was a Paper Tiger, one of those Indonesian Shadow Puppets, not even Real.  The Bummer was “just” your Expectation.

Self-Worth and Letting Go

February 23, 2017

Today’s missive from Daniel and the Arcturians at∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/ 

skillfully combines several facets of our current Very Special Astroproject…


  • Our Golden-Rectangle Saturn/Ixion-Chaos/Atropos Unique-Genius-Recovery and End-of-Limitations Work
  • Our Golden-Rectangle Uranus/Eris-Jupiter/Haumea True-Self-Rebirth Work 
  • Our Yin-Gate Sappho/Klotho-Sedna/Aletheia Self-Love-Based-New-Timeline Work.

Here’s Daniel…

“Recognizing your value to this world, to this universe, and to Source Energy is one of the hardest things that you do.  It is hard because you are told from a very early age what it is that you can do to prove your worth.  You are told what the rules are.  You are shown displeasure and dissatisfaction, and even punishment when you don’t follow those rules.  And you are told about being rewarded for good deeds by Santa Claus and God.

“So your value is conditional and largely determined by the things that you do, say, and do not do, or do not say.  Very few individuals are raised in an environment where their value is a given.  And so, when you come to adulthood, and you find yourself floundering a bit, not knowing what to do, not knowing how you fit in, this old programming comes up and tries to convince you that you’re only as good as what you produce.

“You all need to get past this, one way or another.  The easiest way for you to get past it is to recognize when you’re doing it to yourself.  Recognize when you are only valuing yourself when you accomplish something, and then decide that you’re not going to do that anymore.  Decide instead to value yourself because you are an extension of Source Energy, you are unconditional love, and you are unique.

“No one and nothing can ever take those truths away.  If you are a good carpenter, and that is where you draw all your value from, and then you have an accident and you can no longer do what you do with the hammer and the nails, then your self-worth is in jeopardy.

“So we would rather so you place your self-worth within yourself, in a place that is untouchable, that cannot be swayed or diminished in any way.  We invite you to value yourselves simply because you exist, and we also invite you to feel for what value you bring by accessing your energy within yourself and feeling for your uniqueness.

“Feel for the Source Energy within you, and when you can’t, realize that it doesn’t mean you are somehow less than Source Energy or that you are blocked from Source Energy.  It just means you’re having a hard time.  And in those moments, if you truly value yourself, you will be kind and compassionate to yourself.  And this is also what we want for you.”

If that brings up any Doubt for you, consider this one from a few days ago at…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

You have experienced a heightened awareness of what you have been holding on to.  You have experienced much of what has been hidden, rising to the surface.  You have given yourselves these challenges at this time because you are ready for them and because there is more energy to support you than you’ve ever had access to previously.

So when you are experiencing one of your challenges, and your lower-frequency energy is rising to the surface, remember that it is a clearing that is occurring, and know that you are making room for higher-frequency energies to come play with you.  You are making room for a higher frequency version of yourself.

“The energies that are hitting your world right now are coming to help.  They are also coming to co-create with you the new experience of the fifth dimension.  They want your input.  They need your input, and they would love to get some direction from you.

“So if you want to utilize the higher-frequency energies for healing purposes, you can.  If you want to access their support of you as you go through some of your clearing, you are more than welcome to utilize the energy in that way.  If you want to use it to create something new, then go right ahead.  But don’t expect the energy to do it all for you.  Don’t expect to just ascend into a fifth dimension that is complete and requires no input from all of you creator beings.

“You are ascending into a frequency range that is going to give you greater abilities to create new experiences.  But you are all the builders of this new world, and you have at your disposal more free energy, more available energy than you have ever had before.  So reach out, feel into it, and let yourselves co-create something magical and wondrous.

“That is what’s on the other side of your issues, and your challenges, and the lower-frequency energies that you are experiencing and that you have been experiencing early on here in this new year.  It’s time for you to let go.  It’s time for you to purge and make room for more.  You have our support and the support of the energies around you.  We suggest that you reach out and that you feel out these energies.  They are here for you.”