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Mandatory Growth Eclipse 2

April 29, 2022

Like Chiron, dwarf planet Damocles is a Messenger planet, journeying out to the environs of Uranus, picking up a Message from our Soul, and bringing it back to the Ego realm. Chiron in its 50-year orbit spends many years Dancing with Saturn between it’s Forays into the Furthur Reaches. Damocles has a 40-year orbit like a yoyo. When it’s out flirting with Uranus it takes 30 years to span one Sign, Aquarius. But it only takes three years to run from mid-Pisces to mid-Capricorn, ten Signs. In the middle of that span it’s no further from us than Mars. So Chiron delivers Soul Messages to our Ego, while Damocles delivers Soul Messages to our Body.

The Healing Message of Chiron is about What do we Dread, What is so Hopeless to us, that we don’t even Dream of the possibility of Healing from it. Kind of like the Held Emotions of the South Node, the ones we’d rather Die than Feel, the ones that require a serious Ego Death. With Chiron, the Unhealable Healer, we know that Empathy is what Heals, so we can Heal ourself just by saying to ourself, You Poor Sweetheart, You’re Feeling Despair, Aren’t You.

Of course we have to Hold that Vibration, but we can do that by Changing the Subject, Relentlessly, so the Mind doesn’t rush us back into Dread by doing what it does best, namely Regurgitating Old Bummers. If we do that, we usually find Miracles, in the sense that such things were absolutely not Possible from our old Dread Perspective. “You can’t solve a Problem using the same Thinking that Created the Problem,” some sage once said, perhaps Einstein.

The Healing Message that Damocles brings is about What makes us Anxious, What could go Wrong. The Mythical Damocles was so taken with Power that he begged an Emperor to let him sit on the throne for a while, to Experience how much Control he would have over People. The Emperor agreed, but suspended a Sword over the throne, to Teach Damocles about Liability and Responsibility, about how many things could so easily go Wrong. That was in Ancient Sicily, and Damocles is still Running. So Damocles Teaches us about what we have to Stop and Stand Still For.

The Natives of the islands off the British Columbia Coast have a Legend about Sisiutl, a two-headed Sea Monster so Terrifying that you turn to Stone if you catch its gaze. When it approached, you Healed your Terror by closing your eyes and Standing Still. Once the Monster got so close to you that you were between its two heads, it would see its other head, and turn itself to Stone. That would take a lot of Guts, but that’s exactly what we need to do with Whatever we Run From.

Thing is, we often don’t know what it is that we’re Running From. When Anxiety arises, we depend on the Mind to Inform us what that is, but the Mind is very Forgetful when it comes to Trauma, and because it’s so handy, the Mind substitutes what the News Minia tells us is so Scary. We’ll be there again next week, when the Moon goes Out of Bounds again, from 2 May (11pm PDT) till 7 May (7pm PDT) 2022, and we get stuck on Our Thoughts About Our Feelings again instead of working with our Feelings Directly, as Sensations in our Body. Our Intuition will translate the Information we need from that, but we won’t be able to Hear our Intuitions when our Thoughts are making so much noise.

I’ve heard several people comment lately about how their To-Do list is so much longer than their Time Available. Gay Hendricks (The Big Leap, pp.159-184) calls that Newtonian Time, the 3D Belief that Time is Fixed and Limited, and thus like Money, it’s Scarce. He describes how he accidentally discovered Einstein Time, a 5D Belief that We Make Our Own Time, and he tells us how to make the Shift. For me at least, it’s counterintuitive, but it works. We Ask ourself, Where in my Life am I not Taking Full Ownership? Kind of Stops us Cold, doesn’t it. I’ve Discovered that we don’t have to Open this Crypt all at once. I have lots of Shoulds and lots of Unfulfilled Wants and Needs.

For instance, who needs the Minia to divert our Thoughts from Feelings we routinely Avoid, when we have Chocolate. I wasn’t Taking Full Ownership of my using Chocolate in that way. That’s not something I can do Intellectually, I have to do it Intuitively. So I PIAVAed 1 that I Take Full Ownership of my use of Chocoate. I have to Declare the Intention, then wait to see what pops up as a possible Process that might take me in that Direction.

  • 1 PIAVA stands for Prayer, Intention, Asking, Visualizing, Affirming, all of which are Magnetic or Feminine Processes for Creating. There are many more in the references at If you aren’t routinely Visual, you can substitute your own mode of Projecting Intention – Feeling, Hearing, Smelling, Imagining, etc.

Since I’ve Declared the Intention (and several others), and easily made several small steps in that Direction, which presented themselvesI didn’t have to go looking for them, they found me – I’m much more Aware of when I start to Stress about Enough Time, and I’ve made many small steps that feel like movement in the Direction of Fulfilling more of my Wants and Needs. Gay takes 25 pages to Teach this Process, and he’s an excellent Teacher. If Time Anxiety Stresses you, I recommend that chapter in The Big Leap. He acknowledges that it takes Awareness and Persistence to Trap and Transform all of our Newtonian Time Habits.

At any rate, Damocles is now Dancing with Saturn. We interpret Saturn as The Most Important Thing, so we might interpret the Saturn-Damocles Cycle as The Most Important Thing Right Now Is Ferreting out the Roots of our Anxiety. Anxiety has no place in 5D, and our Anxiety is almost never what the News Minia tells us it Should be. The Root of our Anxiety is the Trauma That We Touch, Just Out of Our Awareness, When we Identify with that Faux News. The News itself may be True, but our Assignment of it to our Anxiety is faux. We can Declare our Intention to Lovingly and Gently Take Full Ownership of the Edges of the Trauma that is Limiting Our Goals in this moment.

We don’t have to Open the full Pandora’s2 Box of the Trauma itself, we just need to Recognize that we must be Touching our own Karmic Trauma when we Identify with Our Thoughts About Our Feelings of Anxiety, whether the Thoughts are our own, or given to us from other sources. Do we Recognize that our Thoughts are just that, Thoughts? Or have they taken on an element of Reality for us? What do we Feel in our Body, and Where do we Feel it, when we are Distressed about something?

The Dance between Priority and Anxiety (the Saturn-Damocles Cycle) is Lit Up just now, and it’s tied up with Respect and Self-Love.3 We could also read the Saturn-Damocles Dance as Our Relationship to our Anxiety is the Most Important Thing for us to Focus On right now. Saturn begins a New Cycle with Damocles in March 2023, so it will be Lit Up for the next year.

The New Cycle is about A Farmer’s Market, a Profound symbol of Community. The Old Cycle that we’ve been working with since 1950 has been about A Flag at Half-Mast Outside a Public Building. Like our Thoughts, it’s a Flag, a Symbol, it’s not Real, it’s a Cartoon of something Real. Something has Died since 1950. Is it our Concept of what a Government or other Public Institution should be about? Is it the sense that the Institution should do it for us, rather than our Taking Full Ownership in our Communities? The Hope that Public Institutions would Rescue us from our Demons has certainly Died.

I can’t help but see 5D as being organized not around a Central Authority, but around Individual Communities, with Frequencies so far apart that Communities that would otherwise be at War with one another, are actually unable to See one another, the way that most of us are unable to see the Fairies that make Nature and Life function. Michael Roads’s Through the Eyes of Love trilogy describes this pretty well, and actually R. Ogilvie Crombie’s (“ROC”) Encounters with Pan and the Elemental Kingdom does as well.

  • 2 Asteroid Pandora is prominent in Saturday’s Eclipse chart.
  • 3 In the 29 April Pluto Station chart, Sappho (Self-Love) is T-Squared (Challenged ) by the Opposition between Saturn-Damocles and Hopi-Requiem (Respect for Death, Reverting the Death of Respect ). Hopi is Out of Bounds (Amplified ). Abusive Lack of Respect is certainly Lit Up, and perhaps will reach it’s Herxheimer Nadir with Musk’s takeover of the Twit Program.

Mandatory Growth Eclipse

April 27, 2022

Now that the Moon is spending the better part of a week Beyond the Pail each time it goes Out of Bounds, which it does every fortnight, for most of the next decade we’ll only have about a week to Recover from our Collective Panic Attacks before the next one strikes.1 The last Moon OOB ended 23 April 2022, the next one begins 2 May. And before the Moon tucks back into the Pail again on 7 May, while Panic still reigns, we encounter the next major Portal of 🦨Pootin’s Reduction of Ukraine to Rubble and Attempted Genocide, his Comprehensive Sabotage of Worldwide Climate Change Mitigation Progress, and his Single-Handed Creation, by destroying more than a quarter of the World’s Grain crops, of the impending End-Times Famines.2 🦨Pootin’ makes Mansion look more like an outhouse, and smells worse in the process.

Before that happens, though, we have to make it through this weekend’s Dual Portal – an Exaggeration of Compulsive Denial until Friday,3 and a Colossal Contest between the Ego and the Soul, both Collectively and Personally, starting on Saturday.4 If we’re Lucky on Thursday or Friday, our Denial may become so Exaggerated that it becomes Laughable to us, and turns into Compulsive (ie, Defenseless) Acceptance of what we’ve been Denying. This whole Soliloquy is all about our Self-Love and Self-Respect, and may involve our Denial crashing suddenly to the floor and shattering like a glass piñata, at which point we either Laugh at ourself, or Skillfully and/or Comically Pretend like we Knew It All Along.5 We also get a Frightening Glimpse of what it will be like to Live Without Our Codependence.6

Somewhere in this Enforced Enlightenment, we’re likely to Discover that we need to give up All Dualities. Most of us won’t be able to Hold this Frequency steadily, but we’ll begin to Experience the Edges of it more often now. This includes many minor issues like Good and Evil, Life and Death, Us and Them, Past and Future, Me and You, 🦨Pootin’ and Us. Little things like these. You always knew you’d have to Give then Up eventually, you just didn’t think you’d have to be doing it so soon.

  • 1 When the Moon goes Out of Bounds, anyone who deals with their Emotions through Their Thoughts About Their Emotions, will have a hard time avoiding Panic. Thoughts are to Emotions as Viruses are to Influenza – they’re the vehicle of Contagion, driven by the News Minia. If you deal with your Emotions as Sensations in your Body, they’ll just be a bit more Intense than usual.
  • 2 Retrograde Pholus (Being Fully Responsive) Conjoins (Merges With) Retrograde Quaoar (Our Survival Instincts) until 9:35 am PDT 6 May (numerologically 8, Adjustments), still in 8 Capricorn (Joyously Singing Domesticated Birds). The 8-Capricorn Avian Sabian Symbol emphasizes that 🦨Pootin’s Misadventures are a Herxheimer of the Patriarchy. The Invasion of Ukraine began at the previous Conjunction of Pholus and Quaoar, which was the simultaneous Initiation of their new 125-year Cycle.
  • 3 Pluto (Compulsion) Stationary (Amplified) 11:35 am PDT 29 April (num. 12, New Perspectives), in 29 Capricorn (Grokking Meanings), Square to (Challenged by) Moon (Instincts) and Eris (Revelation of Denial ) in 27-28 Aries (Rotten Tomatoes).
  • 4 New Moon (New Beginnings) and Partial Solar Eclipse (Illumination) Conjunct Uranus (Soul ) and Hybris (Hubris or Ego) 1:28 pm PDT 30 April (num. 4, Dominion), in 11 Taurus (Woman watering Flowers). More to be said about this, which will be strong over the following two weeks, next time.
  • 5 Friday’s Pluto Station chart features a T-Square to asteroid Sappho (Self-Love) at 29 Taurus (Collaborating for the Common Good ) from an Opposition between Hopi-Requiem (Respect for the Death of Judgment ) and Saturn-Damocles (Anxiety about the Most Important Things). The Odds favor your Self-Love, but it may be an Intense Challenge (Sappho Opposite the Galactic Center.
  • 6 The Pluto Station chart also includes a naked Square between Chaos, Asbolus, and Lilith (Mean Lunar Apogee) at the end of Gemini, and Neptune, Jupiter, and Venus at the end of Pisces.

Denial and Respect

April 19, 2022

The week we’re working primarily on the Issue of Respect for All Things,1 with a major subtheme of Codependence and Self-Sovereignty.2 We also have recent Initiations of two 5-or-so-years-long Cycles having to do with Denial.3 One Analysis of Conservatism tells us that Conservatives Rely on Authority; they haven’t Learned how – or don’t Believe it’s Safe – to Trust their own Thoughts or Intuitions. We could propose a similar origin for Codependents, some of whom evidently don’t Believe it’s Safe to have their own Opinions and Actions, without the Approval of their Codependence-Partner, namely the person who appears to need a Follower to Validate their Worthiness.4

  • 1 Asteroid Hopi (Respect for All Things, or the Converse, Judgment of Some Things), Out of Bounds (Amplified ), Stationary (Exaggerated ) until at least 9:02 am PDT 24 April 2022.
  • 2 Dwarf planet Hylonome (Codependence and Self-Sovereignty) Stationary (Exaggerated ) at least till 8:50 pm PDT 24 April.
  • 3 Dwarf planet Eris (Revelation of Denial ) Initiated asteroids Moira (Fate and Choice) 4 April, and Pallas (Boundaries) 16 April, in 25 Aries, “Walking in Two Worlds” (3D and 5D). Our Karma is our Fate, till we bring it into Consciousness. Once we Recognize our Karma, we can Set Boundaries around it, and then Choose Alternatives. We already know that the Drama between Fate and Free Will is Spurious, because it’s a Duality, and we know that Either/Or Dualities are Political Gimmicks of the Huper Mind, whereas Reality is Unitary and Multifarious, or Both/And.
  • 4 Not that some Codependent Relationships aren’t doubly Codependent…
“What are we going to do tonight, Brain?
I don’t know, Pinky, what do you want to do?”

Lately we’ve been witnessing a major Collision between Conservatism, Codependence, Denial, and Boundaries, in the form of the “Don’t Say Gay” Drama being Acted Out in Florida and elsewhere. I was raised in a Culture that violently rejected Homosexuality, so I’m very conscious of the Cultural Taboo of Appearing to be Gay, or to fraternize or sororize with folks of the LGBTQ+ persuasion. Here’s a big discussion of the whole Balloon, in today’s “News” Minia…


It was very clear growing up, that the whole Balloon is driven by a need to Appear a certain way to your peers, because if you didn’t, they were likely to beat you to a pulp – that was a popular form of Entertainment in the 1950s. Driven by the ancient Fear of Abandonment, in other words. Except in many Indigenous Walkabout or Vision-Quest Cultures, Abandonment by your Community meant likely Death in them there Olde Dayes. Wouldn’t it be great if this Balloon spurs some people to Confront their Cultural Codependence around this Issue, and Claim their Free Will.

In her blog post today, Nafta Jay describes this 3D Drama from the 5D side…

“Last night in dreamtime I was working all night. It has been a while since I’ve been busy all night. I was helping to balance both the collective and a few individuals, while major archetypes were changing or being removed. I remember telling someone, ‘It’s okay, that’s just the fear being removed from the collective. It isn’t you, you’re fine.’ All night was spent calming energy down as layers of programming was removed, like blankets from a bed. After you remove a blanket, the lower layers need to be smoothed out. My job was the smoothing. There was a lot of smoothing.”

Where Are We?

April 19, 2022

Always a good question when there’s a lot going on…

A good place to start is the Moon Out of Bounds that begins 19 April 2022 11:17 am PDT, in 10 Sagittarius. It’s “OOB” over the Southern Hemisphere. I’m on the Northern half of the Globe, and so far I’ve noticed that things in “my World” are impacted more when the Moon is OOB North, so from that I’d hypothesize that Moon OOB South will impact the Southern Hemisphere more, but I haven’t verified it. I’m open to comments from the Southern half of our Big Blue Rock, letting me know whether this week was more of a challenge than usual for youalls. The Moon returns In Bounds 23 April 11:06 am PDT, in 7 Aquarius.

When the Moon is Out of Bounds, people seem to be more willing to Believe their Thoughts About Their Emotions, that is, their Stories. Our Stories Organize our Life, so No Blame. But they also Separate us from our Life, because they wall us out of the Present Moment, which is the only Moment there is. Many if not most of us gather our Stories from the News Minia, which is unfortunate, because the News Minia just reports the day’s Party Line, from whichever Party is running the Minia you frequent. It’s a fun way to Enjoy Group Hysteria, which may be our most rewarding way to Experience the Illusion of Power. But it’s as Evolutionarily Nutritious as a Big Mac.

For instance, your favorite Minia has probably informed you that the Patriarch of 🦨Poot has declared a new national anthem…

Since Moon OOB has been so disruptive lately, I looked ahead to see what it will be doing in its next several episodes…

  • Moon OOB N 2 May 10:58 pm PDT to 7 May 6:56 pm PDT, 10 Gemini-8 Leo.
  • Moon OOB S 16 May 8:21 pm PDT to 20 May 4:36 pm PDT, 10 Sagittarius-8 Aquarius.
  • Moon OOB N 30 May 4:30 am PDT to 4 June 1:29 am PDT, 10 Gemini-7 Leo.
  • Moon OOB S 13 June 7:00 am PDT to 17 June 1:33 am PDT, 10 Sagittarius-7 Aquarius.

Notice how it’s messing with our same natal planets every time, as if we’re stuck in a Loop. Seems kinda Karmic, don’t it. Last year in May, on the North side, it spanned 18 Gemini-4 Leo, less Zodiacal territory because the 11-year Moon OOB Cycle was just getting warmed up. In May 2023 it’ll be OOB from 3 Gemini to 9 Leo. I assume the span will grow till halfway through its 11 years, then start to shrink again, if it’s symmetrical. After that we go 11 or so years without a Moon OOB – boring! For the Minia at least, though I’m sure they can make stuff up to Entertain us. I checked the previous Cycle, using 2003 as a sample, and it was the same span – 10 or so of Gemini through early Leo. That’s very curious. Usually Patterns rotate around the Zodiac, they don’t stay in the same place. In May 1983, the span was 24 Gemini to 29 Cancer, so there is some movement from Cycle to Cycle.1

  • 1 The Moon is OOB whenever it is North of the Tropic of Cancer (23:27 N Declination) or South of the Tropic of Capricorn (23:27 S Declination), which occurs for several days every two weeks for about 11 years, then for the following roughly 11 years, it doesn’t go OOB at all.

Shortly after the Moon returns In Bounds on the 23rd, asteroid Hopi (Respect for All Things) Stands Still.2 This means that Respect, or Lack thereof, will be a Prominent Issue between now and then. Later the same day, dwarf planet Hylonome (Self-Sovereignty and Codependence) will also Stand Still,3 which will create all manner of Confusion as Codependents complain that they aren’t getting the Credit they Deserve for their Loyalty, while everyone else feels like their Sovereignty is not being Respected. Since no one is always fully Sovereign or Dependent, or for that matter Respectful, counterparties to these Expressed or Silent Judgments are unlikely to understand the Issue, and Feel unjustly Attacked.

  • 2 9:02 am PDT 24 April, in 25 Leo. Hopi is Stationary while Conjoining and Initiating asteroid Requiem (Respect for Death), which consummates 4:57 am PDT 27 April, in 25 Leo of course, “A large Camel crossing a vast and forbidding desert.” A vast and forbidding Desert is certainly a place of Death, but a Camel is exactly the friend we want for such a trek. This is a 10-year Cycle, so keep in mind that when you’re overwhelmed by the Vast and the Forbidding, Respect is your Camel!
  • 3 8:50 pm PDT 24 April, in 23 Capricorn. Notice that everybody here is in the Third Decanate (20-30 Degrees) of their Signs, as were and will be…
    • The 4 April Initiations of Moira (Fate and Choice) by Eris (Revelation of Denial) in 25 Aries and
    • Of Mars (Action) by Saturn (The Most Important Thing) in 23 Aquarius,
    • The 12 April Initiation of Jupiter by Neptune in 24 Pisces,
    • The 16 April Full Moon in 27 Libra and
    • Initiation of Pallas (Boundaries) by Eris in 25 Aries, and
    • The 29 April Station of Pluto (Compulsion) in 29 Capricorn.
  • The Third Decanate of any Sign symbolizes the Relationship between that Sign and the Sign that’s eight Signs ahead of it – Aries with Sagittarius, Taurus with Capricorn, Gemini with Aquarius, etc. In general this is the Changeable Nature of a Creative Sign, the Creative Nature of a Stable Sign, and the Stable Nature of a Changing Sign. So, for instance, it would represent…
    • The Flexibility of Creative Capricorn or Aries or Cancer or Libra,
    • The Innovations of Stable Leo or Scorpio or Aquarius or Taurus, and
    • The Essence of Changeable Pisces or Gemini or Virgo or Sagittarius.

Remember that Confusion is the first Sign of Growth, as long as you Allow Confusion to Exist on it’s own as a Feeling, and don’t Indulge Your Thoughts About It, particularly any Habits you have to regard Confusion as an Issue that needs to be Figured Out, and Reject the Potential Growth by Anal-yzing it to Death. Analysis is Thoughts, in case you haven’t Thought of it that way. If you can get your Thinker to Back Off while you Focus on Where in your Body you Feel Confusion, and What Sensations accompany it there. This is a great time to have Respect for All of your Feelings, and Honor them as they are, without having to Change them.

Even the most uncomfortable Feelings are likely to be Transient as long as you don’t Cage them with Thoughts. Ask your genuine Uncaged Feelings what Information they have for you, and then Listen, without Talking Back. You may not get an Answer right away, because if your Feelings are used to being Caged, they won’t Trust that your Question is sincere. You’ll need to Practice this Skill for a while before they Learn that you’ve Learned to Play Nice (and Respectful ) with them. They’re unlikely to Answer in Words anyway. They’re likely to Answer by Manipulating your Surroundings. Like when you can’t find your carkeys and finally give up trying to Figure Out where they went, so you sit down and an article in the paper on the table catches your eye, so you pick up the paper, and Voilà, there they are, under the paper.4

  • 4 And you probably don’t really Believe me when I tell you that every Entity is Conscious. Most of them just don’t like to Walkabout while Hupers are watching, because they know that it would Freak Out the Huper’s Belief that they’re the only ones around that are Conscious. As if most of us are more Conscious than the average carkey.

Pretty Big Portal Too Two

April 16, 2022

We’re in the thick of this Portal right now, and we will be for at least the rest of April. The immediate catalysts include the Vulnerability of our Health and Vitality today,1 and, tomorrow, the Potential for our Denial to Betray Us,2 plus a Full Moon.3 Both of the latter Trigger an Argument between an Expanded Sense of the Sacred, and our Intuition about our Unlimited Potential.4

  • 1 Planet Energies are at their Strongest when they’re Standing Still in the Sky and Hovering like a quad drone about to drop a bomb. At 10:30 pm 15 April 2022, dwarf planet Varuna, which is about our Life Force, or Health and Vitality, is Hovering at 5 Degrees of Leo. It’s joined by asteroid Koronis, which symbolizes a Crown, including Coronavirus, a Virus with Spikes like a Crown.
  • 2 Dwarf planet Eris (Revelation of What’s Been Denied ) Initiates a New Cycle with asteroid Pallas (Boundaries) 11:40 pm 16 April, in 25 Aries, Walking in Two Worlds Simultaneously.
  • 3 Full Moon noon PDT 16 April, in 27 Libra.
  • 4 The Initiation of Jupiter (Expansion) by Neptune (Our Relationship with Everything Larger than our Ego) 8am PDT 12 April in 24 Pisces (People living in close interaction on a small isolated island ), Squaring (Challenging) the long-lived Conjunction between dwarf planets Asbolus (Intuition) and Chaos (Unrealized Potential ).

The people who don’t realize yet that we Live on a Small Isolated Island will be getting educated during the New 13-year Expanded-Sense-of-the-Sacred Cycle5 that began this last Tuesday. However, now that this Cycle has been Initiated, the people who are Invested in the previous Cycle have three years to get away with Perpetrating their Oily Obsolete Energies.6

  • 5 The New Jupiter-Neptune Cycle we astrologized in note 4 above.
  • 6 The Waxing Square of this New Small-Island Jupiter-Neptune Cycle will occur in June 2025, on the Cusps of Aries and Cancer, which should make Summer 2025 a fairly Big Event, though we Pray that the fracas in Ukraine won’t need to go on that long! The Old Jupiter-Neptune Cycle was about “An ancient pottery bowl filled with fresh Violets” (Neptune Initiated Jupiter in 27 Aquarius on 27 May 2009). I remember wondering then what that might Imply, as Neptune also Initiated a New Cycle with Chiron in the same Degree on 17 February 2010. Who’d have thunk that the ancient pottery bowl would symbolize War and the fresh Violets would represent Cruz Missiles, in the context of Expanding Our Relationship with Everything Larger than Ourself (Jupiter-Neptune), though it certainly makes sense as a rather sardonic Herxheimer! As New Forms in Old Packages, it should have been Obvious to me.
  • The 2010 Chiron-Neptune Cycle is now in its 19th Harmonic (19 Degrees, the Square Root of 360) – “Teamwork, partnership, and collaboration… the Life Force and unlimited Energy that is within us waiting to be used and expressed… the inner dance of Male-Female Energy” (Angeles Arrien, The Tarot Handbook, p.92). The Square Root takes us into a Deeper Dimension, as we’re now moving into the Psyche Exponentially rather than just Multiplicatively. We should Pay Attention to this, as 19 Degrees should be a Power Point in any Cycle, a point where we can apply an afterburner to our New-Cycle Efforts. Using the convention used for preliminary names of new Chemical Elements, we could refer to the 19th Harmonic Angle as a Ununilennile, or name it for it’s function, something like an Ascendile.
  • Unfortunately the Pholus-Quaoar End Times Cycle won’t get to the Waxing 19th Harmonic till 2071. Good news for any great- and great-great-grandchildren that squeak through that far, though. That would be a good End Times Slogan for Planet-Rescuers, Make our Grandchildren Great Again, on an Ocean-blue hat similar to this one, but with the whole globe wrapped around it…
  • The World would be warped, with the backside flattened, but it always has been warped on the flat maps we’re used to anyway. We could make 6 different copies with South America, Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Oceania on the bill, for distribution in each region of the World, and maybe one with Russia upside-down on the bill. This version is unavailable on Amazon,, but an enterprising researcher could probably locate the manufacturer with the original screens, or get them from the Whole Earth Catalog. A budding entrepreneur could get the rest of the globe added, the 6 or 7 different orientations projected, the Slogan added, and contract out the manufacturing, marketing, and sales.
  • You could Change the World. With a little prior experience in Lithography or Contract Manufacturing, you’d be way ahead of the game. The Muggles wouldn’t understand the Slogan, so they’d probably even wear it because anybody who’s anybody is wearing it, and they saw it on Faux News and TikTok anyway, without realizing what they were supporting. Planet-Rescuers could collect all 7 versions and wear them on different days of the week to honor different zones of the Planet, or wear the one that matched the headlines. You could even add a game, Hattle. Mother Gaia would be Proud, and maybe Inspired to keep us around a bit longer.
  • If we interpret the Current Chiron-Neptune Cycle as Teamwork Creating New Spiritual Bummers and Miracles in Old Packages, that would probably fit the present World pretty well.

I’m reading Mark Hammond’s The Flaming Cats of Sohan, sort of Douglas Adams meets Whitley Strieber, just crazy enough to fit the current Dualistic World. It’s Disorienting when I look up from the book and forget which version of Earth I’m Living on, the one with the Penguins or not, but it doesn’t take long to Realize that it’s actually a Realistic Commentary on the “Real” World we’re Living in, which Lightens me Up in the process, helping to see the Cosmic Irony in this Herxheimer of the Patriarchy.

Much more Third-Decanate Action to come…

The Next Portal’s Pretty Big Too

April 13, 2022

This next Big Portal will work your Third-Decanate (20-30 Degrees of any Sign) natal planets pretty hard, so you may want to rank your degree of ongoing Discomfort with them, and PIAVA Intentions to replace any chance of Bummers with Major Healing. Healing Begins with Awareness. When we’re Conscious of our Karma (that is, our Habitual Patterns, especially those which seem to be generated outside of our own Psyche), and Practice with it, we can subvert Bummers before they get out of hand. We had considerable practice with this Decanate in February, in our Graffiti in Capricorn Adventures, though they may have been hard to Separate from the Steel Fisticuffs that were also Beginning then.

Before we get into that, though, there was a Profound astroevent this morning (13 April 2022) that may be useful for Lightening our Karmic Load and bringing us closer to Neutrality around the Debacle in Ukraine.1 Ending Karma is always Tricky, because since it’s been with us for a long time we’ve made many Adjustments and Accommodations to try to fit it into our Lives in some sort of constructive way. These usually stretch into many different areas of our Life. All Karma has an Expiry Date, and today’s event is all about Celebrating this Expiration. Suppose for instance that an ill-famed chunk of our Manifestation Karma has fallen away. Karma are Strong and Deep Habits, so our first problem is Noticing and Believing that we aren’t pulling that concrete block around behind us any more. But then, once we do, what will we do about how that Karma has impacted our Relationship Karma?

It can get very complex, but the hardest part is Recognizing the Obsolete Patterns so We Can Let Them Go. Karma does not Grasp Us, We Grasp It, simply because we’re so used to it that anything else doesn’t Feel right, so we dash back to What We Know Well. This morning2 a glob of your Karma Fell Away, on its own accord, because it Expired. Can you Identify anything different about your experience of the last twelve hours (13 April), relative to several days ago? We all Let Go of some of our Thoughts About Our Emotions at around 10am PDT or so on 10 April,3 and we all started working with Our Guilt in a more Emotional way at around 10pm or so on 9 April.4 These aren’t Either/Or trends, they’re Clues about what’s likely to have Changed for you.5

More Clues… A Skill of yours that you almost always Dismiss or Disregard, or that you never even knew you had, or which Exists only in your Dimmest Memories, has Lit Up.6 You may have felt Satisfaction today because it feels like you may now be able to make your Life Work without having to Work so Hard to Overcome Difficulty.7 You may no longer be Arguing with yourself, or Doubting yourself, or Feel as Conflicted.8

If you don’t get any kind of Coherent Sense about what’s Changed for you, that’s okay. PIAVA the Intention that a Felt Sense of It will come to you over the next day or two, and don’t Strain for It. Let It come to you. If you do get a coherent Sense about what’s Different for you today, don’t try to Pin It Down or Define It precisely, but Do Not Discard It. It probably needs a Name of some sort that you can use as a Handle when you need to pull It back up out of the Murk of everyday Life, but however you Remember It, always add …Or Something Like That on the end of your mnemonic. This is a Big Turning Point for our Evolution, and this New Skill of ours is a Big Part of that.

  • 1 The event, a Station of asteroid Atropos, occurred in the same 8 Degrees as the Quaoar-Pholus Initiation that Coincided with the Invasion.
  • 2 It’s been building up for several days, but it peaked at 5:19 am PDT 13 April 2022.
  • 3 The Moon Returned In-Bounds.
  • 4 Asteroid Nemesis (Guilt ) entered Pisces (Emotion).
  • 5 Whlle we Differentiate multiple simultaneous astroevents to help with our Anal-ysis, they’re never Either/Or. They’re Unitary and Multidimensional, Both/And.
  • 6 Asteroid Atropos Stood Still this morning in 8 Degrees of Sagittarius, “Within the depths of the Earth new elements are being formed: The alchemical fire which both purifies and transforms the very substance of one’s inner life.” The Station also Squared a Conjunction between dwarf planets Gonggong (Ancient Memories) and Salacia (A Mermaid Bringing Unifying Secrets up from the Deep Sea of the Unconscious), which is Out of Bounds (Amplified ).
  • 7 The Atropos Station Squared (Challenged ) minor planet Thereus (Wrestling with Bears).
  • 8 The Atropos Station also Squared a Conjunction of Venus (the Heart ) with asteroid Heracles (the Patriarchy), which also Conjoin Gonggong and Salacia (see note 6 above).

There’s another astroevent this coming weekend at the Full Moon which probably involves Breaking Through some sort of Denial Pattern about our Health and about COVID, and which will somehow connect this astroevent, and the one above, to the Bigger Third-Decanate Portal. Don’t jump to conclusions – everyone has a Position on this, and it’s not as cut and dried as our Positions would have it be. We’ll be much farther ahead if we can somehow approach the weekend with a Mind Open to Realizing something New and probably more Nuanced.

Done Getting Wild (17) – for a while

April 11, 2022

Unless we Lived in Kramatorsk or Bucha (or Mananjary, or Kleinbegin), we’ve kept our head down and run, half-squatting, through the bottom of the February-March-April Ukraine Portal, which is also the first phase of the End of Days.1 John Lennon’s son Julian broke his vow never to perform John’s song Imagine

“I had always said, that the only time I would ever consider singing ‘IMAGINE’ would be if it was the ‘End of the World’… But also because his lyrics reflect our collective desire for peace worldwide. Because within this song, we’re transported to a space, where love and togetherness become our reality, if but for a moment in time…”

… which he performed for Global Citizen’s Stand Up for Ukraine event …

  • 1 When we look at the 21 February 2022 Quaoar-Pholus Initiation through the lens of astrology, we see the Beginning of the 60-odd year delay (see ) in Huperity’s Response (Pholus) to the Global Climate Crisis (Quaoar). As we’ve pointed out, once a New Cycle begins, its New Energy is pretty much drowned out by the propaganda that Investors in the Old Cycle are spewing, to Postpone their Losses. So when we look through the lens of the New Minia, 🦨Pootin’ has taken the Opportunity to tighten his Oil-and-Gas (Old Cycle) noose around Europe, and the Climate Crisis is suddenly third string in the news, as the Ukraine War consumes 80% of our Attention. Soon that will fade to 50% as Local Hardships caused by the Loss of a quarter of the World’s Grain and Energy supplies take over the “front page.” How many of us have even heard about the recent devastation of Madagascar by Climate Run Wild, or the Plague of Locusts in South Africa, or the 6-Million Death threshold that COVID (also Climate-related) just passed?

We’re fortunate that the major Challenge in this last week’s Review of the Portal turned out to be Self-Resolving.2 The next surge of Headlines about this fraught Transition from Oil-CO2 and Competition-with-Nature to 5D-Collaboration will be the first week of May, probably involving Betrayal of Trust to some degree.3 The World seems to be headed for an end to Globalization. Since 5D-Collaboration will probably be much more Local than we’re used to, this may be just the Beginning of a long trend.

Also this last week, we entered a New Cycle about the Importance of Action, with the New Energy centered around “A big Bear sitting down and waving all of its paws”! The suggestion that this has something to do with Russia is hard to Resist.4 This Bear could be waving it’s extended middle claws, or indicating surrender of some sort, or just trying to Entertain us. I can’t wait to get the time to look at that chart. Maybe Surrender is the trend, or maybe the Bear was just waving its paws to distract us from noticing that it was Krapping on our breakfast. Considering Bucha’s apparent Atrocities, I’d guess the latter.

  • 2 Ixion (Forbidden Genius), Pholus, and Quaoar all Stationary, and crossed by Moon Out of Bounds. The major Challenge was a T-Square to Zhulong (Enlightenment ) from Varuna-Koronis (those 6 Million) Opposite Chariklo-Arachne-Lachesis (Confidence and Doubt-the Field-Karma that we could be done with), Self-Resolved by the Finger of the Goddess from asteroid Kassandra (Disbelieved Prophesy) and dwarf planet Salacia (the Mermaids).
  • 3 Pholus Conjunct Quaoar, both Retrograde, 9:35 am PDT 6 May, in 8 Capricorn. Asteroid Eurydike (Trust ) Stationary 11:54 pm 6 May, in 12 Virgo. This is a Trine (Dumb-Luck Blessings), so you’d think that Betrayal will be unlikely, but considering what we’ve seen so far in this Adventure, the Trine part might mean that a Favored (by some currently unknown criterion) Party may succeed in an outrageous delusion that provides a Blessing to them. Or of course both Parties could receive Blessings, or even the Blessing of Mutual Trust, though that’d be a huge turnaround. Not to disparage that, but a good anthem is still “Trust but Verify.”
  • 4 Saturn Initiates Mars in 23 Aquarius, 6:51 pm PDT 4 April. Russia’s withdrawal from the suburbs of Kyiv began on 2 April.

Marilyn Raffaele’s OnenessofAll Channeling for this week seems quite relevant, once we lift our eyes from the immediate foreground in Linear Time and look for a Higher-Dimensional Picture …

“Many wonder about the presence of so many seemingly lower resonating people on earth at this powerful time. Some of the less evolved who carried the energetic potential for actions of violence and separation were allowed to incarnate during earth’s ascension time not only for their own evolutionary process but also because their state of consciousness could lead to the activation and exposure of dense agendas needing to be seen and recognized in order to be eliminated.​

“Earth is ascending, even though it may not look that way judging by appearances. Heavy ancient energies formed from ego based ‘power over’ beliefs that have been active for eons are surfacing in order to be seen clearly for what they represent and for the first time are being rejected by the majority. It is happening.”

Viva la Herxheimer.

Still Getting Wild (16)

April 4, 2022

Bob in Australia points us again to George Monbiot…


“Nearly everyone who appears in the media, across almost the entire political spectrum, seems to accept that economic growth can and should continue indefinitely on a finite planet. Almost all believe that we should take action to protect life on Earth only when it is cost-effective. Even then, we should avoid compromising the profits of legacy industries. They appear to believe that something they call ‘the economy’ takes priority over our life support systems.

“They further believe that the unhindered acquisition of enormous wealth by a few people is somehow acceptable. They believe that taxes sufficient to break the cycle of accumulation and redistribute extreme wealth are unthinkable. They believe that permitting a handful of offshore billionaires to own the media, set the political agenda and tell us where our best interests lie is fine. They believe that we should pledge unquestioning allegiance to a system we call capitalism even though they are unable to define it, let alone predict where it might be heading.

“No terror or torture is required to persuade people to fall into line with these crazy beliefs. Somehow our system of organised lying has created an entire class of politicians, officials, media commentators, cultural leaders, academics and intellectuals who nod along with them. … We have a truth crisis [that] is much deeper and wider than we care to admit. Perhaps the biggest lie of all is that the crisis is confined to the Kremlin’s falsehoods and the far right’s conspiracy theories. On the contrary, it is systemic and almost universal.”

The full article is worth reading. Monbiot points out that the 🦨Pootin’ playbook is the same one used by Western European Colonialists. Monbiot’s article details some of the English transgressions; here’s a justification from famously violent and sadistic 16th Century Spain –

Our notion is being quickly verified that, once an Initiation1 is complete, the propaganda mill (abetted by passionate pleadings “Oh my God, The Economy Depends on it!!” which we can translate as “I’ve spent my Whole Life on this, don’t make me try to Learn something new!” ) wastes no time promoting the overriding importance of the Old Paradigm –,,,,

The Invasion and War itself could even be interpreted as 🦨Pootin’s reaction to the threat of his loss of income from Oil and Gas, even though Russia is a major source of critical Battery Minerals, such as Nickel. Revenue from Oil and Gas would dwarf revenue from Nickel, however, and his various entanglements with the Oligarchs that were given those Resources when the USSR collapsed,2 could be important.

This evening’s and Wednesday night’s Exaggerations of our potential Denial of the Need for Being Fully Responsive to Our Survival Instincts3 are threats to our Ascendance.4 It is Critical that we Reject our Self-Doubt, in a Responsible Manner, and Resurrect our own Self-Confidence! 5 We can’t Deny or Reject our Self-Doubt out of hand, or we’ll only push this Karma back into the Unconscious, where it will continue to Sabotage our Life. We need to take the Time and Attention to Feel our Self-Doubt Deeply, Locate it in our Body, and Embrace it Lovingly and Gently.6 There’s a good chance that you can help Liberate it by telling yourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling your Self-Doubt, aren’t you.” By doing this, we Disentangle our Identity (Ego) from its Association with our Self-Doubt.

You know the way you Patiently and Repeatedly Bring your Attention back to your Breath, or Catch yourself Thinking and Cancel the Thought, when you’re Meditating, without Criticizing yourself for Wandering? You need to bring the same Self-Loving Patience and Perseverance to your Self-Doubt when it re-arises after you Poor-Sweetheart yourself. We often advise Changing the Subject and getting involved in something fully Other, to help with this effort, but in this case, it’s Important to Focus your Attention on your Dignity, Integrity, and Independence Superpowers.7 Each time you feel Self-Doubt trying to sneak back in, Straighten your Back, Level your Chin, and Model Dignity and Sovereignty in your Body. If you’re at all familiar with Yintegrity,8 dwell on your Memories of when you’ve Defended that for yourself, even if you’ve only done it In Private.

  • 1 Such as the 21 February 2022 Initiation of Pholus by Quaoar, which signals the Beginning of a new 125-year Cycle all about Being Fully Reponsive to Our Survival Instincts. The Old-Cycle worshipers look at this as Being Fully Reponsive to Their Short-Term Status Quo. To them the Big Picture of Survival of the Species and Continuation of Life as We Know It is what Douglas Adams called an SEP Field – Somebody Else’s Problem.
  • 2 The US did the same thing, giving away vast quantities of Public Wealth to its own Oligarchs, in response to the Derivatives Crisis (popularly and disingenuously called the “Housing Bubble”) in 2007.
  • 3 Stations of dwarf planets Pholus (Full Responsiveness) at 6:24 pm PDT 4 April 2022 and Quaoar (Survival Instincts) at 3:03 am PDT 7 April, both in 8 Capricorn, the same Degree as their 21 February Conjunction and Initiation that coincided with 🦨Pootin’s Invasion of Ukraine.
  • 4 In the chart for the Out of Bounds Moon9 Opposing both Pholus and Quaoar at 11:30-11:45 pm PDT 7 April (the Moon often Triggers “larger” astroevents), the major Challenge is a T-Square to minor planet Zhulong (the Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment ) in 8 Scorpio from the Opposition between the Conjunction of Out of Bounds dwarf planet Varuna (the Life Force) with asteroid Koronis (Coronavirus? ) in 3-5 Leo and the Stellium in of Out of Bounds asteroid Lachesis (Live Karma that We Can Choose to Revert If We’re Willing), asteroid Arachnis (the Web of Life), and dwarf planet Chariklo (Self-Doubt and Self-Confidence) in 7-9 Aquarius.
  • 5 The implication in the Chariklo-Arachnis-OOB Lachesis Stellium is that we’re dealing with Karma that has us Locked into the Web of Life through our Self-Doubt, and the Opposition to Varuna-Coronis implies that it is a Continuing Threat to our Health in addition to the more direct Threat to our Ascension. China’s Duplicity in Wanting to Appear Friendly to the West while also Wanting to Support Russia’s Aggression so it can do the same to Taiwan, is perhaps an Illustration. Lacking the Flagrant Narcissism of 🦨Pootin’ (the Self-Doubt), thankfully, Xi is sufficiently Frightened of the Chinese People, that he Feels the need to walk the tightrope between Trade and Colonialism, and he sees how Destructive the collapse of Trade would be to the Economic Health of the Chinese People.
  • 6 I Feel mine right now, residing in my chronic lower-back pain, which has been Acting Out lately!
  • 7 The Vacancy in 8 Taurus (“A sleigh on land uncovered by snow: the value of anticipating and preparing for expectable conditions” ) that will Complete the Zhulong T-Square, is filled by two Strong Fixed Stars, the Head of the Aries Ram, Hamal (Independence and Strength of Will, for better or worse, as illustrated by Joan of Arc and Madam Blavatsky10) and the Boob of Cassiopeia, Schedar (“A Strong Woman who demands Dignity and Rules by the Power of Her Respectability and Honor, such as Margaret Thatcher or Princess Diana10). If you have a natal planet at or very near 8 Taurus, you can also Exaggerate the qualities of that planet.
  • 8 The Patriarchy was dominated by Yangtegrity, where we Did What We Said We Were Going To Do and Did It When We Said We Were Going to Do It. The Yang Female Age that will follow the Patriarchy (see Genia Pauli Haddon’s Body Metaphors: Releasing God-Feminine in Us All ) will on the other hand Feature Yintegrity, where we Do What We Damn Well Feel Like Doing in Each Moment, and Support That by Minimizing Our Commitments, Renegotiating When Necessary and Possible, and Making Amends When We Can’t Renegotiate and the Relationship Is Worth Keeping. In 5D, by the way, Yintegrity is the order of the day – which may well be why the T-Square Threatens Our Ascendance.
  • 9 The Moon goes OOB North at 3:50 pm PDT tomorrow 5 April in 10 Gemini till 10:06 am PDT 10 April in 6 Leo. Remember that the US Stock Market has been Freaking Out when the Moon goes OOB North, but it’s your call whether it Freaks Out from Fear of Losing Money (Market leaps down), or from Fear of Missing Out on Making More Money (Market leaps up). It’s done both lately. One clue is that it rose in the last few minutes today, suggesting FOMO. On the other hand, the Fed Open Market Committee will release minutes of their Ides-of-March Meeting at 2pm (EDT?) on Wednesday. They usually manage to Freak Investors Out when they do that, so it’s possible the Market will go up in the morning then crash in the afternoon, as investors do CYA. But that’s just a wild guess, so don’t Bet on it, because they could always find a good rumor and have a FOMO Freakout. The Pattern of the last several months, though, would be a big Change on Tuesday or Wednesday, that reverses itself by next Tuesday or Wednesday. The Change has been Down more than Up, but the Ups are recent.
  • 10 Bernadette Brady, Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, p.228 (Hamal) and p.95-96 (Schedar).

Still Getting Wild (15)

April 3, 2022

Well, we’ve made it through the first half of this Portal,1 which was mostly about us and our Habitual Interactions with the “Outer” World. The remaining tunnel is an extended and expanded review of the astroEnergies that accompanied 🦨Pootin’s Invasion of Ukraine,2 and will probably be more about the “Outer” World itself and less about us. What does he insist on calling it – a “Special Operation” or something? He reportedly arrests anyone calling it an Invasion or War and jails them for LUR – Living Under the Influence of Reality, or Seeing What 🦨Pootin’ Doesn’t Want Them to See, though LUR is hardly a crime unique to Russia. I’m sure most of us got punished as kids for Seeing What Mom Didn’t Want Us to See.

  • 1 The Moon, Out of Bounds (Excessive Huper Excitability) in the Southern Hemisphere, [a] crossed the OOB and Stationary (Exponentially Amplified ) asteroid Karma (our Karma) on 22 March 2022, [b] crossed the OOB and Stationary (Exponentially Exaggerated ) dwarf planet Ixion (our Forbidden Genius) 24 March, and [c] crossed the two dwarf planets whose Conjunction (and Initiation of a new 125-year Cycle between them) coincided with 🦨Pootin’s Invasion, namely Pholus and Quaoar (Being Fully Responsive to our Survival Instincts, aka The Global Climate Crisis), on 25 March. Then [d] on 26 March, OOB asteroid Karma was Stationary (Karma Emphasized Exponentially), and [e] on 2 April OOB dwarf planet Ixion Stood Still (our Forbidden Genius Emphasized Exponentially).
  • 2 [a] Until 4 April at 6:24 pm PST in 8 Capricorn, dwarf planet Pholus (see note 1 above) Stands Still (Exaggerated ). [b] On 5 April, Venus enters Pisces (Emphasizing the Sentimental Side of Our Values). [c] On 5 April at 3:50 pm PST in 10 Gemini, the Moon goes OOB again (Hupers are led astray by following their Thoughts About Their Emotions, abetted by the Minia), over the Northern Hemisphere, until 10 April at 10:06 am PST in 7 Leo. [d] Until 7 April at 3:08 am PST in 8 Capricorn, dwarf planet Quaoar (see note 1 above) Stands Still (Amplified ). [e] On 7 April at 11:30-11:45 pm PST the Out of Bounds Moon crosses both Pholus and Quaoar. [f] On 10 April, Nemesis enters Pisces (We’re More Likely to Dwell on our Guilt).

Still Getting Wild (14)

April 1, 2022

Neither today’s Victim-Potential New Moon nor Saturday’s Sacred-Feminine Exponential Exaggeration of our Forbidden Genius Ixion Station suggest great Difficulty.1 To have this occur once is unusual – I can’t recall if or when I last saw it. To have it occur twice at the same time in unrelated events at different Zodiacal Locations is remarkable. Someone’s sending us Blessings. We will have to contend with Mergings2, but those usually only befuddle us, as they challenge the Filters through which we Habitually see the World. Mergings are of course fabulous Opportunities to Learn how to see around our Filters, or even to work on Canceling them. We of course can’t Cancel a Filter totally, but we can mitigate some of the Warping of Reality that results.

  • 1 There are no Squares or Oppositions to either the New Moon nor the Ixion Station. The New Moon was 11:21 pm PST 31 March 2022 in 12 Aries. The Out-of-Bounds Ixion Station occurs 11:40 am PST 2 April in 4 Capricorn.
  • 2 The New Moon is Conjoined by both Mercury (Mentality, Communication) and Chiron (Despair and Miracles), while Ixion is Conjunct asteroids Klotho (New Karma) and Magdalena (Mary Magdalen).

For instance, a typical New Moon should feel like a Fresh Start, with Anticipation about what we might Manifest with a new Approach to Life, and a hint of Excitement about how it might unfold. However, add an Overthinking planet like Mercury, and we could easily turn it into Disappointment, as we Imagine so much of what would have been New before we get there, that we’re too busy with our Projection to Notice and Appreciate Reality, like spoiling a hot date with too much Fantasy too early. When two planets Merge, we can’t tell them apart, so we don’t Associate our Disappointment with the offending Overthinking, we Associate it with what would have been the Fresh Start.

Now throw in a potential Walking Bummer like the Unhealable Healer Chiron, and we drape everything in our Projections with sheer black curtains. If we Wake Up in time, it’s a Huge Opportunity. I mean, how many Ancient Bummers are we Reliving? Back to what Age? Six? Three months? The Unhealable is Healed with Empathy, so reminding ourself that “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Worthless, aren’t you” can shift Chiron Energy into Miracles – situations that were Impossible from the perspective of its earlier Despair. One of the many things that Nafta Jay’s books have taught me recently, is to Notice the slight Pause between the time when an Urge strikes to repeat a Karmic or Addictive Behavior, and when we actually Initiate the Repetition of the Behavior.

Within that brief Pause we have the Opportunity to Turn our Awareness to the Trigger and bring it more into Consciousness, or to Choose a Different, Pattern-Breaking Behavior. Every Repetition of a Karmic Pattern is another brick in the Wall between our Awareness and our Reality. Or, even if we need the Relief that a Repetitive Pattern brings, and Choose to Repeat the Karmic Behavior anyway, by being Conscious of the Pause we weaken the Addictive Habit. Since a New Moon is a forerunner of the following two to four weeks, and since we’re not at all “Out of the Woods” from the Threat of another, and possibly the last, Global War of the Current Colonial Age, it would Behoove to Beam Light to the Protagonists of War.3

  • 3 Though War may give some the Opportunity for a Quicker Departure than Famine or Pestilence, if we Really are in the End Times. In addition to Saturday’s Ixion Station, we still have Stations of Pholus and Quaoar next week. It was the 21 February Initiation of Pholus (Ability to Respond ) by Quaoar (Survival Instincts) that Correlated with 🦨Pootin’s Invasion.

Marilyn Rafaelle’s most recent Channeling sets this Light up for us…


“When you hold light of truth in consciousnesses it acts to lift, teach, inspire, and heal the those able to receive it in their consciousness. Those who have not yet attained a level of consciousness able to align with these higher frequencies but who are actively seeking and ready for them, can and are often lifted into them simply through the presence of another’s evolved state of consciousness which in reality is their consciousness. This is how the master Jesus did his healing work, those seeking help brought themselves to him and were lifted into his state of consciousness where disease did not exist.​

” ‘Doing’ in the sense of actions taken to make things better will continue for the majority for awhile yet, but you came prepared to serve from a higher level, in ways that could lift the three dimensional belief system out of its continual need to fix, heal, correct, punish, and force change and into easier and more loving ways of living. You incarnated to assist in opening dense and struggling states of consciousness to an awareness of earth as being a spiritual universe peopled with sons of God.

​”BEing is actually doing in the highest spiritual sense. Do not make it something difficult that you must worry about doing correctly or with rigid rules. Set your intention and then do the best you can. As you practice, reminding yourself often who you are, it will become familiar whether you do it as you go about your day at home and work or sitting in a one or 30 minute meditation without an agenda.

​”There are still some who believe that meditation and time spent within is a time for asking, visualizing, begging, and even demanding for what they want or think they need. These activities represent three dimensional thinking based in separation and are not a higher state of BEing. The minute an agenda is attached to meditation or BEing, it becomes preying instead of praying and will act to create and further maintain beliefs of “I don’t have”.

​”Resting in the awareness of Divine completeness being already fully present within rather than seeking to draw something to you allows your already present Light to flow where it is needed and can be received. You will probably never know when or where this Light is received but that is not your concern. Your work is simply to be the Light automatically making it available to any and all open to receive it world over and even on the other side.”

While the Sacred-Feminine Exponential Exaggeration of our Forbidden Genius is much Amplified till 2 April, it’s been about since mid-March, bracketing the Solstice, the Initiation of the New 125-year Cycle of Global Change, and 🦨Pootin’s Invasion.4

  • 4 OOB Ixion Initiated Klotho on 18 March, and Magdalena on 23 March, both in 4 Capricorn, “A group of people packing a large canoe for a journey by water” – ie, Preparing for an extended test of our Skill at Deeply and Respectfully Feeling Emotions, and then Letting Go of them. That is, our Reactions and Responses to 🦨Pootin’s Invasion. These two Cycles run through January 2027 for Klotho-Ixion (Re-Emergence of our Hidden Genius) and February 2028 for Magdalene-Ixion (Our Forbidden Genius as the First Witness to our Sacred Energy). Mary Magdalene was the first to Witness the Ascension of Jesus; in the Christian Traditions, Jesus symbolizes our Immortal Soul and our Light Body. Other religious Traditions will have their own symbols for our Light Body; our task is to understand that these are different symbols for the same underlying phenomenon rather than ownership claims on the phenomenon. The Political is Either/Or, and the Transcendent is Both/And. Religions, in their Zeal to Compete, confuse the Transcendent with the Political. If you know anyone who’s stuck in that trap, just Send them Light.

So the Depressing Energies we’re Feeling now from the Mercury-Chiron New Moon, are the Held Emotions (the Emotions we’d rather Die than Feel ) that Separate us from our Hidden Genius. If we can Poor-Sweetheart our way out of the downside of Chiron (Despair is the Doorway to Grace), we should Emerge into some pretty Glorious Energies by Saturday. Enough to Transcend next week’s Replay of late February? Choose to Let that Be the case. Let the Re-Emergence of our Forbidden Genius Lead the way to our own Ascendance.

Elevation of Mary Magdalene with angels raising her in SS. Johns’ Cathedral in Toruń, Poland. By Pko – Own work, CC BY 2.5,