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June 21, 2013

SI ExifFeel the extra anxiety?  That’s the absence of the Grand Trines that have been easing our transition past the End of Time.  You can use the Anxiety to measure your sensitivity.  The Sun is moving into a new Grand Trine with Saturn and Neptune, and as it gets closer, we’ll feel the Grace returning.  When?  Depends on your sensitivity.  Sensitivity is multidimensional, so just because you’re sensitive to one Energy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sensitive to another – though there’s a good chance of it.

Astrologers measure distance with something called “Orb.”  When a Configuration like the upcoming Grand Trine is moving into position, as it moves closer, the Orb gets smaller.  Orb is like slop – when an Angle between two planets is “exact,” orb is zero.  When it’s one degree apart, that’s one degree of Orb, or one degree of slop.  Usually Orb is a threshold – so, depending on the kind of chart, you might use eight degrees of Orb as the threshold, or three degrees, or one degree – when the slop is less than the threshold Orb, you consider the Angle to be in effect.

As we write this, the Sun is about four and a third degrees away from making an exact Trine to Neptune, which would complete the Grand Trine, as Saturn is already Trine to Neptune.  So if you were using five degrees of Orb, the Configuration would already be on the air.  Five degrees isn’t a commonly used Orb.  Often when we’re considering planets in the sky now and their impact on our lives, we use one degree of Orb, but it’s not that uncommon to use three degrees.

If we use a three degree Orb threshold, then the Grand Trine will come into effect at around 8am PDT on June 23.  A very sensitive person should easily detect a three-degree Orb for a major Angle.  Watch to see if there is a fairly distinct downward shift in your Anxiety level over the next several days, as the Grand Trine reforms.  You might feel the Tension ease, or your dreams lighten up, even before the 23rd.  Using two degrees of slop, the Grand Trine reforms on June 24 at about 9am PDT.  The Grand Trine reforms with one degree of Orb on June 25 at around 10am PDT.  Everybody should be feeling it by then.

The Sun moves pretty quickly (as you can tell from the above, about one degree a day – not a coincidence since there are 360 degrees in the Zodiac and about 365 days in a year), so the Solar Grand Trine will only last till June 29.  However, by then Lilith will be taking its place, and since Lilith moves much more slowly, the Lilith-Saturn-Neptune Grand Trine will be around till mid-August – using three degrees of separating Orb – that is, three degrees of slop when the planets have already completed their Angle and are moving apart from one another.

Then, by July 5, Jupiter moves into position, forming a Jupiter/Lilith-Saturn-Neptune Grand Trine.  Before Jupiter or Lilith move out of Orb, Mars joins them, and then Pallas after that, so the renewed Grand Trines go on for quite a while.  Then, one by one and two by several, as these planets move out of the Saturn-Neptune Grand Trine, they fall into a reconstruction of the Chiron-North Node Grand Trine, so we go back to the double Big Grace that we’ve been enjoying for much of 2013.  Once Saturn goes Direct again in early July, these two Grand Trines slowly merge, as Saturn crosses the North Node.

Don’t miss the Point there – Saturn (Focus on Priority Number One!) crossing the North Node (our Mission).  If we didn’t leave the Planet at the End of Time, we’re still here for a good reason – for our Mission.  It’s very easy to see this Saturn-North Node crossing as the focal point of our whole 2013 Big Grace/Juno-Nodes T-Square/Uranus Square Pluto adventure.

Lilith is the last to leave the merged Grand Trine, in mid-September.  Just as it does, Jupiter forms a new Grand Trine, with Pluto and the South Node, and as Jupiter moves out of Orb, Vesta moves in.  The result is that we’re under at least one Grand Trine continuously into October.

Which gives us this window of Opportunity to (1) find our Gratitude and acknowledge the Grace, and (2) get a handle on the kinds of Anxiety we’ll be feeling once the Grace lets go of us in October.  Gratitude is always really important, as it’s one of the more powerful of those Miracle Attitudes that can change the World as we experience it.  And Anxiety is really important because it forms a dark filter between us and Reality.  Not quite as dark as Fear, but usually more pernicious.

Thing is, because of Karma and other Unconscious Patterns, what makes us Anxious (or Afraid) is seldom what we think makes us Anxious.  An easy way to explore this – and it’s very important to explore it – is to tap it out.  It’s important to the future of the Planet, because the sooner more of us learn to differentiate Anxiety from the supposed causes of our Anxiety – and therefore stop needing to project our Karma onto Other, the sooner we cross the Tipping Point into Peace on the Planet.

Whatever triggers your Anxiety, tap on the trigger, then tap on the Anxiety itself…

  • Even though I feel Anxious about Zombies, I deeply and completely love and accept myself…

compared to…

  • Even though I feel Anxious, I deeply and completely love and accept myself…

Of course after your first tapping, your Anxiety will likely already be reduced, so you won’t be able to make a direct comparison between the two.  So take another Anxiety-producing trigger, and reverse the order…

  • Even though I feel Anxious, I deeply and completely love and accept myself…

compared to…

  • Even though I feel Anxious about Global Warming, I deeply and completely love and accept myself…

Even when Anxiety or Fear are completely relevant in the Present Moment, very very seldom is all of your Anxiety or Fear generated by the Present Moment.  In truth, most of us are competent to deal with the Present Moment in some adequate way most of the time.  Anxiety and Fear actually prevent us from realizing and executing our competence.  The more we master Anxiety and Fear as Anxiety and Fear, and not as the result of some alleged cause, the more we incite our natural competence, and enjoy cooperation and collaboration.  There’s little we can’t do from the space of cooperation and collaboration.

We see Emotions as our Emotions, but they aren’t.  Emotions are like Clouds – some high and icy, some lovely in the Sun, some dark and brooding, some pelting us with Rain or Hail or Blizzard or Lightning.  And Emotions are just as impersonal as Clouds.  They don’t belong to us.  It’s easy for us to grab hold of a particular Emotion, and refuse to let it go.  That Emotional Attachment is the glue that sticks Karma to the soul of our shoe.

Once we learn to process an Emotion as an Emotion of and for and by Itself, independent of any trigger or supposed cause, we realize that this is what we came to Earth for.  Earth, shrouded in dark Clouds of Fear and Grief and Anger, needs us to Heal Her, needs us to love those dark Clouds into rays of bright Sunshine.  Locate the Anxiety in your Body, and Focus all of your Loving Attention directly into that place.  See the Anxiety as an Energy separate from your own Identity and your own adventures, and embrace it.  Open your Heart to it, and Love it into Grace.

That’s why we came here – we just forgot, because Emotions are so sticky.  We wouldn’t be able to Heal these dark Clouds, if we hadn’t been willing to get lost in them first.  Your Mission could well open up into additional chapters, but even if it does, your Clarity about it will be a thousand times more acute if you first learn to be Loving with all of the Emotions.  That’s why we took Bodies here.

Opal – Quartz with nanoscale water enclosures that bounce the light around and refract it – captures Emotion and rebroadcasts it.  It takes skill and practice to use Opal, just as it takes skill and practice to Love all Emotions into submission.  Use it with care and respect.  When you use Opal, you aren’t the master, you’re a partner.