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Huge Reboot 5

September 15, 2016

I’ll use Huge Reboot 4 as a template, grey it out a bit, shorten the material in earlier Huge Reboots, and add new comments in black.

Before we go into more detail about all the weekend Fireworks, I’ll built a Timetable, so we can at least test our Sensitivities.  Take notes, and tell me what you Learn.  The interactions between events will of course be Confusing, but that’s the nature of Real Life.

15 September…

  • 8am PDT – Ixion Initiates Mars 23 Sagittarius (Your Abandoned Orphan begins to Feel that they have Permission to Act Out)

There could be lots of Excitement here, or Guilt, or both…  

  • noon PDT – Varuna enters Leo (Celebrating the Life Force)

Varuna has been in Cancer since 1993; it’s as if the Life Force is graduating from high school…  

  • 7pm PDT – Asbolus Stationary Retrograde 16 Gemini (Opening your Emotional Channel to Receiving Intuitions)

We all have a “preferred” or primary Channel for Receiving (or Ignoring) Intuitions; a Little Voice, a Picture, a Gut Feeling, etc…  

16 September…

  • noon PDT – Full Moon and Penumbral Eclipse 25 Pisces (Busy, Busy, Busy)

The Moon Conjoins Chiron and the Sun takes Jupiter’s place in the Grand Cross we’ve been working with for a long time – Ixion-Pholus Opposite Chaos and Chiron-Moon Opposite Sun, with Mars perched between Ixion and Pholus.

When there is one planet on the eastern horizon, one on the western horizon, one straight overhead, and one straight underfoot, we call that a “Grand Cross.”  It usually means we have a very full plate.  Each of the four Right or 90° Angles would normally be a Hassle‡, but now there are so many Hassles that they Balance one another, and we’re just very busy, but not particularly freaked out.  It just feels like we’re Multi-Tasking.

‡ In our short-term Experience, a “Square” like this Feels like a constant stream of Hassles; from a larger Perspective, it’s what we call Mastery through Challenge, because, since we have so much practice dealing with it, it becomes our Greatest Skill.

Often though it’s our sense of Duty that determines our Priorities, and with a large number of Demands on us, we really do need to Prioritize.  Duty works fine as long as it serves our own Values, which means that what we Feel we Should do is reasonably close to what we Want to do.  When our Values are in flux, though (see 5am PDT 17 September, below), a Grand Cross can Manifest as Conflict or Confusion.

Confusion is good, right?  It’s the first stage of Growth, as long as we can avoid intellectualizing it out of existence (which would Freeze us into the status quo).  And Conflict?  Well, Conflict is only possible when we’re in Either/Or.  If we’re in Both/And, things can get In’-teresting, as Bugs would say, but they wouldn’t actually Conflict.  It would just be a Learning Opportunity, where we could try out new Responses to see if they serve us.

Here the Full Moon forms the vertical pole of the Cross.  Full Moons are about Illumination – something that was in the dark is getting “Lit Up.”  In this case it’s Chiron that’s getting Lit Up, as it’s sitting just behind the Moon.  Chiron is about our Victim Spaces, the places where we’re Frozen, where we can’t move in the Direction we’d like to move, because for one reason or another it would be too painful, or simply so Impossible that it isn’t worth Fantasizing about.

Chiron is also about Miracles.  When something happens that “Thaws” us, we Experience it as if it was a Miracle – that which was always so Impossible that it wasn’t worth considering, suddenly seems very possible.  Often we can Create a Thaw by putting our arms around ourself and saying to ourself, “You poor Sweetheart, you don’t even think it’s possible to get what you Need, do you.”  But first we have to Realize that this is what we think – usually we know it’s not possible, often because somebody said so and we trusted them.

Ironically, one arm of the Cross is the dwarf planet Chaos, which isn’t about Disorder, but about Unlimited Possibility.  Like Zaphod Beeblebrox’s Infinite Improbability Drive.  What a total (apparent) Conflict – the Impossible and the Limitless both Lighting up at the same time.  Which is actually therapeutic, since Nothing is Impossible, and Limitation is Self-Sabotaging.

If we can manage to squirm over to Both/And, we’ll Realize that like Fate and Free Will, this is a Semantic problem, not a Real issue at all – just our neurosis.  Which means we can Forget about it and just get on with Life.  With a little Self-Empathy and the right PIAVA (try several, till you get the right one, but don’t forget to Change the Subject and Pay Attention), we can then simply take a step or two toward What We Want.

The other arm of the Cross is one we’ve been talking about for a while – Pholus (Taking Full Responsibility) and Ixion (our Abandoned Genius) – joined now by Mars (Action).  Remember it’s not Responsibility For – that’s Blame, but Responsibility To.  What’s being called forth is our Ability to Respond To our Abandoned Genius or Unique Skills.

Our Unique Genius was Abandoned because no one ever Mirrored it to us, at least not in a positive fashion – simply because no one Recognized it.  Or it was beaten out of us because our Betters were jealous or frightened of it.  Either way, it can be largely Invisible to us.  But, with Mars there agitating it, it’s tapping us on the shoulder.  Something Invisible tapping us on the shoulder can be pretty weird, unless we’re already used to the Loss of the Veil.

At any rate, we should be following up on Weird Urges and Strange Ideas, to see where they lead, should they lead us to See the Invisible.  If you get Spaced Out, just put on some trippy music and get lost in it.  Stairway to Heaven maybe.  The Wilson Sisters’ tribute to Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and the gang is a great version…

Or the original if you aren’t familiar with it…

Ooo, Makes Me Wonder.  

Moon-Chiron heads a Kite …

Wow, how many times are we going to revisit this shouting emphasis on 22-27 Degrees…

We’ve been working with this 22-27 Degree span, or close to it, repeatedly, and for a long time now…

17 September…

  • 5am PDT – Haumea Initiates Venus 23 Libra (Beginning again on a new foundation of Values)

Haumea is Pele’s daughter…

so our Values (Venus) are being Reborn.  The Venus-Haumea Cycle only lasts a year – we actually Mutate a lot faster than our Ego would like to know.  This Cycle is about A Chanticleer Saluting the Sunrise, Chanticleer being a romantic name for a Rooster.  I don’t expect many to remember, but one of the Transformations promised at the Dawn of the Century was that Humanity would Transcend Nationalism, gain Eagle’s Perspective, and Salute the Dawn.

That was the Initiation of Chiron by Pluto on 12/30/1999 at 12 Sagittarius, near the Great Attractor – which is an immense unknown Gravity Source that’s sucking our whole Cosmic Neighborhood in its direction.

Venus, as is her wont, is moving a little over one Degree a day, so if we usually have one Degree of Sensitivity to Venus Angles we’ll start Feeling this one on the 16th.  If we have two Degrees of Sensitivity to Venus, the 15th.  And so forth.  We’d Expect this to Feel like Confusion, as our Values are kind of a Foundation for our Ego to Stand on.  When they Shift, the Ego would wobble.  Growth again.

  • 10am PDT – Jupiter Initiates Sappho 2 Libra (Expanding Self-Love with Wisdom)

18 September…

  • 8am PDT – Pholus Initiates Mars 25 Sagittarius (Practicing Actions that Betray our Self-Sabotage)
  • 3pm PDT – Makemake Initiates Sappho 3 Libra (Breakthrough in Manifesting Self-Love)

19 September…

  • 4pm PDT – Makemake Initiates Jupiter 3 Libra (Profound New Skills with PIAVA – and PDSA)

Venus, Mars, and Yintegrity

June 1, 2016

Venus is dancing with the 4 June New Moon, Mars is very busy, and of course Yintegrity is the bottom line here as we approach the 9 June Eris-Uranus Initiation.  If you haven’t been dancing with Rebirth of your Sexuality and Sensuality (Venus and Mars) yet, to bring it more in line with your Yintegrity, you’re probably overdue.  The Royal Star Regulus is still lit up, so be mindful that Revenge (Mars) may backfire.

Mars, after turning Retrograde at the Ides of April, reached it’s astrological Opposition to the Sun on 22 May, backed into Scorpio on 27 May, reached it’s cosmological Opposition to the Sun (closest approach to Earth in a decade) on 29 May, and turns Direct again on 29 June.  If you’re feeling or encountering a lot of bitchiness (as one reader calls it) or lack of Satisfaction (as Mick would call it), you can probably blame Mars.  Of course, if you’re being Victimized by Mars, we’d interpret that as a Denial of ______ [you’ll have to PIAVA how to fill in the blank; it’d be different for everyone].

Mars’s Shadow Period (span of Retrogradation) covers 24 Scorpio to 9 Sagittarius, the last two and-a-half Duads of Scorpio (adjustments to the Ego to Balance new Learnings) and the first three and-a-half Duads of Sagittarius (testing our New Ego in social settings).  Scorpio is about Fearlessly Digging Deep, and Sagittarius is about Letting  Go.  Mars entered its Shadow Period February 18.  So…

Whatever business it is that we haven’t finished and which we danced with in the last half of February, after we tried and failed to Let It Go over the last three months, it’s back.  YooHoo.  So now we have to immerse ourselves in it.  Locate it in our Body and just Be in that spot for a month.  Dr. Kim must have a good astrologer or good Intuition, because as it often is, her current message is right on…

The New Moon is very busy…

It’s in Gemini, Conjunct Venus, and it’s one corner of a Grand Cross with Saturn, Jupiter-North Node, and Neptune-South Node.  It’s also the head of a Kite, on a Saturn-Hopi-Mnemosyne Fire Grand Trine.  The Neptune-South Node corner of the Grand Cross is the head of a second Kite, on a Pluto-Jupiter/North Node-Aletheia Earth Grand Trine.  The Kites are connected by two Yods, to Hopi/Leo from Pluto-Neptune, and to Pluto/Capricorn from Hopi and the New Moon.

Stressful, but the Rewards for Surrendering Control and PIAVAing what you lack should be fabulous.  If they aren’t, PIAVA the next step – you may also need something else, you may need to go Deeper, or your mind may just be leading you into one of those blind Either/Or alleys.  You may need to Wonder what to PIAVA.  It could just be Patience.  We’re in the Soup till 9 June.  That doesn’t mean we have to Suffer, but it also means that perfect Comfort is likely to escape us.

The second, Jupiter-Neptune axis of the Grand Cross is malformed, as Jupiter does not really Oppose Neptune.  Jupiter recently backed up to within a Degree and-a-half of completing the Opposition, then changed its mind and went back the other way.  The real Opposition took place last September.  That Opposition was the Blooming of the very momentous Neptune-Jupiter and simultaneous Chiron-Jupiter Initiation, in May 2009, a prelude to the 2010 Neptune-Chiron Initiation.  All three of these Initiations occurred in 27 Aquarius, “An ancient pottery bowl filled with fresh violets.”  If you have the time, you might want to review “Chiron-Neptune” in the list of Categories at right.

These Fresh Violets are a Symbol we recognize, as the theme for the initially-alternate economy that is being formed as the dregs of the Industrial-Age economy limp into the Digital Age.  And we recognize the Chironean Despair that surrounded the recent Derivative Crisis (advertised by the corporate media as a “Subprime Loan” Crisis; this theme of making the Victims into Criminals is a trend that’s just starting).  

The Industrial-Age economic infrastructure that died in 2010 isn’t fixable; it will have to be replaced with “Fresh Violets,” but the bankers are stretching it out as long as they can because they’re getting rich off if it and hoping to make it into the 1% before it’s too late, and because the 1% haven’t figured out yet how to checkmate China and the other contenders (including us) as they plan their own new infrastructure. 

Eventually the alternate economy will go mainstream as the seed of the first Digital Age Survival strategy for the Analog portion of the 99%.  It’s about growing our own Food, trying to protect ourselves from the political corruption and poisoned Earth that Predatory Capitalism leaves almost everywhere on the Planet, creating local Community, adapting the portions of new technology that are accessible to us (such as 3D printing), and growing Resilience.  

We can probably safely assume that for most of us the future will look more like present-day Libya or Syria or the Palestinian dilemma, than the Sound of Music or the Gatsby.  One of the best handbooks for the alternate economy is probably Permaculture Magazine, and its new Western-Hemisphere spinoff.  The ancient Popular Mechanics is also surprisingly useful.

The fact that the Jupiter-Neptune axis of the Grand Cross does not complete suggests that…

This New Moon and its Grand Cross may unleash a lot of Paper Tigers – bundles of Fear that look like Monsters from our Karmic past.  If this is true, then there will likely be an economic feint (or faint) in June – the long-promised demise of the current economic shell game will appear to be happening, while its actual demise may be delayed until after the US elections.  The appearance of demise will probably be enough to bring us all face to face with our Survival Fears.

Other than knowing that we’re in the Void phase of the final Jupiter-Saturn Cycle of the Industrial Age, and that there will most likely be a Cultural component to this Eris-Uranus Revelation of Denial business (think Global Balming, Poverty, Predatory Capitalism, for-profit medicine), I haven’t looked at the rest of the year and decade yet astrologically.  I will soon.

The unfortunate Truth is that the 1% have become expert at “Crisis Investing,” which means taking maximum advantage of the Victims of any Crisis, the way W and his cronies did after Hurricane Katrina or 9/11 (see Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine or John Perkins’s New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man if you want to learn how that’s done – or just watch The Donald).  So whatever occurs on the Cultural or Global scale, we need to PIAVA that Huperity has reached a Tripping Point, and that Miracles are available to the Planet.  There is ample potential for that.

The New Moon is also the head of a Kite, on a Saturn-Hopi-Mnemosyne Fire Grand Trine.  The Neptune-South Node corner of the Grand Cross is the head of a second Kite, on a Pluto-Jupiter/North Node-Aletheia Earth Grand Trine.  The Kites are connected by two Yods, to Hopi/Leo from Pluto-Neptune, Hopi meaning Respect for All Things, and to Pluto/Capricorn from Hopi and the New Moon.  Fire and Earth form a potent Alchemical combination.

The New Moon is also Trioctile (Rebalancing) to the recent Lilith-Juno Initiation (Around a campfire a group of young people sit in spiritual communion” – bringing Yindependence to the Edges of our Consciousness), which Initiation is in turn at the head of a Quintile Yod from Vesta and Chiron.

Our Choice Points are really whether to be in Despair about how our Unconscious Beliefs in Limitation have us shackled, or to be Willing to move toward Miracles by PIAVAing what we don’t believe is attainable – or perhaps that we don’t believe it’s attainable – and by Empathizing with what’s really going on.  “You poor Sweetheart, you’re really swimming in Self-Rejection here, aren’t you” for instance.  PIAVAs about trying to Heal our Despair by Changing External Reality will probably not work as well here; it’s an inside job.

The mindstuff that forms the content of our Anxieties is what needs to be jettisoned as soon as possible, so we can instead use our scarce Attention Resources to either focus directly on our Anxiety itself (for instance Tapping Out “Even though I feel very Worried, I deeply and completely Love and Accept myself”), or to go Deeper and begin to get Comfortable with the Real Feelings that our Anxiety is trying to hide from us (“I Wonder what Real Emotions are underneath my Anxiety, and how I might Heal their Source”).

This is the Gift of the Neptune-South Node Kite.

We’ll look at the Uranus-Eris portion of the New Moon chart in the next installment.


Square Planets Up Your Nodes

February 21, 2015

mnvesu5222bpManganvesuvianite – the Manganese-rich form of Vesuvianite, named for the Volcano that decimated Roman Pompeii.  Vesuvianite symbolizes the Mother Goddess, Creator of All That Is, and her Power to Heal “Miraculously.”  It appears as a Miracle to the Limited mind; it’s everyday to the Goddess.  The Manganese clears away Confusion so we can see the Growth that’s hiding behind it and Embrace it.

   ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ 

A reader asks…

“Can you talk more about those of us who have a planet squaring the nodes?”

Which is an excellent question.  It’s a similar situation for folks with planets Conjunct either Node. 

A “Square” is two planets that are separated by one fourth of the Zodiac; they’re near the same Degree but three Signs apart.  A T-Square is two Squares connected end-to-end, or two planets Opposing one another with a third planet halfway between them.  Both mean Mastery through Challenge, the T-Square’s Challenge being more Challenging than a single Square’s Challenge.

First though, let me address another reader comment…

“That discussion of squares/Tsquares got me – depressed – no, actually, I recognized that feeling as despair when I read it.  Your writings have taught me to recognize that feeling –  despair.  And unconscious despair.  I never knew what that darkness was.  It’s been interesting to note where, when, how often it comes.  That’s helped clear a fair amount of it to an extent…just recognizing it for what it is.  That post brought it on.  Condemnation.  I always thought squares were Mastery Through Challenge.  So there is no ‘never.’  Mastery comes.  Not just ‘getting it’ but MASTERY!!  I feel like they should be called Infinitely Perpetual Challenge then.  Give it up.  You ain’t getting anywhere.”

Well, Infinitely Perpetual Challenge isn’t far off – till you Change your Objective.  Let’s take any of us that have Squares to Mars or Venus for an example – that’s timely, with Mars Initiating Venus and Wabi-Sabi Stationary.  We don’t even need a Square between Mars and Venus, just some other planet Squaring Mars or Venus.  Those movie scenes and ads about Perfect Romance and Perfect Bodies and Perfect Faces are irresistible to us.  Pant, Pant.  And that’s the whole idea – it ain’t Real, it’s a Trance.  I’ll wager that every Relationship you’ve ever been in had some positive feature.  If you cut out each one of those boons and pasted it on your Ken or Barbie doll, you’ll witness your Mastery first-hand.  You just haven’t put them together all at once.

That’s actually a great way to move toward What You Want – list the pieces or characteristics of your Desire, check to see which ones you’ve already Manifested, and then work on the others.  When you get most of them checked off, list all the combinations – A+B, A+C, B+C, etc. and start working on those – you can Plan and Execute, or PIAVFA, or both.  Then if you need to, work on the triplets – A+B+C, A+B+D, B+C+D, etc. – and the quadruplets.  Sound too complex?  Hmmm.  Maybe it’s your Desire that’s too complex.  Maybe you need to Prioritize a little.

Let’s try a thought experiment.  Think about your unfulfilled Desire.  Now pick its two most important characteristics.  Just for the sake of illustration we’ll call them Passion and Security.  Sound contradictory? 

That may be part of your Frustration.  Contradiction exists only in the mind, not in Reality.  In Reality it’s Both/And; in Real Life it’s called Paradox, not Contradiction.  If we’re striving for two Paradoxical qualities that we Believe are Contradictory, we will be doomed to Infinitely Perpetual Challenge.  It’s very difficult to Manifest what we don’t Believe – this is part of the Powerful “Placebo” effect.  So the first thing we may need to PIAFA is that we Believe our Desire is Possible.

Back to Passion and Security.  Ever feel Passion toward your Desire?  If not, Imagine it (Feelize or Visualize or …).  Shake It Off, take a drink of Water, and then think about the times you’ve felt Security around your Desire.  You may not have met any of your other requirements, but you felt Security.  If you haven’t Experienced Security around your Desire, not even for a few minutes, then Imagine what it’ll feel like when you do.  (If it’s a Relationship Desire, think Friendship.)  Then Let It Go, Dance a bit, another drink of Water, then recall or Imagine Manifesting both Security and Passion around your Desire.  Add Belief if you need to.

Feel good?  Or are their Yesbuts squeaking in the background – or shrieking in the foreground?  Yesbuts can feel Frustrating, but they’re just information about what else your Desire needs.  A frequently Unconscious Yesbut is whether or not you Deserve to Manifest Your Heart’s Desire. 

Virtually all of us went to the same Obedience School, where we were given a biscuit if we got the right answer, and if we’re very lucky only fingerwagged when we got the wrong answer.  Lots of folks would consider it Sociopathic if you Believed that you just Deserved things without having to Earn them.  Well, you do Deserve to Manifest your Heart’s Desire, right or wrong.  If your Heart’s Desire is punishable by Life or the Chair, so be it, you’ll just have to face the music.  But that’s not about Deserving; it’s about what your Culture permits and how well you finesse it.

Okay, you’ve Shaken It Off and Let It Go again and danced around the Fire, and now you’re sitting there feeling what it’s like to Believe in and Deserve to Manifest Safety and Passion around your Desire. 

I know, they’re still Yesbutting you, but Imagine that Belief, Deserving, Security, and Excitement are all you Want, that they’re Enough.

Ahhhhh! – Wonderful, isn’t it!

No?  Well, that’s it then. 

Desire is indeed an Infinitely Perpetual Challenge.  The basic problem is that Desire is misspelled.  It’s really spelled M-o-t-i-v-a-t-i-o-n.  Now there has to be a Balance between Motivation and Satisfaction, or else we’ll never feel good about Life.  So what to do?  Well, we certainly don’t need to give up our Desire, that would be the equivalent of Death.  We might need to dial it back a little, and approach it one piece or characteristic at a time, or set intermediate and achievable Goals that we can Celebrate along the way, so we can enjoy the Journey and not just the possibly hallucinatory Destination.

But the real key to Enjoying a Square or T-Square is shifting our Objective from Desire to Learning.  We’re always Learning, so we can Celebrate some quantity of Learning (even if we don’t understand yet what it is) from every Experience.  So a Square or a T-Square is about Learning about our Desire.  Once we make that shift we’re free to Play.  Learning is usually Surprising – otherwise we’d already be Learned.  So we’re open to Surprise as well as Success.  We really can afford to Play with it, because when Learning is our Objective, the bigger and faster our failures, the more we Learn.

That is MASTERY.  You’ve actually experienced it in your Life, around lesser Frustrations, like Spelling or Story Problems or DiffyQ or Asking for a raise or maintaining your Health.

And in fact, with a Square or T-Square, you are a Master, because you’ve always been Motivated to Explore the Edges of your Infinitely Perpetual Challenging Desire.  Take Music as an example.  If you’re Mozart, you were a Master at Birth.  If you’re Salieri, you’ve been working your butt off all your Life, and he gets all the contracts.  But suppose you’re Vivaldi, and you’re trying to figure out whether you want a minor or major key for your concerto about Spring.  Mozart could tell you in a flash.  But Salieri would be able to tell you why you need a minor key. 

If you were depending on Mozart you’d need to ask him again for each Season.  The answer you got from Salieri would allow you to figure it out on your own.  So who’s the real Master – Mozart or Salieri?

This is Real, it’s not a rationalization or a PR trick.  You may need to start your process by Believing that it’s possible to shift your Objective from your Desire to Learning about your Desire.

Conjunctions and Oppositions are similarly Heuristic.  Oppositions Challenge us to escape Duality by recognizing that while the Heads and the Tails distract us from what’s really happening, focusing on the Coin will trigger our Intuition.  Conjunctions Challenge us to Accept that just because our Perspective on the World isn’t popular, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.  In fact, the more unusual our Perspective, the more Powerful.  You may end up writing things that won’t be understood for 200 years, or that only six people on the Planet will grok, but the Value in that is immeasurable. 

Squares and T-Squares are members of the Fourth Harmonic, which is basically Mastery or Dominion; the Emperor.  But it’s the Fifth Harmonic that’s about Learning, so we must be wrong, eh?  No, we Master each Harmonic by adopting the Perspective of a higher Dimension.  The First Harmonic, Conjunction, is about Self.  The Infinitely Perpetual Challenge about Self is Other, which is introduced by the Second Harmonic, Opposition. 

The Challenge of Self “versus” Other is resolved by Love, the Third Harmonic or Trine.  The Infinitely Perpetual Challenge about Love lies in resolving Codependence, via Healthy Control or Dominion, the Fourth Harmonic – Squares.  We resolve the Frustration of the Fourth Harmonic by using the Fifth, Learning, the Quintile.  We resolve the Paradox of Inequality between the Student and the Teacher by moving to mutually respectful Partnership, the Sixth Harmonic or Sextile.  And so on.

  ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ

Squares to the Nodes

Okay, finally we get to the original question.  But I think you’ll agree that the detour was useful. 

We’ve been equating the North Node to Desire and Mission, and now we’re talking about Squares as if they represented Desire.  These are two different flavors of Desire.  A North-Node Desire is hardwired in.  Moving in the direction of a North-Node Desire produces the sense that we’re on the right track, even as Satisfaction avoids us.  North-Node Desires evolve without much Frustration; we don’t recall how different our current North-Node Desires are from our picture of it five or ten years ago.  The basic sense is one of Progress.  A T-Square Desire on the other hand is an unachievable chimera that we set up to Motivate ourselves.  It’s a picture of Perfection.  It probably hasn’t changed substantially since we were five or ten years old.  The basic sense is one of Frustration.

So, if we put them both together, Progress with Frustration, gradual evolution with our Perfect Pictures, the whole process can be very Confusing.  And we may not remember that Confusion is the first stage of Growth.  That’s probably the key we need to resolve a T-Square to the Nodes – remembering that Confusion is the first stage of Growth.

Note that since the Nodes by definition Oppose one another, a Square to the Nodes is always a T-Square.

There are a couple of productive processes for dealing with Confusion.  We can acknowledge it with Gratitude.  “Omigosh, there’s Confusion!  Thank Goddess I’m Growing out of that dilemma!  That’s Exciting!”  And Curiosity.  Unlike the programming we got in school, real Learning is always Surprising.  If we had any idea how a real Life dilemma would be resolved, it wouldn’t be a dilemma.  So acknowledging Confusion as the first step of Growth almost automatically inspires Curiosity.  And Curiosity, like Love, is Goddessly, as both eschew Judgment.  We don’t want to strive for Curiosity about how our T-Square will be resolved – because we’d get stuck to our Perfect Pictures again.  Curiosity about what we’ll Learn next about our Desire fits perfectly, however.

We come to the difference between Desire and Fantasy.  Suppose for instance that we crave Acknowledgement.  If as ankle-biters we weren’t Valued for who we really were, we’ll spend our Lives craving Acknowledgement.  We have a picture of how that might happen.  We might be “Discovered,” for instance.  That’s a very nice alternative to Earning Acknowledgement.  Once who we really are is Discovered, everything else will fall into place, and it will all be easy.  That’s how we know it’s a Fantasy – everything else becomes easy.  Fantasy is a Manifestation-killer. 

When we detect Fantasy we need to substitute Curiosity.  We don’t know what it will look like when we’re Acknowledged – we’ve never been there.  We know the Perfect Picture we daydream about, but our Desire is behind that Picture, not in it.  When that Picture arises and we recognize it (how can we not? – we’ve been daydreaming it all our Life!), we need to pull the cord next to it so it rolls up like an old-fashioned window-shade.  Behind it there’s a Wilderness, and it’s Delightful and Dangerous and Exciting and very Compelling.  You can’t Imagine what’s in there!  But doesn’t it inspire Curiosity!

So let’s take some examples.  Suppose Saturn, which represents The Most Important Thing, Squares our Nodes.  It’s never this simple, because many other influences are afoot – such as the Sign of our Saturn, and other Angles to it from other planets.  But we could have a Lifetime Frustration about knowing what’s The Most Important Thing.  Is it Learning new Skills or collecting boons by using the Skills we have?  Is it Love, or is it Power?  So we need to find a reliable way to move from Confusion to Curiosity around The Most Important Thing.

In Psychic School one of the first tricks you Learn is “What if you did know?”  When Duality wants you to do Either/Or and you aren’t in touch with your Intuition enough to understand how Both/And might work in this circumstance, you can Ask yourself, “What if I did know?”  Chances are you will have already rejected at least one answer to the question, and that answer will probably pop back into Consciousness.  There’s a danger here.  This is an exercise for developing your Intuition, it’s not your Intuition. 

The answer you get is an excellent trial balloon, and a great first guess about what’s The Most Important Thing.  It’s worth trying.  But it may only work for a few steps.  West might be the correct direction for the first three strides, but you need to be alert for when Confusion arises again, and Ask again.  The next four might be North – or West again.  If you decide that one direction is Most Important forever, you’re likely to end up in a swamp.  After you practice this for a while it will become your Intuition, and you’ll develop the habit of recognizing Confusion and shifting immediately to Curiosity.  Eventually you won’t even notice the intervening steps, you’ll just Intuitively know what comes next.

But it’s still a Square; you can never sit on your laurels.  It will always be evolving, and you’ll always be Learning more about how to define The Most Important Thing, on more and more subtle levels, till you finally realize that there’s no one you can compare notes with, because no one else knows as much as you know about it – you are the Master.  It Squares your Nodes, so knowing it is The Most Important Thing in your Life.  When you Celebrate your Certainty about knowing the Most Important Thing, you’re about to step into the muck.  Celebrate Learning more about how to discern The Most Important Thing instead.

Now, think back over your Life.  How many times have you repeated this dance, and how many different ways have you Learned for dealing with it?  Include all the ways you’ve forgotten that you Learned (what if you did remember?).  In truth you’re the Master of this Process.  There’s no one better than you to teach it to others, because you’ve Explored all the blind alleys and discovered all the thoroughfares.  And more important, you know how to find the mainlines that haven’t been discovered yet. 

The primary characteristic of any Square is a shortage of Self-Acknowledgement.

That’s another process for resolving a Square in any given moment – moving to Gratitude – make a list of what is working for you.

Or Jupiter – what if Jupiter Squared our Nodes?  Jupiter is about Fortune, Expansion, Amplification.  When Jupiter dances with your Nodes, your Mission is always foremost in your Attention.  That’s fabulous, as no one will ever be able to accuse you of not immer strebend.  But it’s never Enough, is it.  Jupiter’s the Great Benefic, but Never Enough is a bummer.  So Self-Acknowledgement of your Enoughness has to become your mantra.  You’ve beaten it practically to death, but Enoughness is your Mastery.  Now you need to Master Not-Quite-Enoughness.  Your Challenge is to Learn to feel good about Performing at 90%.  When you get pretty good at that you can try 80%.  You’ll be More Than Enough at 50% – you can spend the other 50% having Fun.  You’re already doing this, aren’t you.  That’s MASTERY! 

We just can’t Acknowledge that we’re actually Manifesting the Power to Serve Effectively when we’re the Victim of our own Unconscious Motivation.  Dominion requires the Ability to Respond to “threats” to our Healthy Control.  As long as the Power to Serve Effectively is our Goal instead of Learning to Use the Power to Serve Effectively, Frustration follows, because Life is a moving target and “those people” – who really are less competent and less dedicated than you because they don’t have Jupiter Squaring their Nodes – are your Teachers, Unconsciously of course.  You’re underemployed, but you won’t be able to leverage yourself into a position where you also have the Authority and Responsibility to Serve Effectively – and the rewards, until you Learn to Honor yourself. 

There’s still time to remember all of the little and big Successes along this course, and Celebrate each one.  They’ll feel burdensome until you reframe them from Frustration about Failure, to Excitement about Learning.  Buy three big sheets of gold-colored cardboard and a “Sharpie” permanent marker.  Take an hour each week, choose one of your historical Frustrations, fully Embrace your Grief about how your hard work was unseen and unacknowledged and even actively thwarted, and then Ask “What did I Learn from this?”  If what you Learned feels negative, Ask “What was the positive function of that?”  “What was one positive thing that came out of it?

When you feel good about that Learning, cut a trophy honoring yourself for that  Success out of the gold cardboard, and give it a title and an approximate date.  As you process each historical Frustration there will be too many trophies (it’s Jupiter after all!) to keep on your mantle or altar all at once, so keep the extras in a box.  Each morning choose one trophy to put back in the box, and replace it with a new one chosen “randomly” from the box.  Spend a minute remembering the Frustration you felt as you climbed that mountain, and find the Relief you felt when you Learned that Lesson.

What about Venus?  Venus stands for our Values, so you’re probably often at odds about which Value of yours to follow.  Having multiple Values is fantastic – no danger of becoming a Zealot, eh?  But boy, those Zealots sure look Satisfied, don’t they?  Compared to my Confusion, that looks like a Blessing!  What if being Multifarious was the Blessing?  It’s a Square, it’s always a moving target.  I think of a Spiral, where we revisit the same issue over and over again but with slightly different circumstances.  A friend and reader uses the metaphor of “an elevator which stops at identical floors, but different things happen depending on where your head/vibes/frequency is.”

But the constant about is this is Constant Learning.  Your Values are Universal, but for every moment a different Hierarchy of Values applies.  If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’ve been programmed to apply the Values that were handed down by your family heritage in every moment.  You’ll be Learning how to stop and reconsider every moment, so you can apply the Values that work best in the circumstances.  You’ll know when you got it right because there will be a short burst of North-Node Satisfaction, the sense that you’re on the right track.  Till the Square’s Never-Quite-Right Energy butts in again.  No worries, it’s just Confusion, the first stage of Growth.  Isn’t that Curious!  I wonder which Values apply here – Growth or Certainty?

The Centaur Nessus Squaring the Nodes?  Confusion over Action, how to meet one’s needs with finesse rather than force, and how to replace that Confusion with Curiosity and Self-Acknowledgement.  Passive Pacifism isn’t worth much.  A Pacifist who knows how to Embrace and Master their own need to Dominate is a Teacher of Value.

The dwarf planet Ceres would tie us in knots over what’s Sustainable, and beg us to replace our Preaching and Self-Abuse about it with frequent PIAVFAs about how to make it stick. 

The poster child of dwarf planets, Pluto?  Sorry, your Life Path is intense, and you won’t bargain your way out of it.  You’ve probably already been in and out of Addiction, as there’s no faster way to understand Control.  Your Hero’s Journey is the Heroin’s Journey, figuratively or literally.  So what if no one listens to you – you see the Future, and they don’t.  Let them stumble; it’s their Learning Experience.  Your Certainty is a hindrance, though.  See if you can reprogram your Trance to seek Curiosity instead – you’re the Master of Trance-Re-Formation after all, even if you haven’t Recognized it yet.

If it’s the Centaur Hylonome Squaring your Nodes, Grief is your constant companion.  She’s just over your left shoulder.  Don’t push her away any more; Embrace Her.  Once you let Her swallow you like Inanna was swallowed by the Sun, over and over again, you’ll emerge Surprisingly quickly, each time having gained deep Insight.  Be Curious about where Grief will lead you next, as it’s a deep service to Humanity and to the Planet.

Inanna’s symbol is the Grand Octile – the Eighth Harmonic is where we go to resolve the puzzles presented by Magic.  This Ouija Board Uranus-Pluto Cycle is about Magic, and you know what comes next.  You are a Visitor from the distance Future, come to try to steer us away from impending disaster.  Embrace that Perspective without succumbing to Certainty or rejecting your constant Grief about being Unrecognized.  Grief is your greatest Tool.

Ah, Lilith.  It feels Confusing only because you’re ahead of your Time.  The World is moving toward Yindependence – Universal Respect for Self-Sovereignty – and you’re the advance guard.  Let yourself be Curious about how you can best help move the Planet forward.  The Hero’s Journey is well documented; it’s up to you to document the Heroine’s Journey for us as well.  Starhawk’s Truth or Dare is a good starting place for you.

Then there’s Uranus!  Yes, there are deep mists between you and your Soul, and many false profits.  You can’t dispel Confusion with Certainty, it must be Embraced.  It’s all Metaphor, Both/And.  What will happen if you Surrender to Confusion? 

Anyone else wanting to come forward?

Centaur Gauntlet

October 6, 2014

ruby6113bpA Ruby half-embedded in its matrix.

* * * * *

It’s not the only complication going on then, but it’ll be significant.  Between October 11 and 20, the God of War Mars moves through the corral where the Centaurs are in conference with a number of dwarf planets. 

Centaurs and dwarf planets are both considered to be “minor planets.”

Till about the 20th, this corral is still one corner of the Lilith-Eris-Centaur Grand Trine.  To review, in early September several of the Centaurs and dwarf planets were all Stationary at the same time, close enough to the Galactic Center to matter.  We estimated that such a configuration might occur once in around twelve million times the age of our Galaxy. 

As Mars rides each minor planet in turn, it will be a great opportunity for us to learn more about the minor planets.  We’ll have to mentally subtract the influence of Mars – Physical Energy, Action, Defense, Offense, Third Chakra stuff, but without the intellectual component.  Mars is moving pretty fast these days, so the various Portals will be open for about three days on either side of the event.  There is so much action, though, that you’ll want to focus on just the few hours surrounding the exact Angles.

The timing is like this…

    • October 11 at 7pm PDT, Mars Opposite the dwarf planet Chaos (Potential)
    • October 12 at 7pm PDT, Mars Conjunct the dwarf planet Ixion (Sociopathy)
    • October 13 at 8pm PDT, Mars Conjunct the Centaur Pholus (Inappropriate Blame)
    • October 15 at 8pm PDT, Mars Conjunct the Centaur Chariklo(Charm)
    • October 16 at 1am PDT, Mars Trine the dwarf planet Eris (Calling out Denial)
    • October 18 at 10pm PDT, Mars Quincunx the dwarf planet Sedna (Fear of the Feminine)
    • October 19 at 10am PDT, Mars Conjunct the dwarf planet Quaoar (Rebel at Your Peril)
    • October 19 at 11pm PDT Mars Conjunct the Centaur Hylonome (Merging, Grief, Ego Death)
    • October 20 at 8am PDT Mars Trine Lilith (Yindependence)

Here are some hints about what to look for…

  • October 11, 6-8pm PDT, Epiphanies may pop out of the Ether.
  • October 12, 6-8pm PDT, Betrayal.
  • October 13, 7-9pm PDT, Injustice.
  • October 15, 7-9pm PDT, Bedazzlement.
  • October 16, midnight-3am PDT, the Elephant in the room.
  • October 18, 9-11pm PDT, Rejecting the Feminine.
  • October 19, 9-11am PDT, Consequences.
  • October 19, 10pm-midnight PDT, Projection.
  • October 20, 7-9am PDT, Rebellion.

Let me know what you discover; I’m just learning about these people too.

Mars Archetypes

June 1, 2014

van2978bpWhile Male and Female may seem simple to you, their multifarious repressions and expressed skills are crystallized inside our psyches into very complex interlocking Patterns, like this lovely cluster of Vanadinate Crystals.  Vanadinite is a Lead Vanadate Chloride.  While our repressions weigh us down like Lead, Vanadium and Chlorine both catalyze expression of our True Feelings and conversion of negativity to constructive Energies.  Lead also actually has a similar effect on our psyches.

* * * * *

It’s handy that Mars is lit up this month, with its Confidence-Builder Square to Pluto and Opposition to Uranus, as it serves as a great example for the Tricolor.

When planets go Retrograde they can make three (or more) repetitions of Angles they make with other planets.  The first event usually introduces us to a Challenge that temporarily overwhelms us, so we call it a “Can-Opener.”  The second time around is a Retrograde event, so it happens more slowly, giving us a chance to learn about the issue, so we call it an “Exposition.”  By the third time, we’ve learned how to deal with the Challenge, so when it recurs again we refer to it as the “Confidence-Builder.” 

Of course, if we respond to the Can-Opener with Blame and Victimhood, and still don’t “get it” at the Exposition, then what would have been the Confidence-Builder can just feel like they’re picking on us.

The Mars-Pluto Square is the Challenge in the Tricolor that we talked about in the previous post

The video rants left by the kid who shot up Santa Barbara last month are a very good example of one of the negative Mars Archetypes.  Take the women out and put in some Other Tribe instead, and you have another negative Mars Archetype, often called a “Patriot.”  One of the Spiritual Purposes of Mars is to Defend us, to react to threats to our well-being, and keep us Safe.  The recent Superbowl to the contrary, Patriots often tell us that the best Defense is a good Offense. 

Mars can easily Offend, and often does, but that’s not necessary.

That’s the job of Eris, Mars’s sister.  Mars can make Mercury particularly Offensive.

Many threats to our well-being are embedded in our Karma and our accumulated collection of habitual Patterns.  Most of those threats are not present-moment, but ghosts of our past mishaps.  Lashing out at perceived threats that are not Real in the present moment is a great way to Offend, terminally even.

Mars is also involved with any sort of Physical Energy and Action.  Mars is our Doingness and our Work Ethic.

Think of Mars as your Inner Male Teenager.  He’s not particularly sophisticated with Emotions, though he’s loaded with them.  It’s a lot easier for him to blame someone else for them, than to own them. 

Mars also represents the hangover from the Age of Aries, the Age of Heroes that we endured from 2,000 BCE to the beginning of the Age of Pisces that we’re just now putting to bed.  Ulysses, David, Alexander the Great, Batman, the Lone Ranger, and the like.  Unless there was a Hero handy in those days, we were stuck being a Victim to Life’s vicissitudes, let alone its bullies.  Most of us still live out Karma from those days.  While the Teenage Male tried on the Hero Archetype to enhance his swagger and got stuck in it, the World has long since moved on. 

We’ve spent the last 2,000 years with the wailing and the gnashing of teeth, as we did our best to release the accumulated Victim Emotions from that Age.  And we’re still raw rookies at this because we’re just beginning the Age of Aquarius, but now it’s time to Live in mutually supportive Communities.  Leaderless is better; everyone needs to be their own leader.  In many ways we’re entering the Age of the Antihero.

* * * * *

We’ve mentioned that the June Mars events are about Challenges to how Vigorously you’re willing to support your Yintegrity

That is, Mars (Vigor) making a Confidence-Building T-Square with the Uranus-Pluto Square (Yintegrity).

We could also say that it’s about any ways you’ve repressed your Inner Male Teenager, as they force their way out into the World. 

Pluto (Irrepressibility) is the Focus of the T-Square, not Mars.

Which means we could look pretty silly if we aren’t actually a teenager.  Well, we could look pretty silly as a teenager too, but that’s expected, eh?  When we repress (which we all have done – this is “civilization” after all) any stage of our personal development, that part of ourself remains at the developmental age which it was at, when it was repressed.  Of course our Inner Male Teenager is in charge of our swagger (er, I mean, our confidence – or is that just another Mask?), and in charge of  a good chunk of our relationship to our sexuality.

So we could easily find ourselves making what appear to be fools of ourselves in June, as very age-inappropriate material leaks (or bursts) out of us.  We can address that in a number of ways.  We can practice biting our tongue, 

Not always the best plan when Pluto’s in charge, as the backlash could be fierce.

We can practice backtracking and apologizing (probably a good idea, particularly at work, since many of those teenagey-boy things are now illegal), or we can let it all hang out.  The latter could be a big risk, but it’s probably the fastest way to pry our Masks off.  Once we take the lid off of our represses Selves, they age rapidly, so by letting them out without additional censorship, we’ll recovery quickly and make a big jump toward our Yintegrity.  Not that this is easy, as Shame, Fear, and/or Pain is often the original source of our repression.  Good idea to practice Tapping Out these kinds of old afflictions.

* * * * *

The Mars-Pluto Square is Waning, so the Challenge is to release any attachments we’ve made to the current Cycle, which is about “An Angel carrying a harp: The revelation of the spiritual meaning and purpose at the core of any life situation.”  In other words,

Okay, we’ve got our instructions on what we’re Compelled to Do, now we have to take Responsibility for carrying them out.  It’s time for our Inner Male to grow up and take Responsibility for his Planet.

The Tricolor that spans June 6 through June 9 can resolve many of our Inner Male’s repressions and inappropriate outbursts, if we respond to them by contacting our Inner Female.  We can do that pretty directly with PIAVA, or, if we’re already intimate with her, we can move directly to our core Values.  It’s just a matter of Asking ourself which is more important to us – following our core Values, or continuing to hide from our Shame.  Actually, even if we know the answer to that clearly, we may still need to PIAVA a swagger-worthy route out of our Shame.

The Tricolor advises us to respond to any Mars-Pluto conundrums by approaching Venus with Curiosity.

The Fez that spans the same dates is more complex.  You see, our Inner Teenage Female also has had to repress parts of herself.  She has a tough taskmaster, Lilith, who represents her Yindependence – her need to pursue female Values and Power without compromise.  In cultures where the feminine (and females) are explicitly or implicitly repressed (ie, most human cultures these days), that takes a lot of subterfuge, courage, or sacrifice.  So our Inner Female Teenager will also be running into her own repressions here.

We respond to that (remember, boys and girls both have Inner Male Teenagers and Inner Female Teenagers) by invoking our Curiosity about what exactly is necessary at this time, and what is only desirable.

The second Major Tricolor holds a Venus-Lilith Square, a Lilith-Pluto Quincunx, and a Pluto-Venus Trine.

These two conundrums – the Compulsion to express our Inner Male no matter how uncouth he is, and the dissonance between our Inner Female and our Yindependence, complement one  another.  That is, if we respond to dissonance between our Inner Female and our Yindependence with Curiosity about what we might Do about it, and then Do it, Grace awaits.

The Minor Tricolor on the Lilith-Venus Square includes a Quincunx to Mars, which in turn Sextiles Lilith.

And if we respond to our Compulsion to express our Inner Male with Curiosity about how it affects our Yindependence (our Inner Lad is no less concerned with Yindependence than our Inner Lass, he just usually gets more support from his culture), we’ll have to Consciously Act to support our own Growth in order to find the Grace.

The Minor Tricolor on the Mars-Pluto Square includes a Quincunx to Lilith which in turn Sextiles Mars.  This Minor Tricolor remains in effect till June 22.

While the Portal for the rest of the Tricolor and the Fez closes on June 9, this last portion of it endures until June 22.

Song of Mars

May 18, 2014

rube4360bpTourmaline is traditionally one of the stronger Healing Stones because of the Boron in it.  Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly, and Boron is the fifth-lightest element.  There are officially 29 different Tourmalines, as the Crystal structure is complex and has many substitutions and variations.  The Lithium-rich version of Tourmaline is called (by geologists) Elbaite.  Lithium is the third-lightest element!  So these Angels can really fly.  Informally, Elbaite comes in several varieties.  The pinky-reddy ones, like this lovely example, are called (by non-geologists) Rubellite.


Well, this remarkable opportunity

“This is a remarkable opportunity to Let Go of any and all Patterns, especially Relationship Patterns, that keep us from living out our Deepest Desires.  Not only are they up in our face, but there’s very strong Grace behind our Intentions.”

may not feel so hot, when all or our Limiting Beliefs and Self-Sabotaging Patterns really are up in our face, eh?

But take heart.  At half past 6pm PDT on May 19, Mars turns Direct, and once that happens (or once you realize it’s happening – it works like that, it’s called Consciousness, and it’s an alternative to Victimhood), the flavor should lighten up.  As we’ve said often, a planet’s Song is strongest when it’s Stationary, ie, now.

Mars works with our Assertiveness.  Without Mars it’s difficult to set effective Boundaries.  The Passion to follow our Joy comes from Mars.  Western Culture rewards highly the folks who can allow their Mars to run amok without remorse.  The rest of us get the trickle-down, which has been pretty much in the red lately.  So if we aren’t already sociopathic, there’s a couple of things we can do. 

First, we can be loving and gentle with our remorse.  Remorse is a good thing actually, because it motivates us to do the second thing, which is to improve our skill at Assertiveness.  It’s totally possible to be consummately effective at setting solid Boundaries while harming no one and being completely charming about it.  We just haven’t figured out how to do it yet.  We’ll probably need to PIAVA that.

So let’s review what we know about this particular Mars Station…

The most significant characteristic of this Mars Retrograde Period is it’s entanglement with Jupiter and the Uranus-Pluto Square.

Retrogrades, Repeating Events, and the Can-Opener:  Remember that when a planet entangles with another during a Retrograde Period, it usually makes the same angle with the other planet three times.  The first event we’ve called the “Can-Opener” because it pops the lid off of some drama we’ve been keeping in the basement, usually catching us off guard and throwing us out of our comfort zone.

The Can-Opener is usually the meat of an issue.  The other two recurrences are much less memorable, unless we’re in the habit of counting our Blessings, of course.  In this case, the Exposition or second pass for all three Cycles – Mars-Uranus, Mars-Pluto, and Mars-Jupiter – occurred at the same time, in April.  How was that for you?

The Exposition and Confidence-Builder:  The second pass we’ve called the “Exposition” because the same drama recurs, but this time it unfolds more slowly, giving us the opportunity to practice our skills at dealing with it.  The third time is the “Confidence-Builder,” because now when the drama comes back we deal with it pretty easily, having extended our comfort zone by learning and practicing new skills.

Responsibility:  All this assumes that we’ve taken Responsibility for it at the Can-Opener, or at least during the Exposition (often we’re too off-guard at the Can-Opener to be present with Responsibility.  That’s not Blame, that’s the willingness and ability to Respond, as opposed to being the Victim of the drama.  The longer we delay taking Responsibility, the more adamant is the Universe at rubbing our face in the issue.

Stations:  Between each of these three events the offending planet is Stationary.  That is, the soon-to-be-Retrograde planet passes the other one once going forward (Can-Opener), then it Stations and turns Retrograde, then it backs up and passes the second time going backward (Exposition), then it Stations and turns Direct again, before finally crossing the entangled planet for the third time (Confidence-Builder).  And as we’ve said, the offending planet is strongest when it’s Stationary.

Pictures at an Exposition:  So we might see the Exposition itself as occurring in three stages, once at the Retrograde Station, again at the second crossing, and finally at the Direct Station.  That gives us five events, and five is the number of Learning.

So just what is it we’re likely to be learning here?

The Mars-Uranus Can-Opener occurred around Christmas (2013).  It was an Opposition, a minor culmination of the Mars-Uranus Cycle that began in March 2013 at 9 of Aries, “A Crystal gazer: The development of an inner realization of organic wholeness.”

Sabian Symbols:  In the same way that each astrological Sign has a flavor or meaning, each degree of the zodiac, all 360 of them, has it’s own flavor!  The flavor or deep meaning of an individual degree is called its Sabian Symbol.  We put it in quotes and italics, and often amend it with Dane Rudhyar’s expansion on it from his book An Astrological Mandala.

Is there a part of yourself that’s been brewing for a little over a year, that has to do with integrating various parts of your Life, and that allows you to bring more of your Passion into the pursuit of your Deepest Desires?  Or at least a strengthening drive to seek your Passion or Follow your Joy?  Maybe some issue or decision or process that was lit up last Christmas?  You could easily have breakthroughs here.

The Mars-Pluto entanglement here is a Waning Square.  Its Can-Opener was during the last few days of 2013, and this Cycle began in late November 2012, at 9 of Capricorn, “An Angel carrying a harp: The revelation of the spiritual meaning and purpose at the core of any life situation.”  Mars-Pluto usually doesn’t screw around, so this sounds like it’s right out of Pi’s playbook around Responsibility.

Squares – the Motivators:  A Square between two planets – when one is a quarter of the way round the loop from the other – I’m sure you know by now if you’ve been reading for long, is an Angle symbolizing Mastery through Challenge.  The Waning Square is the time of debriefing, for reviewing what we’ve experienced and learned, so we can be sure to take it with us when we leave.  The Waxing Square is when a Cycle’s Song gets into the elevators, or the Energy becomes permanent.  Prior to the Waxing Square, the Song was mostly in the background.

Remember Northern Winter Solstice 2012, when the Mayan Calendar ended and Pi replaced Gaia as the Goddess inhabiting the Earth?  Seems like only yesterday, right?  Whoa, no way.  That was lifetimes ago in subjective time.  Can you detect a qualitative difference in your own Life?  This is a real good time to Pay Attention to what’s Changed, what hasn’t Changed, and what still need to Change.

The Mars-Jupiter Cycle began in July 2013, and hit the Can-Opener of its Waxing Square in January of this year.  The Initiation was at 6 of Cancer, “Game Birds feathering their nests: An instinctual dedication of self to new forms of life.”

There are new stages of your Life being born here.  Do you feel them?  Are they part of your own Intention, or are they being forced upon you?  Are you Resisting?  (It’s futile, y’know.) 

Meanwhile, Mars has also been dancing with Vesta, Ceres, and the North Node.  Mars came sashaying right up to all three of them in late February, but stopped a few degrees shy of overtaking them, as they all turned Retrograde at one big party around March 1.  In July, once Mars gathers momentum again, it will overtake these three and Initiate new Cycles.  So there are a number of Energies that are fading into history here.  Probably wouldn’t hurt to talk more about those too, as we’ll be Intuiting those Futures too here at the Mars Station.  But we’ll do that later; for now…

And Endings Galore. 

We’re growing increasingly frustrated about following a course we’ve been considering to be Sacred, as we see Moths eating holes in that tapestry.  The Sacred is important, we can’t just abandon it completely, so something else will be taking its place.  Do you have any sense of what that might be yet?

We can’t keep following paths that aren’t Sustainable.  Changes are coming down there too.

Passion about our Mission?  Hard to do when we aren’t sure what it is.  But you actually do know.  Ask yourself, “What if I did know?” and then stop, back up, and pick up that first answer that you rejected so quickly that you barely noticed.  It’s impractical?  So…what’s your point?  It’s Disruptive?  Well, what will it Disrupt – that fraying old Unsustainable portrait you had of what you used to think was Sacred?

Venus and Mars II

December 28, 2013

2YrOldVive la différence

Natal Venus and Mars

As we were saying, the more we Act out our nominal gender, the more we Project our hunger for Wholeness onto others, and the more we depend on Relationship to provide for us what it was never intended to provide.

In general, the Angle between our Natal Venus and our Natal Mars tells us how much work we may need to do to achieve Androgyny.  Those fortunate enough to be born with Venus Conjunct Mars are already there – only to spend much of their Life wondering why other people seem to have such strange ideas about Relationship – and/or What’s wrong with me that I’m not like everybody else?  While they’re expert on Relationship, because they innately understand its purpose (Play, Collaboration), they may be hard-pressed to Teach it, because it’s so automatic to them.  It will likely take them many years just to discover how gifted they are.

A Square between Venus and Mars can be nasty, because such a person isn’t here to enjoy the kind of external Relationship that Cultures mandate, they came here to explore the Edges of Relationship – only to spend much of their Life wondering why other people seem to have such apparent “success” about it – and/or What’s wrong with me that I’m not like everybody else?  They of course are our real Teachers about Relationship, especially in a World in flux, because they know from Experience where the Boundaries and Edges are.

In a stable World the Expert is someone who knows all the right answers and how to do things the right way.  When the World is in transition (such as now), such a traditional Expert is useless.  That’s when we need the self-taught people with Squares, who’ve spent their Lives exploring what might work and what might not work. 

This is why we refer to Squares as Mastery through Challenge – it’s a very different and very organic kind of Mastery that traditional Experts, who have learned from what worked in the past, cannot match.  As long as the person with the Square measures themselves against others or arbitrary standards (like what Mom wanted), they come up short, and the result is frustration. 

Once the person with Squares begins to measure themselves against their irrepressible Curiosity about the unexplored, the result is more like Excitement.

Appreciating the Square for the real Gift that it is, usually takes even longer.

Of course a Trine between Venus and Mars provides Blessings, but it can also leave its “owner” helpless in the face of relationship difficulty, as their Experience with difficulty may be limited.  A Sextile is nice – there is Grace, but some effort is required.

The Quintile (72 or 144 degrees) can be like the Square – there is so much hunger for more knowledge (Experiential or otherwise) that satisfaction is uncommon without Conscious self-talk.

A Venus-Mars Septile (51, 103, or 154 degrees) can feel like a pain because when we Act at the wrong Time, we don’t just waste effort, we make things worse.  Yet when we get our Timing right, this is where Power resides.  If your Venus-Mars are Septile, cultivate clumsiness – if others see you as awkward and clumsy (as you will feel when your Timing is off – that is, much of the time) but light-hearted about it, it can be a very lovable quality.  If you watch the videos in the earlier post, notice the difference in the way you respond to the speakers who are a little awkward, compared to those that are slick.

The rest of us, with no particular Harmonic between our Venus and our Mars, are left muddling along.  Trying to sing along with the near-universal theme of popular music, but not at all sure whether it’s mirroring us or programming us.  A Square to our Mars or Venus from some other planet can be almost as Challenging as a Square between Venus and Mars themselves.

Transiting Venus and Mars

The current Venus-Mars angle, in the sky now (“Transiting” in astrologuese), is a Biseptile.  The Signs are Square, but the Degrees are not.  It’s like a Square with a Wormhole through it.

Venus-Mars applies not just to Relationship, but to any endeavor where our Goals and our Efforts are involved – are there any other endeavors?  The Cycle is about knee-jerk Nurturance – “A young girl feeding birds in winter.”  The Biseptile says to

Hold back if the Timing isn’t perfect, and Launch when the Timing is there, but don’t be attached to Outcomes

As is often the case, our endeavors are more often responses to prior PIAVAs and Unconscious Patterns than they are what we think they are.  Outcomes are always Teachings.  The less we involve our Ego with our Emotional Reactions to Outcomes, while fully honoring our Reactions, the faster we Learn and the fewer courses we have to repeat.

How to tell when Timing is perfect?  Not easy.  It’s a Magnetic process – you have to be fully prepared to Act, but Focusing on something else, so your mind isn’t trying to figure it out.  But not so Focused that you miss the cue.  A friend’s six-year-old once called it his “corner-eye” – always in one’s peripheral vision, but never in one’s focus.  It’s not about the words, it’s about the Body Language – your Body will know when the Timing is perfect, your mind won’t.  I’m not talking about lovers, I’m talking about anything we’re trying to Do or PIAVA – lovers just happens to be the perfect metaphor for Venus and Mars.

The concurrent Venus-Eris and Mars-Eris Cycles are about Creativity – “A pregnant woman in a light summer dress.”

The current triple Waning Square from Venus to Eris tells us that

It’s not a time to Create or Give Away Secrets, it’s a time to hunker down and save our Power for moments when it will be more effective.  We’re storing material and ideas for the next Creation, but at this time it has more value as Potential than as Manifestation.

The imminent triple Opposition from Mars to Eris can be Confusing –

We’ve been Acting to remove obstacles to our Creations and Creativity, but now we hesitate to Act, fearing we’ll go too far

Which is good – remember that

Confusion is the first stage of Growth, and the Opposition begins the Waning half of a Cycle, the half where we Grow out of Certainty and into Faith, or at least into Curiosity.

In simple terms, Mars is concerned with the Characteristics of things, and with changing those Characteristics, while Venus is concerned with the Relationship between things, and with changing those Relationships.  For instance, to Mars, when something is Vulnerable it’s open to Competition – like replacing your negative self-talk with positive self-talk.   From the perspective of Venus, when someone is Vulnerable they’re open to Connection – like empathizing with your despair.  Very different Skills, each very useful in context.  The more Perspectives we have in our toolkit, the more Skill we bring to the table.

Portal 6.07

June 5, 2013

Colorado-Milky-Way-by-Michael-UnderwoodWhat a gorgeous Michael Underwood photo of the rest of our Galaxy!

By now most all of us should be feeling the Neptune Station.  It occurs at half-past 1am PDT on Friday (June 7), but the ancillary events run all day…

  • the Moon Squares Neptune while crossing Mars at 7am PDT,
  • Pallas Initiates Mars at 2pm PDT, and
  • Mars and Pallas Square Neptune at 5pm PDT.

The Pallas-Mars Initiation happens within four arcminutes of the Square to Neptune, and both Pallas and Mars are still within the same arcminute when they exactly Square Neptune.  All three Squares to Neptune are Waxing, Gemini to Pisces.  It’s rare to have this degree of exactitude and coincidence, so we can expect it to be a Big Day.

The Meaning?  We’ll get to the details, but

It wouldn’t hurt to expect healthy Anger to erupt.  Your own, and that of others.  Don’t be surprised if you’re unsure of the trigger, let alone the cause.

They’re obviously feeling it in Turkey.  If you were programmed to believe that there’s no such thing as healthy Anger, then this is a great learning opportunity for you.

For the rest of us it’s about getting into the Present Time and differentiating Triggers from Causes. 

If we’re unaware that we’re angry about some repressed event from our childhood or some unreleased Karma from “past” lives, then we get mad whenever something reminds us of the Cause.  It’s a major contributor to Blame mentality and the resulting Scapegoating.

Let’s start with the Initiations; they’re at Gemini 6, “Workmen drilling for oil,” which Rudhyar hears as “The avidity for knowledge which ensures wealth and power.”  There’s an obvious Edge between service, avarice, and sustainability.  Oil to fire Vesta’s Hearth and provide Light.  Gainful employment and useful Work.  Exploitation of the Commons, almost certainly for private gain.  Likely degradation of the Planet.  It’s a busy symbol.

Mars is one of the Initiates here, and the Actor, the Workmen.  Mars the God of War – since WWI oil has been considered essential for fueling the hardware of War; witness the younger Bush’s Iraqi debacle.  With Neptune as Confusion, we need to see what Energy is becoming permanent, as that’s what happens at a Waxing Square.  The current Mars-Neptune Cycle began in early February at Pisces 3, “Petrified tree trunks lie broken on desert sand” or, per Rudhyar, “The power to preserve records of their achievements which is inherent in mature cultures.”  Hmmm.

I think I’d be more likely to see that symbol in terms of the inevitable failure of all cultures, and their eventual return to dust.  Trees are only petrified when they’re buried by lava or permanent flooding.  Social breakdown has certainly been a common theme this year.  The Moon-Neptune Cycle, which runs only a month, initiated May 31 (Moore OK Day) at 6 Pisces, the same degree as Neptune’s Station, “A parade of army officers in full dress,” which Rudhyar extols as “service to community” and community support.  Us pacifists have a different take, but it’s great that the officers are parading in their Sunday best rather than shooting holes in one another.

What jumps out at me is the high degree of organization and obeisance, as such parades are tightly choreographed.  What about the Pallas-Neptune Cycle?  Neptune last Initiated Pallas in mid-February of 2012, at Pisces 1, “In a crowded marketplace farmers and middlemen display a great variety of products.”  Rudhyar speaks of “healthy community.”  Pallas is constructive here, as Pallas was the Goddess of War, but also the Goddess of Wisdom.  Mars shoots first, Pallas asks questions first.  We think of Pallas as Boundaries.  Elizabeth sees her as Discerning Patterns, certainly an important part of Wisdom.

We can draw the hierarchy…

  • Neptune Stationing Retrograde as parading army officers
  • Pallas Initiating Mars, drilling for oil
  • Pallas Squaring Neptune in a crowded marketplace
  • Mars Squaring Neptune in a desertified petrified forest
  • The Moon Squaring Neptune on the parade ground
  • Pallas and Mars Initiating the Moon while drilling for oil

You can see how the simultaneity amps up the Energy, as the interaction terms multiply.

One more ingredient before we knead the dough – what’s Neptune up to in this Station?  Neptune symbolizes the Cultural Unconscious; it’s Neptune Energy that ties a culture, a community, a People, into an ineffable sense of Belonging and Ownership.  Neptune entered the second Dwad of Pisces in early February 2013, just after it Initiated Mars, and just as Chiron was Initiating Mars.  The Chiron-Neptune Cycle should remain high in our Attention, as it symbolizes the New Paradigm that we’re Co-Creating.

Neptune Retrogrades over 6 to 3 degrees of Pisces.  This is the Aries Dwad of Pisces (a Dwad is one twelfth of a Sign, or two and a half degrees).  Pisces is about Unfinished Business.  As the last Sign, it’s not the Oscars, it’s the inevitable letdown at the end of a project, sweeping the floor after the award ceremony.  No lack of respect here – it takes great skill to execute this stage of the Loop gracefully.  The first Dwad of Pisces is about wallowing in it.  Again, no lack of respect – Grief is a legitimate and necessary process, and it does not proceed without first the wallowing.

So the second Dwad, the Aries Dwad, is about conceiving the possibility of Transcendence.  There’s still much hard work ahead, but at this point we get a premonition of our possible destination, the bright Halls that await us once we finish processing our Destiny.  Destiny is Karmic – till we let it go.  Then it evolves into Creativity.  This is the stage when we begin to see what might be possible on the other end of the journey, the stage where we receive Inspiration.  The stage when we allow ourselves to Dream.  In that context, let’s look at the hierarchy again…

  • Neptune Stationing Retrograde as parading army officers
  • Pallas Initiating Mars, drilling for oil
  • Pallas Squaring Neptune in a crowded marketplace
  • Mars Squaring Neptune in a desertified petrified forest
  • The Moon Squaring Neptune on the parade ground
  • Pallas and Mars Initiating the Moon while drilling for oil

So we’re searching for motivation (drilling for oil), beginning to organize (the parading officers), determined to survive and seeking the wisdom of past failures (the petrified forest), and seeking community (the crowded marketplace), as we prepare to review our objectives.  We’ve brainstormed our list and drafted a rough sketch of where we want to be (while Neptune first crossed the Aries Dwad), and now we’re ready (as Neptune Retros over the same territory) to go back over our manifesto and assign priorities, flesh out details, fill in colors, envision strategies, and determine dependencies and timelines.

All conceptual of course, as this is Neptune and this is Pisces, and this is only the second Dwad.  It’s still a Dream.  But we’re beginning to give the Dream enough substance that it can be our template for motivation.  In Pisces our work is Emotional, not engineering, so we’re ruminating more than taking pencil to paper or hammer to nail.  Remember that Emotion is the Glue that molds and holds Matter into Form.  Without Emotional Commitment we Create nothing.  Emotion is the papier-mache that we’re plastering onto the stick-figure outline of our Dream.

We consider and reconsider how we want to develop the details until Neptune goes direct in mid-November, then we polish it and dot the T’s till next March, when we move into the Taurus Dwad and get serious about construction.  But still, this is Pisces.  We’re a long ways from wood and clay.  We’re building our Emotional Vessel, a blueprint not for how it should look when it’s done, but how we want it to feel.  And much of that building is sculpture – we subtract what we don’t want more than adding what we do want.  Negative Emotions, in other words.  So-called Negative Emotions.

Michelangelo didn’t patch David together from gobs of clay, he hewed away the unwanted bits from a block of solid Marble.  That’s the spiritual equivalent of what we generally consider to be “negative” Emotions – Grief, Fear, Shame – and Anger.  Healthy Anger, grounded in Present Time, sets good Boundaries.  Like this example from the Constitution of the State of Montana, quoted from Paul Cienfuegos’s talk on Ending Corporate Rule

“All political power is vested in and derived from the people.  All government of right originates with the people, is founded upon their will only, and is instituted solely for the good of the whole.  The people have the exclusive right of governing themselves as a free, sovereign, and independent state.  They may alter or abolish the Constitution and form of government whenever they deem it necessary.”

Or Arundati Roy

“The news item was brief and buried in the back pages: ‘India: Maoists Ambush Patrol, Killing 7 Soldiers.  Thousands of people have been killed in the past decade in violence involving Maoists, who claim they represent India’s dispossessed, particularly indigenous tribal groups.’  You may wonder, What’s going on?  Isn’t India a democracy?  In India, the U.S. and other countries the actual functioning of democracy has largely been hollowed out.  Yes, there are elections and people vote but the nexus of decision-making power lies elsewhere.  Corporations dominate the political process.  With their fistful of dollars they are able to exact outcomes that benefit them.  As environmental destruction continues unabated we must reimagine a different world.  One in which people and the planet are more important than profits.”

Michelangelo started with a block of Marble that someone else had already started sculpting, so he had to adapt to sections that were already missing before he began.  So it is with us, as our “Past” Lives and repressed childhoods are as if hewn by someone else, not by our Ego but by the Unconscious.  Much of Pisces is about Soul Retrieval, getting back the parts of ourselves that were stolen by predators, and Soul Return, giving back the parts of others that we adopted as if our own, by Choice or by Programming.

But we aren’t quite done.  The Square from Mars-Pallas to Neptune is one side of a Pythagorean Triangle – a benefic Triangle composed of a Square, a Trine, and a Quincunx.  The Square provides motivation, the Trine Grace, and the Quincunx Curiosity, all complementing one another – you can’t find a better combination.  The third corner of the Triangle is Saturn, at 6 Scorpio.  Saturn, Mr. Pay Attention, will facilitate Pallas’s efforts to bring the Cultural Unconscious into the Present Moment, and into Consciousness.  Very handy.