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Insomnia vs Inspiration

January 15, 2023

Everybody caught up on their missed Sleep after that intense 12-13 January 2023 Mars (Energy, Action, Anger) Out of Bounds (Intensified ) Station (Peak Impact)?1 Fortunately, the Moon wasn’t also Full. Insomnia’s hard in a Yangtegrity World where we’re Expected to Do what we said we was gonna Do, when we said we was gonna Do it, and we Believe that our Survival (or at least our cashflow) can Depend on it.

Our Sleep Schedule will be a lot different this coming week, as we head into the 22-23 January Uranus (Our Soul, Inspiration, Disruption of what Our Soul considers to be Obsolete) Station.2 When Uranus is Lit Up, we can miss quite a bit of Sleep and not even Notice, as long as our “head” is in the right place. If we go to bed at our usual and accustomed time and can’t Sleep, and we Worry about our Performance tomorrow, we’re likely to be exhausted when the alarm goes off. On the other hand, if we realize, Oh Yeah, Uranus is Stationary! and get up and Work On or Play With whatever is tapping us on the Wanter (as distinct from the Should-er), we’re more likely to be Energized, both as we Enjoy our Wanting, and in the morning as well.

1 Mars Out of Bounds Stationary 12-13 January 2023 (PST 12:56 pm 12th, GMT 8:56 pm 12th, IST 2:26 am 13th, AEDT Qld 6:56 am 13th) in 9 Gemini (Unstoppable New Energy Forcing Its Way In, Changing Everything). Note that the Planet and the Degree are Independent of one another; there’s only a 1 in 360 chance that the Mars Station would fall on a Martian-sounding Unstoppable Energy Degree. As we’ve said many times, it’s as if Lonsdale wrote his Degree symbols specifically for the current period!

2 Uranus Stationary 22-23 January (PST 2:57 pm 22nd, GMT 10:57 pm 22nd, IST 4:27 am 23rd, AEDT Qld 8:57 am 23rd) in 15 Taurus, the home of Difficult Fixed Star Menkar (The Need to Surrender, Erupting Repeatedly). Shoulds are one of the Ego’s best way to keep our Lives “Safe” from the “Intrusions” of Soul. In Yangtegrity we Live from our Shoulds, which are often very different from our Wannas, as in “I Should Do That, but I Wanna Do This.” In Yintegrity (aka 5D), instead of Doing what we said we was gonna Do, We Do What We Feel Like Doing, When We Feel Like Doing It. Since for most of us our Culture is still in Yangtegrity, in order to get along we need to Minimize Our Commitments, Renegotiate Often, and Make Amends When Renegotiation Isn’t Possible and the Relationship Is Worth Keeping.

Again, note that the Planet and the Degree are Independent of one another. In 3D astrology, Uranus means Disruption. In 5D, Uranus Disrupts that which is Obsolete relative to our Soul’s Desire for our Mission and Evolution. Our Wannas are one of the easiest ways for our Soul to communicate to the Ego its Desire for our Mission and Evolution. Lonsdale’s Repeated Need to Surrender sounds like a description of 5D Uranus, but it’s not; it’s the description of 15 Taurus. So again, we have a double whammy – Uranus Intensified (Stationary) in a Uranian Degree. At least it’s not a triple whammy, like the earlier Mars Out of Bounds and Stationary in a Martian Degree.

The Current Energy is about Transmutation, as asteroid Ka’epaoka’awela was Intensified (Stationary) on 14 January.3 That’s certainly what I’ve been Living! Several days ago I had the Thought, What If I could Receive All of My Inconveniences and Discomforts as Information about my Unconscious Limitations! So I PIAVAed just that, and since then I’ve Witnessed myself Responding that way to some of my most persistent Hassles. It’s been no less than Transmutative! It’s Rare, and also an excellent sign that we’re On Target, when the Unconscious Responds so quickly and thoroughly to a PIAVA – there are usually Riddles and Delays and Indirections to Remind us that Confusion is the First Stage of Growth.

3 Ka’epaoka’awela Stationary 14 January (PST 3:02 am, GMT 11:02 am, IST 4:32 pm, AEDT Qld 9:02 pm) in 11 Scorpio (Staying Open To and Present With Our Demons until they Surrender to Healing). Wow, planet and Degree match three times in a row! Staying Open and Present is the best way to Transmute our Demons.

Staying Open and Present is also exactly how we Respond most Effectively to Self-Resolving astrological Challenges, like the Fully Self-Resolving Challenge to Mars in the combined chart for the Mars and Ka’epaoka’awela Stations, along with the 18 January Station of Mercury (PST 5:11 am, GMT 1:11 pm, IST 6:41 pm, AEDT Qld 11:11 pm) in 9 Capricorn, home of Combative Fixed Star Faces (Fire and Earth Energies United and Exposed)…

Cinnabar, the dark red Crystal below, is Mercury Sulfate – not something you want to eat, though historically it was Ingested in Eastern Alchemy to promote Immortality. A good reminder to be careful what you Ask for – it expedited Deeper Contact with the Immortal Soul by expediting Dementia (or, arguably, Other-Dimensia) and Physical Death. It’s not a good idea to Ingest any Crystal, as they usually contain Impurities of one sort or another. Even when making Crystal Elixirs, it’s good to separate, via glass or ceramic, the Crystal from the Water you’re recording its Vibration into. That should make the Elixir Safe to drink, if you’re using Pure Filtered Water that never actually touches the Crystal.

Cinnabar is said to Balance runaway EMF, making it useful for apnea, Turette’s, Parkinson’s, and worth a try for Blocking 5G pollution. Both Mercury and Sulfur are important in Western Alchemy, their union representing the Sacred Marriage. Sulfur in the Body, essential for cartilage maintenance and useful for Heart health, Cancer control, and Diabetes, is contributed by Alliums (Onions, Garlic, et al), Brassicas (Broccoli, Cabbage, et al ), and other common foods. Let these vegetables sit for five minutes between cutting and cooking, to allow the most Healing form of vegetative Sulfur to develop.

The distinctively quadrilateral white Crystals hosting the Cinnebar Crystal are Dolomite, Calcium Magnesium Carbonate. It’s especially useful for Harmonizing the Frequencies of Disparate Minerals, and serves as a tonic for the Body when used Crystallopathically. Use a Crystal this way by placing it on the Body near an Organ that’s out of Balance.l

Expanding into Fear II

August 29, 2021

In the 30 August 2021 Sedna Station (Emphasis on Converting Fear to Power) chart…

…we’ve adhered closely to our usual 3-Degree Sensitivity…

That’s “Orb” in astrologuese. Like most astrologers, we consider “Transiting” Angles to be Live if they’re within three Degrees of Exact; for instance, dwarf planet Cyllarus is 1 Degree and 47 Arcminutes (31:02 less 29:16 equals 1:47) from an exact Sextile to Sedna – that’s within 3 Degrees. The Sextile Angle (short blue line) connects two planets that are 2 Signs apart. “Transiting” means “in the sky now,” as opposed to “Natal,” meaning in a Birth Chart. The average Natal Sensitivity commonly used is around 8 Degrees (varying depending on the Angle – more for a Conjunction, less for an Unx). We’ll introduce Cyllarus a bit later.

On the other hand, we’ve expanded our Sensitivity a tad to 3½ Degrees in the 22 August Full Moon chart (if we round up the Degrees, as is customary in astrology, from 29:37 to 30 [=0] for the Moon, from 2:56 to 3 for Pholus, and from 26:10 to 27 for Karma, it still looks like 3 Degrees of Sensitivity – we often do this rounding up)…

We’ve omitted Jupiter (Expansion) in the Sedna station chart, but it was only 3:24 away from a Square (Challenge) to the Sedna Station. And, the 22 August Full Moon was Conjunct Jupiter, which is to say, About Expansion, so you can see why we speak of “Expanding” into Fear. A Full Moon chart applies mostly to the two weeks following the event, while a Station chart applies mostly to the week or so prior to the event, though as we said in the previous post, we expect the Sedna Station chart to influence the week after the event because of the Out of Bounds Moon.

We’ve also added several extracurricular Stars and ‘Roids to the Full Moon chart, in order to fill in some obvious Vacancies. We’ll get to that later. First, let’s look at the Sedna Station chart…

The meat of the Sedna Station chart is the Major Challenge (T-Square, the red triangle) to Becoming Aware of our Karma (Mercury/Awareness Conjunct/Merged With asteroid Karma/Karma). Becoming Aware of our Karma often involves an Ego Death, which are seldom pleasant, unless we Focus on The meat of the Sedna Station chart is the Major Challenge (T-Square, the red triangle) to Becoming Aware of our Karma (Mercury [Awareness] Conjunct [Merged With] asteroid Karma [Karma]). Becoming Aware of our Karma often involves an Ego Death, which are seldom pleasant, unless we Focus on How Wonderful Life Will Be After We Ditch Those Bummers! (Hint Hint). But the vegetables are in the Heavy Heavy base of the T-Square, which is where the Real Action often lies in a T-Square.

On one side of this Opposition (Dualistic Argument aka Politics) are Orders from Headquarters (the Galactic Center), Our Hidden and Often Forbidden Genius (dwarf planet Ixion), and That Which Will Blindside Us If We Continue to Ignore It (dwarf planet Pholus). Like Kabul and Nahlins and Waverly and the California Conflagrations, the Message from Galactic Headquarters is We’re Done Messing Around, It’s Time To Get your Creative Butt in Gear and Get This Fixed! Did Recycling save the Roman Empire from decline? Nothing on our Catastrophic Trajectory will Change until Hupers regard the Planet as a Partner rather than a Resource, regard Excess Profit as the Crime of Grand Theft that it is, and regard Social Norms as the Foundation of the Status Quo that is the Cause of the Problem. And that’s Exactly what our Forbidden Genii came here to Fix. Not far from Pholus are our Survival Instincts (dwarf planet Quaoar).

On the Other Side of this Political Duality are Our Intuition (dwarf planet Asbolus) and Our Unlimited Potential (dwarf planet Chaos). How many of us Cherish our Intuition and Practice Trusting it constantly? How many of us are Exhilarated by Unlimited Potential, and how many of us Terrified by it? On the GC-Ixion-Pholus side of the Political Divide are the Guts to tackle the Elephant in the Room, and on this Asbolus-Chaos side are all of our Yes-Buts. Yes-But it’s Scary – we could Lose our Mod Cons! We’ll Lose a lot more than that if we don’t Change the Trajectory.

Fortunately, we don’t have to do this Alone. We have Allies. There is a Truss Bridge across the Divide (the blue lines connecting GC-Ixion-Pholus, Klotho-Haumea, Eurydike-Thereus, and Asbolus-Chaos). We can Trust (Eurydike) our Ability to wrestle Bears (Thereus). And we can Trust our Recent Double Rebirth

A Significant New Life Chapter Began (asteroid Klotho enters Scorpio) at 4:16 am PDT 26 August. Scorpio doesn’t mess around. It’s Fearlessly dedicated to Getting to the Bottom of Things. What Things? Since it’s on the cusp, it’s the same chart as the 22 August Full Moon. In that chart, it’s blocking for dwarf planet Haumea, another Strong Rebirth Signal. Pele’s daughter Haumea doesn’t make it to Scorpio, though, turning Backwards in January 2022 two arc-seconds shy of the Cusp of Scorpio. Its dallying delays Haumea’s flow of hot lava into Scorpio till mid-November 2022. Klotho has already crossed Haumea, though, Beginning a New Cycle on 14 August, a few minutes past 12 am PDT, in 28 Libra, “A person becoming aware of spiritual forces surrounding and assisting them.” The four-year Klotho-Haumea Cycle is about Rebirth upon Rebirth. We’re just getting started.

The other Powerful Allies are in the Dumb-Luck Blessings (Grand Trine) that also Touches the Mercury-Karma node. The Allies here are Fearlessness (the Sedna Station itself) and Confidence (dwarf planet Chariklo). If Doubt comes up, Let It Go immediately. You know we’re right about this. Business as Usual is rapidly making this whole Planet look like a Martian Desert. By the time Musk and Bezos get there, Mars will look Lush by comparison to Earth. That’s why Gaia threw a well-deserved fifth wave of the Moronavirus at us.

Finally, dwarf planet Cyllarus demands our Attention as it makes the Grand Trine into a Kite, with itself at the Top. Cyllarus, along with asteroid Requiem (Honoring Death) dropped in to Complete two Vacancies in the Full Moon chart, filling a Grand Sextile and a Grand Cross. He completes the Storyboard for the Sedna Station. Herakles, or Hercules, had a Zeus-given assignment to help Rid the World of Threats to the Patriarchy, especially the Mysteries left over from the Matriarchy. On his journey to this end, he bunked with the unsuspecting Centaur Pholus.

Pholus had Responsibility for safekeeping the Sacred Wine of the Centaurs, and while Pholus was out shopping at Emporos Iosif’s, Herakles Opened the unhidden Sacred Wine. Did he know what he was doing? Probably. The scent carried, and the Centaurs immediately went mad and starting killing each other and everyone in sight. Pholus, true to his habit of ignoring consequences, got dead by picking up a poison dart that had killed someone else, and clumsily dropping it on his foot. Chiron (Despair and Miracles) got the Wound that would eventually make him give up his Immortality. The third corner of the Grand Trine is Centaur Chariklo, Chiron’s wife. And distraught Centaur Hylonome (Codependence and Self-Sovereignty) killed herself with the same spear that killed her Centaur-Stud Lover. That Lover was Cyllarus.

If you need a Program, We are the Centaurs in this story, and Predatory Capitalism is Herakles. We’re killing each other as we help kill the Planet, and we don’t even know why.

Mars on the Loose

March 26, 2021

Reader Olav points out that…

  • Mars (Action) has crossed the Tropic of Cancer heading North, moving Out of Bounds on 21 March 2021 (4:45 am PST). The Moon, rising about two hours before Mars, was also “OOB” North as Mars joined it out there. If your Instincts are Irrepressible, that’s a Good Thing. If you aren’t used to it, you may be heavy-handed at first; Let It Be, as you’ll develop finesse only through Practice.
  • Mars returns In Bounds on 24 May (3:23 pm PST), while Mercury is OOB (also North). Mercury may Allow us to Feel the Difference between a Mobilized Mars (OOB) and a Domesticated Mars (In Bounds). If we can Identify and Remember this Difference, we may be Able to Learn to Temper our Outer Self when we’re Overstressed (which could Allow us to Assert Ourself Convincingly rather than Angrily), and Gently Amplify our Deep Self when we need to Set an otherwise difficult Boundary. If you’re PIAVAing this, remember your adverbs – Pray to Do it Effectively and Easily.
  • Standing Still (in the N-S Dimension) as it turns Southward again on 22 April (3:05 pm PST) at 24:54 Degrees North in 30 Gemini, and perhaps attempting to scratch the itch in its Jezero Crater, Mars Opposes (Argues With) Ixion (Our Forbidden Genius, on its own OOB Steroids) and as it does it also Quincunxes (Is Curios About) an also-Stationary (in the E-W Dimension) Pluto (Transformation). This may be pretty Explosive, as our Long-Repressed Genius rips off the door of its Cage. Some heavy-duty Truth-Telling is in order. Listen through the Anger, and rephrase it back to the Angry person (“Do you mean you Feel ____ about that?), and don’t Argue with them. If you’re the Angry one, Listen especially to Yourself, and don’t Discount what you’re hearing because you’re Angry – you could be Discovering your Hidden Forbidden Genius. Your Genius may seem Juvenile at first because Long Repression means Arrested Development, but they’ll Grow quickly once we Partner with them. Our Hidden Genius is essential to 5D.
  • Mercury is OOB from 6-29 May and from 5-25 Gemini. As it’s making its U-turn and Standing Still at Declination 25:15 North and Longitude 19:02 Gemini on 17 May (1:07 pm PST), the Moon is just returning In Bounds, and Octile (Returning to Balance) to Mercury (Learning about your own Instincts), while the Moon is 19 Degrees from still-Out of Bounds Mars. Nineteen Degrees is a bit of a Magical Angle, as it’s the Square Root of 360, and the 19th Harmonic, which is symbolized by the Sun and the Life Force Acting through Collaborative Partnership that Unifies Male Energy (Dynamism or Doing) and Female Energy (Magnetism or PIAVAing) in Playful Creativity – 5D again.
Photo of Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula volcano, communing with the emissaries from Out There, by Christopher Mathews:

Meanwhile, in its continuing travels from West to East,* in Longitude Mars while Out of Bounds spans 10:11 Gemini to 19:11 Cancer, with the North-South Station occurring when Mars is at 29:40 Gemini. *When we stand in the back yard and look up, the planets and Stars move from East to West, but that’s because the surface of the Earth is moving under us toward the East as our Mother Planet Rotates. If we take a snapshot of the Sky every night at the same time, we can see all of the Heavenly People making their Pilgrimage to the East (those who aren’t moving Retrograde).

As a tribute to the women in the Mars program, NASA has added a lovely satin skirt to its experimental Mars helicopter “Ingenuity,” and to honor the men, they used golf clubs for its feet – a good example of Collaborative Partnership that Unifies Male and Female Energies in Playful Creativity.

We aren’t done yet, but we’re out of time for tonight. Olav also asked about the “ongoing square/opposition of Nessus/Orcus and Dejaneira (and Nemesis also),” and this asteroid Dejaneira or Dejanira sounds worth exploring, and hopefully debunking its Dark reputation.

And, speaking of debunking dark repute, reader Grandtrines has also written to ask, “What about the Thor’s Hammer / God’s Fist?” in the Aries Equinox chart? That’s our Mjölnir, and that’ll be fun.

Meanwhile, we’re rapidly sliding into the 31 March (8:07 pm PST) Station of Out of Bounds Ixion in 2 Capricorn. A Preview of the 22 April event we described above perhaps.

Fearbruary VII

February 23, 2021

It’s snow under the bumper, but Mercury was Retrograde from 30 January 2021 (7:51 pm PST in 27 Aquarius) till 20 February (4:51 pm PST in 12 Aquarius). I don’t follow Mercury’s Stations and Retrogradations closely because we get so much practice with it, but it would have been useful to know about this time. The classic interpretation is difficult Travel and Communication. I’ve never pretended to be expert in Communication, but I’ve Traveled with Mercury Retrograde many times, and when I Realize that Loki is afoot, take my time, and respond to glitches with Patience and Humor, the Old Trickster winks and lets me by. Of course, Prayer for a Safe (and Easy, Effective, etc etc) Trip and a Safe Return always helps. This time I didn’t Realize that Loki was afoot, but evidently Prayed enough that He treated me well.

We also received what should prove to be a Delightful Reboot 19 February (3am PST), when the asteroid of New Beginnings (Klotho) was Strong (Stationary) in 3 Scorpio. This Strengthening (Station) Merged With (Conjoined) the Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment (minor planet Zhulong). The only major Pattern (Configuration) in the chart was one of Dumb-Luck Blessings (Grand Trine) in Emotion Signs (Water), extended into Directed Dumb-Luck Blessings (a Kite) by the Tension (Opposition) between Respect and Compassion for All Things (asteroid Hopi in Cancer) and Applying our Genius (dwarf planet Ixion…) to Global Climate Change (Conjunct dwarf planets Pholus [Responding to] and Quaoar [our Survival Instincts]). Which is to say…

We also received what should prove to be a Delightful Reboot 19 February, when New Beginnings were Strong. This Strengthening was Merged With the Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment. The only major Pattern in the chart was one of Dumb-Luck Emotional Blessings, extended into Directed Dumb-Luck Blessings by the Tension between Respect and Compassion for All Things and Applying our Genius to Global Climate Change. Seems like Texas is written in there between every two lines.

There was though a single isolated Hassle (Square), between our Initiation into the Enlightenment Curriculum (Klotho-Zhulong) and our Vitality (dwarf planet Varuna). And yes, many Texans had the ultimate Hassle with their Vitality, aka Freezing to Death. Realistically, not everyone has the Power to Choose between being an Observer of their Life, and being a Victim of their Life. Everyone has the Potential to make this Choice, and many Remarkable People have risen out of Poverty and lack of Education, just as many Unremarkable People have fallen out of the Elite. Maslow’s Pyramid applies in the first case, as Hunger makes Observation more difficult. There may be an inverse Pyramid for the second case, perhaps where the Need for Effort is what Creates the Need for Observation and Creative Response.

There’s one last Fear Bash in our Fearbruary – on 27 February (3:13 pm PST) in 28 Taurus, Terror (dwarf planet Sedna) Initiates Action (Mars). We may have time later to write about this one.

All this week, Respect and Compassion for All Things will be prominent (asteroid Hopi Stationary 26 February 6:43 pm PST in 7 Cancer). This is the same Hopi that we met earlier in the Red Dragon process.

The Moon went Out of Bounds (we’ll be more Emotional) over the Northern Hemisphere 21 February (1:19 am PST, in 21 Gemini). It will Stand Still at 25:04 North on 22 February (4:12 pm PST in 11 Cancer). And it will return In Bounds 24 February (5:27 am PST in 1 Leo).

I’ve seen several astrologers hold out the threat of two more episodes this year of The Most Important Thing [Saturn] Is to Let Go of What No Longer Serves our Soul [Uranus] (Saturn Square Uranus), or Devastating [Saturn] Disruption [Uranus], or however they frame it to pull customers in by their Victim. The first one was 13-17 February. The other two are at the Ides of June, and the days leading up to Christmas Eve. In my Experience, though, the second and third events of a Triad are nothing like the first. The first event of the trio rips open the canvas we have stretched across our Denial. We actually know what we Deny, we’re just using Denial for Convenience. The second one is Retrograde, and unfolds much more slowly, so we get a better chance to Observe what’s Going On. And by the third one, if we’ve replaced our Victim hat with our Observer hat, we’ve Been Here Done That, and what was a Crisis the first time around, is just another practice session to help us build up our Confidence.

We also have two Sign Changes. On 21 February, dwarf planet Ceres moved out of Pisces and into Aries, which should make it much easier for us to move toward Sustainable Sustenance, since we’re likely to be less Sentimental about what we know that we have to Give Up because we’re outgrown it.

But on 23 February, asteroid Veritas moves into Pisces. Veritas represents Truth of the Mind – “Just the Facts, Ma’am” as Jack Webb used to say. Never mind that there are seven Ma’ams, they’re all Blind, and they all have their hands on very different parts of the Elephant, we Just Want the Facts. Well, okay, we only want the Facts that reinforce our Unconscious Limitations, and aren’t too Inconvenient. So our Facts become Sentimental! Well, we’re just going to have to Agree to Disagree. Otherwise we’ll have to kill each other, and then there won’t be anybody left. Hopefully this will contribute to more people seeing the difference between their Absolute Truth of the Heart and their Relative Truth of the Mind. We can only Share the former, and hope for Respect – there is no Arguing about Absolutes. We can Argue for days over the latter, and still get nowhere – you can’t Pin Down something that’s Relative.

That’s pretty brief, but it should outline the rest of February. Remember that we’re now in the Digital Age. A year ago we were still in Transition, picking and choosing which Industrial Age Patterns we want to keep. The escape hatch back to the Mundane and the Material of Industry closed at the December Solstice. Now we’re sliding down, with very little braking power, into our New Life in the Electromagnetic Theme Park.


October 31, 2020

I always make a lot more sense when I’m answering a direct question. Tonight my wife asked me what was going on astrologically for Halloween…

The 2020 Halloween Blue Moon Full Moon is a Stand-In for the Big Event of next Tuesday, which is when dwarf planet Varuna is Max Strong. The Full Moon is Crossing Stationary Varuna as we speak. Varuna is the Life Force. Will we still have Health Care (even if it’s mostly Care for the Cartel’s wallets, alotta people depend on it) after the Election next week? Will we Survive the Carumbavirus? Will we be able to make rent and eat? Basic stuff, very First-Chakra. You’re Feeling it already.

Meanwhile, Mercury – Mental Noise – is Lit Up on Tuesday as well. So most people are paying more Attention to the Brainrattling than the real Survival Issue, and the Antichrist is a Master at Brainrattling. Then Tuesday evening the Moon goes Outabounds, till Friday, so everybody’s gonna be Freaking Out. As soon as Varuna calms down early Wednesday afternoon, asteroid Hopi takes over (Standing Still early Saturday Morning). Hopi means Respect for All Things. So the Minorities who really take the Brunt of the American Compete-Or-Die Ethic as the Poster Children for Varuna will be Lit Up because the Cops will stand behind the AK47-toting White Supremacists as they giddily shoot anybody with a BLM sign.

Then early in the week after the Election, Ceres = Sustainability enters Pisces. You can already hear the Gnashing of Teeth as Pisces over-emotionalizes Predatory Capitalism’s total lack of Sustainability. And it’s about time somebody did, because it’s Killing All of Us and the Planet too. But the Tuesday after the Big Day, Eurydike = Trust enters Leo= Confidence, making for a huge Contrast. That’s probably when we’ll get the first hint of whether there was any legitimacy to the Election, or at least a few numbers. It’s not till the 18th that Eurydike Stands Still though, so Confusion will continue to Reign until then as Teeth-Gnashing and Confidence Compete for the Dewey headlines.

But just because Eurydike in Leo is Strong, doesn’t mean that Trust rules the day, as the Moon goes Outabounds again from November 16th to the 19th, so everyone’s Emotions are End-of-the-World riled. The 19th is kind of a watershed day, as asteroid Moira moves into Capricorn. Moira is about Fate and Choice. When our Karma is Unconscious, it’s our Fate, we just sleepwalk it. Once we bring it in Consciousness, we have Choice and we can do anything we want. “What, Karma? Don’t be silly – Been there Done that! I’m Outa Here.”

If there’s Civil War to any extent, Remember that you don’t have to Play. You can Choose to be Separate from it.

Moira will separate the Teeth-Gnashers from the AK47-Egos from the folks who will just be Pragmatically (Capricorn) Choosing (Conscious Moira) to make the Best of Whatever’s Going Down. Except…

On the 22nd, dwarf planet Nessus, which is about Abuse and Privilege, is Max Strong (Stationary), and on the 20th dwarf planet Gonggong (no kidding, there really is a dwarf planet Gonggong!), which is about Intrusive Memories, is Max Strong. So everyone’s going to be Regressing into their best Halloween Victim Disguises, Projecting all of the Abuse they’ve ever Received into whatever’s going on in the Present Moment. Meanwhile the Privileged 1% will inhabit their own Paranoid They’re going to take my Money (and probably my Guns unless I shoot first) Victim Acts. The Privileged 1% of course own all of the Supreme Court now, so we can’t expect Daddy to Rescue us.

But then on (actually, until) the 28th, Neptune goes Max Strong. Neptune means Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity, so Confusion will Reign in the fourth week of November. But mid-week, Eurydike=Trust backs out of Leo, leaving the strutting Confidence-Gamers with their pants around their ankles and their day-of-the-week underwear exposed. A few hours later on the 25th, asteroid Sappho finally leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius, and we get to stop hunting that mouse in the garage (our Impediments to Unconditional Self-Love = Sappho) with the shotgun (Scorpio) and just Begin to Surrender into it (Sadge).

Giving us a possibility of a reasonably Peaceful Thanksgiving (in the US). The day after Thanksgiving, though, asteroid Atropos goes Max Strong, and Atropos is about Letting Go of Karmic Patterns. If we’re Aware that this is going on, we can Thank Them for Their Service and Wish Them Success in Crippling Other People’s Futures as they saunter off down the road, and then Celebrate our newfound Liberation!

How many of us will actually be doing that though? Letting Go of Karma is Scary, because it’s all we know, it’s what we’ve been Living All of Our Life. We don’t know what to do with the Blank Space that’s left behind, and with Neptune Max Strong, the only thing we’ll be able to Celebrate is Confusion. Which is a fabulous Habit to make, because Confusion is the first stage of Growth. And of course we could Celebrate the Spiritual Clarity, if we’re willing to seek it or let it find us.

Kind of a Blockbuster month, wasn’t it.

Before we dive into it, you might want to Resolve to Avoid Ego-Identifying with all the Sturm und Drang und Drama, and spend November Passively Observing Who You Actually Are. Not just What am I Thinking and Feeling about all this Intense Drama, but also, WHO IS IT that’s doing this Thinking and Feeling? Forget all the Adjectives that come to mind – that’s just more Thinking. What if you were a very small Entity hanging out somewhere Inside your Body? Where would that Be? Would “It” move around to different places, or would “It” have a favorite hangout? (At this level it may not be a She or a He.) Or what if It was a very large Energy Field Surrounding your Body? How Big would that be? How is It Connected to your Body?

But it ain’t over yet. There are two more oh-so-relevant astroevents on November 29th. First asteroid Vesta, which symbolizes our Unconscious Limitations, Merges with dwarf planet Orcus, which is about Oath-Making and Oath-Breaking. It turns out that our Unconscious Limitations are the result of Oaths or Vows or Promises or even Decisions that we made in Other Lifetimes. As we discussed at length in the previous post, our Self-Limiting Beliefs will be Lit Up for several months so we can Recognize that That Ain’t Really Us and Choose to be Someone Else.

So on the 29th, and in the week or so leading up to it, our Limited Beliefs will Meet Their Makers. If we Forget that It’s about Letting Go, it’ll be really Easy to instead Grab them, because they’ll be so Familiar and therefore so Comfortable. We just need to Remember that any time Limitation or Bummers arise, Let Them Go. You don’t need to Understand anything, you can just Let It Go. If you can’t Remember what it was a few minutes later, that’s fabulous, you’ve indeed Let It Go.

And on the 29th, asteroid Karma (you can imagine what it symbolizes) moves into Virgo till 23 January. We don’t Let Go of Karma without an Ego Death, because if we weren’t Ego-Attached to it, it wouldn’t be Karma. And the Essence of Virgo is Ego Death. So this will be a Nightmare of Struggles if we Resist it. Don’t. You go to visit a friend and you don’t recognize their street. You wake up and you can’t Remember your Passwords. You Forget people’s names, even your friends and colleagues. You can’t recall how to hold a fork, for God’s sake! Those are Signs of Ego Death. Celebrate them.

Those are gentle Ego Deaths, the kind that arise after you’ve Realized you’re up against your own Limitations, and you’ve Prayed to Let Them Go in some way or another. The not-so-gentle Ego Deaths are times like when you get really Angry when someone Insults you, even inadvertently (I’m being kinda flippant in this post, a lot less careful with my Language than usual – I may have Insulted you several times already!). Or you get really Embarrassed when you Forget your boss’s name, and there’s no way your boss is every going to know what an Ego Death is, and you go away in Shame.

Unpleasant Emotions like Anger and Shame and Grief and Sorrow are clues that you’re approaching an Ego Death, and you have the Option of Choosing it – by Lovingly Embracing the Unpleasant Emotion in your Body, or Rejecting it – by Thinking yourself more Deeply into the Anger or Shame or Grief or Sorrow. No Self-Blame though – we need to Think ourself Deep enough into the Unpleasant Emotion to be able to Know what we’re Embracing. Embracing the name of an Emotion is Just Thinking, not an Ego Death at all, though using that as a Mantra might invoke the Emotion.

Asteroid Karma returns to Virgo in June, July, and August for the real Work, the December-January Teaser is just an introduction. Between February and May it’s Dodging back deep into Leo, to gather up more Limitations that you can Ego-Death into Has-Beens.

Resurrection of the Life Force

October 23, 2020

Yes, Mercury’s Stationary (Exaggeration of Communication and Anal-ysis) on 3 November 2020, so the airwaves will be very Noisy. But there’s a good reason why we usually ignore the inner planets – they’re writ large on our shirt-sleeves, without a lot of subtlety. The airwaves overflow with Anal-ytical Noise (what is it that British children call Noise from the Anal-ytical zone?) on any Election Day. Well, yes, Mercury’s a Trickster, and as statisticians say, Figures don’t Lie, but Liars sure can Figure. Theoretically, you can Fool some of the People most of the Time, and most of the People some of the Time, but – how does that go?

We’d rather know what’s going on deep in the Unconscious, for several reasons. Foremost, so we can bring it into Consciousness, because by bringing what’s Unconscious into Consciousness we can replace Fate and Karma with Choice, give the Ego more Healthy Control over our Lives, and move toward 5D. And because, yes, WeCreateOurOwnReality, but if the Trance we thus Create is too far from the Global Consensual Trance (which Pluto likes to Define), it can lead us into Dark Alleys.

Take Regenerative Agriculture for an example. We know it can Resurrect our Damaged Planet, but try it where you Live, and see how your HOA reacts. We’re surrounded by Epic Battles between Ego-Attached Trances that Believe themselves to be Either/Or and Life-or-Death, too many to even list. You can see a lot of them coming up in the US Election, in the Scientism Trance and the Religionism Trance, the Mask Trance and Covidiot No Mas Trance, the Dollar Trance and Survival Trance, the Racist Trance, the Gun Trance, and a million other Fear Trances.

Trances based on our Karmic Limiting Beliefs are particularly Vulnerable to Self-Destruction, though thanks to Held Emotions they’re also particularly difficult to Extract ourself from. These themes are written all over the 4 November Varuna Station (Exaggeration of the Life Force) which is charted below. If we focus on Mercury and the pretense that these Trances are about Opinions that we can Debate, rather than Emotional Firestorms that can Kill us and the Planet, then Any Way We Look At It We Lose, as Paul Simon famously put it. It’s the Life Force itself that’s really at stake here, and the news is good…

First we note that the Life Force – Stationary Varuna – is joined by asteroid Atropos, which means the End of a Thread of Fate or Karma (or of any TimeLine). In other words, we’ll be Witnessing the End of Patterns that Suppress the Life Force. Sure, we could interpret it as the End of the Life Force, but why would we want to Lend Our Strength to that? Remember that we’re still Manifesting the Energy from which the Future will be Created, and we don’t Want to Live on a Dying Planet, so the Choice is Obvious.

Second, Ending Patterns that Suppress the Life Force Opposes the Truth of the Heart, asteroid Aletheia. Astrological Opposites are not simple Either/Ors, though their Second-Harmonic element suggests that. But again, in the Spirit of Creating Energy that Will Manifest a Future We’d Enjoy Living In, we interpret this as the Choice between Ending the Life Force and Ending the Suppression of the Life Force. I mean, if Atropos means the End of an existing Karmic Pattern, we’re certainly Living more under a Pattern of Suppressing than of Enhancing the Life Force, and our Monetizer in Chief is certainly the Perp here.

Third, the Dance between Ending Suppression of the Life Force and the Truth of the Heart is Challenged by (Square to – the red triangle) the 31 October Full Moon. Full and New Moons are good guides to the Energy of the following several weeks. This is a Taurus Full Moon, meaning that Deep Emotions (Sun in Scorpio) are Driving What We’re Manifesting into Form (Moon in Taurus). Don’t think for a moment that those who Kneel to Religionist, Covidiot, Dollar, Racist, and Gun Trances – and Perpetrators of a million other Fear Trances – aren’t also working hard to Cultivate Deep Emotions in support of their favorite Ego-Trances. Which is exactly why we need to Focus Intensely on What We Want.

Fourth, the Manifestor in Chief (the Moon), in the Sign of Manifestation itself (Taurus), sits in the lap of Our Soul (Uranus). It’d be hard to get much more Intimate than a tenth of a Degree of Separation. So what will be Manifested will be Straight from Our Souls. I don’t Believe that those Legions of Religionist-Covidiot-Dollar-Racist-Gun-Fear Worshipers have Black Souls (well, a few maybe). I Believe they just haven’t gotten out of their Olde Testament Karma yet.

So then Fifth, who sits close to the Full-Moon Sun, or Essence of the Issue? Nemesis, an asteroid we could easily interpret as Punishment (though we usually interpret as the Guilt that solicits a Saul-into-Paul Ego Death). So we can picture those Legions as having the Force of their Punishing friend Yahweh behind them! Or we could picture them meeting their Just Rewards. Guess which we’ll Choose. While pleading for Mercy, of course.

This is turning downright Apocalyptic, isn’t it. Well, so be it. We’re Turning Away the Antichrist after all. If that isn’t a Sacred Journey for you, who are you, anyway?

If we’re still Scared of Yahweh, it’s a fabulous Opportunity to Tap it Out! We might Look Deep Inside and Ask Ourself, Am I still Frightened by the Idea of some Final Judgment made by some Punishing Judge? Not Surprising. Something like “Even though I’m still a little Frightened by the Echos of the Fear Propaganda from my Childhood, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself” might help. Rinse and Repeat till a Torrent of Kundalini Energy Dominates. This could be the very Psychic Reason we’ve been Manifesting this 4-year Nightmare, so we get Clear to move into 5D!

There’s a lot of other things going on in this chart. The Sixth Energy we notice is a Challenge (T-Square) to Transcend (asteroid Bee-Zed) the not-quite-Conscious Flashbacks (dwarf planet Gonggong, formerly known as “OR10”) of all of the Abuse we’ve ever Received (dwarf planet Nessus), in the current Lifetime or others. We’ve been Experiencing a good deal of that as Grief and Sympathy For (as opposed to Compassion and Prayers For) the Victims of the CrownOfThornsVirus and its mob of Economic Demons.

The Seventh is a Challenge to our Survival (T-Square to dwarf planet Quaoar) from our need to Let go of our Victimhood (Chiron) in order to Cleanly Begin a Whole New Adventure (asteroid Klotho) around Manifesting Abundance (Makemake). That includes having been the Victim of Childhood Fear Propaganda.

But this Seventh Energy isn’t a simple or straightforward as that. Hidden in the complexity of the chart is a Yin Gate (the blue rectangle) centered on that Opposition between Chiron and Klotho-Makemake – Eschewing Victimhood and being Reborn into Abundance. A Yin Gate is a Mystery School, where we Learn to Avoid Intellectually Understanding the Relationship between Victimhood and Abundance, and instead Open ourselves up to Receiving Intuitions about how Paradoxical this Relationship is.

Like all Relationships, at Heart it’s a Mystery, and when Understanding – which is a Judgment – replaces Curiosity, Love Dies. Western “Civilization” has given us many Lifetimes of Brainwashing to Believe that Intellectual Understanding is the Be-All and End-All of Life. Quite simply, it’s Not. The Be-All and End-All of Life is to Move into the Heart and Open to Gratitude and Generosity. Intellect should Serve that Higher Purpose, but in the Patriarchy Intellect Usurps the Altar and Demands Worship.

It’s Intellect that drives our Anxiety about this and every Election, and about every other Choice. If we were Living in our own Unique Heart we’d simply in all situations Choose whichever Option provided us with the most Gratitude and the most Opportunity for Having Enough to Share. Or whatever your own Unique Heart would Choose for you.

Mercury 2

October 21, 2020

It sure seems like we just got through a Moon Out-Of-Bounds, but we’re back in another one now, starting at 12:09 pm PDT 20 October 2020. This one will last till 3:24 am PDT 23 October, almost three days. Later during this MOOB Decade (2020-2030 or so) the Moon will stay OOB for up to five days every two weeks. Emotional Exhaustion, here we come.

In the last post we threatened to talk about the Election-Day Station (Exaggeration) of Mercury (Anal-ysis, Communication), and here we are. In just that tiny drop of interpretation we can already envision the commercial media trotting out their best Dewey headlines, potentially screwing up the Fate of the Comedy Empire even more than it is, if such is possible. Since the Mercury Direct Station occurs at 26 Degrees (of Libra), it’s a chart we Know and (like it or not, have to) Love…

Our Intellect (Mercury) longs for Rebirth (Conjoins dwarf planet Haumea), but it’s Held Back by its Hesitation to Fully Embrace Old Bummers (Opposes dwarf planet Eris). We can’t continue to drag around being Bummed out by Imaginary Futures projected from the Dregs of a Past that still clings to us like yesterday’s undercooked Scrambled Eggs. The Future isn’t Created yet, but as we speak we’re Manifesting the Energy that will Create it, and the more we Allow ourself to Focus on What We Don’t Want, the more the Future will be a Bummer for us.

Which doesn’t mean we can just Change our Energy the way we Change our Decisions or our jackets (though Poor-Sweethearting is always a possibility – we can go to Plan B if it doesn’t work). First we have to sweet-talk Eris to get him to disclose his Secrets, then we have to be Loving and Gentle with what he Reveals. If his Secrets were Fun, we’d have had no reason to Shelter our Ego from them. So we may be in a Held-Emotion situation, where we’re being Confronted with Emotions that We’d Rather Die Than Feel. The Ego will usually go to great lengths to conceal those from us, since the Ego’s job is to keep us Alive.

This Standoff between our Intellectual Desire for Rebirth (Mercury-Haumea) and our Ego’s Emotional Protectiveness (Opposite Eris) Challenges (T-Squares) two other Energies. First there’s the Priority-Confidence-Trance Energy (Saturn-Chariklo-Pluto) that we’ve been working with for a while, where we either Struggle to maintain our Self-Confidence under a Trance we haven’t Chosen, or we Choose a possibly-suboptimal Trance that does Allow us to remain Confident. And second there’s our Inclusiveness (asteroid Hopi or Respect for All Things). It’s not unusual that What We’re Denying has something to do with our Experiences around Inclusiveness – even Sibling Rivalry would be an example.

In the Blessings Department, we have five of six planets Aligned into what would be a Grand-Sextile (six planets equally spaced around the Zodiac, meaning Excellent access to Grace), indicating that the Energies of these five planets Harmonize Naturally. The five are Mercury–Haumea, Eris, Ixion (our Hidden Genius), Karma (Karma or Innate Habits), and the Conjoined dwarf planets Asbolus and Chaos (Intuition about our Unlimited Potential).

These Patterns always turn out to be more Effortless if we can find planets or Stars to fill in the sixth position in the Grand Sextile – otherwise we have to try to generate the Vacant Energy Consciously ourself. In this case there are plenty or planets and Stars in the Vacancy, and especially in this context they foretell a very interesting Script…

First there’s asteroid Damocles – Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop, or more literally, for the Sword to Fall on our Head. The Damocles Story is about a Leader always being in Danger of having to repay a Political Debt to someone he’s Wronged. I can think of at least one party who’s very much camped under that Sword, and one can make a good case for an entire Senate sitting in that chair.

Second, there’s the Star Deneb Algedi, which is associated with The Hero’s Journey. Is that our Hero’s Journey, or the Candidates? It’s certainly ours with regard to keeping our Focus on What We Want, in the sense that our Thoughts and Emotions are Creating the Future as we Speak, and Learning to Manifest Directly by Conscious Attention to our Mental and Emotional Energies is arguably one of the most important elements of any Hero’s Journey.

And third, asteroid Kassandra is also there. The Mythic Kassandra was given the Sight, but because she Betrayed a Promise, she was also given the “gift” of Never Having Her Prophesies Believed. As a gambler, she could have used that to become very Wealthy, but there are also a zillion ways to become a Victim in that context, if she Reacted Emotionally. In the Myth she did the latter, but recall that a purpose of Myth is to reveal the places where we have Great Power if we Choose to become Conscious.

When we combine this with the Saturn-Chariklo-Pluto emphasis on Confidence, I read this as a clear Suggestion that we can Create the Future We Want to Live In by Being Conscious of our Thoughts and Emotions, and Choosing to be Confident about steering them in the direction of the way we would like to Feel after the Election results are in.


October 19, 2020

My most basic thesis is that we gain Experience and Wisdom through Repetition, so I don’t usually pay much Attention to the Inner planets like Mercury, since we get so much Experience with them. Except when one of them specifically seeks out my Attention, such as now, when Mercury – Intellect, Analysis, Communication – joins asteroid Juno in the Grand Quintile – Great Teacher – that we discussed in the previous post.

Mercury Retrograde that is. I also don’t usually pay much Attention to a planet’s Retrograding, since I prefer to focus on its Stations, the times when it Stands Still just before turning Retrograde of Direct, because in my Experience a planet’s Influence on Earthly Life is greatest when it’s Stationary. So its Stations are the best time to study a planet. By comparison I don’t see a Profound Difference between a planet when it’s Direct and when it’s Retrograde. We all see the World differently, so I don’t pretend that this is Universal, just my own Bias based on my own personal Experience or Insensitivity.

Certainly travel and communication can be glitchy when Mercury is Retrograde, but I’ve always found that when I’m Conscious that it’s happening, Respond with Humor, and avoid Identifying with the Drama, it’s no big deal. Just the Coyote-Trickster Loki, and actually a firm Warning that the Intellect really can’t be Trusted, simply because while it does a fabulous job of Manipulating 2D and even to some extent 3D Worlds, it’s woefully inadequate at operating in 4D and Beyond.

Nevertheless, the most important part of Retrogradation is probably the fact that some Zone of the Zodiac gets Lit Up three times in a row, indicating that there’s something going on there that we need to Pay Attention to. In the current Mercury Retrogradation the Zone that’s Asking for our Attention is 26 Libra through 12 Scorpio, a Zone that starts by Showing us how Silly (Virgo Duad of Libra) we are for Believing that Confidence is All we need in a Relationship (Leo Duad of Libra) and ends by Illustrating how far we are off the mark (Pisces Duad of Scorpio) when we Assume we Understand anyone (Aquarius Duad of Scorpio) – Love Ends When Judgment Replaces Curiosity – even when the Judgment is favorable.

A second important part of Retrogradation is when the Retrograding planet crosses another planet thrice – another case of the Universe saying Listen Up! In it’s current backwardation, Mercury crosses asteroid Sappho – Unconditional Love – three times, on 3 October, 15 October, and finally on 4 December. The message is No, you don’t Understand Unconditional Love with your Intellect – Unconditional Love is Bigger than that. As is often the case when Intellect Fails us, we have to move to the Heart to Grok Unconditional Love.

The salient feature of the 13 October 2020 Mercury Station chart…

…is five sixths of a Grand Sextile (the blue hexagram). A Sextile is two planets two Signs apart, and it means Grace, though it’s not automatic – it unfolds once we take the first step. A Grand Sextile is six planets more or less evenly spaced around the Zodiac – six Sextiles back to back. It means lots of Blessings. To complete this one we have to add asteroid Hades. I know, that word catches our Breath, but no worries, as the chart well indicates the Historical Unpleasantness that we’re Composting here.

Moving clockwise from Hades on the short blue lines, we first come to Uranus – our Soul, and our Guide here. Next comes dwarf planet Nessus, which symbolizes Abuse and Privilege – this is what we’re Letting Go Of, our history with Abuse and Privilege. Next on the loop is dwarf planet Hylonome – Codependence – and asteroid Veritas – Facing the Facts. We’re taking a Searching and Fearless Inventory here of the ways we Collaborated in our own Abuse. The next short blue line leads to Mercury and asteroid Sappho – Unconditional Love – of course we Collaborated, because we most likely Believed we could easily get Dead if we didn’t!

Next we have dwarf planet Orcus, sandwiched between Venus and the Moon. Orcus punishes Oath-Breakers, and of course we made an Oath never to tell, because we were threatened that if not us, someone we Loved could get Dead if we didn’t. But Orcus here is Embraced by Venus – the Heart, and the Moon – our Instincts. They tell us that it’s time to Stand Up to Orcus and Recant all Oaths that we ever made under duress. Finally we come to asteroid Hades, completing the Grand Sextile. Hades enforced the Rules in the Underwhere, but he enforced them fairly. He was not Abusive.

The chart also includes one T-Square – a Challenge – the red triangle pointing to asteroid Moira from the Nessus-Orcus Opposition. Moira was the Goddess of Fate. Our Fate is our Karma, it’s what Befalls us as long as we remain Unconscious. Once we get Conscious of our Karma though, just as we’re Getting Conscious about our Abuse here, Fate is replaced by Choice. When we know a Karmic Consequence is likely to occur, we can simply Choose Differently, just as we wear a raincoat when the Weather Forecast advises us that Rain is likely. We don’t have to Stand Still for it, we can Revert it.

Notice that when Hades in included in the chart, it’s five Signs from Moira – hence the green line or Quincunx, meaning literally, five Signs or five twelfths of the Zodiac. It means Curiosity. It joins the green line from Uranus to Moira, forming a green wedge or Finger of the Goddess, that Neutralizes the Challenge of the T-Square by making it Self-Resolving. When we Respond to a Challenge with “Isn’t this Interesting!” instead of “Oh Shit I’m Screwed!” we Intimidate the Challenge, and it cringes off to lick its wounds, leaving us to Respond Dispassionately to the Challenge.

The Mercury Station chart also includes the same Grand Quintile that we discussed in the last post, differing only by the addition of asteroid Sappho on the Mercury-Juno corner – add Unconditional Self-Love to that Pentagram at the end of that post.

There’s one more reason why this particular Station of Mercury is worth Paying Attention to. Mercury turns Direct again on 3 November 2020, a rather momentous date. That’s a fascinating chart, which we’ll look at in the next post.

Heavy Fortnight 11

June 18, 2020

There are a few Stones yet to turn in this week’s astroenergy.  For instance, our Awareness around Compassion is heightened the week of 15-19 June 2020, as a primary symbol for Intellectual Awareness is Lit Up in the Sign of Nurturing (Mercury Stationary 17 June 10pm PDT in 15 Cancer).

Compassion has twelve stages, and four of them (in bold italics below) are lit up during June and July.  The twelve stages are…

  • Spontaneous Compassion (0-2½ Degrees of Cancer [Cancer “Duad” of Cancer]).
  • Ego Involvement with Compassion (2½-5° of Cancer [Leo Duad]).
  • Conflicts with our Values (5-7½° Cancer [Virgo Duad]).
  • Compassion and Codependence (7½-10° Cancer [Libra Duad]).
  • Deep Review of our Identity (10-12½° Cancer [Scorpio Duad]).
  • Recommitment to our Values (12½-15° Cancer [Sagittarius Duad]).
  • Adjustment of our Lifestyle (15-17½° Cancer [Capricorn Duad]).
  • Social Compromise (17½-20° Cancer [Aquarius Duad]).
  • Emotional Consequences (20-22½° Cancer [Pisces Duad]).
  • Rebooting Compassion (22½-25° Cancer [Aries Duad]).
  • Justification Phase (25-27½° Cancer [Taurus Duad]).
  • Surrendering Analysis and Experimenting (27½-30° Cancer [Gemini Duad]).

We started down the “bold-italic” path above in early June.  We can see these trends most clearly around our Reactions and Responses to the Coronavirus, to the “Economy” (do we still have food and shelter?), to the Selective Police State with its Obsolete but Deeply Ingrained Patterns of Privilege and Abuse, to Climate Change and Planet-Abuse, and to the extent that we “mind our own business” or fall into the Abyss of Ideology and waste our Life Energy on Emotional Attachment to Concepts, Unexamined Regressions, and Programmed Us-Versus-Thems, as opposed to the Be-Here-Now Realities that reflect 5DNot to mention Big Pictures that Mirror our Fears instead of Small Pictures that Project What We Want.

The timing looks something like this, give or take adjustments for time zones…

  • Confronting Dissonance between our Compassion and our Values, 2-3 June (Mercury enters “Shadow Zone” – the span of its impending Retrogradation, at 6° Cancer).
  • We discover places where our Compassion Conflicts with our Relationships, Encountering Judgment or Noticing Dissonance in our social circle, 4-6 June (7½-10° Cancer).
  • A lot of Soul-Searching over this Dissonance 7-9 June (12½-15° Cancer), evaluating our Yintegrity and our Yangtegrity.
  • Recommitting to our Values – or to our Codependence, or both – until 25 June (as Mercury slooows down, stops, and slowly starts moving “backwards”).

These are Big Opportunities.  5D works when everyone in your Community is in Yintegrity and of course in Neutrality.  (There’s more to it, but basically Yintegrity means you do what you feel like doing moment to moment, Yangtegrity means you do what you said you were going to do.)  We get to see what we React To rather than Respond To – Reaction is Emotional and Habitual and Unexamined, Response is Value-Based, Goal-Aware, and Outcome-Oriented.  We get to see where we tend to Betray our own Values.  We get to Wonder whether our Values themselves need Upgrading.  We get to Ask ourself whether “making a stand” is worth the Hassle – lots and lots of Opportunities to Expand our Consciousness.

And of course the Overarching Theme this week is about Expanding our Consciousness around our Manifestation Skills and Converting our Fate to Choice (dwarf planet Makemake Stationary Conjunct Juno and asteroid Moira Stationary).  If you have a hard time relating this Theme to Reaction versus Response, Value Betrayal, Value Upgrades, and Self-Sovereignty versus Codependence, let me know and we’ll Explore it further.

We next walk through our Compassion-Awareness Gauntlet backwards – Soul-Searching 26-30 June (12½-10 Cancer), Relationship Conflicts 1-4 July (10-7½ Cancer), Compassion-Values Dissonance and Repair 5-18 July (7½-6-7½ Cancer – Mercury goes Direct 12 July in 6 Cancer).  While our first (Direct) trip through the Gauntlet was likely to have been Shocking and Disruptive (we refer to the pre-Stationary-Retrograde portion of the Shadow Period as the “Can-Opener”), the second (Retrograde or “Exposition” phase) trip through it is likely to be Slower, and more Educational than Sensational.  We get a better chance to see what’s going on.

The third and final portion (Direct again – we refer to this third phase as the “Confidence-Builder”) will be something like Relationship Resolution 19-22 July (Libra Duad), Lifestyle Adjustment 23-24 July (Scorpio Duad), and Eliminating What’s No Longer of Service 25-26 July (Sagittarius Duad).

Our next Mercury-Retrograde Awareness-Amplification Shadow Period will be about the Consequences of our Relationships (including our Fantasy Relationships with people we’re unlikely to ever meet, like those with the Antichrist), and span 23 September to 19 November (26 Libra to 12 Scorpio, the Taurus-Gemini Duads of Libra and Scorpio-to-Pisces Duads of Scorpio).  The Fear-and-Loathing portion (Can-Opener) runs through 14 October (Mercury Stationary Retrograde 12 Scorpio), the Think-About-It phase (Exposition or Retrograde portion) lasts till US Election Day 3 November (Mercury Stationary Direct 26 Libra), and the Love-It-or-Hate-It period (Confidence-Builder) is finished 19 November – probably take that long to tally the votes. 

I don’t know yet what the Overarching Theme will be, but it will have something to do with the Life Force (dwarf planet Varuna Stationary 4 November in 6 Leo) and Respect for All Things (asteroid Hopi Stationary 7 November in 26 Cancer)We need to Remember that the Future is not Created yet, and that the Future Flows from the Energy that All Conscious Entities, including the Mother Planet, Project into the Present.  We can do our part by PIAVAing and Meditating on the Resurrection of the Life Force and of Respect for All Things, rather than greater Suppression of them.  The more you can Forget about Mechanisms and Focus on Outcomes, and the more you can Focus on What You Want, Locally, the more Power your Contribution will have.

If you can’t Break your Addiction to a Belief that we are under the Control of the Big Picture (Politics, Economy, Global and National Trends, Global Warming, etc.) that the Toxic Media feeds us, do this instead – PIAVA that you and your Local Community have the Freedom to Manifest Your Own Reality, with as many Ds as you’d like.  And then Do it.  We don’t need to drag an Unwilling World into our Reality in order to Manifest What We Want.  That’s not about Selfishness, it’s about Free Will (theirs) and Readiness (ours – their Readiness is up to them, not you).

The 1% have already been doing this for forty years, some far longer.  If their Motive has been Fear or Greed, that’s their Problem and their Karma, not yours.  Don’t Condemn them, Emulate them, but do so within the framework of your own Values and Desires.  We need to Consider that our Displeasure with them might actually be Envy.  That would be a more Honest Motive on our part than a Control Trip.


May 9, 2020

A reader Wonders…

“I just realized I am not well versed in the ‘vacant spot’ and how to read it; for example, 19 Virgo (near my Natal Jup) – Is the vacant point an important piece to incorporate Natal planet positions to understand creating the pattern within the transits?  Or is the vacant spot more an indication of what is to be understood from the pattern configuration?  If you have any references from your posts that I could study further?  Or maybe a quick explanation will do the trick.”

Yes, when you’re at, there’s a long column of keywords (“categories”) to the right of the text.  If you’re looking at a specific post, it doesn’t show up.  I try to add a keyword to a post only when the post explains the term, but I’m not totally consistent about categorizing all posts.  I notice that there are two cubbyholes for “Vacancy,” one under “Planets etc.” and one under “Astrologuese.”  They should be combined, as there’s no difference in how they’re used – but it would take me about an hour to combine them, so I won’t bother.

But let’s go ahead with a quick explanation, as we never know what we’re going to find from the keyword list – I “improve” my astrology constantly, so I’ll just tell you how I use Vacancies now…

Configurations in a chart are combinations of planetary angles that, usually, fill the Zodiac (usually that means they add to 360 Degrees).  For instance, the Grand Sextille comprises six planets each two Signs or 60 Degrees apart, 6 x 60 = 360.  The Grand Sextile (and the Grand Anything) is considered to be much more Powerful than six Sextiles randomly placed around a chart or less well organized.

I consider it an Almost-Grand Sextile when five of the six Positions are occupied, because if we supply the missing Energy in the sixth Position, then we Complete the Grand Sextile and Enjoy the Benefits  (kinda like Bingo or the Lotteries, of a Full Hand in Poker).  It’s similar with other Almost-Grand Configurations – Quintile, Septile, etc. Occasionally, when it seems appropriate, I’ll consider a Configuration with two Vacancies to be Almost-Grand.  Like the four adjoining Septiles we had at the 25 April 2020 Pluto Station, where just for the heck of it we looked to see if there were Stars at the missing three Positions (still in my queue, Bob!).

Notice that an Almost-Grand Cross is a T-Square – the primary Benefit of any Grand Configuration is that it’s Balanced, including the Grand Cross.  It combines four T-Squares, but it’s In Balance, so it’s not considered as Troublesome as the T-Square.  The primary Challenge of the T-Square then is to Create Balance from it.  We don’t usually consider the Vacancy of a T-Square, but it wouldn’t hurt to do so.

We were looking at a 19-Virgo Vacancy in the Almost-Grand Sextile in the 7 May Full Moon chart.  I don’t have a way to check to see if a Vacancy may be occupied by asteroids (or even dwarf planets) that I don’t usually use – I wish I did, as it would help a lot.  If anyone has a way to do this, let me know.  So if none of the “planets” (meaning planets, asteroids, dwarfs, Lights, Nodes, etc) I use are there, I look for Stars nearby.  That’s an iffy proposition, as there aren’t that many Stars that are cataloged for use by astrologers.  However, if there’s a Biggie there, like Arcturus or Regulus or Sirius, that’s Huge.

Whether there’s a Star near the Vacancy or not, if you have a natal planet there, you automatically Complete the Configuration, without even trying.  So for you it’s a full Grand Sextile, because you Embody the Energies of your natal chart.  If you have natal planets near any of the other planets in the Configuration, that’s worth noting as well, because that natal planet will be Lit Up more than usual.  As Huminals (Huper Animals), we’re like Viruses, with those little Spikes all over, corresponding to the planets in our natal chart, each of which is an Antenna for broadcasting and picking up (and maybe getting Stuck on) Energies from outside of ourself.

So that Almost-Grand Sextile in the Full Moon chart comprised…

  • Klotho – Beginning New Timelines
  • Sun-Mercury – Awareness of our Essence
  • Neptune – Our Relationship to Energies Larger than Our Own
  • Hylonome-Veritas – Insights into our Codependence
  • Moon – our Instincts

If we add a Jupiter to that in the Vacancy, which would apply only to you, we Expand everything.  A Grand Sextile itself is about fabulous Grace or Good Luck in combining the Energies in each Sextile, which in turn is about Projects where we take the First Step and the Universe takes over after that.  So for the next several weeks (Full Moon charts impact the following 2-4 weeks) we might be finding excellent progress around Expanding New Projects that involve Trusting our own Instincts more, and Listening More to (and/or PIAVAing the Assistance of) our Guides, instead of Playing to or Soliciting the Opinions of Others.

Now, for most of the rest of us, without a planet in or near 19 Virgo, we have to Consciously add the Energy of the Vacancy in order to take advantage of the Enhanced Grace of the Grand Sextile.  For a guess about what that might mean we’d read the Sabian Symbol for that Degree, 19 Virgo: “A Swimming Race.”  To me that means Efficiency at processing our Emotions.  So for the rest of us for the next several weeks we might find great progress with New Projects that involve Trusting our own Instincts more, Listening More to our Guides and Soliciting their Assistance more, and Trusting our own Emotions (as Opposed to our Thoughts About them of course), instead of Trying to Please Others.

For all of us, the Programming we received from our Mothers is likely to be particularly Lit Up, since the Saturn Station occurs on Mother’s Day.  And we can’t ignore the fact that the Moon goes Out of Bounds on Mothers Day, so it’s all going to be a lot more Emotional than it would be usually – though telling Mom to Butt Out of our Choices will probably always be a Chancy Conversation.  But its a Grand Sextile, suggesting very Positive Outcomes from any Project that we Initiate, so it may be the best time ever to Begin our Self-Liberation.

Or, you can take an Easier path, especially if your Mum is Difficult (or Deceased), and use your Mirrors instead.  Either way our Relationship with our Dear Mother is Changing, so we want to Make the Best of the Opportunity in whatever way Feels best to us – that is, by Trusting our Emotions.  If our Emotions are Conflicted, as they’re likely to be, what an Opportunity to Stay Present with our Confusion and Avoid trying to Fix it.

If your Mother is the type to Demand Commitment, what an Opportunity to Stand your Ground (Veritas-Hylonome) – “Mom, I hear that you’re Asking for a firm Commitment, but I’m not Ready to do that, so we’ll have to leave the whole Issue Dangling till I am Ready, and I don’t know when that will be.”  Then, while the odds of Success are Great (Grand Sextile), you get to Practice Not Trying to Fix or Manipulate your Mother’s Emotions!

You might think this all sounds Daunting, but it’s a Critical and Natural part of Claiming Your Power, and as we’ve said, there may never be a Better Time.  Trying to stuff your Mother’s Heavy Emotions into your Carrion Bag for the Ascension Flight won’t work.  They’ll bump you off the Flight for overweight.