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More New Paradigm

March 30, 2013

Here’s a couple of potentially useful websites about the more institutional aspects of the New socio-economic Paradigm…

Schumacher Center for a New Economics –

Slow Money –

View from a Neighboring Hill

March 27, 2013

Kelley Hunter has a fabulous commentary on the Jupiter-Chiron Square in her Full-Moon Cosmic News email, which isn’t on her website yet, so I’m hoping she won’t mind if I repeat the paragraph in full…

“JUPITER in GEMINI amplifies the WOW! NOW! factor of this Full Moon many-fold in a precise, to the minute, activating square with Chiron.  The “crazy wisdom” potential of this quantum combo is multiplied exponentially when we bring an open mind to each and every moment.  If your mind seems to sizzle with faulty wiring, and what appears to be cosmic interference turns out to be a silly simplistic “mistake,” don’t worry.  It may be inconvenient, but kind of funny, eh what?  Maybe it’s just a jump-up in the operating system.  New avenues spark and sparkle in our neural pathways, offering new perceptions while short-circuiting others.  Saturn in Scorpio’s deep circuits keep us plugged in to the regenerative currents in this process and streamline the process of unfolding to new depths of awareness.  Troublesome feelings are likely a result of resistance of some kind.  If you can just stay with it and let it be without reacting, it will shift.  Belief systems are exposed to be useful or outdated.”

The part about

If your mind seems to sizzle with faulty wiring, and what appears to be cosmic interference turns out to be a silly simplistic “mistake,” don’t worry.

is another very useful way to look at those Walking Dead rememberies and regressions that we lamented in Beyond Our Wildest Dreams.  And

Maybe it’s just a jump-up in the operating system.  New avenues spark and sparkle in our neural pathways, offering new perceptions while short-circuiting others.

Is a fabulous way to express the whole Chiron-Rebirth Mystery, while

If you can just stay with it and let it be without reacting, it will shift.  Belief systems are exposed to be useful or outdated.

helps us understand part of the Tipping Point/Hundred Monkeys Mystery.  Tami121877 verifies:

…before now, it wasn’t too hard to dread the future turning out like the past.  I feel like we’ve passed a threshold.  The future makes me smile.  I’m very excited.

The rest of Kelley’s Full-Moon bulletin is worthwhile as well (even though the Full Moon is under the bridge) – she talks about what an “exclamation point” this Full Moon is.  Watch for the bulletin to appear on her website at

or sign up to receive her Cosmic News bulletins on the same screen.

Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

March 25, 2013


It finally occurs to me why these last several Diamond Stars have been so mean – it’s the Waxing Jupiter-Chiron Square that’s in the process of making the New Paradigm “permanent”!

Before Neptune Initiated Chiron at the Ides of February in 2010 (remember “Fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl“?), the two danced together for a couple of years – while the Derivative Crisis unfolded, presaging the demise of the old monetary system.  In late May 2009, Chiron came up to within arcminutes behind Neptune in the same Fresh Violets degree as their later Initiation, then both Stopped and turned Retrograde.  That Conjunctus Interruptus was joined by Jupiter.  So Jupiter began new Cycles with both Chiron and Neptune in 2009.

It will be 2042 before Chiron Squares Neptune and that Energy becomes “permanent.”  But the Jupiter-Neptune Cycle reached it’s Waxing Square on the same June 2012 day as the first Uranus-Pluto Square, and the Jupiter-Chiron Cycle reached permanence a month later.

Outer-planet Angles usually occur thrice – once when the faster planet (Jupiter) passes the slower one (Chiron) going forward, again when the faster planet turns Retrograde, and then a third time once the faster planet goes forward again.  We call the first crossing the “Can-Opener” because it opens an issue that Challenges us.  The second crossing is an “Exposition,” as the same issue returns, but in slow motion.  The third is called the “Confidence-Builder” because now, having experience with the issue, we handle it with aplomb.

The Can-Opener Jupiter-Chiron Square occurred in late July 2012, the Exposition in mid-January 2013, and the Confidence-Builder Square on March 26 – today.  Now this is the Confidence-Builder, so we should be sailing along with it just fine – as many of you hopefully have been.  But some of us obviously weren’t paying Attention during the Exposition phase.  This Planet is like that – if we don’t pick up on an important lesson, the Universe generously repeats it till we do.

The message is to let go of the Old, in order to make space for the New.  Jupiter-Chiron is about Amplified Bummers, till we shift our perspective and open ourself to Big Miracles.

It’s so easy to experience this as the Old Abandoning us, and we imagine that we’re being Abandoned to nothingness.  Which is true, as long as we hold fast to our old concepts and assumptions about the World.  When we Act from the perspective of being Abandoned, it inspires the World to Abandon us.  And of course, all of our childhood, lifelong, and past-life Abandonments are going to be dancing by.  They’re  the Walking Dead, long since dessicated, but kept alive only by our willingness to re-experience their Trance.

We actually have options, but we won’t see them until we let go of attachment to the Old.  Like Cyprus, we resist Change.  But the Energy has already Changed, and we cling to a chimera, to a hollow memory.  Focus on something better than the Present, anything better.  That’ll help you realize that you do have options, it’s only your old Ego that’s going to die, not “you.”  Then maybe let yourself Dream about what you really want.

More Early Eris

March 24, 2013

Here’s another Truth-Speaker, channeling Eris a week or so early.  Dr. Roberts was an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Ronnie Reagan…

Sure glad we got Grand Trines in our future.  Now, if all this Truth-Speaking bums you out, don’t forget to raise your head, straighten your spine, and imagine the People waking up and throwing the bums out.

The story isn’t totally clear, but it sounds now as if Cyprus has been sold out, and the Cypriot Parliament may not even have the opportunity to vote on Monday.  Reports vary, and I’m not sure this next article has all of the latest news under it.  It’s speculation, really, but possibly very relevant speculation – I’ve seen no indication that anyone knows how Russia will react to confiscation of their money.  It’s complex, so don’t feel compelled to read it…

But it has one quote that I found intriguing, given the timing…

Because Cyprus has now been openly threatened with expulsion from the euro by Tuesday if its parliament fails to implement the EU’s new bailout demands, Putin can offer Cypriots a new option they would never have previously imagined.

If it’s a done deal without the Cypriot parliament’s assent, then it’s milk under the bridge, but it’s the “new option they would never have previously imagined” part that so aligns with our Diamond Star.

Portal 3.25 II

March 24, 2013

A key today is any feeling of discouragement, fear, hopelessness, despair, or anxiety.

That’s Chiron.

If you’re feeling it already (we’re about 11 hours from the peak as I write this), then you get an A for your Lunar Sensitivity Score.  Congratulations!

Now, here’s what to do…

Raise your head, straighten your spine, and imagine impossibly good outcomes.  Imagine receiving gifts from the Universe that are beyond, or almost beyond, just at the far edge of, your wildest Dreams.  Or something like that! 

That’s the sort of Miracle Chiron can Co-Create with you, if you’re willing to be open to shifting to a new, currently unknown to you, set of assumptions about the Universe.  PIAVA Grace.  In order to avoid creating Expectations – which will be products of your current, anxiety-creating paradigm – be sure to add the Or something like that! at the end of your PIAVA.

Or better yet, rather than imagining any specific outcome, imagine how you’ll feel when you can be perfectly relaxed and casual about whatever issue seems hopeless or anxious or discouraging.  Think of something that’s a hassle for other people, but it’s effortless for you.  That effortless can apply to whatever is hassling you, once you move past the habit of letting it bum you out.

Does this work for you?  Do you feel lifted, hopeful, even excited?

That’s Chiron too!

Despair and Miracle ‘R Chiron.  The difference?  Well, habit for sure, aka Karma, and Worldview.  As the Buddhists say, Change your Mind!  Your bummers are built upon a Worldview, quite probably historically accurate (though holographic), where things don’t work out.  Imagine a World where things do work themselves out, easily.  You don’t live there, yet.  But you can.  You Co-Create that World by giving it your Attention, and removing your Attention from that old dysfunctioning World.  Focus your Attention on the Transformation you’re going to feel when your skills – and those of your Loving Community – exceed your hassles many times over.

The worst sort of Despair is Unconscious Despair – when we don’t even believe that better outcomes are possible!  Use this Portal to start developing a new habit – the habit of recognizing discouragement as a signal to raise your head, straighten your spine, and Dream of Bliss.  Use this technique with caution while operating machinery.

Portal 3.25

March 24, 2013


Another Portal, as the Moon comes around to Opposing Chiron and Diamond-Starring the Jupiter Yod.  Like so…


Recall that a Diamond Star occurs when a Yod (green lines – Curiosity Squared) and a T-Square (red lines – Mastery through Challenge) point at the same planet.  When this happens it automatically creates a Bowl of Grace (blue lines) under the T-Square.  Let’s start with the Moon, which is a sleeper.

The Moon hides behind its disguise as a tidemaker, ER boomer, and generator of “random” Emotions.  Random in the sense that they aren’t necessarily connected to our Values (Venus) or what we regard as Sacred (Vesta), and don’t seem to have consistent “causes.”  The Moon is often associated with just plain Change.  While most of us have sufficient bandwidth to recognize the four seasons in most climates – we can tell the difference between Snow from Sunshine – most males have no sensitivity to Lunar Cycles.  Females, of course, do.  Not so many decades ago, this was just recognized as “hysteria.”  Women didn’t have uterectomies, they had hysterectomies – they still do.

This connection between estrus and Lunar Cycles should have been a clue, but in a male-dominated World where the Feminine Perspective is severely repressed, these Cycles and their esoteric meaning are as invisible as signs of the New Paradigm.  The Stork is the glue that molds Energy into Matter.  That’s why the Moon is often the trigger that sets in motion the impacts of slower-moving planets.   In Tarot, the Moon is the symbol for Authenticity – how can that be, if Lunar Emotions are “random” and without clear causation?  Authentically Random?  Randomly Authentic?  Doesn’t compute.

A Feminine response to that question would be more Yoddish – I wonder what the connection is there?  And very soon that Wondering would probably lead to hypotheses about how it’s not random at all.

At this Portal, by the way, the Moon makes its own Yod, with Mars and Pluto for feet.  Hmmm, I wonder how Action and Transformation will impact our supposedly random Emotions?  Or maybe, if we Act here to Transform our cultures, we can birth something new?

One hypothesis is that Lunar Feelings are Instincts, breaks in the continuity of Time-Space.  At estrus a woman sees – feels – her future child.  We feel danger long before we can see it.  If we were broken free of the mass hypnosis of Linear Time, then holding true to our Instincts and their expression would indeed be Authenticity.

So a Jupiter-Moon-Chiron T-Square could be about Challenges to our willingness to feel (Moon) the possibility that Miracles (Chiron) will Expand (Jupiter) our cultures and economies.  That’s…

Challenges to our willingness to feel the possibility that Miracles will Expand our cultures and economies. 

We can certainly look at it on the personal level as well, but Jupiter’s primary effects are on the social level.  For instance, is it possible that the banksters’ vassals can weasel out of their Cypriot Blunder?  That will certainly take a Miracle.  From here, because of the propaganda front, it’s hard to tell if the IMF and ECB even realize what a Blunder it was.  The people in Cyprus certainly seem to feel how disastrous the confiscation of bank accounts would be.  If they win and Cyprus leaves the Euro, that would be a first step in an Iceland-style Miracle.

And the Yod?  The T-Square is new and temporary, but the Yod is neither.  If we do the Yod as a question – as befits its underlying Curiosity – we might have something like…

If we Understand and Fix the real Problem, will we become Flexible enough to Survive?

That is, If we Understand (Saturn in Scorpio) and Fix the real Problem (Pluto in Capricorn), will we become Flexible enough to Survive (Jupiter in Gemini)?  Jupiter’s degree, 11 of Gemini, is about “Newly opened lands offer the pioneer new opportunities for experience.”

Notice that Mercury Conjoins Chiron – in this Portal we could actually pick up information about how Miracles work.  The new Mercury-Chiron Cycle begins around 2am PDT on March 29 at 12 Pisces, “In the sanctuary of an occult brotherhood, newly initiated members are being examined and their character tested.”  While this could cut either way – banksters may learn new power-over games, as well as the People learning new power-with skills – the banksters are waaay outnumbered, once Eris cuts through the wall of propaganda.

So the Portal holds promise.  When does it open?  The Moon’s Square to Jupiter and Opposition to Chiron are exact between 4 and 5am PDT on March 25.  Muggles should begin feeling the Diamond Star about two hours prior to that.  The more tuned you are to your Lunar senses, the sooner you should start feeling it – start checking in around 8pm PDT on March 24, then every hour or so after that.  It’ll give you an index of how much work you need to do to open your Lunar Manifestation skills.  What are we looking for?

In a word, Insight.  Insight into envisioning the possibility of new ways to Co-Create the post-money Paradigm.  New Insight on the possibility of embracing the negative effects of Climate Change (nothing changes till we love it exactly as it is).  New Insight into the possibility of World Peace and World Collaboration.  New Insight into the possibility of emasculating the Lizards that the propaganda machine wants us to believe run the show. 

New Possibilities are the critical issue more than any specifics.  We want to feel a shift from Powerlessness to Possibility.  A sense that we now know where we are heading, even if we have no idea yet how to proceed.  Imagine everyone on the Planet working toward a common goal that makes sense to everyone.

As Gandhi said, Be the Change you wish to see in the World.  Our cultures and economies are composed of our cumulative actions and attitudes.  The propaganda wall wants you to feel helpless, like everything is out of your hands.  But it isn’t.  Once enough of us start washing our food, the curtain is pulled back, everyone can see which yoga pants the Lizards are wearing, and they lose their power over us.

Bear in mind this is New Insight – which means we very well may not recognize it as such.  It’s more likely to sneak into your Consciousness than to light an incandescent bulb over your head.  It would behoove to Pay Attention, but release Expectations.  I know, I’ve already programmed you to some extent, but you can still PIAVA having no Expectations.  Take notes.  Starting around 8pm PDT on Sunday, just keep an eye out for anything that seems unusual or interesting, and make a note of the time and topic.  Before you go to sleep (if the Portal occurs during sleep hours in your time zone), PIAVA that you’ll remember your Dreams.  Then wait at least eight hours after the 5am PDT peak opening, to give the Portal time to close, before you check your notes.

Here’s an interview with one of my favorite Truth-Tellers, Jim Rickards…

I need to add a couple of comments.

The interviewer wonders why the US stock market isn’t collapsing in fear over the Cypriot Blunder.  Who owns stocks?  Remember in Redefining Wealth we played a video showing that the richest 1% of people in the US own 50% of stocks in US companies, while the poorest 50% of the people own only one half of one percent of US stocks.  The Masters who own the stocks are the Lizards who gain from ripping off Cyprus’s would-be savers!  No wonder it’s not “roiling the markets” in the US.

The interviewer wonders why no one in the US seems to care about Cyprus.  In Sucklings of the She-Wolf we pointed out that its the US Federal Reserve who has been keeping European banks afloat, by depositing newly-printed dollars in the European banks.  I don’t know if they’ve deposited any in Cypriot banks.  If so, will the EU collect their pound of flesh from the US Federal Reserve too?  Of course Cyprus would be a drop in an ocean of US debt.

Here’s a pretty concise summary of what banking is all about, and how the banksters can even conceive of stealing your money directly, without bothering with the expense of hiring lobbyists to create new laws to do it…

In Jim Rickards’s book Currency Wars, in order to teach the Pentagon how a war could be fought in the financial arena, he makes up a scenario where Russia backs its currency with Gold.  Like the old banknotes Beppe talks about, that used to say, Payable to Bearer on Demand.  As near as I can tell, the banksters don’t seem to be showing any remorse about their scheme to confiscate savings, including the savings of non-EU folks like those in Russia, who’ve been using Cypriot banks, more or less the way the US 1% use banks in the Caymans.  The idea in the book is that people would then buy Rubles instead of Dollars, which would make the Dollar worth less.

Apparently showing no remorse, you have to ask whether the IMF and the EU are provoking Russia on purpose.  Medvedev has called their scheme “preposterous.”  Why, for Goddess’s sake?  To start a war?  Like LBJ’s Gulf of Tonka or Dubbya’s Weapons of Mass Deception?  War would put all but a few pacifist weirdos on the same page – almost everyone on the planet working toward a common goal that makes sense to everyone – even if it was based on propaganda.  Bombs are one of the US’s biggest exports.  WWI got us out of the Long Depression following the 1879 Chiron-Neptune Initiation.  WWII got us out of the Great Depression following the 1929 collapse.  It’s not a new trick.  It would be kind of surprising for the IMF and the ECB to be the ones to initiate WWIII.  We’ve been hoping WWW would supplant WWIII.

In the last few decades, the Carlyle Group‘s holdings in the “Defense” Industry has been a pretty good indicator of War preparations, as they bulked up before the two Bush Wars, and sold off afterward.  I haven’t seen any indication that Carlyle has been bulking up on Defense lately.  Bush and friends left the firm in the mid-2000s.  Just in case, it might be a good idea to be a little more specific with our PIAVA.  Maybe…

Imagine everyone on the Planet working toward a common goal that everyone can understand, a goal of sustainable peace and abundance.

…or something like that.

These events are just foreplay; the real shifts should be coming in early April, when Eris gives everybody new yoga pants and the propaganda Trance shatters.  That’s a possibility I’m holding up to the Universe, as a good path toward enjoying that six months of Grand Trines that start at the Ides of April.

Ah, Manganophyllite, one of my favorite Micas!  I’ve never figured out whether sanguine means “rosy” or “bloody” or both, but Manganese, which often gives Rocks a sanguine color, facilitates similar kinds of healing, expansion, flexibility, and fecundity that this Diamond Star does.

Portal 3.22: Co-ops

March 22, 2013

Our 3/22 Portal advised…

On March 22, for about seven hours starting around 5pm PDT, the Moon makes a Yod with Pluto and Chiron.  Don’t waste this portal, as it’s an opportunity to allow Miracles into our lives that will greatly complement our adventures of the following week and month.

And here’s what the Universe provided…

Quite fascinating, eh?  What do you know, a return to Collaboration.  Haven’t we heard that somewhere before?

Collapse? or Reorg!

March 21, 2013


Okay, action time.  The Cypriot Blunder has so far only threatened to bring down the financial house of cards – but wait till early April.  Hope you don’t still have any money parked at the big banks.  The Cypriot Blunder tells us what’s likely to collapse in the first half of April, when Eris is prominent.  Eris exposes Denial for a living.  What are the two biggest Denials in the current Collective Trance, or at least, in the Collective Propaganda?  First, that our monetary system is functional, and second, that we can safely ignore climate change.  I’ll be surprised if we don’t see another significant weather or earthquake catastrophe in the next few weeks.  If we had half a Brain, a tenth of a Heart, and a twist of Guts, we’d all be full-time focused on fixing these two horrendous dramas while we still can.

Be mindful that there’s a happy ending to all this – once we get past mid-April, we bathe in Grand Trines (Grace Cubed) for the following six months.  But I expect a rough grind in the interim.  Before we talk about April though, let’s summarize…

The Rest of March

Here’s where we start (March 22):


Uranus Initiates Mars at 9 Aries (“A Crystal Gazer: Development of an inner realization of organic wholeness“) at around 11am PDT on March 22, with the Comet (Pan-Fried), turning Retrograde in the same degree, lensing the whole thing for us.  We went into more detail in The Ides of March, including

On March 22, for about seven hours starting around 5pm PDT, the Moon makes a Yod with Pluto and Chiron.  Don’t waste this portal, as it’s an opportunity to allow Miracles into our lives that will greatly complement our adventures of the following week and month.

The Moon-Saturn Square lends an interesting touch.  It’ll make sharp Focus a Challenge, which is actually good, because it will help us PIAVA the TranceFormative Miracles we want to manifest.  Eugene Gendlin, master of Focusing, advised us long ago to add …or something like that… to the end of every statement we made about our experience, in recognition that our sensory apparatus has such narrow bandwidth.  If you use this portal to manifest, be sure to PIAVA how it will feel in your body, not what you want.  Not Abundance, but how you’ll feel when you get Enough to Share.

You can see the other three Yods in the picture – Pluto Yodded by Moon and Jupiter, Jupiter Yodded by Saturn and Pluto, and Saturn Yodded by Jupiter and Mars-Uranus-PanFried.  We may as well pool them – the Comet, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto;

The Crystal, Manifestation, Action, Expansion, Focus, Yintegrity, and TranceFormation, all wrapped in Curiosity and tied with a bow. 

You can probably imagine as well as I the many experiences and circumstances all that could combine into.  I think we’ll be very busy adding that new wing to our Birdcage – perhaps an Altar or Meditation Room, while Granny keeps a weather eye on Sylvester for us.

That’s the beginning of this gauntlet, wherein we’re likely to be continually and variously caught betraying our True Self, as Uranus deepens our Soul Connection and extends it into the fabric of our Bodies and Lives.  It’s all great – remember, Uranus is disruptive, it disrupts whatever is no longer in alignment with our Soul.  When you embarrass yourself, encounter Shame or Grief or Confusion, or have to let go of something dear to you, Celebrate it!  That’s the Transformation!  The gauntlet runs through the end of the month, with this crescendo on March 28…


when Venus and the Sun are in turn Initiated by Uranus.  This portal maxes out in the 4-6pm PDT window March 28, in the same Crystal Gazer degree, with Pan-Fried still lensing it all.  After turning Retro, the Comet crossed Uranus again on March 26.  Not to mention the Full Moon on March 27.

Early April

The Star of early April is an Initiation of Venus by Mars, conjunct Eris.  Our Venus-Mars Cycles flavor our Relationships, including our Relationship with ourself.  Aligning Venus-Values and Mars-Action.  From Jung’s perspective, our ultimate Relationship event is the hieros gamos, the marriage between our Inner Female and our Inner Male, because it signals achievement of inner Wholeness.  Now, remember what Eris is about?  Maybe, Denial?  What an opportunity!  We get to confront all of the arenas where Denial cloaks impediments to our Inner Wholeness!  I saw a car the other day with a big dent in the side, and a sticker on the dent that said, Oh shit!  Another learning opportunity!  No fun.  But dynamite in terms of potential to eliminate self-sabotage from our future!

The timing runs something like this…

  • Moon Occults Stationary Pluto April 2, 6pm PDT.
  • Lilith Initiates Vesta April 3, 10am PDT at 23 Gemini, “Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree.”
  • Mars Initiates Venus April 6, 10pm PDT at 20 Aries, “A young girl feeding Birds in winter: Overcoming crises through compassion.”
  • Eris Initiates Venus April 8, 6pm PDT at 23 Aries, “A pregnant woman in a light summer dress.”
  • Eris Initiates Mars April 9, 10pm PDT at 23 Aries.
  • New Moon Conjunct Venus-Mars-Eris April 10, 3am PDT at 21 Aries, “A pugilist enters the ring.”
  • Moon crosses Venus-Mars-Eris April 10, 6-10am PDT.
  • Pluto Stationary Retrograde April 12, 1pm PDT.

Which of course means that Pluto is Stationary through this whole process – Stationary meaning Strong, and Pluto Stationary meaning that the Trance is wide open for tinkering.  As we’ll see, the Lilith-Vesta Initiation is heavily involved in these dramas.  Vesta symbolizes what our Heart holds Sacred, and Lilith symbolizes Instinct.  Lilith predates the Apple-Snake Incident, before mind intruded into our lives.  So there shouldn’t be a great deal of Doubt about what needs to be done through all this – it should be so clear that even our Fearless Lizards, er, Leaders, should get it.

The New Moon features interlocking Mjolnirs focusing on Saturn and Lilith-Vesta, with Mercury and Juno for the other feet.  We’ll talk more about that soon, but for now we can suggest that we’ll be confronting the places where our mental habits and our Unconscious Identity conflict with our Yintegrity.  Having our Instinct aligned with the Sacred has a lot in common with our Soul Connection.

And with learning opportunities of this magnitude going on, we need to look to see what sort of Quintiles are about, and there are several.  The Mars-Venus Conjunction is Quintile to both Juno and Ceres – we’ll be learning about Sustainability and Authenticity during this Cycle.  And this chart features a North Node Quintile Yod, with Uranus and Lilith-Vesta for feet.  Boy, it wouldn’t be more clear if the Goddess pulled our hair and wrote it out for us!

Our Mission must serve our Soul Connection and our Sacred Instincts!

That’s the lesson plan.  Phew!  Make the best of it!  We’ll go into more detail about the Quintiles soon as well.

This lovely little sparkler is a Uranocircite Crystal – Barium Uranyl Phosphate Hydroxide.  Barium is a Calcium-Magnesium surrogate, but four-to-five times as heavy.  Like our KarmaHeavy, Man!  Dense, not so easy to cast aside or rush through.  Uranium is twice as heavy as Barium.  But look at how much Energy is locked up in that Denial!  More than enough to Change the World!

Fun Stuff

March 17, 2013

Lynne McTaggart talks about healthcare in Britain, but nails the Chiron-Neptune Paradigm Change really good..

The healthcare situation ain’t much different in the US, though it might be a year or two behind what Lynne describes.

Did you know the Sun was Irish?  Nice collection of Greens and Oranges and other designer tones from the latest Solar Flair, to celebrate St Patty’s Day… 

And finally, a catchy intragalactic tune.  Have a care with this link – it’s one of those irritating videos that starts as soon as it opens, and it’s a pain to restart, so close or pause any other noisy links before you click on it.  It’s fun.

And handy for an example of transforming paradigms.  I mean, what if we experienced 80 years as if it was 20 hours.  Then changing Lifetimes would be like falling asleep.  On our current clocks, eighty years ago was 1933.  Lifetimes ago.

Sucklings of the She-Wolf

March 14, 2013

The week following Beppe Grillo’s party’s election win in Italy, the US Federal Reserve deposited another $100 Billion into the coffers of foreign banks, chiefly European banks.  You can see the kick upward in the green area at the right of this picture.  The sickly greenish area is the total amount that the US Central Bank has newly printed and lent to foreign banks, the blue and reddish areas the total amount printed anew and lent to US banks.

Total Bank Cash Levels_0

Say there’s a 350 trillion Apples in the US.  When there’s 350 trillion dollars printed and lent (as in the left side of the chart – 2008, before the Big Bankster Bailout), and everybody bought Apples, they’d be $1 each.  By the time we get to the right side of the chart (now) and there are 1,800 trillion dollars printed and lent, if everybody still bought Apples, they’d be $5 each.

Here’s Honorary She-Bear Beppe speaking in 1998

And a story about his movement in 2008, in two parts…

And the current state of affairs…

The situation is basically the same in the US and most of the rest of Europe, it’s just not as entertaining or as candid as it is in Italy.  Outside of Mediterranean lands the propaganda front stands more strongly, though there are serious cracks in France and now even Germany.

In the USofA, a spinoff of the Occupy Movement, variously known as Strike Debt and Rolling Jubilee, has made its second major purchase of debt…

They purchased and erased more than a million dollars worth of medical debt owed by individuals, paying two cents on the dollar.  Collection agencies can buy your debt for that sort of price, but you can’t.  Strike Debt pretends to be a collection agency, then like Beppe, it tears up the note.  They started out with the goal of raising $50,000, but raised more than half a million.  With half a million dollars and fifty-to-one leverage, they could wipe out $25,000,000 in individuals’ debts.  Till your loyal servants in Congress make it illegal.