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Waking Up IV

May 31, 2020

Interesting day.  We’re learning a lot about the dwarf planet code-named “OR10,” which was Lit Up (Stationary) today, 30 May 2020 at 2:40 pm PDT (in 6 Pisces).  OR10 is now officially named Gonggong (Gòng gōng in Hanyu Pinyin, pronounced Gorng Gorng), named after a human-headed Chinese Water Dragon that’s blamed for one of China’s greatest floods, and the 26,000-year cyclic Precession of the Equinoxes.  Timely, since we’re in the process of Precessing into the Age of Aquarius.  (If you’re looking up Gonggong in an ephemeris, you may need to use 2007 OR10, 2007OR10, or 225088, since the name Gonggong is new.)

Gonggong was a minor-league God-figure who picked a fight with a major-league Fire God named Zhurong, lost badly, was kicked out of Heaven, and in his Frustration knocked down one of its supporting Pillars, tilting the Planet and causing the flood and the Precession.  We can see the Fire God’s success in two of today’s biggest news events…

Unfortunately, the first photo increases the likelihood of martial law in the US, as versions of it are being repeated in many parts of the country, and the Antichrist is threatening to use the USArmy against protesting US citizens.

Closer to home, we’re finding that Gonggong doesn’t just inspire Intrusive Memories of Karmic Injustices (Gonggong is Squared [Challenged] by the Sun [Essence] and the asteroids Eurydike [Trust], Atropos [Ending TimeLines], and Karma [Suppressed Emotions]), but also the Voices of Ancestors, Guides, Angels, Invisible Allies, and Visitors from Other Places.

Grogginess forced me back to bed several times this morning.  Each time, when I Focused my Energy into my lower back, I had a vision of a rectangular white field of small, red, Healing bubbles.  And each time when my bladder strongly suggested that I get up, the red bubbles had been replaced by dots of black Ash, and it was Clear that each time I emptied my bladder, I was Dispatching defeated Toxins.  Many Helpers were Present.

With Gonggong’s new name, we’ll Expand its Interpretation to include not just Intrusive Karmic Memories that make us feel Defeated, but also, when we’re Conscious that the Memories are not Present Moment, Wisdom from other Realms.  Intrusive Karmic Memories, after all, are only Invitations to Clear their Self-Sabotage by Facing Down the Held Emotions that they Trigger.  So Gonggong can Open us to the Possibility of Letting Go of our Unconscious Limitations.

In the chart of this Adventure about Expanding our Consciousness to Improve our Manifestation Abilities (Juno Stationary conjunct Makemake) and Making our Relationship to Intrusive Memories Sustainable (Gonggong Stationary Conjunct Ceres), the Expanding-Consciousness portion is more Organized (the Grand Cross and two Diamond Stars), while the Intrusive-Memories portion is much more Powerful (Gonggong moves 127 times more slowly than Juno, and more than twice as slowly as Pluto.  The slower a planet, the Deeper in the Unconscious it Acts, and therefore the more Power it has to Impact all of the faster planets from behind the curtain)

Of course the first thing we Notice is the Sustainability hit (Gonggong Conjunct Ceres).  We don’t particularly want Sustained Intrusive Karmic Memories, unless we’re so Skilled at processing them that we toss them off like pancakes.  The Other Side of Sustainability is Sustenance, or Letting Go of the Unnecessary.  So we could PIAVA to Encounter and Easily Process Just Enough Intrusive Memories to stay Prepared for the next Hurdle that our Mission will put in front of us – Remember that our Karma is an Obfuscated version of the precise Toolkit that we’ll be needing to Achieve our Lifetime Mission.

But if we think in terms of Intrusive Memories sent by our Ancestors, Guides, Angels, Invisible Allies, and Visitors from Other Places, wow, wouldn’t it be great to Sustain that!  I know many who already do, but would any of youalls reject an Upgrade?  It’d be a fine day to PIAVA that.

Gonggong is still early in Pisces, the Sign of Letting Go of Emotional Baggage, aka Clearing Karma.  So whether we’re Dancing with Karmic Self-Sabotage or with the Angels, we’ve got more than 80% of this Adventure left.  And Gonggong is slowing down.  With a highly asymmetrical orbit, it spends only 15 years in Virgo, but 120-some years in Pisces, so it will be well into the 22nd Century before it sees Aries.  In other words, this is the Time and Place to Clear Karma – probably why so many Souls have Incarnated here these days.

The next thing we notice in the chart is the Pay Attention! (Finger of the Goddess, the green wedge) Admonition.  Its feet are Expand your Skill at Manifesting (Juno-Makemake) and the Life Force (Varuna).  That is, if you really want to Expand your Skill at Manifesting an Invincible Life Force, Pay Close Attention to Sustaining your Intrusive Memories, however you Choose to PIAVA your Relationship to them, whether it’s through getting fast at Embracing your Karma, Listening to your Guides and Angels, or…

The Sustainable Intrusive Memories business is also an aide in a couple of ways to the Expanding Consciousness portion of this week’s Adventure.  It’s a Significant Grace for the Awareness of our Need to Respect our Survival Instincts in order to Expand our Manifestation Skills (Gonggong-Ceres makes a Trine Bridge across the Opposition between Mercury and Quaoar-Pholus, which is the base of the Juno-Makemake T-Square, and with Uranus what makes it a Self-Resolving Diamond Star).  Remember that Manifestation isn’t just about Stuff and Money.  You could be working on Manifesting World Peace, or Respect for All Things, for instance.

Its also an important aid to Balancing our Expanding Manifestation Skills with our Ability to Maintain a high Quality of Belief and Confidence, and Faith in ourself (it’s a Quincunx Bridge across the Opposition between Juno-Makemake and Chiron [Despair and Miracles]).  We Create What We Believe, and that’s Conscious Belief and Unconscious Belief.  Unconscious Disbelief is the first place to look when you’re having Difficulty Manifesting anything.  Look through the windows of Intrusive Memories, PIAVA and in particular Theta and Poor-Sweethearting.

Notice that the Relationship between Intrusive Memories and Expansive Manifesting is a Mystery (Quincunx), something to be Danced with, Courted, and Snuggled, but never to be Understood.  Understanding, even if it’s Completely Neutral, is still a Judgment, and when Judgment replaces Curiosity, Love Dies.  When Love Dies, your World Dies, because Love Rules the Universe.

Not to be ignored is the Challenge (T-Square) between Sustainable Intrusive Memories and “Self-Trust that we have been Thorough, Fearless, and Honest in Clearing our Karmic Impediments (Eurydike-Sun-Atropos-Karma – we’ve included on the chart only planets that are within three Degrees of Orb to the Juno and OR10 Stations, but asteroid Karma sits just beyond asteroid Atropos [Endings], well within Orb to Atropos, Chiron, [and Ceres])” –  It’s part of another Tricolor Configuration (red-green-blue, with Juno-Makemake).

Waking Up III

May 30, 2020

We’ve been so busy dodging Flying Squirrels lately that we’ve been ignoring the Tricolor Configurations.  However, they’re important.  The “Stray” Challenge (isolated Square) in our 26-30 May 2020 Expansion of Consciousness Adventure (Juno and OR10 Stations) is a good example.  The Challenge indicates some potential Conflict between the Soul (Uranus) and our Life Force (dwarf planet Varuna) or, in general, our Health.  Well, certainly the Moronavirus threatens our Health, but how is that a Conflict with our Soul?

Dis-Ease symptoms in general indicate that the Body has gotten out of Balance, and is in the process of Returning to Balance.  Of course the Ego is tightly Merged with Survival, that’s the first item in its job description.  So when that process of Returning to Balance is what kills (as the Medical Industry identifies it), that’s a terrible insult to the Ego, and She’ll be glad to tell you so.  But realistically, not many of us have Egos that are sufficiently Expanded that we Accept Death and are Able, to some extent, to Choose its Timing.  Maybe the Challenge is somehow tied up in those sort of Convolutions.

But if we examine how the Challenge is related to the rest of the chart, a Tricolor pops out…

The Tricolor combines Challenge (the red line or Square, 3 Signs), Curiosity or Confusion (the green line or Quincunx, 5 Signs), and Grace (the blue line or Trine, 4 Signs).  The “Major” Configurations are those that add up to 12 Signs or 360 Degrees, and this is one of them.  A Tricolor should be read in this order – Challenge, Curiosity, Grace.  It’s the Curiosity, if it’s left alone to remain Curiosity, rather than seen as an Invitation to Figure It Out, that Liberates the Grace, which in turn will Attend to the Challenge.

Curiosity, like Confusion, is a Powerful Introduction to Expansion of Consciousness, as long as it’s not nullified by Mentation.  Curiosity should be an exclamation, not a question.  In this case, the Challenge is an apparent Conflict between the Soul and the Life Force.  On the Big Screen, we could see that as the Conflict between Dancing Compassionately with the Granolavirus and “Opening the Economy.”  Or we could see it as how to Assure our Survival we need to Protect our Life Force against a growing Fascist Threat and Police Brutality.  On the Huper level, we could see it as the many People who are caught between Hunger and Fear about returning to work.

How will it impact us as Individuals?  Certainly most of us will have Opinions and Strong Feelings of one sort or another about those Big-Screen and Huper-level Conflicts.  As they always do, this Attention on Other, especially Collective Other, will Confuse our own Response to our own Personal Argument between our own Soul and our own Life Force.  Bottom Line, for us as Individuals, the Challenge is probably about PIAVAing What We Want around the Bolognavirus – such as not catching it for example (though of course we wouldn’t express it negatively).  A test of the Strength of our Intention and Self-Love, in other words.

As such it would be a fabulously rich compost for us to find and Heal any shortcomings in that area.  It even becomes a test of our Self-Sovereignty.  Are we Willing to PIAVA Staying Well, when Others are getting sick?  Would we Feel Guilty about that?  Are we Angry that the Antichrist and his ilk are Willing to sacrifice the Lives of Minorities, who have much greater Vulnerability to the virus, in order to keep those precious Dollars flowing?  It will behoove us to carefully Separate our Opinions and Emotions about the larger World, from our Willingness to Unconditionally Support What We Want for ourself.

So, how do we Interpret the Tricolor?  We know there’s a potential Conflict between Soul and Health.  And we know that our Ability to Respond to our Survival Instincts (Pholus-Quaoar) will provide Grace to that Conflict.  How do we Unlock the Grace?  By carefully Avoiding Thoughts about how our Response to our Survival Instincts will impact our Health.  The more we Think about that, the more we Inhibit the Miracles that will not only aid our Life Force, but also Expand our Consciousness in ways that will help us Remember to Allow Miracles in all aspects of our Life.

When we try to Figure Out how our Survival Instincts and our Health interact, we can only use our pre-existing Concept Set.  That means we get no new information, and no Expansion of Consciousness.  If we instead PIAVA to be Advised about their Relationship, we’re Open to New Concepts and Miracles – events or processes or things that were not Possible under our pre-existing Concepts.  For instance, we might PIAVA …

  • “I Wonder How My Life Force and My Health Relate to my Survival Instincts and How I Respond to Them.”

Or we might Theta, being careful to Avoid Negation …

  • “God/Goddess, Creator of All Things, I Command that I Receive New Information about how my Survival Instincts and my Life Force Dance with One Another.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You God/Goddess.  Show Me.”

Or even…

  • “God/Goddess, Creator of All Things, I Command that I Am Spontaneously Immune to COVID-19.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You God/Goddess.  Show Me.”

Your “Show Me” will probably Illuminate Beliefs to the Contrary, so we would Tap Them Out

  • “Even though I don’t really Believe that I could be Spontaneously Immune to COVID-19, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself…”

And if we haven’t convinced ourself yet, Theta again…

  • “God/Goddess, Creator of All Things, I Command that I Receive the Miracle of Spontaneous Immunity to COVID-19.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You God/Goddess.  Show Me.”
  • “Even though I still Fear COVID-19, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself…”

And so on till we’re completely Relaxed and Confident in our Safety.

Waking Up II

May 27, 2020

An Important part of Waking Up to 5D is Recognizing the Consciousness in “Inanimate Objects,” since 5D includes Dancing Collaboratively with everything that 3D considers to be “Inanimate.”  If we’re stuck in the Belief that only Hupers, or only Animals, or only “Living” Biological Beings, or only anything, have Consciousness, we’re going to have a difficult time Negotiating Win-Win with, say, a Rock or an Idea or a Star.

So this is an excellent time to Notice how we Relate to “Inanimate Objects.”  I Noticed earlier today, when I was rushing around Doing, that I was impatient with “Inanimate Objects” that were Asking me to Slow Down and be more Conscious of What I was Doing, and How I was Doing it.  Like that “damned” Garbage Pail that likes to jump out of the way after I’ve dropped something that falls into the space where the pail was when I let go of the greaseball.

No wonder it likes to make my Life a little more difficult, when I’m often damning it to Garbage-Pail Hell.  Considering the kind of detritus that the pail has to deal with on a daily basis, its Hell must be pretty foul.  Or maybe sickly sweet – after all, the sadist said “No” when the masochist said “Hit me.”  Fortunately, though I don’t always Act like I do, I do Know that everything is Animate, so I’m able to at least chuckle to myself when I Notice “Lack of Cooperation.”  Where to go from here?  I need to start Apologizing to the “Inanimate” People when I Disrespect them.

The ultimate “Inanimate Object” is our planet Mother Gaia, who is very much a Conscious Entity.  We’re in the middle of a long-term Collaboration (Conjunction) between our Survival Instincts (as symbolized by dwarf planet Quaoar) and our Tendency to Forget or Ignore Things That Later Turn Out to Be Critically Important (dwarf planet Pholus).  The Mythological Pholus didn’t think to hide or secure the wine that was Sacred to the Centaurs, and when his houseguest Heracles (aka Hercules) opened the wine, so began the melee that got Chiron Wounded, and Pholus and others Dead.

We usually interpret this Survival-Respondability (Quaoar-Pholus) Energy as Global Warming or Climate Change, but it would be equally Easy to think of it as Respect for Mother Earth, or Granting Consciousness to the “Inanimate. or even Respect for All Things (which is how we interpret asteroid Hopi – and of course Hopi sits near the Far Midpoint between Juno-Makemake and Pholus-Quaoar, making a Trioctile Yod or Mjölnir, symbolizing Epiphany).  Quite simply, Huperity won’t Survive as we know it, until it finds Respect for Mother Earth.

This Survival-Respondability Energy (Quaoar-Pholus) is a second corner of the Juno-Station Grand Cross, and it’s also Self-Resolving (a Diamond Star).

In this version of the 26-30 May 2020 Juno-OR10 Station chart, the Pholus-Quaoar Diamond Star is drawn in heavy lines…

The feet of the Finger of the Goddess (the green wedge) are the sources of Grace that Resolve what would otherwise be a Challenge to our Ability to Respond to our Survival Instincts.  These sources are The Life Force (dwarf planet Varuna), and Self-Trust that we have been Thorough, Fearless, and Honest in Clearing our Karmic Impediments (Eurydike-Sun-Atropos-Karma – we’ve included on the chart only planets that are within three Degrees of Orb to the Juno and OR10 Stations, but asteroid Karma sits just beyond asteroid Atropos [Endings], well within Orb to Atropos and Chiron).  The presence of Varuna indicates that The Life Force is too Strong to let itself be Dismissed by Flagrant Corruption.

Waking Up I

May 26, 2020

Our Expanding Consciousness Exercise that would have peaked 26 May 2020 (asteroid Juno Stationary 26 May 8pm PDT in 6 Libra) bleeds into a closely connected (since they’re only two Arcminutes and four days apart) Intrusive Memories Exercise that will carry into the rest of the week (dwarf planet OR10/Gonggong Stationary 30 May 2:40 pm PDT in 6 Pisces)The result should be lots of Insights into our Impediments to Sustainable Manifestation (dwarf planets Ceres [Sustainability] and Makemake [Manifestation] Conjoin Stationary OR10 and Juno, respectively).

The primary Configuration is about Motivation and Multi-Tasking (a Grand Cross).  Typically under these Configurations we’re Challenged by a zillion little Hassles that actually Complement one another.  Since the Hassles are small and we can Easily Envision positive results from our Efforts, we’re Motivated to Resolve them.  And in this case, half of the Hassles are already Self-Resolving (two of the T-Squares in the Grand Cross are Diamond Stars).

If it starts to Feel Overwhelming, make a List, Prioritize, Do the Most Important first, and strive for Adequacy rather than Perfection.  You can always come back and Perfect it later, any time Improving a previous item is More Important than the next item on your List.  Include time on your List for dealing with Intrusive Memories as they arise.  Unlike your Doing items, you probably won’t know these in advance.  Intrusive Memories can be very Distracting, and if you start to Identify with the Emotions that arise, you can get trapped in them.  These Being items are actually More Important than the Doing items on your List.

Often they’ll come through as If Onlys… – “If Only I’d have done such-and-such.”  So, why didn’t you do such-and-such back then?  Because you were too “____” – I’m sure you won’t have any difficulty filling in the Self-Judgment.  That Self-Judgment identifies your Impediment.  You had a Positive reason for not doing it.  What was that?  That Positive part of you is not Appreciated, and it needs to be Embraced.

The Doing items on your List are about Improving your Ability to Manifest What You Want (Juno-Makemake), while the Being items will be about Letting Go of your Karmic Impediments to Manifesting What You Want (Ceres-OR10 Sextile Uranus as the base of the Juno-Makemake Finger of the Goddess).  Letting Go of the Impediments is More Important than Improving your Abilities, because your Impediments are a brake that’s always Limiting your Abilities, until you Let Go of them.

One way to Let Go of your Impediments is to Locate them in your Body (where do you Feel Discomfort?), Imagine Softening and Warming that place (putting your hand on it helps), and Hold your Full Attention there for a few minutes.  We usually Run from these places because we don’t like them, but before they can be Healed or Reverted they need first of all to be Consciously Recognized, Acknowledged, and Embraced.  Then you can Poor-Sweetheart yourself, Tap Them Out, or alternately Tap Them Out and then test them by Thetaing What You Want in their stead.

Fortunately, this Adventure about Manifestation is Self-Resolving, so Pay More Attention to your Process than you do to the Content of what you’re Doing.  What You’re Learning here is far more important than What You’re Doing, and What You’re Doing would actually take care of itself (which is what “Self-Resolving” means) if you did nothing.  Pay Attention to when you start to Tense Up, and build a Habit of Stopping, Breathing, Grounding, and Calming yourself.  This Habit will be far More Important to your Future than anything you’re Doing.

Here’s the chart of the Juno-OR10 Stations, with the Grand Cross (the red square and cross) and the Juno-Makemake Diamond Star traced out in heavier lines…

A Diamond Star is a T-Square [Challenge] and a Finger of the Goddess [Pay Attention!] both pointing to the same place (here Juno-Makemake).  In the chart, the T-Square is the red triangle connecting Juno-Makemake with Mercury and Pholus-Quaoar, and the Finger of the Goddess is the green wedge connecting Juno-Makemake with Uranus and OR10-Ceres.  You can see the Bowl of Grace (blue trusses or Trine Bridges opposite the T-Square) that are created by the base of the Finger of the Goddess – it’s this Grace that makes a Diamond Star Self-Resolving.

The Most Important Thing 6

May 25, 2020

In an earlier post we averred that “It’s Guilt, or Fear of Retribution for Violating Social Norms, that’s likely to Block our Achievement of Unconditional Self-Love, and Letting That Go is what our current Expansion is about(because the Jupiter Station [Expansion] chart featured a T-Square [Challenge] to asteroid Sappho [Self-Love]).  Today I stumbled on an article that does an excellent job of pulling exactly that out of the Unconscious and laying it on the table in plain sight…

And an illustration of the process…

The Drama distressed me until I Poor-Sweathearted myself.  In the hidden Guilt that the article brought up for me I could easily see the roots of Codependence as well (In the Jupiter Station chart, Chiron [Despair and Miracles, including Poor-Sweethearting] is Conjoined by Lilith [Self-Sovereignty and Codependence]).

We’re moving into several days when greater Expansion of Consciousness is the order of the day (asteroid Juno [Growth in Consciousness] is Stationary in 6 Libra [Relationships]).  This Energy will increase till 26 May 2020 (8pm PDT), and taper off afterwards.

Corvid-19!  Well, the morning after I wrote about Constellation Corvid (, in the purplish print at the end – I added it later, so may not have seen it), a Murder (that’s what a group of Crows is called!) of them converged in our back yard, circling a Tree where I knew there was a Nest, and squawking something fierce.  I didn’t count, but there were probably 19 of them.  They took turns diving into the Nest, circling around, and diving again, obviously attacking a predator.

Whatever marauder was up there, they took their sweet time to dine on the Eggs or Chicks, as this noisy Corvid Drama went on for about half an hour.  Finally, the diner pushed back from the table, spread their wings, and with a parade of black following them closely and noisily, flew away.  They left flying directly away from me, behind the Tree, so all I ever saw of them was a long flash of reddish golden yellow feathers between the branches as they spread their wings.  I don’t know of any large hawk with that color in these parts, but I suppose it could have been a Barn Owl.

We haven’t finished discussing the 22 May New Moon.  Of course it’s another Flying Squirrel.  The Priorities Energy (Saturn Station), Expansion Energy (Jupiter Station) and New Moon are all Cuspal, so their charts are similar.  But the Oath-Breaking Energy (Orcus Station) was at 10 Degrees, so it’s a “Coincidence” that it was also a Flying Squirrel chart (

Here’s the New Moon Flying Squirrel…

Like the Priorities chart (Saturn Station,, she’s missing her Left Ear (Intuition).  And as we mentioned in The Most Important Thing 4, the Major Challenge (T-Square) has Changed from Self-Love (Sappho) to Manifestation (Makemake), which theme continues this week as we Expand our Consciousness (asteroid Juno Stationary 26 May 8pm PDT in 6 Libra).

Our destination continues to be Good Health (dwarf planet Varuna in 3 Leo at the head of the Squirrel), which may bode well for “Reopening” the Economy.  On the other hand, it could instead provide a Reminder that if we want Good Health we need to Prioritize it over the Almighty Dollar.

Noam Chomsky points out that we have three ongoing Global catastrophes that threaten not just loss of Life, but the end of Organized Society, and that make the Corrinavirus look like another of the Antichrist’s Distraction Strategies so he can disassemble environmental laws while everyone’s Attention is elsewhere – which he’s doing.  Chomsky’s Greater Evils are the increasing threat of nuclear war, Climate Change, and the Global demise of Empathic Leadership.

In this chart there are three important Vacancies…

Your natal planet near 2:35 Aries would Complete the Makemake T-Square (creating a Grand Cross) and make Manifestation much less Stressful for you.  That space is crowded with asteroids – Heracles (who started the whole Centaur fracas that wounded Chiron and killed Hylonome and many others, by helping himself to the Sacred Wine that Pholus failed to secure) at 2:38 Aries, Bacchus (of Wine fame) at 3:46 Aries, and Dionysus the Party Boy at 3:53 Aries.  This is a strong suggestion that we’ll Manifest much more easily if we, like the Angels, Take Ourselves Lightly.  3 Aries is “The cameo profile of a man, suggesting the shape of his country.”  Weird.

Your natal planet near 4:53 Taurus would Complete the Makemake Diamond Star (making it Self-Resolving) and mean that your Labors would consist only of taking the check to the bank.  That’s a fairly busy place too, with asteroids Orpheus at 1:57 Taurus and Psyche (Cupid’s main squeeze) at 6:08 Taurus.  Orpheus was the Magical entertainer who make everyone very Happy and Allowed Healing Miracles, but who was killed by Maenads who were sick of his pining over the loss of his wife Eurydike.  Maenads were followers of Dionysus (again!) who also thought Orpheus was trying to steal Dionysus’s thunder.  5 Taurus is “A widow at an open grave.”  Sounds like we even need to be Grateful for our Grief.

And finally, your natal planet near 2:05 Virgo will Fill the Vacancy at the Squirrel’s left Ear, which Completes a Golden Rectangle.  This rectangular Configuration is “Golden” (we draw it in blue) because the ratio between its long sides and its sort sides is the Golden Ratio, 1.618:1.  This Ratio defines the symmetry in Nature, so the Golden Rectangle symbolizes Grace through the Cooperation of Nature.  3 Virgo is “Two Guardian Angels.”

All in all, it appears that we’ll do best by Expecting the Best and Partying it up.  Six feet apart at a Masked Ball of course.


the Most Important Thing 5

May 23, 2020

Before I forget, the Moon goes Out of Bounds again from 2:38 pm PDT 24 May till 1:23 pm PDT 26 May 2020.  Emotions run more Strongly when the Moon is Out of Bounds, which it does for several days every two weeks for 10-11 years, then not at all for the following 10-11 years.  We just started one of these decade-long “OOB” periods.  The Moon first went OOB on 19 February, the day the US stock market peaked.  The first day of the previous Moon-OOB decade was 11 September 2001 (“9/11”).

I’d call that Progress for Collective Huperity, to go from War to Pandemic in twenty years.  The Moon’s next OOB adventures were 4 March and 16-17 March.  On 23 March the US stock market finished 33% lower than its February high, the most rapid decline ever of that size.  Next up were 31 March-1 April, 12-14 April, 27-29 April, and 10-12 May.  Next month, the Moon will be OOB on 6-8 June and 20-22 June.  Watch for Emotional Reactivity and sharpened Instincts.

Well, I though we were getting a Break, but now I see that I was just looking at an incomplete calendar.  During and after our Big Expansion (Jupiter Station) event of 14 May, I missed astroevents about Truth (asteroid Veritas Stationary) on 15 May, about Boundaries (Pallas Station) on 17 May, about Self-Love (asteroid Sappho Stationary) on 19 May, and I was just about to miss an event about Oath-Breaking (Station of dwarf planet Orcus) on 23 May.  No wonder everything has felt so Rushed.

We aver that our Karma – which is Inertia from Obsolete Habits that we had cast in Stone in other Lifetimes – is the result of having made an Oath, then worked so hard to keep the Oath that we made the Habit Automatic, then Forgot that we made the Oath, and finally began to regard the Habit as “just the way it is,” without Realizing that Changing it is well within our Power.

We’re aghast at how slavishly the Antichrist’s minions lap up his ample excrement, but we React that way because we worked so hard to Forget that sucking up to Power was the only way to Survive in many situations in Times past.  We’re aghast that others haven’t Let Go of that Karma yet.  Even if we successfully maintained our own Homestead out in the Boonies, it was probably rare that one warlord or another didn’t send well-armed tax collectors and army recruiters by to help themselves to our harvest and our first-born.

The symbol for Oath-Breaking (dwarf planet Orcus) is also the symbol for Oath-Making, and it applies equally to Vows, Promises, Resolutions, and even Decisions.  As we move through this Quickening of our Journey to 5D, haven’t we been Making Oaths to Revert the Addictive and Abusive Karmic Patterns that keep us locked in 3D?  That’s good, but we also need to Recognize that we’re trading one Vow for another, and all Vows will be Hindrances in 5D.

In 5D we won’t need to use the mind’s Dualistic Habits as Enforcers, because we’ll be Living from Unconditional Self-Trust and Self-Love and Self-Acceptance.  Whatever happens, It Is What It Is, and what we think about What It Is will just put us back in 3D.  What did you Think we were Practicing when we spent the 1960s Stoned, Spaced Out, and just Grooving on everything?

The End of Time as We Know It in 2012 was about Making the 1960s Permanent, Remember (Uranus Waxing Square Pluto, following the remarkable 9 October 1965 Uranus-Pluto Conjunction at 18 Virgo, “A Ouija Board“)?  Isn’t it Curious that Maryjane is becoming Legal now, and Psilly with it.  Wouldn’t hurt to review that chart, since it’s the Fundamental chart of the Zeitgeist for the rest of this Century, Defining how we as Individual Souls (Uranus) relate to the Unconscious (Pluto), which is basically Everything that is Not-Me or Not-Ego-in-this-Moment.  Growth in Consciousness involves Stepping Into that Fathomless place, and by the way, did we mention that the symbol for Growth in Consciousness is Lit Up next week (asteroid Juno Stationary 8pm PDT 26 May).

Here’s the Orcus Station chart…

Flying Squirrels are unusually popular these days, and this one is missing its tail.  That’s a problem, because its tail is its rudder, which it would use to steer.  But then, the symbol for Oath-Breaking (Orcus) is Merged with the symbol for Ego Death (asteroid Nemesis), and yes, we can’t Revert a Karmic Oath without Enduring an Ego Death, and yes, by definition we have to Surrender Control when we descend into Ego Death.  This is Rocky’s left (Feminine) foot.

The other Players here are quite amazing.

Rocky’s right foot is the symbol for Fate and Choice (asteroid Moira) – whether we’re going to continue Denying that our Self-Sabotaging Patterns are Karmic and Accept them as the Way It Is, or Wake Up to the Realization that we can Choose to replace them with What We Want.

Rocky’s left front paw Merges his Karma (asteroid Karma) with the symbol for Consciously Ending Fated TimeLines (asteroid Atropos).  His right front paw is the symbol for Truth of the Heart (asteroid Aletheia).  His left ear is the symbol for his Soul (Uranus).

His head – literally, Where he’s Headed – is the Merger of Self-Sovereignty (Lilith) and Miracles (Chiron).  If we’re falling instead of soaring, we can also read this Lilith-Chiron as Despair over our Codependence.  But we know better.  We know that Despair is an  Emotion, and over our Codependence is grammatically an Object.  This reminds us that we’re Thinking about our Emotions, which is Toxic.  We need to Feel them instead.

We also know that the Miracle of Chiron is turning Despair inside out by Poor-Sweethearting ourselfThe Mythic Chiron was the Unhealable Healer.  When we shift from “I’m Discouraged” to “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Discouraged, aren’t you” we shift our Identity from Despair to Empathy, and it’s Empathy that Heals the Unhealable.

Rocky’s right ear is at first puzzling.  His other extremities have all been codified instructions for Healing our Karma by Oath-Breaking.  But this one appears to be Sustainable Action about Abuse (dwarf planet Ceres [Sustainability], Mars [Action], and dwarf planet Nessus [Abuse], Merged [Conjunct]).  But the symbol for Abuse is also the symbol for Privilege (Nessus).  There is no Abuse without Privilege.  So we can read it as Action to Sustain Privilege.

Moving into 5D, where we Collaborate and Cooperate with every element of our entire Universe, and every element Collaborates and Cooperates with us, is an incredible Privilege.  Do we Deserve such a Gift?  Isn’t our Deservingness a key anchor into 3D for us?  As we’re Empathizing with the Suffering and Deprivation of the coronavirus victims and the suddenly Unemployed, how can we Justify Privilege to ourselves?  A key to Sustaining Privilege (it’s even hard to write without Feeling Guilt) is Gratitude.

And Realizing that Abundance means Having Enough to Share.  Do we seek the Privilege of Abundance, or the Privilege of Wealth (having enough to Hoard)?  As we Share our Abundance, what are we Feeling?  It would be a surprise if the Ego wasn’t Indulging a bit of Better-Than.  That’s what Egos do for a Living.  Do we Lovingly and Gently Acknowledge that, without Judgment?  Or do we Identify with the Better-Than hit, and Enjoy it?  Do we just Empathize with our Ego, agreeing with it that Privilege Feels Good, without Becoming it?

Are we Reliving the many times and Lifetimes when we’ve been Without, often unto Death?  Another huge Ego-Death Opportunity, to Let Go of our Addiction to Not-Having.  What Oaths might we have made in one or more of those Lifetimes, or in this one, that Allowed us to sink into Scarcity?  Vows of Poverty without accompanying PIAVAs for Grace?  We don’t need to wait for Answers to those Questions.

We just need to PIAVA Abundance and Grace, while we Lovingly and Gently and Rapidly and Completely Let Go of All Impediments to it.  (We avoid the term Release because we don’t want anyone thinking we want to Renew our Lease on the Impediments.)  It would be a good place to use that technique of alternating between Theta Healing and Tapping until we’re Satisfied that we’re Feeling Solid about our Direction and our Progress.  We’ve described that process in several posts recently.

Oh, wait.  What about the Vacancy that would fill in the Squirrel’s tail and complete the Configuration, so we can Soar and Coast to our Heart’s content and still retain Healthy Control?  After all, we always want Both/And, right?

The Vacancy is 11 Libra, “A professor peering over their glasses at their students.”  Well, we know the professor embodies Privilege, having considerable Power over their students.  And the professor probably Feels okay about having that Power.  We know that they’re Far-Sighted, to be peering over their glasses, like Chuck Schumer does.  I don’t detect any Judgment in their peering.  Perhaps they’re Feeling Wonder.

Any stray asteroids?  Aha, asteroid Elatus is at 14 Libra, within orb.  Anyone ever hear of Elatus?  Certainly not me.  Turns out the Mythic Elatus was a Centaur, and the poison arrow that Wounded Chiron passed through his arm (killing him) on its way to Chiron’s knee!  As my former Chief Asteroid Officer (who had some magical way to look these things up) used to say, You can’t make this stuff up! 

So how will this help us Steer our Flying Squirrel into 5D?  First we assume that Death is a Soul’s Choice, to move on to something more critical, or celebrate the completion of a task.  From this Perspective, we don’t seek 5D alone.  Even if we don’t know them, we make this Journey as a Tribe.  We are not Alone.

The Star Vindemiatrix, the Grape Picker and the right wing of Virgo, is also close by at 10 Libra.  She symbolizes carefully Harvesting what we have Sown, a hint at Deservingness. 

Several Stars of the minor Constellation Corvus are also within Orb.  Corvus the Crow is a Scavenger, but doesn’t seem Ashamed of his profession.  He’s reputed to be very smart, persistently pursuing What He Wants in clever and inventive ways.  Not Proud, but Competent and Self-Possessed.  He Defends his Lineage from the assaults of Eagle by enlisting help from his Kin.

The Most Important Thing 4

May 21, 2020


In the land of the Deaf, the One-Eared is King.


For the 22 May 2020 (9:30 am PDT) New Moon in 3 Gemini, which applies to the next several weeks, we’re back to the 10 May Priorities Energy (Saturn Station) that we described in The Most Important Thing 2 post (the chart with the one-eared Flying Squirrel).

That was a week and a half ago, so some of the Players have Changed.  For instance, at that time Self-Love (asteroid Sappho) was the major Challenge (T-Square).  For the New Moon, the major Challenge is Manifestation (dwarf planet Makemake).  While the Object of the Challenge has changed, the Source (base of the T-Square) has not.  It’s our Life Path (Nodal Axis).

Yes, we absolutely believe in Destiny.  If you insist on remaining Unconscious.  The more Conscious we become, the more we replace Fate with Choice.  We each have a Life Mission (North Node), but it’s waaay more Multidimensional than our Dualistic Mind can grasp.  It doesn’t hurt to try, as long as you add “…or something like that” to every attempt.  In order to move toward our Life Mission, we need tools that we can only get by facing down our Held Emotions (South Node), the ones that We’d rather Die than Feel.

Oops, we put the accent on the wrong syl-ob‘ble (syllable).  It’s We’d rather Die than Feel – we don’t do Held Emotions without an Ego Death.  Ego Death is of course the second stage of Growth in Consciousness.  The first stage is Confusion, though there’s a lot of interbreeding between Ego Death and Confusion.  After the pregnancy, we Birth a new, more Conscious Ego, if we’re willing to do the Work.

Doing the Work has two parts.  The first is being willing to Tolerate our Confusion without Killing It – Killing Confusion means Trying to Figure Out (thinking) Why (again, thinking) we’re Confused so we can make it Go Away.  Confusion is an Emotion in its own right, and one of the more Powerful, if subtle, Emotions we have.  The Patriarchy gets its toxic aversion to Change by banning Confusion from polite company.   It’s not macho.

The second part of the Work is being willing to Sit Through our Ego Death without Running Away from it.  Sitting through Ego Death means Opening to whatever Emotions arise (not macho) and being Loving and Gentle (again, not macho) with them .

Yes, there will be Stories, but they aren’t necessary.  We can briefly Appreciate them, but we want to dismiss them quickly, so we can Pay as much Attention as possible to the Emotion.  The Stories are more thinking, and like Chocolate-covered quicksand, they’re totally Compelling, and difficult to escape from.  Addictive even.  How many people do you know who are Addicted to their Victim Stories?

What Victim Stories are You Addicted to?  They might make good material for you to practice on, Separating Emotion from Thinking, and using Sensation as a Guide to keep you Feeling and not Thinking.

There’s a good reason why the word Feeling applies both to Sensation and Emotion.

A good way to Open to an Emotion is to Locate it, or any Discomfort, in our Body, and put All of our Attention on that spot, while we watch what’s happening for us Emotionally.  Put your hand on that spot to warm it – Love is Soft and Warm, Fear is Cold and Hard.  If you can’t find the Emotion in your Body, or there are many Discomforts, just pick the most likely spot, while trying not to think about it.  You want to Feel it, not Think it.

Emotions don’t have grammatical Objects.  You’re never Angry At [xyz], you’re just Angry.  You’re never Sad About [abc], you’re just Sad.  The grammatical Objects we love to add to Feelings are thinking, not Feeling.  Putting an Object on an Emotion freezes you in Time, and Emotions are Timeless, especially Held or Karmic Emotions.  And if an Emotion is difficult for you to Tolerate, and difficult to Let Go Of, you can bet it’s Karmic.

When an Emotion is Karmic, its roots are not in the Current Lifetime, so dwelling on some Current-Lifetime Chagrin will never touch it.  And a Karmic Emotion will be cemented in by a zillion iterations, so if you have a Story about it from a different Lifetime, dwelling on that Story is just more Karmic masturbation.  It won’t Impregnate you with a new Ego that sports Expanded Consciousness.  Just more Thinking when you need Feeling.

When our Attention Wanders, as it will, frequently, we just Lovingly and Gently bring our Attention back to where there’s Discomfort in our Body.  No Judgment.  It Is What It Is.  When the Discomfort Moves, we’ve succeeded.  We can Follow it, if we still have Attention to spare, or we can Change the Subject, wait a while, and see that happens.


PIAVA, in case you’ve forgotten or tuned in recently, stands for Pray-Intend-Ask-Visualize-Affirm.  Each is basically similar, but some work better for some of the people some of the time…  The Magnetic Feminine manifestation process runs PIAVA, Change the Subject, Pay Attention.  You have to Change the Subject (or as the Buddhists put it, Lose Your Mind) because if you keep thinking about it, your Old Birdcage will constrain your Reality to be the way it’s always been.  And you have to Pay Attention because whenever you PIAVA anything, the first thing that the Universe provides is information about why you haven’t had what you’re asking for all along.”

As it was in our Priorities Energy, our Karma in the New Moon Energy is all about Recovering our Hidden and Forbidden Genius (South Node [Held Emotions] Conjunct dwarf planet Ixion [our Unique Genius]…) so we can “fix” Climate Change (…and dwarf planets Pholus [Are we Missing anything?] and Quaoar [Survival]).  This is a Unique Opportunity that occurs only every nineteen or so years, when our Hidden and Forbidden Genius and our Held Emotions Converge (South Node Conjunct Ixion).

We’re all troubled by Serious Problems that are much bigger than our usual Span of Control, be they Climate Change, outacontrolavirus, bumpstocks, coyotes, politics, clearcutting, Roundup, in-laws, oligarchies, taxes, overpopulation, locusts, food insecurity, pigshit lagoons, coal ash, people running around nude under their clothes, undsoweiter ecosìvia adinfinitum.

The fact that our Forbidden Genius is Verboten is almost certainly Karmic.  If you’ve ever had a Fantasy about having Superpowers and Fixing some Problem much larger than your usual Span of Control, or even publicly Expressing your Frustration about the Problem, you’re Touching your Forbidden Genius.

The World Mirrors our Inner Balance, so we all have our own Inner Climate Change process happening – we’re all Denying chronic Problems that we Believe are beyond our Span of Control because they’re hiding behind our Limiting Unconscious Beliefs.  We Deny them because it’s a healthy way to deal with Issues that would just overwhelm our current Ego.  And there’s a strong correlation between our Limiting Unconscious Beliefs and our Held Emotions.

To touch the Edges of your Held Emotions, Focus on What You Feel when you contemplate your Obsession with the Global or Personal Problems that seem to be beyond your Power to Change.

To touch the Edges of your Forbidden Genius, Focus on What You Feel when you have that Superpower Fantasy.

Then Change the Subject, and tune in tomorrow to see if anything Feels different.  Then rinse and repeat.

More to follow…

The Most Important Thing 3

May 17, 2020

We’ve been getting quite a few new subscribers, so I wanted to remind that Questions are always welcome.  Use the “Leave a Comment” link at the bottom of each post.  I answer as many as time permits, either in a “Reply” Comment, or in a subsequent post.  If you would like to ask a Question anonymously, just say so in your Comment, and I won’t publish the Comment, but instead, in a post, refer to your Question or Comment as sent by “a reader” or the equivalent.

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Does anyone have an active printer that uses Canon 225-226 ink cartridges?  If you do, please leave a Comment at the bottom of the post.  When my printer died it orphaned a full set of new cartridges.

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I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the “Carrington Event.”  It was an intense Solar Storm in 1859 that caused Auroras seen all the way to Florida and beyond, and telegraphs to burst into flame.  It’s frequently cited as a potential threat to digital communications, and even to computers themselves.  What I didn’t know is that the same thing happened at the Ides of May in 1921…

This one burned down a building or two in New York.

♥  ♥  ♥ 

An interesting update on the North Pole’s ongoing attempt to escape from the Antichrist…

I’d never seen that map before; it’s quite different than I’d imagined.

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Our Home Planet has been hit by several to many Plagues of Locusts this year, a Pandemic, all of the more weathery Climate Change issues, but at least so far, the Moon hasn’t gone Walkabout…


Though we could be due for a big Tsunami in the North Pacific…

♥  ♥  ♥ 

A couple snippets from today’s Marilyn Rafaelle Arcturian download…

(Make yourself a mental note that when Marilyn makes a new download, as she does fortnightly, she moves the now-current and then-previous one to

“…It is easy to get caught up in this type of information and spend a great deal of time and energy studying and researching negative activities.  You have all experienced the heaviness of dense energy that comes from getting too involved in these types of issues.  As awakened individuals you are ready to move beyond duality and separation and live from the higher levels of consciousness you have attained.  Be aware of and informed about negative beliefs and actions, but then release them and align with Reality…”

“…We recognize that many are presently locked into some service that they did not consciously choose or want.  As a result they may feel angry, depleted, unhappy, and trapped seeing no way out.  To these dear ones we say; there are no accidents.  Every life is planned before incarnation with the help of Guides, to include those experiences deemed necessary for spiritual evolution.  These types of situations are usually karmic in nature and represent a person’s spiritual readiness to address some old energy imbalance that may go back lifetimes but which can be balanced and completed through service in this lifetime…”

“…Do not let obsolete concepts of spiritual duty, and self- sacrifice to enter into your activities of love and service.  As universal consciousness shifts to new levels of awareness, service to others on all levels of need will become common, ordinary, backed by law, and simply the way life is lived because there will be a sense of oneness that was not present in third dimensional energy.  Realize that in and of yourself you have nothing to give another.  God alone is love, energy, appreciation, gratitude, service, cooperation etc. and God alone has these things to give…”

Which means that the way to move forward is by Expanding as widely as possible our use of PIAVA and the Third Step.  The Third Step is, when more or less depatriarchized, “Made the Decision to turn our Will and our Lives over to The Goddess as we understood Her.”  Recovering is a Process, not an Event, and it’s Permanent.  We’re all Recovering from the Ego and the Patriarchy, and most of us are Recovering from the “Left Brain.”  We have to tailor it to our individual Lives, but there’s no better Guide to Recovering than the Twelve Steps.  I first used it for Recovering my Emotions.

And speaking of Expanding…

♥  ♥  ♥ 

We’re a couple of days tardy, and we haven’t written specifically about the 14 May 2020 (7:30 am PDT) Big Expansion event (Station of Jupiter in 28 Sagittarius).  Not surprisingly (since the Jupiter Station is less than five Degrees away from the 10 May Saturn Station), the chart of this event looks very similar to the chart of The Most Important Thing (though in the new version the Flying Squirrel has both Ears, but its Head is missing).  It’s upside down, but is anybody old enough to remember the Pennsylvania Railroad Keystone State symbol?  In the Big Expansion chart, though, the Players are different, and a second Challenge (T-Square) is added…

For the earlier The Most Important Thing event, the Challenge to our Unconditional Self-Love (Sappho T-Square) was from our Willingness to Accept our Life Mission and its Requirement that we use our Ingenuity and Survival Instincts to Take Full Responsibility for Letting Go of Our Karma (the base of the Sappho T-Square was the Nodal Axis, with dwarf planets Ixion [our Forbidden Genius], Quaoar [Survival] and Pholus [What are we ignoring?] on the South Node [Held Emotions]).

In our later Big Expansion event, the Challenge to our Unconditional Self-Love is to Accept our Impossible Dream and make it our Goal (the base of the Sappho T-Square is the Opposition between dwarf planets Ixion [our Hidden Talents] and Chaos [Unlimited Potential]).  There are two sides to this Drama…

  • First, we have to be Willing to Accept a Dream that our Heart Craves but our Mind regards as Not at all Possible (Chaos, which symbolizes not Disorder, but both the Infinite Potential in the Quantum “Vacuum” of Space, and the Collaborative nature of Yin Cultures).
  • And second, we have to Believe that We are Capable of Manifesting the Superpowers necessary to Achieve our  Impossible Dream (Ixion, which symbolizes the Recognition that in order to Change the World, it is tautologically Necessity to disrupt the Status Quo by Violating Social Norms).

Some of us will indeed be Changing the External World through our Activism, because we Know that this is what we came here to do.  But many of us will Recognize that the World is a Mirror for our Internal Alignment and Balance, so we’ll Focus instead on Deprogramming our Internalized Shoulds and Shouldn’ts, rather than Personing the Barricades.  After all, if it wasn’t for our Internalized Shoulds and Shouldn’ts, we’d have been Manifesting our Impossible Dreams all along, wouldn’t we.

The new Challenge is to our Expansion itself (the Stationary Jupiter).  It’s Complicated because it’s Merged with (Conjunct) several other Energies…

  • Compulsion.  We’re in a brand new Time Province since January, and we’ll Feel an “irrational” (to the mind) urge to move toward the New Energy, even as our Emotions and “Rational” mind urge us to Protect our Investments in the Olde Paradigm (Pluto).
  • Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt.  Both have Expanded.  As long as you don’t Commit everything to some Specific Future, you can Reject Self-Doubt.  Follow new Trends, but Expect lots of Changes along the way, and give yourself Permission to Change Direction as often as you Feel the Need (dwarf planet Chariklo; without a Head, the Squirrel is Flying Blind, meaning we have to Trust our Intuition and keep our “Eggs” in several baskets).
  • Boundaries.  Our Most Reliable Protection is Vulnerability – then we have Nothing to Defend.  Since few of us are really There, we’ll have to Move Toward Vulnerability, rather than Pretend we’re already there (asteroid Pallas).

I’m constantly Discovering Places where I need to slip back into Denial, or Hide from some Apparent Truth.  Makes me wonder how many Places like that I haven’t Noticed yet.  When I do Notice, I try to Tap It Out and/or Theta it.  This usually works to Allow me to be Honest with myself and still Feel Safe.

The Threat to our Expansion arises from our Fear or Hesitation around Ego Death and our Ancient Karmic Pattern of Defending our Ego’s current Guise (dwarf planets Eris [Revelation of what’s being Denied] and Haumea [Rebirth] Opposing in the base of the Jupiter-et al T-Square).

The Most Important Element of the Big Expansion event chart (the focus of the only Finger of the Goddess [Pay Attention!], and the third corner of a Grand Trine [Dumb-Luck Blessings] that connects the two Challenges, Sappho [Self-Love] and Jupiter et al [Trust your Intuition but Verify Repeatedly]) is the Admonition that we Trust our Fear (asteroid Eurydike [Trust] Conjunct dwarf planet Sedna [Converting Fear to Power] Conjunct Sun [Essence])That doesn’t mean we Back Off when Fear arises.  It means that we Iteratively Tap Out the Fear and Theta What We Want, till the “Show Me!” phase of the Theta Healing is unambiguously What We Want.

For instance, we might Tap on…

  • “Even though I Feel Fear about [eg, Wanting Such a Huge Blessing], I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself,”

and then Theta

  • “God/Goddess, Creator of All There Is, I Command that [eg, My Dream of Nirvikalpa Samadhi Be Realized].  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You God/Goddess!  Show Me!”

Then, if you’re Visual, you’d look to See if you’re in Bliss in the Picture that you’re Shown.  If your Intuition arrives by other means, you’d Examine that – your Belly might be Shouting YES!, or you might Hear a Delicious OMMM chorus, or Smell Frankincense, or Feel Ecstasy, or Sense Energy coursing up your Spine, or Feel what you Felt when Amma Hugged you.

Or, you might be Shown something else – maybe you’re Embarrassed, or Guilty, or Undeserving, or Ashamed, or your Bowels are Moving.  In this case, you’d adjust your Tapping Phrase.  “Even though I’m Soiling my Undies, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself.”  Or “Even though I’m Feeling Ashamed, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself.”

Then you’d redo your Theta Prayer, with our without Adjustments.  Then back to Tapping, and ’round and ’round, till you’ve reduced your Command to what’s Achievable in the Current Moment, or you’ve Let Go of all of your Resistance to What you’re Commanding.  This is only one Moment, you don’t have to be Disappointed that you can’t Manifest Everything all at once, you can be Grateful for what you have Let Go Of, and for what God/Goddess has Granted you.  And tomorrow you can do it again.  Or maybe even later today!

I didn’t catch it in time to put it on the chart, but the Moon completes the Diamond Star [Self-Resolving Challenge] for the Sappho [Self-Love] T-Square.  Meanwhile I’d looked up to see if anybody else might do so, and found the space object Damocles to be only a third of a Degree from the Exact Vacancy.  The space object Damocles has a story as fascinating as the Mythic fellow Damocles!

The Mythic Damocles was buttering up his king by effusing about his Power and Glory and Abundance, when the king offered to trade places with Damocles for a day.  Damocles Loved enjoying the view from the throne, till he noticed that the king had suspended a sword over the throne on a single horsehair, to symbolize the heavy Responsibility that the king bore, and the enemies that the king had inevitably created on his rise to power.  Damocles bolted from the throne and ran.

So it’s Moon-Damocles [Instinctive Fear of Retribution] that with Eris [Revelation of What’s Been Denied] forms the Finger of the Goddess that Completes the Self-Resolving Challenge to Unconditional Self-Love – literally, Existential Angst, right out of Camus’s L’Étranger.  In other words, it’s Guilt, or Fear of Retribution for Violating Social Norms, that’s likely to Block our Achievement of Unconditional Self-Love, and Letting That Go is what our current Expansion is about.

The cosmic Damocles is a tiny 10km Comet-like “Centaur” (in the astronomical sense) with a 41-year Orbit, that Dances from Mars to Uranus and back, unlike any of the other Centaurs, who usually Orbit in the Saturn-to-Pluto space.

The Vacancy that would convert the Jupiter-et al T-Square to a Diamond Star – and Complete a Grand Sextile – is 26 Leo, “After the heavy storm, a rainbow.”  There are two space travelers nearby – the Centaur Thereus, Orbiting near Saturn, who hunted Bears and brought them back Alive (and not Pleased about it), and the binary 250km (each) Trans-Neptunian Object Sila-Nunam, named for Inuit Creation Gods, with a 293-year Orbit within Pluto’s Aphelion (furthest extent from the Sun).  Of course if you have a natal planet near 26 Leo, you’re a Magnet for your own and Other People’s Expansion these days.

The Most Important Thing

May 9, 2020

If you can find and watch 24:30 through 35:00 of this video, you’ll be very Clear about The Most Important Thing…

If you don’t plan to spend much Future Time on this Planet, in your current Lifetime or others, then no worries.  If Life-Threatening Challenges are your Cuppa Tea, then no worries.  Otherwise, This is Big.  Compared to This, everything else is as Important as making mudpies.  So we highly recommend that you quit wasting Emotional and Physical Energy and Time fretting about the mudpies, and Commit yourself fully to The Most Important Thing.

Don’t worry about the details, just PIAVA to Lovingly and Gently come to Grok your Perfect Unique Role, in your own Time.  When you do find your Perfect Unique Role, it’ll be Great Fun, and not at all the Difficulty – or Impossibility – that you now imagine it to be.  It’s really true that If you aren’t part of the Solution you’re part of the Problem, so please, No Longer Lend Your Strength to That Which You Wish to Be Free From.

Of course your own The Most Important Thing must Arise from your own Heart, but we do need to warn that we’ll be Obsessing about our own personal The Most Important Thing till at least 9pm PDT on 10 May 2020 (when Saturn [The Most Important Thing] Stands Still in the Sky [Impacts us Strongly] at 2 Aquarius).  Oh, our Values will also be up for review till at least 11:45 pm 12 May (when Venus [Values] Stands Still in the Sky at 21 Gemini).  So lots of Self-Review.  Of course The Most Important Way to Approach The Most Important Thing is to monitor yourself to Avoid dwelling on WhatYouDon’tWant, so you can keep your Focus – which is what Creates your Future – on WhatYouDoWant.

Which, with everything (us included) Changing rapidly, means we can Expect to Experience Confusion fairly often.  Confusion isn’t my Favorite Emotion.  Which is why I’m working hard on Turning That Around, so Confusion becomes my Favorite Emotion.  Well, maybe my second-Favorite, after Ecstasy.  At any rate, Confusion is the first sign of Growth in Consciousness.  So it’s Precious.  Our Concept Set forms the skeleton for our Ego and rationalizes our Limiting Unconscious Beliefs (such as “Nothing I can do about that!“).  Positive Change is Available only when our Concept Set wavers and quivers – which means we Feel Confused.


Tweety is our Ego, the Cage is our Concept Set, and Sylvester is everything that’s Eliminated from our Life by our Unconscious Limiting Beliefs.  Notice how Tweety looks kind of Confused by what’s happening.


However, Growth in Consciousness only occurs when we don’t try to outsmart our Confusion.  (Tweety relies on her Instinctual Wisdom of Experience, not Mentality).  When we try to Figure Out what’s Confusing us and make it Go Away, we Lose our Opportunity for Growth.  Figuring It Out just regrouts the bricks in the walls of our Concept Set.  This is especially important here while the symbol for our Ego is still Merged with the symbol for our Confidence (Stationary Saturn [Ego] Conjunct dwarf planet Chariklo [Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt], which runs from December 2019 till January 2021).  I mean, what’s more Important to the Ego than Confidence?

We know Intuitively that nothing makes a Huper more Attractive to Other Hupers than Self-Confidence.  It makes Life so much easier when Others find us Attractive and want to curry our favor.  Confidence is far more Compelling than Competence – that’s how the Antichrist Bullied his way into Fame and Glory.  Self-Doubt is one of the biggest impediments to Abundance.  Unfortunately, many of us are Addicted to Self-Doubt.  We get there by failing to Embrace Ego Death.

The Antichrist gives us a Master Teaching at Avoiding Self-Doubt.  He just Reframes History, Effortlessly and Immediately.  We may not want to do it his way, but the Lesson is Valuable because it brings the Issue into the Light of Day.  The Issue is, Do we Create our own Reality or Not?  He’s obviously a Master at Creating a Surreality that fits him to a T.  History books are full of Masters at Creating their own Surrealities.  The Antichrist Demonstrates the process – just Create your own Surreality, and whenever it conflicts with Reality, quickly Adjust it.  His Goal is Adulation.  We could emulate his techniques for other Goals, such as Abundance (Having Enough to Share), a Livable Environment, a Collaborate Culture, Immunity to 5G and Granolaviruses, Ascension, or WhateverWeWant.

Doubt and Confusion are kissing cousins.  When we Fake our way out of Doubt we often get caught.  If we aren’t famous enough, that matters.  When we try to Fake our way out of Confusion by Figuring It Out, we also Create more Trouble for ourself.  Like any other Emotion, in order to Release it we need to Accept and Embrace it Exactly as it Is.  When we do that, we dispel it – we literally break the Spell that it has cast on us.

We get Unstuck by training ourself to Notice when we’re Feeling Confused, and then Consciously Celebrate it.  Getting Beyond our Limiting Unconscious Beliefs is necessary if we are pursuing Abundance, Ascension, Enlightenment, or virtually any other major Change in our Karma(Our Limiting Unconscious Beliefs, by the way, are symbolized by asteroid Vesta, and Vesta Conjoins Stationary Venus as we speak.  We talked about that a little in Values and Beliefs Full Moon.)  We should write about the Venus-Vesta Cycle, because…

The Dance between our Values, Beliefs, Desires, Emotions, and Thoughts – including what and how we Think about our Emotions – are very Important to our progress toward WhatWeWant.  Most of us are very Confused, without Realizing it, about the Difference between Our Emotions and Our Thoughts About Our Emotions.  Emotions happen in our Body.  The minute we move into our Head and begin Thinking About our Emotions, we’ve totally Abandoned both our Emotions and our Selves.  Yet we need to Align our Passion and our Thoughts in order to Manifest Cleanly.

Does any place in your Body hurt or Feel Uncomfortable right now?  Are you Able to Lovingly and Gently put your Total Attention into that place, and watch how it Changes?  How long can you do that without Thinking About how it Feels?  It’s fine to Think About how long we’re Holding our Attention there, as long as we’re Experiencing how it Feels, and not Labeling or Comparing (as Marshall Rosenberg liked to say, “Feels Like” expresses a Thought, not an Emotion) it, or Leaving the Present Moment.

Holding your Total and Unconditionally Loving and Gentle Attention on any Discomfort in your Body is one of the most Healing things you can do for it.  When you Notice that your Attention has Wandered, just quietly Bring It Back, without Judgment.  Notice if your Body has Created any Hardening around the Discomfort, as we often do in an effort to Separate Pain from our Identity.  If there is, Consciously Soften it.  That’ll Open the blood flow around the space, and accelerate the Body’s natural Healing.  That’s what Bodies do for a Living, if we let them.

Try doing the same with a Difficult Emotion.  Locate it in your Body, and give it Total Unconditionally Loving and Gentle Attention.  If you can do that without Labeling or Comparing it, or Leaving the Present Moment, you’ll find that the Discomfort dissolves the way it does when you Poor-Sweetheart yourself.  It’s quite Miraculous if you aren’t used to doing it.  When we Leave the Present Moment – “OMG, this reminds me of…” or “What will happen if…” – we’re Thinking About the Emotion, not Feeling it, Experiencing it, or Giving it our Attention.  We’re Abandoning the Emotion and our Self.

Not that it isn’t useful to Anal-yze how any Discomfort fits into your TimeLines.  For instance, Realizing that an Unpleasant Feeling is another Mirror for a Childhood Trauma, can in a few seconds help to Heal both the Discomfort and the PTSD.  And Realizing that some Discomfort that’s Arising is a clue about why we aren’t instantly Manifesting something we just PIAVAed, can in a few seconds help to melt our Resistance to that Manifestation.

Remember that if we aren’t ready to Manifest something that we’ve PIAVAed, the first thing the Universe will do is give us an Illustration of why we aren’t ready.

But we need to Learn to instantly Recognize the Difference between our Emotions and our Thoughts About them.  A Healthy Emotion Arises and then Dissipates, Informing us about something Important in the process.  If there’s no Dissipation, it’s because we’ve shifted from Feeling it to Thinking About it.  That can Freeze Emotions for years, Creating and Deepening Karma in the process.  When we get stuck on an Emotion it’s almost always already Karmic, and every time we Think About it instead of Feeling it, we cement the Karma in place more firmly.

Karmic Emotions are Held Emotions, the ones We’d rather Die than Feel.  So it’s a natural, Healthy Reaction to find any way we can to Avoid that, including shifting transparently from Feeling to Thinking.  If you’ve been reading this blog long, you know that “We’d rather Die than Feel that” is a misrepresentation.  It’s what we Experience, but it’s an Illusion.  It’s really “We’d rather Die than Feel that” – yes, We, our Ego, our current Identity, has to Die in order for us to Feel that.  That’s how Karma works.  The Ego’s job is to keep us Alive and Well, so this works well.

Except when we Want to Change or Manifest something that’s not already in our Karma, and then we need to Tolerate or even Court Ego Death in order to get beyond our Limiting Unconscious Beliefs.  In fact, Ego Death becomes The Most Important Thing.  It doesn’t even matter if the Planet has been Destroyed, because we in fact Create our own Reality, as a Mirror for our Internal Self-Love processes, so we’ll just Re-Create it in our Image.

We’ll talk more about these things, and how Confusion and Curiosity (the Quincunx and Finger of the Goddess) relate to one another, when we look at tomorrow’s Saturn Station chart in detail.

Values and Beliefs Full Moon 2

May 8, 2020

We finished last night with…

“The Full Moon chart offers several tools and Graces to help us Measure our Beliefs and Values against the Truth of our Deep Self.  We’ll go into that in the next post (Mercury [Analysis] Conjunct Sun [Essence], Veritas [Truth] Conjunct Hylonome [Sovereignty], Venus Stationary, Water Grand Trine, Almost-Grand-Sextile).”

But first…

We’re already well into a major Priority event that runs at least through 9pm PDT 10 May 2020.  The Universe will be asking us to set aside Priorities two through ten so we can focus entirely on Priority Number One.  That’ll be different for each of us, but it shouldn’t be hard for you to identify The Most Important Thing to you.  It may be an Insight about what you’ll be doing in 2021, and who you’ll be doing it with (Station of Saturn [The Most Important Thing] at 2 Aquarius [Relationships with Groups])

What will give us grief is all of the other things that we’ll be Asked to set aside, because we’ll be Scared to do it, Scared that we’ll get in trouble for ignoring them.  Rest assured that they’ll still be there, and in good shape, when we get back to them.  We may be up against the Stay Home / Get Out Dilemma, and have to Choose our Health or our Income.  Trust that you can Follow Your Truth, and still come out okay.  Whatever Decision you make, even if it feels like you might be burning a bridge today, it will turn out to be the right Decision for next year (Jupiter [Expansion] is also Stationary, peaking at 7:30 am PDT 14 May, at 28 Capricorn [Walking a Spiritual Path with Practical Feet]; with both Saturn and Jupiter Strong, we’ll be Feeling a Preview of 2021).

Meanwhile, the Moon goes Out of Bounds again, starting at 2am PDT 10 May, until 9pm PDT 11 May.  That’ll make our Emotional Experience much Stronger than usual.  And, we’ll be again working intensely on our Values, testing to see if they’re really ours, until 11:45 pm PDT 12 May (Station of Venus [Values], 21 Gemini [Possibly-Tumultuous Change]).

As far as tidying up our Full Moon interpretation, which applies to the next two to four weeks, The Most Important Thing dangling is probably our Attention to our own Yintegrity (Veritas [Truth] Conjunct Hylonome [Sovereignty]).  We haven’t talked about Yintegrity in a while.  When most folks refer to Integrity, they refer to Yangtegrity, which means that We do what we said we was gonna do, when we said we was gonna do it.  That’s a basic Rule in the Patriarchy.

Yintegrity serves the Goddess instead, especially our own Inner Goddess or Soul (Uranus).  When we operate from Yintegrity, in every Moment We do what we feel like doing in that Moment, Renegotiating in real time whenever necessary and possible.  If Renegotiation isn’t possible, and the Relationship is Important to us, then we Make Amends after the fact.

The next-most Important Thing is probably that we Want to Practice Processing our Emotions Quickly, and pay particular Attention to Noticing when Letting Go of an Emotion rapidly feels like an affront to our Identity or Sense of Who We Are (an Almost-Grand Sextile; a Water Grand Trine [Ease with Emotions] is Complete, but two legs of an Earth Grand Trine [Ease with the Physical, including Manifesting Good Health] are Missing).  It’s that Sense of Who We Are that’s Exactly what’s Changing (Vacancy 19 Virgo, “A Swimming Race“).  You don’t need to Let It Go all at once, but you do want to give it a Trial Run to see how it Feels.

There’s also a Star nearby that, if we lend it our Attention, will help bring us Good Health.  It’s Denebola (22 Virgo), the tail of Leo the Lion.  Some comments about it from Bernadette Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars pp.266-7…

“This star indicates in some degree ‘being out of step’ or being out of the mainstream of thought, not conforming, by living on the fringe.”  Bingo.  The 5D Fringe.

“Leonardo da Vinci [who had a strong Denebola]… is known in history as a man whose ideas were well ahead of his time.”  Double Bingo.

“Seeing the world differently in some way.  This may have very good results leading to a great deal of success, but generally this success will be on the edge of the establishment, out of step with the main point of view.”

Remarkable how Conservative Ego Astrologers are, never seeming to Realize how Terminally Unsustainable the mainstream is.  I omitted her suggestions that we should be Striving to Align with it.  That was 1998, but it was still ten years past the Harmonic Convergence Wake-Up call.

The Full-Moon chart follows.  We can call the Configuration the “Open Envelope,” which would imply that the Message is only barely hidden…