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Busy August VI

August 9, 2019

The Moon is crossing Jupiter as I write this (4:30 pm PDT 9 August), and the Moon is often a Trigger for Manifestation, so we may be Experiencing part of our Soul Descension now.  The Jupiter Station is near the Fixed Star Antares, one of the Royal Stars of Persia.  The Moon crossed Antares this morning (10am PDT 9 August).  Antares is the Lord of the West, or the Lord of Death – Ego Death in this case (the only thing that actually dies is the Ego; everything else is just Transformed).  Like all the Royal Stars of Persia, Antares means Great Success, with one Caveat – a potential Great Downfall.

For Antares, the Heart of Scorpio (in the Sidereal Zodiac), the Caveat is Compulsion.  The Soul is the ultimate in Spontaneity, and Operating as it does in many Dimensions, to the Dualistic mind and to the Observer in 3D, Unpredictability.  Few things are more Compulsive than Karma, so now we know why asteroid Karma was Stationary recently – to Clear Space for the Descent of a Spontaneous Soul.  Our Karma is so Compulsive that we usually mistake it for All That There Is.

If you get a Clear Sky, look to the South just after the Sun sets.  Jupiter is the Bright Star in the Sun’s Embrace, and Antares the reddish Star a little to the right and a little below Jupiter.  Saturn is a dimmer “Star” just off to the left.

In the “Tropical” Zodiac (the one we use), all this is going on in 10-15 Sagittarius, in front of the Great Attractor.  We can expect our natal planets in 11-15 of the Mutable Signs (Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces) to be Dancing in the Streets.

Busy August V

August 7, 2019

“Just when we begin to feel expert and comfortable, that is exactly when the nature of life’s restless heart forces us to move completely out of that previously comfortable era into one in which we are hopelessly inexpert.  In every stage it is as if we have to learn how to live all over again.  Though normal and unavoidable, often these natural life changes can be experienced as deep losses…

“The grief of raising children who are golden original mind-boggling beautiful sprites who become teenagers who hate us and want to get as far away from us as possible, or the grief of watching those same kids become adults as limited, afraid, and rigid as we are… are just a few of the stages of living filled with grief that are totally expected.

“For this reason, though natural, common, and anticipated, it is also just as right that we should deeply express these changes as losses through grief.  For this reason, in most of the world’s natural cultures, these changes are understood and experienced tribally as lines that must be crossed ritually with the help of the entire village…

“Natural culture doesn’t need to address life changes with therapy because they anticipate these changes and have a place for the grief.  These rituals of life changes are the major parts of their tribal everyday spiritual existence.  In this way grief is not left hanging but is converted into ritual beauty and culture-supporting continuity, which is not only experienced by the people in a massive communal way, but in a massive communal way these rituals also have the people giving life back to the Divine that gives life to them and the world.”

–Martín Prechtel, The Smell of Rain on Dust, pp.9-10.

Folks of our ilk may so Celebrate the Solstices and Equinoxes, and maybe even the Cross-Quarter Days.  But the sort of Celebrations that Martín describes are less common, and more important.  And it reminds us that one Loss we often Fear but seldom Grieve is Ego Death.  Astrology schedules Ego Deaths for us frequently – such as this week.

The symbol for our Soul (Uranus) and the symbol for Expansion (Jupiter) are both Strong (Stationary) on 11 August, and the impact of the Expansion part is greatly amplified (Jupiter Stations in front of the mid-Sagittarius “Great Attractor” and the “Shapley Supercluster,” two Galaxy Clusters, one behind the other, both mostly behind the Milky Way, and each stronger than the previous, that pull all of us toward them with a Gravitational Force thousands of times that of the Milky Way itself).

See the source image

In other words, you can say, “Oh, No Thanks!” but it won’t much help.

With our Uranian Soul symbol in the Sign of Matter (Taurus), we’ve recently begun a seven-year period that we can safely call The Descent of Soul into Matter.  Soul is Asking us to Expand a great deal beyond our usual day-to-day Limitations and Habits.  Just as an example, Soul is immortal, so while it may be Compassionate, it doesn’t have the Fear of Death that “we” – our Egos – have.  So we have to Expect that it will show us pictures of Death, in a “gentle” attempt to help us move closer to Recognizing our Immortality as Souls.

Energy precedes Matter, so if we continue to Project Demise and Fear of it out in front of us, more Death is what we’ll Create.

No question that it’s usually inconvenient to have to Surrender a Lifetime where we undoubtedly have Unfinished Business, but even in that circumstance we can reframe the Ego’s Intention as helping us to move closer to Recognizing what’s Really Important – our Ego’s education! That’s a lot more important than any Unfinished Business.  It’s the inept Political notion of Karma as Retribution that leads to the conclusion that Unfinished Business weighs us down.  Sure, we can rue Unfinished Business and thus make Karma out of it, but that’s just a different Curriculum we can Choose.

But Martín is right that All Losses Must Be Grieved, and every Ego Death is a Loss.  Rather than Respectfully and Gratefully Grieve our Ego Deaths after the fact, we usually Burn Up the same Energy in Fear before the fact.  We can Feel it coming on, and the Ego starts pedaling backwards as fast as it can.  We Expect a huge Soul Download over the next several days.  Open to it.  Invite it.

See the source image

Invite your Transition to be Loving and Gentle, and Ask your Current Ego to Respond to it with Respect, Gratitude, Surrender, and Relief.  Remind your Current Ego that it’s done a fabulous job of Keeping You Alive (its job description) so far, remind it that it can Trust the Soul to do a great job of selecting a bright-eyed Happy New You for the next assignment, and give it one last Hug.

In fact, Trusting the Soul is the biggest Challenge this week (asteroid Eurydike [Trust] Square Stationary Uranus).  And the basic process is all about Manifesting Miracles into Form by Following our Inner Voices (dwarf planet Makemake [Manifestation] Opposite Chiron [Despair/Miracles] and at the Focus of a Finger of God from the Sextile between Uranus itself and dwarf planet OR10 [Intrusive Memories])

We may have to be tricky to Hear the Voices (OR10) – Sitting Silently with our Eyes closed and Shushing the mind, for instance, or Clearing our Current-Moment Thoughts and Paying Attention to Random Memories or Stories that cross our mind – maybe a plot from last week’s TV show, a Stranger you passed today who reminded you of someone, a Strange but somehow familiar Smell, or a sudden Memory of a tale your favorite Aunt told you when you were but a golden original mind-boggling beautiful sprite yourself.

Don’t Strain – the Stories and Voices are meant to Trigger your Intuition, so making it Stressful will just clamp the tubing.  You Want only Joy and Fun here; certainly your Soul wound Want it that way.  Be continually Mindful for Bummers, and Poor-Sweetheart them or Tap them Out.  When Bummers arise, know that they’re Up so you can Let Go of them (Chiron)

If no Bummers arise, Look for them!  We all have Beliefs that we Accept as Just the Way It Is (Chiron), and those are the fences that keep us as limited, afraid, and rigid as we are.  But we Accept them as Just the Way It Is, so we aren’t Aware that they keep us Limited, Afraid, and Rigid.  When we Open those Windows, Miracles await just beyond the Pane.

Jupiter will be Lighting Up our natal planets in the neighborhood of 15 Degrees, and Uranus those in the vicinity of 7 Degrees.


November 11, 2016

This pretty accurately reflects my Reality this week… 

An excerpt…

So yes.  My body is currently reacting to the dis-integrity upon display.  But that physical reaction is taking place at a lower frequency of consciousness, a consciousness that aligns with the battle of Light and Dark that eternally tempts us upon the earth plane.  I shall not accept this opportunity to passionately duel it out, this time around.”

As is often the case, thanks to for the link.

11/11 is a 4 (1+1+1+1) – Dominion or Mastery, usually through Challenge.  11/11/2016 is a 13 (4+2+0+1+6).  The Thirteenth Harmonic is about Detachment and Letting Go – Death and Rebirth.

Are there any planets making Triskadektiles to Haumea, our dwarf-planet symbol for Rebirth?  Interestingly enough, the Moon is Sexatriskadektile (6/13ths) to Haumea at 11:11am PST, and Varuna makes a Waning Tritriskadektile (3/13) to Haumea.  The Moon symbolizes Authenticity and Trusting our Instincts, while 6/13th would be the Rebirth of Partnerships and Collaboration.

Varuna and Haumea travel at virtually the same speeds, Varuna taking only eleven months less than Haumea to compete its 283-year loop around the Sun.  So it’s 10/13th of the way ’round the Zodiac from Haumea, and will stay in that Angle for a while.  10/13ths would symbolize the Death and Rebirth of Fortune.

And today is the day that Haumea Initiates Sappho, starting a new four-year Cycle in the Rebirth of Self-Love.  Transcendence of course begins with Self-Love, so we’re Golden.  The Initiation occurs at 24 Libra, A Butterfly with a third wing on the port side.  That’s the Feminine side of course, and the wing symbolizes Spirit.

Haumea also makes a Grand Trine with Pallas and Chaos (Redrawing our Boundaries with Limitation), and is the Driving corner of the Ixion Golden Rectangle that we’ve been discussing at length.  And of course Opposing the Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne Stellium.

And did anyone notice that Saturn is on the Great Attractor?  No one knows exactly what that is, although it is suspected to resemble the Vacuum-Cleaner Creature from Yellow Submarine, as it is sucking everything near us toward it.

August-September VIII

August 28, 2015

jet9322bpTumbled samples of the Mineral Jet, also known as Coal.  Isn’t Coal the ultimate in Manifestation?  A reminder that the road to Joy runs through Gratitude.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω 

We’ve postulated that we’re being Ordered by the Galactic Command Center to Grieve the Loss of Unearned Privilege, or better yet, to celebrate the Loss as the Initiation of a Vision Quest to Retrieve an orphaned portion of our True Selves.  And we’re also being Asked to Take Full Responsibility to be Loving with the parts of ourself which we previously rejected as unfit for polite company.  Not Blame – which looks backwards to attempt to Understand Causes, but Responsibility – which looks forward to attempt to improve Outcomes.  Bear in mind that Ego Death, while it Feels like “I am dying,” it’s actually “I am dying,” to make room for an Expanded sense of Identity.

We’re gifted with enormous Grace here, but we’re also given an assignment, to be Courageously Loving with ourself as we work through whatever “I’d-rather-die-than-go-through-that-again” Karma we come up against.  If we could just Grow the Ego without pain, we probably would have done it a long time ago.  But we have Limiting Beliefs, Beliefs that the World is a certain way, and that certain avenues are Verboten to us.  If those Limits are still Painful to us, we’re better off than if we’ve accepted those Limits as “just the way thing are.”  If they’re still Painful, we can Empathize with our Self in the Pain, and break through surprisingly easily. 

“You poor Sweetheart, you’re really in Pain here, aren’t you,” we say to ourself.  That immediately shifts our Identity, and we no longer are the Pain, we’re Witnessing the Pain.  As Mother Teresa so skillfully demonstrated for us, we can Compassionately Witness Anything, no matter how horrible.  We don’t need to go to the slums or prison camps to Practice what Mother Teresa was Teaching us by example, we just need to be Compassionate with ourself when we’re in great Pain.  Karmically, after all, much of our great Pain was developed in slums and prison camps and their equivalents. 

It’s part of the program that we forget that we came here to Heal the Pain, not to indulge it.  We first Identify with it, in order to Embrace it completely when we do Heal it.  Once we Embrace it completely, we retire it, and afterwards there is less Pain in the World.  Our role on the planet is to be vacuum cleaners of Pain.

I’m not projecting that early September will be a time of great Pain, though as always, for some it will be.  What I’m suggesting is that if it is a time of great Pain for you, Witnessing your Pain will begin the process of Healing and Integration.

We’ve chosen September 5 (6pm PDT, ) as the poster child for the early-September Stellium of Stations, because at that time the Moon Conjoins the dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential, not Disorder), which Opposes the Stellium.  The Moon is often the trigger for bringing Energy into Form, as Manifestation into Matter is one of the major functions of Lunar Energy.  The prominence of Chaos opens the door to Unlimited Transformation.  The Stations themselves fan out like this…

  • 4 September – Ixion Stationary Direct (SD) 22 Sagittarius
  • 5 September – Chariklo SD 28 Sagittarius
  • 6 September – Pholus SD 23 Sagittarius and Venus SD 15 Leo
  • 7 September – Hylonome SD 29 Sagittarius
  • 9 September – Quaoar SD 27 Sagittarius

As we’ve said, the Venus Station is Trioctile (Compassionate Adjustment) to the Hylonome, Pholus, and Quaoar Stations, and to the Galactic Center.

The Grace arises primarily from a Grand Trine formed by the Stellium, Mars, and the approaching Uranus-Eris Conjunction.  While Uranus-Eris won’t hatch until next June, it involves the Soul (Uranus) demanding that we Reveal to ourself some major elements of the Self, which we’ve been Denying (Eris), while Mars (who was after all Eris’s brother) means War if we don’t oblige.  Denial, recall, is a healthy psychological function, allowing us to focus in situations where we’d otherwise be overwhelmed.  But Denial has an ending date stamped on it, and it’s coming up.

While the Stellium Stations span 4 through 9 September, we can reasonably expect that we’ll experience them most strongly starting a week prior – that is, now.  Once we get past 9 September, this Energy should drop off fairly rapidly, unless we’ve tried to Understand, made Decisions, and cemented the Energy into Form.

More Grace arises from the dwarf planet Haumea, which turns the Grand Trine into a Kite focused on Haumea, promising Rebirth if we navigate the shoals efficiently.  We’ve dealt with this Kite before, when Jupiter sat in the position that Mars now occupies.  Conveniently, Mars will fill this corner of the Grand Trine and Kite from 4 September till 12 September.

The implication is that we may be Feeling the Sturm und Drang of the Stations for the next several days without the Grace, which may not kick in until 4 September.  If we’ve already personalized the Pain by then, we may not even be able to Notice the Grace.

The dwarf planet Chaos makes a second Kite with the Grand Trine, adding yet more Grace and the promise of Unlimited Growth.  When a Grand Trine is supplemented by two Kites, it forms five out of six points of an enormously beneficial Grand Sextile, making the Vacancy at the sixth point arguably the most important point in the chart.  As a Vacancy, it’s up to us to provide that Energy to complete the Grand Sextile.  A Sextile, recall, promises Grace, but only after we take the first step toward What We Want.  The Vacancy is 21 Aquarius, “A disappointed and disillusioned woman courageously faces a seemingly empty life.

Hence the threat of Pain, and the importance that we provide the Courageous Response to it.  If we’ve resigned ourself to Believing that our Limiting Beliefs are facts about the external World, then we will have to break through that mental fog before we can deal with the Pain – hence it might actually be easier if we’re experiencing Pain.

We know exactly how to deal with disappointment and disillusionment, don’t we.  We usually use the words Discouragement and Despair instead, but we’re obviously talking about Chiron here, and how Chiron transforms Despair into Miracles by opening our eyes to new Perspectives which make the “problems” we’re Despairing about simply disappear.  If we ignore for a moment the environmental disasters that fracking can create, for instance, fracking is a Chironean response to the “problems” of Peak Oil – suddenly and unexpectedly we’re awash in cheap oil (making Global Warming even easier to Deny).

We convert Chironean Despair to Chironean Miracles by none other than Empathizing with our Despair.  “You poor Sweetheart, are you feeling like life will be empty now?”  That simple shift of our Identity, from Victim to Witness, opens us to new Perspectives. 

So how does Chiron fit into this chart?  Chiron is at the far midpoint between Mars and Haumea – at the focus of a Finger of God, meaning nothing less than Pay Attention to Chiron, Devote all of your Attention to where Despair resides in your Body, Lovingly.

The Stellium of Stations also Squares the Nodes, meaning that it may trigger our “Worst Fears” (South Node) and prompt us to move toward our Mission (North Node).  We’re aided by dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation) and the Triple Initiation it’s making with Lilith and the North Node.  The suggestion is that Yindependence and Creating the Feminine Way (PIAVA – ) will promote our Mission.

Saturn makes a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the T-Square from the last Degree of Scorpio.  This tells us that The Most Important Thing is moving through our Worst Fears.  Sagittarius is about Letting Go, and Chiron about Embracing, but Scorpio is about Getting to the Bottom of Things – Fearlessly.  This makes Saturn Unx to the Stellium, the Angle of Pattern-Breaking.  In other words…

The Most Important Thing here is Breaking the Patterns that Limit us.

While the Galactic Center is Sun to our Sun, as our entire Solar System rotates around the Galactic Center, there is an even greater Command Central named the Great Attractor (GA).  The Great Attractor is sucking the Milky Way and all of our neighbor galaxies toward it.  It’s at the Midpoint of Sagittarius, and Pallas currently Conjoins it.  Sagittarius is a very busy place.  Sagittarius symbolized Mutable Fire, or Letting Go and Moving On.  Pallas is about Tightening and Loosening Boundaries – another clue about how to frack our Limiting Beliefs.  Whom do we Judge?  Whom do we allow to “get away” with more than is appropriate, and how do we really Feel about that?  Locating those Feelings in our Body and Surrendering into the Feeling could be a productive way to expose hidden Limitations that are ripe for Expansion.

So in order to Let Go of our Limiting Beliefs, we need first to Surrender to the Pain that lies under them.  What was it that caused us to make the Decision to cut off that avenue of Possibility?  We probably don’t realize that it was “us” that made the Decision, because we’ve walled off that portion of our Identity – and the Decision may not have been made in our current Lifetime. 

This is not an easy task.  It might be easier to approach it through our Limits. Go to the barricades, wherever they are…

  • “How could anyone Love me?” 
  • “I’ll never have enough money to do that.” 
  • “Cancer is terrifying.” 
  • “We’ll never make it out of here Alive!” 
  • “Humans are too self-centered to Cooperate – famine, pestilence, and war are inevitable.” 
  • “I’d rather Die than go through that again!” 
  • “No one will ever Understand me.”

Sit down on the barricade.  What does it Feel like?  Where in your Body?  If you’ve resigned yourself to Limited Possibility, you won’t Feel much, because you’ve long since stuccoed it over.  You may have to skip the next step and go directly to step 2 below.

1. If you can Feel your Block as a discrete place in your Body, put all of your Attention into the center of the Feeling.  There’s usually a bubble of Fear around Deep Pain.  Move your Attention into the bubble.  It’ll feel spongy and foggy.  Just sit with it.  We have a week before the Stations begin, so we have plenty of time.  We don’t need to do it all at once, just come back to it frequently, and give it five or ten minutes whenever you can.  Keep an even pressure on your Attention-probe in the bubble; eventually the bubble will yield to your Courage.  When you get into the center of the Pain or Block it’ll Feel very different, solid, with clear Edges. 

Once you get there, just hold your Attention there, until the Pain yields.  It will dissolve.  When the Pain moves, you’ve succeeded.  You can follow it if you want, but it will probably just get boring.

2. Now, take a couple of steps past the barricade.  Imagine…

  • Being Embraced by your Lover
  • Making dinner in your new house
  • Celebrating being disease-free
  • Going Home and floating free of all Cares
  • Working on the Global Earth-Preservation Team with Support from everyone
  • Going through that and thriving
  • Feeling perfectly Understood

Stay there for a few minutes.  Look around.  Any Big Feelings come up?  If it’s Fear or Anger or Grief or Anxiety, go back to step 1 and work with it.

If you don’t have negative Feelings, Congratulations!  Step 3 will be exploring your Dream further, and Step 4 will be taking a Small Action to move toward it.  You probably won’t be able to take a Big Action without triggering your Impossibility Feelings (in which case you can take it back to step 1), but a Small Action is all you need, it’s just a Conscious Commitment to assure the Unconscious that you’re on board.

A Caveat.  Your most crippling Limiting Beliefs wall off your Deepest Desires.  You’ve been indulging Fantasies about achieving your Deepest Desires all your Life, and Fantasies are designed to be impossible.  Fantasies involve mechanism – How it will happen…

  • This is How I’ll meet my Lover
  • I’ll be able to afford my new House by getting a huge raise
  • I’ll get disease-free by taking drugs
  • I’ll get out of this Alive by following my religion
  • We’ll save the Planet when the Perfect Leader arrives
  • I’ll get through that by spending years in therapy
  • I’ll meet someone who’ll Love Listening to me for hours and hours

Mechanism is the Masculine approach to Creating, and it works great for specific tasks, but you’re nowhere near the stage where you divide your project up into specific tasks.  If you get stuck on Mechanism now, you’ll stop the process.  You don’t Consciously know how to get from where you are now to where you’d like to be.  The Unconscious does know, so you’ll need to use PIAVA techniques to move forward.  For now you want to spend as much time as you can afford enjoying already Being There, past all the roadblocks and Impossibilities and imagined Mechanisms.  Just bask in it, till that Feeling of Bliss dominates your Life. 

Testing Our Vulnerability to Fear: Portal 5.4

May 3, 2015

orchidsBorrowed from

  Φ   Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ 

Once a long while ago someone said to me…

“My Faith tells me that ‘this too shall pass.’  But you’re an astrologer – you know when it will pass.” 

Sometimes a Full Moon will be such a Passage, but often as not a Full Moon will invoke an Energy more than dismiss it.  In the case of an Initiation, though (and to some extent any Angle), it usually really is such a Passage, as the Energy builds till the moment of the Initiation, then drops off sharply.  There are more Details and Exceptions, but we’ll talk about those in a little while.  The Sedna-Mars Warrior with human scalps hanging from his belt Initiation (see below, however) occurs at 4am PDT May 4 (, so we can expect our adventures with Fear to escalate till then.

Here’s a relevant story…

“Thirty minutes later I notice I’m feeling slightly edgy and I wonder if I’ve picked up some sort of negative energy or spent too much time on the computer.  I do a bit of energetic clearing and deep breathing but it doesn’t help and the edginess continues; it’s like an irritation I can’t stop, like a knocking on the door that is unanswered and the visitor knows I’m home so won’t go away.  I’m almost convinced now I’m under some sort of minor psychic attack so more clearing and ground exercises ensue but again, it doesn’t help and by now I’m feeling intense edginess and even beginning to feel victimised!

“In that moment I suddenly get an insight – it is someone knocking at my door!  I remembered from previous times when I had similar experiences and that once I stopped resisting, relaxed and allowed, I had felt an angelic presence that was trying to get my attention.  So taking a cue from that, I immediately stopped resisting the energy and instantly my experienced changed from edginess to excitement… like a quickening feeling through my body…  Closing my eyes, softening my body, relaxing into myself and allowing my awareness to drop deeply inside of me and set my intention to only be open to Divine Light of the Most High.  Inwardly I said “Greetings, who are you?”

“ ‘I Am the Over-lighting Deva of Orchids’ was the response.

“WOW!  My heart opened even more in response to the charm and delicacy of the vibration, tinkling in me like iridescent vortexes of the finest Light…  Oh such sweet ecstasy!  I can feel its curiosity!  In this moment I recognised that it’s a Divine Child of such purity and innocence, and it is achingly beautiful!  Such deep wisdom yet a lightness of being, of ‘knowing’ itself and its place in Creation – to feel even that is indescribably beautiful!  I was becoming undone.  It is so gentle too, and I was utterly captivated by this experience – such sweetness!”

Fear, recall, is the absence of Love.  On another long-while-ago occasion, I was writing about the Goddess late at night in my basement apartment, and felt – again – that I was being watched.  The curtains were closed, but I had the distinct feeling that someone was just outside the window, looking for a weakness.  I could feel the hair on my neck starting to stand up, and feel the tingling on my skin.  This time I took a deep breath, grounded myself, got up quietly, and moved to the door.  With one sudden movement I unlocked the door and flung it open, to surprise the intruder.  And She was right there, staring me in the face – the Full Moon.

As Marianne Williamson – and Dorothy Maclean – remind us, we do Fear Power, our own as well as that of our allies.  We never know what lies beneath our Fear, but the odds that it may be Blessings are high enough that it’s worth exploring.

  Φ   Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ 

Mars-Sedna is a two-year Cycle.  Mars doesn’t loop at a constant speed, as it Retrogrades every 25 months or so, about the same length of time it takes to circle the Zodiac.  Sedna, however, is a loooong ways away.  At the moment it’s three times as far away as Pluto, and taking a little less than three years to travel one Degree!  The result is that the Sedna-Mars Initiations are walking us through the Zodiac, just about one Degree at a time.  That process began in 1864 with the first Initiation at 1 Aries, but since Sedna is approaching us, it’s speeding up.  In 1864 it was taking about four years to cover one Degree.  Since 2007 the Initiations have been one Degree apart.

But guess what!  There’s  been a reprieve!  We don’t remind folks enough that we always round Degrees up.  Twenty-four Degrees and 32 Minutes is the 25th Degree, not the 24th Degree!  I just noticed that I forgot to round up!  So we aren’t entering a Warrior-with-scalps Cycle at all – it’s the last two years that have been the Warrior-with-scalps Cycle, or we might say the Terrorist-with-severed-heads Cycle!  Taurus 25 is “A vast public parkinstead of a Warrior-with-scalps!  That’s certainly Good News!  Sorry for the Scare, though I guess it was just part of the Mars-Sedna drama – the Devil made me do it (or was it Pholus?).  I do find that errors are usually actually Intuitions.

So what’s scary about a vast public park, anyway?  Well, okay, not so long ago a cop shot and killed a twelve-year-old in a public park because the kid was playing with a gun-like object, and rather than render assistance to the dying twelve-year-old (or even verify that he was “disarmed”), the cop was busy manhandling the lad’s fourteen-year-old sister so she wouldn’t try to help her brother.  We do live in a fascist state; the police don’t make it their business to protect us, their business is to protect corporate interests.  So these days the molesters and muggers may not be our greatest Fear in a vast public park, though they certainly still have rank.

Taurus 25 is however the location of the Star Capulus, the sword of Perseus, symbolizing Ruthlessness.  So it could still be a dangerous Park.

But let’s talk about those Details and Exceptions that we mentioned.

  Φ   Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ 

First, the Details.  An Initiation is just that.  So it should be that the Energy of the Initiation – in this case now a Walk in the Park, is just getting started.  And that’s true.  But after an Initiation the Energy goes underground.  The perfect example is Uranus-Pluto.  At the 1965 Initiation, Yintegrity was rampant.  But then it went underground, to arise again in the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto Square.  Once we get past May 4, the Walk in the Park Energy will shrink for six months (one fourth of the two-year Cycle) while the Warriors muster their strength for one more beheading.  Humans will do anything to prevent Change.

So as the Walk in the Park Energy gradually builds over the next six months, the Warrior-with-Scalps Energy will become harder and harder to maintain, until finally it falls away.  The Prior Uranus-Pluto Cycle, which Initiated in 1850, was about “A duck pond and its brood” – making it safe for the kids.  In 1965 the underlying Uranus-Pluto Energy changed to “A Ouija Board” – Magic is Afoot.  The Lawn Order folks were able to keep the Magic under control for a while, till it broke free as we approached 2012.  So the Warrior-Terrorists’ days are numbered.  We just have to remember “Hands Up – Don’t Shoot” when we’re Walking in the Park.  Unless it’s a mugger, in which case we need to shoot first, and hope it’s not an undercover cop.

An Initiation is a quite literally a Portal – beyond the Portal, the rules Change.  As Ursula says, “The rules change in the Reaches,” and when we pass an Initiation we enter Reaches that haven’t been Co-Created yet.  Astrology can say when any sometimes sketch out an outline, but Fate is an intellectual observation, not a property of the World.  We are all Co-Creating the Future as we go.  Moving through an Initiation-Portal, the rules Change.  As if it’s a different World.  One minute we’re Frightened by Warriors with Scalps, the next it’s the mugger behind the Tree in the Park that Threatens us.

We bring two personal characters to the Portals with us.  First, our Sensitivity, and second, our Resistance.  We’ll talk about our Resistance in the next section,  If we’re Sensitive, we pick up the new Energy before we actually reach the Portal.  If we have one-Degree Sensitivity, we’ll pick up on the new Mars-Sedna Energy Energy on May 3.  If we have three-degree Sensitivity, we started feeling it April 30th.  Muggles won’t pick up on it even after we’re through the gate; the new Energy won’t hit them till Mars Squares Sedna in six months.  In the interim they’ll still be fighting the last war. 

If you were born with planets in 25 Taurus (or Scorpio or Leo or Aquarius), or if Sedna or Mars was very Strong when you were born, you could have a long antenna and ten-Degree Sensitivity!  So while some of us are more Sensitive to some Energies than we are to other Energies, and some of us are more Sensitive to all Energies than others of us are, we won’t necessarily keep the same Degree of Sensitivity to all Initiations.

If you look at the World as astrology impacting us, you’d refer to it as “Orb.”  Looking at the World as us reacting to astrology, it’s Sensitivity.

To summarize, prior to the Initiation, our Sensitivity rules how much of an impact the event will have on us, and for how long.  After the Initiation, the flavor of the Energy is embedded in the Water under the bridge, even though the Frequency and Color of the Energy is still under Co-Creation, and Resistance to Change is at a maximum.

  Φ   Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ 

And second, the Exceptions.  We inadvertently collaborate with the forces of the status quo to Resist Change with the best of them.  I left a section out of Lynn’s story above…

“I knew from previous experiences that it was important for me to trust in the moment and to leave any analysing until later.”

You see, while we might know that the Warrior Cycle too will pass, and when, we don’t know much about the Walk in the Park Cycle, because it hasn’t been Co-Created yet.  As far as we know, we’re just leaving our Comfort Zone and entering the Unknown.  Had it been Buffy the Vampire Slayer rather than Lynn, it might not have been the Orchid Deva at the door.  We forget that Fear plus Breathing equals Excitement, and habitually Fear the Unknown, and set our Boundaries against it.

Not only that, but since it’s Unknown and our analytical mind is obsessed with “Knowing,” we have to make things up.  Even though I wasn’t watching much TV news in those days, of course I expected it to be a prowler outside my window.  If I hadn’t flung open the door, I might have added extra locks or lights around my apartment instead, strengthening the bars on my birdcage and locking myself into my Limiting Beliefs more strongly.  And I wouldn’t have noticed that the Universe was answering my earlier Request to be more in touch with the Goddess!  Look how Bush and the his neocon cronies scammed us into Fear about daily Life after 9/11.  Lynn’s wisdom again…

“It hit me this morning, there’s nothing to be gained from thinking about what just happened.  I didn’t just think it, I felt it in the body.  It doesn’t help with the present, and it cannot help the future either.  I asked myself: What if you didn’t think over what happened and just let it pass?  Would you be disadvantaged in the future?  How does going over what happened actually help?  Can it make the present or future better or safer or make you better somehow?  If you didn’t think it over, what would you lose?”

We make Decisions, and those Decisions cement us into the status quo, long after the Present Moment has gone under the bridge.  We decide it’s not Safe, we harden our Boundaries, and we lock out the Goddess and the Orchid Deva.  In 1964 we Decide that the Powers That Be will never understand Yintegrity, so it has to be Us-Against-Them.  Because of that Decision we waste the next fifty years wallowing in Negative Politics rather than Learning Magic.  In 2013 we Decide that the Warriors must be eliminated, so we Drone them back to the Stone Age – creating whole generations of new Warriors in the process.  If we put half the Attention into not creating new Karma that we put into clearing old Karma, we’d be way ahead.

We do that by refusing to “post-mortemise,” by hardening our Boundary against the mind’s obsessive need for Answers, so we can maintain our state of Curiosity as long as possible.  Not Curiosity about “cause and effect,” Curiosity about what will happen next, about what hasn’t had its wave form collapsed yet, about how we can keep the Cat alive.  In this sense, the Alexanders have it right on – stay focused on What You Want, not on What You Fear or What You Don’t Want.  Denying Emotions doesn’t work – it just drives them into the Unconscious, where they find a friendly Archetype and take over your Life without asking permission.  So you can’t Deny Fear to focus on What you Want.  You have to Lovingly Empathise with Fear.  Then You the Witness, rather than You the Scared, can go back to focusing on What You Want.  That’s the Magic.

One other handy trick, taught to me by Jack Schwarz, rest his soul, that will be useful when we get scared while Walking in the Park.  Kegels.  You hit a 95-mile-an-hour fastball over the fence by being “in the zone” – by slowing down Time so relative to your eye and bat, the ball is actually moving at five miles per hour.  Literally.  Otherwise Babe Ruth would still be shaking the sting out of his hands.  And you slow down time by doing Kegels.  The scareder you are, the more Time slows.  Try it next time you’re watching an Adrenalin-burner movie, then see how long it takes to walk the two miles to the refrigerator.  It’ll make even the smallest park vast.