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Ixion, Forbidden Genius

September 7, 2019

This week, till 10 September 2019 (12:30 am PDT), we get to study dwarf planet Ixion, as it’s Standing Still, when the influence of a planet is maximum.  I think the fundamental Ixion interpretation, is that in order to Change the World, we have to Break Out of our Obedience to Social Norms.  I mean, isn’t that Tautological?  Here’s a prime example from today’s news…

Satanic, unless you Believe in the cause they promote – then it can be Messianic.

In an 80-year lifetime, Ixion will move about four Signs.  For comparison, Pluto (Compulsion) will move about five Signs.  Pluto passed Ixion in 1994, a year of Beginnings (NAFTA, Chunnel, Amazon Inc, Three Gorges Dam, WWW), Happenings (Northridge earthquake, Bosnian war, Rwandan genocide, Gingrich’s takeover of the US Congress), and Endings (USSR, Aparteid) that have produced very significant Changes in many Lives around the Globe.

The current Ixion Station is at 27 Sagittarius, a bit over half a Degree from the Galactic Center.  Ixion’s been Dancing with the Galactic Center since early 2018, and will continue to Dance with it through November 2019.  It Conjoins (Is Merged With) dwarf planet Pholus, which symbolizes all of the critical issues we are Overlooking.  The current Pholus-Ixion Cycle (Being Fully Responsive to our Forbidden Genius) began in January 2012 at 19 Sagittarius, “Pelicans menaced by the behavior and refuse of men seek safer areas for bringing up their young.”  Duh.  Pelicans Responding to their Natural Genius; men Exhibiting their Natural Unconsciousness.

Most of us have no idea what our Natural Genius is, because it was drummed out of us as Children.  We just think of our Genius as Rude, if not marginally Criminal.  Other than the Pholus Conjunction, an Opposition (Apparent Contradiction) to dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential), and Squares to (Challenges from) Venus (our Values) and asteroid Karma (our Habitual Limitations), the chart is a bit of a Challenge to interpret…

As Bob in Australia says…

“Given our positioning at the entrance to the real technological age, can any reader contribute some algorithms and AI strategy to automate the long list of individual notes required to really understand the astrologuese and fully grasp the complexity therein?  Any ideas?”

As always, Youalls are most welcome to contribute.

I just finished George Gilder’s new book Life After Google though, and in it he speaks of several historical mathematical Proofs that the “Left” Brain’s Algorithms are not capable of subsuming the “Right” Brain’s Intuitions and Creativity.  I’m not familiar with the Proofs or the historical Provers, but since his Insight agrees with my Bias, I don’t feel the need to be.  Gilder is widely accepted as a prophet of the Digital Age, but whether those who are Intoxicated by the Power of their Algorithms will notice and remember this Insight of his, will be important to the coming Age.

In the Jungian scheme of things, Male Energy, operating only on Logic, is capable of Useful Work only when the floor under the Logic is the Individual’s or the Collective’s Values.  And, of course, that the Values are other than padding the Ego.  Otherwise, Male Energy is as likely to Destroy as Create.  Toss the Intoxication of Power into the mix, and Destruction, in the guise of Competition, is assured.  Some of you may have noticed this already.  Values are not accessed through the mind, but through the Heart.

Actually, the brain isn’t even involved in all this.  “Left Brain” thinking originates in the Third Chakra or Solar Plexus, and “Right Brain” thinking arises is the Fourth Chakra or Heart.  If your definition of “thinking” is about Logic, then thinking is not the right term to use for the “Right Brain” or Heart.

In the chart there’s also an Apparent Contradistinction (Opposition) between Denial/Revelation (dwarf planet Eris) and Rebirth (dwarf planet Haumea), and some Challenging Ego Deaths (asteroid Nemesis) around our Unconscious Fears (asteroid Vesta Conjunct dwarf planet Sedna).  Vesta turns backward at the Libra Equinox just before it gets to Sedna, and doesn’t begin a new Cycle till next March, so we’ll be foundering in the dark for another six months before we get Clear on all these weird Delays and Frustrations we’ve been Encountering when we try to Manifest, or just try to Live Life.

One bit of good news is that the Challenge (T-Square) to asteroid Karma is Self-Resolving (Diamond Star).  And if we Consciously contribute our own Energy toward “A Butterfly with its right wing more perfectly formed” (25 Aquarius), we’ll fill the Vacancy and Complete the Almost-Grand Sextile (Great Grace, once we Take the First Step) in the Masculine Signs.  No coincidence I’m sure that the Butterfly Symbol Asks us to Contribute Feminine Energy for Balance.  The core Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Blessings) is in Fire (Spirit); we can take that as Trial by Fire, or as Spiritual Blessings.  Since Spiritual Blessings often involve Surrender, the Ego may well Experience it as a Trial.

And speaking of Feminine Power, the Moon was Showing Off recently…