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Fear and Loathing

August 28, 2019

We assign interpretations to new dwarf planets and unfamiliar asteroids from their Names, assuming that their Namers were onto meaningful “coincidences,” and by examination of their Discovery charts.  That’s a birth chart drawn for their introduction to huperity.  The dwarf planet Sedna, which is Lit Up (Stationary) this week and whose Energy Peaks around 9am PDT 29 August, has a complicated Name.  The eponymous Inuit Story of Sedna involves much Betrayal, Violent Rage, and enough Raw Terror to make a father lose his mind and kill his daughter to try to save his own skin.

With confirmation from the Discovery chart, we initially interpreted dwarf planet Sedna as being about Fear.  But then we Remembered that the dwarf planets are about the Edges of Consciousness, and Realized that Sedna was really about Becoming Conscious of our Fears, and thus being able to Take Our Power over them.  We could say the same for our Rage.

The Sedna Station chart is less complex than other recent charts…

Sedna is Merged With (Conjoins) a symbol for our Unconscious Beliefs (asteroid Vesta).  Our Unconscious Fears often Disguise themselves as our Limitations.  We’d Do Anything for Love, but We Won’t Do That! as Meat Loaf put it.  Why not?  Fear that we won’t be able to handle the Consequences?  Even if it’s Fear that we’d Betray Mom’s admonitions, it’s usually Fear.  So we’re being Asked here to Stretch our Limits, to reach Beyond where we’d usually Stop.

And it’s Challenged (Squared) by Awareness of our Self-Love (Sappho-Mercury).  Yes, it’s Uncomfortable, often very Uncomfortable to Extend our Limits.  It doesn’t Feel Safe.  We don’t go there because we Love Ourself, and we don’t want to be Hurt.  But astrologically, that’s not the Truth, that’s the Challenge.  Which is more Self-Loving, Holding our Boundaries against the Scary Unknown, or Surrendering to it?  Let’s look at the rest of the chart before we go further with that.

Sedna’s Station is the Focus of what we draw as a green wedge (Finger of God) that means Pay Attention!  As we discussed in the recent Relationship 5 post, the green lines are “Quincunxes.”  That means we aren’t supposed to try to Understand this, we’re supposed to Receive it as a Mystery.  If we think we Understand it, then we Lose, because this kind of Pay Attention! Configuration means that we’re about to Witness a Mystery that could Change our Life.  If we already have it in a mental Box, we won’t see the Mystery.  It’s not just another “Do this or Santa will leave you Coal” sort of Pay Attention!

The base of the Finger of God – the underpinnings of our Promised Mystery – consists of a symbol for Rebirth (dwarf planet Haumea) and a symbol for Responding to our Forbidden Genius (dwarf planets Pholus [Willingness to Respond] and Ixion [Forbidden Genius]).  We all have Genius (Ixion), and for most of us, our Unrestrained Genius threatened our Programmers, so they Shamed us or made us Feel Wrong if we Acted it Out.  But from the Soul’s Perspective, we hired those Programmers, simply because the best way to make sure we bring something up into Consciousness, is to Forbid it.  Now it’s Time to Recover our Genius, because the Future of the planet depends on it.

Have you noticed yourself this week Questioning Who You Are and What You’re Doing Here, or Whether You Should Be Doing Something Different?  That’s the Ego Death that accompanies a Rebirth.  Our Old Ego is the one who’s Comfortable with our Old Limits.  To be Reborn, somebody’s gotta Die – our Old Ego.  Hmmm, maybe it’s more Self-Loving to Stretch our Edges this week, even if it’s Scary.

There’s one more planet that has a direct Angle to Sedna – the symbol for Unlimited Potential (dwarf planet Chaos).  The Angle to Sedna is one Sign (Unx), symbolizing Pattern-Breaking.  So this week we’re Breaking our Habit of Fearing the Unknown of our own Unlimited Potential.  Kinda settles that I guess.

Relationships 6

August 27, 2019

Then there’s the Chinstrap, which we’ve ignored so far.  It’s actually the most important part of the Configuration, though, because all of the Energy of the chart is channeled through it.  It’s about The Truthiness of our Boundaries (asteroids Pallas and Aletheia).  We were all Programmed to Give Up our True Self to some extent, so we all Fake It on occasion, some of us on more occasions than others.  Some folks don’t know how to do otherwise.

So we often have “good reason” to put our Boundaries Looser or Tighter than we we like to, for “practical” purposes.  Maybe we Believe that “that’s what Love is,” or that we’ll be Abandoned if we Offend someone, or if we demonstrate too much Closeness.  We all have Abandonment and Suffocation Patterns to one degree or another, and we often set our Boundaries where we wouldn’t Prefer to, in order to Protect our Abandonment and Suffocation.  Often we aren’t even aware that we’re doing this, we just notice that our Boundaries take a lot of Maintenance.  Truthy Boundaries are Effortless to Maintain, because it’s all Instinct.

Just to remind us that this is how Boundaries should be, there’s a blotch on one side of the Fez, in the form of Trust (asteroid Eurydike).  This blotch actually Challenges the Truthiness of our Boundaries (Square to Pallas-Aletheia).  It Asks, “Are we going to Trust our Instincts around Boundaries, or are we going to Betray ourself?”

Relationships 5

August 27, 2019

In the 26 August (2am PDT) Getting-Serious-About-Our-Boundaries chart (asteroid Pallas entering Scorpio) that we mapped out in the previous post, we talked about the four corners of the Fez itself…

  • Responding to our Survival Instincts (Pholus-Quaoar)
  • Inertia (asteroid Karma)
  • Expanding our Self-Love (Sun-Juno-Sappho)
  • Forging a New Relationship to Fear and Anger (Klotho-Sedna)

and how they Challenge one another by pairs.  But we know that to Grok a Fez, we need to Pay Attention to the diagonals (Quincunxes), not the sides (Squares).  This gives us different pairings…

  • Responding to our Survival Instincts (Pholus-Quaoar)
  • Forging a New Relationship to Fear and Anger (Klotho-Sedna)
  • Expanding our Self-Love (Sun-Juno-Sappho)
  • Inertia (asteroid Karma)

And a new Relationship between the members of each pair.  Rather than Challenging one another (Squares), the Relationship between these is about Curiosity (Quincunxes)Not the kind of “Left-Brain” Curiosity that Inspires us to dig for Answers, but the kind of “Right-Brain” Curiosity that results in Wonder and Awe.  Remember when you visited the Grand Canyon?  Whenever I’ve been there, there were always more visitors from outside the US than from the US itself.  You might have been Intrigued by the layering in the Sandstone, and even Imagined Water carving it out over Millennia.

But you probably stopped short of trying to “Figure It Out,” because it was too Overwhelming for that.  It was quite literally Awesome.  For those of us programmed by Western European Cultures, Thinking Outside the Box of Cause and Effect is almost impossible.  But when two planets are five Signs apart (Quincunx), that’s exactly what’s Asked of us.  One of the shortcomings of Cause-and-Effect thinking is that is disallows Belief in situations where we can’t Imagine the Mechanism, the Cause of the Effect.  Like Water carving over Millennia.

We can start to Think Outside the Box of Cause and Effect by Focusing on Outcomes rather than Mechanisms.  The Outcome at the Grand Canyon is Overwhelming Immensity of Scale – that’s what Awes us.  For me it’s far more Immense than the Cosmos, because the Night Sky is two-dimensional; those Stars seem to the Reductionist mind more likely to be wallpaper than Infinity.  Not that even they aren’t Awesome, and more Mysteriously so because most of us don’t try to Figure Out the Mechanism of the Cosmos.

So the Major Assignment for us whenever we encounter a Fez, is to Grok the Mysteries in the Quincunxes, without degrading them to Mechanisms. 

Astrological Maestro Dane Rudhyar used to say that the astrological Square (90 Degrees) was the Evolutionary Edge for Huperity.  For me it’s not the Square but the Quincunx (150 Degrees).  The Square was the Evolutionary Edge for the Patriarchy.  The Quincunx has the Potential to Restore Mystery to the World.  Nature without Mystery is a World Enslaved.  It’s the Fundamental Issue facing the Planet.  Mystery and the Sacred are twins.  Without Mystery, Earth is just a lumber yard, and those Species we’ve Extincted weren’t doing much for us anyway, were they.

Preserving Curiosity involves ditching the traditional Inquisitives – Why, What, How, Who, Where, When.  They aren’t easy for our Patriarchal minds to replace.  Even “I Wonder,” one of the silent terms we use in PIAVA, suggests them.  Maybe we can use “I Can’t Imagine” to see if it works…

  • I Can’t Imagine the way Respecting my Survival Instincts might Connect to Reframing Fear and Anger
  • I Can’t Imagine a Relationship between my Life-Long Habit Patterns and Expanding my Self-Love

I know, we immediately start Imagining how these might be Related.  But we can at least keep these Imaginings as Tentative.  Add “Or Something Like That” to the end of each.  If we think we Know the Future, we simply don’t Grow, because our Future is always an extrapolation of our Past.  We need to make room for Surprise.

Relationships 4

August 27, 2019

The Getting-Serious-about-Boundaries (asteroid Pallas entering Scorpio) chart features what we call a “Square Fez with Chinstrap” (or Take-Out Container if it’s upside down) because the primary Configuration is shaped like one of those Moroccan felt hats, with red lines (“Squares”) on the sides, plus what looks like it could be a chin-strap…

The two red lines – Challenges – are instructive…

  • The Expansion of our Self-Love (Sun – Juno [Edges of Consciousness] – Sappho [Self-Love] Stellium) is Challenged (Squared) by our New Perspective on Converting Fear and Anger to Power (asteroid Klotho [New Pattern] Conjunct dwarf planet Sedna [Fear and Anger]).  Or vice versa – it works both ways.

The dominant theme this week is Converting Fear and Anger to Power (Sedna Station) until 9am PDT 29 August.  That’s a Biggie, especially since it’s attached to the symbol for New Beginnings (Klotho).  We’ll be talking more about that.  In our neighborhood there’s a push to confront aerial spraying of toxic chemicals – which is both Angering and Scary – and an Effort to gain Power over it.

  • And our Efforts to Respond Constructively to our Survival Instincts (dwarf planets Pholus and Quaoar) are Challenged by our Inertia (asteroid Karma).  Getting Sprayed with Glyphosate certainly Lights Up our Survival Instincts.  Since that’s Assault with a Deadly Weapon, if our state had a “Stand Your Ground” law we could just shoot down the helicopter.  That would actually be our most Logical and Effective Response, given our Evolution.  But it would be Trouble.

So how do we Respond?  As Above So Below.  This is a microcosm of the Scorched-Earth Strategy that the Patriarchy so often uses to slake its Ancient Drive to Eliminate Competition, the Drive that’s putting the finishing touches on Destroying this Planet, for Fun and Profit.

We have a problem – What We Resist, Persists.  Or, as Jewel put it, we should No Longer Lend Our Strength To That Which We Wish to Be Free From.  And Resistance isn’t just Lending our Strength, it’s Giving it Away.  Especially when they just Laugh at our puny Efforts.  If the townsfolk were on our side, we could gather a Posse.  But the townsfolk Believe the Profiteering Propaganda that the Poisons are good for us.

The Challenge comes from our Karma (asteroid Karma).  As Without So Within.  The Outside World Mirrors our Internal Equanimity or Conflict.  Our Karma is the Habits that we’ve accumulated over our many Lifetimes or Identities.  What do we do when we’re Confronted with a Situation that we’ve been Frustrated by so many times before?  Once we Notice that we’re dealing with Deja Vu All Over Again, we have to Realize that we are no longer in the Present Moment, we’re in our Karma.

In our Karma the Bullies are kicking Sand on us.  In the Present Moment we’re Feeling Frustrated and Helpless because we Feel Powerless.  So, how do we Overcome Despair?  We Poor-Sweetheart ourself (Chiron is only 3½ Degrees from asteroid Karma).  “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Angry and Scared, aren’t you.”  Then we Change the Subject, put our Attention Elsewhere.  If we keep our Attention on what Riled us (…Lend our Strength…), we’ll just Wallow in our Anger and Fear.

Which doesn’t mean we can’t Act in the World.  But we’ll be a million times more Effective if we can do so from Neutrality, and we can’t do that while we’re in our Karma.  We need to find Equanimity first.

Relationships 3

August 25, 2019

After ten months of Experimenting with new kinds of Boundaries with Other (asteroid Pallas in Libra), we’ve now (since 26 August 2am PDT) moved on to two months of getting very serious about where we End and Other begins (Pallas in Scorpio).   That includes Other People, and in any given moment everything that we aren’t Identifying With.  Libra has just Discovered that there is something in the World other than Me, so it’s intensely Curious.  Libra will let you get away with just about anything.  Once.  Libra is finding out Who You Are, so it’s Open to Surprise.

Scorpio on the other hand will let you get away with Questionable Behavior several times.  But after Libra puts you on probation it’s willing to let you prove yourself to be Trustworthy after all.  Cautiously.  With Scorpio there are no second chances.  Once the door closes, it’s closed, period.  If you feel like you’re on probation with anyone Important to you, don’t mess around for the next two months.  Put on your best Behavior.

But don’t try to Deceive.  Scorpio will catch you.  Especially since both asteroids named after Truth (Veritas and Aletheia) travel hand in hand with Boundaries (Pallas) through Scorpio.  It’s gonna be a hard two months for the Antichrist, and probably for Boris as well, as he’s pretty good at tripping over his own tongue.  As for Brexit?  Well, the anthem till early November is No Bullshit.

Dissembling comes back into favor in November.  Not that Sagittarius is Deceitful, but it does play a lot faster and looser than Scorpio.

(I didn’t know there were Cheetahs in Iran.  Not to mention this lovely fellow, who also hangs out in Tibet and Siberia…

Hence the floor-length coat.  She’s a “Pallas’s Cat”!  Not because She keeps good Boundaries or was named after Pallas Athena, but because She was first documented by a guy named Pallas.  Notice Her round pupils, rather than the usual Feline vertical slit!

Relationships 2

August 25, 2019

So, our Relationships have been rebooted (Mars Initiates Venus, 24 August, 10am).  What’s different?

Well, if we look at the Degree of their Embrace (Sabian Symbol of their Initiation, or first Venus-Mars Conjunction) for the last two years our Relationships have been about…

“A caravan of cars headed to the West Coast: the need of cooperative effort in reaching any ‘New World’ of experience” (20 Virgo)

These Degree interpretations were downloaded in 1925, so the Caravan part – probably on Highway 66 – would have been important, as neither the cars nor the highway would have been reliable.  In those days the population of California was doubling every 20 years, now it takes almost 50 years, if it’s still growing.  So for the last couple of years we were seeking fellow travelers and taking Risks with our Relationships, in hope of finding a Land of Milk and Honey.

How does this compare to the next couple of years?

“A person becoming aware of nature spirits and normally unseen spiritual agencies: the opening of new levels of consciousness” (5 Virgo)

Well, that’s pretty Radical.  I can vouch for the Energy in general, as a couple of weeks ago my wife, who unlike me buys books very rarely, came home with a copy of Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe, all about Communicating with the Other Side.  She had been called to walk into a store, pick it up, and buy it on the spot, in the course of about two minutes.  We’re both reading it.  We’re already Relating more Intuitively.

The chart should provide us with more detail.  It’s intense…

It has five major Stories to tell us…

First, the Venus-Mars Embrace is accompanied (Conjoined) by our very Essence (the Sun) and by the Choice between Fate and Consciousness (asteroid Moira).  That already informs the Degree interpretation about the Nature Spirits – we will have to Recognize and Let Go of our Karmic Habits (Fate) if we want to move forward into Expanded Consciousness.  That’s actually fairly simple – whenever we feel like it’s Deja Vu All Over Again, we need to Do Something Differently.  It matters less what we do, than that we don’t Repeat our Ancient Obsolete Pattern.

Second, our Survival Instincts will be Lit Up (unmitigated T-Square to dwarf planet Quaoar from the Opposition between dwarf planet Makemake [Manifestation] and the union of asteroid Karma [Obsolete Habits] with Chiron [Despair/Miracles]), and it will Behoove us to Pay Attention.  There are more Karma issues here – our Habitual Reactions to the World and to our Partnerships may not assure our Abundance.  If we encounter Hardship in our Worry catalog, it will be useful to Poor Sweetheart ourself (  Not our Hardship, but our Worry.

Third, Sustainability may be Challenging (dwarf planet Ceres the focus of an unmitigated T-Square from dwarf planet OR10 [Intrusive Memories] Opposing Venus-Mars-Sun-Moira).  Those new levels of Consciousness will be Talking to us, and we should be Listening.  For most of us Sustainability is important in Relationship.  The other side of the Sustainability Coin is Sustenance, which Asks us to prune away what’s no longer necessary.

Fourth, Trust (asteroid Eurydike) and Truth (asteroids Aletheia and Veritas, Conjunct) may present relatively minor Challenges (they’re part of a Balanced Grand Cross; the other two corners are Varuna [Vitality] and Uranus [Soul], but they’re the foci of Diamond Stars, or Self-Resolving; Eurydike and Aletheia-Veritas are just the foci of T-Squares).

And fifth, we are warned not to get stuck in Either/Ors.  If you’re torn and you can’t see how Both/And might work, PIAVA or otherwise invoke your Intuition, or if need be, toss a coin (the chart contains four of five corners of a Grand Sextile [Great Grace, once you take the first step], and the Vacancy that would Complete it is 4 Gemini, “A Cat arguing with a Mouse”).

Endings and Relationships (1)

August 21, 2019

Today’s astroevent (21 August 11:30 pm PDT) is all about Ending TimeLines, aka Patterns, Habits, or other Segments of a Lifetime (Station of asteroid Atropos), in 24 Aries, the same place as the recent All-Blessings Full Moon.  Today certainly seems a lot more Complex than an All-Blessings day should, however.  Must be some Hidden Blessings yet to be Revealed – although the Endings business takes place adjacent to the symbol for Revelation (dwarf planet Eris)!  Either the Blessings are very Hidden, or it’s a Reminder that Gratitude is Always Important.  And of course it’s Easy to Imagine worse, by the tonne.

The Endings chart has one primary focus…

Namely, a Self-Resolving Challenge about Unconditional Self- Confidence (Diamond Star to Chariklo-Pluto).  The Antichrist is the perfect Poster Child for us.  “Oh!  I wouldn’t want to be like him!” you say.  But you aren’t a Sociopath.  You have Empathy, Integrity, and Respect for Other, or you wouldn’t be here.  You can afford to allow the Universe to melt your Impediments to Unconditional Self-Confidence so you can add it to your Empathy, Integrity, and Respect for Other.

The Challenge is about maintaining our Self-Confidence despite the Ending of many things that used to be Important to our Identity, but are now Obsolete for us.  Letting Go of them so we can Make Space to Celebrate a Rebirth (Atropos-Eris Opposite dwarf planet Haumea).  No wonder things seem a bit Confused and Stilted.

On 24 August (10am PDT), we’re Rebirthed into a new two-year Cycle about our Close Relationships (the Venus-Mars Cycle).  Of course our Relationships with Other are just Mirrors for the Harmony between our Inner Female and our Inner Male.  Our Inner Female dwells in our Heart.  In this Culture at least, we often associate our Inner Male with the Head.  That’s a Ruse created by the fact that our Culture does a very good job of killing the Third Eye for most Males.  We suffer under the Delusion that Thinking is Objective, but that’s just Patriarchal Propaganda.

All thinking is Rationalization or Justification for “Getting Your Own Way.”  Thinking tries to Shame the Heart for being “Illogical,” but Logic is nothing but a house of cards sitting on (Usually Hidden or Disguised) Assumptions.  Change the Assumptions and the “Logic” crumbles into the farce that it is.  Thinking and the “Head” is really the Third Chakra, the Solar Plexus, the Bully.  It’s really Important to Own and Embrace the Third Chakra, because its job is to Keep us Safe.

What, Own and Embrace the Bully Chakra?

But you have Empathy, Integrity, and Respect for Other.  Own your Bully to Make Safe Space for that.

You know the Bullies without Empathy, Integrity, and Respect for Other.  Copy their Behaviour, but in the context of your Empathy, Integrity, and Respect for Other.  If we come from the Bottom Up, from Grounding/Survival to Emotion/Sex, and then to the Bully Chakra, we get the Males we all Know and Tolerate, barely.  Your Inner Male (Third Chakra) is designed to Support and Protect your Inner Female (Heart, Fourth Chakra).  Other than your Programming, your biggest Impediment to that is the Stereotypes.  They’re breaking down, but not everywhere and not all at once, and when the Stereotypes match our Programming, we’re Vulnerable.

The real Challenge in the Atropos Station chart is the single Square lurking in the scaffolding under the stage – the Challenge (Square) between our Unconscious Beliefs (Vesta), as in our Programming, and our Self-Love (Sappho).  When our Unconscious Beliefs Change, we become someone we don’t Recognize.  Confusing.  It Feels Self-Loving to want to push our way back into what’s Comfortable.  But it’s not.  What’s Comfortable is Obsolete, and we’re already in the Birth Canal, Head Out.  Confusing.

It’s Self-Loving to Stay in the Present Moment – Confusing.  Embrace it.  We’re in Transition, we haven’t Arrived yet, and we probably don’t have a good idea where it is that we’re Heading.  After they cut the Chord and slap us in the Butt, then we’ll Really be Confused.  Do you Remember how Awe Feels?

Self-Love Full Moon IV

August 18, 2019

As we intimated in the last few posts, the Full Moon chart, which we expect to have Strong impact for at least two weeks, features three Prominent Energies (Yods or Fingers of God) in addition to the Big Blessing (Grand Sextile) that dominates the chart.

We mentioned the Prominence of Changing Patterns Consciously (Yod pointing to asteroid Lachesis) in the previous post.  While we may not even notice it, we’re Transcending the Habitual ways we Respond to our Instincts (asteroid Bee-Zed and Moon in the base of the Yod).  We’re also Transcending the Unconscious Beliefs that Limit our Reality, as our “minds” Open to new Possibilities (Yod to asteroid Vesta from Bee-Zed and dwarf planet Haumea [Rebirth]), while our Self-Confidence gets a Big – and probably permanent – Boost from the Tsunami of Unconditional Self-Love unleashed by the Full Moon (Yod to Chariklo [Self-Confidence] and Pluto [Compulsion] from Asbolus [Intuition] and Sun-Venus-asteroid Sappho [Self-Love]).

“Nothing is of greater value or more important for you than your intuition.  For me, intuition is the voice of consciousness itself,  All life is energy, and energy speaks to [huperity] through the language of intuition.  What we call ‘instinct’ is more animalistic.  Animals act on instinct, while we have the opportunity to act from intuition.  We could look at the word as inner-tuition, or inner teacher.  It is sad that such a priceless gift as intuition has been dismissed by the intellect as unreliable.  It is clear that when this happens, intelligence is absent.”  –Michael Roads, Entering the Secret World of Nature, pp.137-138.

Michael considers intelligence to be quite different than intellect.  For instance, Intelligence would not poison it’s own Food and Shelter or Destroy the basis for it’s Survival – Intellect does just that, every day.

A Grand Sextile is composed of six Sextiles (two planets two Signs apart) and six Trines (two planets four Signs apart).  The three Yods in the Full Moon chart add an additional Sextile (Lachesis to Vesta) and an additional Trine (Vesta to Chariklo-Pluto).  That’s half of a second Grand Sextile, since all nine of the planets involved are in the same 21-25 Degree Zone.  By now you should recognize that as a very busy Zone.

If we added planets in 21-25 Degrees of Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces, we’d have a “Grand Unx.”  An “Unx” is two planets one Sign apart, so a Grand Unx is twelve planets one Sign apart.  It’s the Twelfth Harmonic (360 / 12 = one Sign), and the Twelfth Harmonic is about Pattern-Breaking.  That’s what we’ve been talking about, Breaking up our Karma.  The Full Moon chart has six Unxes, signifying that there are six Life Dramas that we may be able to Change Effortlessly here…

  • Surrendering to Self-Love (Sappho et al to Lachesis)
  • Choosing to Open to our Intuition (Lachesis to Asbolus)
  • Dissolving Beliefs that Inhibit our Intuition (Asbolus to Vesta)
  • Ending Beliefs that Hide the Truth (Vesta to Eris-Atropos)
  • Opening to Unconditional Self-Confidence on two different Levels (Moon to Chariklo-Pluto and Chariklo-Pluto to Bee-Zed)

Look for these Patterns in your Life.  While these astrological indications may fade in two weeks, they give us the Opportunity to Learn them so we can carry them into the rest of our Lives.  Can you Feel or See Self-Love, your Intuition, Truthiness, and Self-Confidence beckoning you?  If you look carefully, can you see any Examples in your Life over the last week, where Self-Love, Intuition, Truthiness, or Self-Confidence seemed to Increase or Shift?  PIAVA to be Conscious of these Changes.  That’s how we make them Permanent.

Self-Love Full Moon III

August 17, 2019

One of the poles of the Fabulous Grace (Grand Sextile) in the Full Moon – with the caveat that you have to kick-start the Blessings with at least a Prayer about What You Want, if not Action in that direction – is a Merger (Conjunction) between the symbol for Revelation of What’s Been Denied (dwarf planet Eris – which was recently Stationary) and the symbol for Ending Timelines or Habits (asteroid Atropos).

To facilitate this Getting Honest stuff, the symbol for Truth of the Heart (asteroid Aletheia) just entered (11:30 pm PDT 16 August) the Sign of Fearlessly Seeking the Truth (Scorpio).  You may not recall that the symbol for Truth of the Mind (asteroid Veritas) (see entered the same Relentless Sign a short while ago.  While Head-Truth folks can Agree to Disagree, Heart-Truth people are less likely to be able to Compromise, because their Identity is invested in their Truth.  So we may wish to PIAVA or otherwise Pray that this Potential for increasing Violence doesn’t Manifest.

Meanwhile, we’re now well into the Energy of Letting Go of Obsolete Habits (asteroid Atropos, Stationary) peaking 20 August (11:30 pm PDT).  The Fabulous Grace in the Full Moon, which should Bless at least the next two weeks, if we can Feel and Express enough Collective Gratitude for it, could well soften this potential Confrontation of Truths that are Held as Sacred.  We might PIAVA that we and others Decommision our Habits of resorting to Violence to “Get Our Way,” of preferring inflammatory Rhetoric to Listening, and of Working to Eliminate our Opposition rather than Accommodate or Contain it.

Another Boon is the symbol for Choosing Consciousness over Fate or Karma (asteroid Moira) entering the Sign of Ego Death (Virgo) on 19 August (5:30 pm PDT).  If our Ego is Attached to our Karma – which like it or not, for all of us, it is, or we’d just Let It Go before breakfast…

– we may now be more willing to Accept the Ego Death(s) necessary for us to Choose Awareness over Repeating our old Self-Sabotaging Patterns.  Ego Deaths don’t have to be Painful.

By 23 August, two other Boons arrive.  The symbol for Growing the Edges of Consciousness (asteroid Juno) also enters the Sign of Loosening Ego Attachment (Virgo) (5pm PDT).  And the symbol for New Beginnings (asteroid Klotho) moves into the Sign of Flexibility and Change (Gemini), which should make it easier to give up old intransigent Patterns (12:30 pm PDT).

It’s not often that all four of the Greek Mythology symbols for Fate versus Conscious Awareness are lit up at the same time.  The symbols for Fate itself (Moira), and for Starting New Timelines (Klotho) are both moving into new Signs, while the symbol for Consciously Ending Obsolete Timelines (Atropos) is very Strong (Stationary).  And we haven’t written about it yet, but the symbol for Consciously Choosing the Duration of our Habits (asteroid Lachesis) is Lit Up in the Full Moon chart (the focus of one of three Fingers of God).  I read this as a fairly Unique Opportunity for Massive Personal and Global Change.

Self-Love Full Moon II

August 13, 2019

AKA Big Orange Moon…

Or, when viewed from another Angle…

The Grand Sextile – six planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac – implies Great Grace, though as with any Sextile we may have to break the ice by taking the first step.  Mostly it’s about six different Energies Dancing together very Collaboratively.  Which Energies?

  • Our Essence (Sun) is Merged with Self-Love (asteroid Sappho) and our Heart’s Truth (Venus), all within half a DegreeTake Notes!!  You want to be able to Re-Create this at will.  That’s one of the best reasons to do astrology, so when something really Groovy comes along, we can Memorize how it Feels, and then Recall the Memory when things aren’t flowing so smoothly.
  • Rebirth (dwarf planet Haumea), which is Merged with Boundaries (asteroid Pallas).  Both our too-Rigid and our too-Sloppy Boundaries are up for total Revision, and we might barely Notice, as if we’re just a spectator to our own Evolution!
  • Transcendence (asteroid Bee-Zed).  What are we Transcending?  Whatever doesn’t Serve us about the other five Energies!
  • Our Instincts (the Moon) are running full bore – no need to Anal-yze or make Decisions, it’s like our Best Friend is telling us what to do, and we Know we can trust them!  Something else to Memorize for later recall and use when we’re in a dry spell.
  • Ending Timelines (asteroid Atropos) Merged with Opening Up to new Information that’s been previously Hidden (dwarf planet Eris).  Of course, once we See it, it Feels like we’ve known it all along, we just weren’t Appreciating it.  Not Instant Karma, but Instant End of Karma!
  • Our Intuition (dwarf planet Asbolus), or Channel, reveals the same clues as our Instincts, or they Complement one another, adding important Details.  Can you imagine Remembering this Feeling when you’re Wasted and You Can’t Find Your Way Home.

Plus, there are three additional Self-Resolving Challenges (Diamond Stars)!  Is this Heaven?  More soon!