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Lawn Order

March 21, 2010

Folks are asking me, Well, why isn’t everything hunky dory now that the new Chiron-Neptune marriage has been consummated? And it’s an excellent question, one I’ve been pondering myself, as I’ve found the last several weeks to be deeply frustrating.

An answer unfolds this morning, as I’ve been haunted for several days by a store clerk who really really reminded me of somebody outa the movies, But who? This morning it finally comes to me – Nick Nolte, from Scorsese’s Life Lessons short in the 1989 movie New York Stories.  And it answers both questions.

The vagueness and the persistence of the But who? suggest Archetype.  And the store clerk was female – that sort of switching is common in the Dreamtime, as a reminder to let go of preconceptions, and a reminder that we’re All One.  What else was remarkable about the clerk?  She was a veritable fount of useful and needed information.

Three news threads chime in with contributions to the Zeitgeist.  First, there’s the Germans trying to turn the Greeks into engineers.  In popular mythology (Mama Mia! for instance), the Greeks make Life into Art. This isn’t about the death of the Euro (well, that too) so much as cutting down the Sacred Grove and enclosing the Commons.  Both are quintessentially yang, and quintessential Scarcity.  When the Church cut down the Grove, the clear statement was Power cannot be Shared.  And when the Important People enclosed the Commons, the clear statement was There is not enough to Sustain everyone.

Second, the Volcano in Iceland.  Iceland defied the Important People, symbolically, when they voted no to repaying Dutch and British depositors who were scammed by Icelandic bankers cavorting with Wall Street in the Great Derivative Crash of 2008.  It’s actually the same story as in Greece, where Wall Street colluded with the Greek government to hide excessive debt with more derivatives.  Both governments are defying their own people to keep themselves aligned with the Important People, out of Fear of Scarcity (or Lizard solidarity).  As Zeus and Athena still live in Greece, Thor and Loki still live in Iceland.

Third, the brownshirts marching against health insurance under Tea Party banners in Washington DC.  Left-wing demonstrations in the US have been effectively eliminated with four tactics.  First, line the streets where the Important People are with heavily armed police.  Second, issue permits for demonstrations to be held, but in the next county.  Third, collude with the media to ignore the demonstration.  And fourth, if those fail, make sure there are several “anarchist” plants in the crowd to break a few windows at McDonalds and give the police and media an excuse to break heads.

Now, doya spose that the folks hurling racial epithets and spitting on black Congressmen are really “anarchist” plants, or just “idiots out there saying stupid things”?  Given the plethora of “idiots out there saying stupid things” these days (which of course we’re learning non-Judgment about, eh?), we certainly don’t need “anarchists.”  It will be curious to see how the Tea Party evolves, and whether it’s own Four-Dead-in-Ohio Kent State equivalent will be met with stunned silence and a huge political shift, or become the final excuse for martial law.  Raven and Orca still live in North America.

Ok, so much for background.  Now, what about the answer to the larger question about the Zeitgeist?  Well, there is one final bit of information we need to add to the hopper before we turn the handle.  The 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement failed in the late 1960s.  From that point on, World currencies were no longer based on Gold, but only on “trust” in government.  Not much trust in gummint these days, eh?

So, what’s going on is that we’re scraping the bottom of the Archetypal barrel.  There are any number of trendlines converging into the end of the world as we know it in 2012, and we won’t attempt to distinguish them all.  The one we will go into is the Fourth-Harmonic relationship between Uranus and Pluto, which begins in the Summer of 2012.  This energy initiated in 1965-66.  So there are two things going on.

First, now that the extensive foreplay is complete, any of our Identities that don’t synch with the new Chiron-Neptune energy (transcending our Limiting Beliefs to allow miracles that integrate innovation with tradition) are no longer working.  That’s one source of frustration.  Second, now that Chiron has impregnated Neptune, we are descending rapidly into Uranus-Pluto.  Uranus-Pluto means that any of our Identities which don’t synch with our own Soul Mission are no longer working.

For the last several years, we’ve been releasing Consumerism and Visualization as our primary mode of manifestation.  That’s now changed.  The Cultural Direction is now toward Sustainability if you have the choice and Sustenance for everyone else, and our primary mode of manifestation is now Integration of innovation and tradition for the good of the Whole. Do we have an Archetype for The Good of the Whole?

Now, we’ve all worked our buns off all our life to scrub off all of our programming, so we can get down to Who We Really Are, so we can get on with our Life Work.  Right?  So what’s left?  The Archetypes! An Archetype is an extrapersonal energy field that takes hold of us and “makes” us act out, think, feel, and believe in stylized ways that match the Archetype.  As in, The devil made me do it.  We may feel like it was somebody else who walked in and took over our body, or we may feel like it was definitely us, but it also wasn’t.  Or more likely, we won’t even notice that we’re doing it.  The Archetypes are, after all, quintessentially unconscious.

On this Planet, repetition strengthens any ritual.  So an Archetype is like a Flu Virus or a Parasite – it takes over the Will and forces us to eat sugar or act in other ways which feed the Beast and strengthen the rituals which characterize the Archetype.  A Hungry Ghost.  A Virus is not alive, in the sense that a Virus is unable to replicate itself.  It uses a living cell as a Xerox machine to make copies of itself.  Yet it’s a potent bundle of genetic material, which can very significantly alter its host.  If you’re a historian or a shrink, you probably believe that Archetypes are far more alive than individuals.

All three New York Stories are fabulous expressions of Archetypes, particularly around gender roles.  We can and will go on at length about the Uranus-Pluto and Saturn-Chiron initiations in 1965-66 – at this point we should be reading those charts to tell us about 2010-2019.  For now let’s look just at the Finger of God in the 1965 Uranus-Pluto chart.  By itself that’s enough to keep us busy for a while.

A Finger of God combines the Twelfth Harmonic (breaking patterns), the Sixth Harmonic (creative ease), and the Fifth Harmonic (learning and teaching).  We respond to Fingers of God with Curiosity.  Curiosity is a gift from the Angels, because implicit in it is Non-Judgment.  We’re open to new information, open to energy that might Change us.  We could easily see this Finger of God as the Basic Directive for the Planet over the Uranus-Pluto Cycle, which spans 1965-2104.

First, the Finger of God points toward Jupiter.  This is Her index finger, not Her middle finger, and it’s not half-limp like in Michelangelo’s Ceiling, it’s straight out shouting Pay Attention to This Here.  To expansion, Abundance, having enough to Share.  On the other two corners are Juno (Identity), and an Initiation of Venus and Mars (the Sacred Inner Marriage of male and female, or balance between directed action and magnetism).  So She’s shouting Hey, Listen Up!  Get yer yin in harmony with yer yang, and Act It Out like ya mean it!!!  I wanna see it!

Jupiter’s on the cusp of Cancer – compassion, nurture.  Juno’s on the cusp of Aquarius – orientation toward the Collective.  And Venus-Mars sit across the cusp of Sagittarius, together with the Moon’s South Node.  The Moon’s Nodes represent access to other lifetimes, and the South Node in particular represents accumulated wisdom, and of course, unreleased Limiting Beliefs.  It’s Venus (receptivity) that’s at the end of Scorpio (fearlessness, the willingness to go to any length to reach clarity) and Mars (action) and the Node (ritual) that are at the beginning of Sagittarius (burning away what is no longer useful).  Pallas (boundaries) joins Juno in Aquarius.

The Sixth-Harmonic relationship (creative ease) sits between Juno-Pallas (the hologram of Self) and Venus-Mars-Node (repeating ancient gender roles till we finally see them and release our enslavement to them).  Netflix has New York Stories; I highly recommend that you watch it again.


March 20, 2010

If you’re lucky enough to have clear skies this evening, look up to the West just after dark – the Equinox Moon will be sitting right on top of the Pleaides!

Food and Shelter

March 16, 2010

What if we dove into a free-wheeling discussion of the current and future state of food and shelter?  Would anyone be interested?  I’m neither an economist nor a broker, but in addition to 40 years of experience with astrology, I have a graduate degree in Economic Geography and an associate degree in Financial Planning, so I do have exposure to the topic.  We’ve obviously skirted the edges already, but more from the astrological point of view.  What if we broadened the discussion?  I’ll kinda start off; lemme know if it gets too boring.

A quarter-century ago, Lester Brown did the maths, and concluded that us fatcat “first-worlders” burned some 22 times as much of the Planet’s resources as the average “third-worlder.”  He didn’t think that was sustainable.  At that time, containerization of shipping was just becoming widespread, and the PC-internet phenomenon was just getting started, so he may not have realized that the combination would make “outsourcing” easier and easier.  So I don’t think Lester was making a prediction, just a comment.  And I doubt that he realized the symbolic synchrony with Catch-22.  But as it turns out, this 22 number is shrinking from both the bottom and the top.

That puts compassionate “first-worlders” – to the extent that we’re either – in a bind.  We’d love to eliminate poverty, but descending into it is not what we had in mind.  Of course, what most of us consider to be poverty is probably still about 15 times up; it is all relative, of course.  The poorest of us look like greedheads to most of the folks on the Planet, and maybe that’s what the Great Mirror is showing us when we get a glimpse of how Wall Street Greedheads operate.  Of course, this Great Equalization, which has really only just begun, looks very different from our current position here on the Chiron-Neptune cusp between Consumerism (1945-2010, RIP) and Sustainability (2010-2098).

Sustainability becomes a keyword for the new Chiron-Neptune Cycle because of Ceres’s prominent position rising around the World at midnight on January 1, 2000, and because of the obvious contrast to the Consumerism that characterized the post-WW II Chiron-Neptune Cycle.  But that consumerism was basically a “first-world,” and basically neocolonial, phenomenon.  For most of the World, the previous Cycle was probably more about Urbanization, as the “Green Revolution” uprooted people from the Land, than about Consumerism.  We need to ask if Sustenance might be more appropriate than Sustainability.

For societies that live on manufacturing, Urbanization meant ascending out of relative poverty for many.  For societies that live on the Land, Urbanization usually means descending into relative poverty, unless you open your own detective agency.  For societies that used to live on manufacturing, and now live on finance, staying Urban means descending rapidly into poverty, unless you opened a mortgage agency a decade ago.

We could come up with a number of other keywords for this Chiron-Neptune Cycle.  For instance, Abundance would be a good one, since Jupiter has been prominent at its initiation.  Maybe that applies to everyone else, all the folks Worldwide who can now use the internet and easy shipping to come up toward 22 from the bottom.  It turns out that Jupiter was also intimately involved in the initiation of the 1945 Cycle, and so was Ceres.  So from this perspective, we can look forward to more Abundance, and more Sustainability.

We can also look at the Sabian Symbols.  The 1945 initiation was about Visualization (6 Libra).  This one is about – Sustainability (27 Aquarius) – Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl.  This whole idea of refreshing what’s been around for a while, is reminiscent of another major astrological shift.  For the duration of the Industrial Revolution, the Jupiter-Saturn Cycles have initiated in Earth Signs.  Now they’re switching, and for the next two centuries they initiate in Air Signs.  The period 1980-2020 is a transition period (the first Air in 1980, the last Earth in 2000).  Ray Kurzweil is our go-to guy on this issue.

Ray expects machine intelligence to exceed human intelligence soon, and take over the Planet.  However that unfolds, it is clear that the means of production, as Karl referred to them, are becoming less and less dependent on human intervention.  So the question of who owns the machines is pretty central to human futures, since, in many modern schemes of political philosophy, the owner of the machine deserves the fruits that the machine produces.  While the decline of the Middle Class makes it feel like ownership has been becoming more concentrated, it’s also true that many corporations are publicly owned, and stock ownership has become widespread.  Unfortunately, it’s become painfully clear lately that minority owners are doomed to be victims of the interest of majority owners.

One thing is fairly certain – the dawn of a new Chiron-Neptune Cycle is accompanied by major disruption.  The 1945 initiation saw a huge change from war manufacturing to consumer manufacturing.  The 1879 initiation coincided with bank failures and many years of repeated recessions that resulted from the end of the American Civil War and completion of the transcontinental railroads.  The 1799 initiation also began in a major economic disruption.

Then we have the wars.  The 1799 initiation followed the American and French Revolutions, and featured the Haitian Slave Revolution that presaged the American Civil War.  The readjustment at the end of the latter had a big impact on the disruptions of the 1879 event, and the accompanying 1873-1901 economic turmoil helped set the stage for WW I.  And of course it was the implications of the way WW I ended, that ended up producing WW II, which ended on the very day of the 1945 initiation.  Unfortunately, the way WW II ended, along with the mistakes of neocolonialism, may end up having a big impact on the way the 2010 event unfolds.

Now, it should go without saying that we all intend that the Hundredth Monkey of Peace will come along soon, and disrupt all these trends of disruption.  And of course, that each of our experience as an individual is not karmically bound to whatever course the Planet takes.  And more than one Oracle sees the Planet dividing in two, with the Dirtyfood Monkeys going one way and the Cleanfood Tribe going its own way.  Not to mention the whole Rapture affair.  Will we have to choose between compassion for those who “choose” pain and full Cleanfood membership?

We’d probably be ahead to explore all of our feelings, the strong ones and the subtle ones, about the unpreferred possibilities, while tapping ourselves into a preferred future.  I mean, why else would be finding ourselves in less-than-perfect circumstances?

So whaddaya think?  Should we?

10 9 8 7 6 …

March 10, 2010

Ok, around 9am PST today (Wednesday March 10), Mars goes direct in the first degree of Leo, which is likely to release a lovely flashflood of backed-up energy, Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune Fresh Violets energy.  Enjoy!


March 8, 2010

Thanks for your comment on Positive Tapping, Wilmington.  I’m not totally sure what you’re referring to, but I’m guessing you’re wondering how frequently tapping might succeed in reducing major trauma.  I don’t know the numbers (and in a bit I’ll suggest why it may not matter), but I do know Gary’s got a huge collection of information on his new website, including videos on EFT for War Veterans and EFT for Skeptics.  There are many other places to find more information – such as Alina Frank‘s offer of free EFT to veterans.

The reason I suggest that it may not matter, is that there’s really no downside – a person can just try it, with a total cost of about three minutes, on any simple upsetting feeling, to see if it shows enough promise to pursue further.  You don’t tap hard enough to bruise yourself, so the most dangerous side effect would probably be getting your elbow bumped at the wrong moment and accidentally poking yourself in the eye.  With drugs and vaccines and surgeries, the treatment can easily be worse than the complaint, so it makes sense to be statistically careful, because it’s not good business practice to kill off your customers.  With most of the tools of Energy Medicine, if it works it works, and if it don’t, no harm done.

The Planet is waaaay outabalance on the yang side, which includes the numbers side.  It was the financial Quants who killed the World economy, and a large percentage of our tax money goes to make sure that the Tally Ban doesn’t come to pass.  That’s a bad pun, but alas, it’s also remarkably meaningful symbolism.  By now a person has to be double blind to discard the placebo and nocebo effects as “meaningless.”  If Science was driven by value rather than bucks, it would be spending 90% of its effort trying to figure out how to make the placebo effect more reliable, and 10% finding new ways to poison the elements of Nature that it doesn’t like.

The yin side recognizes that we’re part of Nature, and as such we’re ahead to collaborate with this part of our larger selves, rather than try to outbully it.  On the yin side, anecdotal evidence works just fine, because the yin side recognizes that one size does NOT fit all.  When you’re dealing with a dangerous thing like a drug, it’s useful to know how it might affect most people.  But in Real Life, we’re actually all unique, and yin techniques like tapping and intuition that work on our energy rather than our chemistry, take our uniqueness into account automatically.

The First Few Days of March

March 2, 2010

For the first few days of March, we’re advised to

Hold on to what we regard as Sacred,

Notice that old patterns are afoot so they can be recognized and released, and

Set boundaries that enable us to

Be compassionate and very gentle with ourself.

It’s not one or the other; it’s all four.

Setting boundaries doesn’t mean we can throw our anger around – we need to tap out our anger till telling someone what we won’t tolerate is clear, neutral, and heartfelt.  Hard to do, set boundaries without leaving the Heart, but that’s what we’re being asked to do.  Practice keeping your Heart Chakra open as wide as your Solar Plexus Chakra.  And while you’re at it, stay grounded.  If those two sentences aren’t clear, lemme know, and we’ll add some detail.

If setting boundaries invokes fear that you’ll lose your Sources of Support, first tap out the fear so you can be clear and neutral and heartfelt, then set the boundary anyway.  If you’re in your Heart, either your Support System will change and learn to respect your boundaries, or you weren’t really being supported anyway, and you need to let that go to make room for more reliable Support.

It’s complicated when we aren’t in the Present Moment, when old patterns are up and it’s difficult to discriminate between our old nemesis and the person who’s acting out their roles.  The key is to recognize that it’s your pattern.  If you can be loving and gentle enough with your reactions to their drama, then you may be able to create a different outcome this time.  Blaming them for acting out that role just keeps you stuck in your pattern, and keeps them stuck in their role.

Of course, you wouldn’t be dancing like this if your patterns didn’t interlock.  Most likely they’re blaming you for acting the role of their old nemesis too!  You can make the complexity manageable by just staying present with your own feelings.  What they think of you is none of your business.  Some people make themselves safe enough to stay present with themselves by yelling and blaming.  Other people need to find a safe quiet spot where they can pay close attention to what’s going on inside them, without external demands.  Be careful with judgment around either of those options – or any other patterns, whether it’s yours or other’s.  It’s always Safety First.  Respect that.

Once everyone has achieving Safety, then it’s possible to begin actually communicating.  That’s a whole nother ballgame, and better left for a more opportune time.  It’s a good time to study communication, where it succeeds and where it fails, but it’s not a good time to practice it unless you’re in the graduate program.

We say the latter because Mercury is at the focus of a Finger of God between Mars and Saturn.  That is, we say the latter because Mercury (communication) is at the focus of a Finger of God (in the hotseat) between Mars (somewhere between assertion and aggression) and Saturn (obey or else).

We say all the rest because of a Fixed-Sign T-Square between Pallas, Chiron-Neptune, and Vesta, pointing at Pallas in Scorpio.  Pallas is also one corner of a Water-Sign Grand Trine with Venus-Uranus in Pisces and the Moon’s South Node in Cancer.

In other words, we say all the rest because of a Fixed-Sign (unyielding) Fourth-Harmonic (motivation to learn competence through difficult practice) relations (a “T-Square” – three quarters of a Grand Cross) between Pallas (boundaries), Chiron-Neptune (initiation), and Vesta (the Sacred) in Leo (sanctified, or sanctimonious), pointing at Pallas (that is, the stress goes to the boundaries part) in Scorpio (it’s all about Emotional patterns).

The hexagram for the T-Square (that is, the Sabian Symbol for the Vacancy that would complete the Grand Cross and bring the configuraton into balance) is A Rabbit morphs into a Nature Spirit.  Which is to say, there’s a great deal of Soul Food here.

And because Pallas is also one corner of a Water-Sign (Emotion) Grand Trine (Grace or arrogance), in Third-Harmonic (loving, but easy to take the undertow for granted) relations with Venus-Uranus (the union of our Soul’s mission with our Heart’s Values) in Pisces (well, we’d have to write a book) and the Moon’s South Node (obsolete victim patterns, with the prize being the recovery of previously unclaimed natural skills) in Cancer (as a Mother would – umm, would that be nurturance, or control?).

What about your own Mother?  Loving, or controlling?  Both, of course, but in what circumstances or proportions?  Which side (they are after all, when viewed from the Emotional perspective, just different sides of the same coin) was Conscious and which Unconscious?  It’s relevant and important, because by recognizing our unconscious replication of the roles our own Mother took, we learn a great deal about how we Love.  We focus on the Mother because it’s Cancer where the South Node lies, which means that’s where our work is and that’s where the Grace is.  But of course any significant older person, female or male, could have acted that for-your-own-good role in your own childhood.


March 1, 2010

Vanadinite, Lead Vanadate ChlorideTime Magazine and the New York Times give us useful new perspectives to add to Jim Hightower‘s view into the larger picture behind Joe Stack’s protest against government interference in his attempts to live a decent life.  As Mel asks,

What is Chiron-Neptune telling us right now about how we can finally step out of this critically-wounded aspect of reality and into a new place where this particular wound is no longer central to our lives?  Does healing the wound involve ministering to it directly, or removing our thought focus from it entirely, under the premise that what we focus on becomes our reality?

The energy of the new Chiron-Neptune Cycle is quickening now that Mercury has moved past Chiron-Neptune (at 6am PST on Saturday) and we’ve been graced with that big Jupiter Full Moon (9am PST Sunday).  Mercury’s about our conscious awareness, so while the new Chiron-Neptune Fresh Violets energy has been running strong since February 16, in major ways we’re just now starting to realize it.  We may see the new energy more now, but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to act on it yet – that won’t start happening till after March 10th (9 am PST), when Mars goes direct.  We get time to mull over our habitual reactions and introduce the possibility of creating new patterns that better match the new energy.

The Full Moon is always a strong exposition of the energy initiated at the preceding New Moon, and this particular New Moon just happened to sit right on the Chiron-Neptune conjunction.  And Jupiter, remember, had been shadowing Chiron-Neptune, till Jupiter made it’s last pass, right on the Winter Solstice in December.  So now we get the Full Moon exactly opposite Jupiter.  And what else happened on the Solstice?  Mars went retrograde.  So we’re kinda in a position where the Groundhog’s seeing his shadow – our Chiron-Neptune Winter, and the opportunity to release old patterns that aren’t working, will last a few more weeks, till Mars turns about.

Sorry to burden you with the Astrologuese, but it does illustrate one of the major ways astrology – and the Unconscious, as well as the Association principle that provides an alternative to Cause and Effect – works.  The process is something like,

Full Moon with Mercury on Chiron-Neptune?  Where was the New Moon then?  Ah, right on Chiron-Neptune.  Oh, Jupiter was highly involved in the Full Moon.  Then, what’s Jupiter been doing lately.  Ah, Jupiter’s been dancing with Chiron-Neptune for the last year or so.  When did that stop?  Ah, on the Solstice.  What else was going on at the Solstice?  Ah, Mars standing still, getting ready to go backwards.  So when does Mars go direct again?  March 10.

Sounds like a confusing string of vague connections.  Well, yes, that’s exactly how the Unconscious, and Association, work.  When people criticize us for making “vague” associations, it’s because they are stuck in the left brain and don’t understand how the Unconscious works.  Rather than accept their attempt to bully us into helping them protect their own rigid Birdcage, we need to accept their limitations and work within their space.  Doesn’t mean we need to enable their limitations, or help them expand their consciousness – what if anything we do for them depends on the situation.  It does mean we need to lovingly and gently embrace our own broader understanding, for ourself.  Like health insurance, Cause and Effect is what Tom Jefferson called a faction – an idea so widely held that folks are unaware that there are alternatives.

Of course, the left-brainer who’s judging us may well be more flexible than we are in other dimensions.  We’re all on the same team, and each of us plays a different position.  So we do need to find some place where we can give at least minimal respect to where they’re coming from, part of our learning to respect idiocy.  Our own judgments of them don’t hurt them, they just hurt us.  But the last thing we need to do is accept their judgments of us, and let their judgments hurt us too!  But most especially, we need to learn to recognize our own judgments of ourself, because those are what hurt us most.

My own Jupiter-Full-Moon-Mercury-Chiron-Neptune weekend story will help tie all this together.

I read the first chapter of Barbara Montgomery’s The Boy Who Set Himself Free.  Turns out this book is not just a casual story, it’s a Big Healing.  I woke up in fear in the middle of the night, and started tapping on each fear and thought in turn as they came up.  Sometimes tapping diminished the trance, and sometimes it didn’t.  When it didn’t I’d shift to another angle, till it did.  This went on for several hours, until finally I came down to my core Abandonment issue.  I recognized it from the distinctive no-exit feeling in my body.  I tapped on that too, but that feeling is very familiar, so the fear was finally gone.  After that I had what felt like a very clear intuition about the current political-financial dilemma.

Does healing the wound involve ministering to it directly, or removing our thought focus from it entirely, under the premise that what we focus on becomes our reality?

The fear, and the World-mirror, are not something we’re making up, they’re quite “real.”  Of course they’re a hologram, and in many circumstances regarding them as a hologram, if we can do that from our center, rather than from our thoughts alone, is enough to turn them into ghosts.  One time I was taking a walk in Washington DC, and wandered into the “wrong” neighborhood.  Ahead were three or four fairly large people sitting on a porch drinking beer, and it was clear that this was not a good place-time to be in.  Far too late to turn around, I just dropped down my spine and kept walking as if they weren’t there.  When one of them lunged at me, we were not in the same dimension, and it was as if we moved through one another.  I just kept walking, as if there was no one there.  Who can say – maybe there wasn’t.

That’s not a practice I recommend – it’d be a good way to get pummeled.  But it illustrates the hologramatic nature of the Real World.  If in the moment any part of ourself buys into the trance, it is Real.  Nothing imaginary about bruises and lacerations, unless you’re very good at rapidly changing the place-time.  Denial is a very healthy process for protecting the Ego – it was Denial that I used as my immateriality shield in Washington.  But Denial seldom changes the external World, and most of our Reality Illusions aren’t just our own, they’re held in place by the projections of very many people.  I know, those other folks are just our own projections too, but the same principle applies.  If in the moment any part of ourself buys into the trance that they’re separate from us, then they are separate.

Nothing imaginary about the hardships facing our Planet over the next Decade, if Time survives that long.  Denial obviously works for some folks some of the time – the Wall Street Bankers are a classic example, as is the general Denial of the folks among us who are visitors from Other Places, Lizards or otherwise.  Their clumsy Human disguises work because all they have to do is stand within the trance.  It doesn’t work to remove our thought focus entirely from the unpleasant Realities, because they in fact exist as long as anyone invests Belief in them.

The space-times when Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade and other “Denial” mechanisms work, is when they can keep us from dwelling on an unpleasantry.  One thought about a disaster is harmless; dwelling on such thoughts till they evoke a deep emotional response, moves us closer to co-creation.  It’s the Emotion that mediates the transition from energy to matter, from potential to manifestation.  So the idea behind tapping is that we recognize that the negative material actually already has its own nook in the Unconscious.  Then we trigger the meridians to free the energy that’s stuck in the nook.  The only way to actually change anything, is to love it to death.  We cannot change anything we don’t fully accept.

But let’s go back to those Wall Street Bankers.  They’re actually a better poster child for Scarcity and Abundance than Joe the Ultimate Victim.  This is important.

Another word for Miracle is Grace.

Chiron represents Grace.

Grace is not about Cause and Effect.

As Power is never given but always taken, Grace is never taken, only received.

Grace is never deserved – as Blame and Responsibility are in different Universes, so are Reward and Grace.

By now you may have noticed your “religious” training objecting.  Some theologies do recognize Grace, but it’s often the more conservative of them.  The very formation of Protestantism was based on having to deserve everything.  That was a reaction to the then-Catholic tradition of having to buy everything, but Catholicism is more often based on having to feel guilty about everything.  Confession offers some possibility of Grace, but even there, there’s a cause-and-effect – you don’t get Forgiven unless you Confess.  Forgiveness can be tremendously liberating, but it’s not necessarily Grace.

This is the foundation behind the perversion that’s often expressed as your wealth is a measure of your Spiritual development.  That’s not quite the way it is, but to the extent that your Spiritual development allows you to receive Grace, then there is a grain of Truth in it.

Now, let’s look at those Wall Street Bankers anew, the ones that say they’re doing “God’s work” to accept those multi-million – or even multi-billion – dollar bonuses.  For better or worse, one of the tricks that women are advised to use, to be successful in business, is to admire and imitate the abominal things that men do routinely under the rubric of “competition,” rather than their natural inclination to abhor them.  The Bankers may firmly believe that they’ve deserved their fat bonuses, but we can still admire and imitate them as if they were examples of Grace.

How would you feel in your body, if you had that kind of wealth?

Yes, those negative reactions are exactly the fodder you need for tapping.  Keep shifting your focus as your reactions change, chase them around your Bodies (Physical and Astral) until you can touch the Joy and Excitement of having so much wealth that you can do and have anything you want.

Adding Emotion to thought is the second step toward manifestation.  (The first is embracing things exactly as they are.)  So yes, dwelling on what we want can move it towards Reality.  But Consciousness has only a teeny tiny fraction of the Power that the Unconscious has.  So we need to lovingly and gently embrace whatever already is in the Unconscious, without dwelling on it, before we can begin to step out of this critically-wounded aspect of reality and into a new place where this particular wound is no longer central to our lives. That pretty much goes for any wound.