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Beginning of the End Times

May 13, 2023

We aren’t quite through the full Altjira-Pan-Chiron-Atropos Fandango yet, but the Next Energy is pushing through pretty Strongly, so I’ll write it down. In short, to misquote Robert Plant, “Does Anybody Remember 6 Pisces?” aka Gonggong Initiates Saturn, 3-4 May 2023…

As JD put it, it “kicked the snot” out of him, and left my Sinuses pretty clear as well. Well, it’s returned, in the form of everyone and their cousin Lighting Up 6 Degrees of Everything – in brief…

  • 14 May, Gonggong Initiates Magdalena in 6 Pisces,1 Valuable Irreplaceable Karmic Frequencies that don’t fit the Current Lifetime. The overriding theme for me lately has been Surrender, and that’s exactly what this New 6-year-minus-2-months Cycle Suggests – Throwing our Egos at the Foot of Mary Magdalene and PIAVAing that She Help Us Surrender Our Striving. Anything we can Figure Out Intellectually will just Lock Us more Deeply into our Karma (see the 17 Capricorn Vacancy in the previous post). Intuition Rules here. Gonggong is about Intrusive Memories.
  • 15 May, Mercury Stationary Direct in 6 Taurus,2 Persistence at Opening the Heart. At least now Communication should be a lot Easier, as should Travel. Thank Goodness! Communication with all of our Other Selves should be Easier now too!
  • 16 May, Varuna Out of Bounds Initiates Pallas at 6 Leo,3 Torn between Experiencing and Observing. This New 4¼-year Cycle is about Exploring where we set our Boundaries between our Ego and Dis-Ease. If one Accepts a Diagnosis, that’s tantamount to Accepting the remainder of the Expected course of the Dis-Ease. If you think you might have the flu, there’s a lot you can do about it (starting perhaps with PIAVAing or Tapping). Getting Diagnosed with the flu can take Ownership of it out of your own hands. It’s not about the “Body-Mind Connection,” it’s about the Complete Inseparable Union between the Body and the Mind. If you aren’t even in our Body, you’re probably not in your Right Mind either – Pun intended. Varuna represents the Life Force.
  • 22 May, Gonggong Initiates asteroid Karma in 6 Pisces,4 which we’ve encountered before, eh? Beginning a New 4½-year Cycle about Being likely Inundated with Whispered Conversations that our Ego knows aught about, but we may be able to make them Bloom Out into more complete pictures of Karma that’s been Hidden – we know the Pattern, but we haven’t Located any Meaningful Leverage yet that we can use to Shift it. We’ll probably need PIAVAs like God/Goddess, May I Please find Easy clues about What This Is About? If you’re around Psychologists during this Cycle, don’t tell them about this – the last thing you need is a DSM-5 Diagnosis!! (See 16 May above.) Seeking Enlightenment is plenty Weird already.
  • 26 May, Saturn Initiates asteroid Karma in 7 Pisces,5 Commitment to Follow Your Own Inner Path No Matter What, with the Universe Providing Grace and Miracles Proportional to Your Commitment. As if we haven’t been getting our Noses rubbed in our Karma already. But, the sooner we can Shit this stuff Out, the sooner we can Enjoy the relative Ease of 5D. 7 Pisces is also the home of Royal Star Formalhaut, meaning Dreams – and it’s our Dreams that we need to Commit to. Since Saturn means The Most Important Thing, Letting Go of Our Karma is Priority Number One here.
  • 29 May, Damocles Stationary in 4 Pisces,6 Massive Confusion, Running in All Directions, Getting Nowhere, Overwhelmed. The Need to Expand into This New Force Field, to Surrender into It, as it’s the Multidimensionality We’re Only Just Now Starting to Witness. To Accept 5D we need to Accept that the Soul and the Source are Unlimited. Damocles is about Accountability.
  • 1 June, Station of Gonggong in 6 Pisces,7 in case you’ve forgotten, that’s Valuable Irreplaceable Karmic Frequencies that don’t fit the Current Lifetime. More of the Karmic Torture Chamber Portal – All you can do is Praise the Razor, for the Fineness of the Slash

If you’re at all still stuck in the old Saturn-as-Downer paradigm, Immediately start Tapping on something like Even though I Expect and Fear that my Karma’s going to Be Bumming me Out, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself… Saturn symbolizes Priorities. If we Resist Our Most Important Priority, of course Saturn’s going to come across as a Bummer.

If you’ll allow me to get Cognitive for a moment, Isn’t Our Most Important Priority Enlightenment, and doesn’t that require Letting Go of Our Karma? And isn’t Noticing it when it Recurs where we Start that Process? Then Recurrence is Good, eh? A good time to Recommit. Our Resistance is itself a Fabulous piece of Information about our supposedly Hidden Karma – Hidden in plain sight with RESIST written across its forehead in big letters. Since Resistance is always rooted in the Unconscious, we’ll need to use some form of PIAVA to make our Recommitment Hold.

1 Gonggong Initiates Magdalena, 14 May, UT 7:31 (PDT 12:31 am, BST 8:31 am, IST 1:01 pm, AEST 5:31 pm). We’ll Learn more about this Cycle in late August and early December, as two additional Exposition Conjunctions occur.
2 Mercury Stationary Direct, 15 May, UT 3:16 (PDT 8:16 pm 14th, BST 3:16 am 15th, IST 8:46 am 15th, AEST 1:16 pm 15th).
3 Varuna Initiates Pallas, 16 May, UT 9:20 (PDT 2:20 am, BST 10:20 am, IST 2:50 pm, AEST 7:20 pm).
4 Gonggong Initiates Karma, 22 May, UT 11:44 (PDT 4:44 pm 22nd, BST 12:44 am 23rd, IST 5:14 am 23rd, AEST 9:44 am 23rd).
5 Saturn Initiates Karma, 26 May, UT 16:17 (PDT 9:17 am 26th, BST 5:17 pm 26th, IST 9:47 pm 26th, AEST 2:17 am 27th). We’ll also be Learning more about this 5-year Cycle between late September and late October of 2023, when they Retrograde together back to an Exposition Conjunction, then travel Merged together for a month before Karma zips ahead.
6 Station of Damocles, 29 May, UT 17:50 (PDT 10:50 am 29th, BST 6:50 pm 29th, IST 11:20 pm 29th, AEST 3:50 am 30th).
7 Station of Gonggong, 1 June, UT 14:54 (PDT 7:54 am 1st, BST 3:54 pm 1st, IST 8:24 pm 1st, AEST 12:54 am 2nd).

If everybody on the Planet is less than “6 Degrees” away from us, there’s going to be a whole Helluva Lotta Whispering going on, so we might consider starting this whole Extended Portal with a PIAVA something like, God/Goddess, may I please Hear and Choose only those Intrusive Memories and Karmic Habits that are Most Mine and Most Available to Let Go Of!

Meanwhile, …

While all these Players are Partying in 6 Degrees, we’re being Flooded with the growing Energy of three other Stations in the mid-Degrees, and what a Portal this is!!…

  • 17 May, Chariklo Stationary in 14 Aquarius,8 The Darkest Depths of Despair. Playing Out Fears and Doubts, Old Heavy Feelings, and the Mind’s Most Negative Concepts and Ideas. Choosing between Projection and Redemption. Redemption may not be Easy, but Projection tends to hard to Revert. Since Chariklo is about Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt, we can use this to clear a Load of Doubt Karma. It’s always More Powerful to Lovingly and Gently Embrace Our Bummers, FOR A FEW MINUTES, before we Let Them Go. That can be Permanent; Avoidance is always a Band-Aid – it might Stop the Bleeding, but it won’t Heal the Wound.
  • 17 May, Thereus Stationary in 12 Virgo,9 Hyperaware of Potential Sabotage and Working Hard to Prevent it. The Huge Shadow Cast by a Belief that Life Should Be a Certain Way. One Side of the Mind is Traumatized and the Other Side Exhausts Itself Trying to Rescue Ourself from the Trauma. The Way Out Is to Give Up Our Perfect Pictures and Accept that Life IS WHAT IT IS, while Honoring the Skills of the Former Rescuer. Home of the Fixed Star Zosma, meaning Victimhood. Thereus was Tough but Fair. He was known for Wrestling Bears, then bringing them Home still snarling but unhurt, and training them to keep Order in his Courts. It’s possible to do Both/And with Tough and Loving and Gentle, but it takes Skill, and that take Practice. Never too late to start Practicing.
  • 28 May, Orcus Stationary in 14 Virgo,10 Waking Up to Karma. Sounds like Noticing, doesn’t it! The more Hupers do Wake Up here, and with the Simultaneous Station of Damocles (Accountability) take Ownership of it, the faster we can help Mom Dirt Ascend. While that’s True, it behooves us to ignore the Big Picture, and Accept Accountability for our own Contribution to Resisting the Change to the Aquarian Age, no matter how small it seems relative to Their Contribution. Ultimately, We Are All One and We Are Alone are the same thing, aren’t they. It’s Both/And, so we may as well Work on What We Can Change, which is Only Ourself. Orcus is about Pattern-Breaking, so it’s an Ideal time to Dump Unwanted Karma.

8 Station of Chariklo, 17 May, UT 14:04 (PDT 7:04 am 17th, BST 3:04 pm 17th, IST 7:34 pm 17th, AEST 12:04 am 18th).
9 Station of Thereus, 17 May, UT 18:45 (PDT 11:45 am 17th, BST 7:45 pm 17th, IST 12:15 am 18th, AEST 4:45 am 18th).
10 Station of Orcus, 28 May, UT 4:54 (PDT 9:54 pm 27th, BST 5:54 am 28th, IST 10:24 am 28th, AEST 2:54 pm 28th).

As me Mum used to say, Bless her Soul, Why James, it’s the End Times! Sounds quite ominous, especially with US Speaker of the House McCarthy trying to Crash the US Economy and a good part of the rest of the World as well, since US Treasury Securities are a core holding of the Central Banks of most countries. If the Treasury Secretary’s Yellen’ about cutting Social Security is more than a feint to rile us “Seniors,” I’ll be living on Cedar Bark Soup for the duration, at least as long as I have a way to cook it. If I can find any Cedars that haven’t been Clear-Cut.

Bruce Lipton avers that the Collapse of Western Civilization is an essential First Step toward Rescuing Huperity from Extinction, because Western Civilization shows little Sign that it’s Recognizing that its Extreme Left-Brain Worldview is what’s Killing the Planet. Are we there yet?

The Pholus-Quaoar Cycle, recall, is the Primary Timing Indicator for the Climate Crisis. Pholus came within a Degree of Quaoar around the time Greta began her Protests, and the two of them Conjoined and Initiated their New Cycle in the same week that Pootin’ invaded Ukraine – War is one of the symptoms of Revelations-Level Climate Change, as everyone goes into Scarcity and Scapegoats their neighbors. But a Cycle really Arrives in the Mainstream when it reaches its Waxing Square, which for Pholus-Quaoar occurs in 2081.11

And we have to add another entry to our table of May astroevents near 6 Degrees…

  • 22 May, Pholus Merges with Quaoar in 9 Capricorn,12 Fire and Earth Energies United and Exposed, and the Home of Fixed Star Facies, which symbolizes Combativeness. This is the third of their 21 Exposition Conjunctions, implying that we’re still Early in the Fall-of-the-Empire process.

So we’re probably looking at another Dress Rehearsal for us, though it sounds as though many more People will be Shaken out of their Complacency during the last half or May.

11 See Ian Smith’s comment in

12 Pholus Conjunct Quaoar, 22 May, UT 10:44 (PDT 3:44 am, BST 11:44 am, IST 4:14 pm, AEST 8:44 pm). The two previous Exposition Conjunctions occurred 6 May 2022 in 8 Capricorn, Correlated with the “Derecho” (a Land Hurricane) in the most populous zone of Canada; and 8 February 2023 in 9 Capricorn, Celebrated by the Devastating Turkey-Syria earthquake. Earthquakes and Severe Storms are also Symptoms of Climate Change.

There’s more detail, but we’ll save that for another post.

BTW, have we mentioned that, at least for me, Spanish Black Radish – either the Radish itself, or the capsules – works well to Neutralize Brainfog?

Santa’s Elf 3 and Self-Hugs

December 26, 2022

There were a couple of things happening on 24 December 2022. The most potentially troublesome is about our Orientation toward Abuse and Privilege, though it was a Self-Resolving Challenge. The most Full of Grace was a strong emphasis on Unconditional Self-Love. Give yourself lots of Self-Hugs this week.

Both dwarf planet Thereus, the Tough Teacher who arm-wrestles with Bears for entertainment, and asteroid Sappho, who symbolizes Unconditional Self-Love, were Stationary on the 24th.1 With slight differences, the Self-Love Station in 3 Degrees shares the same chart with the 23-24 December New Moon (2 Degrees), the 21-22 Solstice (0 Degrees), and the 20-21 Artesian Station (29 Degrees). This makes Self-Love prominent for the next several weeks (New Moon), and the next 6 or so months (Solstice).

Make a note to yourself (inside of your eyelid would be a good place to make it) to Notice every time you start to Judge yourself, and as soon as you Notice, Stop the Habit. A Judgment is just a Thought, and by now we know that Thoughts are always 2D, which means that every Thought is easily Cancelled by its Opposite. How could something so ephemeral be considered “True”? For every Thought you have that Underestimates yourself, you have another that Overestimates yourself. At any given moment, one of them will be louder than the other, and one of them may even be barely audible most of the time.

Seek Balance. Unconditional Self-Love is not “I’m Better than Anyone Else!” It’s “I’m Okay, You’re Okay!” Put that inside your eyelid too – “Me OK U OK!” No need for extra letters, Just The Facts. The second Self-Resolving Challenge in the Artesian Station chart was about Being Reborn into Respect for All Things.2 Since most people define themselves by their Judgments, getting to Unconditional Self-Love will require us to Lovingly Embrace our Codependence, Find and Feel our Gratitude for its Service, and then Let Go of it, because Codependence tends to Agree with Strong Judgments in order to Avoid Confrontation.

Contemplating Wollastonite Crystals, sometimes called Angelwings, can help us stay Balanced, Attuning our Root Chakra to our Crown Chakra. Wollastonite is a Calcium Inosilicate, where the Silicate Units form long chains.

In the New Moon chart, both Challenges are Fully Self-Resolving. However, the New Moon is Merged with dwarf planet Ixion, which is Out of Bounds, or Strong. Ixion reminds us that Promoting Change Requires that we Betray Social Convention. Between Observing our Codependence, our Obedience to Convention, our Judgments, our Guilt, and our SuperPowers,3 we’ll be busy. Our SuperPowers look to the Future. The other things on that list look to the Past.

When Choosing between those two, Choose the Future. Better yet, Choose the Present Moment. In the Present Moment you can Intend (or another PIAVA) to Gently Let Go of Codependence, Obedience, Judgment, and Guilt, after Thanking them for their Service to your Past. And then you can spend some time Focusing on How You’ll Feel when you Embrace your SuperPowers. You don’t need to catalog them, just Focus on how Competence will Feel in your Body.

Being careful to Let Go of your Thoughts about those Feelings, and your Expectations of what your SuperPowers will look like, Focus on Memorizing those Feelings, as Sensations. Where is your Chin when you Feel Competent. Pointing straight ahead, not Up or Down? Your Neck pretty Vertical? Your Back fairly Straight? Your Shoulders? Not Pridefully back, but not slumped Forward either? Play with those Postures, till you can Combine them into Sensations that Feel Good. Practice this several times a day, till you get good enough that you can Shift your own Moods with slight Shifts in your Posture.

1 Thereus Stationary 24 December 2022 in 18 Virgo (PST 2:42 am, GMT 10:42 am, IST 4:12 pm, AEDT Qld 8:42 pm). Sappho Stationary 24-25 December 2022 in 3 Virgo (PST 1:51 pm 24th, GMT 9:51 pm 24th, IST 3:21 am 25th, AEDT Qld 8:42 pm 25th).

2 Hopi Out of Bounds (Profound Respect for All Things) in 26 Libra Merged with Haumea (Rebirth) in 1 Scorpio T-Square Black Moon Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) Opposite Pluto Merged with Icarus Out of Bounds (Compulsion to Follow a Thread Beyond its Usefulness). The Hopi-Haumea Merger occurs across the Scorpio Cusp, so we’re moving from Creative Air to Fixed Water, or from Thinking About Other People to Feeling Deeply about them. The flip side of Self-Sovereignty is Codependence, and Codependence can easily lead to violating our own Values, which can Generate Strong Feelings. Upper Limits (Gay Hendricks, The Big Leap, chapters 1-3) is too big a Concept to describe in a few sentences, but it’s an important Concept that will help us a great deal to escape from Compulsions to Follow Threads Beyond their Usefulness.

3 New Moon-Ixion OOB is one corner of a Grand Cross, which is also Self-Resolving. The other three corners, any one of which could introduce Temporary Hassles which will eventually Resolve if we Let It Be, include Jupiter Merged with Nemesis (Confronting our Guilt Paper Tiger); Aletheia OOB Merged with Asbolus OOB and Chaos OOB (Full Acceptance of Our Intuitions about Our SuperPowers); and Ceres (Sustainability).

We’re seeing some important Sign Changes hereabouts.

Pluto (Compulsion) Initiated Icarus (Overexcitement) on 16 December and Began a New 2-year Cycle, in 28 Capricorn (Letting Go of a Lifetime of Negativity), and on 21-22 December, Icarus moved into Aquarius (PST 4pm 21st, GMT 4am 22nd, IST 9:30 am 22nd, AEDT Qld 2 pm 22nd). A couple of years of Compulsive Overexcitement can be hard on the Adrenals, and could move your posture from Neutral Competence to Star Power, which can lead to Expectations that will Pop your Bubble, so I highly recommend you do study up on Gay Hendricks’s Upper Limits Concept.3

On 23-24 December asteroid Arachne (Grandmother Spider Who Weaves the Web of Life) moved into Pisces (PST 3:19 pm 23rd, GMT 11:19 pm 23rd, IST 4:49 am 24th, AEDT Qld 9:19 am 24th) for the next two months. Our Relationship with Nature should be moving away from Detached Idealism, toward Compassion. I’ve already read that having discovered that Crabs and Lobsters shy away from Pain, several places on Earth now require them to be euthanized by Freezing before being boiled. They even taste better that way.

The Moon is In Bounds (Panic is less likely) from 25-26 December (PST 10:19 am 25th, GMT 6:19 pm 25th, IST 11:49 pm 25th, AEDT Qld 4:19 am 26th) until 3-4 January 2023 (PST 7:03 am 3rd, GMT 3:03 pm 3rd, IST 8:33 pm 3rd, AEDT Qld 1:03 am 4th).

On 26 December (PST 2:06 am, GMT 10:06 am, IST 3:36 pm, AEDT Qld 8:06 pm) Moira (Fate and Choice) backs into Taurus until the Ides of February. Fate becomes Choice when we bring our Karma into Consciousness to we can Change our Expectations and Manifest something else. I Imagine that our Karma will seem a little more Tenacious while Moira is in Taurus, but that could be a Good thing, as it may bring More Attention to our Untoward Habits, and it’s a much shorter step from More Attention to Becoming Conscious, than it is from Hidden or Disguised to More Attention.

Tantalus (That Karma which Stays Just Out of Our Reach, Seemingly Repeating Forever) moves into Sagittarius 27-28 December (PST 9:58 am 27th, GMT 5:58 pm 27th, IST 11:28 pm 27th, AEDT Qld 3:58 am 28th), which should make our most Elusive Self-Sabotaging Patterns a little Easier to catch with their pants down.


October 9, 2021

Well, most of us Lived through the Pluto Station, now we gauntlet on to the Saturn Station (7:16 pm PDT 10 October 2021, in 7 Aquarius). Pluto and Saturn are everyone’s favorite Malefics, but I don’t go for that. Pluto’s just about What Compels Us, and Saturn just means we need to Pay Attention to The Most Important Thing.

If we weren’t Repressed, What Compels Us would be our Genius, and if we Followed it we’d probably be Famous, Rich, Happy, Incarcerated, or maybe all four. And if we always Paid Attention to The Most Important Thing, we could probably figure out pretty quickly how to Get Out Of Jail Free, and end up Happy, Famous, or Rich, depending on our Druthers. So Saturn and Pluto ain’t so bad; it’s mostly our Resistance to their Energies that gets us in trouble.

Yes, the two of them can Raise Havoc when they Party together, especially when Mars is in the Room, but when we’re Compelled to Do The Most Important Thing with Passion, it usually works our pretty well, at least from some Perspectives.

My own Experience with Saturn is that I often hesitate to Pay Attention to The Most Important Thing because it’s the Thing that will most crush my Ego if I “Fail” at it. So I have all these Fallbacks and Plans B and Alternatives that I don’t want to Let Go Of for Fear they’ll Go Away if I don’t continue to Pay Attention to them. (Of course there are lots of good books and essays on the Value of “Failure,” but do I read them?)

But, when I have thrown Caution to the Winds and just did The Most Important Thing, all those Fallbacks were waiting patiently for me while I was gone, and hardly seemed to notice that I wasn’t there – probably because all the folks who were Depending on my Doing what I said I would, were too busy Doing their own The Most Important Things, or Lost in Remorse over Not “Being Able To” (ie, Not Letting Themselves) Do it.

There’s a fabulous little book called The Lover Within: Opening to Energy in Sexual Practice by Julie Henderson. Sorry to Disappoint, but it’s not about Sexual Practice at all, it’s about Energy Exercises (which of course can be used to great advantage in Sexual Practice if you want). She has us Practicing the Experiences of having our Energy Expanded and Diffused (Jupiter), and having it Contracted and Condensed (Saturn). Those are four very different States, if we exclude Texas. Doing these Exercises quickly leads you to Realize that Saturn is about Focus and Concentration.

Do we Fear Focus and Concentration? Are we thinking about What Am I Missing? My Dreams Could Be Coming True, right behind my back, while I’m Focusing and Concentrating, and I won’t be home to Enjoy them! Yes, Focus and Concentration can be Limiting, as can Life and Time, so we’re better off Focusing and Concentrating on The Most Important Thing. Especially if The Most Important Thing is Making our Dreams Come True.

This week’s Saturn Station chart contains two Major Challenges (T-Squares, the thick-lined red triangles)

One of them Focuses on Enlightenment, with the Energies of The Most Important Thing, and of The Life Force Itself, Competing for Supremacy. When you consider your Path to Enlightenment, for instance, do you Focus on the Contribution that your Body makes to the process? (Minor planet Zhulong T-Squaring the Opposition between Saturn and dwarf planet Varuna, which is Out of Bounds [Strong].)

The other one Concentrates on Taking Full Responsibility for our Survival – or Global Climate Change, with the Qualities of Feminine Emotional Magic and Creative Manifestation serving as the Raw Materials for the Challenge. For instance, if you’re used to thinking of Creative Manifestation as a Dynamic, Masculine Challenge, then Feminine Emotions are going to seem Disruptive rather than Powerfully Creative. (Dwarf planets Pholus and Quaoar T-Squaring the Opposition between dwarf planets Salacia and Makemake.)

They’re hard to pick out with so many lines on the chart, but both of these red triangles are host to green wedges pointing to their Vertex. This makes them Self-Resolving Challenges, which means we only need to refrain from tinkering to find that both Challenges Consummate themselves nicely! (The green wedges are Fingers of the Goddess meaning Pay Attention! to what they’re pointing at. The blue lines represent Grace, and the combination of the red T-Square and the green Fingers create a “bowl” of blue lines across the bottom of the T-Square. The combination is called a Diamond Star, representing a Powerful Challenge to your Energy Body which Resolves Itself on its own.)

And speaking of Grace, the chart is ringed by a blue Hexagon that symbolizes the epitome of Grace. The only caveat is that we may have to take the First Step to Trigger the Grace. For instance, Saturn is connected with short blue lines to Venus and Salacia, both Powerful Sources of Feminine Magnetic Magic. Feminine Creative Energy directs what Einstein called “Spooky Action at a Distance” – Quantum Entanglement – to Manifest directly, seemingly without mechanical intervention.

“Magic” in other words, to the Plodding Left-Brain Doing of the likes of Saturn or Mars. So the First Step that our Masculine Saturn Energy would need to take, to start the Energy Flowing, would be to Open its Mind to New Possibilities. (The short blue lines are called Sextiles, meaning Grace after you take the First Step, and the Hexagon is a Grand Sextile, or Harmonizing Magical Possibilities.)

And look at those many long blue lines! Those represent Dumb-Luck Grace – Grace that is so delectable that your Ego is tempted to think that the Magic is yours instead of the Goddess’s. If you do that, instead of just Riding and Appreciating the Perfect Flow, the result is Hubris, and Broken Spells.

In the chart it’s the Dynamic or Masculine Signs, representing Spirit and Intellect, that are Connected into one Matrix of Effortless Grace, the Six-Pointed Star inside the Hexagon. Just to take one example, a long blue line Connects Saturn to Makemake, meaning that this weekend is the Time to Make Something Very Important, Effortlessly. (The blue triangles are called Grand Trines and signify Dumb-Luck Blessings – the long blue lines are called Trines.)

Now, the Real Prize is hidden deep inside the chart. Can you isolate the three big blue rectangles in the chart, each with two long blue lines and two short blue lines? Only one of the three is split lengthwise by a thin red line, the red line Connecting dwarf planets Gonggong and Thereus. On either side of that red line there are “Xes” of thin green lines. This Complex and Rare Configuration represents a Mystery School where we can Absorb Paradoxes that Allow us to Grok Multidimensional Mysteries that the Dualistic Mind cannot normally access. (The Configuration – a blue rectangle dissected by a red line separating two green Xes – is called a Yin Gate. The blue rectangle is called a Golden Rectangle because the ratio between the length of the sides and the length of the ends is the Golden Ratio of Sacred Geometry. This Golden Ratio is everywhere in Nature.)

So, the Paradox here that is The Most Important Thing for us to Grok1 has to do with an apparent Contrast between Gonggong and Thereus. Gonggong symbolizes Intrusive Memories, and we interpret Thereus as Learning to Wrestle Wild, Otherwise Overpowering Natural Energies into Useful Skills.2 Our Intrusive Memories are usually Karmic, and well do we know that while the Decision to Let Go of Karma is Necessary for Liberation, it is not Sufficient. Freedom requires Consciousness of the Karma, involving the Iterative process of Noticing that the Pattern is Repeating, and Choosing an Alternative, which is likely to take many Iterations.

Our Karma is often Archetypal, as described by Jung.3 An Archetype is a Grand Pattern that has a Life of its own apart from the individuals and cultures who are under its sway. An Archetype is an Untamed, Wild, Otherwise Overpowering Natural Energy that we may be able to Wrestle into Useful Skills. For instance, many these days are Captives of what they call a Freedom Archetype which causes them to think and behave irrationally, including things like Believing that being Asked to wear a cloth face mask is somehow equivalent to being sent to a Gas Chamber – Archetypal Extinction of their Ego. When Karma is involved, Confusion between Physical Death and Ego Death is common.

Our Chief Asteroid Officer wonders if we would interpret the current Lachesis-South Node Initiation4 as “consciously choosing to leave the past behind…or something along those lines?” And the answer to that is Yes, asteroid Lachesis meaning Karma that has not reached its Expiry date, but which we may be able to Choose to Abandon, if we’re willing to Persevere at Noticing and substituting New Patterns, and the South Node meaning Our Held Emotions, those we’d rather Die than Feel, aka our most Persistent Karma. This Initiation Corroborates the Gonggong-Thereus Yin Gate.

  • 1 Paradoxes are not Linear, Logical, Rational Left-Brain Understandings; they combine Intellectual Understanding with Intuitive Sensing to Reach beyond 2D thinking.
  • 2 The Historical or Mythic Thereus was known to journey to the Mountains and bare-handed wrestle Bears into relative submission, enough so that he could bring them back into town with him. Thereus and the other Greek Mythics Lived in the Age of Aries, the Age of Heroes, so we don’t have the Current-Lifetime Experience here in the Age of Pisces to know whether they were Mythic or Historic.
  • 3 E.g. Carl Jung, Four Archetypes: Mother/Rebirth/Spirit/Trickster.
  • 4 Complete 16 October in 3 Sagittarius, “Two men playing chess: The transcendent ritualization of conflict” – or, in this case, a Dragon (Gonggong) and a Bear (Thereus)! The Lachesis-Node cycle takes about 8½ years. Another name for the South Node is the Dragon’s Tail.

Another Cusp Event

September 10, 2021

The “Square,”1 which is astrologuese for Hassle or Challenge, gives us headaches because it attempts to join two parts of ourself that are in Fierce Competition – our Physicality v. our Spirituality v. our Emotionality v. our Mentality2 – which aren’t likely to want to Compromise. It’s like the Heart and the Brain arguing over who’s More Important, when in walks the Anus.

On the other hand, the “Trine,”3 astrojargon for Sympathy and Understanding, Harmony and Trust Abounding, contributes to our Joy and Ease and Confidence because it links different parts of ourself that Love to Rock Out Together when they Team Up – like our Creativity, our Certainty, and our Evolution.4 Imagine our Dancer joining our Musician, our Writer collaborating with our Illustrator, our Artist enjoying Critical Acclaim and Financial Success.

When planets linger on Cusps, these traditional Relationships get crossed up. For instance, instead of our Creative Spirituality happily Dancing with our Evolutionary Spirituality, we might have our Creative Spirituality Dancing clumsily with our Emotional Certainty, where we might find (and Examine or Deny) our Bigotry.5 Or the Confusion of our Emotional Certainty encountering our Physical Evolution (Remember in our youth when we didn’t want anything to do with the Opposite Gender, till Puberty kicked in?) instead of the routine Challenges of the little Demons and Angels on our shoulders juggling our Emotional Certainty with our Spiritual Certainty.6

1 Shown in our charts by a short red line between planets three Signs apart.

2 Respectively, Earth, Fire, Water, Air Signs [Matter, Spirit, Emotion, Thought] – eg Leo 🥊 Scorpio 🥊 Aquarius 🥊 Taurus, or Capricorn 🥊 Aries 🥊 Cancer 🥊 Libra, or Virgo 🥊 Sagittarius 🥊 Pisces 🥊 Gemini.

3 Shown as long blue lines between planets four Signs apart.

4 Respectively, Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable Signs [Creative, Stable, Changing] – eg. Aries ❤️ Leo ❤️ Sagittarius, Taurus ❤️ Virgo ❤️ Capricorn, Gemini ❤️ Libra ❤️ Aquarius, Cancer ❤️ Scorpio ❤️ Pisces.

5 Instead of early Aries to early Sagittarius, early Aries Trine to late Scorpio.

6 Late Scorpio Square to early Virgo, instead of late Scorpio to late Leo.

In addition, Cusps are by their nature times of Change, so in addition to the potential Confusion created by these crossovers, we don’t have our History or Herstory to fall back on.

For instance, in the 30 August 2021 Converting Fear to Power chart, Fear Challenges and/or is Challenged by both Trust and Domination. The Trust Challenge is a “Traditional” Challenge – the Material Certainty of Fear (we can Feel it in our Physical Bodies) versus the Spiritual Certainty of Trust. It’s about finding a Balance between Fear and Trust that works to keep us out of Fight/Flight/Freeze and allows us to Differentiate “Real” from Karmic Threats and Act Effectively in Response to each, parrying the Real and Becoming Conscious of the Karmic. But the Challenge of Domination is different. It’s about Physical Stability versus Physical Evolution – it’s about Fear of Change. Do we know what makes the Karmic Real? Do we know what can make the Real Karmic? 7

That’s not all. The Merging of Trust and Domination is also Cuspal. The Trust issue is about Self-Trust. We’d been working since early June on Trusting that our Ego can Handle the Changes, as part of Healing our Unconditional Self-Love. We were in the final stages of that process when Fear Tested us. The Domination issue is about Change. Change in our Willingness to be Dominated or Abused, and Change in our use of Domination (Abuse) in our approach to Getting Our Needs Met. We just started that three-year project, so we’re in the early stages of Discovering the Unknown Unknowns that we need to work on.8

7 In the Sedna [Fear to Power] Station chart, Sedna at the end of Taurus [Fixed Earth] is Squared by both asteroid Eurydike [Trust] at the end of Leo [Fixed Fire] and dwarf planet Thereus [Domination] in early Virgo [Mutable Earth].

8 Eurydike in Leo [Self-Trust] since early June, through 6 September 2021. Thereus in Virgo from early August 2021 through September 2024.

So if we maxed our Benefit from this Challenge (one of many) in the 30 August Fear-Power Curriculum, we were perhaps Discovering where Domination – Bullying or Codependence – fit into our Multidimensional and Unitary Karmic jigsaw puzzle. Are we Creating new Karma or Deepening old Karma through Repetition of Unconscious (or Semi-Conscious and Uncorrected) Domination or Codependence Patterns, and does that Frighten us, or maybe should it Frighten us? Are we Trusting too much that the Victims of our Domination Patterns aren’t hiding Conscious or Unconscious Resentment? Might our Codependence partners Resent our depending on them for Psychological or other “Services” that we should be handling ourself?

What’s the nature of our Karmic Contracts with these “Partners”? As the Planet Descends further into Disorder on way too many fronts all at once, how will this impact our Relationships with and within the Communities we’ll Need for Survival?9

9 A new five-year Eurydike-Thereus [Trust-Equality, Power Dynamics] Cycle begins on 21 September 2021 (7:12 am PDT), in 5 Virgo, “A person becoming aware of Nature Spirits and normally unseen Spiritual Agencies.” These people (the Nature Spirits and Spiritual Agencies) are Distressed that Hupers are not doing their essential part in Reanimating the Planet (ie, working with the Nature Spirits rather than ignoring them).

I just finished Thomas Mayer’s recently-translated book Answering the Call of the Elementals: Practices for Connecting with Nature Spirits, and I highly recommend it. I’ve been working and studying for many years to recover the Connection I had with them in my youth, before my father shamed it into Hiding, and the practices in Mayer’s book are the most Practical and Powerful that I’ve found. There’s also a promising 18 September online workshop sponsored by the Fairy and Human Relations Congress; see

From here I’d like, if I find the time, to examine the Transcuspal Relationship between the dwarf planets that symbolize Unconstrained Freedom (Ixion in the last Degree of Sagittarius) and Taking Full Responsibility for our Survival (Pholus and Quaoar in early Capricorn). The influence of Unconstrained Freedom is Exaggerated (Stationary) until 12 September, and of Taking Full Responsibility for our Survival until 17 September 2021.

Ego Edges

September 6, 2021

We’re still trying to satisfy two Goals with one Blog – describing what’s going on on the Planet while gradually teaching astrology, since anything you Learn about astrology will greatly deepen your Experience of Life on Earth and your Adeptness with it. In this post, read through it first while Suspending Disbelief and ignoring the footnotes. Then go back and reread the whole post, exploring the footnotes as you go. Even if you have no interest in Learning anything about astrology, there is much to gain by simply skimming the footnotes to see if anything catches your eye. Skimming may not get us a PhD, but when we’ve skimmed the same or similar material many times, a lot more has sunk in than we Realize.


One of the greatest Toxins that we Encounter is Certainty. My training as a Psychic was rudimentary. I had fabulous Teachers, I just didn’t pursue it very far because there were too many other Threads going on at the time, but one of the first things I learned was that an easy way to access our Intuition is to Ask ourself, What If I Did Know?

It’s a great technique, and it almost always serves us, but without additional Discernment Skills, it serves our Heart’s Truth, not necessarily the Etheric Truth, and not necessarily Someone Else’s Heart’s Truth. Our Heart’s Truth is a Reliable Guide for Avoiding Self-Sabotage, but it doesn’t Clear our Limitations. Of course, for most everyone reading this, your Heart’s Truth will include a Life Mission of Clearing your Limitations, but that can’t help but compete with other, more trivial matters, such as Survival, or Getting Bald and High…

We’ve just been through a couple of weeks of Fear and Anger,1 and we’re already diving into another week that isn’t per se about Fear and Anger, but is by its nature heavily encumbered with Fear and Anger.2 We’ll talk more about this Forbidden Genius of ours soon, but I want to introduce Them through a prominent (though subtle) feature of the 22 August Full Moon…3

1 The 30 August 2021 Station of Sedna [Converting Fear to Power] in 30 Taurus, stretched out by the 30 August-3 September Out-of-Bounds Moon [Excess Emotionality Covered by Deep and Wide Culturally-Supported Justification, AKA Focusing on our Thoughts about our Emotions rather than on how and where we Feel the Emotions in our Body]. Can we tell the Difference between our Emotions and our Thoughts about them?

Our Thoughts about our Emotions are Mental Gibberish serving only to prop up our Old Ego, Prevent Rebirth, and Maintain our Karmic Limitations. Emotion Itself on the other hand, is the Portal to our Sacred Intuition, to our Future, and potentially to our Liberation from Karmic Limitation (if we have the Fortitude to tackle our Thoughts about the Emotions that We’d Rather Die Than Feel ).

If we can Learn this Discernment1a in this Lifetime, it will be the Pinnacle of Cosmic Success that will Change our Karma forever. Our fellow Gronabixoleans won’t recognize us when we return to our Home Galaxy. Discerning our Emotions (Pisces) from our Thoughts about them (Aquarius) is the Central Lesson of the Pisces-Aquarius Cusp, and if we don’t Learn it here we could be Stuck in Piscean Victimhood for possibly another 25 thousand years, till the next Progressed Pisces-Aquarius Cusp rolls around. Won’t that be Fun. Thank the Goddess that Linear Time is an Illusion.

1a We also have to Learn that Emotions aren’t Ours or Theirs, any more than the Weather is. Emotions are Independent Energies that Visit us, and can Attach to our Egos like Leeches and Suck Away our Life Force. But they also Serve us as a Portal to our Sacred Intuition. We Feel and Dismiss them in a flash, till we get Stuck on Our Thoughts about Them. If we make Decisions based on our Thoughts about Them, we Create sticky new Karma that can follow us around the Multiverse like a hungry Coyote, just Out of Sight. But we know they’re There, don’t we.

2 The 12 September (5:07 am PDT) Station of Ixion [Our Forbidden Genius] in 30 Sagittarius, the same Degree (in different Signs) as the Sedna Station and the Full Moon. When planets are in the same or nearby Degrees, the Interactions between their Domains of Impact are much more Intense. The Full Moon, the Sedna Station, and the Ixion Station span three weeks, but the Unconscious doesn’t Live in Linear Time. There in the Universe beyond the Bounds of our Ego (which Universe, if you haven’t noticed, is usually very much Larger than we are), everything is Simultaneous. Natives of North America (nee Turtle Island) Believe that everything that ever happened in a place is still going on there. If you bother to Look for it, you can Feel it.

3 In 30 Aquarius. The New and Full Moons primarily impact the 2-4 weeks following them. Find the complete chart for the 22 August Full Moon in the Expanding into Fear II post.

…namely, we have a Challenge between a double symbol of Rebirth and a double symbol of Death.4 This is not a Duel, but a more nuanced Conflict with many combatants and collaborators and involved spectators who have Skin in the Game.5 Our Self-Confidence is deeply Involved,6 as is The Integration of Feminine Power into our Life.7

4 Asteroid Klotho [Beginning New Fateful Adventures] Conjunct [Merged With] dwarf planet Haumea [Rebirth in an Unformed Molten State] on the Birth side, Square to [Challenged by – drawn as the shorter red line] two Strangers we’ve added to fill Vacancies, asteroid Requiem [Respect for Death] Merged With dwarf planet Cyllarus [Death in Combat] on the Death side. Centaur Cyllarus was Killed in the battle that Wounded Chiron.

5 The Square is part of a Grand Cross [Difficult and Complex Process involving many Related Issues – four planets equally spaced ’round the Zodiac, shown by the red square with a cross in the middle].

6 The other two corners of the Grand Cross are dwarf planet Chariklo [Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt ] – Chiron’s wife, and…

7 Two Fixed Stars, Al Rescha [Bringing two disparate Concept Sets together to Create Deeper Understanding] and Mirach [Harmony, Receptivity, Intuition, Magnetism, Collaboration].

Remember our first sentence? When we’re in a Life-and-Death Struggle, Certainty is the Order of the Day. We’re Certain that the Oxymoronavirus will kill us if we Let It. Or Wait! No, the Vaccine will Certainly Kill us! Meanwhile, Global Warming is Killing us, drowning some of us while we sleep. The Emperor has no Clouds. What is it that the Howlers Fear Most? Loss of Freedom, all seem to say.

Freedom to continue Life As It Was Known. Freedom to Blame the Threat to Survival on Viruses, Vaccines, Abortions, Masks, Political Opponents, anything which will Focus Attention on those Thoughts about the Fear that Life will Change drastically, because if the Caterwauling is loud enough, Influencing the Outcome of those Issues may be Possible. Won’t it be a shock when it’s discovered that Stopping Abortions and Vaccines and Viruses and Political Opponents doesn’t Stop Floods and Wildfires and Freezeouts. Won’t it be a shock when parents who risked their Children’s Lives sending them back to School discover that the Schooling that the Surviving kids received is worthless because it was only Relevant to Destroying the Earth.

In any four-cornered astrological Configuration, the Diagonals between the corners provide useful information. In this Death-Rebirth Configuration the Diagonals are Oppositions, usually signifying that two Concepts are Arguing, or if we aren’t in Resistance, that they’re willing to Cooperate.

The Rebirth corner Dances with the Integration of Feminine Power corner.8 If we’re indeed on the Cusp of Letting the Patriarchy Burn Itself Out, this will be a Delightful Dance. If we’re Terrified that our Investments in the Patriarchy are Bankrupt, then we’re likely to be Screaming into our Zoom Meetings that it’s Imperative to Bring Back Business-As-Usual, because that’s More Important (to them) than how many people are Dying.

The Death corner Dances with Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt.9 If we’re Confident we’re on our Path, then we’ll Embrace the Ego Death. If we’re in Self-Doubt, our Fear of Death will probably be Lit Up, and we might even be contemplating Physical Death.

But it’s not that simple. If we look closely we can see that both of these Oppositions are Mystery Schools.10 In a Mystery School we Learn something completely Surprising and Unexpected from the Dance, something that’s not accessible to the two-dimensional mind. If we’re Open to it, that is, and if we Avoid trying to “Figure It Out.” The Insights available are not accessible by the Mind, as they’re more multidimensional that the Mind is able to Grok. We have to be Mindful of the Presence of Thinking, Thank it and Bless It, and Open our Intuition instead.

There is something Profound to Learn, available to us over the coming week, about the Relationship between (Ego) Death and Confidence or Doubt, and something Profound for us to Learn about the Relationship between our Rebirth and our Integration of Feminine Power. Astrology does give hints about where to look for these Insights.11 Death and Confidence-Doubt are somehow tied up in this Adventure with Being More Open to Embracing our Hidden Genius and Acknowledging How We Were Punished For It in our Youth. Rebirth and Feminine Power are somehow bound up in this Workshop with Acknowledging our Guilt and Tapping It Out.

8 Klotho-Haumea Opposite Mirach-Al Rescha.

9 Requiem-Cyllarus Opposite Chariklo.

10 These Oppositions are both Yin Gates. The Klotho-Haumea to Mirach-Al Rescha Opposition is surrounded by a big blue “Golden” Rectangle, Golden because the ratio between the length of the sides and the length of the ends is the “Golden Angle” of Sacred Geometry fame, an Angle that is Replete in Nature. Its corners are Karma, Nemesis [Guilt], the Fixed Star Scheat [Creative Freedom from Conventional Thinking], and Sedna.

The Chariklo to Requiem-Cyllarus Opposition is also enclosed in a Golden Rectangle, but it’s drawn in thinner blue lines. It connects Ixion et al, Moon-Jupiter [Expanding our Instincts], Chaos-Asbolus [Intuitive Insight into our Unlimited Potential], and Sun-Thereus [The Places in our Essence where we’re Willing to Wrestle with Bears].

11 In the six diagonals embedded in each of the bisected Golden Rectangles…

For Rebirth-Feminine Power they’re the Karma-Scheat and Nemesis-Sedna Oppositions, Klotho-Haumea’s Quincunxes to Scheat and to Sedna, and Mirach-Al Rescha’s Quincunxes to Nemesis and Karma. Quincunxes are 5-Sign Angles, drawn in green lines.

For Death-Confidence they’re Chaos-Asbolus’s Opposition to Ixion-Pholus-GC, the Sun-Thereus Opposition to Moon-Jupiter, Chariklo’s Quincunxes to Chaos-Asbolus and Sun-Thereus, and Requiem-Cyllarus’s Quincunxes to Jupiter-Moon and Ixion-Pholus-GC.

These many Relationships are for Meditation, not Analysis – that’s 12 Meditations. If you’re up for that, more Power to you! Remember that Quincunxes represent Questions, not Answers or Statements. And Remember that in a Yin Gate, Oppositions will not be Arguments or Collaborations, but Paradoxes, like Zen Koans. What’s the Sound of One Bear Wrestling while Expanding? might be an example (Thereus Opposite Jupiter). The Insights in these Gordian Knots will be Personal, not Global. If you have any natal planets on Cusps, the Rewards from this Exploration may be Immense.

Expanding into Fear II

August 29, 2021

In the 30 August 2021 Sedna Station (Emphasis on Converting Fear to Power) chart…

…we’ve adhered closely to our usual 3-Degree Sensitivity…

That’s “Orb” in astrologuese. Like most astrologers, we consider “Transiting” Angles to be Live if they’re within three Degrees of Exact; for instance, dwarf planet Cyllarus is 1 Degree and 47 Arcminutes (31:02 less 29:16 equals 1:47) from an exact Sextile to Sedna – that’s within 3 Degrees. The Sextile Angle (short blue line) connects two planets that are 2 Signs apart. “Transiting” means “in the sky now,” as opposed to “Natal,” meaning in a Birth Chart. The average Natal Sensitivity commonly used is around 8 Degrees (varying depending on the Angle – more for a Conjunction, less for an Unx). We’ll introduce Cyllarus a bit later.

On the other hand, we’ve expanded our Sensitivity a tad to 3½ Degrees in the 22 August Full Moon chart (if we round up the Degrees, as is customary in astrology, from 29:37 to 30 [=0] for the Moon, from 2:56 to 3 for Pholus, and from 26:10 to 27 for Karma, it still looks like 3 Degrees of Sensitivity – we often do this rounding up)…

We’ve omitted Jupiter (Expansion) in the Sedna station chart, but it was only 3:24 away from a Square (Challenge) to the Sedna Station. And, the 22 August Full Moon was Conjunct Jupiter, which is to say, About Expansion, so you can see why we speak of “Expanding” into Fear. A Full Moon chart applies mostly to the two weeks following the event, while a Station chart applies mostly to the week or so prior to the event, though as we said in the previous post, we expect the Sedna Station chart to influence the week after the event because of the Out of Bounds Moon.

We’ve also added several extracurricular Stars and ‘Roids to the Full Moon chart, in order to fill in some obvious Vacancies. We’ll get to that later. First, let’s look at the Sedna Station chart…

The meat of the Sedna Station chart is the Major Challenge (T-Square, the red triangle) to Becoming Aware of our Karma (Mercury/Awareness Conjunct/Merged With asteroid Karma/Karma). Becoming Aware of our Karma often involves an Ego Death, which are seldom pleasant, unless we Focus on The meat of the Sedna Station chart is the Major Challenge (T-Square, the red triangle) to Becoming Aware of our Karma (Mercury [Awareness] Conjunct [Merged With] asteroid Karma [Karma]). Becoming Aware of our Karma often involves an Ego Death, which are seldom pleasant, unless we Focus on How Wonderful Life Will Be After We Ditch Those Bummers! (Hint Hint). But the vegetables are in the Heavy Heavy base of the T-Square, which is where the Real Action often lies in a T-Square.

On one side of this Opposition (Dualistic Argument aka Politics) are Orders from Headquarters (the Galactic Center), Our Hidden and Often Forbidden Genius (dwarf planet Ixion), and That Which Will Blindside Us If We Continue to Ignore It (dwarf planet Pholus). Like Kabul and Nahlins and Waverly and the California Conflagrations, the Message from Galactic Headquarters is We’re Done Messing Around, It’s Time To Get your Creative Butt in Gear and Get This Fixed! Did Recycling save the Roman Empire from decline? Nothing on our Catastrophic Trajectory will Change until Hupers regard the Planet as a Partner rather than a Resource, regard Excess Profit as the Crime of Grand Theft that it is, and regard Social Norms as the Foundation of the Status Quo that is the Cause of the Problem. And that’s Exactly what our Forbidden Genii came here to Fix. Not far from Pholus are our Survival Instincts (dwarf planet Quaoar).

On the Other Side of this Political Duality are Our Intuition (dwarf planet Asbolus) and Our Unlimited Potential (dwarf planet Chaos). How many of us Cherish our Intuition and Practice Trusting it constantly? How many of us are Exhilarated by Unlimited Potential, and how many of us Terrified by it? On the GC-Ixion-Pholus side of the Political Divide are the Guts to tackle the Elephant in the Room, and on this Asbolus-Chaos side are all of our Yes-Buts. Yes-But it’s Scary – we could Lose our Mod Cons! We’ll Lose a lot more than that if we don’t Change the Trajectory.

Fortunately, we don’t have to do this Alone. We have Allies. There is a Truss Bridge across the Divide (the blue lines connecting GC-Ixion-Pholus, Klotho-Haumea, Eurydike-Thereus, and Asbolus-Chaos). We can Trust (Eurydike) our Ability to wrestle Bears (Thereus). And we can Trust our Recent Double Rebirth

A Significant New Life Chapter Began (asteroid Klotho enters Scorpio) at 4:16 am PDT 26 August. Scorpio doesn’t mess around. It’s Fearlessly dedicated to Getting to the Bottom of Things. What Things? Since it’s on the cusp, it’s the same chart as the 22 August Full Moon. In that chart, it’s blocking for dwarf planet Haumea, another Strong Rebirth Signal. Pele’s daughter Haumea doesn’t make it to Scorpio, though, turning Backwards in January 2022 two arc-seconds shy of the Cusp of Scorpio. Its dallying delays Haumea’s flow of hot lava into Scorpio till mid-November 2022. Klotho has already crossed Haumea, though, Beginning a New Cycle on 14 August, a few minutes past 12 am PDT, in 28 Libra, “A person becoming aware of spiritual forces surrounding and assisting them.” The four-year Klotho-Haumea Cycle is about Rebirth upon Rebirth. We’re just getting started.

The other Powerful Allies are in the Dumb-Luck Blessings (Grand Trine) that also Touches the Mercury-Karma node. The Allies here are Fearlessness (the Sedna Station itself) and Confidence (dwarf planet Chariklo). If Doubt comes up, Let It Go immediately. You know we’re right about this. Business as Usual is rapidly making this whole Planet look like a Martian Desert. By the time Musk and Bezos get there, Mars will look Lush by comparison to Earth. That’s why Gaia threw a well-deserved fifth wave of the Moronavirus at us.

Finally, dwarf planet Cyllarus demands our Attention as it makes the Grand Trine into a Kite, with itself at the Top. Cyllarus, along with asteroid Requiem (Honoring Death) dropped in to Complete two Vacancies in the Full Moon chart, filling a Grand Sextile and a Grand Cross. He completes the Storyboard for the Sedna Station. Herakles, or Hercules, had a Zeus-given assignment to help Rid the World of Threats to the Patriarchy, especially the Mysteries left over from the Matriarchy. On his journey to this end, he bunked with the unsuspecting Centaur Pholus.

Pholus had Responsibility for safekeeping the Sacred Wine of the Centaurs, and while Pholus was out shopping at Emporos Iosif’s, Herakles Opened the unhidden Sacred Wine. Did he know what he was doing? Probably. The scent carried, and the Centaurs immediately went mad and starting killing each other and everyone in sight. Pholus, true to his habit of ignoring consequences, got dead by picking up a poison dart that had killed someone else, and clumsily dropping it on his foot. Chiron (Despair and Miracles) got the Wound that would eventually make him give up his Immortality. The third corner of the Grand Trine is Centaur Chariklo, Chiron’s wife. And distraught Centaur Hylonome (Codependence and Self-Sovereignty) killed herself with the same spear that killed her Centaur-Stud Lover. That Lover was Cyllarus.

If you need a Program, We are the Centaurs in this story, and Predatory Capitalism is Herakles. We’re killing each other as we help kill the Planet, and we don’t even know why.

Love Is the Answer 2

July 6, 2021

Well, not only are we entering a Portal that can take us a long way toward Liberation from our Limitations (8 July 2021 Station of Sappho – see previous post), but it comes with the ultimate gift-wrap – a “Grand Unx”! Sounds weird I know, but an “Unx” is one twelfth of something, so an Unx is the Angle between two planets one Sign apart. And a Grand Unx

…is twelve planets one Sign apart! It’s very Powerful just to sit and lose yourself in the Merkaba-like Mandala! Since the Twelfth Harmonic is about Pattern-Breaking, a Grand Unx can make it Easier for us to shed our Limitations. We had to add two planets that aren’t usually on our starting team, but we’ve seen them both before…

  • Thereus is the Bear-Wrestler that other astrofolks have impugned, but our research showed him to be a Teacher.
  • Psyche, the impossibly cute mortal Lass that seduced Cupid with her Beauty when his mother Venus sent him to eliminate the Competition. She was eventually granted immortality so she and Cupid could marry, and became the Goddess of the Soul, or that which Animates us.

We’ll talk more about this lovely Kaleidoscope. Print it out and put it up on your wall, where you can stumble across it every few hours or minutes.

End of an Era I

April 11, 2021

I’ll start by apologizing to everyone to whom I owe correspondence – the World is moving too fast for me to even keep up with this blog, let alone many other things, so I’m having to Prioritize (I obviously should be checking what’s going on with my Saturn [The Most Important Thing], but I “don’t have time”1), and my Introverted Self2 is taking charge.


There’s a New Paradigm Starting (New Moon) on 11 April 2021 (7:31 pm PDT) and an Emphasis on Growth in Consciousness (Station of asteroid Juno) on 12 April (3:13 am PDT), in 23 Aries and 25 Sagittarius, respectively.

The New Moon is Merged With Revelation of What’s Been Denied (Conjunct dwarf planet Eris). We usually think Denial is about the “Bad” – What We Don’t Really Appreciate about Ourself, but it can also be about the “Good” – Our Emotional Limitations, which our Limiting Beliefs Rationalize into the Unconscious. The latter is usually Karmic, ie, derived from Serious PTSD or Consequential Decisions3 in a former Lifetime, and reinforced through a long chain of subsequent Lifetimes.

So we already know two things. First, we’re Encountering and having to Embrace Information that we don’t usually have available to us (Eris-New Moon), and second, It Will Turn Out to Be a Big Blessing (Trine to Juno in Sagittarius).


The third thing we need to know is that Some of our Karma has reached its Expiry Date and it’s being Replaced (Eris-New Moon Opposite asteroid Klotho [Starting New Karmic Patterns], T-Squared by asteroid Atropos [Old Karmic Patterns Expiring on their Own]).

An additional Blessing, and the fourth thing we need to know, is that the Challenge to Recognize and Let Go Of Obsolete Karma that has Expired (Atropos T-Square) is actually Self-Resolving (a Diamond Star, consisting of a Finger of the Goddess [green wedge] pointing to the Apex of the T-Square [red triangle], which creates a Basket of Grace [the blue cat’s cradle under the Opposition of the T-Square]; Juno and Jupiter form the base of the Finger, and the Basket), meaning that the more you can Avoid Acting or Deciding to Change anything, the more smoothly the Karma will Leave of its own accord

Asteroid Lachesis, as Differentiated from asteroid Atropos, is about Opportunities for us to Discontinue Reinforcing Karmic Patterns that we Choose to Reject. All Karma is actually Dead. It’s Renewed only by our being so Habituated to it that we Freak Out when we fail to Encounter it…

All Habits are Strengthened by Repetition, and Weakened by Repetition of Alternatives, Karma no less so than any other Habit. Asteroid Atropos, in contrast to Lachesis, is about Karma that Expires on it’s own accord. Such Karma can persist if we Continue to Repeat the old Habit, but sooner or later that gets Boring, we get Distracted, we stop Noticing that it’s Missing, and it melts away. Years later, we might be shocked to Remember, “Wow, I’d Forgotten that used to do That all the time!


The fifth thing we need to know is that Confusion is likely to be Prominent (Neptune [Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity] Squares Stationary Juno [Emphasis on Growth in Consciousness]).

Not only that, but we’ll also be Confused about our Anger (Out of Bounds Mars [Exaggerated Emotion and Action, especially Anger] Conjoins [is Merged With] Out of Bounds dwarf planet Asbolus (Strong Intuition] and the pair Opposes Stationary Juno, Creating a Neptune [Confusion] T-Square [Big Challenge]).

The Habit of Responding to Confusion as an Emotion and Tolerating it without having to Change it, instead of Interpreting Confusion as a sign that our Intellect needs to Figure Something Out, is a Skill that anyone who’s interested in Personal Growth needs to Initiate and Develop through Repetition.

To untangle our Confusion about our Anger, I recommend that we pair Theta with Tapping. Anger can helpfully Alert us to places where we need to Set a Boundary (Intuition), and it can also be an Unproductive Hangover from unexpressed Frustration or unacknowledged Karmic Judgment (Unconscious Bias). To Discriminate between the two, Theta that your Anger be Replaced with Motivation toward Constructive Action (such as “I Command that my Anger be Neutralized by Plans for Constructive Action“), where “Constructive” is a Mutually Respectful Negotiation between yourself and the apparent Object of your Anger, or a Mutually Respectful Outcome toward which you can Contribute, through Prayer or Action. “Constructive” doesn’t include miserable Deaths for all of your Enemies.

If the Show Me! phase of your Theta doesn’t demonstrate obvious Mutual Respect, then you need to Tap Out your Anger as many times as are required to return you to your Neutral Self. Then Theta again. If you still aren’t Shown Mutual Respect, repeat the Tapping and Theta sequence until you are. Given the rest of the New Moon chart, it’s highly likely that part of your Anger is Karmic, and where that’s the case you won’t Liberate yourself from it’s Yoke in a few minutes. You may need to Theta and Tap for days, and more.


The sixth thing we need to know, is that we can convert our Confusion Challenges to Self-Resolution by adding the Energy of the minor planet Thereus (which, at 25 Leo, will Convert the Neptune T-Square to a Diamond Star). We encountered the Bear-Wrestling Thereus in January. The consensus among Ego astrologers seems to interpret Thereus as a Predator. I don’t see it in the Discovery chart, with its complete Grand Sextile, Grand Quintile, 11-part Almost-Grand Unx, Quaoar/Ixion-to-Vesta/Chaos Yin Gate Mystery School, and at least three Yods, telling us to Pay Attention! to Thereus-Klotho, South Node, and asteroid Narcissus. Thereus looks more like a Remarkable Teacher to me. Here’s my draft sketch of its 9 August 2001 Discovery chart – Thereus is at 4 Pisces…

I recommend that Intention would be an excellent Tool to Animate an internal or external Remarkable Teacher to help you Neutralize your Resistance to Accepting Confusion as a Valuable Emotion and the First Step toward Growth of Consciousness. Our Mental Concept Set is our Primary Defense against Ego Death – this allows us to Respond to Ego Threats by being Certain that It Doesn’t Make Sense, because it doesn’t fit into our Concept Set. So the first thing we need to do to Grow our Consciousness, is to blow a hole in our Concept Set, which is the Natural Role of Confusion, if we Respect it As It Is, and Allow it to Exist thataway.


I’ll add some profound corollary quotations in an additional post or two.


1 I see, my natal (Birth) Square (Challenge) from Saturn (Priorities) to dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential) has become a Transiting (Temporary) T-Square (Big Challenge) that’s “Blowing my Intellectual Mind”.

2 An Introvert Grounds and Rebalances themselves by being Alone, while an Extrovert Grounds and Rebalances by being with Other People, often lots of Other People. Everyone is both, in different ratios, but most of us lean one way or the other. According to David Keirsey’s and Marilyn Bates’s Please Understand Me, only 25% of Hupers are Introverts, and since Extroverts Believe that Introversion is a Disease, there isn’t much hope. The dynamic is created and preserved because elementary-school Teachers are all Extroverts – or they couldn’t stand to do what they do. However, Keirsey and Bates were writing in 1978, and I don’t know if those 25%-75% proportions of People have been empirically updated since.

3 Karma is Initiated when we make a Vow or Oath or Promise or Decision that has Life-or-Death (Physically or Egoically) Consequences, then Forget that we made such a Decision, and end up Believing that the Decision, rather than something we Chose, is Just the Way the World Is. We Forget semi-intentionally, because it’s the best way to assure that we don’t slip up and accidentally Betray our Oath, since such a Betrayal could get us Dead.

If you think about it, you should be able to Remember many situations in your Childhood where you Deliberately Forgot a Decision, in order to put a halt to Threats of Abandonment by your Family or Significant Others. As children, Abandonment is Life-or-Death. For instance, I was in my late 30s before I discovered (by reading Keirsey&Gates’s book) that my Thinking Persona was an artificial overlay intended to Suppress my native Feeling Persona because the latter was unacceptable to my Father. I Loved and Admired my Father, and worked hard to Earn his Acceptance.

Minor Planet Thereus

January 5, 2021

A dwarf planet, like former asteroid Ceres and former planet Pluto, has enough mass and spin to rotate itself into a sphere, and enough suck to glom unto itself a goodly part of the debris that cluttered its orbit. “Minor” planets might be asteroids or any number of flavors of iceball that Live furthur out in the tules. “Centaurs,” in the astronomical sense, are dwarf or minor planets that have fairly irregular and relatively unstable orbits more or less between Saturn and Uranus. There’s a couple hundred of them. They’re called Centaurs because like the chimeric Centaurs of Greek literature, they seem to behave partly like planets and partly like Comets that have been “captured” by the gravity of the Giant Gasball planets (Jupiter to Neptune). The classic Centaur is Chiron, but we also routinely use Chariklo, Hylonome, Pholus, Nessus, and Asbolus. I recently read someone referring to Bee-Zed as a stabilized Centaur.

Thereus is a small, 50-mile- or 80-km-wide Centaur with a 35-year orbit in the neighborhood of Saturn. If it came to visit us, it would fit tidily between London and Cambridge, Melbourne and Puckapunyal, New York City and Philadelphia, or San Francisco and Sacramento, though with devastating effect. Even if it figured out how to land gently, it would still squash a lot. By comparison, the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs was somewhere between 10 and 50 miles wide, so if we did invite it, we’d probably have to ask it to land gently in the Sahara or Washington DC or some other desert. It wouldn’t work in the Mohave because of the Desert Tortoise. My impression of the Sahara is that it’s devoid of Critters, but it probably isn’t, Critters are everywhere. A Thereus landing might actually be useful in Washington just now, if it were timed right and we were careful not to forewarn certain folks. It would save a lot of greenhouse-gas-generating cement.

Speaking of Washington, that’s Why we bring up an obscure planetoid like Thereus. But let’s start from the beginning (of the Why). There are a couple of “Minor” (that is, non-“Major,” certainly not minor) Configurations that keep showing up in recent charts, including the year-ending Full Moon and the 5 January 2021 Makemake Station chart.

One is a Mjölnir or Trioctile Yod, meaning This is an Important Opportunity to Return to Balance! It focuses on asteroid Vesta (Unconscious Limiting Beliefs), and in the Full Moon chart it sprang from the Challenge (Square) between Uranus-Lilith (The Self-Sovereignty of the Soul) and Pallas-Veritas (Boundaries that Correspond with the Reality of the Connection), suggesting that we “Get Real” with ourself and others. In the current Makemake chart it springs from the Square between Jupiter-Saturn (We want you to show us how to Expand and Contract at the same Timeyou’ll Need this Skill to Adapt to the Digital Age) and Uranus-Lilith (Dropping the subterfuges).

For a trivial example, we’ve all been Contracting sharply in our Face-to-Face Contacts, but Expanding quickly in our Virtual Contacts. Virtual – isn’t that sort of like Imaginary? As we Expand into Encountering the Consciousness of non-Huper Entities and Structures (which is an essential part of Healing our Relationship with the Earth), we’ll be Expanding our Imagination and Contracting our Judgments. To Co-Evolve with 5G, which appears to be It Is What It Is, we’ll need to Protect (Contract) ourself while Expanding the only Protection that works Ultimately – Vulnerability.

We may have to Co-Evolve with any number of Viruses as well. How many of us have Asked, in person, Consciousness to Consciousness, as Individuals, without Fear or Judgment, what it is that the Virus wants from us, or for us?

The other “Minor” Configuration is the root of a Grand Quintile – five planets spaced more or less equally around the Zodiac, signifying the Presence of a major Educational Opportunity. As in “Oh Shit, another Educational Opportunity,” like I saw painted on the side of a badly dented car once. Such Opportunities do often require an Ego Death or two, as we’re Asked to Contract by Abandoning Core Beliefs while Expanding into making Space for more Comprehensive Perspectives. Not all Education involves Transcending our Identity, but if it doesn’t it’s probably more about Technique than anything Life-Changing.

The Configuration here starts with a Quintangle – only three planets separated by Quintiles (72 Degrees, one fifth of the Circle). That’s a good start, but it’s lopsided, not in Balance. Such a structure always Asks to be Completed, perhaps by two asteroids or Stars that we haven’t met yet – Surrogates for two portions of the Unconscious that are Asking to enter our Awareness. Or perhaps by Consciously supplying the missing Energies, which we can read from the Sabian Symbols (readings for individual Degrees) of the two Vacancies. One Space Rock or Iceball that keeps showing up for this task, on the Cusp of Virgo no less (Virgo being the Home of Ego Death), is this Thereus fellow.

The only thing Greek literature tells us about the Mythic Thereus, is that he liked to hunt Bears, wrestle them to the ground, then bring them home with him, still kicking and snarling. Not sure what he would do with them next. Maybe train them and sell them into the thriving trade in trained Bears that the Greeks had with Russia in those days, though I don’t think Ovid ever mentioned that. Probably an oversight, he may have thought that everyone traded trained Bears all the time, so no need to bring it up.

Without thumbs per se, when Bears pick Huckleberries (Wild Blueberries), which is one of their favorite pastimes, they “rake” the bushes with their 6-inch Claws, eating whatever results – Berries, Leaves, Stems. They’re omnivorous, with a small second stomach for fermenting cud – I’ve seen one actually Grazing on Grass like a Cow in the spring while waiting for the early Salmon runs. Funny to see a Grizzly imitating a Cow, but you wouldn’t want to Laugh out loud, or point. Huckleberry Leaves are actually anti-diabetic, which is probably a help since Bear’s purpose is to stuff themselves with Huckles so they’ll have enough fat to burn through the winter while they nap. I’ve seen recently-raked Hucklebushes with Berries sliced neatly in half as if with a razor blade. I couldn’t get a knife sharp enough to slice a Huckleberry in half without flattening the Berry at least a little. So we know Thereus was Rugged!

In wandering around the internet I noticed astrologers who interpret Thereus as a Predator and Stalker, and not especially a good Relationship or Friend candidate, I guess because they don’t think he was kind to the Bears. I’m sure they’re looking at their accumulated client experience, but that doesn’t mean they’re interpreting the connection between Predation and Thereus appropriately.

However, I don’t see Predation jumping out of the Thereus Discovery chart (for 9 August 2001), which Strongly emphasizes Learning (it too has a Grand Quintile, but this one’s Complete already) and Clearing Karma. The Thereus Discovery chart even includes a Grand Unx (twelve planets more or less evenly spaced around the Loop), which is about Letting Go of Obsolete Habits (the Twelfth Harmonic), with only one easily-filled Vacancy. The Vacancy is occupied by the asteroid Itokawa, the tiny Space Rock that Japanese Spacefaring robots took samples from and brought back to Earth. It has a “Potentially Dangerous” Near-Earth Orbit. So yes, Ego astrology would find Thereus Dangerous, as both Learning and Habit-Breaking can Threaten the Ego.

Where is Thereus in our Predator-In-Chief’s birth chart? It’s pretty Intense. Just looking at the Conjunctions, it’s Merged with four other planets – dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation) and asteroids Nemesis (Guilt, Ego Death), Requiem (named in honor of the Discoverer’s just-deceased mother), and Psyche (the Bride of Eros). It’s one Sign or Unx from asteroid Pandora (Releasing Evil, leaving only Hope in the box), two Signs or Sextile from asteroid Narcissus (Self-Enchantment), three Signs or Square from dwarf planet Ixion (Sociopathy), four Signs or Trine from asteroid Damocles (Self-Undoing), five Signs or Quincunx from asteroid Hopi (Disparagement for All Things), and six Signs or Opposition from asteroid Pallas (Boundaries). Obviously we’re selecting the downside of all those planets, but only because that’s what he Presents.

I’ve always maintained that the reason he’s dominating our Field these days is because he’s Teaching us about Creating our Own Reality, which is certainly what he’s been doing! It may not be a Reality we like, which we can condemn on other grounds, but he has been Teaching us about Rolling Our Own. And we have to carefully consider whether what we don’t like about what he’s been Creating is any of our Business. To the extent it does us Real-Life Harm, for sure it’s our Business. If we just object because it’s not the way we’d do it, or not the way Mom taught us that it should be done, then those are our Unconscious Limits to Manifestation, and they’re Lit Up so we can Let Them Go. We don’t have to Choose them, but if they don’t do us Harm, then it’s we who are holding up our shift to 5D, not them.

And again, if we’re looking at his pitiable Delusions and using it to conclude that Rolling Our Own doesn’t really work, that’s another of Our Own Unconscious Limitations. Unless he succeeds in drumming up a Coup with his ragtag army of submachine-gun-toting war-gamers, or with his fellow Demented Elite in Congress, he’s simply Out of Touch with Hardcopy Reality, his Illusions of Grandeur have him totally Tranced Out, and That’s what’s not working for him, not his Creating of His Own Reality. What he’s Succeeding at Creating – Again – is Mommy Doesn’t Love Me. If he’d Broken Out of that Trance two months ago, he’d be well set up by now for a run at 2024. He’s also Teaching us That!, Teaching us that it’s not about Recreating our Karmic Trances, it’s about Busting Out of our Karmic Trances.

He doesn’t “deserve” our Praise, it would only take him Deeper into his Illness. But he definitely deserves our Silent Applause. Once the concrete is poured, or Thereus has Landed on the South Lawn, we can Shout our Bravos! out loud as we shatter our newly emptied Magnums on it.