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Giant Inchworm Seen on Face of Sun

November 13, 2011

Photo by John Stetson.  There is speculation that, when this Caterpillar turns into a Butterfly, it will be a Giant Dragon, and as the Chinese have predicted for Millennia, Earth will be doomed.  I recommend Silent Prayer, or one last vacation.

Actually, this Solar Flare is pointed off far to the South of the plane of the planetary orbits, and if anybody lives there, we probably don’t know them, as they won’t be in the same Dimension as we are.  The Flare is about as long as the Moon is distant from the Earth, so it is a Giant.

Lotsa ‘Levens

November 10, 2011

Well, the naysayers have been predicting the downfall of the Euro and maybe the EU for a while now, and it’s still holding on.  But frankly, it sounds to me as though the naysayers are right.  And the folks who point out that unelected officials in Brussels are dictating life-and-death policies to supposedly sovereign Mediterranean states seem to be speaking truth.  I just read two long articles about how the Glitterati have total political control over the Square Mile that is London’s Wall Street – with tentacles all over the Planet.  The more I hear about it, the more it appears that David Icke is pretty right on.

The USofA seems to be somewhat more stable than Europe for the moment, though it’s certainly relative.  I don’t mean stable politically or economically – those ongoing disasters are well known.  I mean that the US Dollar may still be a valid medium of exchange on into 2012, notwithstanding the on-again off-again inflation.  I’ve been reading Michael Moore’s autobiographical Here Comes Trouble, it’s a great historical review of the last half of the 20th Century, highly recommended, especially to folks who came into this dimension after the 60s.  Very well written, hard to put down.

I’m also reading Hank Wesselman, an anthropologist-turned-Shaman, more by trying to understand and integrate his experiences than by training in the occult arts.  In the book I’m reading, he’s being mentored by a Shaman whose ancestors hail from Sirius, as they plan a canoe journey to Rapa Nui.  This is a book by an academic, albeit an initiated academic, about a Kahuna, and the information could as easily have been written by Delores Cannon!  When I was in college I discovered that when you began studying a new field, there was a period – sometimes very long and sometimes a bit of a struggle – of divergence, where you were being introduced to new ideas, and maybe had to revise some old perspectives.  But then, at a certain point, the path would circle back around, and the perspectives would begin to converge again.  This is definitely convergence, with a flourish!

So now we’re coming up on 11/11/11 – lotsa ‘lebens – leben is German for to live.  It also makes Bread rise.  Remember Lebensraum?  It wasn’t the name of a Leprechaun.  ‘Tis also a Taurus Full Moon.  Didja know there’s a Solar Eclipse on (American) Thanksgiving?  You’ll hafta go to Tasmania or better yet Antarctica to see it, though.  It’s partial, but 90%.  The charts say you can risk being more honestly yourself than you have been.  You’ll have twinges of self-doubt, and a few boundary challenges, but the Heavens say to tap those out, consider them learning experiences and consciousness-stretchers – and Healing, and go with the Honesty.  The Planet needs it from you.

[That is, the Full Moon sports TSquares (Mastery through Challenge) aimed at Vesta (the personally Sacred) from the Full Moon itself (Illumination), and at Pallas (Boundaries) from Juno-Jupiter (Expanding the Sense of Self), but it also boasts a Mars-Jupiter-Pluto Grand Trine (Bold Action Accelerates History and Herstory).  The Grand Trine persists till the Sagittarius Eclipse (Insight), which sits at the focus of its own Tsquare with Mars (Action) and Chiron (Healing), but Trines (Grace) Uranus (Yin Integrity – being who you really are, moment to moment).  The Scorpio New Moon at the end of October (which established the Energy which will be expounded upon in the Taurus Full Moon) joined Jupiter in a Pallas TSquare (Big Boundary Questions), and Trined (was Gifted by) Chiron-Neptune (the New Paradigm).]

Some folks say that 11/11/11 is when the 10/28/11 Energy blooms, but y’know, it’s all unfolding in perfect time, and we don’t need to push it, second-guess it, or try to get out in front of it.

Eleven implies Strength or Lust – “the beauty that we all possess in our gifts, talents, and resources which can quell the beasts or demons within our nature,” as Angie Arrien puts it.  Just what the charts say.

Love those Crystals!  That’s a big gorgeous Phlogopite Crystal looking over his shoulder at his Karmic Shadow, an Alexandrite Crow.  Phlogopite is a Potassium Magnesium Aluminum Hydroxide Mica, and Alexandrite a Chromium Beryllium Aluminum Oxide.  Aluminum Oxide, recall, is Ruby/Sapphire, and adding the Serpent Beryllium and the Shining Star Chromium gives you Alexandrite, a very powerful Healing Stone.  In the picture, as in ‘Leben, it’s your Shadow that Heals – Healing means Whole, and your Shadow is the part of yerself that you reject.  Phlogopite, as a Mica, symbolizes the layers of the Self, and the many Dimensions of our Parallel Lives.

The Micas are portals to other Dimensions, particularly the Potassium (abbreviated “K”) Micas, which include the Mother Mica Muscovite (K Aluminum), Fuchsite (K Chromium Al), Biotite (K Iron Al), Lepidolite and Polylithionite (K Lithium Al), Phlogopite (K Magnesium Al), and Zinnwaldite (K Lithium Iron Al).  The Shamanic Journey involves Healing by retrieving a portion of the SoulSelf that has been lost in another Dimension, or deflecting an unwelcome Energy sourced in the other Dimension.  A reminder that the passage of October 28 provides us a Free Pass to choose to simply step out of our Karmic bindings, a choice that ‘Leben ‘Leven ‘Leven should reinforce.  Karma stays with the Old Earth, the New Earth doesn’t include it.  On the New Earth, you can just be you, moment to moment.  You don’t need to worry about Inertia.

See Spot Run

November 3, 2011

Call up this website, then do something else for ten minutes, while it loads completely.  Then hit the little > arrow in the lower left.  This one isn’t pointed at us yet, but it will be soon.

Lynn McTaggart tells us that Sunspots affect the intensity of Intention.  If the Sun was a gumball machine and the Earth was a gumball, and you hadda guess how many gumballs fit into the machine, the answer would be 1.3 million.  If you think of the Sun as flat, though, and the Earth too, then you could only get 12,000 Earths onto the Sun.  If you took a big sheet of bright yellow paper and cut out a disc a meter across to represent the Sun, and then took some lovely blue-green paper to cut out the Earth to scale, you’d make it nine millimeters across.