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The Karmic Digital Age

December 24, 2020

Since Karma is Dead, it won’t be a problem that the Digital Age is Karmic, right? Almost enough to make a person subscribe to Retribution…

But no, Karma is Inertia, and do we ever have Inertia! Huge Inertia in government dysfunction, possibly increasing Inertia with apparently more Powerful Mutant Ninja Garudaviruses in the wings in spite of the nascent Vaccines, Inertia with Inequality as the Robber Barons use Virus-Rescue dollars for their own lunch money and worse, far too much Inertia in Global Balming, und so weiter.

The chart for the 21 December 2020 Saturn-Jupiter Initiation, which Initiates the 140-year Digital Age (the span during which the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions occur in Air Signs) and especially the next 20 years (the current Jupiter-Saturn Cycle), features only one Big Challenge, and that’s Karma (a T-Square to asteroid Karma from the Opposition between Sedna [Converting Fear to Power] and Juno [Expansion of Consciousness])…

If that’s not enough, asteroid Karma itself is also Strong (Stationary), with Peak Exaggeration on 27 December at 2:30 am PST and two Challenges (T-Squares, the red triangles), one to Our Instincts (the Moon, from the Opposition between asteroid Karma herself and Gonggong [Flushbacks]) that Challenges us to Stay in the Present Moment, and the other to Our Willingness to Break Karmic Habits (asteroid Lachesis, from the Opposition between Jupiter-Saturn itself [the Conscious or Unconscious Decision whether to Contract away from new Energy or to Expand into Embracing it] and the Conjunction of Atropos [Karmic Patterns that have Finished their TimeLine, which our Ego may or may not have Let Go Of] and Varuna [Our Vitality])…

The Conscious or Unconscious Decision whether to Contract away from new Energy or to Expand into Embracing it (Jupiter-Saturn) in the Karma Station chart mirrors the apparent Contradiction between Converting Fear to Power (Sedna) and Expansion of Consciousness (Juno) in the Digital Age Initiation chart. Notice that these are both Either/Ors, which by now we automatically associate with the Observing Mind rather than Observed Reality – right? If we want to deal with Reality we have to Change the Subject and switch from HeadsOrTails to the Coin. Since the Mind mostly does only Either/Or, we have to Intuit the Both/And Coin.

Well, obviously, when we Contract (Saturn) away from Reality, we only drive it into the Unconscious, from where it Controls us from behind the Curtain of our Denial. No Pressure – Denial is our Best Choice when we aren’t Ready to Integrate something into Consciousness. Overwhelm will usually set us back. So at least we can Expand into Embracing (Jupiter) our Contraction. In fact, a Poor Sweetheart might be an ideal Response – “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re really Frightened by that, aren’t you.” If we can then Change the Subject and go about our business without Obsessing on what Frightened us, we may be able to just Manifest the Miracle of Transcending our Fear of the New rather than Denying it.

Chiron is Positively Related (Sextile, two Signs apart, meaning Grace but we have to take the first step) to Jupiter-Saturn, and Chiron is the Unhealable Healer who Connects us to the Wisdom that What Heals is Empathy – hence our Self-Empathy Mantra, You Poor Sweetheart… Like Tapping, it Recognizes the Truth of our Heart and brings various parts of ourself into Alignment, while moving our Assemblage Point or our Identity, the Place Behind our Attention, from WhatAfflictsUs to Compassion.

Notice what Opposes Jupiter-Saturn – Varuna-Atropos (the End of Karmic Limitations to our Vitality). We can carry this directly to the Crapolavirus. Atropos stands for Karmic Patterns that have Finished on their own Accord but which our Ego may not have Let Go Of yet. In other words, the Virus is Optional if we Wish it So. Which means we have to Let Go of our Belief in Disease. Sounds Dangerous, doesn’t it. Sounds like a good way to get Dead. Yes, that’s the Sedna part. If you get stuck on that, Locate your Fear in your Body and focus Intensely on it while doing a hundred Kegels, to Convert the Fear to Power, whenever the Fear arises or returns.

Meanwhile, consider it an Experiment, and don’t Act like a Covidiot. This is like a Placebo – it works best if you Believe in it. And it will work (Jupiter-Saturn is joined by dwarf planet Chariklo [Confidence and Doubt] – Choose the Confidence side). But we’re Playing on the Growing Edge of our Consciousness (asteroid Juno), so we never quite know ahead of time if we’re Ready to Transcend. If your Intuition is working fairly well, Thetas can help you evaluate your Readiness. When we Ask for What We Want, the Universe will either Give it to us directly, or Give us a demonstration of what else we need to Let Go Of in order to become Ready to Receive. Let the Universe stub your toe, instead of Dancing with a Miserable Death.

For folks who don’t Believe in Magic (ie, Choice) – and therefore Karma isn’t Dead for them – Karma still means Cause and Effect. Like Blame, Cause and Effect is a very sticky artifact of the Dualistic “Left” Brain. It’s not Easy to Think in terms other than Cause and Effect, because that’s the way the Observing Brain is wired. If you Allow it, the “Right” Brain – Intuition – can go Directly from Want to Outcome without worrying about Mechanism. For Left-Brainers, the Digital Age’s focus on C&E is good, because it may Allow them to Connect their Beliefs and Behaviors to their Outcomes in spite of their red hats. And there’s a lot of Inertia there which needs to Shift before Mother Gaia can Finish her Trance(Re)formation, though when it’s Ready it can Shift overnight.

When we look more closely, we see that all three Challenges (T-Squares) are Self-Resolving (Diamond Stars – red-triangle T-Square and green-wedge Finger of the Goddess pointing to the same planet). This means that, when the Universe Threatens to Repeat your worst deja vus All Over Again, the Appropriate Response is to Smile to yourself and raise your Energy, while you Recognize that the Universe is a Trickster, and share a Chuckle with Her. She’s giving you another Opportunity to Practice using the Belief and Action that you’ve Chosen to Replace your Obsolete Karmic Pattern, or any Alternative Pattern, so you can Erase through Repetition your old Connections and cement New Patterns into your Flexible and Opportunistic Brain.

Abuse and Boundaries II

September 6, 2020

Of course as Abuse is Lit Up, Boundary Issues can’t be far behind, because Boundaries are how we Respond or React to Abuse, how we Own our part of the Drama, once we Realize we need to do that.  People who haven’t escaped the Blame Universe – and it is a Closed Universe, with few Exits – believe that “Creating Your Own Reality” is the same as “Blaming the Victim.”  That couldn’t be furthur from the Truth.  Blame is never the Issue – Blame is an Ego Defense that Covers our Unwillingness to Expand our Boundaries.  It always takes Two to Tango.

It’s a different situation when there is no Balance of Power, when an alleged Adult Preys on Children, for instance, or a Powerful Political figure Urges his Goons to Abuse the Undefended.  Those situations are so Overwhelming to the Victim that it may take Lifetimes to work off the Abuse and Reclaim our Power.  But in most other cases, there’s always some Value – Growth to be Harvested – in Inquiring of ourself, What is it about my Ego-Unconscious Constellation that draws these Dramas to me?

The phrase You Create Your Own Reality does not refer to your Ego.  It refers to your Entire Self, most especially including that part of the Unconscious that is Attached to you, and your Soul-Self as well.  Blaming the Victim is what the Ego sees when if doesn’t understand that it’s not in control, and when it’s not Aware that Looking Deeper is an Option.  No Blame – even if we’re well Aware that we aren’t monolithic, and that this Option is always Available to us, we all encounter situations every day where we Forget in the Moment that we can Look Deeper, just like we encounter situations every day where we Forget to Ask the Goddess to Handle it for us.

As Seth said long ago (in The Nature of Personal Reality), your Karma is obvious – it’s written in your Personal History.  When we Choose to remain Unconscious (or don’t Realize that there are other Options), we are total Victims to our Karma, our Fate.  When we Choose Consciousness, we suddenly have other Options.  It doesn’t really matter What we Choose, as long as it’s something Different.  The first several times we’ll Think we’re Choosing something Different, only to Discover that it’s the Same Old Same Old.  Like Blame, the Unconscious is a very Sticky Reality, Whole unto itself.  The Exits are not easily Discerned.

Once we Recognize that Oh yeah, we have to do this more than once! our Choices become more and more Different from our Ancient Dramas.  It’s a Virtuous Spiral – the more we Choose an Alternative to our Ancient Karma, the sooner we Recognize it when it Threatens to Arise again.  And the sooner we Recognize our tired Fate Arising again, the easier it is to Choose an Alternative.  It doesn’t take many Reps to Realize that Karma really is Dead, and you can See the Boundary between Fate and Choice, the low rock wall that separates the Zombies from the Living.  Karma and Liberation are no different than Muscles, the more frequently we exercise either one, the Stronger they become.

This Celebration of Boundaries (Station of Pallas) has been particularly difficult for me, as a couple of Lifetime Projects have rather suddenly appeared to be Worthless.  I Realized relatively quickly that these were Ego-Attachments that I needed to Surrender.  I needed to quit thinking that they were something that I was Doing and Doing Relatively Well, and instead I need to take my Gratitude to God/Goddess Deeper, Praying for Continuing Grace rather than patting myself on the back.  Which was a step forward, but didn’t much improve my Feelings or Outlook.

Like the 1 September 2020 Full Moon chart…

…the 5 September Pallas Station chart…

…shares the same Scorpio Vacancy to Excellent Grace (Grand Sextile), this time (at 13 Scorpio) closer to the Star Alphecca, the Sorrow that can accompany a Woman’s Crown, than asteroid Typhon, the Fierce Defender of his Mother Gaia.  Methinks I stumbled into that Sorrow.  Tapping on the Grief and Discouragement helped some.

I don’t often check my own astrology, usually only when I’m Feeling Lost.  This time I finally (thanks largely to reading Stephen Levine’s amazing posthumous book Animal Totems) Remembered to Ask, Duh, what’s going on in the Present Moment?  And of course the Answer was Self-Doubt.  So I looked to see what was going on with my natal Chariklo (Self-Doubt and Self-Confidence).  And boy did I get an education!

It’s very Lit Up by current astroevents, it’s Strong (Out of Bounds), it’s part of a Self-Resolving Challenge (one corner of a Diamond Star), and it’s one side of the business end (Central Axis) of a Yin Gate (Mystery School)!  I didn’t even know I had a natal Yin Gate, so that’s very validating.  This is natal, so it says I’ll be getting Lifelong non-Intellectual Lessons in how Doubt and Confidence relate to Fear, Vitality, and Sovereignty (Sedna, Varuna, Hylonome) – more specifically, Converting Fear to Power, Health and Kundalini, and Self-Sovereignty.  Exactly the Insight I needed!

I follow the Stations, because I’ve found them to be very important.  I follow the Cycles when I can, but there are so many of them (with the 44 or so planets I follow routinely, that’s more than 450 Cycles), and they don’t exactly leap out of ephemerides like the Stations do.  Many astrocalendars include lists of Angles or “aspects” (astrologuese for Angles), but the ones I’ve found don’t even include the four “major” asteroids, let alone the dwarf planets.

But the obvious question to Ask next, is What Angles is Chariklo making today?  The closest one turns out to be the Angle to the symbol for our Held Emotions or Karma (South Node), making a Waxing Unx to Chariklo.  An Unx is a one-Sign difference between planets, and it means Pattern-Breaking (the Twelfth Harmonic)(The Nodes move backward, so “Waxing” means the Node is behind the slower planet, not ahead as is usually the case.)  So whatever Held Emotions (the ones we’d Rather Die than Feel) are Lit Up, this is about Letting Go of them, which is fabulous news!  I’m ready for that!

The Waxing Unx stage of a Cycle is about either Fighting to keep milking our Dying Investments from the Previous Cycle (like the Antichrist is doing – and like my two Lifelong Projects were about), or about Building the Foundation for the New Cycle, even though at this early stage we can’t expect a huge amount of Support from our Community, most of which will be Fighting to keep milking its Dying Investments from the Previous Cycle.

So, what is this New Cycle about?  The 15-year South Node-Chariklo Cycle in general is about our Confidence in our Strategy for Letting Go of our Karma – or our Distress about how our Karma keeps “Victimizing” us.  The Ides-of-March 2019 Initiation chart for the New Cycle…

…tells us that, for the next 14 years, our Strategy for Letting Go of our Karma will be…

  • Compulsive and Impossible to Ignore (Initiation Conjunct Pluto).
  • All about Eliminating Judgement – not just Racism, but Misogyny and for example Active Disregard of Nature (Initiation Conjunct Pluto and Hopi).
  • We’re out of gas for today; will continue tomorrow!


Confidence Game

August 17, 2020

In the 18 August 2020 (7:41 pm PDT) New Moon (in 27 Leo) chart, The Most Important Thing (Saturn) is our Confidence (Chariklo) that our Species can Rebirth itself (Haumea) and Act (Mars) on the other side of Denial (Eris) and Codependence (Lilith)(That is, a Saturn-Chariklo T-Square across the Opposition between Haumea and Mars-Eris-Lilith.)  Worth repeating…

The Most Important Thing is our Confidence that our Species can Rebirth itself and Act on the other side of Denial and Codependence.

They call Grifting a “Con Game” because more than anything, Hupers are Attracted to Confidence.  We’re Programmed to Give Away our Power to those who Project Confidence.  Without our own Confidence we waste our Energy and Creativity on Worry and Negative Thoughts and Emotions, and Negative Thoughts and Emotions Create What We Don’t Want, because the Energy we Project is the precursor of What We Manifest, and if our Energies are Negative our Manifestations will be Unsatisfying.  So we need to “Pretend” like it’s all going to Work Out, and that we’re heading pell-mell for 5D.

It’s actually more complex than Pretending, because when we Pretend we don’t really Believe it, and we need to Believe it.  Do we need to go into that here, or does everyone understand how that works?

As is common of late, we have Almost-Great-Grace (an Almost-Grand-Sextile), but we find two Major Stars and an asteroid to Fill In the Vacancy and Manifest the Grace.  The Vacancy contains (1) the Star Deneb Algedi that symbolizes a Benefic Ruler – which would be a Refreshing Change, (2) the Star Sadalsuud that means “The Luckiest of the Lucky” (Brady’s Book of the Fixed Stars, p.308) – Hooray!  And (3) asteroid Damocles.

So yes, that Sword dangling over our Head is the Antichrist, the object of our “Pretending,” or rather our Passionate, Frequent, and Prolonged Focus on How We’ll Feel when We Have a Benefic Leader, because that’s what’s likely to Create our Confident Belief in that circumstance.

The part about Action on the Other Side of Denial and Codependence is Critical because the Antichrist knows that Denial Creates a Reality, and knows very well how to Maintain the Illusion that it’s Real.  The disadvantage of Denial is that it eventually crumbles under the weight of its own Falsehood, and our Confidence will facilitate that crumbling.

Codependence Creates a Reality of Self-Rejection in favor of the Truth of Others.  The Definition of Conservatism is Trust in Authority – which is Codependence on Steroids.  Trust in the Illusion of Authority that the Antichrist Projects is one of the tools of his Deceit.  And Trust in Authority is how the Planet-Destroying Wetiko sickness is maintained and strengthened by the Status Quo.  We blow through that Mirage by Rooting Out our own Temptations to Give Away our Power to Others, and to Obsolete Paradigms and Memes.