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August 29, 2020

Anxious, yes, that’s Fear, that’s Sedna, whose power could have subsided considerably after 9am PDT this morning (29 August 2020), when Sedna turned Retrograde and the Moon went back In Bounds.

A Reader writes at around the same time,

I am having quite a lot of anxiety re: the current political state of the US and its impact on COVID, climate change, the economy, et al.  I go to sleep only by dreaming of Canada, but I don’t have anything Canada wants.  I continue, however, to play the lotto in hopes.”

The general Pattern in our Response to any planet’s Standing Still, is that we Feel the planet’s Energy very Strongly up until the moment that it begins to move again, and then the Energy diminishes fairly quickly.  The exception is when we, rather than being Conscious that the Energy is highlighted astrologically and observing how that Feels, get Attached to the Energy – or most especially, Attached to the Intellectual Content that we plug into the Energy.  In that case we can Carry the Energy with us for a looong time, even Creating New Karma.

It’s a Natural process.  We Feel Fear or Anxiety (for instance – it works the same way with other planetary Energies), and we immediately Think, Oh, I Feel Scared!  What might I be Feeling Scared About?  Oh, yeah, That!  No Wonder I’m Anxious!  What If…  That whole process probably actually happens Unconsciously, before we’re even aware of the Pattern.  We don’t Notice that we Feel Scared, and we don’t even Notice that we’re thinking about That! again, because when we Think about That! we don’t have any spare Attention left for Noticing.  Our Observer Self has left the building.

This is actually the very reason I write this blog – to help us (Believe me, I use it too! – probably more than you!) get Conscious of these Natural Huper processes.  Natural to those of us who grew up under Colonial Cultures at least.

Our Reader actually already knows the Creative process –

“I go to sleep only by dreaming of Canada.”

We Transform Fear into Power (the meaning of Sedna) by first, Noticing that we’re in Fear.  Second, we Control any Overwhelm, by Tapping, Kegels, Poor-Sweethearting ourself, or other PIAVAs, until we get Grounded again.  Then we Refocus our Attention on What We Want (such as “dreaming of Canada”) instead of on What We Don’t Want.  The longer we can Hold our Attention on What We Do Want, and the more Passionately we can Hold it, the Faster we will Manifest it.

Of course if it’s a Global phenomenon, it’s not going to happen in an instant, unless you happen to be the equivalent of the “Hundredth Monkey” – or the Hundred Millionth Monkey – that tips the Balance.  Always possible, so we needn’t shush it.  Our Anxiousness, as long as we Indulge it, actually reinforces the Creative Energy of the people who are Creating What We Don’t Want, so it’s an uphill battle.  They work hard to make us Feel Anxious, and they literally Eat our Fear for lunch.

We need to Express our Truth.  “I’m Feeling Scared about the political state of the US” – who isn’t after all, except for the many who prefer to Feel Angry about it because that’s how they React to Fear.  And if we’re Expressing it to someone else, we probably won’t be able to Stop until they say “Oh, you’re Feeling Scared!” and probably not even then.  That’s why Tapping starts with “Even though [my perceived Present Moment Reality that I don’t Like, such as ‘I’m Scared’…].”  But then immediately it switches to What We Want instead, “…I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself.”

The most Powerful way to Hold our Attention on What We Want, is to Imagine How We’re Going to Feel When We Get What We Want.

Our Reader then goes into Doubt,

“but I don’t have anything Canada wants.”

Which is Natural.  As with any Meditation, we Learn to Expect what’s Natural, and we Gently bring our Attention back to What We Want

“I continue, however, to play the lotto in hopes.”

Hope is what remained in Pandora’s Box after all of the (other) Evils had flown away.  Hope is Want plus Doubt.  Want plus Confidence works better.  For me personally, the most Powerful PIAVA is a Theta.  But we can’t realistically Expect it to bring the World to Heel for us.

But we can Change the only thing that’s within our Power to Change – Ourself

God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that I Remember As Often As Possible to Keep My Focus on What I Want by Imagining What I Will Feel When What-I-Want Manifests.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You, God/Goddess!  Show Me!

Theta is my favorite PIAVA because when I Command “Show Me!” I get to see whether I have any Unconscious impediments that will prevent Manifestation, so I can work on them.  Often they Show Up before I even get to the “Show Me!” stage.  If you aren’t a Naturally Visual person, and Receive your Intuitions by Hearing or Feeling or other means, feel free to change “Show Me!” to something that Feels more appropriate for you, though you can always Expect (or Command) to be “Shown” by Receiving your Information the way you usually do.

My Buddha Tea teabag tag for today said, “With our thoughts we make the world.”  True, but Thoughts and Emotions are so intertwined that we Make the World a lot more efficiently by using our Thoughts to Direct our Emotions into places where they’re Constructive – with a Caveat.

It’s very Easy to Deny or Suppress Emotions, especially if they’re “South-Node” Emotions, the kind we’d Rather Die Than Feel.  To Manifest most Powerfully we need maximum Passion, but we also need maximum Neutrality.  If we’re Attached to an Outcome, it will Skew our Manifestation.  If the trajectory of “the current political state” (not just in the US, it’s pretty Global) is toward Trauma that we’ve Experienced in other Lifetimes – and who of us hasn’t been there – then we may have buried it so successfully that it doesn’t Show Up even on a Theta Show Me!

If that’s the case, we probably just aren’t ready to Let It Go yet – I’d Trust our “Show Me!” to Guide us in the right direction in the Present Moment rather than trying to Force ourself into unnecessary Difficulty.  It’s never Easy to tell the difference between our Grandmother’s old Traumas and our own, because our Childhood Programming will Install Grandmama’s Traumas in us as if they were our own.  Letting Go of those Traumas can be Triggered very differently for different people.  I’d hesitate to Trust rote formulae, I’d rather Trust each “Show Me!

But that brings us to the astrological Indications that correspond to “the current political state.”  There’s no question in my mind that we’re talking about dwarf planet Nessus, Abuse and Privilege.  That applies perfectly to “COVID, climate change, the economy,” #MeToo, Inequality Growing to Extremes, Black Lives Matter, Latinx Survival Matters, Indigenous Survival Matters, Unconscious White Supremacy, and, in the Current Time most specifically, Male Supremacy and the Dying Patriarchy.  We can Expect Chiron on be involved as well, since Chiron has a lot to do with Victimhood, or who wins or loses.

We’ve talked about Nessus’s recent Dance with OR10 aka Gonggong.  Next we’ll look at Nessus’s Cycles with other planets, to see what that can Teach us.