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Still Fuzzy, but Powerful

June 15, 2016

Hope you got your PIAVAs registered into the Great Logbook in the Ether on Monday and Tuesday.  I did, and you’re about to read part of the result.  It’s not really too late; they’ll be a little less Powerful, but still very Strong.

(1)  Our CAO and I agree that Things are still Fuzzy, and will likely remain so for a couple more days.  Use this Energy to continue to Clear Limiting Beliefs – whenever any of your historical “Failures” or Discouragements or Dissatisfactions arise, recognize it as an Opportunity to Let Go of that Limiting Belief.  

We build Karma through Repetition.  Each time you reinforce your sense of Failure or Discouragement or Dissatisfaction around some apparently recurring Pattern, you reinforce the Negative Belief.  Each time you recognize…

Aha!  That was the result of a Negative Belief, and I don’t need to hold on to that any more!

you reinforce your Freedom from that Limiting Belief.

(1)  With Neptune still Stationary, the Waning Exposition Saturn-Neptune Square is exact around 9pm PDT 17 July, and the Moon crosses Saturn around 6pm PDT 18 July.  As for the Can-Opener…

We worked this over pretty thoroughly in Nep Tunes, Pisces, and Saturn last November, during the first occurrence of this repeat astroevent; a review would be very useful…

This recurrence will trigger our Unconscious Beliefs, and our Intuition will be very available to help us identify and catalog them as Beliefs rather than Facts of Life or Karma.

(2)  There’s an excellent chance that your Frustrations are about your Deepest Desires.  Don’t Reject them, Embrace them.  I know, there’s a million Yes-Buts; replace each one with a Yes-And.  For example…

Yes-But it’s always been that way.  Yes-And let’s start Changing that right now!

Yes-But I’m not _____ enough to pull that off.  Yes-And I don’t need to be _____ enough because I really only need (one)(a few) people to Support me.

Yes-But it’ll rock so many boats that are important to me.  Yes-And all I really need to do is PIAVA Both my Deepest Desires And stable boats.

Yes-But, that will Violate my Values.  Yes-And my Values and Deepest Desires can Converge, as they both Adapt to each other, if I’m willing to let that happen.

Yes-But, the Contradictions drive me crazy.  Yes-And, Contradictions are only possible in a Duality, and the Universe is Unitary and Multifarious.  A Contradiction in the Mind is just a Mirror for a Paradox in the Real World, and a Paradox just means I need to Expand my Limiting Concepts to Let It Be as It Is.

Never forget that our Deepest Desires are Funhouse Mirrors for our Mission in the Lifetime.  They’re Bottom Line to our Life.  We just haven’t Expanded enough yet to Grok just how they fit together.  But we’re working on it!  It’ll help to recall that Confusion is the first sign of Growth, and that Curiosity will make your Live nine times as good as Judgment will.

We don’t know how our Lives will unfold.  But we know that we’re drawn inexorably toward our Deepest Desires and our Mission.  Our Hero’s and Heroine’s Journey (or Heroin Journey if we chose that route) is the story of how we Bridge the Gap between them.

(2)  Saturn is Opposed by Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) and Asbolus (Intuition), making a T-Square Focused on Neptune.  If you want an Energy to Balance the T-Square (ie, complete the Grand Cross), it’s easily available – Jupiter-North Node, Expanding into our Mission and Deepest Desires.


November 30, 2015

Well, had I known in advance, I certainly would have warned youalls about the Chiron Station last Friday.  Grandtrines ( had to remind me.  Another opportunity NOT to re-grasp our Old Bummers as they try to fly out of our ears, and another reminder that we grasp our Karma, not the other way around.  Have you noticed that Change is in the air even more than it has been lately?  I find these daily readings to be useful…

Here’s another picture of it…

My own experience hasn’t been as dramatic, but it’s certainly been interesting.  A couple weeks ago the computer on which I do most of my astrology crashed.  I tried several interventions, but none worked.  Meanwhile, it’s going on Thanksgiving in the USofA, where nothing much gets done, so I didn’t even try to call in the pros.  Big storm last week, power out for a while – computers go down and don’t restart on their own.  

Then a couple nights ago, Ganeshi, the Hindu Remover of Obstacles, was all over my napitations.  So I Asked Ganeshi to Remove All Obstacles between me and my computer working again.  The next day it occurs to me while thinking about how to navigate a repair to the computer, that I should retry those initial interventions again before rebooting the computer.  Voila, we’re back in business!

I don’t know which day they found this Diamond on, but they announced it on November 18.  It’s the second-largest natural Diamond ever discovered.  The weight?  1111 carats.  “Coincidences” galore…

Dr. Kim has said this before, but this is a particularly skillful presentation…

 Illustrating the principle that Mind, Body, Emotion, Spirit, Energy are not different “segments” of Reality, but different Perspectives on Reality.  Like Linear Time and the necessity of Competition, the Segmentation view is just a mass hypnosis.  A single episode of Instantaneous Healing disproves the Segmentation principle.  Until you ditch your Segmentation Beliefs, you won’t Believe Instantaneous Healing even when it slaps you upside the head, and you’ll Revert.  Here’s a remedial exercise…

 You could even Ask Ganeshi to Remove All of the Obstacles between yourself and Instantaneous Healing, though you’d also want to be sure to Ask for a Gentle and Loving Release of All the Obstacles, lest your Reality pixelate.  The Veil is thinning after all.  Carol Look will help…

If you’ve gotten this far, here’s an Instantaneous Healing story from Robert Moss’s Dreaming the Soul Back Home (pp.116-7), with a few small changes just to make the story flow in shorter form…

” ‘I don’t know what I’m doing here,’ an attendee declared early in one of my [Dreaming] workshops in France.  ‘I’m not a dreamer.  I haven’t remembered any dreams since I was seven years old.’  

“In the intimacy of a small group she told us that when she was seven, she dreamed that a hand came from behind a curtain, offering her chocolate.  She loved chocolate, but she was terrified by the disembodied hand.  She woke up screaming.  Her parents did what adults so often do out of ignorance.  They told her to forget the dream – ‘It’s just a dream’ – and go back to sleep.

“She could not forget, so (good Catholic girl) she prayed to Jesus and Mary and all the Saints never to dream again.  

“It seemed her prayers were answered.  She now agreed, bravely, that she would try to re-enter the ‘old’ dream with a firm and clear intention: she wanted to open the curtain and see who was behind it.  The group members, including me, would go with her during a drumming session, as companions on the road and to act as bodyguards if she ran into anything nasty.

“Our bodyguard services were not required.  At the end of the drumming, she was jubilant and astonished.  She had found a being of radiant light behind the curtain [who turned out to be a compassionate friend of her father’s who had been a good friend to her in her youth].  

“He apologized for having frightened her in the dream of long ago.  He had been killed in a car accident shortly before her dream.  His face had been disfigured, and he had not wanted to frighten her by appearing to her as he looked after the crash, so he had veiled his face with the curtain.”

It’s always hard to know in advance what’s behind the Veil, but it’s usually not nearly as nasty as we imagine it to be, and even when it is, once we remember that it’s not Present Moment, the nastiness is short-lived.  Notice the Oath, in this case a fervent Prayer.  This short-lived Regression into nastiness, and/or our Fear of it, is the “Punishment” that Orcus metes out to Oath-Breakers.  We’ll look at the Orcus “Discovery” chart next.

Wanna and Shooda

November 25, 2015

The Most Important Thing at this Full Moon (and for two weeks after) appears to be Paying Attention to anyplace in your Life where you feel Doubt or Conflict or Resentment – an Either/Or, maybe one that you’ve been struggling with for several years now.  The Either/Or probably boils down to Wanna versus Shooda.  On one side, “I Want to…” (phonetically, “I Wanna”), on the other side “You Should…” or in the case of a Regret, “You Should Have…” (pronounced “You Shooda”).  We already have a huge clue, don’t we.  “You Should” isn’t our voice talking to us like “I Want” is.  “You Should” is someone else’s voice that we’ve Internalized, Merged with, making their Energy a part of our own.

We don’t even care whose voice it is, though when we spend a few seconds Being that person it’ll be obvious.  We may know who it is before we even do that, but it’s good to check just to make sure.  It could be a composite of several people.  Wanna/Shooda is the quintessence of our Mask-Dropping Uranus-Pluto Yintegrity Issues.  What an incredible waste of Energy, source of Stress, and ultimately cause of Dis-ease.  So how to Heal it?

Well, it’s a natural for Fritz Perls’s two-chairs strategy.  Wanna sits in one chair, and Shooda in the other.  “You” bounce back and forth between the two chairs.  Wanna starts the game by asking Shooda, “What is it you Want?”  (Want is kind of Wanna’s specialty.)  Then you move to Shooda’s chair, pull on Shooda’s Personality-jammies, and try to answer honestly.  Keep trying until you find a positive Want for Wanna, something you both can get behind.  It’ll probably start by having something to do with reducing Shooda’s Anxiety (“I was afraid you’d get hurt”), and gradually move toward something to do with Wanna’s Safety or Comfort (“I Want you to be Happy!”).

Problem is, if we follow Uranus-Pluto’s siren song, we’re going to run up against all of the Yes-Buts that have ruled our Life – and Limited our Joy and Genius – so far.  Yes you Want to be an Artist, but do you know how many Artists starve to death?  Uncle Xavier was an Artist, and you know what happened to him.  Look how comfortable and confident Aunt Bee, the Engineer, is.  She was able to retire at 40!  Or maybe you really Enjoy solving complex mechanical problems, but Shooda only respected starving musicians.  Shooda may never have looked to see what you Enjoyed, or what you had effortless aptitude for.  Or they may have known what you had natural Skill and Joy for, but had no respect for it.

Wanna more or less personifies your “Pathological Genius,” the Unique Skill that of all the Entities on the Planet, only you can Master.  It’s not a Competition between you and all the other Wannabe Masters; Competition is Shooda-think, us versus them, Either/Or.  It’s about the Unique Skill that only you can contribute to the Collaborative Teamwork that will rescue the Planet from the waterfall a decade or two downstream.  Wanna-think is Both/And.  If we follow Fritz’s Gestalt far enough we may get to the place where Wanna and Shooda work together Win-Win.  That’s Power, Ease, and Health.

You’ll probably also need additional work – rewrite Dawson Church’s Tapping sequence to extend the theme, “I Seem to Believe that I Should Do Different Things than I Want to Do” or “…I Should Be Different than I Want to Be.”  Some well-thought-out PIAVAs probably wouldn’t hurt either, such as “I Wonder what it would be like to have my Shoulds Support my Wannas.”  And a few well-placed “You poor Sweetheart, you’re really Shoulding on yourself, aren’t you” Self-Empathy sessions with your Wannas wouldn’t hurt.  Follow-through is important.  Eliminating Self-Sabotage and Self-Limitation are well worth the Perseverance.  Think of the “Successful people” you know.  You could be like them.  If you Wanna.

Asteroid and dwarf planet Ceres completes a Grand Trine with the Moon and Mars-Makemake in the Full Moon chart, which creates a Kite focused on Sun-Saturn-Mercury.  So, as CAO Elizabeth points out, the Full Moon chart is one of those Maximum Power charts – a chart with a Grand Cross providing strong Motivation and Energy, while a Grand Trine provides strong Grace.  So the strongest planet in the Chart is Saturn – The Most Important Thing.  But, what is it that’s The Most Important Thing?  That would be the Opposition from Orcus to the Conjunction between Neptune and 2007 OR10.  Which is to say, the apparent Conflict between Confusing Material irrupting from the Unconscious, and Oaths we made in the Past.

Merging with another Huper – the source of our Shoulds – is the equivalent of an Oath, and probably involved Oaths directly at some point.  The major beneficiary of the chart is the Venus-Uranus Opposition, with it’s back-to-back Mjolnirs.  So the Confusing (ie, Growth-Oriented) Material is likely to be closely related to our Yintegrity.  Our Yintegrity-defying Masks are the embodiment of our Shoulds, and our Pathological Genius (which is a close cousin to our Yintegrity anyway) “contaminates” the irrupting Unconscious Material through a Novile (Occult) to Ixion.

Since the Venus-Uranus Opposition combined with the Grand Cross yields six eighths of a Grand Octile, we can say that the chart will be much easier than it could be, because Octiles are about Adjusting and Rebalancing, rather than big Challenges, or having to start from scratch – which is appropriate since we’ve already completed our freshperson, sophomore, and junior years at Yintegrity U.  The Vacancy between Sun-Saturn and Neptune-OR10 is 20 Capricorn, “A hidden choir singing during a religious service.”  The Moon-Orcus Vacancy is 21 Leo, “Intoxicated chickens dizzily flap their wings trying to fly.”

We can Consciously facilitate the process of Reforming our Shoulds, so they’re on our side, by Listening for the quiet voice of Intuition, and by developing a sense of humor about our Efforts.  For instance, it’s consistent that the more I hear my own Shoulds saying “Oh, this is bullshit” while I’m writing, the more people respond that what I’ve written has touched a chord for them.  So I’m better off seeing myself as an intoxicated Chicken singing hymns, than I am trying to act like a serious scholar of the Stars.

Emotion and Trauma

November 24, 2015

Emotions are not an Energy to be Controlled, they’re an Energy to be Respected and Listened to.  Without our Emotions we couldn’t keep ourself Safe, we couldn’t find Community, we couldn’t Transition from one Life phase to another.  Emotion becomes a problem when it Overwhelms all of our other Media.  We’re awakened in the middle of the night by a noise in the house, and our Body is overcome by Fear.  We become Ungrounded, and the mind is only useful for trying to figure out what the noise was and how much time we have to escape before being hacked to death by the neighborhood Samurai.  

Compared to our normal State of Being, and compared to being Grounded and Centered, our Experience of our Body is entirely different when Fear grips it.  In that kind of circumstance, we want to suppress our Fear Reaction just enough to Recover all of our other Senses, so we can be fully Present for attending to any danger that may actually befall us.  In other circumstances, Fear or Anger or Grief may grip us, but our Experience of our Body isn’t Overwhelmed.  Instead, our mind is Overwhelmed by Anxiety or Worry or Hypervigilance.  Actually, in many Experiences of that sort, our Sense of our Body may actually be very different – but our Anxiety is taking up so much bandwidth that we don’t even know what our Body Feels like.

Then there is Trauma and its aftereffects, situations where we are definitely not in the Present Moment, but reliving a segment of our Trauma.  We can’t Judge Trauma objectively; we can’t say whether we should or shouldn’t have been Traumatized when Ms. Grundy shamed us in front of the class, or we fell off that roof, or Uncle Fred slapped us for farting during Thanksgiving dinner, or the Nightly News comes on.  Or worse.  Trauma Reactions are subjective.  They depend on our State of Being as much as the exterior stimuli, and not in any predictable way.  The difficulty with Trauma is that it keeps on giving.

When a Present-Moment situation triggers a memory of part of our stored Trauma, we React as if we were in the middle of the Trauma, when it occurred.  And it occurs on the Unconscious level, so we don’t know that we’re not in the Present Moment.  Until we notice that the cars don’t have tail-fins, or that we aren’t in the jungle or the desert, or that the wallpaper is a different color.  Drunk drivers kill more people every week than were killed in Paris, and in the US allopathic medicine kills more people in two hours.  But we don’t notice that, because the Paris attacks trigger different stored Traumas.  Unless it was our own family or friends that were killed by drunk drivers or allopathic medicine.

Gilles gives us an interesting Perspective from stage right…

And Donna taps Dawson Church for a thorough Tapping sequence that can probably be adapted for dealing with any resurrections of Trauma…

It’s an excellent example of the form Tapping can take when it’s taken seriously – as it deserves to be.  Many people say “Oh I tried Tapping and it didn’t work,” but I question whether they’ve tried it to this extent.

I remember lifting my head at the wrong time while crawling under a table, and after I Recovered my sense of Self, making an Oath never to let myself be unaware of my surroundings like that again.  I was probably about nine.  Some of our Traumas came with Oaths, and some didn’t.  When Mother Shamed us we may have Sworn never to let anyone see that we were Shamed, in hopes that they’d lose interest if they didn’t see a result.  Or maybe an Oath never to get caught doing that again.  We make Oaths like this fairly often, usually without considering the context and unintended consequences.  Each one becomes a Limiting Belief, mostly Unconscious, and constrains our Future.

You’d think that if I decided I wanted to, I could bang my head on the underside of a table all I wanted, and that’s probably true, though you’d also think I’d be old enough to know better.  But what about other situations where I don’t want to be hypervigilant about my surroundings.  Suppose I want to relax my Boundaries so the Birds in the Garden can come speak to me.  Or I want to avoid jerking my head when I see something move out of the corner of my eye, because when I do that I’ll never make contact with the Sylph there.  It’s much harder to downshift from the unintended consequences of our Oaths, and in fact often very difficult to connect our current Limiting Beliefs to our historical Oaths, because our vision doesn’t penetrate the Veil.

Oaths are declarations of Intention – PIAVAs, and to reverse them we need a reverse PIAVA – an AVIAP if you will.  If “I Intend to reverse the Oath that Separates me from connecting with the Critters and the Faeries,” then I’ll need to Change the Subject and Pay Attention this time.  I may need to Pay Attention not to hit my head, if indeed this is the Oath that applies here.  The adage, “Be Careful what you Ask For” very much applies here.  When we PIAVA or make an Oath, we’re calling Energy out of the Ethers and coaxing it into Form.  In some circles, all broken Oaths must be Punished.  If we’re dealing with an Oath that severely Limits us, we may want to Celebrate this Punishment!

Supposed for instance in our youth we Vowed not to Cause Trouble, however it was that our Significant Adults at the time defined “Cause” and “Trouble.”  We could easily have made such an Oath because we were tired of being Punished by them, even though their definition of Trouble never made sense in our own playbook.  Well, now that we’re compelled to Open up to our Pathological Genius, we may need to “Cause Trouble,” in many ways by many definitions.  Pathological Genii are Disrupters, and Disrupters Cause Trouble for the Status Quo.  When we make an Oath to accept the Trouble that our Pathological Genius will create, our Psyche will Punish us, because in making our original Oath we were Merged with our then-Significant Adults.  

They’re no longer around, but a portion of our own Unconscious carries their Energy, and fills in for them.  If you think they no longer have Control over us because we’ve “grown up,” try going home to their house for a few days.  That self-administered Punishment may just take the form of Anxiety, or appear in the form of “Accidents,” like my bumping my head.  Or worse.  Remember how Confusion is good because it’s the first stage of Growth?  Well, maybe we need to adopt the same approach to Anxiety and Accidents.  Oh, there’s Anxiety!  I must be Breaking Through a Limiting Belief!  “I Wonder what Limiting Belief this Anxiety is connected to!” (that’s a PIAVAW).  Curiosity about these Realms will help us untangle ourselves from the Archetypes and Oaths that structure our Personal Unconscious.  The more we know about that, the better.

All that just to introduce a Full Moon.  Well, not just a Full Moon, because Wednesday’s Full Moon is intimately connected to Thursdays Saturn-Neptune Square.  And once we get beyond that, the predominant Energy is that of the dwarf planet Orcus.  Orcus is the Punisher of Broken Oaths.  But we’re Learning to Recognize this Punishment as an early stage in the process of Letting Go of Restraints, Celebrate it, and Study it to understand as many of its ramifications as we can.  So we can PIAVA that our Punishment be mild and relatively obvious in how it’s Connected to what Oath or Archetype that we’re betraying, and that we notice the Connections.  The Unconscious is our Ally here, and need never be otherwise.  Since it’s in Control of our Life 99% of the time, it behooves us to befriend it.

The Full Moon Sun is Conjunct Saturn, so Neptune, Square to Saturn, T-Squares the Full Moon.  But the Stationary Orcus Opposes Neptune, so the Full Moon makes a Grand Cross with the Neptune-Orcus Opposition and the Saturn-Neptune Square.

There is Powerful Medicine here to Manifest a Reality that’s more to our liking and closer to our Heart’s Desire, based on the Limiting Beliefs we’re Releasing and the Freedom that results.

The only Grace Blessing the Grand Cross is Mars Conjunct Makemake, which Trine-Bridges the Full Moon and Quincunx-Bridges the Neptune-Orcus Opposition,

There are also very strong Insights available over the next few weeks, about how to increase our Yintegrity, and how to Enjoy doing it. 

Venus and Uranus Oppose one another at the far midpoints of the Moon-Neptune Square and the Sun-Orcus Square, respectively.  The result is two interlocking Mjolnirs on the opposite sides of the Grand Cross.

There’s more.  The Saturn Square will shake loose additional Unconscious Contents, and they will irrupt to seriously Confuse and torture us with rampant Feelings that make no sense whatsoever in our current Concept of how Reality is assembled.  Confusion!  Wow, we’re about to make leaps and bounds in our understanding of how Reality works, and this Confusion is just the first step.  Time for Celebration!  It already Feels like we’re drunk, so we may as well make it so.  But not while we’re driving – driving is dangerous enough in our Confused State.

Dwarf planet 2007 OR10 (Revelation of Unconscious Contents) is close enough to Neptune to be considered Conjunct for many purposes, and thus Opposite the Stationary dwarf planet Orcus.

Nep Tunes, Pisces, and Saturn

November 17, 2015

Here’s a wonderful example of Neptune’s Grace…

The astrological Signs are divided up into “Duads,” two-and-a-half Degree chunks, so there are twelve of them in each Sign.  Neptune turns Direct in the eighth Degree of Pisces on 18 November, near the beginning of the Fourth Duad of Pisces.  Planets go backward (“Retrograde” in the vernacular) and then Direct again when they want us to Pay Attention to something.  

Here Neptune – which signifies All Things Larger Than the Self (such as Culture, Gods and Goddesses, Union with the All, even at times Fear) – crossed this Fourth Duad of Pisces between mid-February and mid-June of this year, then stopped and backed over it from mid-June till Now.  Now it will cross this Territory again, for the third time, just in case we missed the Universe’s Message the first two times.

The usual process is that the first crossing of a Territory is what we call a “Can-Opener,” as whatever closet Resistance we have to what the Universe wants to convey, is triggered, and we’re caught off guard.  It’s been 250 years since Neptune last crossed this Territory, so it’s not like we got our homework assignment before this February-to-June pop quiz.  

If we manage to avoid Blaming someone or something for the Shock of the Can-Opener, and maintain our Curiosity and Awe about what’s happening “to” us during these Can-Openers – even though we are seeing through a glass darkly, then during the second crossing we are able to stay open to developing a clearer understanding of the Message.  We call the second crossing the “Exposition” phase, because the Message is “Exposed” more clearly then, and in slow motion – in this case mid-June to Now.

If we succumbed to Blame during the Can-Opener, then when the Universe repeats the Message during the second crossing, we’re Shocked again, giving us a second opportunity to receive the Message – or deepen our descent into Blame.  If we “get” the Message, in either of the first two phases, then the third crossing, which here spans Now through early March of next year, is what we call the “Confidence-Builder” phase, as the Universe “Shocks” us again, but this time our Experience allows us to understand what’s going on enough to Respond rather than React.  

It we miss the Message the third time, well, we miss out.  Like the Oath we swore in third grade never to Trust a Teacher again, the missed Message accrues to our Karma, and we’ll just have to work it out later.  No Pressure – that’s just the way it works, and we’ve been doing it since Time began.  There will always be another opportunity to Liberate ourselves.  It’s just easier if we do it sooner.

The interactions between planets are much more distinct and compressed in time, so it’s easier to Notice and Respond to those, than it is to Notice and Respond to the subtle differences between the Third Duad of Pisces and the Fourth.  For instance, in mid-April Vesta (symbolizing Unconscious Beliefs) danced with Neptune, and we were able to Learn about where we were Unconsciously Resisting Processes Larger than Our Self.  And next week Saturn (signifying our Projection of Order onto the Universe) will dance with Neptune, so we’ll get to see places where our concepts of Cultural Order are no longer functional – places where in the rocket’s glare the flag has lost its meaning.

The Saturn-Neptune Square is Waning, so basically, as we enter the Void phase of the Saturn-Neptune Cycle…

The Organizing Patterns we’ve projected onto our Culture and onto other Cultures, and the Organizing Principles we’ve been projecting into the ineffable realm of the Gods and Goddesses, no longer work, as we enter a ten-year period where Cultural and Religious conceptualization are thrown into a brown bag and shaken up, with an ultimate result that hasn’t been Co-Created yet – we won’t find out till we open the bag in 2026.  The result will depend a lot on how quickly and thoroughly we’re able to Let Go of our old concepts and drop into “Don’t Know” or “Beginner’s Mind” about Culture and Religion and other Neptunian Realms.  

This Saturn-Neptune interaction is a Can-Opener, and we’ve probably already seen the Shock we’d expect to accompany it, though we’ve been interpreting it through the eyes of last week’s and this week’s astroevents.  The Shock could intensify between now and next Thursday, when the Saturn-Neptune dance is “complete.”  The Exposition will occur next June, and we won’t see the Confidence-Builder till next September.  The Confidence-Builder won’t be about how well we’ve Reorganized our Cultural and Religious concepts; it will be about how well we’ve Let them Go.

But that’s next week; what about this week?  We’re dealing with that Fourth Duad of Pisces, what’s that about.

The Duads take their name and meaning from the Signs.  For Pisces, the first Duad is the Pisces Duad, the second Duad the Aries Duad, the third Duad the Taurus Duad, the fourth Duad the Gemini Duad,…, the twelfth Duad the Aquarius Duad.  

For Leo, to take another example, the first Duad is the Leo Duad, the fourth Duad the Scorpio Duad, the seventh Duad the Aquarius Duad, and the tenth Duad the Taurus Duad.  

The first Duad of Sagittarius is the Sagittarius Duad, the fifth Duad the Aries Duad, the ninth Duad the Leo Duad, etc.  Can you see the Pattern?  

Pisces is about Confronting Held Emotions.  Held Emotions are the cement that makes our Karma look like a formidable fortress wall.  Pisces is the last stage of the Void; the overriding opportunity is to Clear these Held Emotions so we can watch the Karmic fortress crumble like a sand castle in a rising tide.  The Nemesis of Pisces is Resistance.  Pisces has to Surrender to these Emotions, let the rising tide have its way with us, and wash us Clean.  That’s how we prepare to start afresh in the next Cycle.

The First Duad of Pisces is about getting overwhelmed by these Held Emotions.  Neptune “Rules” (is very Strong in) Pisces, so Neptune in the First Duad was probably pretty intense for most of us; check your Journal for April-July of 2011 and February-April of 2012.  

If we Surrendered to the tsunami in the First Duad, the Second Duad of Pisces is about beginning to make Lemonade, beginning to do something Creative with our Emotional Energy.  The Second-Duad Can-Opener found us in April-July 2012, during the second Transit of Venus across the face of the Sun and the first Uranus-Pluto Square, then again in February-April 2013, where we began to get our footing after Time Ended, with the assistance of all the Grand Trines that Pi was using to help us over the Threshold.  

In the Third Duad of Pisces we were Challenged to Stabilize our new Energy, our new way to use Emotional Energy.  Emotion, after all, is what molds and holds Energy into Material Form.  Once the Grand Trines ended, in May-July 2013 (and again starting in March 2014), it was up to us to hold on to what we gained in the Second Duad, up to us to begin Habituating new Patterns that would promote our Mission rather than Sabotage it.

Finally, starting in March of this year, we’ve moved into the Fourth Duad.  Here we begin to Spread our newfound, Stabilized Skills at using Emotional Energy to Create what we Want.  We’re Challenged to Let Go of our Pride over what we’ve already Created, so we can get ready to Design Version 2.0.  And to Imagine how we can Expand our new Skills into additional realms.  We’re beginning to Imagine how we might Co-Create new models of Community, models that Support us rather than Control us.  Starting 18 November, we start into the Confidence-Building stage of this process.

We can’t forget that this Neptune Station is followed a day and a half later by a Station of dwarf planet 2007 OR10 – Becoming Conscious of our Unconscious Beliefs.  Stations of Nessus and Vesta have intervened since we talked about OR10, so we might want to review…

We Experience simultaneous Stations as similar to Initiations, and OR10 Initiated Neptune recently anyway – for many purposes they’re still Conjunct.  We’ll say more about all this soon.

Anger, Grief, War: Flags, Eagles, and Roosters

November 16, 2015
Our Chief Asteroid Officer Elizabeth points out that in a few hours (8am-noon PST 17 November – ) Mercury and the Sun will both be Initiated by the asteroid Achilles.  The Mythical Achilles, whose name can be rendered as “the Grief of the Nation,” was killed – by the God Paris of course – in the Siege of Troy.  Achilles is best known for his Rage – and his fatal weakness.  It took ten years for his crew to destroy Troy and most of its inhabitants (including Paris), though he didn’t live to see the destruction finished.  In some versions of His Story, the few remaining Trojans founded Rome.  Flags galore here, as elsewhere – As Above, So Below.

The Initiations occurred at 26 Scorpio, “Native Americans making camp after moving into a new territory.”  Elsie didn’t say whether they were simply following the seasons, or following up on the conquest of a rival, though in my reading the former is much more likely.  In that sense, we can see the Degree and its new territory as representing New Perspectives – our Eagle.  

The Sun-Mercury-Achilles Stellium, “coincidentally,” is Trined by the asteroid Paris (who was as famous for his corruptibility as for his impartiality), and Quincunxes the dwarf planet Eris (Curiosity about Revelation of what has been Denied) and Unxes the Haumea-Juno Initiation (Breaking Free of Archetypes) that occurs a short time after the Neptune Station (Dissolution of the Veil) on 18 November.  The new Juno-Haumea Cycle (Rebirth of Consciousness) is “coincidentally” about “The chanticleer’s voice heralding sunrise” (23 Libra) – our Rooster again.

A “Trojan” in astronomy is an asteroid that shares an orbit with a planet or moon.  Trojan asteroids are Lagrangian objects, safe from collision with the planet or moon because they orbit at gravitationally stable Lagrange points, Trine to the planet or moon.  Most planetary Trojans reside in Jupiter’s orbit, while most lunar Trojans are found around Saturn’s moons.  Asteroid Achilles is in fact a Jupiter Trojan, the first Trojan discovered, orbiting sixty Degrees ahead of Jupiter.  As seen from our Perspective, it’s approximately a Sextile ahead of Jupiter.

So 17 November may provide a Teaching about Rage, Grief, New Perspectives, Actions directed by the Unconscious, and eventually, Clarity.  While Grief can do a fair job of it, few things cloud the mind’s ability to make good Decisions (Mercury) more than Rage.  Revenge creates Dischord that can survive for millennia.  The Bosnian War, for instance, with all of its genocidal Outrages, continued 500-year-old Resentments from the Edges of the Ottoman Empire, which in turn continued 1,500-year-old Resentments from German (Ostrogoth) and Mongol (Hun) conquests, which overshadowed 2,000-year-old Resentments between the Albanians (Illyrians) and Italians (Romans).  

Eris, Goddess of Dischord, didn’t start the Trojan War, but the War was an indirect result of Male Gods screwing up rivalries between the Vanities of Goddesses.  Eris’s role was in bringing the Vanities of the Goddesses into Consciousness, where they unfortunately did not take advantage of the opportunity to Witness their Pain and Grow their Consciousness, but instead Chose to Ego-Identify with their Jealousies.  Paris’s role was to be Corruptible, though he Chose to be Corrupted by the Promise of Love over the Promises of Empire and Skill in War.

We won’t see Peace in this soap opera until Hupers Learn to use the Mirror to Recognize their Persecutors as Manifestations of their own Shadows, and to Recognize Rage as their own Self-Annihilation.  While Mercury may lend Insight, neither Recognition is remotely intellectual.


November 16, 2015

My astrological experience tells me that, once an astroevent has peaked, it’s influence wanes quickly, unless we’ve made decisions that freeze it.  More on that exception in a minute.  So, we’re past the Nessus and Vesta Stations, and the Energy should be leveling off.  But it’s not.  It feels like Time has been rolled up into a ball, like a ball of yarn, and tossed onto the floor for the Cosmic Kitten to play with.  Snippets of memory, not traumatic, but not pleasant – situations where it’s really easy to think of better possible outcomes – are streaming through like Netflix Unplugged, and we’re using our Big Wet Eraser a lot.  Here’s another good alternative, by the way… 

Of course it’s possible that astrology is changing too, since everything else is.  But Neptune is Stationary (Strong) in a few days, and dwarf planet 2007 OR10 is also Stationary the day after that, so we can easily put the astroblame for Cosmokitten’s hi-jinx on those two Stations.

When Neptune is Stationary, there are two important things to remember…

  • Karma is Inertia, not Retribution.  Karma does not grip us, we grip Karma.  When a bummer we recognize well arises, we aren’t likely to Habitually “Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade” (Or use our Big Wet Eraser).  We’re more likely to indulge our Victim.  We have the Choice, we can either Let that old bummer Go, or we can grab it again.  Most of us prefer old bummers to new Unknowns, so we continue to Choose our Victimhood.
  • If your approach to the World is Materialistic, Neptune will Manifest as Confusion.  If your approach to the World is Spiritual, Neptune will Manifest as Clarity.  Confusion of course is the first stage of Growth in Consciousness, as it’s what happens when your old Rigidities start to get fuzzy around the Edges.  Neptune symbolizes everything larger than our Self, so of course when it’s lit up it will threaten our current Ego.

Even when we remember to Erase, when Cosmokitten bats the yarnball this way and that and the Challenges come fast and furious, each separate Challenge is anew.  And with each Challenge we regress, and usually forget all of our current-moment tools for Letting Go.

Now, once an astroevent has peaked, it’s influence wanes quickly, unless we’ve made decisions that freeze it.  Suppose we’re scheduled to Let Go of obsolete Unconscious Beliefs about Separation.  If that’s the case, then it would be appropriate for examples of our Belief to be up in our face, along with Conscious or Unconscious flashbacks to the origins of our Belief.  The origin of an Unconscious Belief about Separation may have been an Outrageous Act on the part of Other, which inspired us to make an Oath never to Trust that Other again.  If our flashback is still Unconscious, we’re highly likely to renew that Oath.  If we’re Conscious enough about what’s going down to be able to stay in the Present Moment and Witness our former Outrage and our flashback to it, we may be able to Let Go of our old Oath instead.  Old, Unconscious Oaths become Limiting Beliefs which result in Self-Sabotage.  Letting Go of old Oaths Liberates us.

Eagles and Roosters

November 15, 2015

“A flag turning into an Eagle, turning into a Chanticleer saluting the dawn”

Recognize that one?  It’s the Sabian Symbol for the Chiron-Pluto Conjunction that accompanied the birth of our current Century.  That means it’s a code for the Energy of the entire 70-year Chiron-Pluto Cycle, and for the entire Century.  How to interpret the code?

  • Pluto is about how the Zeitgeist is changing.  Since it’s so much easier to flow with the Zeitgeist than it is to fight against it, we often use the word Mandatory as a shortcut keyword for the Energy of Pluto.
  • Chiron is about Witnessing our Discouraging Emotions.  When we do that we shift our Perspective, allowing what would have been considered “Miracles” from the Perspective of Identifying with Discouraging Emotions.
  • So the Chiron-Pluto Cycle is about how important it is to Witness our Emotions.
  • A flag symbolizes Identification with an intellectualization, like a nation-state, or a similar group.  It symbolizes Us versus Them.  The “turning” says that our Ego-Identification with nationalism (which at its core is really racism) is dying out.  Our Ego-Identification with Separation, and with the symbols of Separation, is dying out.
  • The high-flying, sharp-eyed Eagle symbolizes Perspective.  When we can fly high enough to see across the Boundaries, we may realize that we’re really All the Same, really All One.  What if they gave a war and nobody came?  When a neighbor slaps us, do we slap back, or do we glance in the Mirror and ask ourself how we might have offended them?
  • A Chanticleer is a Rooster.  The Rooster, of all the Animals, is in charge of notifying everyone when the Light Returns.  Perspective leading to Enlightenment.

Many folks are now rallying around flags, according to the Media.  Is that where you’ve gone, to the flag, to Separation?  There’s another clue.  There was music involved, and a Bird in the name of the musical group.  Which Bird was it?  Was it the Rooster?

The rallying began when Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) and the South Node (What we’re Letting Go of) were on the local Midheaven (Community), with Vesta Stationary (Strong).  Nessus (Male Privilege) was Conjunct 2007 OR10 (Irruptions into Consciousness), both Stationary.  The Moon was on the Great Attractor.

Vesta and Self-Rejection

November 12, 2015

I’m a little surprised about how much subtle Self-Rejection arises today, obviously (time-wise) a correlate of Vesta’s Station.  Vesta signifies our Unconscious Beliefs, and if we have an Unconscious Belief of Unworthiness, it does make sense for it to be lit up.  One of Francine Shapiro’s techniques in Getting Past Your Past is to re-imagine your negative Self-talk in a cartoon-character voice – Donald Duck or Elmer Fudd or Kermit the Frog, or Obelix.  

To retrain ourselves she recommends (I’m editing a bit) keeping a log of uncomfortable Emotions and unsupportive Self-talk, organized in six columns…

  • The Trigger – The Present-Moment trigger for the unpleasant Experience
  • The Negative Self-Talk – What are you saying or thinking about yourself now?
  • The Image – Hold these two in your mind at the same time and allow yourself to float back into your youth; do any memories arises?  They may be very vague at first; that’s okay.  Can you tell who’s saying these things about you?
  • The Emotions – What Feelings are present?
  • The Sensations – Where are they in your Body?
  • The Score – On a scale of 0-10 (0 is okay, 10 is horrible), how upset are you?

Then you do one of her Return-to-Neutrality exercises, like washing the upset away with a fire hose or erasing it with a big wet eraser, or dumping it into an open full can of paint and stirring it in, or inhaling deeper into your Belly.  She has many others in the book.  Or you can Tap, or Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade, or PIAVA Grounding and Self-Respect, or share with someone non-Judgmental, or write about it at greater length.

A long time ago I took a course on how to quit smoking, and they had me continue smoking for a week, but wrap my cancerstick package in a sheet of paper.  Each time I wanted a cigarette, I had to unwrap the package, and write down the time of day, what I was Feeling, and what I was Doing.  By the end of the week I had a good idea of what Triggered my  nicotine urge, and I was able to pick the top several Triggers and Create alternatives.  After a meal, rather than smoking I’d drink a glass of water and go for a short walk.  While talking on the phone I’d doodle instead of smoking.  Not smoking became easy.  After several days I had a Dream, and in the Dream I was smoking a cigarette.  After the Dream, I haven’t once had any urge for nicotine – and it’s been several decades.

Keeping this log for a while should have a similar effect.  Not only will it encourage connection between Present-Moment events and otherwise-Unconscious memories, but it will reveal otherwise-hidden Patterns, and help develop the Habit of Noticing.

Portal 11.11.15

November 11, 2015

Some excellent comments on the 11/11 Portal…

There are places where strangers look you in the eye and smile as you pass on the street, and there are places where they look right through you.  Zombies.  They say that so many Souls are attracted to our Planet at this time because they don’t want to miss our Jump into Hyperspace, but sometimes you wonder if the Zombies have Souls at all.  They’re just Mirroring the parts of our Self that we’ve cut off.  As you go to sleep on Friday the 13th, first PIAVA to Let Go of Resistance easily, and to Enjoy a Loving and Gentle Soul Retrieval.  Then recall one of those Sleepwalkers you saw during the week, and just for a few minutes imagine yourself walking in their Body.  Just for a few minutes.  Then Let it Go, Change the Subject, and PIAVA to remember your Dreams.

I’ve been Learning some great new “tricks” from Francine Shapiro’s Getting Past Your Path, like this one from p.59…

“If you’re comfortable doing [this] experiment, then close your eyes, notice how your body feels – then bring up that humiliation from grade school and observe what happens.  Notice how your body feels and any thoughts that come up.  Just notice it.  Then imagine washing away the image with a high-pressure water hose or a large wet eraser, and open your eyes.  This is another technique you can use to change negative mental images.”

Or, it you get stuck in a Zombie, use it to wash away the shell and leave just your own Safe Self.