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Heating Up III

June 26, 2018

The 26 June Mars Station (2pm PDT) at 10 Aquarius is most notable for Conjoining the South Node, which is very endearing to us all, as it brings up all of the Emotional Baggage that we haven’t yet sent on down the River.  Just in case you’ve been too busy to notice.

The South Node Initiated Mars June 13 (5pm PDT) at 9 Aquarius, “A flag turning into an Eagle,” which is to say, Broadening Perspectives.  Of course our Perspectives will Broaden when we Let Go of our Limiting Beliefs.  It’s reminiscent of the turn-of-the-Millennium Pluto-Chiron Initiation in 12 Sagittarius, “A flag turning into an Eagle turning into a Rooster saluting the Dawn” – of Enlightenment or Ascension.

Mars is turning Retrograde, so it will be chasing the South Node back across Aquarius, catching up on 18 July (10am PDT), so we’ll have more Opportunities to Embrace our Traumas Lovingly, as we would with any lost child. 

A trick I find useful is to Locate the Emotion or Pain in my Body (if it’s in many places, pick one to start) and put my Hand on it.  Fear is Cold and Hard; Love is Soft and Warm.  My Hand will Warm the Location while I imagine Softening around it.  Keep your Attention in the center of the Location until it Moves.  When your mind wanders, no worries, just bring it back.  Once the Affliction Moves, Change the Subject.  If we can Heal physical wounds this way (which with Practice and Intention we can), we can Heal Banished Emotions.

Just to demonstrate again that “You can’t make this stuff up,” the Mars Station advises exactly that, as Sappho/Self-Love Squares the Nodal Axis – a Challenge to become Adept at Self-Love.  What better place to Practice than with our Held, “I’d-rather-Die-than Feel” Emotions.

We get a lot of help from the Universe, as said Sappho is also a corner of a Grand Trine, signifying “Dumb-Luck” Blessings – Gifts that don’t require Reciprocation.  The Gift is the Realization that we Gave Our Power Away somewhere along the line.  Probably not in the current Lifetime, since the Nodes are involved. 

Somewhere, sometime, we swore Obedience to someone who was Abusive to us, probably because it was the least worst of our options (though we could have been Exploring Masochism).  Now we get to Recant, and if we can stay out of our own way, it will just “happen to us.”  Yes, you’re Allowed to be a Victim of Good Luck. 

Hylonome/Self-Sovereignty and Orcus/Oaths are the other corners of the Grand Trine with Sappho, and Nessus/Abuse Opposes Orcus, creating a Nessus Kite.  Meanwhile Atropos/Endings makes a Trine Bridge to the Nodal Axis, signifying the End of this Timeline unless we Resist the Gift.  Yods/Pay-Attention point to both Atropos and Nessus.

So why would we Resist such a Gift?  Well, Karma is Sticky.  It doesn’t actually cling to us, we cling to it, because it’s What We Know, and the Familiar is more Comfortable than the Unfamiliar.  So we have to Endure some Discomfort if we want to step out from under our Karmic Raincloud into the Sunshine.  I mean, don’t they tell us that Sunshine causes Cancer?  Who are we supposed to Believe?