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Planets Galore! 3

August 30, 2020

I was horrified the other day to see that Google was slipping ads in between my blog posts and the YouTube videos I sometimes embed in them.  Has this been happening all along?  It’s never come up when I test posts with the “Preview” button.  Is it something new?  I pay WordPress a fee in lieu of their ads, but I never suspected that YouTube would try to cram them in.  Knowing YouTube is owned by Google though, and knowing how Google’s Soul is as Mercenary as Facebook, I should have guessed.  If this is happening routinely, let me know, and I’ll quit using YouTube.

Before we dive into dissecting the next several months, let’s finish up with the 29 August 2020 Converting Fear to Power (Sedna Station) chart.  You remember the Planets Galore! chart…

where we were taking about whether it was disingenuous to dig up all manner of weird asteroids and Stars just to make Configurations.  We were saying that yes, we could do that, but we really weren’t.  Instead, we were choosing a specific number of unusual asteroids and dwarf planets (“planets”) because we Believe they represent Energies in the Psyche – and it’s Outpicturing, Current Moment “Reality,” aka the Current Trance or Mass Hypnosis – that are important for deciphering what’s going on, especially now during this Intense Transition on so many levels.

We let those “planets” suggest Configurations to us, and if we can we prefer to Complete the Configurations.  We do that because every incomplete Configuration longs for Completion, and it’s up to us to provide the Energy that will Complete the Configuration.  The classic example is astrology’s inexhaustible Big Challenge – the “T-Square,” consisting of two planets in Opposition, with a third planet halfway between them.  Everyone with a natal T-Square knows what sort of Lifelong Frustration they seem to Create, until we Learn to Accept it as  pre-natal Choice to study some Energy ad nauseum and thus come to give up Expecting our Plans to Work Out Perfectly, and Appreciate the Constant Deep Teaching.

That process works very well to Resolve our Frustration with a T-Square, but there’s another approach too.  If we plugged a fourth planet into our natal chart that Opposes the third planet in the T-Square, we’d no longer have a T-Square, we’d have a Grand Cross – four planets more or less equally distributed around the Zodiac.  Ask anyone with a natal T-Square and a natal Grand Cross which is more Frustrating, and they’ll tell you every time that it’s their T-Square.  That’s because the Grand Cross is “Complete” in the sense that it fills the Zodiac, while the T-Square is Unbalanced because it leaves half the Zodiac Empty and like an idle teenager, looking for “Trouble.”

That’s “Trouble” from the Perspective of our “mature” Ego, “Fun” from the Perspective of the “teenager” – aka Interesting Experiences and Intriguing Adventures that disrupt our “adult” Plans and Projects.  In other words, if we can Find a Name (“planet” or Star and its meaning) for the hole(s) or “Vacancies” in our Incomplete Configurations, we have something to work with.  We get to know the “teenager,” appreciate who they are and what they like, and collaborate with them to build our Lives together, and Voila! – they’re no longer such a Bother.

If we don’t find an asteroid or Star (ie, “planet”) to fill the Vacancy, we can use the Sabian Symbol for the Degree of the Vacancy, which is better than nothing, though it often turns out to be a bit of a Riddle.

In the chart above, the Grand Cross and the two Yin Gates are Complete, so no worries.  Sometimes, rarely actually, there are additional Partial Configurations in other Dimensions.  For instance, we much like the Eighth Harmonic (Octiles) because it’s about Bringing Things Back into Balance, which Resolves Unpleasant Feelings.  We look for Mjölnirs (a third planet Opposite the Near Midpoint of two planets that make a Square) because they symbolize Bringing Things Back into Balance with Love and Wisdom (combining the Eighth and Third Harmonics in the Trioctiles).

We particularly like the Seventh Harmonic because it’s about Timing.  We can have everything lined up Perfectly to Manifest What We Want, but if our Timing is off, we can miss it.  Before the age of cellphones, if we missed an appointment it was sometimes catastrophic…

Well, it turns out that the Transforming Fear to Power Sedna Station chart is full of these unusual Configurations.  We even had to find new colors to show them all…

There’s a Complete Mjölnir – the red and orange lines – and two Incomplete Grand Septiles (seven planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac) – one in purple and the other in pink!

The Mjölnir, which signifies Epiphany, tells us that we Rectify any Discomfort (Square) between our Soul (Uranus) and the Unconscious Beliefs that run our Lives (Vesta) by Attending to (Trioctiles) our Karma (South Node), and that we should make an effort to be Open to Receive New Insights about that!  So far so good!

The heavy, or broader, pink lines map out a Septile Kite (two adjacent Septiles with a fourth planet Triceptile to the planet in the middle of the two Septiles) – Ceres is the top of the Kite, Vesta the tail, and Pallas and Lilith-Mars are the arms.  The Kite means something like Taking Action (Mars) to Strengthen our Boundaries (Pallas) to Create Greater Self-Sovereignty (Lilith) Is a Timely Way (Septiles) to Make our Unconscious Beliefs (Vesta) More Sustainable (Ceres), perhaps by Rectifying our Expectations with our Reality (Vesta-Ceres).

Which is great!  But can we Expand it into a Grand Septile, which would make the process Easier, more Comprehensive, and more Balanced?  To do that (adding the thin pink lines), what Energies would we need to add?  The Kite provides four of the seven planets.

We find “Fillers” for two of the other three Vacancies.  They’re asteroid Psyche, symbolizing the Goddess of the Soul, and the Star Agena, symbolizing Chiron’s Wound.  These are pretty Heavy additions!  Chiron’s Wound of course is what caused him to Give Up his Immortality.  It’s what Empathy Heals in our Poor-Sweetheart process, Despair, the Apparently Unhealable.  So we might interpret our 6-out-of-7 Almost-Grand Sextile as something like Taking Action to Strengthen our Boundaries to Create Greater Self-Sovereignty Is a Timely Way to Make our Unconscious Beliefs More Sustainable, perhaps by Rectifying our Expectations with our Reality, Connecting to our Soul (Psyche) and Healing our Most Vicious Wounds (Agena) in the Process.

But we still don’t have a Complete Grand Septile, there’s still one Vacancy.  We could guess that, when we did a Theta to “Command that we Connect to our Soul and Heal our Most Vicious Wounds by Taking Action to…” our Show Me! would advise that there’s something else we need to include.  So, what’s the Sabian Symbol (reading for an individual Degree) for the Vacancy, which is at 1 Degree of Libra?  It describes the Energy that we need to provide Consciously in order to fill the Circle.

“In a collection of perfect specimens of many biological forms, a Butterfly displays the beauty of its wings, its Body impaled by a fine dart.”  Intense.  That Symbol reminds us that Left-Brain Anal-ysis kills its subjects, making it impossible to Understand their Essence and Life Force.  So it echos the two Yin Gates to remind us that the Dualistic Mind doesn’t have enough Bandwidth to Grok what’s going on here with our Fear.  So much for gloating about Connecting to our Soul and Healing our Most Vicious Wounds!  We have to admit that it may be Something Like That, but we aren’t capable of verbalizing the Full Truth of it.

We will have to PIAVA it, Change the Subject, and wait for our Intuition to provide the missing information.

The heavy purple lines map out five of seven points of the second Incompete Grand Septile, with the South Node at the top of the Configuration that looks like a Cable-Stayed Bridge… The resemblance to a Diamond Star is interesting, suggesting that whatever tension is directed toward Timing (Septiles) the Demise of our Karma (South Node) is well grounded by our Values (Venus) and by Transforming Fear into Power (Sedna) as we walk the Path (the horizontal “Bridge Deck”) between our Despair about Healing (Chiron) and Reverting the Decisions we made in the past that Cemented our Karma in place (Orcus).

We can make it even better by Completing the Grand Septile with the narrow purple lines to the Star Sualocin, which represents a Playful Dolphin and asteroid Niobe, which symbolizes Pride.  Which reminds us that Angels Can Fly Because They Take Themselves Lightly.

Looks pretty positive, overall.



August 29, 2020

Anxious, yes, that’s Fear, that’s Sedna, whose power could have subsided considerably after 9am PDT this morning (29 August 2020), when Sedna turned Retrograde and the Moon went back In Bounds.

A Reader writes at around the same time,

I am having quite a lot of anxiety re: the current political state of the US and its impact on COVID, climate change, the economy, et al.  I go to sleep only by dreaming of Canada, but I don’t have anything Canada wants.  I continue, however, to play the lotto in hopes.”

The general Pattern in our Response to any planet’s Standing Still, is that we Feel the planet’s Energy very Strongly up until the moment that it begins to move again, and then the Energy diminishes fairly quickly.  The exception is when we, rather than being Conscious that the Energy is highlighted astrologically and observing how that Feels, get Attached to the Energy – or most especially, Attached to the Intellectual Content that we plug into the Energy.  In that case we can Carry the Energy with us for a looong time, even Creating New Karma.

It’s a Natural process.  We Feel Fear or Anxiety (for instance – it works the same way with other planetary Energies), and we immediately Think, Oh, I Feel Scared!  What might I be Feeling Scared About?  Oh, yeah, That!  No Wonder I’m Anxious!  What If…  That whole process probably actually happens Unconsciously, before we’re even aware of the Pattern.  We don’t Notice that we Feel Scared, and we don’t even Notice that we’re thinking about That! again, because when we Think about That! we don’t have any spare Attention left for Noticing.  Our Observer Self has left the building.

This is actually the very reason I write this blog – to help us (Believe me, I use it too! – probably more than you!) get Conscious of these Natural Huper processes.  Natural to those of us who grew up under Colonial Cultures at least.

Our Reader actually already knows the Creative process –

“I go to sleep only by dreaming of Canada.”

We Transform Fear into Power (the meaning of Sedna) by first, Noticing that we’re in Fear.  Second, we Control any Overwhelm, by Tapping, Kegels, Poor-Sweethearting ourself, or other PIAVAs, until we get Grounded again.  Then we Refocus our Attention on What We Want (such as “dreaming of Canada”) instead of on What We Don’t Want.  The longer we can Hold our Attention on What We Do Want, and the more Passionately we can Hold it, the Faster we will Manifest it.

Of course if it’s a Global phenomenon, it’s not going to happen in an instant, unless you happen to be the equivalent of the “Hundredth Monkey” – or the Hundred Millionth Monkey – that tips the Balance.  Always possible, so we needn’t shush it.  Our Anxiousness, as long as we Indulge it, actually reinforces the Creative Energy of the people who are Creating What We Don’t Want, so it’s an uphill battle.  They work hard to make us Feel Anxious, and they literally Eat our Fear for lunch.

We need to Express our Truth.  “I’m Feeling Scared about the political state of the US” – who isn’t after all, except for the many who prefer to Feel Angry about it because that’s how they React to Fear.  And if we’re Expressing it to someone else, we probably won’t be able to Stop until they say “Oh, you’re Feeling Scared!” and probably not even then.  That’s why Tapping starts with “Even though [my perceived Present Moment Reality that I don’t Like, such as ‘I’m Scared’…].”  But then immediately it switches to What We Want instead, “…I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself.”

The most Powerful way to Hold our Attention on What We Want, is to Imagine How We’re Going to Feel When We Get What We Want.

Our Reader then goes into Doubt,

“but I don’t have anything Canada wants.”

Which is Natural.  As with any Meditation, we Learn to Expect what’s Natural, and we Gently bring our Attention back to What We Want

“I continue, however, to play the lotto in hopes.”

Hope is what remained in Pandora’s Box after all of the (other) Evils had flown away.  Hope is Want plus Doubt.  Want plus Confidence works better.  For me personally, the most Powerful PIAVA is a Theta.  But we can’t realistically Expect it to bring the World to Heel for us.

But we can Change the only thing that’s within our Power to Change – Ourself

God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that I Remember As Often As Possible to Keep My Focus on What I Want by Imagining What I Will Feel When What-I-Want Manifests.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You, God/Goddess!  Show Me!

Theta is my favorite PIAVA because when I Command “Show Me!” I get to see whether I have any Unconscious impediments that will prevent Manifestation, so I can work on them.  Often they Show Up before I even get to the “Show Me!” stage.  If you aren’t a Naturally Visual person, and Receive your Intuitions by Hearing or Feeling or other means, feel free to change “Show Me!” to something that Feels more appropriate for you, though you can always Expect (or Command) to be “Shown” by Receiving your Information the way you usually do.

My Buddha Tea teabag tag for today said, “With our thoughts we make the world.”  True, but Thoughts and Emotions are so intertwined that we Make the World a lot more efficiently by using our Thoughts to Direct our Emotions into places where they’re Constructive – with a Caveat.

It’s very Easy to Deny or Suppress Emotions, especially if they’re “South-Node” Emotions, the kind we’d Rather Die Than Feel.  To Manifest most Powerfully we need maximum Passion, but we also need maximum Neutrality.  If we’re Attached to an Outcome, it will Skew our Manifestation.  If the trajectory of “the current political state” (not just in the US, it’s pretty Global) is toward Trauma that we’ve Experienced in other Lifetimes – and who of us hasn’t been there – then we may have buried it so successfully that it doesn’t Show Up even on a Theta Show Me!

If that’s the case, we probably just aren’t ready to Let It Go yet – I’d Trust our “Show Me!” to Guide us in the right direction in the Present Moment rather than trying to Force ourself into unnecessary Difficulty.  It’s never Easy to tell the difference between our Grandmother’s old Traumas and our own, because our Childhood Programming will Install Grandmama’s Traumas in us as if they were our own.  Letting Go of those Traumas can be Triggered very differently for different people.  I’d hesitate to Trust rote formulae, I’d rather Trust each “Show Me!

But that brings us to the astrological Indications that correspond to “the current political state.”  There’s no question in my mind that we’re talking about dwarf planet Nessus, Abuse and Privilege.  That applies perfectly to “COVID, climate change, the economy,” #MeToo, Inequality Growing to Extremes, Black Lives Matter, Latinx Survival Matters, Indigenous Survival Matters, Unconscious White Supremacy, and, in the Current Time most specifically, Male Supremacy and the Dying Patriarchy.  We can Expect Chiron on be involved as well, since Chiron has a lot to do with Victimhood, or who wins or loses.

We’ve talked about Nessus’s recent Dance with OR10 aka Gonggong.  Next we’ll look at Nessus’s Cycles with other planets, to see what that can Teach us.

Planets Galore! 2

August 27, 2020

So, how do we make that complicated-looking 29 August (8:40 pm PDT) Converting Fear into Power (Sedna Station) chart…

…easily interpretable?  We just interpret The Most Important Configurations, which in this case are the two Yin Gates.  I know, this is a temporary (“Transit”) chart, so we don’t really have a lot of time to dwell on it, unless it happens to correspond with some Earth-shaking Insight or Trauma, because another Temporary chart is coming down the Time-Pike lickity-split. Of course, these days the Traumas seem to be tailgating each other.  Hopefully the Insights are as well.

If this was your natal or Birth chart, you’d want to know everything about it, even though it would be only a portion of your Psyche, covering 6-8 or so Degrees out of 30.  That’s about a fourth of your Degrees.  And we’d be dealing with 8 of the 44 planets, almost 20% of your planets.  In “Real Life,” folks don’t usually have more than three or four of these Configuration-heavy segments in their natal charts.

If this was part of your natal chart, you’d want to be studying it during the third week of every month.  Why?  Because it covers 26-2 Degrees, and the Sun is in the 1st Degree of one Sign or another on or about the 21st of every month.  So this part of your chart would be Lit Up then.  When I’m doing a reading for someone, I read only the parts of their natal chart that are Lit Up at the time, because we pretty much tune out all of the parts that aren’t Lit Up.  No harm, the other parts will get their turn, and they’re waiting patiently.

But, back to this Sedna Station chart.  Who’s ever heard of a Yin Gate anyway, except loyal readers of this blog.  You’ll notice in this chart that there are two big blue rectangles (“Golden” Rectangles in astrologuese).  If you have a big blue rectangle that’s spit evenly in two on the long axis by a long red line (Opposition), you have a Yin Gate.  If the split is even, you’ll have two green (Quincunxes) Xs, one on each side of the red line.  And most important, you’d have two Fingers of the Goddess (green wedges) pointing to each end of the red line.

A green wedge or Finger of the Goddess admonishes us to Pay Attention! to the planet that it’s pointing to.  A long red line connects two Energies that in some manner Oppose one another.  One of the long red lines in this chart has Fear (Sedna) on one end and Transcendence (Bee-Zed) on the other, so it reinforces the notion that Sedna is about Converting Fear to Power.

But that’s the Intellectual interpretation, in which the Opposition is an Either/or Duality.  That would be a fine interpretation if this Opposition wasn’t the central Axis of a Yin Gate.  A Yin Gate is about Mystery and Paradox, not Intellectual Dualities.  A Yin Gate is about the two Fingers of the Goddess and their Quincunxes.  A Quincunx Asks us to Forget everything we Think we Know, in order to see through the eyes of an Infant and be Open to Entirely New Insights that are not subject to Logic and not Intellectually Defendable.  That’s not Easy…

  • Pay Attention! (Goddess-Finger) to Curiosity (Quincunx) about the Relationship that Fear (Sedna) may have with Rebirth (Haumea) on one hand and Responding to Our Unique Genius (Pholus-Ixion – the Sextile in the base of the Goddess-Finger) on another.  Remember that Expressing our Unique Genius will invariably involve Violating Social Norms (Ixion).
  • Pay Attention! to Curiosity about the Relationship that Transcendence (Bee-Zed) may have with Action (Mars) and Unlimited Potential (Chaos).  Remember that Exploring our Unlimited Potential will invariably involve Ego Death (Chaos) because it’s our Ego that Guards that gate by Defending our Limitations.

To get beyond the Left Brain and reach Deeply into the Unconscious, we’ll probably need to use Magnetic PIAVA techniques.  It’s difficult to give Examples of this sort of process, because a Successful Mystery School, such as a Yin Gate, takes each of us beyond Where and Who we were before hand, so it’s very Individual.  We can maybe provide clues…

  • Are you being Asked or Inspired to Exceed any Limits that usually Govern your Life?  (Bee-Zed, Mars, Chaos)  Does it Feel Scary?  (Sedna)

Personally, I notice that I’m taking much bigger risks than I’m accustomed to taking, even as I’m being quite cautious about when and where and how I take them.  It will probably be a couple of weeks before I know whether they turn out to be Rewarding or Educational.

It would be a special case if someone else was Asking us to Exceed our Limits.  We would have to be very careful to Discern whether their Requests or Demands were Mirroring our Denial, or Serving their Desires at our Expense.  Since none of our Self-Sovereignty planets (Lilith, Hylonome) are involved here, this may not be a serious issue.

  • Are you involved in anything Exciting that could end up Burning Bridges?  (Sedna, Haumea, Pholus-Ixion)  Are you Aware that Bridges could Burn?

Our Unique Genius is usually Hidden behind a wall of Shame or otherwise Forbidden to us (Ixion).  So Responding to it will at least Challenge the prison guards that we grew up with who were in charge of the Shaming and Forbidding.  If these guards are still Alive and still In Our Life, this could trigger Intense Interpersonal Conflict.  If they aren’t still around, we usually Unconsciously appoint people to Act Out their Role for us.  The BLM Protestors and WS Counterprotestors could both be Acting this Drama Out in the streets.

Do you find yourself taking sides and getting Emotionally Involved in the Dramas? – As opposed to having an opinion, even a strong one, but no Attachment to Outcomes?

That’s one of the Yin Gates.  The Central Axis of the second Yin Gate is about Discovering New Landscapes behind our usual Intellectual interpretations around how (1) Responding to Our Unique Genius (Pholus-Ixion) and (2) Staying Safely within Our Accustomed Boundaries (Chaos) Relate to one another.

Here I’ll wager you’ll be working with your Lifelong Fantasies.  What If I’d Have Done This-and-That in Such-and-Such a Circumstance?  Wow!  What Might Have Happened?  What if Someone Responded to Me the Way I Always Wanted Someone to Respond?  How Exciting Would That Have Been!?!?  How Different My Life Could Have Been!

In this Yin Gate, Responding to Our Unique Genius (Pholus-Ixion) is Tied Up In Some Surprising Way with Fear (Sedna) and What Seems to Be Our Fate (asteroid Karma).  Of course we’re using Fear as a shortcut for Converting Fear to Power, which is what Sedna is really all about, even if Fear is how we Experience it before we Breathe or do our Kegels or Tap It Out or Poor-Sweetheart ourself.  And of course Fate and Karma prove to be Paper Tigers when we Become Conscious about them.

And Staying Safely within Our Accustomed Boundaries – Or Not! (Chaos) is In Some Remarkable New Way Related to Transcendence (Bee-Zed) and Realizing that The Most Important Thing in Life is How We Feel About It (Out-of-Bounds Moon and Saturn), where “it” is Anything and Everything.

I mean, how often, when we’re working on Manifesting something, do we devote most of our Attention to How We’ll Feel When It Has Manifested?  How will you Feel when Hupers have Respect For All People and All Things, for instance?  When we Embrace our Viruses Lovingly?  What will it be like to Live in such a World?  Is that where your Thoughts and Emotions automatically move to when you read or hear about Partisan Outrage?  Isn’t that where our Greatest Power for Changing the World lies?

Planets Galore! 1

August 25, 2020

A reader Wonders out loud,

“After seeing these charts you sent, I am beginning to operate under the assumption that everyone has a Golden Yod, Mjölnir, etc. SOMEWHERE in their charts if one plugs in everything in the skies.  The trick is to find them and then learn the ways one can resolve the conflicts and take advantage of the talents given them.  Would you agree?  Just a hypothesis.”

Very appropriate question!  Here’s the process I use…

It’s true that if we add enough asteroids and dwarf planets (Plutoids and the like) we can make any Configuration we want.  And then, yes, we’d have to ask whether that’s useful.  And since the “interesting” Angles (aspects – 72° Quintile, 51.5° Septile, 45° Octile, 40° Novile, 36° Decile) aren’t an even number of Signs, that isn’t easy to do.

Since the “Major” Angles (Conjunction, Sextile, Square, Trine, Opposition) are all full Signs apart, those are effortless to spot.  We include the Unx (one Sign) and Quincunx (5 Signs) in this list because we regard Pattern-Breaking (Unx) and Curiosity (Quincunx) to be Bottom-Line Skills for successful Huperdom.

My astrology software, Solar Fire, gives me 18 “planets” – the seven actual planets, five “Lights” and their relatives (Sun, Moon, North and South Nodes, Black Moon Lilith), three asteroids (Pallas, Juno, Vesta), and three dwarf planets (Ceres, Pluto, Chiron), and draws their chart.  I ask Solar Fire to show me the “interesting” Angles, and if potential Configurations (such as Quintile Yods or partial “Grand” Configurations, such as three sides of a Grand Septile) show up among those 18 “planets,” then I pursue those Configurations.  Otherwise, the odds that I would notice them are very small.

To me the planets (using the term generally, to include Lights, ‘roids, etc) represent Archetypes or Themes that Color our Lives.  To whit…

  • Pluto – Compulsion, Trance Formation
  • Neptune – Material Confusion, Spiritual Clarity
  • Uranus – the Individual Soul
  • Chiron – Victimhood and Adeptness
  • Saturn – Prioritization, Focus
  • Jupiter – Expansion
  • Ceres – Sustainability, Sustenance
  • Pallas – Boundaries
  • Vesta – Unconscious Beliefs
  • Juno – Growth in Consciousness
  • Mars – Action, Anger
  • Moon – Instincts, Passion
  • Lilith – Sovereignty
  • North Node – Mission in the Lifetime
  • South Node – Karma, Hidden Skills
  • Venus – Values
  • Mercury – Analysis, Communication
  • Sun – Essence

To these I add an additional 10 dwarf planets (like Pluto and Ceres), four additional “Centaurs” (half-planet and half-comet and possibly also dwarf planets, like Chiron) and 12 asteroids (like Pallas, Juno, and Vesta) that I have found to be particularly valuable in interpreting Huper behavior.  Ten more Dwarf planets (“Plutoids” and the like, more or less)…

  • Eris – Denial and Revelation
  • Haumea – Rebirth
  • Makemake – Manifestation
  • Quaoar – Survival Instincts
  • Sedna – Converting Fear to Power
  • Ixion – Forbidden Genius
  • Chaos – Unlimited Potential
  • Varuna – Life Force, Vitality
  • Orcus – Oath-Breaking
  • Gonggong (OR-10) – Intrusive Memories

Four more Centaurs…

  • Chariklo – Confidence
  • Pholus – Ability to Respond
  • Hylonome – Self-Sovereignty
  • Asbolus – Intuition

And a dozen more asteroids…

  • Nemesis – Ego Death
  • Sappho – Self-Love
  • Eurydike – Trust
  • Hopi – Respect for All Things
  • Moira – Fate and Choice
  • Klotho – Beginning a New TimeLine (such as a Habit)
  • Lachesis – Choosing the Duration of a TimeLine
  • Atropos – Ending a TimeLine
  • Karma – Karma
  • Ka’epaoka’awela (Bee-Zed or BZ509) – Transcendence
  • Veritas – Truth of the Head
  • Aletheia – Truth of the Heart

That’s a total of 44 “planets,” which is a lot.  However, I never use them all at once.  I draw charts for specific astroevents, and those astroevents occur in a specific Zodiacal Degree.  For instance, the upcoming Station of Sedna occurs in 29 Degrees (of Taurus).  With so many planets, I limit my Sensitivity (“Orb”) to three Degrees.  So when considering the impact of the upcoming Station of Sedna, I only consider planets between 29 minus 3 and 29 plus 3 Degrees (ie, 26°, 27°, 28°, 29°, 30°, 1°, 2°).

In this specific example, that includes only nine planets if I limit my selection to ±3 Degrees from the actual position of Sedna’s Station (28:38).  If I use even Degrees instead (ie, 26 to 2 rather than 25:38 to 1:38), that adds another five planets.  I expand my Sensitivity when it seems important.  For instance, in the Sedna Station chart Saturn at 26:05 is within the strict 3 Degrees of Sensitivity, but the Moon at 25:12 is just outside.  But Moon is Conjunct Saturn and Out of Bounds, and Moon-Saturn is very different from Saturn alone, so we’ll include the Moon.

Even when doing a chart for an Individual, I only Identify the one or two specific Degrees that are Lit Up when I do the reading (“Transits” in astrologuese), and include only the natal planets within 3 Degrees of that position or those positions.  If I was to read someone later this week while Sedna is Lit Up (till 29 August), I’d read only their natal planets between 26 and 2 Degrees.

Depending on circumstances and timing, I might also, in a separate chart, consider their natal planets between 5 and 16 Degrees, since these Degrees are also Lit Up in Current Time (Veritas Stationary in 8 Degrees 26 August, Pallas Stationary in 13 Degrees 5 September, Full Moon in 11 Degrees 1 September).  I would consider these charts (26-2° and 5-16°) as two different subpersonalities of the Individual being read.

So for our 29 September Sedna Stationary chart, we have only nine to fourteen of our 44 planets to map and interpret…

By the time we pair up the Conjunctions, and include only the most important of the auxiliary five planets, we end up with eight positions, which produce 28 interactions or Angles (the number of interactions in an 8X8 matrix is [8X8-8]/2).  We can look at that as a Load of Angles to interpret, or we can Focus on the three Major Configurations (a Grand Cross and two Yin Gates), or better yet on the Most Important two of them (the two Yin Gates).

We can talk about those in our next installment, along with several Complications that arise in this chart (which include the Cuspal Conjunction, a Septile Yod, a “Septangle,” the Nodes, and Chariklo – oh, and a Mjölnir to the South Node).  It’s the Complications that add the most Color to an interpretation, because they’re usually less common and hence more Educational.

Truth of the Mind II

August 25, 2020

A sharp-eyed reader noticed that we misplaced Orcus in the 25 August 2020 (1:30pm PDT) Veritas-Station chart of our previous post.  Actually, Orcus wasn’t involved; we read OR-cus where we should have read OR-10.  Orcus is about Oath-Breaking; OR-10 is about Intrusive Memories.  You remember it because it’s been traveling with Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) for the last several years.  Nessus has moved on – have you noticed fewer Flashbacks to Abusive situations from your Personal or Karmic history?

There’s no shortage of Current-Moment Abuse, alas, from the people who have been Reacting to their Nessus-OR10 Intrusive Abusive Memories with Blame rather than Self-Compassion, particularly Unconscious Blame.  OR-10 has recently received a “real” name, Gonggong, as if that could be a real name – it’s Chinese, so if it sounds like an insult from our Abusive Childhood, it’s a coincidence.  Or maybe not, since the Mythical Gonggong was a Troublemaking Dragon.  It might be an insult in Chinese too.

Hopefully Current-Moment Abuse will fade as we move away from the Gonggong-Nessus Initiation, which occurred in mid-May 2015 (in 4 Pisces, “Heavy car traffic on a narrow isthmus linking two seashore resorts“) and which would seem to imply a great deal of interaction between Abuse/Privilege and Intrusive Memories during the new Cycle.  They conjoined five times between 2015 and 2017.  Nessus has been more than three Degrees (our usual range of Sensitivity) from Gonggong since 2018.

The previous Cycle lasted 145 years, from 1870 to 2015.  The 1870 Cycle was about “Mankind’s vast and enduring effort to reach for knowledge transferable from generation to generation(29 Libra), which makes an interesting Historical Theme for the 20th Century, and a Powerful Indictment of the “Age of Reason” – Plants and Animals have been transferring knowledge from generation to generation without even thinking about it since time immemorial.  Hupers have been too, they just aren’t very Conscious about it.

There is not enough known about the orbits of Nessus and Gonggong to be able to project them beyond the middle of this century.  What Projection there is implies that the current Cycle could last three or four centuries, as these dwarf-planet People have irregular orbits and can spend a lot of time going painfully slowly when observed from our vantage point.  So Earth may be working on these Racism/Inequality/Planet-Abuse issues for a looong time.

Which brings us to an important point.  It’s tempting to think that in order for us to graduate into 5D, the whole Huper species is going to have to grow up before we die.  I mean, we’re All One, right?  That’s a very naive and egotistical Perspective.  We visit here for a century or so max, and it should be obvious that while the internal combustion engine and the telephone and the transistor changed Life immensely during the 20th Century, how much did basic Huper Nature actually Change?

We, as Light-Working Souls, chose a Theme or two to help advance while we’re here, and there have been Changes – think about the millions of Hupers worldwide who protested Dubya’s invasion of Iraq and the destruction of its Anunnaki-laced History, compared with the number who protested – or even knew about – the shelling of Belgrade by Austria-Hungary in 1918 to start World War I.  Yes, we Change the World, but Changing Huperity and its Grudges transferred from seven generations ago in one Lifetime is another story.

The overarching Theme here is Soul Descending into Flesh (Uranus in Taurus).  It’s been awhile since I’ve heard anyone imply that was going to make Ego-Identity Permanent.  In fact, we have to scamper to Avoid being Mortalized more than we already are by the Medical Cartel.  The tag on my Buddha-Tea bag this afternoon said “All problems are illusions of the mind” – how many people do you know who can even conceive of that around their Health?

It’s Universal Consciousness that’s All One, not our Egos.  Many of us can’t even reach far enough to grant Consciousness to Rocks.  The Buddha said that of course we’d come back to help others after we become Enlightened.  After, not before.  It’s probably a good time to reread Stephen Levine, particularly Who Dies? or A Healing into Life and Death, or even Unattended Sorrow.

In the 25 August Truth of the Mind Veritas Station chart, Gonggong aka OR-10 is Conjoined by the astrological symbol for Sustainability (dwarf planet Ceres).  So our task is to develop a Sustainable Relationship with our Intrusive Memories.  I can’t think of a reasonable way to do that without Grounding it in Self-Compassion.

The Truth of the Mind chart also includes a huge dose of Education for us, in the form of an Almost-Grand-Quintile

A Grand Quintile, like the purple-grey Star above, is five planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac.  What we’re Learning is how the five Archetypes or Principles work together.  The four we have in the Almost-Grand-Quintile include…

  • Asteroid Veritas itself, Truth of the Mind.  This implies that in order to Grok this we need to move to our Observer Self rather than approaching it from the Perspective of Attachment.
  • Neptune, the God of the Sea, aka Emotions.  The key to working with Neptune is to Recognize that Truth of the Mind and Materiality do not fit together in 3D.  Like a self-assembly from Ikea, there will always be parts left over and parts that don’t fit.  To Live with Neptune we have to Translate Matter into Energy, Spirit.  That’s one reason why it’s Important to Know that Rocks have Consciousness.  Otherwise, how will we Empathize into their Energy and what they’re Feeling?
  • Asteroid Juno, the symbol for Expansion of Consciousness.  This usually requires some Discomfort.  In fact, you can use Discomfort as a road map here!  What’s giving you Difficulty?  That’s your Doorway into the Grand Education that’s Available here.
  • Dwarf planet Sedna, which is about Transforming Fear into Power.  We’ve talked about some of the “tricks” that are useful for this – Breathing, Kegels, Tapping, Alternating Theta and Tapping, and others.

Which leaves one Vacancy.  Complete Configurations are so much Easier to Live with than Almost-Configurations, that we look for ways to Complete them.  And in this case we found one – the asteroid Apollo fits, as it travels through the Gap.  The Mythic Apollo is the Greek God of Truth and Prophecy.  How better could we fill a Great Teaching (Grand Quintile) about Truth of the Mind?

Do we need to point out that Prophecy is not reached via “Left-Brain” Logic and Reason?  It’s reached through Intuition, Instinct, Dreams, Feelings, PIAVAs – “Right-Brain,” Magnetic, what Colonial Patriarchal Culture would consider Feminine, stuff.  Court and Embrace your Discomfort, with Self-Compassion.

Truth of the Mind I

August 24, 2020

The asteroid Veritas stands for the Truth of the Mind.  It’s Standing Still (Stationary, in 8 Capricorn) as we speak, Maxing Out at 1:30 pm PDT 26 August 2020.  An Energy Peaks when its astrosymbol Stands Still.  Here’s the chart…

Oops, wrong chart.  That one was an Evening Primrose, with only 4/8 Symmetry, not 12.  Here’s the Veritas Station chart…

We haven’t drawn the lines to the four Vacancies in the chart, but we’ve filled them all.

Aldebaran is a Fixed Star that signifies Enduring Success only if we Stay in Integrity.  We may have to Choose between Yangtegity and Yintegrity.

Amor is a kilometer-wide Near-Earth asteroid named for the God of Love.  It Flirts with Earth every 2 years and 8 months, with a stable orbital minimum less than 42 Earth-Moon-Distances from our Home.

Huya is a dwarf or minor planet just beyond Pluto with a 251-year orbit named for a South American Rain God, of desert People, implying that Emotion (Water) must be Coaxed out of ourselves.  If you can help anyone else access their Covered Emotions, do so.  If someone offers to help you, accept their offer.  Covered Emotions look like Pet Peeves and repeats of memes from the media.  Ignore the content of the memes and Ask “What Are You Feeling?”  You’ll probably have to Ask several times to get down to Factual Present-Moment Truth.

Typhon like Chiron is half planet and half comet, but unlike Chiron’s 50-year orbit, Typhon’s is 237 years, reaching out beyond Pluto.  The Mythical Typhon, brother to Medusa, was the Monster and Gaia Guardian whom Zeus defeated to enable establishment of the Patriarchy.  As we enter the Aquarian Age, we’re Re-experiencing these Battles, in reverse (see below).

We’ll be less familiar with these Energies than we are with the Energies symbolized by the other Players in the Peak Mundane Truth (Veritas Station) chart.  We’ll look at the other Players tomorrow.  In the interim, we can join Marilyn Raffaelle to review the Arcturian Perspective…

“Once again we join you old souls to explore the issues involved in living on earth during a time that has become confusing and troubling even for those who are aware.  You already know that it is a time of great change, but many of you unconsciously continue to hope and wait for everything to return to ‘normal’ or the way things were.

“This cannot happen because consciousness being the substance of form, is changing and evolving both personally and globally.  The energy that formed the creations of the world you are familiar with is not the same and will no longer energetically support much that you have come to accept as normal.  Many aspects of three dimensional living are dissolving in order to reappear in higher and better forms, that reflect a higher state of consciousness.  It is simply cause and effect.

“Compare the present to a seed in the ground that is forcing its way up through the darkness of heavy, dense dirt before it can emerge into the light as a strong healthy plant ready to grow into its full potential.  The seeds of a new and higher dimensional world are present, alive and well, but must work their way through the dense and heavy dirt of duality and separation.

“Cells store and continue to hold energy from intense experiences of past and present lifetimes.  Some of these experiences were good, some bad, and a few horrendous and terrifying.  This old energy remains alive and well, affecting a person’s life choices until cleared through conscious intention or spiritual evolutionary growth.

“High resonating frequencies of Light dissolve and replace those of a lower resonance because there is no Divine law to sustain, maintain, or hold the [lower resonance] in place.  The higher frequencies of Light now pouring to earth along with your intention and choice to spiritually evolve and clear old energy is exposing a tremendous amount of low resonating energy globally as well as personally.

“Increasingly more people are beginning to experience a sense who and what they are and that they themselves and not others are the creators of their lives.  This move into empowerment is effecting everyone differently because every person interprets life according to their state of their consciousness.  This is why there is a lot of negative chaos is taking place while at the same time, there are individuals acting from their newly awakened sense of empowerment with positive, uplifting, and more evolved activities based in love.

“Because you have evolved to being consciously aware that God/Divine Consciousness is the reality of you and everyone else, your job during these times is to stand back and in the light of your awareness and allow the outer process to unfold without trying to direct it.  All is progressing as it needs to which may not be how you or the majority think it should or want it to based on limited three dimensional concepts.

“Try not to be overly concerned with outer appearances, but rather use them to focus more fully on the truth underlying them while examining your belief system with regard to particular appearances that may be effecting you.

“Information is beginning to surface that is shocking to you.  You knew that many would be shocked when
long embedded dark activities began to surface, but you didn’t expect that you yourself would be shocked.  This well runs very deep.  Be aware, but do not become overly involved with energetically dark and heavy information.  More is to come, the swamp is indeed being drained but not in the way many anticipated.

“Be in the world, but not of it for you have evolved beyond the need for the lessons of old energy.  You have played the games being played at this time over many lifetimes and your work now is to be a Light Holder wherever you are.  A Light Holder stays centered in truth, in oneness, and in the consciousness of God as the one and only power fully present within every soul whether or not they choose to accept this.

“The core essence of every person is Divine for there is nothing else.  How can there be something outside of ONE?  To believe that there is, is duality, the false energy that has formed most three dimensional creations.  There is not and never has been a faraway God keeping track of who is naughty and who is nice.

“Even some very evolved individuals continue unconsciously holding beliefs of a punishing/rewarding God because these beliefs ruled throughout many lifetimes and have become deeply embedded in collective consciousness.  Recognize this old energy if or when you find yourself expecting to be punished for some unintended infraction…”

The Veritas Station is Challenged (T-Squared) by Guilt about What You Want (asteroid Nemesis Conjunct dwarf planet Makemake)This is the Moment to Examine everything you’ve been failing to Manifest Easily, Discover any Guilt you have Attached to it, and Let Go of the Guilt.

“…If there is only ONE omnipresent God, where would any other life come from?  Where would any other mind come from, or any other consciousness?  There is only One and that One is forever expressing ITself in infinite form and variety.  This is the truth that every person must at some point acknowledge, accept, and live.  Do I believe this or not?  This is the essence of the spiritual evolutionary journey.”

This sounds like the ultimate Political Duality, but considering that Amor is Guiding us, it’s probably a good Working Hypothesis to follow.

“Picture a ‘body of water,’ then picture a ‘body of land,’ now with that same concept in mind imagine a ‘body of consciousness.’  This is the reality of you.  You never have been a material body housing a consciousness, but have always been a ‘body of consciousness.’  What you see as the physical body is a material concept (necessary for living in third dimensional energy) of the perfect spiritual ‘body of consciousness’ reflecting the conditioned beliefs and state of consciousness of the individual.  Ponder this, take it into your meditation.

“Nothing exists but One omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Divine Consciousness/God.  Therefore no one is or ever could be separate from that One or for that matter, each other. Everything is formed of the ‘same stuff’ – Divine Consciousness – but interpreted by human minds according to their attained level of awareness.  The realization and consciousness of ONE is the bottom line, the period, and the only key to true happiness and fulfillment.

“What am I believing that is manifesting in my life this way?  What do I hold in my consciousness as being truth?  Experiences are taking place in the lives of many awake individuals that are no longer a part of their belief system and this is leaving them confused and wondering why.  You must understand that over hundreds of previous lives everyone has accumulated low resonating energies that are now surfacing.

If some intense unpleasant experience is currently presenting in your life consider it to be a graduation rather than a failure, for it indicates that you have achieved a level of awareness prepared to clear and move beyond the remaining remnants of the energy.  Old energies hidden in the corners of every person’s consciousness are being swept out at this time.  Issues that previously would of not been noticed are now declaring themselves with a loud voice.

“No one is presented with experiences beyond their ability to learn from or are incapable of healing.  Every individual’s Higher Self directs and guides their personal evolutionary journey in unity with the person’s pre-birth contract.  Pre-birth soul contracts are created before incarnating with the help of a spiritual guidance team and do not simply reflect a person’s current state of consciousness but rather what they are spiritually prepared for and need in order to learn and spiritually grow.

“During these intense times of spiritual awakening, everyone is experiencing a full plate of ‘stuff’ to be acknowledged rather than just one or two issues as has been usual in other lifetimes.  This is because you have chosen and are on earth at this time to move into the higher frequencies of earth’s ascension process and low resonating energy cannot be carried into the higher frequencies.

“Everything is proceeding according to plan.  Try not to resist anything but rather allow unconditional love to be your shield and sword in every situation.  If you are drawn to these messages it means you are not a beginner in the evolutionary journey and are no longer experiencing random events representative of the third dimensional belief system.  Rather, you are being pushed and guided to a higher level of awareness.

“Trust your intuition.  Stay centered at all times, meeting every low resonating situation you see, read about, or personally experience from your highest realization of truth.  This does not mean you do nothing of a practical nature, but means you do what needs to be done from a place of spiritual realization and knowledge…”

Neptune is closely involved as a Teacher here (Quincunx to the Veritas Station), and Teaching is what this is all about (we assemble a Grand Quintile by adding only one unusual planet, namely Apollo, another Near-Earth asteroid.  The other members are Sedna [Converting Fear to Power] and Juno [Expansion of Consciousness]).

“…This is your segue into that state of consciousness you have unknowingly sought lifetime after lifetime.  One in which the personal limited you no longer exists, having been replaced by YOU.”

The involvement of Sedna (Converting Fear to Power – remember your Kegels, and Breathing) is critical, because once we move through the Veritas Station we drop fully into the Energy of the 29 August (8:40 am PDT) Station of Sedna, and in between the Moon is Out of Bounds (5:42 am PDT 27 August through 8:56 am 29 August), so Coaxing Out our Covered Emotions may get Easier – or our Victims may insist it’s not us, it’s them!  We’ve noticed that dwarf planet Salacia (The Most Important Thing Is Clearing Impediments to Our Mission) is joining Chiron (Transcending Victimhood), but more on this next time.


Confidence Game

August 17, 2020

In the 18 August 2020 (7:41 pm PDT) New Moon (in 27 Leo) chart, The Most Important Thing (Saturn) is our Confidence (Chariklo) that our Species can Rebirth itself (Haumea) and Act (Mars) on the other side of Denial (Eris) and Codependence (Lilith)(That is, a Saturn-Chariklo T-Square across the Opposition between Haumea and Mars-Eris-Lilith.)  Worth repeating…

The Most Important Thing is our Confidence that our Species can Rebirth itself and Act on the other side of Denial and Codependence.

They call Grifting a “Con Game” because more than anything, Hupers are Attracted to Confidence.  We’re Programmed to Give Away our Power to those who Project Confidence.  Without our own Confidence we waste our Energy and Creativity on Worry and Negative Thoughts and Emotions, and Negative Thoughts and Emotions Create What We Don’t Want, because the Energy we Project is the precursor of What We Manifest, and if our Energies are Negative our Manifestations will be Unsatisfying.  So we need to “Pretend” like it’s all going to Work Out, and that we’re heading pell-mell for 5D.

It’s actually more complex than Pretending, because when we Pretend we don’t really Believe it, and we need to Believe it.  Do we need to go into that here, or does everyone understand how that works?

As is common of late, we have Almost-Great-Grace (an Almost-Grand-Sextile), but we find two Major Stars and an asteroid to Fill In the Vacancy and Manifest the Grace.  The Vacancy contains (1) the Star Deneb Algedi that symbolizes a Benefic Ruler – which would be a Refreshing Change, (2) the Star Sadalsuud that means “The Luckiest of the Lucky” (Brady’s Book of the Fixed Stars, p.308) – Hooray!  And (3) asteroid Damocles.

So yes, that Sword dangling over our Head is the Antichrist, the object of our “Pretending,” or rather our Passionate, Frequent, and Prolonged Focus on How We’ll Feel when We Have a Benefic Leader, because that’s what’s likely to Create our Confident Belief in that circumstance.

The part about Action on the Other Side of Denial and Codependence is Critical because the Antichrist knows that Denial Creates a Reality, and knows very well how to Maintain the Illusion that it’s Real.  The disadvantage of Denial is that it eventually crumbles under the weight of its own Falsehood, and our Confidence will facilitate that crumbling.

Codependence Creates a Reality of Self-Rejection in favor of the Truth of Others.  The Definition of Conservatism is Trust in Authority – which is Codependence on Steroids.  Trust in the Illusion of Authority that the Antichrist Projects is one of the tools of his Deceit.  And Trust in Authority is how the Planet-Destroying Wetiko sickness is maintained and strengthened by the Status Quo.  We blow through that Mirage by Rooting Out our own Temptations to Give Away our Power to Others, and to Obsolete Paradigms and Memes.

Soul Descending II

August 16, 2020

We ended the previous post with…

“Like we did with Aldebaran for the Full Moon, if we could fill the Vacancy in the Soul-Descent Almost-Great Grace (Almost-Grand Sextile), we could Resolve the Challenge to Victimhood (convert the Chiron T-Square to a Diamond Star) while we Activated the Great Grace (filled the Grand Sextile).

“And can we ever!  This Vacancy is a Zoo!  It’s filled by two dwarf planets, two Near-Earth asteroids, and a major Star…

  • “Dwarf planet Typhon is a hundred-mile wide ‘Centaur’ (half planet, half comet) with a 237-year orbit, named after the Giant Serpent-Person, son of Gaia and uncle to Medusa (and far more fearsome), who lost to Zeus in a battle for control of the Cosmos, marking the Beginning of the Earth-Destroying Patriarchy.

“This requires a lot more discussion, which we’ll continue soon…”

For instance…

“What if we told you that humanity is being driven to the brink of extinction by an illness?  That all the poverty, the climate devastation, the perpetual war, and consumption fetishism we see all around us have roots in a mass psychological infection?  What if we went on to say that this infection is not just highly communicable but also self-replicating, according to the laws of cultural evolution, and that it remains so clandestine in our psyches that most hosts will, as a condition of their infected state, vehemently deny that they are infected?

“What if we then told you that this ‘mind virus’ can be described as a form of cannibalism.  Yes, cannibalism.  Not necessarily in the literal flesh-eating sense but rather the idea of consuming others – human and non-human – as a means of securing personal wealth and supremacy.”  —

An excellent essay on the Colonialist Wetiko Trance that the Patriarchy has evolved into.

Since Pluto represents our current Trance and Trance-Formation, and Saturn symbolizes our Identity, can we find any hope for Major Change in the recent Pluto-Saturn Initiation of its 35-year “Two Awards for Bravery” Cycle?  Yes, as both Soul (Uranus) and Revelation of Denial (Eris) were very Strong (Stationary) in its Birth chart.  That’s Long-Term, but it’s enough that we can consider the Trauma we’re facing now to be a Herxheimer.

Gaia’s Monstrous Children (Typhon, Medusa, et al) Defended the Mystery.  Their Demise allowed the “Rational” mind and its Hubris to take over Sovereignty of Huper Culture and begin Destroying the Planet.  The symbol for Hubris (asteroid, and Greek Goddess of Insolence, Hybris) Sat Still on the Great Attractor last week (Stationary at 16 Sagittarius on 11 August), at the Focal Point of the Finger of the Goddess (Pay Attention!) and in a Curious Relationship (Quincunx) to Soul (Uranus) and to Ending Resistance to Trusting our Instincts (Atropos-Eurydike-Moon).

Hubris was also closing a Cycle (Waning Unx) to the Pluto-Saturn Initiation, and Begins New 5-year Cycles next year…

  • Trance-Formation and Hubris (Pluto-Hybris Initiation) 20 January 2021, “A store filled with precious Oriental rugs(25 Capricorn) – which definitely belong more to the Matriarchy than the Patriarchy.
  • Confidence and Hubris (Chariklo-Hybris Initiation) 5 February 21, “An old adobe Mission in California(1 Aquarius), the same Degree that Initiates the Digital Age (Saturn-Jupiter Initiation) in December 2020.  Confidence in Colonialism, and Confidence in its Demise.  This year’s melees may be just an introduction.
  • Identity and Hubris (Saturn-Hybris Initiation) 26 February 2021, “A flag turning into an Eagle(9 Aquarius).  Moving from Patriotism to Perspective.
  • Expansion and Hubris (Jupiter-Hybris Initiation) 29 April 2021. “A Butterfly emerging from a Chrysalis” (29 Aquarius).  Digital technology moves beyond its Formative stages, as does Resistance to it.

Not that it wasn’t warranted, but we digressed…

“This Vacancy [in the (Uranus-Stationary) chart at 11 Scorpio] is a Zoo!  It’s filled by two dwarf planets, two Near-Earth asteroids, and a major Star…”

  • The second dwarf planet is Dziewanna, a 300-mile-wide iceball with an almost-600-year orbit (Pluto takes “only” 250 years), named after a Slavic Goddess of Wilderness, Forests, and the Hunt (similar to Diana or Artemis), with an obviously Stronger connection to 5D Collaboration than to 3D Competition.  In the context of the emphasis on Sovereignty (Hylonome-Pallas-Veritas) in the Soul Descending (Uranus Stationary) chart, we can quote a classic Codependent conversation, “Dziewanna get a pizza?”  “I dunno, what Dzuwanna do?”

Near-Earth or “Apollo” asteroids (aka “NEOs”) are those with Earth-Crossing Orbits, candidates for future Collisions with Earth like the approximately 8-mile-wide ‘roid that wiped out the Reptilian Dinosaurs in roughly 66,000,000 BCE and Opened Space for Mammals to take over the Planet, for better or worse.  The two Apollos in the Vacancy are…

  • Poseidon is a 1½-mile-wide asteroid with a 2½-year orbit, so it swings by pretty often.  Its current “Earth-Minimum-Orbital-Intersection Distance” is about 76 Lunar distances.  As a Water God, the Mythological Poseidon suggests that we shift our Values to pull Emotion up out of the Sewer that the Patriarchy put Her in, clean Her up, and Celebrate Her along with Her siblings Intuition and Instincts.
  • Asclepius, named after a Greek Hero of Healing and Medicine, is only 300 meters across, with an orbit of only one year, and comes too close for comfort.  In 1989 it missed us by less than 1.8 Moon-distances.  It must be named after Allopathic Medicine.

The Star in the Vacancy is Alphecca, star of the Northern Crown, or Ariadne’s Tiara.  Alphecca implies a Gift that comes with the price of Pain or Darkness.

So our Vacancy will Establish Great Grace (Completing the Grand Sextile), and Neutralize the Challenge of Victimhood (Convert the Chiron T-Square to a Self-Resolving Diamond Star).  At what cost?  Not that it’s Optional; these are the planets that are Living there.  The Energy that does this work includes (1) Medusa’s Terrifying brother Typhon who lost to Zeus in battle thus Enabling the Patriarchy, (2) A Goddess of the Wilderness Dziewanna, two Potentially Life-Destroying Near-Earth asteroids, (3) Water God Poseidon and (4) Healer Asclepius, and (5) Fixed Star Alphecca, whose Promise of a Gift includes a period of Darkness and Pain.

Wait!  This sounds a lot like the Reality we’re being forced to Live, doesn’t it!  Is Typhon back for a Grudge Match?  Dziewanna sounds like a fitting Guide for Earth Restoration.  Poseidon echoes Moon Out of Bounds.  Medicine is completely out of its League and we’re forced to Rely on Curiosity and Intuition to move beyond it.  And we’re in the middle of Darkness and Pain that is Gifting us with the Empirical Experience that we can actually turn Global Warming around if we’re willing to Surrender Victimhood and move Decisively to substitute Community for Money and Having-Enough-to-Share for Always-More.

We obviously have a lot of PIAVAing yet to do to Create a 5D Vision out of these pieces, but the Building Blocks are there.  And the Bottom Line of it all?  Soul Descending into Matter.

August 2020 Cycles 3 – Ceres-Orcus

August 11, 2020

The second Cycle in the 3 August 2020 Full Moon chart which is in the midst of Change, is Ceres-Nessus.  It’s about the Sustainability (dwarf planet Ceres) of our Response to Abuse and Privilege (dwarf planet Nessus).  Not much about this in the news these days, is there.  Or rather, not much about anything else, whether we’re talking police brutality, brutal politics, Pomonavirus and poverty, income inequality, or #MeToo!  And all the noise has drowned out Global Balming.

Ceres turned Retrograde before it reached Nessus, so Nessus won’t Initiate Ceres until 27 December 2020 (in 11 Pisces).  In the 3 August Full Moon chart Ceres is two Degrees behind Nessus and Separating.  When Ceres turned around in early July it was only 17 arcminutes from Nessus, but by the time it goes Direct again on 18 October, Ceres will be back in late Aquarius, 12 Degrees behind Nessus.  So, can we say that the Nessus-Ceres Initiation period has already begun?  If we were thinking of starting an NGO to teach Sustainable Responses to Abuse and Privilege, has the first shoe already dropped?

The first week of July featured Putin extending his term as Russia”s Big Boss till 2036, Beijing horsecollaring Hong Kong, and the Coronavirus passing 11 million cases and half a million deaths.  Those are certainly about Privilege and Abuse.  The question isn’t whether they’re about Sustainable Response thereto, it’s Is the Sustainability Axis involved?  I think so.  In my Experience with early Initiation Near-Misses, the elements are there, but nobody’s looking at it that way yet.

In December when the actual Initiation occurs, I Expect both Issues – Privilege/Abuse and Sustainability, and their interactions – to be Lit Up Big-Time.  Neither Antichrist Privilege/Abuse Issues nor BLM Abuse Issues made Wikipedia’s “Living History” list for the first week of July, but they were certainly there, and we can be sure they’ll be Lit Up again in December.

The Nessus-Ceres Initiation falls after the Beginning of the Digital Age (Saturn Initiating Jupiter in an Air Sign), but at the Solstice when it Begins, Ceres will be within two Degrees of Nessus, so we can be Assured that Sustainable Response to Abuse and Privilege will be a central Issue throughout the next two Centuries, because the impending Nessus-Ceres Initiation will be part of the Saturn-Jupiter Initiation chart.

The two Initiations will make a very close Novile (40 Degrees apart).  The Novile Angle is about Hermitage, implying that the “Losers” of whatever Abuse and Privilege turn out to be Sustained, may be forced Underground…

…which will be an excellent time to be in 5D.

The theme of the 20-year Jupiter-Saturn Cycle is “An old adobe Mission in California(1 Aquarius), unfortunately an excellent symbol for Colonialism.  The theme of the 4¼-year Ceres-Nessus Cycle is “People traveling a narrow path, seeking Illumination(11 Pisces).  5D Illumination perhaps.  So in an Ideal World (which in 5D we could Choose to Manifest, right?), the Folks traveling the Narrow Path seeking Illumination will be crafting a Replacement for Colonialism, one that eschews both Abuse and Privilege in favor of Respectful, Harmonious, and Sustainable Alternatives.

I know, it’s difficult to wrap our Dualistic minds around the notion that we can create an Ideal World, when the one we Live in is so rapidly descending into a Digital Dickensian cesspool.  It was just as difficult for me to Grok those books about the World “splitting in two.”  Who was that?  The Barbaras, Marciniak and Hand Clow?  And didn’t Delores Cannon talk about that as well?

Of course that’s part of the Root Limitation with our Manifestation Skills – we’re Programmed to Reject anything for which we can’t Imagine a Mechanism.  Suspending Disbelief and Accepting the Paradox is Bottom Line for our Ascension.  While you’re working on that essential but difficult Skill, Michael Roads talks about how it works, without naming it so, in his Through the Eyes of Love series and Stepping…Between…Realities.

Both Barbaras Channeled the Pleiadians, and of course the amazing Multidimensional Channel Natalie Glasson ( does too (  For instance…

“…As a civilisation, we the Pleiadians are mastering the balance between technology and the spiritual intuition, using both to gain a stronger understanding of the Creator and the way in which our reality works.  We do not say that this is an appropriate way to live but balance of any form is necessary, and our technology is born from spiritual expansion and awareness, so has a higher purpose within our civilisation.  It is important I share this information with you as your civilisation is and is wishing to move into a state of balance between the importance of technology and the spiritual beingness of intuition…”

Natalie’s Channeling never fail to Lift my Energies by a couple of Octaves, making me Feel like I’ve just jettisoned 50 pounds.

The Ceres-Nessus Cycle that we’re now Completing, began in February 2016.  Its theme has been “A Squirrel hiding from hunters(2 Pisces).  Most of us have Felt the Need to Hide our True Pursuits from most other People, just to avoid Involuntary Commitment.  Our Narrow Path will require less Hiding as we be become increasingly Invisible to those who Choose to remain in Fewer Dimensions.  I think dwelling in a Separate Reality counts as a Hermitage.

August 2020 Cycles 1 – Lachesis-Orcus

August 9, 2020

Reader Bob (in Australia) writes to say, in response to recent the OOB Moons post…

“It is with great interest that you have provided us with these absolutely critical (and if I may describe them as) ‘adjustments’ to our consciousness in the long term spiritual frame.  I would dearly love if you could enlighten us of any other definitive cycles that you consider we should take on board for our spiritual health.  I personally am fearful that our current circumstances are giving us reason to take our eyes off the ball in terms of our attention to the other major threat facing us ie. global warming.

“One cycle that springs to my mind and to which you have already eluded us to, is and I quote, from New Awareness 2 from July 6 2019 ‘Resuming with Transcendence of our Resistance to our Forbidden Genius (Bee-Zed or BZ509 Initiated by Ixion).  This begins an eleven-year Cycle that somehow resembles An old bridge over a beautiful stream still in constant use (Sabian Symbol for 28 Sagittarius).’

“My own approach has been to keep shaking that tree of life to see what Forbidden genius fruit might fall into my own lap to assist in a 3D sense to avoid the impending crisis.

“Namaste, Bob”

Which is an excellent way to prepare for your Mission!

A very noble goal, examining these Cycles, though with as many planets as we use, it’s almost more of an opus vitae.  But it’s never too late to start, eh?

One thing I’ve discovered is that folks actually hear what you’re saying (as the Crystal above, Manganotantalite, facilitates) if you tell them about what’s going on for them right now.  The rest of the astrology – not so much.  So, what are the Cycles in the current (3 August 2020) Full Moon chart?

The Most Important Cycle in this chart is the Chiron-Uranus Cycle, with Chiron making a Waning Unx to (one Sign behind) Uranus, Deep in the Void.

But more immediately, two Cycles are Changing – Lachesis-Orcus, and Ceres-Nessus…

The biggest (containing the Slowest or most Powerful planet, actually even Slower than Uranus, if not as Prominent Socially) of these two is the former.  Orcus actually Initiated Lachesis yesterday, 8 August at 11am PDT (in 12 Virgo), so it’s very current.

A Cycle Begin when a Faster planet, such as Lachesis (5½-year orbit), crosses a Slower planet, such as Orcus (245 years).  If there are multiple crossings, it’s the first one that Initiates the New Cycle.  We read the character of the New Cycle from the natures of the two planets (the Slower planet is the Message-Giver, the Faster planet the Messenger), the Sabian Symbol of the Degree of the Initiation, and the chart of the Initiation.

The Mythological Lachesis was the Greek Goddess in charge of “measuring the chord” or setting the duration of a Karmic TimeLine.  Since Consciousness of our Karma allows us to Choose Alternatives, we interpret Lachesis as Choice about Changing our Self-Destructive Patterns.  The Mythological Orcus was the Etruscan God in charge of Punishing Oath-Breakers.  Since Obsolete (and usually Forgotten) Oaths are a primary Source of Karma, we interpret Orcus as Breaker of Obsolete Oaths.  Since Ascension allows only Carry-On, this is pretty dang Important Cycle for us!  Been thinking about Changing any Life-Long Patterns recently?  I was just last night.

The Cycle that just died began 4 October 2014 and was about “A Harem” (7 Virgo).  Have you had any Hesitation around Commitment since 2014?  Or Concern around Patriarchal Privilege?  The New Lachesis-Chiron Cycle is about “After the Wedding, the groom snatches the Veil away from his bride (12 Virgo).  Perhaps, the End of Pretense and Prevarication?  That would certainly benefit the Political situations in at least the US and Lebanon, and probably many other places such as Brazil, where Deep Crises of Survival (Medically, Economically, and Environmentally) are staring at us.