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July I

June 28, 2018

July begins with a Station of Chiron.  Stations are a planet’s Strongest times, and Chiron can be about Discouragement.  Discouragement is actually easily Healed, though, with Empathy.  We recommend Self-Empathy, in the form of what we call a “Poor-Sweetheart” – say to yourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling [Discouraged] [whatever else], aren’t you.”  Then Change the Subject – put your mind on something else.  Empathy makes Miracles.

The Chiron Station is 4 July (10pm PDT) in 3 Aries.  As it Stations, the Moon approaches, so we can expect the Peak Experience to stretch until 2:30 am PDT or so, when the Moon crosses Chiron.  Stay well away from fireworks, ok?

The Chiron Station chart features two Challenges (T-Squares) and two Big Blessings (Grand Trines).  The peak of each T-Square is a corner of a Grand Trine, indicating that the Challenges should be Easy, if we Allow them to be.  We’ll call these combination T-Square-and-Grand-Trine Configurations “Magic Mushrooms.”

The first Challenge is to Accept that The Most Important Thing is Being Fully Responsive to your Survival Instincts.  If you pay attention to the “news” at all you know that the 3D World is rapidly Collapsing.  Tap Out your Fears till you’re Neutral, and Theta your Wants till you’re fully Confident in them, but after that, Follow your Instincts.

Moon-Chiron Opposes Eurydike-Makemake (Trust that you can Manifest What You Want) Square to Saturn-Pholus-Quaoar.  The corresponding Earth Grand Trine (Big Blessing) is Saturn-et al to Ceres (Sustainability) to Juno-Uranus (your Soul’s Wisdom Coming into your Consciousness).  It’s a Kite with OR10 (Intrusive Memories), so you’re likely to be Remembering Parallel Lives where you are Living at a Higher Level.

Tapping –

Thetaing –

The second Challenge is kind of the Opposite – our Intrusive Memories will be about the Lifetime(s) inhabited by Heavy Emotions and Self-Sabotaging Patterns.  This is a Boon, as it gives us the Opportunity to Recognize that they aren’t Present Moment (Tap them Out) and Liberate ourself from their Yoke.  You well know what you would Prefer – Theta exactly that, iteratively, until you’re Confident you can Manifest it.  Contradicts the first Challenge?  It’s Both/And, isn’t it.

The accompanying Grace is Restoration of the Life Force.  If you’ve been wrestling with Autoimmune Bummers, this is an Opportunity to Poor-Sweetheart them into oblivion.

Asteroid Karma at 2 Sagittarius is the focus of a T-Square on the Opposition between OR10 and Ceres.  The Fire Grand Trine connects Karma, Varuna, and Moon-Chiron.  Eurydike-Makemake is the head of a Kite on the Grand Trine.

We’ll talk about it in a few minutes, but on 3 July (peak 11pm PDT) we have the Opportunity to Choose to replace our Painful Ego-Death Patterns with Graceful Transitions.

Having thus Survived and Thrived through these Tests and Blessings, 5-10 July is about a Major Rebirth. 

On 8 July (peaking at 7:30 am PDT) we’re Lifted into Transcendence, as our hard work over the years Recovering our Abandoned Genius pays off.

Stationary Haumea (Rebirth) Opposes Eris (Revelation of what was Denied), T-Squared by Pluto (Compulsion), Lilith (Self-Sovereignty), Klotho (Start of a New Timeline), and BZ509 (Transcendence).  There are Trine Bridges (Easy Paths) from Moira-Chaos (Choosing to Let Go of our Limitations) and from Vesta-Ixion (Letting Go of the Limiting Beliefs we’ve used to squelch our Hidden Genius).

There is also a Quincunx Bridge (another Easy Path if we can Hold our Curiosity as Curiosity and not try to “Figure It Out”) from Lachesis-Nemesis-Sedna (Letting Go of our Fear of Ego Death).

Lachesis (Choosing to Alter Timelines) Initiates Nemesis (Ego Deaths) 3 July (11pm PDT) at 21 Taurus, “A finger pointing to a line in an open book.”  Lachesis is about the Length of Timelines – Fated when we’re Unconscious, and Chosen when we’re Conscious.  Point at the line (Timeline) that you Want to Change, and you’ll write your own Autobio book.

Sedna (Embracing Fear as Power) Initiates Nemesis 21 July (5am PDT).  Embrace Fear as Power by training yourself to Respond to Fear with Breathing, Kegels, Tapping, and Thetas.

Sedna Initiates Lachesis 30 July (1:30 pm PDT).  Both Sedna Initiations occur at 28 Taurus, “A post-menopausal woman experiences a new love.”  Once you’ve Befriended Fear and Learned to maneuver your own Life by pointing at the Timelines you Want, your only Limits are the ones you Choose.

Meanwhile, Jupiter – Expansion – is Stationary till 10 July (10 am PDT) at 14 Scorpio, which will jet-propel our Rebirth.  Its major feature will be Letting Go our Judgment.  There are two keys to maneuvering through this…

  • “I Wonder what I will Feel if I Let Go of this Judgment.”  That needs to be Genuine Curiosity.  It’s about Discovery, not Figuring Out what to Expect.
  • “I Wonder how my Life will Change if I Let Go of this Limiting Thought Pattern.”  Again, Avoid Expectations and be Willing to be Surprised and Delighted.

The Jupiter Station Conjoins asteroid Hopi – Respect for All Things.  In the resulting Square Fez, Jupiter-Hopi Quincunxes (Curiosity) the Moon (Authentic Emotions) and Mercury (mind) Quincunxes Neptune (Growing beyond the Ego).

12 July (8pm PDT) features a partial Solar Eclipse in 21 Cancer.

Then Hopi itself is Stationary on 15 July at 17 Scorpio, so the whole notion of being Reborn into Non-Judgment occupies 5-15 July.  The Midpoint of Scorpio is one of the major Power Points of the Zodiac, one of the Four Horsepersons.  Go for it!  Allow yourself to be Surprised and Delighted by Persistently Dismissing your mind’s repeated attempts to Anticipate and Expect. 

Living through Expectation prevents you from ever leaving the Past, since our Expectations are based on our Past Experiences.  If you Want to Experience Life As It Is, Moment to Moment, you have to “Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade,” thank the mind for attempting to Contribute, chuckle at it, and Open to an Blank Slate.