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It’s a Rich Man’s World

November 29, 2021



Brenda Hoffman’s Channeling for today lays it on the line…


“We, of the Universes, have spoken several times about how chaotic the next few weeks will be – for all earth entities and the earth.

“Even so, you often feel as if you have correct answers and directions. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, for those directions have not yet been created. Your assumptions about your correctness are based on your 3D earth experiences instead of a new world.

“Granted, you have some inkling of what you want your new world to be. You dream of a life filled with peace, contentment, and joy. Dreams little different than your concept of a heaven filled with angelic beings dressed in white with golden halos and a loving countenance.

“What you now define as peace and contentment has little to do with what your new world will be like.

“That is not to say you have never experienced what you are about to create, but instead that you have only done so in dreams and fairy tales. For your fairy tales have more to do with your new being than any of your earth lives.

“Your thoughts likely revert to the emotional and physical pain your fairy tale characters experienced instead of their happy endings. Not because you are limited in your vision, but because you seldom experienced happy endings in any of your earth lives.

“Many of you think of financial abundance as a large part of your new peace and contentment. Such might be so. But instead of the primary reward or goal, financial stability will be a portion of that contentment.

“Financial markers have been promoted worldwide because commerce, outer-directed power, and industry were the power holders throughout 3D earth. So it is you believe that once you have financial abundance, you will be content. Even though such might be true, 5D and beyond contentment is more than finances. It is about waking up every day excited about the experiences that are before you or you created. It is about love for yourself and the love of others – connections of love and joy instead of power struggles.

“Money will be a minimal portion of who you become.

“You will not ignore or deny financial freedom but instead, accept it as part of your new world. Not something you strive for, but something that happens automatically as you create what you need when you need it.

“The old world view was that you might be rewarded with financial freedom if you worked diligently or were born or married into a wealthy family. Economic freedom was never a 3D given. That freedom was a golden ring almost impossible to grasp as your 3D merry-go-around spun faster and faster, creating stress or physical illness within you.

“Financial freedom will no longer be a goal, for it will just be. Similar to having air to breathe. This is a new age in a new time with new factors to assimilate or achieve. Finances are of the past. Creating a new world is your future.

“Most of you reading this message have difficulties conceiving of life without financial goals, distractions, or fears. You are so enmeshed in the economic realms that no other world seems possible.

“Perhaps it will help you better understand this concept if you address it from a historical perspective. Initially, humans were most interested in maintaining their physical bodies through hunting or gathering. Those who were better hunters or more industrious became the leaders, and eventually, kings and queens or whatever title comes to mind. In turn, the majority forced those kings and queens to allow a bit more even distribution of power and money. A few hundred years later, democracy became a key concept even though the envisioned distribution of power and money was never completely actualized. Such is what those of you in 5D or beyond will be creating.

“Even so, finances will be part of your world until those of you, in power of yourselves, understand that, like Dorothy in The Wizard of OZ, you have always had the power to create a life of peace and joy; you just never realized that truth. Or, more important for this message – it was not time for you to realize that part of your being.

“Such is your history but not your future.

“It is time to shed your preconceived ideas of how or when you will be content and in peace. For you do not yet fully understand what contentment and peace mean in your new world.

“Do you remember how personal computers changed your world? Multiply those changes by 10,000, and you will barely conceive of how different your world will be within months.

“So stop worrying, planning, or anything other than resting and relaxing as your physical, emotional, and spiritual being accepts the sometimes overwhelming energies flying through your being and world the next few weeks. Expect nothing of yourself, for now, other than adapting to and accepting your soon-to-be new world. So be it.”

And boy, do my Yes-Buts go off! Yeah, RIght! How many times have I heard that story! If Only! My father’s totally understandable Depression Mentality comes immediately to mind. When he graduated from high school he was told that one of Roosevelt’s federally funded work corps was hiring in a town thirty-some miles away. So he headed there, using the only transportation available, walking. When he got there he found that the story wasn’t true. So he walked back. His family lived near the end of a long narrow bay, and his most intense memory from that day was when he could see his house across the bay, but without a boat he still had many miles to go to get around the end of the bay.

But Intuitively, and from my own experience of Synchronicity, I know that “Money will be a minimal portion of who we become – we will not ignore or deny financial freedom but instead, accept it as part of our new world. Not something we strive for, but something that happens automatically as we create what we need when we need it” is an integral part of 5D, of Living in Mutual Cooperation with Nature. It’s about Letting Go of our Blocks to the Natural Flow of Energy.

Yes, the Mythology of our Time. We’ve been taught that Mythology is Myth. That’s one of our major blocks, and it’s a major foundation stone of the Mythology that Science and Capitalism (and the Patriarchy’s Linear Thought and Narcissism that supports their current hyperdestructive iteration) are Superior. Simply put, Energy precedes Manifestation. And we Create Energy by PIAVAing it. When we spend more time Imagining how it will Feel when “we create what we need when we need it” than we spend Imagining that it will never work, who knows what will happen.

I don’t think it Behooves us to worry about the rest of Huperity. Our Belief that we All have to Change before we can really Enjoy the Change, might have a grain of Truth to it, but the notion that Global Change happens when enough People Change has a bigger grain. As long as we allow Other People’s foot-dragging to slow down our own Change, we slow down the Global Change. The only thing we can Really Change is ourself.

If you want to worry about Other People, invest some of your time Imagining that “they create what they need when they need it” rather than worrying that your Future depends on them. You’ll still be Creating Negative Karma by interfering with their Free Will, but at least you’ll be exchanging some of your Codependence for Action. My working hypothesis is that ultimately, our best response to Sympathy is simply Asking that they Receive a Blessing and Letting it Take the Form that their Agreements with the Universe would endorse. If they Ask, or if they lack the means for physical Sustenance, that’s a whole ‘nother story – Abundance means Having Enough to Share.

Next Planet Standing Up – Neptune

November 29, 2021

As we prepare for the assault of the dreaded Omigod! variant, be sure to collect all of your COVID Merit Badges…

Find them in boxes of Cracker Jacks.

Bob (in Australia) has sent us a good essay on the history of Panpsychism, the notion that the Fundamental Foundation of the Universe is Consciousness…


Despite suffering from the silly residual Materialist fallacy that Consciousness and mind reside in the Huper brain, it’s an excellent introduction to our Weekly Astroexaggeration, namely the Exaggeration of Material Confusion, as embodied in the planet Neptune Standing Still in the Sky on 1 December 2021 at 5:22 am PST (in 21 Pisces). Neptune represents Everything Larger than Ourself, in particular Group Consciousness. Your Bowling Team and Knitting Club both have their own Group Consciousness – where do their brains reside? Probably in the head of one of the pins and one of the needles, right? But which one?

The Sky-Is-Falling global media reaction to Omicorn is a great example of Confusion. Fortunately, Confusion is good, as it’s the First Stage of Growth in Consciousness. But that’s only if you’re able to be Present with the Confusion as an Emotion, locating it in your Body and Lovingly Embracing it there. If we React to Confusion by Trying to Figure It Out as if it was a Midterm, we’re doomed to Avoid Growth, which is just fine with the Ego. Real Growth doesn’t happen without an Ego Death, and the Ego will do anything to Avoid that. I’d do Anything to Get Beyond This Block, but I Won’t Do That!

In Full, in addition to Anything larger than the Individual, Neptune is about Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity. Which is fine, assuming we know what the heck Spiritual means. In this context, it means just about anything that’s neither Material nor Intellectual nor Emotional. It could be as simple as Switching from Particles to Waves, or Switching our Attention from Our Thoughts about our Emotions to The Sensations in our Bodies. Not, of course, Our Thoughts about the Sensations in our Bodies. Often it’s the Meaning of an event rather than the Description or our Reaction.

Or, Spirit can look like this, from Marilyn Raffaele’s Onenessofall Arcturian Channeling at

“It may seem as if nothing is happening for you, but once you say ‘I am ready. I want more. I want to spiritually evolve…’ the spiritual train leaves the station and for a while it can be a bumpy, painful ride because spiritual evolution is the process of dissolving all that is false in order to bring forth that which is real. It is the clearing out and then moving on from the energetic clutter accumulated through having lived many, many lifetimes immersed in the the third dimensional belief system.

“Allow your personal journey to unfold, trusting that your Higher Self is running the show and you will find that the right opportunities to assist or contribute in some way will be drawn to you. You need not go looking for things to change or fix, but rather your ability to simply hold the Light of truth will automatically draw to you the people, places, and situations seeking Light in some form because energy always seeks to align with like energy.

“Resist the temptation to look back with longing at ‘better times’ which in reality are simply concepts. In order to move forward physically, emotionally, and mentally, the good and the bad of the past must be let go in order for the higher and better forms of your highest good to manifest. The past is complete and finished energy. To continue looking to or longing for something from the past serves only to block what may be awaiting ahead for you.

“Some continue dwelling on the past in the false belief that everything was better then. The past can look better in many ways when compared with today simply because the negativity and darkness now being exposed was hidden in the past, covered up, and not discussed openly but was just as fully present. Rejoice that the negativity presently surfacing is helping to awaken a sleeping majority to a state of awareness that is interested in bringing about change.”

It’s a fairly simple and straightforward chart…

As Marilyn says, “Allow your personal journey to unfold, trusting that your Higher Self is running the show” – Mirroring Neptune Opposite asteroid Eurydike, as Eurydike means Trust. How often do we Trust our Confusion? In talking about Unique Abilities and giving the example of his own, Gay Hendricks says…

“I can create a space that brings forth innovative solutions from inside myself or from people I’m working with. I can feel this ability inside me right now. It’s a feeling of respect for the creative process, coupled with nonjudgmental listening for something new to emerge. I can wait patiently as long as it takes for a new solution to emerge. Possibly because I’m willing to wait for as long as it takes, it usually doesn’t take long.” —The Big Leap, pp.133-134.

Yes, this Argument between Confusion and Trust is Challenged (the red triangle) by the Tenacity of our Grasp on our Habit Patterns – asteroid Lachesis is about Karma that’s Dead but which We Haven’t Let Go Of.1 But the Argument is also easily Satisfied (the blue trusses) by Heartfelt Recognition of our Codependence and Active Transcendence of our Doubt.2 There is one additional Challenge (the short red line from Aletheia-Eris) – in order to get to Heartfelt Recognition of our Codependence, we Learn a lot about what we haven’t been Realizing.3

  • 1 Stationary Neptune Opposite Eurydike T-Squared by Lachesis.
  • 2 Heartfelt from Venus, Codependence from dwarf planet Hylonome, Active from Mars, and Transcendence from asteroid Ka epaoka awela, which we used to know as “Bee-Zed,” before it got its official Hawaiian name.
  • 3 Asteroid Aletheia Conjunct dwarf planet Eris, Square to Venus-Hylonome and Quincunx (Curious! ) to Mars-Ka epaoka awela.

Abuse and Truth

November 24, 2021

Two planets are Exaggerated until 25 November 2021.1 One of them is a symbol for “Just the Facts, Ma’am” – the Truth of the Mind.2 The other symbolizes Abuse and Privilege.3 Abuse takes very many forms. We can almost say that Abuse is the product of Inequality – when one party enjoys Privilege over the other Party, there is almost always Abuse of some kind. The exception may be where the Parties are Conscious of their Inequality, and Respectful of one another.4 The Exaggerated Abuse and Privilege is Merged with a symbol for Boundaries,5 and Challenged by symbols for Sustained Self-Sovereignty.6

Often the most informative part of an astrological chart is what’s Missing. In the chart below, the Signs that Symbolize Creative Feminine Power are the only two Signs with no planets.7 How do we use Creative Feminine Power? With PIAVA – Prayer, Intention, Affirmation, Visualization, Asking, and several other approaches that don’t as tidily fit into an acronym (such as “Feelizing,” Expanding, Commanding, Offering, and others). Both of the Exaggerated planets (notes 1-3) are involved in Mystery Schools, where we Learn how to circumvent Patriarchal Linear Thought, and that strategy is emphasized over and over in the chart of this astroevent.8

The chart of this astroevent also portends tremendous Grace,9 so there’s no doubt that this event is about the Healing of Abuse. Remind yourself of this when you’re Sweating out your Intrusive Memories10 and Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms. If it feels more like Reliving than Healing, Move your Attention – if you’re in your Body, move your Attention out of it, and if you’re out of your Body, move your Attention in – and raise your Energy an octive with a few Kegels. Notice that your surrounding are very different than they were before. That was then, This Is Now. You aren’t Descending, you’re Ascending, and as your elevator rises, you’re looking through its bulletproof Gorilla Glass windows at the scenes of your Abuse, as you bid them Adieu!

  • 1 By Exaggerated, we mean in this case Standing Still in the Sky. Longtime Readers will recognize our canned speech on the Duration of the influence of astroevents…
  • The Effect of events such as Stations gradually increase starting a week or two prior to the actual event, and build till the actual Event. When we’re Conscious of the Event (eg a Station, or a current planet Crossing a natal planet) and Differentiate the Event’s Effects from the background noise, we usually stop Feeling the Impact as soon as the Event is Complete (in the case of the Nessus Station here – Nessus is about Abuse and Privilege – that would be around 2am PST on 25 November). The Edge can be sharp or fuzzy, quick or gradual.
  • However, if we aren’t Conscious about the event, we can easily Personalize or Project it. If we Personalize it, we adopt it as part of our Personality (as in, perhaps, “I’ve been Abused, I’m Damaged Goods” or perhaps, “There was Abuse in my Family of Origin, I’ll never be able to be Casually Social with others, I’ll always be Expecting Rejection”). All too often this becomes one of the Barriers to Embracing our Unlimited Potential, Feeling fundamentally flawed (see previous post). Most planets have two Stations a year, the other planets Cross it on their own schedules, and the Moon Crosses it monthly, giving us plenty of Opportunities to review and re-own the Feeling, deepening our Karma each time. When we’re Conscious, each Repetition can instead be “Wow, I’m sure glad I’m Letting Go of That!”, each time lightening our Karma.
  • If we Project it, we Blame Other, which may be a person, an institution, an event, or whatever. “It’s because of my father” or “My Ex ruined me” or “I’ve been this way since the Accident” or “It’s my PTSD.” This obviously will Impact our Relationships, and can allow us to Carry Anger or Resentment or Hurt for a long time, perhaps “Forever” if we don’t find a way to Let It Go (such as becoming Conscious). What we Carry with us, is a Template for Manifesting More of it.
  • 2 The Station of asteroid Veritas at just past Noon PST on 24 November, in 9 Aries.
  • 3 The Station of dwarf planet Nessus at 2am on 25 November, in 12 Pisces.
  • 4 The Nessus Station Dances with (Opposes) asteroid Hopi, which represents Respect for All Things and which is Out of Bounds, or very Strong. A planet is Out of Bounds when it is North of the Tropic of Cancer or South of the Tropic of Capricorn (23:27 Degrees N and S Declination). The Impact of an Out-of-Bounds planet is Exaggerated. If we’re in Duality, an Opposition is an Argument. How many times have you Argued with yourself about whether you should follow the Social Norm of Respecting Those with Privilege, or kick the excrement out of them for their Abuse.
  • An Opposition is a Second-Harmonic Angle, and the Second Harmonic is The Priestess, or the Carrier of Tradition. In its most extreme form it is Arha, the Eaten One, the one whose only Identity is their role as the Carrier of Tradition, in Ursula Leguin’s five-book Earthsea Trilogy (volume 2, The Tombs of Atuan. Don’t miss volumes 4 and 5, where Arha accepts her Dragon Heritage.). In Higher Dimensions than two, the Second Harmonic symbolizes Cognitive Dissonance, the condition of Simultaneously Fully Accepting two or more Contradictory Concepts (such as Waves and Particles, Energy and Matter).
  • Reality is Singular but has many Dimensions. It does not know Contradiction; Contradiction is a property of the Observing Dualistic Mind, not of the Observed Multifarious Unity of Reality. The Nessus-Hopi Opposition is the Central Axis of a Yin Gate, a Mystery School where Paradox is the order of the day. Ultimately we will Simultaneously Fully Accept Abuse and Respect, by quieting the Dualistic Mind and Feeling Directly into the Apparent Contradiction with our Meditative Attention and our Intuition.
  • 5 Stationary Nessus Conjunct asteroid Pallas. Pallas Athena was the Goddess of Wisdom and War. Unlike Mars, she Asks Questions First, and Shoots Only when Necessary. In a word, Healthy Boundaries. If we (as a Soul, perhaps) wanted to Learn Healthy Boundaries as quickly and thoroughly as possible, putting ourself (as an Ego) in a situation of Abuse by a Perp who saw themself as Privileged would be very Instructive. To the Ego, probably Terrifyingly Instructive, and likely to create Held Emotions, the ones we’d rather Die than Feel. In other words, no better practice for Learning to ace Ego Death. Acing Ego Death is the fastest way to Manifest our Deepest Desires.
  • 6 The Nessus-Hopi Opposition is T-Squared (the heavy red triangle) by Lilith (the second Focus of the Moon’s elliptical orbit) and dwarf planet Ceres (Sustainability). Lilith symbolizes Self-Sovereignty, and by reflection Codependence or Self-Abandonment. Responding Codependently to our Privileged Abusers is what the Patriarchy would Expect of us. Self-Abandonment is a likely way for us to Survive the Abuse in the short term. In the long term, we’d need to Heal that Self-Abandonment by substituting Self-Sovereignty as much as Healthy Boundaries will allow. The Argument between Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death and Losing the Battle to Win the War is another one of those apparent Contradictions that we need somehow to wrap into our Healthy Boundaries Mystery School. Don’t try to do it with the Mind.
  • 7 The Signs Cancer (Cardinal Water, or Creative Emotions) and Capricorn (Cardinal Earth, or Creative Matter ) – Water and Earth are the Feminine or Magnetic Elements – are both Vacant of planets.
  • 8 In addition to the Nessus-Hopi Mystery School, the other Stationary planet, asteroid Veritas, is also Opposed to other planets, and that Opposition is also the Central Axis of a Yin Gate, ie, another Mystery School. Veritas (Truth of the Mind ) is Merged with Chiron (Despair and Miracles). Chiron is where Poor-Sweethearting Lives, and Poor-Sweethearting is another Powerful source of Creative Feminine Power. Veritas-Chiron Opposes dwarf planet Makemake (Direct Manifestation) and asteroid Herakles (Hercules, agent of Zeus’s Destruction of the Power Symbols of the Matriarchy so the Patriarchy could be installed in its place). We can read this whole four-planet complex as Finding or Manifesting the Truth of the Mind without using Patriarchal Techniques like Linear Thought and Power-Over and Abusive Exploitation. But it’s a Mystery School, a Paradox so to speak, so don’t let that glib Interpretation suffice, Explore it for yourself using your Meditative Attention and Intuition.
  • A Yin Gate by the way, is a Golden Rectangle (heavy blue rectangles in the chart) with an Opposition bisecting the short side. If you focus on the three blue rectangles, you can see that two of them have heavy red Oppositions bisecting their short sides. The third heavy blue rectangle is bisected by the “Silent” or invisible Cancer-Capricorn Sign Opposition (note 7 above). The blue rectangles are Golden because the ratio of their short and long sides is the Golden Angle of Sacred Geometry fame, famous because most of Nature is designed around it. The Yin Gate can connect us with Unitary and Multifarious and Collaborative Nature in Indigenous ways that Linear, Exploitative, Competitive, Separative Patriarchal processes don’t even Dream of.
  • 9 Among other things, the three Golden Rectangles map out a Grand Sextile (six planets more or less evenly spaced ’round the Zodiac), the heavy blue hexagram surrounding and enclosing the chart. A Grand Sextile is one of the most Grace-Full Configurations in astrology.
  • 10 The 21 November Station of dwarf planet Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) is part of the same complex; see note 2 in the recent Scary Lunar Eclipse I post).

Scary Lunar Eclipse III

November 20, 2021

A reader writes…

“I’ve noticed you often put your own spin on the Sabian Symbols and I do find Dane’s take on some of them impenetrable… Wondering what you think about the symbol for 13 Sadge which is the degree of the Total Solar Eclipse on 4 December 2021? It’s one of five or ten of the 360 Degrees that kinda scare me lol.”

Sadge 12, “A flag turning into an Eagle turning into a Rooster heralding the dawn: The spiritualization and promotion of a New Age by minds sensitive to its precursory manifestations,” is the anthem for the current century, as it was the location of the Pluto-Chiron Initiation on 30 December 1999, Pluto implying Compulsion and Chiron implying Despair. Lord knows the Media (maybe we should call it the Minia), and the Hupers it describes, give us plenty of reason to Despair. But the flip side of Despair is Miracles. Someone (some say it was Einstein) pointed out that “We can’t solve a problem using the same thinking that we used to define it.” The Dualistic Mind loves to grind away at a perceived problem, never getting past the problem and its polar opposite, which is often worse.

Getting out of Dualism leaves us in a World with many shades of many colors, which we can see from many Angles. In this World it’s very easy to find many new ways of thinking about whatever problem we were grinding on. How to exit Duality? Not easy.1 Sometimes all we need is What If?What If We Did Know the Solution? for instance, though that may just deepen our Attachment to Duality, because the Mind is so eager to think it’s Either/Or, One or the Other. What If We Weren’t Attached to Outcome? might allow us to explore more options.

Another approach is What Am I Feeling Right Now? And Where in My Body Do I Feel it? 2 Watch to see how difficult it is to stop yourself from attributing Cause to your Feeling. Stay with the Feeling. Exaggerate it, Amplify it. It’ll tell you more about your “problem” than Thinking ever would. It may tell you that your “problem” is more about some Experience you had in the third grade, than about whatever’s going on in the Now. The word “Feeling” applies to both Emotion and Sensation, for a good reason. Anchoring our Feelings in our Body can help us stop ourself from Thinking about them. Thoughts about our Feelings are seldom Present-Moment, and almost always lead us into the Tules.

  • 1 Even harder to escape Duality’s two stepchildren, Blame and Cause and Effect. See if you can last an hour without ever attributing Blame to anyone or anything. Got it? Try a day, then a week, then a month. Then see if you can go an hour without ever using Cause and Effect. Cause and Effect works pretty well if you’re seeing the World through 2D glasses. Add six more blind people and see if the seven of you can figure out what the Elephant caused and whether you can Blame Him for it.
  • 2 Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual aren’t different “Levels” of Reality, they’re different Perspectives on Reality, which is Unitary and Multifarious – Undifferentiated and Multidimensional. Seem Oxymoronic? Yes it is, in 2D. But 2D isn’t Reality, it’s the Limitation of the Observing Mind.

In our 12-Sagittarius Flag-Eagle-Rooster anthem, Flag is a symbol for Either/Or Idealism, Eagle a symbol for Broad Perspective, and Rooster a symbol for Waking Up or Becoming Conscious.

The next Degree, 13 Sagittarius, “A widow’s past is brought to light: The Karma of past actions as it affects opportunities presented by a new cycle.” We often think of Karma as Negative, first because it’s an affront to the Ego’s Belief that it’s in Control, and second because it’s the Negative Karma that befuddles us and demands our Attention. We often don’t even Notice our Positive Karma, and when we do, our Ego usually attribute its Cause to our Present-Moment Hubris.

But Karma is Neutral. It’s just Inertia, Habits. Besides, it’s Dead. It no longer Grasps Us, We Grasp It, because that’s what we’re in the Habit of Doing. The notion that Karma is External to us is a Political Manipulation designed to keep us in Slavery. We only need to do one thing – become Conscious of our Karma. When we do that, we replace Fate with Choice.

Next time you Fear Repetition of an Old Pattern, Name it, Describe it, Learn to Recognize its early Signs, and when they occur, Choose an Alternative. Karma Died in 2012, when Time Ended – except in our Habits! Cause and Effect is Null and Void without Time. The Operant Principle in the New World is Intuition. The more illogical, the better. Logic is 2D, the Real World is Many-D. When your Intuition is Illogical, it just means that it’s cutting through invisible corners. When you’re trying to Manifest something you’ve never Manifested before, you can’t do it by Repeating your Old Patterns.

If we React to the 13 Sadge symbol, the first thing to notice is that we’re probably Feeling Guilt, afraid we’ll Get Caught. So our first task is to find that Guilt in our Body, and Love the Hell out of it. Fear is Hard and Cold, Love is Soft and Warm – we Imagine Softening and Warming that place in our Body where we Feel the Guilt. Cupping our hand over it is an easy way to Warm it. Stay with that Softening and Warming, Follow it if it Moves, and return to it once more than the Mind wanders, until the Guilt is replaced in the Body by Self-Love and Self-Respect.

Twelve Sadge says we’re heading for Enlightenment. Thirteen Sadge says we’ll have to Clear away impediments to our Self-Love to get from the Dualistic Flag to the All-Seeing Eagle. We all have plenty of Work to do on this. Asking, What Am I Feeling in the Present Moment? and rigorously keeping our Thoughts about what we’re Feeling out of that equation is one key.

So, now that we’re back in the Present Moment, we can look again at the current Lunar Eclipse, noticing that the Mystery School it Illuminates is focused on an Argument between Our Forbidden Genius and Our Unlimited Potential.3 We can Feel (Intuitively) the Unlimited Potential in our impending Enlightenment, but the Childhood Punishment4 that our Genius received for being so Out There and frightening our Significant Adults, is yelling Yes But pretty loudly. It may be Guilt or even Shame if our Punishment was severe enough to reprogram us, or it may just be a Voice, Remembering the past consequences of Stepping Out of Line, saying Wait a Minute, Is This Really Worth It?

In his wonderful book The Big Leap (from Excellence to Genius), Gay Hendricks describes four Barriers to Embracing our Unlimited Potential. Feeling fundamentally flawed is one. If that’s a Story we tell ourself when we Lament our lack of Fulfillment, Find it in your Body and bring it up into Consciousness. The second is breaking our Family of Origin’s spoken or unspoken Rules or Expectations. The third is Feeling like we’re a Burden, and Success would make us a bigger Burden. And the fourth is Outshining somebody, especially someone in your FOO or someone you greatly admire.

In order to Lift the Global Consciousness of our Species out of its Addiction to its Mod Cons5 or paralyzing Colonial Poverty, we all6 need to be operating from our Genius. But we as Hupers are addicted to the Status Quo, mightily in Resistance to Change. Even if we’re totally Committed, we almost always continue to have Unconscious Resistance. To Heal that we need to bring it up into Consciousness, and Intensely Following our Feelings in our Body is an excellent way to start doing that.

So let’s look into this Present-Moment Resistance more deeply, using the Metaphor of the 19 November 2021 Lunar Eclipse. The Unlimited Potential side is bolstered by very strong Intuition.7 Our Unlimited Potential unstuck itself from it’s own Immutable Karma between 2000 and 2002, and it’s been Exploring New Alternatives ever since.8 Next July it tests the Waters of Nurturing, and Dedicates itself to Nurturance in late May 2023, for the next two decades.9 It wouldn’t hurt to see this as a major doorway into the Sympathy and Understanding, Harmony and Trust Abounding portion of the Age of Aquarius.10

The Forbidden Genius side has several allies. It’s Supported by the Galactic Leadership, and bolstered by Opportunities to Let Go of Guilt and to Grow our Consciousness.11 We’ve gradually been Letting Go of Inhibitions to our Genius for the last quarter-century, and started getting Serious about Liberating it in early 2020. Like it or not, we Fully Committed to Setting It Free a fortnight ago, on 6 November 2021. This Liberation phase will take eighteen years to complete.12

  • 3 Opposition between dwarf planets Ixion and Chaos; see chart in previous post.
  • 4 Which is almost certainly Karmic.
  • 5 As they say in England – short for Modern Conveniences.
  • 6 Or at least a hundred of us Monkeys, or maybe 1% of us ( or the square root of 1% of us (, which is on the order of 9,000 folks. See also and and
  • 7 Dwarf planet Chaos Conjunct dwarf planet Asbolus (Channeling), which is Out of Bounds (Strong).
  • 8 Chaos leaving Taurus and testing the Breeze in Gemini during July-October 2000, May-December 2001, and entering Gemini “for good” in March 2002.
  • 9 Chaos leaves Flibbertigibbet Gemini and explores Nurturing Cancer from 20 July to 19 December 2022 – including the next federal election in the US, moving into Cancer “for good” on 28 May 2023. It leaves Cancer and tests Leo from September 2042 till January 2043 and from July 2043 to April 2044, committing fully to Leo in May 2044.
  • 10 Much of the rest of Aquarius is about Idealism and Polarity; Aquarius is Fixed Air, or Frozen Mind, more or less the epitome of Duality. The Age of Aquarius also begins with the 200-year Digital Age, where Robotics, Surveillance, and Technology completely remake Society, just as the Industrial Revolution converted Feudal Society to Wage Slavery. It’s up to us to Choose the Harmony Etc. side of Aquarius, and it’s easy to see these Energies Emerging, in the Black Lives Matter demonstrations and the #MeToo Movement, for instance, and probably the current refusal of us peons to work our butts off for less than a Living Wage. I’m not sure that Power über Alles, the current stance of the Stodge Movement, counts as “Idealism.” It’s more like Egoism.
  • 11 Respectively, Conjunct the Galactic Center, and asteroids Nemesis and Juno.
  • 12 Ixion trialed walking on hot coals during December 1995-May 1996, and entered Let-It-Go Sagittarius “for good” in October 1996. It began exploring Just-Fix-It Capricorn in February-May 2020 and December-July 2020-21, and Committed to Capricorn at 5:33 pm PDT on 6 November 2021. It tests Aquarius from February to July 2039, and enters completely in December 2039.

It’s a Tautology that no one Changes the World without violating Social Norms.

So yes, our Genius, which wouldn’t be Genius if it was everyday, is Scary. If we’re too Early getting out on the Front Lines, the Establishment will mow us down and be proud of Protecting Lawn Order, even brainwashing their young AR15-toting punks to do the job for them gleefully. That’s Real Life, and we remember it well from how many Lifetimes? The Historical Karmic Energy behind it is Immense. If our Genius isn’t Activist, the Unusual is always a Risk, whether in Science, Art, Business, or any other Field. We may be Acclaimed then dumped, or Laughed at, or, if we aren’t done Letting Go of our Karmic and Historical Punishment, we may be Banished. Multiple Failures are almost assured before we find the right Lock for our Key.

We can’t forget that this Argument between our Forbidden Genius and our Unlimited Potential, is a Mystery School.13 That means that the “Solution” to this “problem” presented to us is a Paradox. It won’t work to approach it with our Minds. We need to use our Intuition or our Heart instead.

  • 13 The Chaos-Ixion Opposition is the central axis of a Yin Gate, an Opposition bisecting the short side of a Golden Rectangle, shown in the chart in the previous post as the vertical blue rectangle formed by the Full Moon (Eclipse) axis and the Opposition from Pluto-Chariklo (Compulsion and Self-Confidence) to Cyllarus (who Died in the warfare where Chariklo’s husband Chiron was wounded “unhealably”). So there’s a lot of Grief involved. However, the Grief evolves into a Karma-Clearing Rebirth (asteroid Karma Conjunct dwarf planet Haumea T-Square to the Opposition). It’s a Challenge (T-Square), so we need to be Honest and Complete with the Grief.

Scary Lunar Eclipse II

November 18, 2021

Sandwiched between the Storm of Sign Changes 14-21 November 2021 (previous post) and the Gonggong-Nessus Abuse Review 20-25 November, all of which tickle the Sign Cusps, the 19 November (12:58 am PST) Dang-Near Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon chart does a good job of summarizing the whole Pickle1

💥 The first thing to notice is the Moon-Sedna Merger. Sedna is the Star of a complex Inuit story, Goddess of the Sea and of the marine Critters that have always fed the Inuit. The dwarf planet Sedna has an orbit of over eleven thousand years, compared to Pluto’s two hundred fifty years. It takes eight minutes for Light to travel from the Sun to Earth. In the far reaches of Sedna’s orbit, it takes five and a half years for the Sun’s Light to arrive. It’s quite cold out there, and our anthem that Fear is Cold and Hard while Love is Soft and Warm fits here.

A powerful Shaman disguised himself as an everyday Inuit guy, and asked Her father for Sedna’s hand in marriage. But once her father realized that Her suitor was really a Giant Bird, the father tried to rescue Her from his nest. Enraged, the Bird-Shaman rose a storm and attacked their fleeing boat. In his Terror, the father threw Sedna overboard, and when She clung to the side of the boat, cut off Her fingers. Her fingers became the Seals, and She sank to the bottom, where She still Lives, commanding the Sea Critters. Before each hunt, a Shaman is sent into the Sea to comb Her hair, placating Her rage so She’ll send some of Her Critters to be hunted. A Mermaid representing Feminine Rage and Masculine Terror.

We interpret Sedna as Converting Fear to Power, and we could equally consider it Converting Rage to Power. We usually advise Kegels as a mechanical process that will Convert Fear to Power. Kegels slow down Time, and that could also Convert Rate to Power.

💥 The second thing to notice (though it’s not in the chart) is that the Eclipsed Moon is also Merged with the Fixed Star Algol, in the Constellation Perseus. Algol is the Eye of the Gorgon, in Perseus’s hand after he has cut off Her head, as part of the destruction perpetrated by Zeus of the symbols of the Matriarchy so he can replace them with the Patriarchy. Bernadette says (Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, p.188), “All writers agree that this is the most malefic star in the heavens and causes hangings, death by the loss of one’s head, and any other foul, demonic deed that could befall the human race.” The Chinese referred to Algol as “Piled Up Corpses.” Algol too represents Feminine Rage and Masculine Terror.

💥 The third thing to notice is the Major Challenge2 that asteroid Damocles presents to our management of these immense Energies. Damocles was a courtier to King Dionysius who flattered the opulence of the King’s Life so much that Dionysius offered to trade places with Damocles for a day. But to emphasize to Damocles that a King’s opulence comes at the price of constant danger from the King’s enemies, Dioysius hung a sword over the throne by a single horsehair. Damocles withdrew in Fear. Damocles in the chart is Larger than Life (Conjunct Jupiter).

Damocles is in the Gonggong corner of the chart, indicating that the Threat of Danger arrives through our Intrusive Memories which in the larger picture3 may well be Intrusive Memories of Abuse. However, between Damocles and Gonggong we have a Boon, in the form of asteroid Sappho, representing Self-Love. When we have our head on backwards, Sappho can also mean Self-Doubt, but Self-Doubt is never Real, it’s always just Thoughts about our Feelings.

When we Feel Self-Doubt about our Behavior or Goals, we can easily rectify that, deciding whether the Relationship merits making Amends for untoward Behavior, or running our Goals through our Heart to verify that they’re really Ours and not Someone Else’s. Self-Doubt about Our Self is Self-Abandonment. We probably need an Ego Death, but we know we can do that, don’t we, so No Worries. Usually when we Doubt Our Self, it’s because we’re trying to Judge ourself by someone else’s standards. We need to Ask ourself Who? and Why? and When did we start that? but beyond that, this is a strategy with no Winners, only Abuse.

I understand that this is can be a Dilemma if you’re trying to keep up with Amazon’s Performance Metrics and Fearing that you and/or your Family will starve if you don’t, or if Long COVID confines you to bed most of the day, but Recognize that this is about Behavior, not Self-Worth, and probably also Abusive. After a Lifetime of Abuse from others in our environs, it’s no wonder we’ve developed Habits of Self-Abuse, without even Realizing it. We feel like it’s just the Way the World Works. Many of us Bounce around from one attempt to another for the better part of our Life before we Find the place in the World where we Fit, if we ever do. Better to Bounce again than to Self-Abandon.

When we come to what feels like a Dead End, where we feel like we’re out of Bounces, we’re in the same situation as an Addict “hitting bottom.” A good way to cope with any Dead End, is to Poor-Sweetheart ourself for feeling like we’re at a Dead End. It’s a concise way to Surrender Control, to Let Go and Let God. Keep in mind that it’s not about how often we Fall Down, but how often we Get Up. If you have trouble Changing the Subject after Poor-Sweethearting yourself, Poor-Sweetheart yourself for having trouble Changing the Subject. Rinse and repeat as often as you need to. As your high-school coach used to say, “Sticktoitedness is Important.”

💥 The other two corners of the Famous Red Triangle also have their Boons. On the Moon-Sedna corner, the Moon’s North Node is nearby.4 That symbolizes our Lifetime Mission. It’s no Surprise that we’d encounter our “Upper Limits” (Gay Hendricks, The Big Leap) when we’re making major advances toward our Lifetime Mission.

💥 On the Sun corner, the Moon’s South Node5 (our Held Emotions, the ones we’d rather Die than Feel, aka our Karma) is Merged with asteroid Vesta, which symbolizes our Unconscious Limitations. That’s a tremendous Blessing, as it represents an Opportunity to Clear Out the Deepest of our Unconscious Limitations, the one’s that feel like Life or Death to us. If you Feel Deathly Ill or like Death would be a Relief, Celebrate it! That’s what it will feel like when you’re successfully Confronting Unconscious Limitations.

But the Big Boon on this corner is the asteroid Klotho, which symbolizes New Beginnings. In the midst of your Worst Feelings, you may find surges of Ecstasy climbing up your Spine – that’s what happens when you’re Willing to actually Feel those Feelings, though it’s always a Surprising “What the Devil is That about?” when it occurs. Honor it, it means Success! It means you can stop obsessing about those Bummers.

  • 1 The 25 November Station of Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) is at 12 Degrees, so it’s not Cuspal, and we’ll consider it separately later. But taking the 21 November Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) Station as an introduction is warranted because Gonggong and Nessus have been traveling together for several years, so we’re accustomed to Enduring Intrusive Memories about Abuse and Privilege, so the Intrusive Memories on their own may well feel like Abuse Memories.
  • The major impact of Stations (when a planet Stands Still in the Sky) is usually felt over the week or so prior to the Station, so we’re highly likely to notice the Exaggeration (Station) of Nessus entangled with the Exaggeration of Intrusive Memories, beginning as soon as now. I’m already (on 17 November) noticing Strong Trances of Intrusive Memories, not about what I would usually consider Abuse per se, but now that I’m thinking about it, they’re revealing to me how Abusive some everyday Behaviors actually are.
  • 2 The red triangle or T-Square that Damocles and Jupiter make to the Full Moon Opposition.
  • 3 Gonggong and Nessus Stationary in the same week – see previous post and note 1 above.
  • 4 That’s the “headphones” or “earmuffs” symbol, in early Gemini. The Nodes move backwards, so from their Perspective it’s actually Late Gemini, but few Degrees.
  • 5 The “stethoscope” symbol.

There’s more – a second Famous Red Triangle T-Square Challenge that also symbolizes rising from the Ashes of your Karma, and a very Strong naked Opposition that’s actually the primary access of a Yin Gate Mystery School. After the Misery Schools we’ve been working with, that’ll be Delightful, though also not without its Frictions. We’ll deal with those in our next installment. It’s a Daunting Time, but if it doesn’t Kill us, it’ll catapult us to a much Higher level, one that we need to Aspire to if we want to Survive, and want our Species to survive, these End Times.

Scary Lunar Eclipse I

November 16, 2021

This week is all about Sign Changes…

  • Asteroid Juno entered Capricorn Sunday 14 November 2021. Juno is about Growth in Consciousness. Since late December 2020 we’ve been Growing our Awareness of What We Needed to Let Go Of (Juno in Sagittarius). Now, till early March 2022, we get to Plug in Candidates for Refilling those Holes in Our Lives (Juno in Capricorn) that Have Been Created by All That Letting Go. Voids are seldom comfortable, so I suspect that, like me, you’ve been working overtime trying to Fix the Holes Where The Rain Gets In, with less success than you would have liked, because it wasn’t time yet. That should be Changing. Yay!
  • Asteroid Karma entered Scorpio Monday 15 November. Boo! Like Frank said to Ernest, I just get my budget in order, and along comes a big surprise, like rent, or a weekend. So as they so often do, our killjoy Ancient Habits (asteroid Karma) are already pushing and shoving their way into the Holes. But this is not without Purpose. Scorpio is Relentless about Getting to the Bottom of Things. So while Juno in Sadge went home with our marbles, now we get to deal with our Addiction to our Routines. Joe Dispenza’s free series of four short workshops (still available at is about exactly that, and it’s Right On. It’s also an excellent time to reread Gay Hendricks’s The Big Leap. Asteroid Karma (“a.Karma”) has been in Libra – I hope you Deepened your most important Relationships rather than Fleeing them – since only the last few days of August, so at least the torture was short-lived. a.Karma will be done unearthing skeletons by February 20221.
  • Asteroid Vesta enters Sagittarius Tuesday 16 November. Make up yer mind, Universe! Are we Building or Dismantling? It’s always Both/And, isn’t it. If we didn’t have Apoptosis, we’d get even fatter every day than we already do. Vesta is about Our Limiting Beliefs. These days it’s only spending about two months in each Sign. So the last two months we’ve been furiously hammering away at the Beliefs that Most Limit us (Vesta in Scorpio), and we’re probably Frustrated that they seem to still be there! We did Identify them, however, and that will be a great Boon as we Let Them Go over the next few months (Vesta in Sadge). Bear in mind that Life is a lot more complicated than our Dualistic mind can comprehend, so if you think you can actually Name your Limitations, be sure to add …or something like that… to any Descriptions of them.
  • Asteroid Sappho enters Pisces Wednesday 17 November. Sappho (Self-Love and Self-Doubt) has been in Aquarius (Social Idealism) since April, seven months, but it’ll only spend two months in Pisces. I suspect we’ll be glad about that, as we could be spending a lot of time blubbering about the Barrage of Regrets we could be inundated with, as Pisces is about Finishing Unfinished Emotional Business. Whatever you Do or Feel between now and the Ides of February, be hypervigilant about Blame. Blame, whether Self- or Other-, is a total Dead End. No better way to squelch your Growth and stop your Progress toward any Goal, than to hang yourself with the Noose of Blame. Gay Hendricks advises, “that if I could consider, even for a moment, that I was not upset for the reason I thought I was [Thoughts about our Feelings again!], then I could break out of the Trance I was in. Then, I could begin to see what the real reasons were” (op.cit. p.102).
  • Asteroid Nemesis enters Capricorn Sunday 21 November. Nemesis spent three months in Sagittarius (Letting Go Of Guilt) but it’ll only spend two months in Capricorn (Putting Guilt to Work Productively). This Sign Change will be much complicated by its concurrence with the 18-21 November Exaggeration of Intrusive Memories (21 November Station of dwarf planet Gonggong2), and by concurrent Exaggeration of our Instincts (Moon Out of Bounds 20-24 November3). Not to mention the 19 November Scary Lunar Eclipse.4
  • 1 Well, not quite. a.Karma turns Retrograde in March 2022 and backs into Scorpio again in April. It finally moves into Sagittarius “for good” in September 2022. Meanwhile, a.Karma is Out of Bounds (Exaggerated) from late December 2021 in mid-Scorpio, all through 2022, till March 2023 in early Aquarius.
  • 2 Formerly known as “OR10” or “2007 OR10” (or in some ephemerides minor planet number “225088”), the dwarf planet named after the ne’er-do-well Chinese Dragon Gonggong is about Intrusive Memories. It Stands Still at 7:28 am PST November 21, in 4 Pisces. While the connection is fading, Gonggong has been hanging out near dwarf planet Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) for the last several years. This year their Stations are four days and eight Degrees apart, but with Nemesis, an Out-of-Bounds Moon, and a Scary Full Moon Eclipse involved, they’re very likely to Test the progress we’ve been making on Clearing our Abuse Issues. Two key strategies to Remember: (1) That was Then and This is Now and (2) Don’t Trust Your Thoughts about Your Feelings – Keep Coming Back to the Emotion Itself, as a Sensation in Your Body. Sink your Breath and your Attention Deeply into that Sensation, and Persistently Reject the Temptation to Trust Your Ideas and Thoughts More Than You Trust the Sensations in Your Body. If you succeed at quieting the Noise in your Mind, the Sensations will eventually talk to you, but they’ll speak through your Unitary and Multidimensional Intuition, not through your Dualistic Mind. Truth and Healing Reside in Our Bodies, Not in Our Minds. The Nessus Station occurs at 2am PST November 25, in 12 Pisces.
  • 3 Moon Out of Bounds from 9:24 am PST 20 November in 13:14 Gemini till 7:28 pm PST 24 November in 5:49 Leo, Peaking (Stationary) 2:45 pm PST 22 November at 26:21 North Declination and 9:28 Cancer.
  • 4 Virtually (about 95%) Total Eclipse (Illumination) of the Moon 12:58 am PST 19 November in 27:15 Taurus, Conjunct dwarf planet Sedna (Converting Fear to Power) and T-Square to Jupiter and asteroid Damocles (Swords about to Fall, Amplified). More about this in the next installment. The Eclipse is at 28 Degrees, the Sign Changes at 30 = 0 Degrees, and the Gonggong Station at 4 Degrees, all on or near the Cusps, which are the equivalent of the I Ching’s Changing or Moving Lines. We’ll use the Eclipse chart to represent all three.

Pez’s Brother Joe

November 9, 2021

I expect this free online 5-part workshop by Dr. Joe Dispenza to be excellent. It’s hosted by Louise Hay’s Hay House


It starts with a meditation from his book Breaking the Habit of Being You, available now at the link above, and continues with additional sessions available 11, 13, 15, and 17 November, each accessed through the link above. It you don’t know Dr. Joe, he’s a chiropractor who Channeled a healing of his own mangled body after being on the losing end of a competition between an SUV and his motorcycle for the same stretch of roadway. You’ll recognize him if you saw the movie What the Bleep (if not, you still can). A year or so ago we linked to a video of a live workshop of his, where he described the relationship between Quantum Reality and Hardcopy Reality more comprehensively than anyone I’ve ever heard. Alas, that video was only available for a short time, although there is plenty of great material on his website,

Blah, Blah, Blah…

November 2, 2021

As Greta often quotes World “Leaders” when they greenwash their self-congratulatory, supposedly Herculean Anti-Global Warming Endeavors. Results show that they’ve been mostly dealing out Horsepucky. There’s a good use for that to help Restore the Earth to its pre-Patriarchy state, but it’s about spreading it on the Soil, not trying to Sell it to The Sheople. Bob in Australia has sent us a more realistic appraisal…


We’d like to add that it’s not just Catpiddlism that needs to End, but Fascism – namely governments of for and by Business rather than of for and by The People…


Greta’s generation has everything to lose…


And it’s not just her generation…


We’ve written about PTSD before – pay particular attention to 24:30 through 35:00 of the video in the first post of the linked page.

There may be at least some separate movement on the Methane front, though it sounds like way too little and way too late, and won’t go into effect for a while anyway…


You can do your part by making sure your grandchildren know who Joe “Mansion” Manchin is and what he’s doing to promote yet more Global Warming. He’s the poster child for the people who Defend their Old-Cycle Investments against the nascent Energies of New Cycles. He gets away with robbing the Future’s Children of their Birthright for the sake of padding his own opulent nest. They get away with that because there aren’t enough people who understand the End of one Cycle and the Beginning of the Next, who understand that the Future arrives not in a straight line, but in a series of jumps.

Fortunately, we have two strong trends in our favor. First, the Landings have occurred…


As they established in our favorite documentary, Men in Black, “When will they Learn that Size Doesn’t Matter?” Or Shape.

And in addition, the Second Coming has also arrived…


I know, this Savior doesn’t look nearly as “tender and mild” as the First One. But consider how much detritus and destruction needs to be cleaned up! These People were very nearly driven to Extinction by the Patriarchy’s lead bullets.

We’ve been averring for a while that the pending Quaoar-Pholus Initiation in early Capricorn (Quaoar as our Survival Instincts, Pholus as our Need to Be Responsive, and Capricorn as Just Fix It! ) is the astrological Elemental that carries the Energy of Meaningful Response to the Imminent Threat of Climate Change. But that was Lit Up in September, and won’t Culminate till next year, and then it’s “just” an Initiation, when the New Energy of Responding Fully to our Survival Instincts will become the New Cycle, which means we’ll still have plenty of “Mansions” to elbow out of the Way, and we can expect a Blizzard of propaganda telling us how Important it is to Maintain the Old Order and focus on the Blah, Blah, Blah. So why is this Glasgow Pledge Storm happening now?

Well, we’re done with that nasty1 2 November 2021 Station of Moira (Fate and Choice), and the Energy currently building Strength in the wings is another two Stations, of Varuna (The Life Force) and Pallas (Boundaries), on 6 and 8 November respectively.2 So our Life Force is now Setting Boundaries against the Evils of the Patriarchy. Certainly the Patriarchy is Intimately involved with Climate Change, as it’s the Patriarchal devotion to Dualism, Linear Thinking, Materialism, and Colonial Control that has Created the Disaster we’re Living Through. But when we look at the chart (below), we see that both Varuna and Pallas are contained in Grand Crosses,3 which we consider to be a serious of inconvenient minor hassles more than a major Challenge.

So then, why is the Blah Blah Blah so lit up? Because the chart of the Varuna and Pallas Stations4 is one planet shy of a Full House,5 which means we have one T-Square (Major Challenge) in addition to the two Grand Crosses, and the Challenging Energy of the T-Square is focused on none other than Pallas and Quaoar! But in addition to the Landings and the Second Coming, we have another Boon – the T-Square is Self-Resolving.6 So we can expect that what appears to be a Major Challenge will fizzle into a Boon!

  • 1 Nasty for me anyway, as it sat right on one of my “Burrs” (see previous post). Hope it was much kinder to youalls.
  • 2 Varuna Stationary at 12:56 am PDT 6 November, in 7 Leo, Out of Bounds, and Merged with asteroid Heracles, the Greek Hero who helped murder the symbols and Magic of the Matriarchy. Pallas Stationary at 2:24 am PST 8 November, in 10 Pisces, and squeezed between Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) and Nessus (Abuse and Privilege).
  • 3 Four planets more or less equally spaced ’round the Zodiac, which, while consisting of four normally-problematic T-Squares back-to-back, fills the Zodiac and is therefore in Balance, making the T-Squares complementary to one another. The secret to a Grand Cross is to Leave Well Enough Alone, and give the series of Hassles time to compensate for one another. The earlier Moira Station was also encased in a Grand Cross, so was probably less of a Pain for you than for I, as in my natal chart it sat on a “Burr” (an important natal planet) – unless you have a natal “Burr” at 15 Pisces as well.
  • 4 They’re two days apart, but within our usual 3 Degrees of Sensitivity to one another, more than enough reason to consider them together.
  • 5 That is, one planet shy of a Grand Unx, which is twelve planets spaced more or less equally around the Zodiacal Loop. No prominent Stars or asteroids present themselves to fill the Vacancy, so we’re stuck with the Sabian Symbol of the Degree that would Complete the Grand Cross, 4 Cancer, “A cat arguing with a mouse“! Rudhyar’s comment is “An attempt at self-justification.” It’s time to stop Arguing and start Acting – like the Cat, not the Mouse. Till now it’s been the Mansions that have played the role of the Cat, while we Sheople have played the Mouse.
  • 6 We’ve drawn the Diamond Star in heavy lines – the green wedge (Finger of the Goddess or Yod ) pointing to the business end of the T-Square creates the blue lines making a bowl of Grace under the T-Square, making the Challenge Self-Resolving.

If you’ve been following along closely enough, you might notice that the chart also contains three Yin Gates – each a blue rectangle with a red Opposition line bisecting the short sides (I didn’t draw in the green Xs that distinguish Yin Gates, so you may not have recognized them – with all of the lines in the chart, recognizing anything is a Challenge)…

  • The Ceres-Lilith to Makemake to Moon-Lachesis to Chiron-Veritas to Ceres-Lilith blue rectangle is bisected by the Uranus to Mars-Zhulong red Opposition. In a nutshell, this means that we need to keep the Linear and Dualistic Mind out of the Relationships between our Soul, our Enlightenment, and our Action; our Instincts or Intuitions should run this show instead.
  • The Varuna-Heracles to Chiron-Veritas to Saturn to Makemake to Varuna-Heracles blue rectangle is bisected by the Gonggong-Pallas-Nessus to Hopi-Thereus red Opposition. Thereus Teaches us how to Tame our Wild Impulses so that we can Act with Respect for All Things. How we Balance that with setting Boundaries against Abuse is not a subject for Anal-ytical anal-ysis.
  • The Gonggong-Pallas-Nessus to Mars-Zhulong to Hopi-Thereus to Uranus to Gonggong-Pallas-Nessus is bisected by the Chiron-Veritas to Makemake red Opposition. This Opposition is also the base of the T-Square. In order to Manifest Fully, we need to Adjust our Relationship with Discouragement (such as perhaps being Neutral about what we Want to Manifest), in particular through being Honest with ourself about our Discouragement. Or something like that. Exactly how this is done will Surprise us. Again, if you think you’ve got it Anal-yzed, you’ve got it Wrong.