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Busy Coupla Weeks

March 31, 2012

Happy April Fool’s Day!  Busy coupla weeks coming up.

Mercury turns Direct on April 4, then re-enters Aries on April 16.  That means that over the next few weeks we should oughta be up for a bunch of insights into the tons of Karma that we’ve all been dumping, as Mercury makes its third pass over the tail end of Pisces.

Then Mars finally turns Direct on Friday the 13th, which falls onna Friday this month.  Till late June, Mars will be making its third crossing of the Heart of Virgo. When a planet dances across a Zodiacal zone three times, it’s an intense review of the affairs of the planet and the zone.  Mars dancing in Virgo ends up being close to a Searching and Fearless Moral Inventory, or at least a thorough review of our Identity and Community, and how we use our Energy on the Planet.  The third crossing is a review and confidence-builder; the first crossing opens old wounds, and the second crossing provides the opportunity for Healing, for trying new and different ways to approach old dilemmas.

For Mars, the first crossing was mid-November to late January, and the second from late January to mid-April.  Slow processes like these are hard to correlate with external and internal personal and impersonal events and processes, but tremendously worthwhile if you can do it.  I suggest you PIAVA (Pray, Intend, Ask, Visualize, Affirm) that you receive insights, and then Change the Subject, cuz unless the Karma you’re re-experiencing is a Big Deal, it’s unlikely that you’ll find the most useful insights by thinking.

The first crossing of the tail of Pisces and the head of Aries by Mercury spanned February 27 through March 12, and the second crossing March 12 through April 3.  The tail of Pisces and the head of Aries of course represents Rebirth.

Meanwhile, Pluto turns Retro on April 9.  The last coupla days before a Pluto Station, it always feel like we’re swimming in Jello, cuz history and herstory are slowing down and getting ready to turn in a new direction.  Pluto will go backwards till mid-September, making a second crossing over the fourth Dwad of Capricorn.  A Dwad is the twelfth part of a Sign.  The fourth Dwad of Capricorn is the Aries Dwad, and of course while Pluto is Retro it’ll be Squared by Uranus from Aries, in early July.

Let’s just suppose for a minute that all of those rumors and intuitions and wishes of Breakthrough and Transcendence and New Earth and Ascendance will work out for the best.  Then if that’s true, we would have witnessed all of the roadblocks and speedbumps to that Trance(re)formation during Pluto’s first crossing of the Aries Dwad, from mid-December through April 9.  We should be experiencing the Healing between now and mid-September, and the third crossing will span mid-September through early January of 2013, finishing up just in time for an Inauguration.

Capricorn is the Just Fix It Sign (Cardinal Earth, or creativity around materiality), and the Aries Dwad is the Oh, We Could Fix It This Way! portion of Capricorn (Aries is Cardinal Fire, or creative Spirit).  Capricorn is run by Saturn, the Zodiac’s engineer (think Gopher, if yer not British).  It likes to think things over thoroughly, but once we get to the Aries Dwad, it’s time to get off the workbench and begin testing the prototypes.

Here’s a great Bill Moyers interview with Howard Zinn – who better to kick us inna butt and get us moving forward…

Followed by a David Icke article, a movie review no less.  Who could possible be bored by anything David Icke says!  Dust off yer best Both/And glasses.  You don’t need to watch the video, it’s just about some boring topic like Identity or something.  The written text below it is more compelling…

Then Ozzie Barbara sends us this nice link, a table of metaphysical properties of Crystals…

Of course different Crystals mean different things in different contexts for different people, and the best way to use Crystals is to use the one(s) you have in your hand in the way you’re guided to use it.  But our left brains like entertainment too, and, at least at first glance, this compendium looks very useful.  She describes our Green Kyanite Crystal, for instance, as

‘Heart of the Lioness’ Kyanite in the green ray allows deep meditation to draw on the loving and healing qualities of the fourth chakra.  May assist in alleviating depression through seeing the ‘light at the end of the tunnel.’  Stimulates the incorporation of dream work and visions into daily life.  Its energy is feminine and may be more attractive to those wishing to support receptive qualities in themselves as well as female visioning power.

Nothing to argue with there.  Kyanite, like Garnet and Topaz and Zircon and Peridot, is a Nesosilicate, the simplest of Silicates, where the Silicate groups don’t bond with one another before linking with the Metal ion.  They’re similar to Phosphates and Sulfates in this regard – the rest of the Silicates are more complex.  Like Topaz, Kyanite is an Aluminum Nesosilicate – the difference is that Topaz adds a Fluoride or Hydroxide ion.  After Lithium, Beryllium, Sodium, and Magnesium, Aluminium is the fifth-Lightest Metal.  It’s cuz they take themselves Lightly that Angels can fly.

If I recall correctly, the Black Crystal is Schorl, Black Tourmaline, the ultimate in grounding.  Nice combination, eh?  Walking the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet, as Angie would put it.  Kinda like where 2012 will take us if we hold our mouths right.  That’s one of the things my Father used to say when I’d pepper him with Whys and Hows – How do you do that?  You gotta hold your mouth right.  Useta frustrate me, but now I know what he meant – you gotta be square with your Intention, so your Emotion isn’t secretly (or not-so-secretly) canceling out your Intent.

Who is Shima, and What Do They Want to Do to Her?

March 24, 2012

Hate to support übercapitalists & übersnoopers Google & Co, but don’t know where else to find this but UToob.  UTube seems to have rigged things so you can’t fire it up, go eat dinner, and come back and watch it uninterrupted – shooting themselves inna foot, methinks.  (Unless it’s my ISP who’s cutting me off when I change tabs.)  So you’ll have to let it load for five minutes, watch for five minutes, and repeat.

You can live without electricity, but you can’t live without Nature“…

By the way, speaking of End of Empire, as we were recently, here’s an informative historical graph for us…

How soon do you think China will be next?  Bear in mind that this version of history is as seen through European eyes.  What currency do you think you would have preferred in Japan or Cambodia or Kyrgyzstan in 1450?

Jim Sinclair knows too much, so he often speaks way over our heads.  The main point of his interview last week was that much of our Abundance results not just from American Colonialism, but because much of the World’s trade is conducted in US$.  This creates demand for Dollars that otherwise would not be there, and excess demand raises the price of the Dollar, which in turn lowers the price of Other People’s Production for those who buy with US$.  The graph shows the history of colonial dominion over the Planet, showing the periods when everybody trusted your currency as a reliable store of value, when everybody put your currency under their mattress instead of Gold or Silver.

End of Empire

March 24, 2012

Here’s a fellow with his head screwed on straight, Andrew Bacevich, as interviewed by Bill Moyers – .

Saved by the CO2

March 23, 2012

Here’s an interesting snippet from NASA about the Hot Flashes (Power Surges) that Ma Gaia has been being blasted with lately by her Sun Daddy…

Turns out that our old Global Balming nemesis Carbon Dioxide keeps our own excess heat in, but tosses Daddy Sun’s excess heat right back out.  Tricky.  While I think Global Balming Denial is far sillier than Major Alien Invasions, I think we also gotta consider that Ma’s got her own Balance to maintain, and Hupeople are a lot less anthropomnipotent than they think they are.

My favorite “land-mine” Calcite Crystal.  Calcite is Calcium Carbonate, just CaCO, or a Carbon Monoxide ion attached to a Calcium ion.  Of course, increasing CO2 levels in the Air is also the major contributor to acidification of the Oceans, which can dissolve the Calcite shells of way lotsa Sea Critters.  The movie about the invasion of millions of Nekkid Clams is in production now.

Stress Reduction

March 23, 2012

Nick Ortner, of The Tapping Solution and World Tapping Summit fame, has put a nice introductory article on the scienterrific aspects of EFT onto Huffandpuffpost,

For instance,

Research suggests that EFT may be so effective because of its perceived ability to balance out the nervous system, leveling off the activity of the parasympathetic and sympathetic regions.  Responsible for promoting cell regeneration and relaxation, the parasympathetic region helps to slow your heartbeat, support digestion, and more.  The sympathetic system, on the other hand, prepares you for vigorous physical activity by speeding up your heart, constricting your pupils, and so on.   As noted in [Feinstein and] Church’s study, imbalance between these two regions is associated with a long list of health issues, from high blood pressure and heart problems (most often seen in those with an overactive sympathetic region), to depression, fatigue, and weakened immune response (in those with excessive parasympathetic activity).

The Huff&puff article includes a link to a pdf of an article on gene expression by David Feinstein and Dawson Church (David being Donna Eden’s husband, in case you didn’t know).  The article also includes a link to a free copy of Nick’s ebook on tapping.

And of course it’s Nick’s sister (and collaborator in much of his work) Jessica that does our favorite quick tapping instruction video…

Tap on!

Major Alien Landing

March 21, 2012

I don’t think Scott Sistek took all these photos, but he at least collated them.  Just for reference, the mountaintop is about three miles up.

Now of course the muggle explanation is that these are just Lenticular Clouds, formed by moist air hitting the mountain.  Uncommon, but not terribly rare.  But Bryan deFlores says that these clouds are used by travelers from afar to “shift down” from the fifth dimension so they can enter through the mountain to visit the cities inside the Earth.  Good Both/And exercise, eh?  Bryan’s pretty far out, and he can be a bit of a trickster, but he’s not dismissible.

Consider this.  Drunvalo says he led a meditation where he led 100 or so folks to one of these cities, and at the end of the meditation all but a few told similar stories about the city.  Of course these Entities aren’t “manifested” in the same way that we are.  It’s a different dimensionality.  In Drunvalo’s video, the interviewer Lilou even has one landing on her head.  Don’t forget the Hopi “myth” about living inside the Earth during times when the surface wasn’t habitable.  And “myths” from a zillion other cultures.

Non-instantaneous travel is an artifact of our trance into Linear Time.  How can you vividly remember events from your childhood, or your dreams?  Because some blu-ray machine in yer head played them back?  Hardly.  Because you stepped out of Linear Time.  Remember the Galaxy in Orion’s belt in Men in Black?  Same process.  Delores Cannon – who’s spent a lifetime interviewing folks from many dimensions – gives us some good perspective.

Interesting that these Lenticulars visited just as the Big Mars Event was ripening.


March 19, 2012

Oh my…

As I said yesterday, this guy understands what he speaks of.  The video is dated today, 3/19/2012, as I believe is the interview.

War Preparations

March 18, 2012

This is from Friday.  You prolly don’t wanna read it all, but it’s worth a glance and a skim …

Foreign wars have always been a sure re-election ticket and a good way to get the economy ticking again, though O’Bomber may not be factoring in the Uranus-Pluto (increasing in intensity in May and June), which will regress folks back to Vietnam days.  Youngsters who don’t remember Vietnam will either be glad for the work, angry about the manipulation (lotsa youngsters are behind Ron Paul, the only politician with the guts to face down the Military-Industrial-Congressional – Eisenhower’s original name for it – Complex), or both.

A few other interesting tidbits…

Ambrose is no Peacenik, he’s more often helping the New World Order rationalize their postures.  Jim Sinclair knows more about finance and economics than anyone else I know of, and he knows it from personal experience, not textbooks…

James Rickards is someone else whose views I regard as very highly informed…

He’s busy on his book tours, but here’s a relatively recent interview…



March 18, 2012

Lest we forget how infinitesimally little we are able to perceive with our “first” five scienterrifically-accepted senses (and speaking of Edges), here’s a coupla “news flashes” from NASA…

Now contrast that with Jim Oschman‘s equally scienterrific view that each of our Mitochondria has immediate and direct access to all of the information/ energy in the Universe via the Zero Point Field.  Of course that can be blocked by Toxins and Held Emotion – which explains why kids lose their goddess-connection and ability to discern and speak truth (ie, “the darnedest things”) as they get socialized.

Ghost Dance

March 17, 2012

During the Harmonic Concordance I asked the rhetorical question, how long do we have to do the Ghost Dance before we give up and accept what is?  The Ghost Dance was a Native American Ritual that aimed to restore things to the way they were before the Palefaces came, and it was outlawed by the US government cuz they were scared of the Magic.  So it was done in secret.  The answer I got, from one of the Native Americans on the “list” (remember “listservs”?) was

As long as it takes.

Took my breath away.  But I still believe it’s Both/AndBoth accepting what is, And continuing to do the Ritual of Healing.

Here’s what Alan has to tell us…

I just want to tell you I’m loving having found you again! Thank you for doing what you do.  I am very grateful that your here.  It makes me being here easier and more entertaining!  Love to you brother.

I get sick once every couple a years and was just down for the count this last week.  One thing that I got some years ago was that it is my way of “upgrade”.  My body downloads the new version (alan version 32.20421a or whatever) and the “sickness” is the assimilation process (“can he really take that much?…”  “Yeah give him a couplea more clicks”)  It’s usually pretty hard on hard off.  and I usually know a day or two in advance when it will be done/complete. and there’s also usually a day in there when i wonder if i’m going to make it through.  When I come back to, i’m able to hold more throughput and am “here” in a much more complete and cohesive and dynamic way.

The ‘virus’ is a catalyst for evolution. Evolve or be food for those that do…

I feel like that is where we are at global/socially.  i feel like we are getting close to resolution like we’re on the verge, but there’s still that feeling, ‘are we gonna make it?’… yet I always know we’re gonna make it. we gotta let it run it’s course… we gotta get all the ducks in a row first…

and by that I mean, the grass just grows… we just do what we do… homeostasis is the nature of the body, is the nature of the earth.  The naturally evolving and balancing system even if we die, at another echelon.

Couldn’t agree more.