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Beyond the Veil

October 31, 2022

Well, so far I’ve watched two videos, by folks I didn’t know, on the Beyond the Veil Summit: Explore the Science and Mysteries of Near-Death Experiences, Mediumships & the Afterlife, and both presentations have been beyond Excellent. You can still sign up at and watch recordings of the videos free for up to 48 hours after each one.

One video was by two folks named Jeff, one an Emergency Room doctor, and the other a former patient. The doctor had witnessed the patient’s deceased wife floating over the patient in the ER while the patient was having a Near Death Experience, and they subsequently became friends. Fascinating.

The second one was “Psychic Lawyer” and polymath Mark Anthony, who very expertly Aligned the Spiritual Perspective with the Perspective of Open-Minded Scientists (that sounds like an oxymoron, but both presentations made it clear that there are a lot more of those than we usually hear about). He had some cute acronyms for us…

S.O.U.L. — Source of Unconditional Love

R.A.F.T. — Recognize, Accept, Feel, Trust

The latter is his key for Responding to Experiences of Communications from the Invisible Realms, which he Feels as tingling or other unusual inputs to his Six Senses.

Privilege Portal

June 12, 2021

The chart of the Emphasis on Privilege and Abuse that peaks at 5:03 am PDT on 14 June 2021 (Station of dwarf planet Nessus)…

…is all about Consciousness Expansion (the dominant feature is the T-Square [red triangle] from Nessus [Abuse and Privilege] Opposite asteroid Vesta [Unconscious Limitations] to asteroid Juno [Expansion of Consciousness], which is Conjunct the Great Attractor [Our Ultimate Destination] in 15 Sagittarius [“The Groundhog looking for its Shadow“]). While Heads always implies Tails as well, it appears to me that this Portal may be more about Privilege than about Abuse, as it Calls Out Greedheads (that is, Ground-Hogs as Hoarders and Abusers of Land). Consider this…

The guy in the pink sweater is the largest owner of farmland in the US. And he isn’t into Regenerative Farmingquite the opposite.

“Land is power, land is wealth, and, more importantly, land is about race and class. The relationship to land – who owns it, who works it and who cares for it – reflects obscene levels of inequality and legacies of colonialism and white supremacy in the United States, and also the world. Wealth accumulation always goes hand-in-hand with exploitation and dispossession. In this country, enslaved Black labor first built US wealth atop stolen Native land. The 1862 Homestead Act opened up 270m acres of Indigenous territory – which amounts to 10% of US land – for white settlement. Black, Mexican, Asian, and Native people, of course, were categorically excluded from the benefits of a federal program that subsidized and protected generations of white wealth.” —

But you’re probably familiar with the Shadow, “the unknown dark side of the personality. According to Jung, the shadow, in being instinctive and irrational, is prone to psychological projection, in which a perceived personal inferiority is recognized as a perceived moral deficiency in someone else. Jung writes that if these projections remain hidden, ‘the projection-making factor (the Shadow archetype) then has a free hand and can realize its object – if it has one – or bring about some other situation characteristic of its power.’ These projections insulate and harm individuals by acting as a constantly thickening veil of illusion between the ego and the real world.” —

“On 24 February 2011, Italy’s Supreme Court upheld the criminal conviction of Cardinal Roberto Tucci, former president of Vatican Radio’s management committee, for creating a public nuisance by polluting the environment with radio waves. The Vatican’s broadcasts to the world, transmitted in forty languages, emanate from fifty-eight powerful radio towers occupying over one thousand acres of land, surrounded by suburban communities. And for decades, residents in those communities had been screaming that the transmissions were destroying their health as well as causing an epidemic of childhood leukemia. At the request of the Public Prosecutor’s office in Rome, which was considering bringing charges against the Vatican for negligent homicide, Judge Zaira Sacchi ordered an official investigation by the National Cancer Institute of Milan. The results, released 13 November 2010, were shocking. Between 1997 and 2003, children aged one to fourteen who lived between 6 and 12 km (3.7 to 7.5 mi) from Vatican Radio’s antenna farm developed leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma at eight times the rate of children who lived further away. And adults who lived between 6 and 12 km from the antennas died of leukemia at almost seven times the rate of adults who lived further away.” –Arthur Firstenberg, The Invisible Rainbow, pp.231-232

“On 24 February 2011, the Supreme Court of Italy upheld the 2005 conviction of Cardinal Tucci for polluting Rome with radio waves. A ten-day suspended jail sentence was his only punishment. No one has ever been compensated for their injuries. The Prosecutor’s Office has not filed charges of negligent homicide. Vatican Radio’s antennas have not been shut down.” —ibid, p.261; see also

What is Unconscious is outside of our sphere of Healthy Control. Living from Unconsciousness, we’re Victims of our Fate and Karma. What is Conscious is subject to Choice. Consciousness doesn’t necessarily give us the Power, by ourself, to Change the World. But it does actually give us the Power to Change our World…

All of which doesn’t mean that our Abuse Memories (and our Outrage at Ongoing Personal and Global Abuse) won’t be Lit Up. Dwarf planets Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) and Eris (Revelation of What’s Been Denied), which abet Nessus in evoking our Abuse PTSD, haven’t been Lit Up brightly by our current Klotho/Eclipse/Nessus action, but Gonggong will be Lit Up by our 19-20 June Manifestation Adventures (simultaneous Stations of Makemake [Manifestation], Jupiter [Expansion], and Lachesis [Consciously Letting Go of Karma]). Every evocation of our Abuse PTSD is an Opportunity to Change our Programming from Revulsion to Healing. I don’t Believe that knowledge about how to make that Change is available before-hand. We just have to PIAVA the Outcome we Want, and then let it Arrive on its own.

There’s more going on in this chart…

  • Soul Letting Go of Discipline that Maintains the Current Ego (Saturn Waning Square Uranus),
  • Soul Descending Sustainably into Matter (Ceres Conjunct Uranus in Taurus),
  • Despair over the Impossibility of Change (Chiron Opposite Klotho)

…which we can explore in the next post.

Original Blessing 3

July 5, 2020

Okay, getting serious now.

We refer to the 9 July 2020 (11pm PDT) Illumination of the symbol for Rebirth as Clearing Original Sin and Guilt from our Field because our Rebirth symbol is Dancing with the symbol for Clearing Denial, and Challenged by our ongoing Necessity to Expand our Consciousness, plus a new assignment to Expand our Self-Confidence.

Once more, with Feeling: we refer to the 9 July Illumination (Station) of the symbol for Rebirth (dwarf planet Haumea in 26 Libra) as Clearing Original Sin and Guilt from our Field because our Rebirth symbol is Dancing with (Opposed by) the symbol for Clearing Denial (dwarf planet Eris), and Challenged (T-Squared) by our ongoing Necessity to Expand our Consciousness (Jupiter-Pluto), plus a new assignment to Expand our Self-Confidence (dwarf planet Chariklo [Confidence and Doubt] now Conjoins Jupiter-Pluto).

Or, reversing the coding, we refer to the 9 July Station of dwarf planet Haumea [Rebirth] in 26 Libra as Clearing Original Sin and Guilt from our Field because it’s Opposed by dwarf planet Eris [Clearing Denial], and T-Squared [Challenged] by our ongoing Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction [the Necessity to Expand our Consciousness], plus a new Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction to dwarf planet Chariklo [Confidence and Doubt] calling us to Expand our Self-Confidence.

I’m repeating this with and without the astrology itself because I found the original sentence to be unreadable with all those interruptions.

Remember Original Blessing, Matthew Fox’s 1983 book that aimed to abolish “Original Sin”?  It was published just as Pluto was entering Scorpio and Initiating the Recovery Movement.  It’s Time to Recover our Unconditional Self-Love.

And we refer to the 11 July (2pm PDT) Illumination of the symbol for Transforming Despair into Miracles as Clearing Victimhood and Purifying our Unconditional Self-Love, because that symbol is Dancing With the symbols for Self-Love and Expansion of Consciousness, and because the Dance between our Soul and our Fate is Challenged by the Truth of our Heart.

That is, we refer to the 11 July Illumination (Station) of the astrological symbol for Transforming Despair into Miracles (Chiron) as Clearing Victimhood and Purifying our Unconditional Self-Love, because that symbol (Chiron) is Dancing With (Opposes) the symbols for Self-Love (asteroid Sappho) and Expansion of Consciousness (asteroid Juno), and because the Dance (Opposition) between our Soul (Uranus) and our Fate (asteroid Moira [Fate and Choice]) is Challenged (T-Squared) by the Truth of our Heart (asteroid Aletheia).

Both of these major events are already occurring, and will be intensifying at least until the times and dates indicated.  Meanwhile, the impact of the 4 July Full House Full Moon Eclipse, which is most importantly about Breaking All Those Karmic Patterns (we only listed a few of them), will be with us for at least another two weeks.  And we didn’t emphasize enough that the symbol for Sustainability (dwarf planet Ceres) is Lit Up bigtime until at least 9pm 6 July.

So it’s another pretty Big Week on our Journey of the Dimensions.  If it sometimes feels more like a Journey of the Dementias, no worries – Remember that the Journey into 5D is a Journey into Beginner’s Mind.  In 5D we recognize that Mind inhibits our access to the Intuition that is Essential for our Navigation in Higher Dimensions – Remember that the Mind is 2D!  Allow me to quote Thomas Cowan’s Cancer and the New Biology of Water, pp.159-160…

“We live our lives based on the stories we tell ourselves.  Cultures are defined by the stories we tell each other.  If we want to change what is happening in our lives or in our culture, we must change the story.  Right now, if you’ll permit an allegory, we are living out the story of Sleeping Beauty.  The kingdom, which represents the condition of peace and justice, is under the spell of an evil, scorned witch – the symbol of materialistic thinking and the belief that only material substance exists.

“This depiction is mirrored by the description of reality we find in quantum physics.  The manifest, physical world can exist in at least two distinct states.  On is as a particle; the other is as a wave. … In other words, the actual, literal state of the building blocks of matter is determined by the conscious observer…

“In Sleeping Beauty, the princess, who represents the salvation of the kingdom, a state of harmony, peace, health, and the maternal, watery, cytoplasm consciousness, is asleep.  She is under the spell of the materialistic, particle-bound, nucleus-like consciousness of the evil witch.  The fate of the kingdom depends on whether the princess will awaken from the spell and recognize herself for who she truly is.  That is, she must waken and see the world of matter as a kind of spell into which we unwittingly fall.  She must awaken from this spell, not to a new world, but to awareness of her true nature.”

Dr. Cowan’s “description of the reality we find in quantum physics” is a 3D description of a Higher-Dimensional phenomenon.  It’s not that Matter appears as a Particle when observed one way, and as a Wave when observed another way, it’s that Matter is Both/And.  It’s not that a Conscious Observer holds the Power to determine the State of the Universe.  It’s that the Conscious Observer needs to upgrade their Dimensional Skills in order to Grok what’s going on in the Universe.  Which is not the deny that Consciousness is a fundamental property of the Universe and therefore of its multitudinous members.  It is “just” a Mirror after all.