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Ego Edges

September 6, 2021

We’re still trying to satisfy two Goals with one Blog – describing what’s going on on the Planet while gradually teaching astrology, since anything you Learn about astrology will greatly deepen your Experience of Life on Earth and your Adeptness with it. In this post, read through it first while Suspending Disbelief and ignoring the footnotes. Then go back and reread the whole post, exploring the footnotes as you go. Even if you have no interest in Learning anything about astrology, there is much to gain by simply skimming the footnotes to see if anything catches your eye. Skimming may not get us a PhD, but when we’ve skimmed the same or similar material many times, a lot more has sunk in than we Realize.


One of the greatest Toxins that we Encounter is Certainty. My training as a Psychic was rudimentary. I had fabulous Teachers, I just didn’t pursue it very far because there were too many other Threads going on at the time, but one of the first things I learned was that an easy way to access our Intuition is to Ask ourself, What If I Did Know?

It’s a great technique, and it almost always serves us, but without additional Discernment Skills, it serves our Heart’s Truth, not necessarily the Etheric Truth, and not necessarily Someone Else’s Heart’s Truth. Our Heart’s Truth is a Reliable Guide for Avoiding Self-Sabotage, but it doesn’t Clear our Limitations. Of course, for most everyone reading this, your Heart’s Truth will include a Life Mission of Clearing your Limitations, but that can’t help but compete with other, more trivial matters, such as Survival, or Getting Bald and High…

We’ve just been through a couple of weeks of Fear and Anger,1 and we’re already diving into another week that isn’t per se about Fear and Anger, but is by its nature heavily encumbered with Fear and Anger.2 We’ll talk more about this Forbidden Genius of ours soon, but I want to introduce Them through a prominent (though subtle) feature of the 22 August Full Moon…3

1 The 30 August 2021 Station of Sedna [Converting Fear to Power] in 30 Taurus, stretched out by the 30 August-3 September Out-of-Bounds Moon [Excess Emotionality Covered by Deep and Wide Culturally-Supported Justification, AKA Focusing on our Thoughts about our Emotions rather than on how and where we Feel the Emotions in our Body]. Can we tell the Difference between our Emotions and our Thoughts about them?

Our Thoughts about our Emotions are Mental Gibberish serving only to prop up our Old Ego, Prevent Rebirth, and Maintain our Karmic Limitations. Emotion Itself on the other hand, is the Portal to our Sacred Intuition, to our Future, and potentially to our Liberation from Karmic Limitation (if we have the Fortitude to tackle our Thoughts about the Emotions that We’d Rather Die Than Feel ).

If we can Learn this Discernment1a in this Lifetime, it will be the Pinnacle of Cosmic Success that will Change our Karma forever. Our fellow Gronabixoleans won’t recognize us when we return to our Home Galaxy. Discerning our Emotions (Pisces) from our Thoughts about them (Aquarius) is the Central Lesson of the Pisces-Aquarius Cusp, and if we don’t Learn it here we could be Stuck in Piscean Victimhood for possibly another 25 thousand years, till the next Progressed Pisces-Aquarius Cusp rolls around. Won’t that be Fun. Thank the Goddess that Linear Time is an Illusion.

1a We also have to Learn that Emotions aren’t Ours or Theirs, any more than the Weather is. Emotions are Independent Energies that Visit us, and can Attach to our Egos like Leeches and Suck Away our Life Force. But they also Serve us as a Portal to our Sacred Intuition. We Feel and Dismiss them in a flash, till we get Stuck on Our Thoughts about Them. If we make Decisions based on our Thoughts about Them, we Create sticky new Karma that can follow us around the Multiverse like a hungry Coyote, just Out of Sight. But we know they’re There, don’t we.

2 The 12 September (5:07 am PDT) Station of Ixion [Our Forbidden Genius] in 30 Sagittarius, the same Degree (in different Signs) as the Sedna Station and the Full Moon. When planets are in the same or nearby Degrees, the Interactions between their Domains of Impact are much more Intense. The Full Moon, the Sedna Station, and the Ixion Station span three weeks, but the Unconscious doesn’t Live in Linear Time. There in the Universe beyond the Bounds of our Ego (which Universe, if you haven’t noticed, is usually very much Larger than we are), everything is Simultaneous. Natives of North America (nee Turtle Island) Believe that everything that ever happened in a place is still going on there. If you bother to Look for it, you can Feel it.

3 In 30 Aquarius. The New and Full Moons primarily impact the 2-4 weeks following them. Find the complete chart for the 22 August Full Moon in the Expanding into Fear II post.

…namely, we have a Challenge between a double symbol of Rebirth and a double symbol of Death.4 This is not a Duel, but a more nuanced Conflict with many combatants and collaborators and involved spectators who have Skin in the Game.5 Our Self-Confidence is deeply Involved,6 as is The Integration of Feminine Power into our Life.7

4 Asteroid Klotho [Beginning New Fateful Adventures] Conjunct [Merged With] dwarf planet Haumea [Rebirth in an Unformed Molten State] on the Birth side, Square to [Challenged by – drawn as the shorter red line] two Strangers we’ve added to fill Vacancies, asteroid Requiem [Respect for Death] Merged With dwarf planet Cyllarus [Death in Combat] on the Death side. Centaur Cyllarus was Killed in the battle that Wounded Chiron.

5 The Square is part of a Grand Cross [Difficult and Complex Process involving many Related Issues – four planets equally spaced ’round the Zodiac, shown by the red square with a cross in the middle].

6 The other two corners of the Grand Cross are dwarf planet Chariklo [Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt ] – Chiron’s wife, and…

7 Two Fixed Stars, Al Rescha [Bringing two disparate Concept Sets together to Create Deeper Understanding] and Mirach [Harmony, Receptivity, Intuition, Magnetism, Collaboration].

Remember our first sentence? When we’re in a Life-and-Death Struggle, Certainty is the Order of the Day. We’re Certain that the Oxymoronavirus will kill us if we Let It. Or Wait! No, the Vaccine will Certainly Kill us! Meanwhile, Global Warming is Killing us, drowning some of us while we sleep. The Emperor has no Clouds. What is it that the Howlers Fear Most? Loss of Freedom, all seem to say.

Freedom to continue Life As It Was Known. Freedom to Blame the Threat to Survival on Viruses, Vaccines, Abortions, Masks, Political Opponents, anything which will Focus Attention on those Thoughts about the Fear that Life will Change drastically, because if the Caterwauling is loud enough, Influencing the Outcome of those Issues may be Possible. Won’t it be a shock when it’s discovered that Stopping Abortions and Vaccines and Viruses and Political Opponents doesn’t Stop Floods and Wildfires and Freezeouts. Won’t it be a shock when parents who risked their Children’s Lives sending them back to School discover that the Schooling that the Surviving kids received is worthless because it was only Relevant to Destroying the Earth.

In any four-cornered astrological Configuration, the Diagonals between the corners provide useful information. In this Death-Rebirth Configuration the Diagonals are Oppositions, usually signifying that two Concepts are Arguing, or if we aren’t in Resistance, that they’re willing to Cooperate.

The Rebirth corner Dances with the Integration of Feminine Power corner.8 If we’re indeed on the Cusp of Letting the Patriarchy Burn Itself Out, this will be a Delightful Dance. If we’re Terrified that our Investments in the Patriarchy are Bankrupt, then we’re likely to be Screaming into our Zoom Meetings that it’s Imperative to Bring Back Business-As-Usual, because that’s More Important (to them) than how many people are Dying.

The Death corner Dances with Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt.9 If we’re Confident we’re on our Path, then we’ll Embrace the Ego Death. If we’re in Self-Doubt, our Fear of Death will probably be Lit Up, and we might even be contemplating Physical Death.

But it’s not that simple. If we look closely we can see that both of these Oppositions are Mystery Schools.10 In a Mystery School we Learn something completely Surprising and Unexpected from the Dance, something that’s not accessible to the two-dimensional mind. If we’re Open to it, that is, and if we Avoid trying to “Figure It Out.” The Insights available are not accessible by the Mind, as they’re more multidimensional that the Mind is able to Grok. We have to be Mindful of the Presence of Thinking, Thank it and Bless It, and Open our Intuition instead.

There is something Profound to Learn, available to us over the coming week, about the Relationship between (Ego) Death and Confidence or Doubt, and something Profound for us to Learn about the Relationship between our Rebirth and our Integration of Feminine Power. Astrology does give hints about where to look for these Insights.11 Death and Confidence-Doubt are somehow tied up in this Adventure with Being More Open to Embracing our Hidden Genius and Acknowledging How We Were Punished For It in our Youth. Rebirth and Feminine Power are somehow bound up in this Workshop with Acknowledging our Guilt and Tapping It Out.

8 Klotho-Haumea Opposite Mirach-Al Rescha.

9 Requiem-Cyllarus Opposite Chariklo.

10 These Oppositions are both Yin Gates. The Klotho-Haumea to Mirach-Al Rescha Opposition is surrounded by a big blue “Golden” Rectangle, Golden because the ratio between the length of the sides and the length of the ends is the “Golden Angle” of Sacred Geometry fame, an Angle that is Replete in Nature. Its corners are Karma, Nemesis [Guilt], the Fixed Star Scheat [Creative Freedom from Conventional Thinking], and Sedna.

The Chariklo to Requiem-Cyllarus Opposition is also enclosed in a Golden Rectangle, but it’s drawn in thinner blue lines. It connects Ixion et al, Moon-Jupiter [Expanding our Instincts], Chaos-Asbolus [Intuitive Insight into our Unlimited Potential], and Sun-Thereus [The Places in our Essence where we’re Willing to Wrestle with Bears].

11 In the six diagonals embedded in each of the bisected Golden Rectangles…

For Rebirth-Feminine Power they’re the Karma-Scheat and Nemesis-Sedna Oppositions, Klotho-Haumea’s Quincunxes to Scheat and to Sedna, and Mirach-Al Rescha’s Quincunxes to Nemesis and Karma. Quincunxes are 5-Sign Angles, drawn in green lines.

For Death-Confidence they’re Chaos-Asbolus’s Opposition to Ixion-Pholus-GC, the Sun-Thereus Opposition to Moon-Jupiter, Chariklo’s Quincunxes to Chaos-Asbolus and Sun-Thereus, and Requiem-Cyllarus’s Quincunxes to Jupiter-Moon and Ixion-Pholus-GC.

These many Relationships are for Meditation, not Analysis – that’s 12 Meditations. If you’re up for that, more Power to you! Remember that Quincunxes represent Questions, not Answers or Statements. And Remember that in a Yin Gate, Oppositions will not be Arguments or Collaborations, but Paradoxes, like Zen Koans. What’s the Sound of One Bear Wrestling while Expanding? might be an example (Thereus Opposite Jupiter). The Insights in these Gordian Knots will be Personal, not Global. If you have any natal planets on Cusps, the Rewards from this Exploration may be Immense.

Huge Reboot 6

September 16, 2016

Again, I’ll use Huge Reboot 5 as a template, grey it out, shorten the earlier material, and add new comments in black.

Before we go into more detail about all the weekend Fireworks, I’ll built a Timetable, so we can at least test our Sensitivities.  Take notes, and tell me what you Learn.  The interactions between events will of course be Confusing, but that’s the nature of Real Life.

15 September…

  • 8am PDT ‚Äď Ixion Initiates Mars 23 Sagittarius (Your Abandoned Orphan begins to Feel that they have Permission¬†to Act Out)

There could be lots of Excitement here, or Guilt, or both…  

  • noon PDT ‚Äď Varuna enters Leo (Celebrating the Life Force)

Varuna has been in Cancer since 1993; it’s as if the Life Force is graduating from high school…  

  • 7pm PDT ‚Äď Asbolus Stationary Retrograde 16 Gemini (Opening your Emotional Channel to Receiving Intuitions)

We all have a ‚Äúpreferred‚ÄĚ or primary Channel for Receiving (or Ignoring) Intuitions; a Little Voice, a Picture, a Gut Feeling, etc‚Ķ ¬†

16 September…

  • noon PDT ‚Äď Full Moon and Penumbral Eclipse 25 Pisces (Busy, Busy, Busy)

The Moon Conjoins Chiron and the Sun takes Jupiter‚Äôs place in the Grand Cross…¬†

When there is one planet on the eastern horizon…

Moon-Chiron heads a Kite with Sedna and asteroid Moira (Fate) on the shoulders, and Venus-Haumea Opposite Uranus-Eris join Mars-Ixion-Pholus Opposite Chaos to form a Golden Rectangle.  Uranus-Eris heads a Kite with Chaos and Pallas on the shoulders.

If one of your Values or Strengths is Achievement, you can’t beat a Grand Cross’s Multi-Tasking and Competence attributes. ¬†By itself though a Grand Cross can be too Driven to produce a great deal of Happiness for the Cross-bearer, or for their associates. ¬†So you want to add some Grace into a Grand Cross chart, and this one has plenty.

We refer to a Grand Trine as “Dumb-Luck Grace,” as it just makes things easy. ¬†In fact, we usually find that a Grand Trine manifests as Arrogance until its bearer Realizes that everyone has their own Special Skills, because someone with a Grand Trine is naturally amazed at how much difficulty Others can have with the activities that are Effortless for them. ¬†If they lean toward Trumpism, they’ll suspect that the Others must be stupid. ¬†

This Full Moon chart has two Grand Trines, so we’re in luck; our Type-A-ness will be much softened. ¬†

Both Grand Trines are stretched into “Kites” – a Grand Trine with a distinct Direction of Impact. ¬†A Grand Trine is just three planets equally spaced around the Zodiac, so it has no “Leader.” ¬†Adding a fourth planet Opposite one of the three makes the Configuration look like a kite, and provides clear Leadership. ¬†The two Kites here are Led by Moon-Chiron (Embracing our Despair) and Uranus-Eris (Choosing Radical Honesty). ¬†

They indicate the qualities that will bring us the most Grace over¬†the next several weeks, as a Full Moon generally shares¬†Suzerainty over the following two to four weeks. ¬†Specifically, we want to be Loving and Gentle with¬†all¬†Self-Doubt that arises (and as we’ll see soon, there could be plenty), and being Honest about our Upper Limits (which as we’ve seen will be triggered Big-Time). ¬†Honest with ourself in the sense of not trying to be inauthentic, and Honest with Others so as to refuse to be Manipulated.

Another very Grace-Full Configuration is a “Golden Rectangle” – two Oppositions separated by 60 and 120 Degrees, which are the friendliest Angles in the Zodiac. ¬†These are generally Leaderless, but bring Grace into two otherwise complicated Either/Or temptations. ¬†For instance, with Chaos Opposing Mars-Ixion-Pholus we could easily beat ourselves up for Risking too much in the name of Expansion, and just as easily beat ourselves up for not Risking enough, in the name of Safety. ¬†The Grace will reduce our Self-Abuse and increase the probability that we’ll strive for Both/And with Expansion and Safety.

The other potential trap that Grace is likely to assuage is that, with our new Values being barely breached, Honesty about who we are will be¬†an iffy proposition – we may not know yet who we’re Becoming. ¬†If you’re in the Habit of saying “I’m one of those People who…”, curb the Habit. ¬†What that statement really means is “I’m one of those People who is trying to make myself Believe that I’m…” as well as “I’m in Judgment about People who don’t…” ¬†Both Inauthenticity and Judgment will greatly hinder your Personal Growth.

Buddhists strive to achieve “Don’t-Know” mind. ¬†That’s a Powerful place to be while our new feathers grow in.

Wow, how many times are we going to revisit this shouting emphasis on 22-27 Degrees…

We’ve been working with this 22-27 Degree span, or close to it, repeatedly, and for a long time now…

17 September…

  • 5am PDT ‚Äď Haumea Initiates Venus 23 Libra (Beginning again on a new foundation of Values)

Haumea is Pele’s daughter…

  • 10am PDT ‚Äď Jupiter Initiates Sappho 2 Libra (Expanding¬†Self-Love with Wisdom)

18 September…

  • 8am PDT ‚Äď Pholus Initiates Mars 25 Sagittarius (Practicing Actions that Betray our Self-Sabotage)
  • 3pm PDT ‚Äď Makemake Initiates Sappho 3 Libra (Breakthrough in Manifesting Self-Love)

19 September…

  • 4pm PDT ‚Äď Makemake Initiates Jupiter 3 Libra (Profound New Skills with PIAVA ‚Äď and PDSA)

Pattern-Breaking Tricolors

December 8, 2015

Forgive us some astrobabble…

A question: “What do you think¬†about Sun-square-Chiron-trine-Uranus…is this a modified tricolor of some kind?

Yes, interesting, Sun-Square-Chiron-Unx-Uranus-Trine-Sun, brilliant observation. 

The Patterns that assemble in a tight corner of a chart seem to me (and others) to be less dynamic than Patterns which assemble across the chart, like the difference between a Golden Gnomon (restricted domain) and a Golden Yod (chart-crossing).  Unless of course the tight Patterns are for some other reason (only Pattern, Stationary or otherwise dominant planet, etc) prominent.

So if such a “Tight Tricolor” occurred on its own, we’d hypothesize that the Grace of the Trine could be¬†unlocked (to ease the Square) by Changing a Habitual Pattern (like Anne Ortelee at¬†in fact suggests), substituting the meaning of an Unx (Pattern-Breaking, or seeing through new Perspectives, or the Hanged Man, the Twelfth Harmonic) for the Curiosity of the¬†Quincunx in the Major and Minor Tricolors.¬† So with these three it’d be something like “If you Respond to Discouragement (Sun Sq Chiron) by Wearing one of your Masks upside down (Chiron Unx Uranus), you could unlock a pulse of your own hidden Genius (Ixion New Moon Trine Uranus),” or something like that. ¬†As a friend says, “Don’t get Even, get Odd” (without the armory of course).

And there’s an even “Tighter Tricolor” in Pallas-Pluto Square Uranus Unx Chiron Sextile Pallas-Pluto! – “If we Respond to Boundary issues (Pallas-Pluto Square Uranus) by Changing the way we Perceive or deal with Discouragement (Uranus Unx Chiron), we may see ‘Miraculous’¬†ways we can Act to shift our Boundaries into Win-Win (Chiron Sextile Pallas-Pluto),” or something like that.

Note too the Pallas-Pluto Square Mars Quincunx Chiron Sextile Pallas-Pluto is what we’ve been calling a Minor Tricolor¬†(Square-Quincunx-Sextile).

But in this chart (and also applying to others with the same Configurations), the¬†Tight Tricolor is a natural consequence of a T-Square across one Opposition of a Golden Rectangle, and the¬†Tighter Tricolor is a natural consequence of a T-Square across the other Opposition (which is focused on the same side of the Golden Rectangle as the first T-Square). ¬†In a “normal” Golden Rectangle, we’d foretell Grace when we deal with the Oppositions as “Coins” rather than as Contradistinctions. ¬†But with T-Squares to the Oppositions, that shifts the focus to the T-Squaring planets¬†outside the Golden Rectangle.

So the Bottom Lines would be¬†Grace resulting from…

  • Rebirth into Unlimited Expression of our Genius (Chaos Opposite Ixion New Moon) mediated by Optimism and Belief in Miracles (T-Square to¬†Chiron) and facilitated by Playing with arbitrary shifts in the way we wear our Masks (the Tight Tricolor)
  • Support for Actively Removing our Masks (Mars Opposite Uranus) mediated by Trusting our Guidance about Changing our Boundaries (T-Square to¬†Pluto-Pallas) and facilitated by arbitrarily Changing our Orientation toward Discouragement (The Tighter Tricolor)

Uranus, Eris, and Ixion

By the way, isn’t it a¬†fascinating “Coincidence” that Ixion Trines Uranus just at Eris Initiates Uranus,¬†next June. ¬†

The Uranus-Ixion Cycle is Waxing, expounding a Cycle begun early in 1977 at 12 Scorpio, “An official embassy ball; Group-consciousness, as it flowers at the highest level in cultural interchanges between representatives of the elite of the ruling class,” where the subtext is Rudhyar’s (possibly reflecting his European childhood). ¬†The timing corresponds well to the advent of Reagan and Thatcher and the beginning of the resurrection of the 1%, as in at least the US, this is when the prosperity of the 99% began to decline. ¬†At least part of the Media seems to be starting to demystify The Donald in earnest. ¬†We may be seeing the 1% shooting themselves in the feet; the subtext we’d add would be more like “An official embassy ball; Greed-consciousness, as it flowers at the highest level in cultural interchanges between the most corrupt of the Corporate Masters and their government flunkies.

The Ixion-Eris Cycle is Waning; the decaying Cycle began in 1867 at 13 Cancer, “A hand with a prominent thumb is held out for study: The power of the will in shaping character.” ¬†Rudhyar’s subtext here is straight out of Palmistry – Judging people based on their logical ability, will power, and love nature. ¬†Ixion-Eris is about Denying and Revealing the ways we Power-Over Others, with a footnote that Genius Changes the World by Powering-Over the¬†status quo. ¬†Under social pressure will power and CBT logic would suppress Genius. ¬†The Golden Apple would imply¬†Liberation from Guilt about our Genius.

The Eris-Uranus Initiation at the Ides of next June occurs at 24 Aries, “Blown inward by the wind, the curtains of an open window take the shape of a cornucopia: Openness to the influx of spiritual energy.” ¬†While this Energy would already be Strong, it’s noteworthy that its final form is not Co-Created yet.

Witnessing and Mirrors

October 4, 2015

Many of us didn’t get education of this sort as kids – in fact, most kids still don’t. ¬†So we need to locate Discernment Skills on our own…

“Self-regulation can be taught to many kids who cycle between frantic activity and immobility. In addition to reading, writing, and arithmetic, all kids need to learn self-awareness, self-regulation, and communication as part of their core curriculum. ¬†Just as we teach history and geography, we need to teach children how their brains and bodies work. ¬†For adults and children alike, being in control of ourselves requires becoming familiar with our inner world and accurately identifying what scares, upsets, or delights us.

“Emotional intelligence starts with labeling your own feelings and attuning to the emotions of the people around you. ¬†We begin very simply: with mirrors. ¬†Looking into a mirror helps kids to be aware of what they look like when they are sad, angry, bored, or disappointed. ¬†Then we ask them, ‘How do you feel when you see a face like that?’ ¬†We teach them how their brains are built, what emotions are for and where they are registered in their bodies, and how they can communicate their feelings to the people around them. ¬†They learn that their facial muscles give clues about what they are feeling and then experiment with how their facial expressions affect other people.

“We also strengthen the brain’s watchtower by teaching them to recognize and name their physical sensations. ¬†For example, when their chest tightens, that probably means that they are nervous; their breathing becomes shallow and they feel uptight. ¬†What does anger feel like, and what can they do to change that sensation in their body? ¬†What happens if they take a deep breath or take tine out to jump rope or hit a punching bag? ¬†Does tapping acupressure points help? ¬†We try to provide children, teachers, and other care providers with a toolbox of ways to take charge of their emotional reactions.

“To promote reciprocity, we use other mirroring exercises, which are the foundation of safe interpersonal communication. ¬†Kids practice imitating one another’s facial expressions. ¬†They proceed to imitating gestures and sounds and then get up and move in sync. ¬†To play well, they have to pay attention to really seeing and hearing one another. ¬†Games like Simon Says lead to lots of sniggering and giggling – signs of safety and relaxation. ¬†When teenagers balk at these ‘stupid games,’ we nod understandingly and enlist their cooperation by asking them to demonstrate games to the little kids, who ‘need their help.’ “

–Bessel Van der Kolk,¬†The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma, pp.354-5

The only Challenges in the Sky right now are made by planets that will be somewhere else tomorrow, so we have a nice quiet window here to nurse the wounds from Re-Experiencing our Trauma last month.  

The order of the day is to be Loving and Gentle with ourselves. ¬†If you’re exhausted, small wonder; we’ve just finished a Psychic marathon. ¬†Heavy Emotions that linger from last month can most likely be Let Go without consequences; remember that with Saturn now in Sagittarius,¬†The Most Important Thing is Letting Go and Moving On. ¬†Don’t “Release” them – you don’t want to “Re-lease” and sign up for another year’s lease on them. ¬†Words can be important. ¬†Let them Go instead. ¬†“Cancel, Neutralize, Upgade” them – Cancel the thoughts that would reinforce the negative Emotion, Neutralize the Vibrations they project, and Upgrade the sender (ie, us).

And remember that our¬†Karma does not grasp¬†us,¬†we¬†grasp our¬†Karma. ¬†It’s Inertia, past Habits continuing on their own accord. ¬†You couldn’t even drive a car or pick¬†your nose¬†without the Power of Habituation, so don’t knock it. ¬†Just Dehabituate what no longer Serves you, including any Lingering Heavy Emotions. ¬†There are no planets transiting Scorpio right now, so there is no reason to dig deeper or hold tighter; at the moment, the Treasure is elsewhere.

Of course the key to Dehabituating is Noticing – Discernment, Witnessing. ¬†We can’t Change a Habit if we don’t see it. ¬†Virgo specializes in Discernment, and Jupiter (Expansion) is there Trining (Grace) Pluto (Compulsion), so the Angels will line up behind us when we Intend (or Ask or Affirm or Pray or Visualize or Command or any of the other extended¬†PIAVA Magnetic-Creative techniques) to Change the way we Respond to Disturbances in the Force.

With Chiron moving out of its T-Square with Chaos and Pallas-Pholus-Ixion, the only Squares around¬†today are Venus-Sedna and Sun-Pluto. ¬†Sun-Pluto will last a few more days, but we do that twice a year, so we aren’t rookies at it. ¬†We gauge the Difficulty of celestial Angles by their rarity; the more an Angle appears, the more Experience we have with it. ¬†Just now the Moon completes a T-Square with Sun and Pluto, but this also happens twice a year, and for only a few hours, so it’s an excellent time to focus that Pluto¬†Purging Energy on anything we no longer need. ¬†The Sky is full of Oppositions, but without any Squares, those are just Dualities.

Remember too that it’s always Both/And, never Either/Or. ¬†Whenever you seem to be helicoptering over some Duality like heads or tails, move to the Coin. ¬†Do we cling to what little is left of our Franchise within The System as it fails, for instance (ie, job, money), or do we put our Attention into¬†developing Alternatives (ie, growing food, developing real Community)? ¬†What’s the Coin? ¬†The Coin is Survival (if a different Coin pops out for you, go with that – it’s not Either/Or) and Sustenance. ¬†We move to Sustenance by Letting Go of anything we don’t Need. ¬†That’ll serve us in either Future.

The biggest Configuration facing us is a Mystic or Golden Rectangle – four planets Trine and Sextile to one another. ¬†Remember Phi, the Golden Angle and Golden Ratio we mentioned when we spoke recently of the Saturn-Uranus Phitile? ¬†Well, a Golden Rectangle is Golden because the ratio between the length of a Trine and the length of a Sextile is the Golden Ratio. ¬†The Energy of a Golden Rectangle arises from the Oppositions, but the Oppositions Bridge one another, so it represents a double puzzle with a ready solution. ¬†It’s a Hierophant, Teaching us as we walk through it. ¬†The Oppositions here are dwarf planet Chaos (Infinite Improbability) to Pallas-Pholus-Ixion (Protecting our Pathological Genius), and dwarf planets Haumea (Rebirth) to Eris (Revelation).

Our Pathological Genius is the irrepressible part of you that’s socially unacceptable, or at least your parents believed it to be, so they tried to beat it out of you. ¬†Since it’s irrepressible, you do it anyway, but you do your best to disguise it so no one notices. ¬†Which of course they do, if they’re at all observant. ¬†But they’re too polite to mention it. ¬†So you may as well just come out of whatever closet you think you’re hiding in, at least in the company of your closest friends. ¬†Turns out your Pathological Genius is just that, your Genius. ¬†Your one-of-a-kind Steve Jobs or Osho¬†sort of character that most people can’t stand, but which the World¬†really needs. ¬†You may not have noticed yet, but Pleasing sucks. ¬†It takes you to the lowest common denominator, just below Mediocre. ¬†The World needs you to be a Star instead, and you could easily displease most of the people most of the time being a Star. ¬†Do it anyway. ¬†For the Planet, before it becomes uninhabitable.

No question that it’s scary. ¬†Before you came to this Planet you “picked” these parents and Asked them to try to beat it out of you so you would be sure to become Conscious of it. ¬†Then you went into the cosmic simulator and programmed it to give you a bunch of Past Lives where you were put to Death because of it, so you’d be sure to have¬†Karma around it, so you’d have to make a Conscious Choice to Dehabituate your Resistance to your Genius. ¬†Sure, you were put to Death,¬†Ego Death. ¬†Well, you just did that last month, and you Lived through it. ¬†Your parents made sure that you Ego-Identify with the scam that you aren’t really who you really Are. ¬†We don’t get anywhere except Mediocrity without Ego Death. ¬†Yeah though I walk through the Valley of Ego Death. ¬†iDeath, as Brautigan called it when Jobs was just 13, thirty¬†years before the iMac. ¬†

The adjectival form of Ego is “Political.” ¬†Ego is about Power. ¬†Power is never Given, it’s always Taken.

Busy Weekend II

July 26, 2015

danb2440bp2Pink Danburite, Calcium Borosorosilicate, one of the ultimate Yin Power Tools.

¬† ő©¬† ¬† ő©¬† ¬† ő©¬† ¬† ő©¬† ¬† ő©¬†

I was describing our weekend to a friend yesterday and it came out relatively clear; let me see if I can repeat it…

Our Inner Female is undergoing a remake, particularly around how She relates to Others.¬† She’s learning a bunch of new tools to help us meet our deep Spiritual needs.¬† Meanwhile we’re strongly pulled to Let Go of things we’ve outgrown on the Soul level but still cling to on the Ego level.

Or something like that.¬† In a rush yesterday, I forgot to include another important detail or two…

We probably weren’t ready for it till after we Lived through that psychedelic Uranus Station – I should have saved the Cat-and-Dragons picture.¬† The Uranus Station (which is within three Degrees of Eris) closely Opposes Haumea, with Mars T-Squaring them.

The pull to Let Go of the obsolete is so strong because the resulting Transformation will be huge.¬† There’s a lot of Energy on both the Soul and the Ego sides of this equation.¬† We need to avoid Either/Or and work with Both/And.¬† The business about Tooth and Claw was a Mutual of Omaha advertising gimmick; it’s really about Listening and Hugs.¬† Of course the Ego will Resist when the Soul pushes (unless the Ego is already at the end of its rope).¬† But that’s just the first step; the process is supposed to evolve into Collaboration among Equals.¬† Look beyond your Resistance; imagine or PIAVA the place where both Soul and Ego are Ecstatic.¬† Use a Rainbow if you want.

This coming week, now that Uranus is Retrograde, features the Station of Saturn; last week was the Soul’s turn to shout, this week it will be the Ego’s turn.¬† Disparaging the Ego was a Political strategy of the Religions, to make you believe you were dependent on them; it’s not part of a Spiritual Life.

What’s The Most Important Thing you need to keep Everyone Inside Happy?¬† Focus on that this week, and let it evolve as the week moves on.¬† You may be asked to set aside secondary Priorities – do it.¬† We can come back to them in August without any downside.

And the Uranus Station is also one corner of a Mystic Rectangle with Chaos and Ixion-Pholus.¬† Which means Chaos and Ixion-Pholus both form Trine-Sextile Bridges to the T-Square, offering “easy ways out” of any potential difficulty.¬† Dwarf planet Chaos is particularly closely related to Uranus and Haumea, implying that we want to put our Focused Saturnian Attention into the long-odds possibilities that will really Elate us.

While Pholus isn’t as closely Trine to Uranus, it is closely related to Eris.¬† Pholus was blindsided by taking reasonable precautions but not Relentlessly pursuing the satisfaction of his Responsibility.¬† So this tight waxing Pholus-Eris Trine should give us great opportunities for Epiphanic Insights into Something Really Important that we haven’t been paying Attention to (noting as well that the upcoming Saturn Station is closely Biquintile to the Uranus-Eris Midpoint).

Which sounds important enough that we should look up the Initiation of the current Pholus-Eris Cycle – 22 April 1983 at 16 Aries, “Nature Spirits are seen at work in the Light of Sunset.”¬† Man, how many times have I seen that and just interpreted it as “Magical” without thinking about “mechanism”!¬† Magic was certainly afoot for me in the early 1980s, though it was Reagan’s third year in office.¬† 1991 would also have been an important year, at the Waxing Square.

So on the Global level we’ve been Denying our Responsibility to Relentlessly Respect the Nature Spirits, and we now have a profound opportunity to bring that back into Balance.¬† How does/will this impact you Personally?

During that near-hallucinogenic Uranus Station this morning it became very clear to me that there were several bottom-line Most Important elements in my own Life that were way beyond my ability to Control, and that my only hope was to Surrender into more PIAVAing.

A Mystic or Golden Rectangle consists of two Oppositions, the ends of which are Trine and Sextile to one another.¬† They’re benefic, and their Energy is driven by the complementarity of the Energies in the two Oppositions.

Of course Ixion is all about Relentlessness.¬†¬† We’ve talked about the Opposition between Uranus-Eris and Haumea – Rebirth awaits us¬†and the Planet when we break through this Denial.¬† The other Opposition is from Chaos to Pholus-Ixion – the Potential is Unlimited when we do accept Relentless Responsibility.¬† If We Are All One that’s a big Responsibility.¬† But it’s certainly one that will Expand our Ego beyond petty Resistance to our Soul’s chosen Path for us.¬† Trust seems to be the missing element.

In addition to the Biquintile from the Saturn Station to the Uranus Station, Mars Quintiles the Makemake-North Node Initiation, which is in turn Unx (Twelfth Harmonic) to the Venus Station.¬† So even our Inner Female’s makeover (which is always likely to involve Surrender into more PIAVAing) and her New Tools are part of this Big Picture.

Karma IV (and the Full Moon)

May 1, 2015


A Mystic Rectangle is a basically positive Configuration that consists of two Oppositions separated by Sextiles, which leaves Trines on the long side of the “X.”¬† Like all “Boxes,” the Mystic Rectangle is “driven” or Energized by the two Oppositions in the “X.”

The Full Moon Mystic Rectangle is driven by the Opposition from Venus to Ixion-Pholus, which we discussed at length in Karma III, and the Opposition between Eris and Haumea.¬† Eris-Haumea, which isn’t new (the Opposition was Exact in early December 2014), is about the Rebirth awaiting us when we’re willing to face up to what we’re Denying.¬† Denial doesn’t have to be anything Shameful – it can be embarrassing or even just inconvenient.¬† Like Global Balming used to be.¬† Getting to the Truth of something can release gobs of Energy.¬† Well, there’s no Truth about Self-Blame, or about Blame of any kind.

As many have said, All There Is, Is Love.¬† So this Mystic Rectangle is about opening up to the Grace that’s available when we realize that Self-Love is Truth and all else is False.¬† How can we get to Unconditional Self-Love most effectively?

As we pointed out in Karma III, the Venus-to-Ixion/Pholus Opposition is T-Squared by a.Karma-Chiron.¬† That geometry puts a.Karma-Chiron Quincunx to Haumea…

So one way would be to be Curious about how our Rebirth might unfold once we allow our Self-Love to dispel our Discouragement and Create Miracles – providing we maintain our Curiosity as a final state and not use it as a search for Answers.¬† Like Love, Curiosity eschews Judgment, but only as long as we stay in Curiosity.¬† Once we think we have an Answer, we go into Judgment, and the Cat is dead.¬† You can think of the Magic of permanent Curiosity as a macro-World manifestation of Schr√∂dinger’s¬† quantum-mechanical thought experiment.¬†

In the Feminine process of Manifestation, we put out a Request to the Universe for Rebirth, but rather than attempting to manipulate the Universe to that end, we accept what it provides.¬† We Trust that Rebirth is underway, and remain Curious about what it will Feel like.¬† Once the Quincunx moves out of Sensitivity or Orb, the wave form collapses, and we either feed or bury the Cat – we Enjoy the Rebirth we’ve detected, or issue a new Request to Resolve whatever Rebirth-related information the Universe gave us.¬†

Some of us came her to Enjoy, and others of us came here to Resolve.¬† The Manifestation Teachers who advise us to give up Wanting, because Wanting means Not Having, are sort of missing the point.¬† If we came here to Resolve, we didn’t come here to Have or Enjoy.¬† We came here to Heal.¬† We’re Healers.¬† There may be a correlation with natal Angles to our Nodes.¬† Rebirth won’t let us out of that contract.¬† But it may allow us to be more Loving with our contract, maybe to swap Immer Strebend for Empathy.¬† We’ll have a harder time being Healing for Others and for the Planet if because we feel Unresolved we’re still focused on our own Healing.¬† By having Loving Empathy for being Unresolved, we give ourselves permission to just Be as we are, and we can embark on providing the same service to Others.

But the T-Square and Mystic Rectangle aren’t the only elements in this Configuration.¬† The impending Mars-Sedna Conjunction sits at the midpoint between Eris and Venus and therefore at the focus of a Finger of God from the¬†Sextile between Haumea and Ixion-Pholus.¬† Haumea is the focus of another Finger of God, from a base of the Sextile between a.Karma-Chiron and Mars-Sedna.¬† So there are three strong foci in this Configuration – the a.Karma-Chiron T-Square, and Finger of God to Mars-Sedna and Haumea.

Sedna Initiates Mars on May 4 at 24 Taurus, “An Indian warrior riding fiercely, human scalps hanging from his belt: The aggressiveness of human instincts when fighting for their earthly base of operation.”¬† The warrior is Elsie’s Symbol; the aggressiveness is Rudhyar’s interpretation.¬† Rudhyar, though European, knew enough American history to know that Native warfare was about Territory, not Ego.

May 4 is close enough that we could consider this a Mars-Sedna Full Moon, in addition to obviously being a Juno-Jupiter Full Moon.  Mars-Sedna and Juno-Jupiter Binovile one another.  The Binovile is about Meditation.

The net impact of the Full Moon is then Meditation on the Edge between Aggressively defending our turf against that which Frightens us on the one hand, and on the other Expanding our Consciousness to encompass that Frightful part of ourself. 

If we’re All One, the only thing that can Frighten us is a repressed part of our Self.¬† So the Frightening Demon that Eris is summoning from the Netherwhere is us…¬†

One More Extension

January 11, 2015

GRecHopefully this will be the last extension to Portal 1.2-1.9, or 1.2-1.12 as it’s become.¬† The Moon moves in to intensify the process on January 12, while Venus moves in to help soften it.¬† However, it’ll take Venus several days to cross this activation zone, and there are other Portals coming up, most of which are related to this one, so we should probably just plan on things being pretty unstable until at least February.

Venus and Juno remain in a Golden Rectangle with the Nodes till January 16-17, though the Energy will begin to fade after January  15.

Not as unstable as this past week, as the Eris Station (the attempts to bring Denial out of the Shadows) is behind us.¬† However, the media is reporting that literally millions of “first-world” folk are out demonstrating about how THEY think of themselves as the Victims of Colonialism come home, so while on the global level Denial might be out of the Shadows, it’s not getting far into Consciousness.¬† Hope you’re doing better with whatever Personal material is arising for you.

Venus might help us a little here.

The Moon crosses the North Node at quarter to 9am PST ( January 12, exciting the Main-Effect Pluto-Nodes-Uranus T-Square, which of course is about our Yintegrity, or our Willingness to accept our Soul’s path for us.

Venus moves into position to make a Golden Rectangle with Juno and the Nodal Axis.

A Golden or Mystic Rectangle is a beneficial Configuration comprised of double Trine-Sextile Bridges across each of two Oppositions that are separated by Sextiles.  A Bridge shows us an easier way to approach a Challenging Angle, so a Golden Rectangle is kind of a free tutor.  The Oppositions are Challenges to Let Go of Duality and locate our Intuition instead. 

The Oppositions in the Golden Rectangle are…

  • Moon-North Node (Manifesting our Destiny) to Uranus-South Node (Our Limiting Beliefs Are Obsolete; We Need To Let Them Go Before They Cause Real Trouble For Us!)
  • Venus (Supporting our own Values) to Juno (the Edges of our Consciousness)

Complicated of course by the Square from the Nodes to Pluto.

In a Golden Rectangle, the ends of each Opposition are the Bridging planets for the other Opposition.

So the Nodal Opposition is Bridged by Venus and Juno, and the Venus-Juno Opposition is Bridged by the Nodes, which are hosting visitors Uranus and the Moon.

Venus and Juno Bridging the Nodal Opposition implies that

We may be able to reduce the aerodynamic drag on our Progress that’s created by our Unfinished Business, by Opening our minds and Hearts to reconsidering which of our Values are Most Important to us.

(We didn’t draw it in on the chart, but Saturn is still making an Octile-Trioctile Bridge across the Nodal Axis as well, bringing in Prioritization as an additional Bridging technique.)

Just taking the Global level as an example, “civilized” folks still regard their own personal Security (ie, safety from the Fear of “Terrorism”) as a higher priority than other people’s Security (ie, safety from Drones, Slavery, War on their turf, Sea-level rise, the Poverty resulting from Centuries of Colonial exploitation, etc).¬† It’s still Us versus Them, or Justice spelled JustUs, instead of “Gee, I wonder how I might be contributing to Insecurity in the World!”

I’m sure there’s a parallel somewhere in your own Personal Life.

What’s the Venus-Juno Opposition about?

There are Conflicts between our Consciousness and our Values.  In other words, we Sabotage ourselves, we act and think in ways that are contrary to our own best interests.

So how can the Moon, the Nodes, and Uranus Bridge those Conflicts?

Whatever difficulties we’ve faced in the last week or two, are Educational.¬† They illustrate to us how we Sabotage ourself.¬† Are will still Victim to those events?¬† We need to leave that posture behind.¬† How do we go from Victim to Responsibility?¬† Remember, Responsibility is not Blame, it’s the Ability to Respond.¬† It doesn’t work to Respond by bashing the alleged Perp.¬† We eventually all just lose to the biggest Perp.¬† We need to begin to take Responsibility for our own Victim.

What could we have done differently to avoid being Victimized?¬† In the Global case, Mutual Respect, instead of self-righteously insisting on our right to Humiliate and Enslave others, would go a long way.¬† We’d need some Empathy as well.¬† Some sense of what it’s like to live under real or de facto Colonialism.¬† The movie 12 Years a Slave might help a few people.¬† Malidoma Som√©’s book Of Water and the Spirit maybe.¬† It describes the French version of Colonialism.

In general, it’s Fear that feeds Bullies.¬† Unfortunately, we usually have to get to the place where we have nothing left to lose, before we’re willing to stand up and say no to Bullies.¬† You might want to look up the Velvet Revolution, Czechoslovakia’s release from Bullying.¬† We’ll have to stand in Solidarity with the people Bullied by Colonialism, though, and that’s probably not likely anytime soon.

On the personal level, where it all starts, Grounding helps.¬† You just imagine a cable running from the base of your spine to the center of the Earth.¬† Food is also Grounding.¬† Tapping out Fear will help as well.¬† Of course we’ll have to Witness our Fear before we can Tap it out.¬† We can PIAVA that we do that.¬†

Once we’ve Witnessed our Fear we can also Empathize with it; once you get the hang of that (“You poor Sweetheart, you’re really scared, aren’t you”) we can move our Fear even faster than Tapping, and the results are likely to be even more Miraculous.

We didn’t draw the Quincunxes on the chart because we wanted the new element, the Venus-led Golden Rectangle, to stand out.¬† But there are Fingers of God to both Chiron (from Juno and Moon-North Node) and Juno (from Pluto and Chiron), making Juno (Expanding our Consciousness) and Chiron (Using Empathy to Shift from Despair to Miracle) the most important elements in the chart.

Along with Pluto, of course, as head of the T-Square.¬† Pluto tells us that the River is in flood, that if our destination isn’t downstream we’re in for a difficult journey (even before Mercury turns Retrograde on January 21).¬† The key to Pluto is Trust, Trust that outcomes will favor us, even if we don’t see how yet.¬† Pluto of course is about Transformation, Trance (Re) Formation, including usually Ego Death.

The Galactic Center recently Initiated Hylonome as well as Quaoar.¬† The Galactic Center is at 28 Sagittarius, “An old bridge over a beautiful stream is still in constant use.”¬† Maybe it’s time to review our opinion of the River Styx.¬† How might we see it as a “beautiful stream”?¬† It might help to understand that we can cross that stream in either direction.

While Fear of Ego Death, especially Unwitnessed Unconscious Fear, never leads to good outcomes, the combination of Overpopulation and Fear of Death is not one that promises a lot of comfort.  Can we cross this River in either direction at Will?  Depends on Who is doing the Willing.  Someone is.  Why not you?  No?  Why not PIAVA it?

That would be a great resolution to these Galactic Conundrums – we’d stay Grounded for all of the Fear-mongering, and we’d resolve the Uranus-Pluto-Nodes T-Square by Expanding our Consciousness to include our Soul!

The Mystic Rectangle

January 22, 2014

wulf7039bpWulfenite – Lead Molybdate.¬† Lead helps release Held Emotions and other toxins, helps us move from hopelessness to Excitement, and helps us create the kinds of structures that facilitate self-confidence.¬† Wulfenite connects to the Dynamic Creativity that we don’t usually recognize in ourselves.

A Mystic Rectangle is no slouch.¬† It brings substantial Grace and Balance, and the current one – which runs through February 4 – will help ease our transition from our old rigid Either/Or Ego-shell to our new more flexible Both/And Ego-shell.¬† I think that’s the most blatant symptom of personal Growth or Growth in Consciousness – we go from Either/Or about something to Both/And.¬† That’s usually as much an Emotional experience as it is intellectual.

We could interpret the four Grace-full Angles in the Mystic Rectangle, but let’s instead follow the “textbook,” and look at the two Oppositions.¬† A Mystic Rectangle, after all, is a big “X” that’s two Signs wide (Sextile, Sixth Harmonic – Creative Grace), and four Signs tall (Trine, Third Harmonic – Dumb-Luck Grace).¬† You get the Rectangle by putting the X in a box.¬† The opposite corners of the X and the box, are six Signs apart (Opposition, Second Harmonic, Ritual).

Sobonfu Som√©, in her lovely little book The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient African Teachings in the Ways of Relationships, has a lot to say about Ritual – a whole chapter in fact, pp.40-54…

“A ritual is a ceremony in which we call in spirit to come and be the driver, the overseer of our activities…¬† In ritual we call in spirit to show us obstacles that we cannot see because of our limitations as human beings.¬† Ritual helps us to remove blocks standing between us and our true spirit or other spirits.

“In the village, everybody is addicted to ritual…¬† They need to be constantly involved in ritual because it’s like an energy that gives a high that lasts, perhaps three or four days, and as soon as they start coming down… they need the high again.

“Every ritual must have a very specific purpose, a clearly stated intention.¬† It must have something to resolve.

“Every time you want to move into a ritual, you need to recognize that there’s a whole line of ancestors behind you, there’s a whole spirit world around you, there is the animal world, the ground world, the trees, and so forth.¬† If you have a way of saying to these forces, ‘Come and be with us in such a way that we can feel and do such-and-such,’ then you’re already in ritual.

“Next you must state your purpose, being quite specific about your needs or goals…¬† All you need to do from then on is go deep into your heart and listen to the rhythm of it…¬† Usually, if you ask one spirit to come, it will not come alone.¬† It gathers its friends, its relatives, friends of its friends, and so on.¬† And all these spirits will come to you.

“A ritual has to be made specific to the people who are involved in it…¬† We think that someone must bring a secret book of ritual recipes so that if we have a toothache, we go to page 129, read paragraph 2, and that will take care of it.¬† When in fact, you are page 129, paragraph 2!¬† So I’m saying, trust in yourself, believe in your ability to hear.

“Emotion is very hard to resolve intellectually.¬† That’s because the mind doesn’t know how to feel; its logic cannot fulfill the heart’s desire.¬† And this is why it’s so important to realize how ritual, the feeling within ritual, can be a helpful tool in resolving crises…¬† Spirits love to intervene in our affairs.¬† But they don’t do it against our will.¬† They are waiting over there for us to give them a job to do.

“We cannot begin by figuring out in our brains exactly how a ritual will work before we get into it.¬† We have to start by telling spirit that we recognize we don’t know.¬† There’s nothing wrong in not knowing.¬† There’s something wrong in not saying you don’t know.¬† Actually spirits love to hear that you don’t know because they do.¬† And they will take it as an invitation to do what they have to do.”

So, which rituals are involved in our Mystic Rectangle?¬† Jupiter Opposite Pluto, and Pallas Opposite Chiron-Juno.¬† How to wrap words around these?¬† Maybe…

Spirit, I can tell from the dissonance in my World and the discomfort in my Body, that you’re demanding (Pluto) that I Grow (Jupiter).¬† But I don’t know how.¬† Help!


Spirit, I’m up against Edges (Pallas) where uncomfortable (or worse) feelings and thoughts live (Chiron).¬† I don’t feel confident that I will succeed here.¬† I can feel that there are so many dimensions that are wanting to Change that I feel overwhelmed!¬† Will you help me restore my Faith in myself and in you?¬† Will you remind me frequently that I don’t have to do everything myself, I can actually relax and let you do your Magic!¬†

The rest should take care of itself.

Yin Gate 11.28

November 26, 2013

When four planets align so that two parallel Trines are connected by two Sextiles – like the blue lines in the picture that connect the Nodes, Pallas, and Chiron – it makes a Mystic Rectangle.

DSCN4663A Yin Gate – aka Dos Equis – forms when two additional planets split the Sextiles and create two opposing Fingers of God (or Yods) with the Sextiles – like the green lines in the picture.

A Mystic Rectangle, which basically represents Grace, is driven by the Oppositions between the corners, in this case the Nodal Axis and the Pallas-Chiron Opposition.¬† So the Mystic Rectangle should provide…

A Grace-full expansion of our Edges into Miracles that lighten our Karma and promote our Mission.

But the Energy in a Yin Gate – where each Finger of God shrieks Pay Attention to Me! – derives from the Opposition of the two Yods, in this case Ceres and Uranus, or…

Get Serious about making your Yintegrity permanent!

Of course that occurs in the context of the Mystic Rectangle, and we can’t forget that Yods are all about Curiosity…

How the devil can I make my Yintegrity permanent so I can Grace-fully expand my Edges into Miracles that lighten my Karma and promote my Mission?!?

It would be good to PIAVA something like that…

Goddess Pi, can you help me make my Yintegrity permanent so I can Grace-fully expand my Edges into Miracles that lighten my Karma and promote my Mission?

If that doesn’t flow together smoothly into a question that makes a lot of sense for you, that’s good, because this isn’t about thinking our way forward.¬† We could also shorten it to something like…

I wonder what it would look like if my Yintegrity was permanent.

But then you’d have to be careful to allow the Visualization to form without censoring or editing it or worrying about consequences.¬† Basically, you’d want to imagine yourself…

Stepping Effortlessly onto the Path where your Limitations fall away Magically, and you are doing what you feel Passionate about.

And to add the Boundary part of Pallas, we’d also want to…

Affirm that other people’s criticism about any of that just rolls off my back.¬† We can be compassionate with them about their lack of understanding, but we don’t need to let them nudge us off our Path.

Now, the red lines on the picture are a Pluto T-Square across that germinal Ceres-Uranus Opposition (committing ourself to our Truth – imagine yourself swearing a holy oath).¬† A Pluto T-Square means that…

We’re Challenged to Align our Energy with the Primary Trance on the Planet.

Which isn’t necessarily the Predatory Capitalism, Fear-Mongering, and¬†Fascism that’s all over the Corporate Media.¬† I mean, as we ease into this Portal, look at what’s happening in Syria and Iran.¬† The Primary Trance on the Planet is Pluto in Capricorn, which means…

Just Fix It!

It’s not hard to see what “It” is, is it.¬† We just need to put our backs into it.¬† And we need to remember that this is just another variation on the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto theme, which is…

We Need to get serious about following Our Own Guides and not anybody else’s!

There’s an obvious Vacancy there Opposite Pluto, and when there are obvious Vacancies it means that we need to supply that Energy ourselves.¬† The rest is being made manifest by the Universe, but our part of the Co-Creation is signified by the Vacancy.¬† That’s at 10 Cancer, “A large Diamond in the first stages of the cutting process.”¬† Rudhyar reads that as “The arduous training for perfection in order to fully manifest an ideal.”¬† Which sounds like a burden.¬† However…

We’ve been training for this our entire Lives!¬† The Work is now beginning in earnest.¬† Time to set aside your Judgment and Doubt and Cynicism and Fear, and lean into the Future you know that you came here to help Create.¬† You know exactly where we’re going.¬† It will certainly be two steps forward and one back, and it’s a long Journey.¬† But we’re done with the preliminaries, and now we’re starting on the Real Thing.

Pretty wild, eh?

The Yin Gate has actually already opened, around 10pm PST November 25th.  It stays open till about 9am PST on December 2nd.

It peaks between 6am and 9am PST on November 28th РThanksgivukkah.  This wider aperture of the Gate will start opening about six hours earlier, and afterward take around six hours to close.

Which is when the Moon – Ms. Manifestation Herself – Opposes Uranus and Conjoins Ceres.

The Hidden Portal within the Portal

There’s another, much more subtle Portal open behind the Yin Gate.¬† This one opened around November 22, and will be open till December 4.¬† When we add Eris into the picture we get five out of seven corners of a Grand Septile

DSCN4664The Seventh-Harmonic Septile is about Shamanic Power – tightly focusing our use of Energy so that when the moment is right we strike like Lightning, while the rest of the time we do nothing.¬† A classic example is the Teachable Moment, when…

There will be moments when people are willing to Open their Hearts and Minds.¬† Don’t shy away from those moments; tell it like it is.

You may need to let someone feel their Real Fear around the Global Warming Storms or Fukushima, for instance, but then remind them that we will escape the worst fate by making a stand as a Community.

The parties here are Eris, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, and Mars – Big Players that aren’t accustomed to backing down from an opportunity to bring one face to face with our worst Fears and most self-sabotaging Habits.

It may be us that has the moments when we’re invited to Open our Heart and Mind – don’t back down!

There are two obvious Vacancies here – 14 of Gemini and 5 of Leo – “The capacity to transcend the limitations of bodily existence” (eg telepathy) and “The structuring power of Elemental Forces during the long cycle of Planetary evolution,” to use Rudhyar’s views.¬† That’s asking a lot of us, isn’t it, since these are the Energies we’re supposed to provide…

We’ve been training for this our entire Lives!¬† The Work is now beginning in earnest.¬† Time to set aside your hesitation to use your Power, and invoke your Allies to do the same, and lean into the Future you know that you came here to help Create.¬† You know exactly where we’re going.¬† It will certainly be two steps forward and one back, and it’s a long Journey.¬† But we’re done with the preliminaries, and now we’re starting on the Real Thing.

Hanukkah is a rededication of¬† the Temple – a recommitment to that which is Sacred to us (and indeed, the Yin Gate opens when the Moon crosses Vesta!) and a celebration of the Light.¬† Thanksgiving means Gratitude, which is a State of Grace.¬† The American holiday Thanksgiving is at root a celebration of Harvest, a celebration of our Union and Interdependence with Nature.¬† Guess who rules the Harvest!¬† None other than Ceres.¬† So the Ceres-Uranus Opposition and Pluto T-Square that drive the Yin Gate is about…

Celebrating our Unique Contributions Рpast, present, and future Рto our Union and Interdependence with Nature WHILE celebrating the Spiritual Reality of our Core Being.  AND celebrating the Spiritual Reality of Nature and Her Union and Interdependence with Source!

Big Portal 10.26/10.27

October 26, 2013


Moonstone and Labradorite are kissing cousins.  Who they appear to be depends on what angle you look at them from.

Our old buddy the Moon creates a Big Portal October 26, when it forms a Grand Cross with the Juno T-Square, and a Diamond Star with the remnants of our exploded Grand Sextile.¬† The Diamond Star will be with us from around 9pm PDT October 26 till about 5am PDT October 27.¬† The Grand Cross will provide a bit of temporary balance for the ongoing Juno-Nodes T-Square (Karmic Limitations and Deep Desires erupting into Consciousness) and the Diamond Star will add Grace of the highest order – Chiron and Pluto (Miracles of Transformation).¬† Here’s the Diamond Star…

DSCN4637Notice the green lines; they’re the Yod that creates the Diamond Star from the T-Square or Grand Cross (the red lines).¬† The Moon signifies Manifestation, the Challenge (Grand Cross) is growth of Consciousness, the Grace comes from the most potent Trance ReFormer and Reality Reframer that we know of, and the green lines represent Curiosity.¬† Which is important.¬† We need to ask…

I wonder how I’m going to be Transmogrified during this adventure!?!?

and while Pi asks us to Take Responsibility for what’s going down – it could easily be your Worst Fears manifesting, as that’s what Karmic Limitations are all about – you won’t get marked down if you also add…

Please make this Transition a Loving and Gentle one!

In fact, you’ll get a gold star for Self-Love if you do.

But that’s only the beginning for this Big Portal.¬† We’ve left the Diamond Star drawn in lightly, but added several elements…

DSCN4640The Grand Trine (blue Triangle) and Mystic Rectangle (blue box) are the remnants of our earlier Grand Sextile.¬† They aren’t nearly as temporary as the Moon’s Angles in the first picture, in fact they’re with us through November 1’s Uranus-Pluto Square.¬† They even make another Portal or two for us between now and then.¬† Meaning?¬† In a word, Gifts.

The Pluto-Mars-South Node Grand Trine says that even though our self-sabotage (South Node) will be very active (Mars) and unquenchable (Pluto), it will also be very easy on us (the Trines).  Just keep your eyes open.  Our Karma behaves like a multiple personality Рwhen we begin to self-sabotage, our Sensible Self leaves town.

  • If you’re aware of your self-sabotage but you haven’t gotten it together yet to stop it from taking center stage, then this is the moment to meet and confront this detractor of yours.¬† You might be thinking – Gee, I seem to be “getting away” with what I know isn’t good for me! – but it’s only a buildup to a big letdown.
  • If you still think it’s somebody else that sabotages you, you’re probably about to meet them in the mirror.

The Mystic Rectangle is two Oppositions (Awareness of Contradistinction, hopefully leading to Awareness of Unity) whose ends are Trine and Sextile to one another.¬† Our old friends the Nodes, who’ve been so active lately, and Mars Opposite Chiron.¬† Mars-Chiron represents the contrast between doing it the hard way and manifesting a Miracle.¬† The worst kind of Despair is Unconscious Despair – when it never even crosses our mind that a Miracle is possible.¬† So we get into Sisyphean situations, where we know there are no good outcomes, yet we work our butts off trying anyway (overMars), just to show the coach that we have stick-to-it-ive-ness.

The keys to activating a Mystic Rectangle are the Sextiles РMars-North Node and Chiron-South Node.  Sextiles require a smidgeon of initiative on our part before the Grace kicks in.  So we must take a step (Mars) toward what we really Want (North Node), and we must be willing to allow our lives to be turned upside down when we start to reframe our Limitations (Chiron), experience the Ego Death (nothing feels worse), and let go of the Fears and Rage that define who we have believed ourselves to be (South Node).

Then look at the green lines Рall of these landmines are in the Portal!  A Uranus Yod and a Mars Yod.  Curiosity, right?

  • I wonder what I will do (Mars) to merge my Soul Self (Uranus) with my Unconscious Identity (Juno)!?!?
  • I wonder who I will be (Uranus) when I begin to Act (Mars) in accord with my Mission in this Lifetime (North Node)!?!?

Note that the Yods also form a bunch of those nice Challenge-Curiosity-Grace Triangles.¬† These are the places where we can consciously apply Curiosity to a perceived Problem and if we then stand back and change the subject, we’ll see Grace take over.¬† These are Jewels – using them Consciously, we can melt problems like butter.¬† Let’s work through a few of them…

  • Pluto Square Uranus Quincunx Mars Trine Pluto – If I’m having difficulty because everything is changing so rapidly, I can wonder what I might do about it?

Remember you don’t answer the question; you wait for your Guides to reveal the answer to you, through what you do unconsciously, that you had no conscious idea actually related to the original problem.¬† You discover the answer after the fact, through self-observation.

  • Uranus Square Pluto Quincunx Moon Trine Uranus – If I’m having difficulty because the World seems to be in Resistance to who I know I have to be, I can wonder how it will all work out?
  • South Node Square Moon Quincunx Pluto Trine South Node – If my self-sabotage is interfering with what I’m trying to manifest, I can wonder what will be manifested?
  • North Node Square Moon Quincunx Chiron Trine North Node – If my Deepest Desires are not Manifesting by themselves, I can wonder what sort of Miracle will reframe my Desires so they’re achievable?
  • Moon Square North Node Quincunx Uranus Trine Moon – If what I’m trying to manifest seems to conflict with my Mission, I can wonder exactly who is in charge?
  • South Node Square Juno Quincunx Mars Trine South Node – If my self-sabotage is holding me back, I can wonder what to do about it?

Remember that it’s the state of Wonder that you’re trying to achieve and maintain.¬† You don’t want Certainty.¬† In the case of a Square-Quincunx-Sextile, we may have to take an action after wondering…

  • North Node Square Juno Quincunx Mars Sextile North Node – If I’m trying to manifest my Deepest Desires but it just doesn’t feel like me, I can wonder what I’ll have to do to align those two?¬† I may just have to wonder what would happen if I tried something different.
  • Juno Square North Node Quincunx Uranus Sextile Juno – If it doesn’t feel right to act out my Deepest Desires, I can wonder who would I have to be to do that?¬† Maybe I can try play-acting a couple of roles.
  • North Node Square Moon Quincunx Pluto Sextile North Node – If I don’t feel like I’m prepared to manifest what I need to manifest, I can wonder what sort of trance I would have to be in to do that.¬† I could try a few on just for laughs.
  • South Node Square Moon Quincunx Chiron Sextile South Node – If I’m frustrated that my Limits won’t let me manifest what I feel like I need to create, I can wonder how I might reverse-engineer the issue, namely imagine that I can manifest it, and then see how different that feels in my body.
  • Pluto Square Uranus Quincunx North Node Sextile Pluto – If it feels like my Higher Self is of synch with the World, I can wonder how I can be the change I wish to see in the World, and maybe PIAVA a new trance that will let me see how that feels.

See if you can find any that I missed.¬† You’re looking for any planet that has both a Square (short red line) and a Quincunx (green line) connected to it.¬† Then follow the Square to the second planet, and find a blue line (Trine or Sextile) back to the first planet.

Phew!¬† Lots going on!¬† You’re probably exhausted – or long since quit paying attention, unless you love puzzles!¬† Well, we ain’t done.¬† We’re still on the same 10.26/10.27 Portal, and there’s more…DSCN4639Two interlocking Mjolnirs!¬† Neither is dependent on the Moon, so neither is short-lived, though Venus will move away in a few days.¬† Mjolnirs are about Lightning-like Insight.¬† In some cases Insight that destroys a house of cards you’ve been building.¬† Suppose you’ve put a business or relationship partner on a pedestal, for instance, and you suddenly see that they aren’t who you’ve been thinking they were.¬† If you’ve been building a business or a Life or a family around them, this is Big Thunder.

The South Node (our Karmic Limits and Hidden Skills) Mjolnir has as its base a Square between Vesta (our notion of the Sacred) and Venus (our Values).  This literally comes down to

I’d do anything for Love, but I won’t do that!¬†

Think about your Values – what you’re Passionate about, and what makes you Angry or Aghast.¬† What’s Sacred to you is a little different.¬† Your Values trigger strong Emotions, but you wouldn’t be willing to die for them.¬† With a Square between the two, their differences are illuminating, and probably a little jarring.¬† You probably feel a little out of synch, or even a little out of Integrity.¬† The whole thing is complicated because Vesta’s in an Earth Sign, not a Fire Sign where it’s comfortable, and Venus is in a Fire Sign, not a Water Sign where it would feel at home.¬† Truth is, there’s probably no way you can resolve your sense of being out of synch.

But both are Trioctile to the South Node – so if you’re listening, this disharmony will tell you a whole lot about your Limiting Beliefs.¬† Chances are you’re familiar with this out-of-synch feeling.¬† You’ve been there before.¬† Close your eyes and look down at your feet (keeping your eyes closed).¬† What are you wearing?¬† Roman sandals and a toga?¬† Rags?¬† Furs?¬† Fine linen?¬† You may not be wearing anything.¬† Were you male or female in that Lifetime?¬† Are there other people around, or are you alone?¬† I know, it may not feel quite real – go ahead and pretend that it is.¬† What were you really good at in that Lifetime?¬† Anything?¬† Were you proud, or humble about it?¬† How did you die in that Lifetime?¬† This is Opportunity.

And the Vesta Mjolnir has as its base the Square between Juno and the South Node.¬† The South Node is in stubborn Taurus – it isn’t about to give up its secrets easily.¬† Juno is in Aquarius.¬† You’re wanting Community.¬† Are you worthy of Community?¬† Do you have to give more than you get in order to feel like you belong?¬† Do you have to get more than you give in order to want to belong?¬† Community includes what you do for a living – do you do what you love?¬† Or work to survive?¬† Are you fairly paid?

Do you blaspheme against your own sense of the Sacred?¬† Why?¬† As a Defense against feeling rigid or fearing Abandonment?¬† Are you overzealous about judging others who don’t measure up to your standards?¬† You wouldn’t want to be in Community with them now, would you.¬† Do you measure up to your own standards?¬† Like Woody, would you want to belong to a club that would have you for a member?¬† What compromises do you make in order to survive?¬† What would you rather die than do?

All those questions could easily prompt you for another session of closing your eyes and looking at your feet.¬† In the current Lifetime, you learned your Limiting Beliefs from someone.¬† They tried to control you with either Suffocation or Abandonment or both.¬† Even if it didn’t work, it did.¬† You’ve internalized those controls.¬† Who was it that demanded this of you when you were young and vulnerable?¬† If we’re conscious of that, we may have gone through Life accepting our Limits but blaming them.

But they go far deeper than that.¬† That person – or persons – who tried to control you, you’ve known them before.¬† What were the circumstances?¬† Were you in their jail?¬† Did they escape from yours by tricking you?¬† Were they your master or your slave?¬† Did you feel Powerless then too?¬† What were you both wearing?

Go for the Insights.¬† These are Big Changes.¬† When Pluto and Uranus and the Nodes are involved, “we” – our little Ego, that is – don’t actually have as much Power as we’d like to have.¬† Armies have been mobilized in the Unconscious, and they are marching.¬† The die has been cast, and Change is afoot.¬† We need to strive for letting go of our Limiting Beliefs, embracing our Deepest Desires, and dropping our Masks.¬† We need to do all that lovingly and gently, but rapidly and completely.¬† It’s not optional, it’s what the planet is evolving to.¬† We will have considerable mopping up to do and amends to make afterwards, reorganizing everything and apologizing for a Lifetime of disingenuous moments and acts and words.

It’s all good – everyone else will be in the same boat.