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Pez’s Brother Joe

November 9, 2021

I expect this free online 5-part workshop by Dr. Joe Dispenza to be excellent. It’s hosted by Louise Hay’s Hay House


It starts with a meditation from his book Breaking the Habit of Being You, available now at the link above, and continues with additional sessions available 11, 13, 15, and 17 November, each accessed through the link above. It you don’t know Dr. Joe, he’s a chiropractor who Channeled a healing of his own mangled body after being on the losing end of a competition between an SUV and his motorcycle for the same stretch of roadway. You’ll recognize him if you saw the movie What the Bleep (if not, you still can). A year or so ago we linked to a video of a live workshop of his, where he described the relationship between Quantum Reality and Hardcopy Reality more comprehensively than anyone I’ve ever heard. Alas, that video was only available for a short time, although there is plenty of great material on his website,