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Full Moon 29.11a

November 25, 2016

As we approach the 29 November New Moon, Avoiding Expectations is the most important thing we can remember to do.  As Pan often reminds Michael Roads, “Look and Learn” – Observe, no Judgments, no Conclusions.

We not only have a Grand Quintile (Massive Learning Opportunity) but a Yin Gate (Feminine Mystery School), both of which continue into December, with the Yin Gate ongoing into January.  Our Trust Grand Sextile also remains.

The Grand Quintile features…

  • Jupiter – Expansion
  • Quaoar-Pholus – Being Fully Responsible to Our Survival
  • Neptune – Our Cultures
  • Sedna – Becoming Conscious of Our Fear
  • Vesta – Our Unconscious Beliefs

The Yin Gate is embedded in the ongoing Golden Rectangle that we’ve been reading as Recovery of Our Abandoned Genius.  The Golden Rectangle contains…

  • Ixion-Mercury – Awareness of our Abandoned Genius
  • Chaos – Our Potential, Limited only by Our Beliefs
  • Haumea – Rebirth
  • Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne – Ongoing Recovery of Our True Self

and the central axis that completes the Yin Gate is made up of…

  • Lilith – Self-Sovereignty
  • Sedna – Awareness of our Fear

which creates the four Quincunxes (Curiosity) that characterize the Mystery School

  • Lilith to Uranus-Eris et al – “I Wonder how Yintegrity and Self-Sovereignty might fit together in my Life.”
  • Sedna to Ixion-Mercury – “I Wonder how Fear has suppressed my Genius.”
  • Lilith to Chaos – “I Wonder what sort of Unimagined Worlds might Open Up to me when I regain my Self-Sovereignty.”
  • Sedna to Haumea – “I Wonder what awaits me on the Other Side of Fear.”

While some of these might sound like “Duh!” Wonderings, they aren’t; there are genuine Mysteries behind their apparent obviousness.  For instance, it might seem like of course Yintegrity and Self-Sovereignty fit together, like hand and glove, yet if we depend on Approval from Others, can we really Enjoy full Yintegrity?  

“People unwittingly and unknowingly cluster.  Every strong emotional expression clusters.  Like attracts like; this is clustering.  But there is one exception.  People who live and express unconditional Love are people of Balance.  And Balance does not cluster.  These people walk their own path.  

“And this is what I’m looking for – the person or people who do not cluster.  I use my far-away vision, taking in all the townspeople who are visible in one long over-glance.  People with Balance stand out from the crowd, rather like a light on a dark night.”

–Michael Roads, Through the Eyes of Love, Book Two, p,273.

The more you’re able to Open Up to genuine Accept-No-Conclusions Curiosity, the greater your Leap into Growth.

In addition to the Ixion-et al Golden Rectangle, the Grand Sextile includes Eurydike (Trust) and Pallas (Boundaries).  When Lilith and Sedna are factored in, plus Venus and Chiron (and we stretch Orb a tad), we have ten out of twelve points for creating a Grand Unx (twelve more or less equally-spaced planets) in our recently-favored 20-26 Degree zone – the ideal Configuration for breaking free from Archetypes, Karma, and Self-Sabotage.

Of the two Vacancies in the Grand Unx, one is occupied by asteroid Siwa, a Slavic Fertility Goddess whose Discovery chart reveals a fascinating picture of the Traumatic Reality of Creativity/Procreativity.  The other Vacancy is 23 Cancer, A literary society.