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Time Travels

August 30, 2019

Casey writes…

“I LOVE reading your posts.  I often times get deeper and deeper within, yet then I’ve realized I’m not sure what year you’ve posted …is there a way to include the year (date) of your posts within the start of the post?  Just curious but perhaps you have a reason or I’ve somehow missed it somewhere ;)  Much love for the work you give freely!”

Thanks, Casey!  Namaste!  I think this is worth a “public” reply (here at the end of August in 2019), namely…

You’re right, I’ve been lazy. I’ve occasionally been mildly irritated that the year is so hard to find (often at the end of the post, of all places) in this blog format, but not nearly as irritated as I am at the internet (and search engines) in general for constantly mixing the ancient with the current.  So here I am perpetuating my own “peeve”!  I will try henceforth to put the year near the top of each post – many thanks for bringing this to the forefront of my Attention!!  I almost never use a date without year in my other blogs; I’ve just lazily been assuming that WordPress would provide the year somewhere.

It is a little more complicated.  When you click on the email that announces the post, you’re taken to a screen that includes only the current post, and WordPress’s full date is included, but only in the “small print” at the very end.  But if you enter from, or click on one of the “Categories” in the right-hand column of, the dates are prominent, right under the post titles.  So if you clicked on an old email, only the date of the email would tell you that the post was not current (till you scrolled to the end of the post).

Of course there are caveats.  When you get deep into a post and it’s not current, the post may be delivering an Intuition to you.  That could go either way.

The post could have Lit Up something Karmic (ie, not Current Time), which could become a big AHA about an Obsolete Pattern that you weren’t Noticing (like my conflicted approach to Timelessness – I’ll be Examining that!).

Or it could have Lit Up something that’s Current Moment for you but was omitted from more recent posts; Goddess Knows my posts only cover the slightest sliver of what I expect to be the top layer of what’s going on, so there’s always Lots More.  And that’s only when I have time to post!

And then there’s your own “Transits” (the Relationship between where the planets are now, and where they were when you were born).  What’s Lighting Up for you when you read an Obsolete post, may be what’s going on in your own personal chart, which, if it’s not also what I happen to be writing about, won’t be in the current post.  Our personal Transits can be Lit Up by the planets, or by the Degrees, or by their own significance.

For instance, Orcus is stomping on my natal Chiron as we speak (likely meaning that I should be Alert for any Opportunities to Let Go of Karmic Vows that may be perpetuating my Unconscious Limitations – whoo, good point, and good clue about a few anomalies in Life lately! – Thanks!).  But it’s in a Degree that hasn’t been particularly Lit Up lately.  “Chiron-Orcus” as a blog Category doesn’t exist (till now), because I’ve probably never written about that Cycle.  Interesting that it’s pretty well Mirrored by the Vesta-Chaos Unx in the Sedna Station chart, though.

We tend to think of our Life in compartments, but it’s really as Unitary and Integrated as it is Multifarious and Scattered.  Our Life is always in Balance; when it feels Out-Of-Round, what Balances it is in the Unconscious; it’s our Awareness that often lags a little (or on occasion a lot!) behind Our Current Moment Reality.