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Moon Past the Post

December 30, 2021

There’s several posts in the oven that are taking a long while to get finished. But meanwhile, it’s timely to point out that the Moon will be going Out of Bounds again on 31 December 2021, at 12:14 pm PST at the Midpoint of Sagittarius. Last time it went OOB, Wall Street swooned a thousand points as the Aumicorn Deviant had everyone running in circles yelling Fire! while failing to notice that they weren’t in a crowded theater, only to recover as soon as the Moon came home. Its Outing peaks at 26:19 South Declination and 10 Capricorn on 2 January 2022 at 5:35 am PST. It returns In Bounds on 3 January at 11:23 pm PST, in 6 Aquarius.

We’re still finishing a Big Illumination of our (Lack of) Respect for All Things, especially the Environs that we use as a giant Garbage Can (asteroid Hopi Stationary and Out of Bounds 26 December – post to follow, honest!), but we’re also well into the Leadup to a span of Intense Manifestation (dwarf planet Makemake Stationary 6 January in 9 Libra) which I wouldn’t want youalls to miss.

Chaos Moon 2

December 20, 2021

This 21 December 2021 (8am PST) Capricorn Solstice is a very Intense Portal, as the major elements are…

  • Our Instincts and Emotions are Exaggerated 1 and Merged with
  • Our Amplified Intuition 2 and a
  • Strong Emphasis on Our Unlimited Potential,2 which leaves us…
  • Aflame with Visions of Who We Could Be If Our Fate 3 Wasn’t Holding Us Back, all while…
  • Our Forbidden Genius Is Emphatically Reminding Us How Dangerous That Would Be! 4

Although, if our Forbidden Genius is still Suppressed, we may be only dimly Aware that all this is Happening in our Body and our Field. Either way, it’s a Fabulous Time to Daydream about how We Could’ve Been a Contender, We Could’ve Been Somebody!

Because we still can. If we’ve become Aware of our Fate or Karma and Choose Otherwise, we could be Experiencing this Portal as…

Our Instincts and Emotions are Exaggerated 1 and Merged with Our Amplified Intuition and a Strong Emphasis on Our Unlimited Potential,2 setting us On Fire with Visions of How Successful We Can Be as an Uninhibited Genius 3,4,5

  • 1 The 18 December Full [already Intense] Moon [Instincts] is Out of Bounds [Exaggerated].
  • 2 The OOB Full Moon Conjoins [Merges with] both dwarf planet Asbolus [Intuition], which is also OOB, and dwarf planet Chaos [Our Unlimited Potential], which too is OOB.
  • 3 The Full Moon Sun (which by definition Opposes the Moon) and Solstice Sun Conjoin asteroid Lachesis [Unexpired Karma].
  • 4 The Full Moon Sun (which by definition Opposes the Moon) and Solstice Sun Conjoin dwarf planet Ixion [Our Forbidden Genius].
  • 5 Asteroid Lachesis symbolizes Unexpired Karma, but Karma is often defined as Cause and Effect, and the Principle of Cause and Effect is Demonstrated when the Effect Follows the Cause in Linear Time. However…

When Linear Time Died in 2012 at the End of the Mayan Calendar, Cause and Effect also Died. The only thing holding together the Illusion of Linear Time, and our Karma, is our Habit Patterns. We’re so used to seeing the World through that Window, that when it Changes, we think something is Amiss and rush to find a “Reason” for our Confusion. Then we Believe the Reason (we Believe Our-Thoughts-About-Our-Feelings) and substitute a familiar Emotion, such as Anger or Grief or Guilt or Fear, so we are no longer made Anxious by the Emotion that we’ve been Taught is Wrong to just Feel – Confusion. Confusion is our Gateway to Growth in Consciousness. If we Let It Be and don’t try to “Figure It Out.”

Once Karma Died, it no longer Grasped Us, We Grasped It. So we need to take Several Steps. First, we need to Notice that there’s a Pattern to our Behavior or Circumstances that we don’t relish. While our Circumstances are a Direct Result of our Beliefs, that’s Unconscious, so we can’t Directly Control them. What we can Control is our Behaviour. So, when we Notice this Pattern in our Behavior or Circumstances starting to recur, we take the Second Step – We Behave Differently. If we’ve already begun the Old Behavior, we backtrack, Apologize if appropriate, and start over. It doesn’t matter How we now Behave, just that it’s Different, because this Second Step is about Making a Crack in the Pattern. The more we repeat this Second Step, the wider the crack gets.

By the time the Crack is wide enough that the Pattern begins to crumble, we know enough about the Pattern that we can begin to envision what we’d like to replace it with. That takes us to Step Three, where we Choose a Behavior that will begin to Create a new Pattern that’s Better than the Old one. We do this by Repeating this new Behavior several times while we Test it, to see if it looks like it’ll take us to What We Want. As we Test it and Notice the Consequences of our New Behavior, we can Modify it and Test again, till it takes us even Closer to What We Want. The more we repeat this New Behaviour, the sooner we Notice when to plug it in, and the Easier it is to Replace our Old dysfunctional Behavior, as our old former Karma fades into Oblivion.

In this way we Control our Fate or Karma, and a side effect is that we also achieve Control over our Circumstances. Our Circumstances are a Mirror for our Expectations, especially our Unconscious Expectations. We Unconsciously Expect Tomorrow to look like Yesterday. Well, it ain’t. With enough Repetitions of our New Pattern, we come to Expect something Different, because we’ve been Noticing its Consequences. That might sound like just more Cause and Effect, but we’ll be ahead to think that our New Circumstances weren’t Caused By our New Behavior, they’re Associate With it, or Correlated with it. That leaves room for the natural “Random” Variation that occurs with everything, for further Improvement as we continue to Adjust our Behavior, for the Impacts of Other People and Other Energies, and for our Ego to Avoid excess Inflation.

We’ll now have more Conscious Control over our Circumstances, but they’re never completely Conscious, and the Unconscious is a bit of a Celtic Knot, with many other Influences besides our own. We deal with this by PIAVAing rather than Planning. We sometimes speak of Our Unconscious, but that’s not really the way it is. It’s more like The Unconscious, where Distinctions are very fuzzy. So, Recognizing that we’re Co-Creating our Reality along with the Great Mystery, we don’t need to get our Ego too deeply into the process. We know our Behavior is Associated With certain Circumstances, but we aren’t so glib that we Believe we Control or Cause them.

What we can say, is that our Expectations, both Conscious and Unconscious and both Intentional and Unintentional, have a lot to do with how we Interpret what we See and Feel and Hear and Smell and Taste and Sense in our “Reality.” Camilla Blossom gives us a sense of this Instant Karma in her Solstice Oracle Reading…

Remember that we don’t need the rest of Huperity to join us in our New Community. We Want Gaia to Have Her Way, and the Planet to Return to Balance. But that doesn’t mean that everyone wants or needs to join us in 5D. It’s a Free Will planet after all, and many inhabitants don’t appear to have Learned all they want to Learn about Perp-and-Victim Aggression and Abuse Games, so they’re still watching TV or Playing Shoot-‘Em-Up Games on their X-Boxes, or far worse. The Pleiadian Pundits envisioned Earth splitting in two. Michael J. Roads, in his impressive Through the Eyes of Love: Journeying with Pan trilogy, and his Stepping…Between…Realities, describes how this can happen metaphysically.

Thomas Mayer comments in Answering the Call of the Elementals: Practices for Connecting with Nature Spirits, p.63…

“I go further in and experience… [dark] elementals6 [that] were created through thoughts and feelings I have had, such as: ‘Humans on Earth do not have an ear for the spiritual world. One is always running up against walls. It is pointless. In the end, all stays in the personal realm. Nobody wants to cross the threshold to the spiritual world,’ and so on. Such thoughts and moods live in me.

“I am surprised – because of the poignancy of the experience with the dark asteroids, I would have assumed worse transgressions. But such thoughts carry a lot of weight in the spiritual realm, and the spiritual world is unforgiving; it is solely interested in the thoughts and feelings I generate myself. Even if these thoughts are justified by the reality of the world, this earthly question is of no interest there; it is only of concern what I contribute to the spiritual cosmos, no matter what life situation I find myself in. It is only important what I do. Through going into these [dark] asteroids and through accepting them and the lesson they gave me, they become softer and thinner. I lose them.”

6 Mayer distinguishes (p.65) between the Nature Spirits or “Elemental Beings,” and the “Elementals” or fragments of Spirit that we constantly broadcast with our Thoughts and Feelings.

As with other Actions and Behaviors, the more we repeat dark Thoughts and Feelings, aloud or not, the deeper they embed themselves in our Karma, and the more they Influence our Expectations. We can move toward Clearing them using the Three-Step process we described above. When we Notice a Less-Than-Light-Filled Thought or Feeling, we can also say the Incantation “Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade,” to Cancel the outgoing Vibration of the Thought, Neutralize its Effect, and Upgrade the Thinker. Then spend a minute Feeling how you’ll Feel when ONLY What you Want occurs, and none of What You Don’t Want, except in the Instances where your Untoward Expectations are brought into Consciousness and Instantly Healed. That’s a good Thought to Put Forward – “I Command or Ask That All My Untoward Expectations Be Lovingly and Gently Healed, Instantly and Permanently, as Soon as They Appear” or the like.

“It is not our imagination that the world is in a dangerous state. In the current difficult times, it is hard to know how we can help the situation. Developing our inner contact is something we can do. We are in fact divine beings who have the faculties for changing ourselves and our environment. We can pray for the highest and best in any situation, and in so doing put our deepest love and intent into it. This is an energy exchange. Our aim is to do everything with that love. I cannot emphasize enough how powerful our divine love energy is. Wielded with passion this force can move worlds. We don’t know what the highest and best is, but the universe knows and responds to our asking. Ask and you shall receive. We make it a powerful energy exchange when we give all our love and passion to bring God’s will to the moment.”

–Dorothy Maclean, “My Experiences with Nature and ROC,” in Encounters with Nature Spirits: Co-Creating with the Elemental Kingdom by R. Ogilvie Crombie, pp.191-2.

We mentioned in the previous post that “There are two other major Challenges, and a Mystery School, where we’re Asked by the Universe to get beyond the Mind and Look into the Realm beyond Duality, and another Strong planet in this Full Moon,” and our Intention to “take those up in our next installment.” Well, this post intervened, so we’ll have to repeat our Intention to “take these up in our next installment.”

Chaos Moon 1

December 18, 2021

Chaos in this context doesn’t mean Disorder, it means Unlimited Potential. Chaos was what the Greeks called the Matriarchy that existed before Zeus declared and enforced the Patriarchy, the same Patriarchy that destroyed the Earth. The remnants of the Matriarchy remain, and are slowly recreating the Balance and Mutual Flow between Hupers and Nature that characterized it. Mother Gaia’s Moronavirus is helping that project, which is why it keeps batting down every attempt to reinstall Exploitative Capitalism’s “Normal” modus operandi.

This Greek name for the Matriarchy is also the name of a dwarf planet out in Pluto’s neighborhood.1 I think of Chaos as the Vacuum of Space, which isn’t a Vacuum.2 When particles randomly Manifest in this non-Vacuum, they could Be and Do anything. Which is our own Potential, basically Unlimited except for our Unconscious Karmic Limitations. So we consider dwarf planet Chaos to symbolize Unlimited Potential. And at the 18 December 2021 Full Moon (8:32 pm PST), the Moon is Merged with dwarf planet Chaos.3 It’s also Merged with another dwarf planet, one that symbolizes our Intuition.4

Consequently, this weekend we should be able to tune in to a pretty Clear Picture of what 5D will be like for us, if we Picture it with our Emotions more than our Intellect. Our Intellect is Constrained by our Concept Set,5 and when we Confuse our Emotions with Our-Thoughts-About-Our-Emotions, the only Picture we get is one of our Unconscious Karmic Limitations.6 If we can put our Mind to work on a crossword puzzle or something to distract it, we should be able to get a pretty Clear Picture of how 5D will Feel when we trade our Unconscious Karmic Limitations in as the down payment for our Unlimited Potential.7

There’s one more Big Consideration here. The Impact of a planet is Stronger when the planet is “Out of Bounds,” which means that it’s far from the Equator, either further North than the Tropic of Cancer, or further South than the Tropic of Capricorn. These Tropics are 23 Degrees and 27 Minutes from the Equator. The Sun never goes Out of Bounds, simply because the Limits of the Sun’s travel defines what’s Out of Bounds – it’s further North or South than the Sun Ever Goes. Well, it’s almost the beginning of Northern Winter and Southern Summer, so we know the Sun is very close to the Tropic of Capricorn, 27:23S. At the Full Moon, the Moon is Opposite the Sun, so this near-Solstice Full Moon could be near the Tropic of Cancer.8

In this case, the Moon has gone Out of Bounds a day and a half before it’s Full.9 So the Influence of the Moon, which symbolizes our Instincts, will be Stronger than usual. Since many people focus on their Thoughts-About-Their-Emotions more than their Emotions, when the Moon is Out of Bounds, people look around for an alleged External Cause for their Stronger Instinctual Emotions, and easily find it in the daily News Headlines and the Histrionics in their Social Media or Minia. Thoughts Amplify Emotions, so they find plenty of “good” reasons to Freak Out.

Well, both dwarf planet Chaos, and the dwarf planet symbolizing Intuition (Asbolus4), are also Out of Bounds. So we have a Full Moon, which usually means that everyone’s already short on sleep, off their feed, and typically a sucker for the latest Sky-Is-Falling Trauma, with our Instincts Exaggerated, while our Intuition is much Heightened, and our Unlimited Potential, which is almost always scary (because of all the Compromises we’ll probably need to back out of) is Bigger than Life and In Our Face. Oh, and the Full Moon will also Challenge our Trust that everything will eventually will work out, that we really are in fact Letting Go of our Bummers so we can See more Clearly.10

As you watch the Drama Unfold, Remember that it’s a Farce. Take time to sit with everything that comes up for yourself, as there’s much to Learn under this Loony Lantern of the Night. There are two other major Challenges, and a Mystery School, where we’re Asked by the Universe to get beyond the Mind and Look into the Realm beyond Duality, and another Strong planet in this Full Moon – we’ll take those up in our next installment.11

  • 1 Pluto ranges between 30 and 49 Earth-Distances (“AUs” or Astrolonomical Units, ie, eight light-minutes) from the Sun in its elliptical orbit, while Chaos dances between 41 and 51 AUs from the Sun.
  • 2 Temperature measures how fast ambient particles are travelling, and since Space has a temperature, albeit a low one, it’s not Empty, just Lonely. In Space, particles Manifest Randomly into Form from the ambient Energy, then Randomly Demanifest. Like Douglas Adams’s Infinite Improbability Drive that Powered Zaphod Beeblebrox’s stolen Space Ship in Hitchhiker’s Guide, or the Goings-On near the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine.
  • 3 Dwarf planet Chaos happens to be near the Cusp of Cancer, Opposite to the Cusp of Capricorn. Since the Sun crosses the Cusp of Capricorn in a few days, defining the Northern Winter and Southern Summer Solstice, a Full Moon that happens when the Sun is near the Capricorn Solstice will find the Moon near the Cancer Solstice, the Cusp of Cancer. At the Full Moon, the Moon is in 28 Gemini, and Chaos is in 29 Gemini.
  • 4 Dwarf planet Asbolus, in 26 Gemini.
  • 5 Our Bird-Cage – see
  • 6 Which is fabulous, if we’re Prepared to use the Opportunity to bring them up into Consciousness so we can Replace them with Choice.
  • 7 Our Emotions, including the Emotions that we’ve Forced into the Unconscious because we don’t like them, are more important for Manifestation than our Thoughts. Our earlier Abuse Adventures are still going on (see the timetable at the end of the post in note 5 above), so we want to be careful to Avoid getting bogged down in the Morass of our Thoughts-About-Our-Abuse-Emotions (or, see note 6 above).
  • 8 A Full Moon means the Moon Opposes the Sun in Longitude (East-West), not necessarily also in Latitude or Declination (North-South). Here, both are true. The “Tropics” (the lines on the globe at 23:27 N or S Tropics, not the Equatorial-Jungle Tropics) measure N-S starting at the Equator. The twelve astrological Signs and their 360 Degrees of Longitude, in “Tropical” astrology, measure E-W starting at a N-S line (called a Meridian) where the Sun happened to be at the previous Northern Spring/Southern Fall Equinox.
  • 9 The Moon is Out of Bounds from 3:43 pm PST 17 December, till 12:47 am PST 22 December, in the process spanning 14 Gemini to 6 Leo. Its Outedness of Bounds peaks at 26:19 North Declination on 20 December at 8:34 pm PST, in 10 Cancer. Squaring this Lunar Station from 9 Aries, at 8:32 am PST on 19 December, is a Station of Chiron [Despair and Miracles]/
  • 10 The Full Moon axis is the base of a T-Square to asteroid Eurydike [Trust ] in 26 Virgo. The Sun is also Merged with asteroid Lachesis [an Invitation to Let Go of Karma] and the Galactic Center.
  • 11 Venus is Stationary [Emphasizing our Values] at 2:35 am PST 19 December, in 27 Capricorn, while Merged with Pluto [God of the Underwhere and of Compulsions], close enough in Time and Degree that it’s part of this Full Moon. It’s also the Focus of a second T-Square. A third T-Square focuses on Jupiter [Expansion] Merged again with asteroid Damocles [Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop]. The Mystery School is about Making Sustainable our Commitment to our Lifetime Mission by Transcending our Fear of It (dwarf planet Sedna [Converting Fear to Power] Conjunct North Node [Mission] and dwarf planet Ceres [Sustainability], Opposite asteroid Ka epaoka awela [Transcendence, formerly known as Bee-Zed], in a Yin Gate and T-Square to Jupiter-Damocles).

Busy, Busy, Busy! Keep this in mind…

“Our New Pollyanna Screen”

December 15, 2021

Brenda Hoffman’s Arcturian Channeling for today envisions a Graduation soon…


“You likely feel your world is in pain and will remain so forever. That all we, of the Universes, prophesied is no more than gobblygook to make you feel better.

“You were very willing to believe our prophecies during the years you shifted the earth. But now that the time of your personal hope is so near, many of you question the sanity of it. Almost as if you do not dare believe such is possible.

“As long as peace and joy were in your future, there was no need for you to question the validity of new beings in a new world. It was always out there, somewhere – until now.

“Because you are terrified your dream life will never be true, these last few weeks of the old world are fraught with angst, fear, and anger. ‘This world and my life are as they always have been and always will be.’

“We, of the Universes, wish you to know that such is little different than school exams in subjects you were comfortable with, but still doubted your ability to pass the final exam.

“Your dreams are not fantasies.

“Your new world and new life are now.

“Even though many of you are clearing up some final pieces before accepting your new reality, your tenacious efforts, plus your actions between earth lives, are finally coming to fruition. Something you cannot yet believe because your dreams of a loving earth were dashed so often.

“So it is you are filled with angst as you release final pieces of your 3D world without certainty that your life will change for the better.

“Your new world is no longer a dream – it is reality. But a reality that will seem like a fog for a bit of time. Feelings that are little different than those you had the day you graduated. Even though you completed the coursework, the remainder of your life was without specifics.

“If you have not already, you will graduate to a new life in a new world near the beginning of your calendar year. What does that statement mean for you? That is your choice. But the choices you have made indicate that love, peace, and joy will be the dominant features of your life, even though those pieces are not yet entirely visible.

“Your hidden key is your unique path. So we, of the Universes, cannot determine your future life any more than your favorite instructors or professors could when you graduated. Please remember the many expected and unexpected roads you traveled as a 3D adult. So it will be in your new world. The difference is your new you goals.

“In 3D life, you hoped to be financially stable, find a mate and friends, and procreate. The twists and turns in that dream created a haze of both pleasant and unpleasant aspects.

“All in all, you are relatively satisfied with who you are. For peace was not necessarily a viable 3D action but a pleasant after-thought as you moved through fears and interactions with family, co-workers, community members, friends, spouses, employers, and children.

“The difference you are about to experience is that even expected fears will not materialize. At the beginning of your new world, you will likely be frightened by potential catastrophes only to discover that the end-product of your actions is one of joy instead of the expected fear.

“You will need a bit of time to adjust to your new world.

“Even though you hope for the best, you have become so accustomed to fear that at first, you will not believe 3D fear is no longer an important part of your life.

“Some of you question that last comment believing that those earthlings who refuse to move beyond 3D will prolong your fears and maybe even negatively affect your life. While such is possible, the reality is you are changing your life view/perception screen.

“Perhaps you will label your new screen ‘The Pollyanna Shift.’ For those beings who try to negatively impact you will have a different trajectory. You will let them live as they wish. No longer will you need to worry about or fear their actions.

“The easiest way to describe your new life is that your projection, your screen, will shift from what is wrong with you and your world to what is wonderfully right. You will see and sense the beauty of the earth.

“You will also find the pain and fear in the 3D world mystifying. ‘Why would anyone choose to be in pain when it’s not necessary?’

“Another piece different from your 3D life is that even though you might wonder why others want to remain in fear, you will not be pre-occupied or even interested in them doing so. For you will know that those in fear merely have to change their screen – an ability now available to all despite your current belief that only a few precious beings will shift near the beginning of your year.

“The happy screens available to all are the result of your efforts and those who decided to shift before these end-of-year energy bursts.

“At first, you will want to show others how easy it is to shift from fear to peace, for some caretaking will continue for a few weeks after you shift your screens. But within weeks, your life will be so different you will merely observe those who wish to remain in pain as you move to your next joy or interest.

“No longer will you feel the need to caretake anyone, given that all beings now have the ability to change their screens.

“Changing screens is no longer about being the most spiritual, best, or the smartest – it is available to all.

“So allow yourself to be in joy. Relish your new life. It is not a dream; it is a fulfilled prophesy because of your dedicated efforts. Play, laugh and enjoy as you rapidly change your screen.

“Earth life will never again be enmeshed in fear. That life is over. Prepare to start your new life of peace and joy.

“So be it.”

I know, it seems laughable! Wouldn’t it be Great! But I do know that “Believing Is Seeing,” and I have Spontaneous Visions of turning and slipping out of this Doubt-Encrusted Herxheimer Husk as if it was a Kimono. So What’s to Lose. See ya there!

The Roots of Karma III

December 14, 2021

This Triple Merger of Self-Love, Abuse, and Boundaries1 isn’t much fun, is it. Astrological Mergers seldom are, because they blur the lines Separating the Compartments in our “Head” that we use to Organize our Perception of Reality. Of course, any such blurring is a fabulous Opportunity to get closer to the Multifarious Unity that Reality Really is, but we naturally Fight like Hell against this Opportunity because our Concept-Set, the Organization in our Perception of Reality, is synonymous with our Ego.

In the illustration, our Ego is played by Tweety, our Concept-Set is Tweety’s Cage, and Sylvester represents the Outside World. If our Cage gets bent, our Ego isn’t Safe, and Growth Opportunities are low on our Priority List. Getting Safe again automatically becomes our Most Important Task. Unfortunately, our Either/Or Mind isn’t the best hammer for this screw. It tends to Helicopter instead – “Am I being Abused, or am I being Oversensitive? If I’m being Oversensitive I’ll make a Fool of myself by Setting Boundaries. Am I being Oversensitive, or am I being Abused? If I’m being Abused, I’ll be a Fool if I don’t Set Boundaries. Setting Boundaries is so Difficult, even when I’m not in Self-Doubt. Am I being Abused, or am I being Oversensitive? …” Round and round we go!

If we can somehow Stop and Ask What’s Happening in the Present Moment? we might Realize, Oh, I’m Confused, aren’t I. Confusion is what happens when the bars of our Concept-Set Cage get bent and Danger threatens. In School, and for many of us at Home as well, we were Taught that Confusion meant Failure, so we rush to “Figure It Out.” What we didn’t Learn in School, is that Confusion is an Emotion. Listening to Our-Thoughts-About-Our-Emotions amplifies Confusion no end. If we STOP our Helicopter Trip by making a Decision – “I am being Abused, I Have to Set a Boundary!” or “I am being Oversensitive, I guess I have to Aplogize” or worse, “I am being Abused, but I have no Power here, so I better admit to being Oversensitive so they won’t kill me” – we might Win by School Rules and maybe Family Rules (or Live to Fight another Battle later), but we Lose our Pursuit of Growth. If you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that your Pursuit of Growth is one of Your Own Rules.

This astro-circumstance is actually more complicated yet, because while they aren’t Merged, several other bars in our cage are definitely Entangled with this SelfLove-Abuse-Boundaries stew. Respect is definitely involved, and so is our Integrity.2 Helicopters get even more Confused when they enter Multidimensional Space. Plus, our Self-Sovereignty and our Unconscious Karmic Limitations are Lit Up, so Powerlessness and Helplessness are Twisted in as well,3 leaving us in Escher-Space. Maintaining any Sense of Self and Self-Respect in Escher-Space, where you can’t even tell which way is Up, ain’t easy.

Fortunately, independent of Individuals and Groups that use them, Egos per se also have Rules, and the First Rule of Egohood is When the Ego is Shattered, Never Try to “Fix” What Shattered It. Our First and Only Task Is to Reconstruct a New Ego. Then We Can Address the Original Problem. Fine! So now, how do we Reconstruct a New Ego, especially when our Ego is Shattered?

Richard Brautigan has an answer…

Item 1 is Grounding – always a good idea. Item 2 probably won’t be easy while Helicoptering, so we probably have to do Item 3 before we can do Item 2. So then how exactly do we Reduce intellectual and emotional noise until we arrive at the silence of ourself so we can Listen to it?

My favorite way is to move out of both the Intellectual and the Emotional Realms and into the Physical Realm. Barring Flatulence or Covid, the Body usually makes a lot less noise than the Mind or the Emotions. And there’s a good reason why the word Feelings can apply to either Emotions or Physical Sensations – they’re highly Correlated. Breathing is always available to us as long as we’re still in a Body. Focusing our Attention on our Breath, and bringing our Attention back to the Breath once more than the Mind interrupts our Focus, is an ideal starting point. Breathing through our Nose will move us out of Fight-or-Flight-or-Freeze, by activating our Vagus Nerve.

Okay, that Helps! Now where were we? Oh yes, we were figuring out why we were being Abused, right? No, No!! We were Confused! Remember?

Ok, I Remember now, I’m Confused. What do I do about that? We find it in our Body – Exactly Where in our Body are we Feeling this Confusion? It may be many places, or everywhere. If it is, just pick one place to start. It’s possible that it’s not in your Body. If it’s in your Aura, that’s fine. It could even be in someone else’s Body, with Sovereignty/Codependence woven in here.3 If it is, we’ll need to use our Mirrors. It’s not possible to Process someone else’s Feelings, and unfortunately, it’s not all that rare for Other People’s Feelings to try to invade our Space. (The First Rule of Living in Space is that no one can Invade your Space if your Space is Filled with Your Own Energy.)

Locate the Confusion in your Body or Aura and Focus your Attention there Intensely, while Noticing “Oh, there’s that Pesky Thinking Again! Thanks for Trying to Contribute!” whenever it arises (which it of course will). It’s You versus your Thoughts – can you bat them down, and Refocus on where Confusion is sitting in your Body, one more time than your Thoughts Intrude?

The Mind is interminably Insistent, so you’ll have to be even more interminably, and Lovingly, Patient with it. It’s your Friend, you don’t want to Banish it completely, you just want it to stop messing up your Experience of your Emotions, because Emotions are a major Channel for our Intuition and Instincts, and those are really Important, especially if we want to edge toward 5D or Enlightenment. The Mind is a great adjunct to our Instincts and Intuitions, we just need to stop it from blocking out Instincts and Intuitions that don’t fit through the bars of our Cage, so we can Grow and Change as Gaia Grows and Changes.

Emotions in your Body might Move; follow them. It’s a sign of Success when they Move, Celebrate it. Eventually you’ll get Bored, and that’s a good time to Let Go, returning to your Focus-on-the-Location-of-your-Feelings-in-your-Body whenever you catch yourself sidetracked by Your-Thoughts-About-Your-Emotions and Dizzied by their Helicopter Trips.

  • 1 Triple Conjunction of asteroid Sappho [Self-Love and Self-Doubt ], dwarf planet Nessus [Abuse and Privilege], and asteroid Pallas [Boundaries]. See the first chart in the previous post.
  • 2 The Opposition to asteroid Hopi [Respect for All Things] and dwarf planet Orcus [Oath-making and -Breaking].
  • 3 The Squares from Lilith [Self-Sovereignty and Codependence] and Vesta [Unconscious Limitations].

It might not hurt to add some notes about Timing, so that you can be prepared when your Abusers come back for their second Pound of Flesh and you can Practice Setting Boundaries again, and so you can check your Diary. By the way, if anybody ever suggests that you’re too Sensitive, that’s a sure sign that they’re an Abuser. They have no business tagging anybody with Labels, and that’s the stock Abuser Response to any first attempt to Set a Boundary. If you take their “You’re being oversensitive” balloon and turn it over, you’ll see where it says SHUTTERSTOCK on the back. That goes for you too – if you start thinking “I’m too Sensitive,” you’re Abusing yourself. Take it back, and wash your Thinker out with soap.

We’ve got seven planetary Perps in this astro-entanglement – Self-Love and Self-Doubt, Abuse and Privilege, Boundaries, Respect for All Things, Oath-Making and -Breaking, Self-Sovereignty and Codependence, and Unconscious Karmic Limitations (Sappho, Nessus, Pallas, Hopi, Orcus, Lilith, and Vesta). That means there are 21 interaction terms, counting just the 1X1 interactions…

  • Respect for All Things Argued with Abuse and Privilege in November (Out of Bounds Hopi Opposed Nessus).
  • Boundaries Merged with Abuse and Privilege on 10 December (Pallas Conjoined Nessus).
  • Self-Love and Self-Doubt Merged with Abuse and Privilege (talk about Confusion!) on 13 December (Sappho Conjunct Nessus).
  • Self-Love and Self-Doubt Merges with Boundaries today, 14 December (Sappho Conjunct Pallas).
  • Self-Love and Self-Doubt Argues with Respect for All Things on 16 December (Sappho Opposite Hopi, which is Out of Bounds).
  • Self-Love and Self-Doubt Argues with Oath-Making and -Breaking on 17 December (Sappho Opposite Orcus).
  • Boundaries Argues with Respect for All Things on 19 December (Pallas Opposite Hopi, which is Out of Bounds).
  • Boundaries Argues with Oath-Making and -Breaking on 22 December (Pallas Opposite Orcus).
  • Respect for All Things Stands Still on 26 December, before it gets to Oath-Making and -Breaking (Hopi OOB Stationary Retrograde)
  • Abuse and Privilege Argues with Oath-Making and -Breaking on 13 February 2022 (Nessus Opposite Orcus). So much for Valentines Day – should be a lot of He-Blamed-She-Blamed Fireworks then!
  • Respect for All Things doesn’t Merge with Oath-Making and -Breaking till 2 August 2022 (Hopi Conjunct Orcus).

The Roots of Karma II

December 13, 2021

Here’s the chart of the 12 December 2021 Station of dwarf planet Orcus (Oath-Making and -Breaking)…

We described the Angles pretty thoroughly in the previous post. The Main Effect is Change,1 but we Integrate2 the Changes through our Instinctual Creativity,3 and through our Recognition of the Descent of Soul into Flesh.4 If you encounter anything that’s very Unusual, stay Open to it without Surrendering your Boundaries – it’s probably an unfamiliar aspect of Spirit, and even if it’s a Trickster, it will have much to Teach us.3 Be Loving and Gentle with Physical Unpleasantness; the Soul will be moving your Heart and other Internal Organs around as It Settles In.4

Expect Guilt or Fear to Arise as we Break Through Ancient Karmic Bonds. The Etruscan God Orcus was pictured as a Devouring Monster, illustrating to us that an Unpleasant Death was the likely result of Betraying an Oath, which in Present Time devolves to Ditching Karma and its concomitant Ego Death. If Guilt and Fear do arise, avoid Identifying with them, and instead Locate them in your Body and be Loving and Gentle with them there.4a Emotions are supposed to be your Feelings, not your Identity. That’s hard to Realize and Practice, I know, especially if you have a lot of planets in Water Signs, but it’s tied for the most important Karmic Habit you’ll ever Change, right along with Learning to Differentiate your Feelings from Your-Thoughts-About-Your-Feelings! And it’s Essential Homework for your Enlightenment and 5D.

  • 1 The Grand Cross (red square) is in the Mutable (as in Mutation) Signs.
  • 2 The Moon and Uranus Trine and Quincunx Bridges.
  • 3 Moon in Cardinal (Creative) Aries Bridging (Healing) the Oppositions (Arguments) and T-Squares (Challenges). This is Aries, Spiritual Creativity, so Stay Open to the Very New.
  • 4 Uranus (Soul) in Taurus (Material Solidity). Uranus only Transits (Crosses) Taurus every 84 years, so even if we’ve been there before, our circumstances were probably very different, and our chronological Age as well.
  • 4a “Feelings” in English can be either Emotions or Physical Sensations, and one of the Easiest way to Avoid Ego-Identifying with our Emotions (“I AM Scared” rather than “I FEEL Scared”), is to Locate the Physical Sensations that Associate with them. For instance, we usually Feel Fear in our Belly, or in the worst case in our Sphincter. Where in your Body do you Feel your Guilt? In common language we refer to Feelings as “ours,” but it’s more Productive to think of them as Fields that are External to Us, more like Weather Fronts. If you’ve ever noticed a similarity between what you’ve been Feeling and what I Describe in this Blog, you’ve proven to yourself that Emotions are External Fields.

As for the 13 December Station of asteroid Aletheia (Truth of the Heart ), the chart (and therefore the Impacts upon us) is more nuanced…

We can Expect to be Learning much new, especially about ourselves,5 and our assignment is to Trust what we Learn, even though it may Feel quite Strange, and perhaps Dangerous.6 We’re also being Asked if we should Trust or Surrender to our Fate, and even though the issue might appear Confusing,7 the Answer is Hell No! 8 There are a few more details in the chart, but they don’t change this basic picture.9

  • 5 Stationary Aletheia Merged with dwarf planet Eris (What we’re in the Habit of Denying). Remember that Denial is a Healthy Response to things we aren’t Ready to handle yet.
  • 6 Aletheia-Eris Quincunx (Curiosity) asteroid Eurydike (Trust). This is Complex, as both Aletheia-Eris and Eurydike are the focus of Fingers of the Goddess (the green wedges, meaning Pay Attention! ). It’s likely to Feel Threatening to Trust (asteroid Damocles on the other foot of the Eurydike Finger), and in order to Trust we’ll have to Move Beyond our Obedience to the Patriarchy (Ka epaoka awela [Transcendence], the asteroid formerly known as Bee-Zed, is Merged with asteroid Heracles [Enforcer of the Patriarchy] on the other foot of the Aletheia-Eris Finger of the Goddess.
  • 7 Asteroid Moira (Fate and Choice) is Merged with Neptune (Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity) Opposite Eurydike.
  • 8 The Moira/Neptune-Eurydike Opposition is the base of a T-Square (Challenge) focused on the Sun (Essence) Merged with asteroid Lachesis (Live Karma that Can Be Consciously Let Go of). When we bring our Karma into Consciousness, we substitute Choice for Fate, as we are now free to Choose Alternatives as soon as we Notice that our Karmic Patterns are beginning. Even Good Karma benefits from Choice. Even if we aren’t in touch with our own Values and Best Interests, making Good Karma Conscious allows us to Learn what our Values and Best Interests actually are.
  • 9 Ka epaoka awela-Heracles and dwarf planet Hylonome form a Truss Bridge (double Trine Bridge) across the Sun-Lachesis T-Square. That doesn’t quite make it Self-Resolving, but it makes it a heck of a lot Easier. However, both of these points have their own naked Squares, Ka epaoka awela-Heracles to Moira-Neptune (How much of the Fate we’re being Asked to Surrender to is our Adaptation to the Patriarchy? Will we then Survive the Patriarchy’s Demise? ) and Hylonome to Aletheia-Eris (Much of the Denial revealed is likely to concern our Codependence).

The Roots of Karma

December 12, 2021

Back before we became Wage Slaves, when Life was Nasty Brutal and Short, if we weren’t lucky enough to be able to Live off the Land arm-wrestling Mastodons and Wild Celeries and Clams into submission, we were mostly either Slaves per se or Indentured folks. That’s not about our Teeth, it refers to our Status as Contract “Employees” – in exchange for a few pittances, mostly in kind or in brutal, we volunteered the fruits of our labors to someone who had enough spare Sustenance to be able to meagerly support a few or many of the rest of us because they had Control over Land, were Intimidating enough to demand Taxes or Tribute, did something Important for their own Higher-Class contacts, or drove Camels for Uber.

At the Heart of these arrangements was an Agreement, and not one that was Easy to Change your Mind about. Say your allergies were killing you from sleeping in foxholes in the damps of Brittany during Caesar’s campaign on Britain. You couldn’t very well sign up for a crash course in Coding from TuTubus, and the local StellaPecunias wasn’t hiring anyway, even if you could slip away without taking an arrow in the back. Besides which, you didn’t know how to say Caramel Brulée Frappuccino in Gaulish. Many Agreements between the Plebes and the Upper Crust were enforced by Death. Of course they weren’t all Agreements per se, since often only the Plebe promised anything.

The best way to avoid accidentally transgressing a Life-or-Death Agreement, is to convince yourself that there were no other options, and often that came pretty close to the Truth anyway. Once we do that, our Indentured Duties become the Nature of the World rather than some Agreement we made. Do it for very long, and Bingo, Karma! It literally Becomes part of the World rather than part of “us,” a new Unconscious Limitation. Even the Agreements we made last year or even last month, though they might not literally be Life-and-Death, many or most of them will feel like Life-and-Death, because we’ve invested our Ego in them, and to Betray them we’ll have to go through an Ego Death, which to the Ego (which translates as “Me”) is a very Real Death.

Back in the Oldie Days there was a God who Enforced these Agreements. His Etruscan (pre-Roman) name was Orcus (remember Tolkien’s “Orcs“?). And naturally, there’s a dwarf planet named after Orcus, and of course what it means is Making Oaths, Vows, Promises, or even Decisions that become Karma because there are serious consequences to Betraying them. And by Extension, by the Absence of Negation in the Nondual Unconscious’s playbook, Orcus also means Breaking or Betraying or Rescinding Oaths, Vows, Promises, or even Decisions. Which usually amounts to Relinquishing Karma.

Why do we bring this up now? Because on 12 December 2021 at 7:58 pm PST (in 15 Virgo), dwarf planet Orcus Stands Still in the Sky. A planet’s influence upon us is at its maximum when it’s Standing Still. And True to form, I’m being Asked to make a Big Decision, which I’m still Deliberating on. And I plan to keep Deliberating at least through 13 December at 3:21 am PST when Asteroid Aletheia Stands Still. Asteroid Aletheia symbolizes The Truth of Our Heart.

It wouldn’t be out of the Question for us to be willing to Die or even Kill to defend The Truth of Our Heart, because it Transcends the Truth of the Mind, which can be Debated. There is no Debate for The Truth of Our Heart, because It Is What It Is. The Heart, whether we’re in touch with it or not, is the Central Character in Who We Really Are in the LifeTime. So I’m taking the Opportunity to watch closely, to see what I’ll be Learning about Karma, Decision-making, and My Own Heart, before I make Commitments that will have Real-Life consequences.

The Exaggeration of Oath-Making and -Breaking (Orcus Station) features a number of rather strange bedfellows…

  • It’s involved intensely, somehow, with Respect for All Things.1 I guess that could be a recommendation to take into account All Consequences and All Parties who could be Impacted by your Decision or Recision.
  • It has to do with our Codepedence or Sovereignty.2
  • It Impacts our Unconscious Limitations in ways that will have Cosmic Ramifications.3
  • It will Invoke various combinations of Abuse, Self-Love, and Boundaries.4
  • Considering these potential Interactions, it could be a lot worse – wait patiently for Surprise to Evolve.5
  • Especially if Invited or Welcomed, our Soul will be a Profound Healer for the first and fourth bedfellows, Respect and Abuse et al.6
  • Our Instincts will be a Reliable Guide to the second and third interactions, Our Codependence and Our Unconscious Limitations.7
  • If we’re open to Confusion and don’t try to “figure it out,” and we can look beyond our Socialization, we’ll Learn much about Respect and Abuse et al by studying what Our Raw Instincts would have us do.8
  • If we’re open to Confusion and don’t try to “figure it out,” we’ll Learn much about Our Sovereignty and Our Unconscious Limitations by studying what our Soul would have us do.9

In other words, there’s a lot going on, and we may be able to untangle any apparent Complications by using the threads above.

The Exaggeration of The Truth of Our Heart (Aletheia Station) is more complex, and puts a Strong Emphasis on What We’ve Been Unwilling to Look At10 and on Karma That We Can Safely Let Go Of Even Before Its Time,11 having to do with Trust, Fate, and Surrender.12 The Patriarchy, Our Codependence, and Our Risks are also involved. We’ll look more closely at this, and the charts, in the next installment.

  • 1 Orcus Merged with asteroid Hopi, which is Out of Bounds, or Strong.
  • 2 Orcus Squared by Lilith.
  • 3 Orcus Squared by asteroid Vesta, which is Channeling the Great Attractor.
  • 4 Orcus Opposite dwarf planet Nessus and asteroids Sappho and Pallas.
  • 5 The four terms above create a Grand Cross, which is usually more Irritating than Traumatic, and which is often a Net Positive, as long as we don’t screw it up by trying to “fix” it.
  • 6 Uranus makes a Trine Bridge across the Orcus-Nessus et al Opposition.
  • 7 Moon makes a Trine Bridge across Lilith-Vesta Opposition.
  • 8 Moon makes a Quincunx Bridge across Orcus-Nessus et al Opposition.
  • 9 Uranus makes a Quincunx Bridge across Lilith-Vesta Opposition.
  • 10 Aletheia Merged with dwarf planet Eris.
  • 11 T-Square to asteroid Lachesis which is Out of Bounds and Conjunct Sun across…
  • 12 …the Opposition between Eurydike in Virgo and Neptune-asteroid Moira in Pisces.

Educational Eclipse V

December 5, 2021

More of our Moon OOB (Amplified Instincts and Emotions) Sagittarius-Capricorn-Aquarius Gauntlet…

6 December, 7-8 am PST – OOB Moon on dwarf planet Hylonome in 19 Capricorn

  • Hylonome is about Self-Sovereignty, and its Partner Codependence. The Mythological Hylonome never Woke Up either, she killed herself rather than go on without her Lover. The Lesson there? Wake Up! Get Conscious of Codependence! Validating Lilith (more Self-Sovereignty) Opposing the Eclipse.
  • If our natal asteroid Nemesis is near OOB Moon on Hylonome, we’re probably working on our Guilt about Self-Sovereignty. Parents make a big deal about how 2-year-olds have to Learn to Recognize Other, often using Punishment and/or Shaming to jerk us out of that natural phase before we’re ready. Many of us still feel Guilty when we put our own Needs ahead of those of Others. And unfortunately there are far worse situations that Innocent Children must Endure before we have the Political Power necessary to get away with setting Boundaries to Protect our Integrity and Sovereignty. Many of those situations were Enforced with Guilt or Shame.
  • When they become a Big Deal, it’s almost always because our Patterns of Dancing with Sovereignty and Codependence (which is often our best hope for our Survival) are rooted in Other LifeTimes. So our Legitimate Complaints will fall on deaf ears when our Current-LifeTime perps are actually just Triggering our own PTSD rather than actually and Actively Abusing us. That’s why I Recommend that we include Mirrors in our Quiver of Boundary Techniques. We’ve discussed them before at length – see
  • We were Programmed as kids to not Notice when someone else was Manipulating our Behavior, so we still may not Realize that there is an Energy component to our Codependence, represented by an Open Hole in the back of our Aura. As we develop the Habit of Protecting our Sovereignty with Mirrors, we gradually close that Hole. We can even use Mirrors to Protect ourself from someone who’s standing in front of us, if we Practice the technique of putting up a Mirror while conversing. It works particularly well when we’re on the phone with a Manipulator. My First Teacher used to say, “No one can Invade you when your Body is filled with Your Own Energy.”

6 December, 3-4 pm PST – OOB Moon on OOB Venus in 24 Capricorn

  • Yet another Out of Bounds on Out of Bounds, OOB Moon on OOB Venus (our Values) this time. The OOB Microscope of Amplified Emotional Instincts shines its bright Light on , which may Deepen our Investment in their current iteration, possibly by Nurturing Anger at anyone who Transgresses our Values, or even those with different Values from ours (about Abortion for instance, or about who should be Permitted to Vote or who should be Required to Wear Masks). Or the Bright Light may Illuminate the places where our Values are taken too far to Extremes, or where the Values we use aren’t really our own, but were Installed by our Programmers.
  • As you Examine your Values, check to see where you Experience them in your Body. They should Stream out of your Heart, not out of your Solar Plexus or your Belly or your Root.
  • Suppose we have asteroid Juno in our natal chart at or near 24 Capricorn. Then we’d be looking at our Values about Growth in Consciousness, perhaps as compared to our Values about Stability, especially the sort of Stability that allows our close Associates – Partners, Family, Colleagues, and the like – to Approximate who we’re likely to be next week and next year so there will be Relative Continuity in our Relationships. Do we let this apparent Dichotomy between Growth and Stability Limit our Growth? Has it Limited or Interfered with our Relationships?
  • As we’ve averred, Love Dies when Judgment Replaces Curiosity. Is Love our Willingness and Ability to Be the same Person we were last week, as some claim, or is Love our Ability and Willingness to maintain our Curiosity no matter how much Change we see in our Partners and other close Associates? We may be Helicoptering, chasing ourself around in circles, over questions like these, or we may be Realizing that they’re all just Thoughts About Our Feelings, and Recognizing that our Values are nothing more than Feelings in Our Heart, and if our Feelings don’t run the full gamut of Possibility, we can Easily Identify our Unconscious Limitations by the Feelings we don’t Allow.
  • In other words, our Values are probably more like an Average than an Absolute. We might be Against Killing, but we might also agree with the Judges in Wyoming in the 19th Century who agreed that Some folks Deserve to be Killed. If enough of your neighbors agreed with you, you could be acquitted of murder – the original Jury of your Peers. Rigid Values don’t come from the Heart, they come from Our Thoughts About Our Feelings, which are a Reliable way to lead yourself astray.

6 December, 6-7 pm PST – OOB Moon on Pluto in 26 Capricorn

  • Pluto is about our Compulsions. This OOB Microscope can Teach us which of our Compulsions are Healthy Guidance, and which are potential Addictions. As with Values, Rigid Compulsions are Thoughts About Our Feelings, not Guidance at all. A good test has two parts, How often do I Feel this Compulsion? and Has this Compulsion ever gotten me in over my head? If your answers are Most of the Time and No, the Compulsion is probably a version of your Life Mission that’s still just Beyond your Reach.
  • If your answers are Most of the Time and Yes, the Compulsion is probably a Coverup for your Life Mission. You can Sit with that Compulsion and take notes about What You’re Doing and What You’re Feeling. After a couple of weeks you should be able to see the Pattern and Choose an Alternative that won’t get you in Trouble.
  • If your answers are A lot, Lately and No, then your Compulsion is a Good one that you should Listen to. It’s probably an Opportunity for you to make a Leap toward your Personal 5G.
  • If your natal Jupiter sits in the same Degree as this Brief Explosion of OOB-Moon-Pluto Energy, you’re probably in for a Ride. Moon-Pluto astroevents are some of the worst astroevents we Experience, because they force us to Experience all of the Feelings that we normally, unconsciously, don’t Allow ourself to Feel. Jupiter Expands everything it touches, so Expanded versions of those “Held” Emotions may assault us. Our “Held” Emotions are the ones we Refuse to Feel, because to Feel them would Connect us to Karma that we’ve always worked our Butts off to Avoid, probably about circumstances where we got Dead sooner than we wanted to.

7 December, 4-5 am PST – OOB Moon on dwarf planet Chariklo in 2 Aquarius

  • Chariklo represents our Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt.

7 December, 6-7 pm PST – OOB Moon on Saturn in 10 Aquarius

  • Saturn means The Most Important Thing.

To be continued…

Educational Eclipse IV

December 5, 2021

Let’s divert for a few minutes to the “other” five astroelements in the 3 December 2021 Antarctic Total Solar Eclipse. In Educational Eclipse I we talked about the Mergers between the Eclipse and our Amplified Powers of Observation, a Mysterious Giant Magnet in the Sky, and our Unconscious Limitations.1 We also talked about how Eclipses in General imply Illumination, how the Moon, signifying our Instincts, also became Amplified shortly after the Eclipse,2 and about the many ways this particular Eclipse is a remarkable Milestone on our way to 5G. We postponed our discussion of the other five astroelements in the Eclipse chart so we could begin discussing the time-limited Impacts of the Amplified Moon’s travels through the three Signs of the Autumn Equinox, Lighting Up as it does twelve other planets, many of which are also Amplified.3-12

The Eclipse Badmouths our Codependence,13 as do several of the Lit-Up Twelve, reminding us how increasingly important it will be to Trust our own Self-Sovereignty as we move toward 5G. Our Self-Sovereignty is Challenged by our Ability and Willingness to Set Boundaries against Abuse,14 and by the Fierceness of our Commitment to Peaceful Respect for All Things.15

The ongoing apparent Conflict between our Ego Identity and our Soul is also tightly Involved with this process.16 We refer to it as an “apparent Conflict” because it’s really no Conflict at all, it only feels like our Ego Identity is Engaged in a Battle to the Death, exactly because an ongoing series of Ego Deaths is required for us to Exeunt 3D and Embrace 5D, and the top item in the Ego’s job description is Resistance to its own Death, which is a whole ‘nother story relative to our Physical Death. We sidestep the Conflict by Recognizing the signs of an imminent Ego Death, and Consciously shifting our Identity into a new Tentative Entity that’s Curious about what’s Emerging next.

In talking about Unique Abilities and giving the example of his own, Gay Hendricks nails it down…

“I can create a space that brings forth innovative solutions from inside myself or from people I’m working with. I can feel this ability inside me right now. It’s a feeling of respect for the creative process, coupled with nonjudgmental listening for something new to emerge. I can wait patiently as long as it takes for a new solution to emerge. Possibly because I’m willing to wait for as long as it takes, it usually doesn’t take long.” —The Big Leap, pp.133-134.

We have such Difficulty Manifesting New Global Energies because most of the time most people Respond to an Energy Transition17 by doubling down on their Investment in the Old Paradigm, rather than Diving into Exploring the Potential of the pending New Paradigm. What if we could have enough “respect for the [Void Between Cycles ], coupled with nonjudgmental listening for something new to emerge, [that we could] wait patiently as long as it takes for new [Perspectives] to emerge.” That would be a Powerful exercise for any Waning Square.17a This is part of what Rudhyar meant when he used to say that the Square was the Evolutionary Edge for Huperity.

From the Perspective of the Eclipse, this Ego-Soul Faux Conflict is a Blessing in many ways. For the next few weeks, Attention to The Most Important Thing is the Easiest way to deal with any Blowups we Encounter in the Argument between our Observations of our Karma and our Codependence.18 And Attention to our Soul is the Easiest way to deal with any Sparks flying in the Argument between Abuse Boundaries and Ferocious Respect for All Things.19

And Sophisticated astro-observers will know that their best Education will come from maintaining their Curiosity and refusing to draw Conclusions or Judgments about The Most Important Thing that Arises in the Abuse-Respect Argument, and from maintaining their Curiosity and refusing to draw Conclusions or Judgments about their Soul’s Purpose from the Observation-Codependence Dialog.20 Conclusions and Judgments are always Confirmations of our a priori Concept Set, preventing Growth before it has a chance to start. Continuing Curiosity leaves us Open to Seeing Beyond and Through our Blocks and Expanding our Consciousness.

  • 1 The Eclipse Conjoined an Out of Bounds Mercury, the Great Attractor, and asteroid Vesta, respectively.
  • 2 The Moon Goes Out of Bounds for 3½ days on 4 December at 1:13 am PST, in 14 Sagittarius. It peaks when it Stands Still at 26:20 South Declination in 10 Capricorn at 6:31 pm PST on 5 December. It returns In Bounds on 7 December at 1:13 pm PST, in 24 Aquarius.
  • 3 Out of Bounds Moon (Amplified Instincts) crosses OOB Mercury (Amplified Thoughts) 4am 4 December 2021 in 16 Sagittarius.
  • 4 OOB Moon crosses OOB Lachesis (Amplified Choice to Let Go of Karma) 2pm 4 December in 22 Sagittarius.
  • 5 OOB Moon crosses OOB Ixion (our Forbidden Genius, Amplified ) 4am 5 December in 1 Capricorn.
  • 6 OOB Moon crosses Pholus, Quaoar and OOB Nemesis (Amplified Guilt about Global Warming) 10am-Noon 5/12 in 5-6 Capricorn.
  • 7 OOB Moon crosses Juno (Growth in Consciousness Amplified ) 3pm PST 5/12 in 8 Capricorn.
  • 8 OOB Moon crosses Hylonome (Self-Sovereignty) 8a, PST 6 December in 19 Capricorn.
  • 9 OOB Moon crosses OOB Venus (our Values, Amplified ) 4pm 6/12 in 24 Capricorn.
  • 10 OOB Moon crosses Pluto (our Compulsions) 7pm 6/12 in 26 Capricorn.
  • 11 OOB Moon crosses Chariklo (Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt ) 5am PST 7 December in 2 Aquarius.
  • 12 OOB Moon crosses Saturn (The Most Important Thing) 10am PST 7/12 in 10 Aquarius.
  • 13 Eclipse et al Opposite Lilith (Self-Sovereignty and Codependence).
  • 14 Eclipse Square to Pallas (Boundaries) and Nessus (Abuse and Power ).
  • 15 Eclipse Square to asteroid Hopi (Respect for All Things) and minor planet Thereus (Constraining our Most Violent Urges). The Mythological Thereus was a Teacher who was most famous for venturing into the Wilderness and Wrestling with Bears, then bringing them home with him, still snarling. The Hopi-Thereus to Pallas-Nessus and Eclipse et al to Lilith Oppositions make a Grand Cross (the red square with the cross in the middle).
  • 16 Saturn in Aquarius (The Most Important Thing Is to Identify with the Collective) Waning Square (Closing down a Cycle) to Uranus in Taurus (Soul Descending into Matter ). We spoke at length about this Square earlier this year, when it first occurred, in the Fearbruary VI post. Unbelievable how long ago that seems – many Ego Molts ago!
  • 17 Typically correlated with a Waning Square. BTW, Whenever we talk about “most people,” we have to Ask – including whom? When we talk about “most people” we’re usually talking about what we don’t like to accept as part of ourself.
  • 17a With a cursory scan of 1 December, I only see two Waxing Squares – OOB Mercury approaching a Waxing Square to Nessus, and OOB Lachesis Waxing Square to Stationary Neptune. We can anticipate New Perspectives around Observing Abuse, and around Letting Go of Obsolete Religious Doctrine. I see daily New Perspectives around Abuse, and some Liberty-for-me-Slavery-to-My-Values-for-you Pervs may see the Decimation of Roe vs Wade as a Letting Go of Obsolete Doctrine.
  • 18 Saturn makes a Trine Bridge, or Blessing (the blue lines to Saturn), across the Eclipse-Lilith Opposition.
  • 19 Uranus makes a Trine Bridge across the Opposition between Pallas-Nessus and Hopi-Thereus.
  • 20 Saturn makes a Quincunx Bridge (the green lines) across the Abuse-Respect or Nessus-Hopi Opposition, and Uranus makes a Quincunx Bridge across the Observation-Codependence Dialog. Notice that the Unx (short green lines, one Sign) Angles are part of a Quincunx Bridge, and the nature of an Unx (12th-Harmonic) Angle is to make it Easy to Disrupt Fixed Habits in the Relationship between the two planets. Saturn Unx Pallas-Nessus will allow us to Learn new things by shifting Obsolete Notions around The Most Important Thing about Abuse Boundaries. And Uranus Unx Lilith will allow us to Learn new things around our Soul’s Relationship to Codependence.
  • Saturn, Uranus, Hopi-Thereus, and the Eclipse et al make a Square Fez Configuration – like one of those red felt Turkish hats, or like the stand that Lion-tamers make the Lions stand on in the Circus. A Square Fez is characterized, and interpreted, by the big green X. The long green lines are “Quincunxes” Quin=5 Unxes=1/12, or five Signs, signifying Permanent Curiosity, and informing us to keep our Anal-ytical Minds out of the issue. When you’re Tempted to make a Conclusion, make it a Tentative Hypothesis, not a Theory or a Judgment. Or better yet, Realize that there are always More Better Things to be Learned if you can Stay Curious.
  • When Curiosity hardens to Judgment, even if you think it is a “good” or “positive” Judgment, Love Dies – and Love is the Front Door to 5G.
  • Whenever you see a big green X in a chart (or a pair of them side-by-side in a Yin Gate), Interpret that first. If your client is a Materialist with no interest in Enlightenment, don’t even share that interpretation with them, but use it to color your interpretation of their mundane Ego-Flavored Angles. In the case of a Yin Gate, interpret the long red Opposition between the two Xs as if it was a Quincunx, as that is the core of the never-Judged Mystery School.

Educational Eclipse III

December 4, 2021

Continuing our examination of the Twelve Planets of December that the Universe is Offering to us as Gifts…

5 December, 3-4 am PST – OOB Moon on OOB Ixion in 1 Capricorn

  • Holy Crow, yet another Out of Bounds planet! The Universe is making sure we Pay Attention to this one! Ixion of course is about our Unique Genius, which we were just talking about in the previous post! We usually refer to dwarf planet Ixion as our Hidden Genius because when we showed off our Genius in our infancy, it Frightened our Keepers because it was too intense for them, or because they feared it would “get us in trouble” later in our Life, or because it Triggered their own Unconscious Limitations. And, there’s a good chance we will need to Transcend Social Norms to Express our Genius, so Abandonment, Banishment, and other Punishment are a real possibility. I mean, what if your Unique Genius was in your hip joints?
  • So we can Expect our Hidden Genius to be Irrepressible while our Instincts are Hot, quite possibly Challenging our Residual Childhood Guilt. Locate and Feel the Guilt in your Body if it arises. Sure, make a quick Mental review of how much fun it was to Live in Guilt as a Child (and since!), but don’t get stuck in the Story – that’s Your Thoughts About Your Feelings, which seldom End Well.
  • If you must Think, Think about how your endemic Guilt has laced your Relationships with Codependence. That’s when you regard your Partner’s (or Anyone Else’s) Values and Feelings to be Superior to your own, and constantly bow to their Moods while Repressing your own. Your Inner Genius has its own Path to Walk. Rather than Walking someone else’s Path, She’ll Walk Away, leaving you bereft of Creativity, and you may need a Soul Retrieval to get Her back.
  • Now, suppose someone had their natal Neptune at 1 of Capricorn. That’s already a bit of an oxymoron, putting Neptune (Confusion) and Capricorn (Pragmatism) in the same sentence. But oxymorons are Intellectual artifacts – astrology doesn’t mind at all putting disparate elements together. Reality is Comprehensive, apparent oxymorons just point out to us the gaps in our Concept-Sets. Neptune also means Our Relationship with Everything Larger than Ourself, such as the Universe. So this person would probably have a Practical Working Relationship with the Universe at Large.
  • What we’re adding to Neptune in Capricorn, here in this early-morning interlude, is an Emphasis on their Instincts (OOB Moon) and their Creativity (OOB Ixion). Sounds like a Powerful Time for a Ritual Offering, especially an Offering or Surrendering of any Blocks to their Creativity that they might still have. This could Trigger Art that remains Relevant for Eternity. It’s probably also a great time to use Expanding to Manifest – Fill your Space with your Energy, then Fill the room, then the building, then the block, etc, till you’re at least as big as the Galaxy. Then do your favorite PIAVA method to Manifest Grace that Opens All Portals between you and your Unique Genius, Effortlessly, Completely, and Rapidly. That’s worth doing no matter where your Neptune is, as this astroevent will Activate all Neptunes, just not as Strongly as a 1 Capricorn Neptune.

5 December, 8am-Noon PST – OOB Moon on dwarf planets Pholus and Quaoar, and OOB asteroid Nemesis in 1-6 Capricorn

  • So even our Guilt is Exaggerated (Nemesis OOB), which the Media manipulates to make us Feel Guilty about not single-handedly fixing Global Warming (Pholus-Quaoar), because it’s a Patriarchal Taboo for the Media to bite the hand that feeds them, as the Multinational Capitalists and their Government Puppets that continue to exacerbate Global Warming are the advertisers that make the Media Moguls rich. And, already redundantly wealthy, Media Moguls don’t like to disrupt the Status Quo, because disruption might reduce their Fortunes and that of their cronies.
  • We’re three months away from a Climax of the Global Warming Apocalypse, as after Dancing close for seven years, Pholus (Responding) and Quaoar (Surviving) finally Merge this coming February. The Fires, Floods, Heat Domes, Polar Vortices, Bomb Cyclones, and Texas Power Crises have been increasing over those seven years. So far, not enough of the Greenland Ice Cap has melted to change the Gulf Current and put Northern Europe back into another Little Ice Age, and not enough of Antarctica has melted to change New York into New Venice, but on our current trajectory, it won’t be long. The scienterrific opinion of late is that the US Southwest isn’t going into an unusual Dry Snap as much as it’s “Recovering” from an unusual Wet Spell.
  • Something will Change in February. It may be Hupers finally Waking Up, Climate and Water crossing a Threshold of No Return (if they haven’t already), or the Omega Variant finally just removing the Emergent Cause. Are we Ready for those Possibilities, or are we sticking with Business as Usual?
  • How might you be Impacted if your natal chart has asteroid Eurydike in the first few Degrees of Capricorn? Eurydike is about Trust, and of course its absence. So you may find yourself Worrying about how Climate Change will Impact your Life, wavering in your Trust that as a Child of God you’ll be kept Safe here in the End Times.

5 December, 2-3 pm PST – OOB Moon on asteroid Juno in 8 Capricorn

  • Asteroid Juno is about Growth in Consciousness, which seems like a Logical result of all these Bigtime Exaggerations of Big Global Trends. Greta still refers to the Global Huper Response as “Blah, Blah, Blah” – lots of Horsepucky and no Meat. To the major Greenhouse Gas Perps it’s still a PR problem, not a Global Catastrophe. The major airport in my part of the US just put out a report calling for 30% growth in air travel and basically ignoring its contribution to our Demise. So there is ample room for Consciousness to Grow. Will it?
  • Hupers are clamoring to “Return to Normal” after the Macaronivirus, not beginning to Realize what the Planet is telling them. Many have reduced or eliminated their commutes, but not because they want to reduce Global Warming so much as they want to improve their Lifestyles. Money still rules. Of course, Juno never did Wake Up. Juno is the Latin name for Hera, Zeus’s wife. Her major claim to fame was in applying Instant Fossilization to her husband’s many rapees, never Realizing that she was Blindly repeating the Murderous Result of her Codependence. The Greek Dramas are about What Happens when we Don’t Wake Up. The Real Point of it is that we Dismiss our untoward Karma by Becoming Conscious of it and Choosing to Act Otherwise.
  • What if our natal Juno is close to 8 Capricorn? That could multiply your Growth in Consciousness exponentially. You could easily Transform your entire Life if you remain Open to this Opportunity. You could also be Frightened by the Cold Wind that blows in through this Open Door, and pull the shutters on your Ego Growth tight.

6 December, 7-8 am PST – OOB Moon on dwarf planet Hylonome in 19 Capricorn

  • Hylonome is about Self-Sovereignty, and its Partner Codependence. Hylonome never Woke Up either, she killed herself rather than go on without her Lover. The Lesson there? Wake Up!

6 December, 3-4 pm PST – OOB Moon on OOB Venus in 24 Capricorn

  • Yet another Out of Bounds on Out of Bounds, Moon on Venus (our Values) this time.

6 December, 6-7 pm PST – OOB Moon on Pluto in 26 Capricorn

  • Pluto is about our Compulsions.

7 December, 4-5 am PST – OOB Moon on dwarf planet Chariklo in 2 Aquarius

  • Chariklo represents our Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt.

7 December, 6-7 pm PST – OOB Moon on Saturn in 10 Aquarius

  • Saturn means The Most Important Thing.