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Full Moon – The Rest

April 12, 2017

We don’t want to give short shrift to the 15 April Venus Station (3am PDT at 27 Pisces), so let’s finish up the Full Moon expeditiously.  Let me know if any questions come up.  Two other charts are fundamental to grokking the Full Moon, the chart of the Mercury (9 April 4pm PDT, 5 Taurus) and Hylonome (10 April 6am PDT, 9 Capricorn) Stations, and the chart of the Varuna Station (10 April 3pm PDT, 29 Cancer).

Here’s the chart of the Mercury and Hylonome Stations…

The big Grand Cross (red Square and Xes) and the two Grand Trines (equal-sided blue Triangles, which are actually Kites when we add the little triangles on one side of each of them) are the standout features.  I don’t think we introduced the Grand Trine earlier.

A “Trine” is the Angle between two planets that are one third of the way round the Zodiac, and the “Grand Trine”  is made up of three planets equally spaced around the Loop.  Put a fourth planet halfway between two of those, and you have a “Kite,” so named because that’s what it looks like.  A Grand Trine makes things so Easy that we refer to it as “Dumb-Luck Grace.”

The “best” charts are charts like this one, that contain major Motivation Configurations (Grand Cross) and major Grace Configurations (Grand Trines), because they Balance Work and Ease, so we neither exhaust ourself nor get lazy.

This is the chart of a highly Motivated Multi-Tasker who can learn how to Channel tons of Grace.  Grace is its own Master; until we Learn that others have their own Unique Skills, a Grand Cross often signifies Arrogance, as folks seem incompetent to us when they can’t do what’s Effortless for us.  The two Stations are both part of the Grace, not part of the Motivation, and the Complement one another very very well, being both in Earth Signs.

So we should be able to identify the Archeypes that we need to Let Go of relatively easily – don’t try to get hyper-analytical about it, just Ask your Belly what makes it Tense Up.

There are two Fingers of God, one pointing at Hylonome (Letting Go of Archetypes) and the other at Eurydike (Trust).  These are the two Energies that the Universe is Asking us to Pay Special Attention to.

The Varuna-Station chart is more assymetrical…

We can see the Grand Trine (big blue triangle) and two “T-Squares” (big red triangles pointing to the left and lower left).  A T-Square is half of a Grand Cross, and represents Mastery through Challenge.  We usually don’t appreciate the Mastery because we usually get stuck on the Frustration of the ongoing Challenge; we eliminate the Frustration by Paying Attention to how much Mastery we’ve gained.

All that Pressure (where the red and blue triangles converge, at the focus of the T-Square and a corner of the Grand Trine) focuses on asteroid Sappho, which symbolizes Self-Love.  We’ll be making our course Easier by exercising what Self-Love we’ve already Mastered, while we’re Learning more of it.

The other T-Square points toward a Stellium made up of Ixion (Our Forbidden Genius), Saturn (The Most Important Thing), Pholus (Taking Full Responsibility), Quaoar (Survival Instincts), and the Galactic Center (Instructions from Headquarters).  This is pretty serious; basically the Universe is telling us that we all need to get busy Taking Full Responsibility for Recovering our Unique Genius, or our Survival will be in Question.

But neither of these, Big as they are, is the dominant Configuration – that’s the Yin Gate, the two green Xs in the middle of the chart, enclosed in the blue rectangle, and intertwined with the red Ж (Cyrillic letter Zhe) in the center.  The bottom line of a Yin Gate is to Learn the Paradox represented by the central long red line.

Here that’s the Nodal Axis – the path of our Spiritual Progress during the Lifetime.  The Paradox involved here is that We Need the Skills Hidden beneath our Held (maximally resisted) Emotions (the South Node or earbuds at the bottom) in order to accomplish our Lifetime Mission (the North Node or stethoscope at the top).  That which we hate is our most Powerful tool, once we Learn to Embrace it.


Consciousness and Matter 1

December 4, 2016

This is an excellent, if not completely explicit, beginning toward explaining the Connection between Lunar Energy/Emotion and Matter, as well as the waves of Emotional turmoil many of us are experiencing…

It’s long, but well worth finishing.  Thanks to for the tip.

The dwarf planet Haumea – Rebirth – is sitting between us and Arcturus, focusing Arcturian Energy to our Planet.

Haumea is one corner of the Ixion Golden Rectangle and Sedna Yin Gate that we’ve been discussing, as well as one corner of the Eurydike Grand Sextile, all of which are ongoing.  Haumea is also only a few Degrees south of Arcturus in Declination.

We refer to the Golden Rectangle as the “Ixion Golden Rectangle” because the Recovery of our Abandoned Genius (Ixion) is for most of us the most Challenging element in the Golden Rectangle.  It’s four corners are… 

  • Ixion-Pholus: Being Fully Responsible to our Abandoned Genius (or, as Marianne Williamson so poetically expresses it, our Brilliance, Gorgeousness, Talent, and Fabulosity)
  • Dwarf planet Chaos: Unlimited Potential
  • Haumea: Rebirth
  • Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne: Egoic Fidelity to our Soul Self, Being Open to the Revelation of Denial, and Making this Sustainable, via the Loving Embrace of Challenging Memories

We refer to the Yin Gate as the “Sedna Yin Gate” because Conscious and Loving Response to Terror (Sedna) is the most Challenging element in the Yin Gate.  A Yin Gate above all asks us to recognize that Contradiction exists only in the mind; in Reality there is Paradox – Coexistence on levels that the mind does not understand, but not Contradiction.  In addition to the Golden Rectangle, the Yin Gate‘s Spine is comprised of…

  • Lilith: Self-Sovereignty
  • Sedna: Conscious and Loving Response to Fear

Lilith is particularly associated with Female Self-Sovereignty, highlighting the Challenges presented by Misogynist politics.  As important, Lilith is associated with Sovereignty for the Anima or Inner Female of the second gender.

Sedna is also the focus of a Quintile Yod from Jupiter and Mercury, meaning that it is Very Important that we Learn how to Consciously Expand into being Lovingly Aware of what most Frightens us.  Start by Breathing.

We refer to the Grand Sextile as the “Eurydike Grand Sextile” because when we use established astrological planets we only get five of the six corners.  The sixth corner would be the Vacancy, which becomes the Strongest corner of the Grand Sextile, and signifies the Energy which we must provide Consciously in order to trigger the Ease and Grace implied by a Grand Sextile.

The esoteric asteroid Eurydike (Trust) fills the Grand Sextile Vacancy, so it is Trust that will Liberate Grace for us here.  In addition to the Golden Rectangle and Eurydike, the sixth corner of the Grand Sextile is Pallas (Boundaries).

And finally, Sedna is also one corner of the Grand Cross, with Lilith, Eurydike, and Pallas.  A Grand Cross shows the necessity to Multitask in order to attend to all of the Energy we’re encountering, in this case the necessity to split our Attention between

  • Responding Consciously to Fear,
  • Asserting our Self-Sovereignty,
  • Setting Effective Boundaries, and
  • Trusting our Heart’s Truth

without diminishing our Attention to any of the four.

For dessert, we also have in today’s Quitaly chart two Fingers of God (Pay Attention!) intertwined with each other and with a Major Tricolor (Curiosity), as follows…

  • A Yod to Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) from Mercury-Hylonome (Conscious Escape from Archetypes) and OR10-Nessus (Irruption of Memories of Abuse) and a Yod to OR10-Nessus from Vesta and Makemake-Hopi (Manifesting in the context of Respect for All Things): In the guise of unpleasant or Traumatic Memories, we are being Liberated from Limiting Beliefs; it behooves us to stay Conscious and Loving with our Libereation this rather than indulging our Victim – that was then, this is Now.  Recognize the Connection between Manifesting in the context of Respect for All Things and the download from the Arcturians.
  • A Square (Mastery through Challenge) from Vesta to Sappho-Klotho (Designing a new Ego wrapped around Self-Love) is Quincunx (Curiosity) to OR10-Nessus, which is in turn Trine (Grace) to Sappho-Klotho: We invoke our own Passion to lend Power to our Rebirth into Self-Love by Embracing Perpetual Curiosity – AND AVOIDING CONCLUSIONS – about the Relationship between Traumatic Experience/Memory and Limiting Beliefs.  Recognize the Connection between Passion-Emotion-Power and Suzanne’s comments in the Arcturian message above: 
“What you will need to let go is the causation of any actions and behaviors that cannot resonate to the fifth dimension.  Then, in order to release that causation, you will need to identify those thoughts, emotions, and actions that prevent you from resonating to the fifth dimension. 
“You will begin by identifying “First Cause.”  We define First Cause as that which creates the first thoughts and emotions that bond together to create the “First Concept.”  To change a behavior, you must start with the conception of that which caused that behavior. 
“The conception is what thoughts and what emotional reactions created, accompanied, and/or arose from that conceptual thought.  We are not using the word “concept” as just an idea.  We also use it conceptually, as in the ability to conceive.
“Once your thoughts and emotions join to conceive a “concept,” they begin to bond and intertwine in a multidimensional manner.  The lowest frequencies of the conceptual bond hold fear and doubt.  Conversely, the highest frequenciesof the conceptual bond hold love and light.”
This isn’t everyday trivia, it’s Shakespearean Drama.  Remember that our Bottom Line here is What we’re Learning.  
We don’t have any results around Quitaly yet, but the USArmy Corps of Engineers a few moments ago agreed to reroute the Dakota Access Pipeline.  Even if that is eventually overturned, it is a welcome delay from the potential start of another Civil War.

The Yin Gate and PIAVAs

December 2, 2016

Except for posts where I forgot to add the Category, everything we’ve written about the Yin Gate can be found at

The best summary among those articles is probably…

and the geometry of the Yin Gate Configuration is illustrated at…

The Yin Gate is a special case of the Golden Rectangle, which is the blue rectangle in the picture.  Blue lines represent Energies of Grace or Ease.  This particular blue rectangle is called “Golden” because the ratio of the length of the long lines to the length of the short lines is the “Golden Ratio” (~1.618 to 1.000).  That ratio is called “Golden” because it is found everywhere in Nature – among tree branches, among leaves, among veins in leaves, among bones and vessels and nerves in Critters, in Crystals, in molecular structure, etc.,  etc.

We might also encounter it as the “Golden Angle” (360 Degrees divided by 1.618 or 222.5 Degrees).  We’ve written about that Angle in astrology, at

We focus our astrological Attention on the Angles between planets because the Angles between them indicate the sort of Energy the planets Act Out through their combinations.  The Signs in astrology represent Flavors of Expression, the Houses represent Material Manifestation Styles, and the Angles (“Aspects” in astrologuese) represent Energies.  We happen to believe that the Essence of the Universe is Energy; Matter is just a side effect.  So we focus on the Angles – the Energies.

We differentiate the sort of Curiosity that seeks Answers from the sort of Curiosity that’s Perpetual.  Perpetual Curiosity is akin to Awe and Wonder, like the Awe and Wonder you can see in the eyes of a Newborn when they’re Safe, or what you’re likely to Feel during a Total Solar Eclipse.  We focus on Perpetual Curiosity because it Allows us to escape from our Birdcages.  

When we Understand, we create a box or a Cage to put ourselves in.  We do it for Safety.  Just as an example, suppose you’re walking down the sidewalk of a road that has curves in it.  At some points in the curve, cars will appear to be coming directly at you.  Do you leap out of the way every time this happens?  No, because your Understanding tells you that the driver will follow the road rather than go straight ahead and run over you.

This saves you from burning out your adrenals every time you go for a short walk, and keeps your clothes and shoes tidy because you spend less time in the shrubbery.  Now, once you encounter a driver who’s composing a text on their cellphone instead of paying Attention to the road, then, once you get out of the hospital, if you do, you’re going to recognize that your Birdcage needs to have some of its bars adjusted.  This is the Danger of Understanding; it works till it doesn’t.

When we study the metaphysical Universe, Understanding is constantly in our way.  The more we Feel Safe about our Understanding, the more Danger we’re in, physically.  Of course there’s no metaphysical Danger; cars can’t put Souls in the hospital, as much as they Enjoy the game of trying.  Or so we Understand.  

There are things we Knowa priori.  These things don’t come from the mind’s Understanding, they come from the Heart’s Knowing.  Understanding is Dangerously subject to mass hypnosis and a slavish Devotion to Logic and Pleasing.  While everyone focuses on what’s Logical, they seldom mention that Logic is irrelevant when you Change the Assumptions.  Without specific and carefully specified Assumptions, Logic is nothing but propaganda, also often known as Bullshit.  And while everyone focuses on Pleasing and Conforming, they seldom mention that it freezes off your Creative Genius as if it was a wart.

We were all raised to Understand (and sometimes follow) reasonable Limits of socially acceptable – in our Culture and in our family – behavior, thoughts, and Emotional Expression.  Maturity it’s known as, and you’ll look long and hard to find folks who Understand that Maturity is propaganda.  This is called our “Programming,” and it’s not easy to break out of.

There are places for all of us where our Programming and our Heart’s Knowing don’t jive with one another.  Self-Sabotage is the result.  Deprogramming ourself and eliminating Self-Sabotage is a worthy goal of astrology, since your natal chart shows how you ran your Energy before you were Programmed to Conform to socially acceptable Understanding.

Which is not to say that many forms of social standards aren’t very handy – no one needs to be murdered while just walking down the street because someone’s Deprogrammed self thought it would be kicks, or because their Emotional Response to Fear was to strike out.  On the other hand, the Heart’s Knowing is far less likely to be murderous than, say, the mind’s Ideals or the Solar Plexus’s or Belly’s Emotions, so Deprogramming to the Heart’s Knowing is not in general anti-social.  

The mind doesn’t know that everyone’s Heart’s Knowing is different from everyone else’s.  The Heart does Know this, and accepts it Fully.  “Don’t bother me with the Facts” is completely legitimate when it’s the Heart that’s speaking.  When it’s the mind’s Ideology that’s speaking, it’s rhetoric and propaganda.

All this is a long way of saying that the emphasis in a Yin Gate is on the green Xes, and the green lines represent Curiosity, hopefully Perpetual Curiosity.  Perpetual Curiosity is Yin (Magnetic); Understanding is Yang (Dynamic).  An important facet of Perpetual Curiosity is Paradox – the Yin side of Contradiction.  The mind is Dualistic; the Universe is Multifarious and Unitary.  Dualistic Either/Ors Limit us; Multifarious Both/Ands Expand us.

So the mind has to be retrained to simultaneously accept what appear to be Mutually Contradictory ideas or Emotions.  We sometimes refer to this as “Cognitive Dissonance,” after Castaneda, but the term is sometimes used differently by others.  For instance, can your Attention be simultaneously within your Body and outside of your Body?  Attention is the scarcest “commodity” we have; if we can retrain our Attention to be Multifarious, we’ll be Living much more fully, living more Multidimensionally.

That’s our Objective, to be as Present as we can, to as much of Reality as we can, as much of the Time as we can.  

We recognize that the Logical mind can not take us there, so we use “Right-brain” or Yin Manifestation techniques, which we call PIAVA.  If you’re at (as opposed to pointing at one of the articles) you can scroll down to the list of Categories (in the right-hand column) and click on “PIAVA,” or you can just read…

for a more concise review.

This is important because only the “Right” brain can access Perpetual Curiosity.  While we could use any of the PIAVA techniques to address one of the green lines in the Yin Gate, we often use Wonder.  

In astrologese the green lines are called “Quincunxes” – an “Unx” is one twelfth, and “Quin” means five – so we’re looking at an Angular relationship between planets where one planet is five twelfths of the way ’round the Zodiac from the other planet.  (We often use this type and indentation for technical astrological notes.)

In the particular Yin Gate that Blesses us as we speak here in early December 2016, the four green lines connect…

  • (1) Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) to Chaos (Unlimited Potential) – the format is “planet (meaning)”.
  • (2) Haumea (Rebirth) to Sedna (Embracing Fear).
  • (3) Ixion-Pholus (Recovering our Abandoned Genius) to Sedna (Embracing Fear).
  • (4) Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) to Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne (Memories of Deviation from, or Rejection of, our True Self).

So the way this Yin Gate Mystery School game is played, you can assign a PIAVA of your Choosing to each of the four green lines, assembling your PIAVAs using as building blocks the meanings of the planets (given above in parens) and relevance to your own Life at the moment.  For instance, I might Choose…

  • (1) “I Wonder what Potential Surprising new ways I will Create or be Given, to Survive and Thrive in the face of Cultural Collapse, when I am more fully Deprogrammed.”  (ie, Self-Sovereign, rather than being Driven by Unconscious Programming.)
  • (2) “God, Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that my Ego be Gently revamped so that my first Instinct is to Embrace Fear Lovingly, Breathing into it.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done…  Thank You, God/Goddess…  Show me…”   (This is a specific Ritual format; see .  By Ritual, I simply mean that there’s Power in Repetition; I don’t mean that there’s a “right” or “wrong” way to do it.  The Ritual portions are in purple.)
  • (3) “Ganeshi, please Remove All Obstacles to a  Loving and Gentle introduction to the Fears that Restrain my Unique Creative Genius, and please Remove All Obstacles to my Lovingly and Gently Embracing those Fears and Liberating my Brilliance, Gorgeousness, Talents, and Fabulosity.  Thank you, Ganeshi!”  (Another Ritual form, less structured than the first; see .)
  • (4) “Great Spirit, please Lovingly and Gently and Rapidly and Completely grant me the Self-Sovereignty to Let Go of of Self-Sabotage and Fully and Permanently Embrace my True Self.” (Here I’ve put the adverbly clause in purple to emphasize it, because it’s a very useful addition to most PIAVAs, in an attempt to reduce or eliminate the “Healing Crisis” or Ego’s Resistance to Change, without hampering the Request.  We’re courting Ego Death here, and the Organism has a very deep Drive to Survive; the Ego’s job is to keep the Soul’s Physical Vehicle Alive, and it Reacts Vigorously to threats!)

 There are a couple of ancillary “Rituals” or suggested additions to the PIAVA process.  The process is designed to Trigger the Intuition and Soul-Connection, so to use it we have to get the mind and its Birdcage of Understanding out of the way.  To do that we “Change the Subject,” or do our best to forget that (and what) we just PIAVAed.  

Test this with your lost car-keys or anything else that you’ve misplaced or that has gone Walkabout.  If you “look everywhere” for them and can’t find them, PIAVA to find them.  When you Change the Subject, you’re very likely to “happen upon them” in a place where you never would have “thought” to look.

Yesterday for instance when I came in from Gardening I noticed that my new clippers weren’t where I have become accustomed to putting them.  I often set a tool down in the Garden and then forget to return for it.  So I checked the other places I may have put it, then retraced my paths through the Garden as best I could remember.  No clippers.  So finally I asked Ganeshi to “Remove All Obstacles” to finding my clippers.  Almost immediately I had a clear picture in my mind’s eye of the clippers slipping to the bottom of the box that I was putting my harvested Nettles into.  Clippers found, Soup delicious.

The general observation is that when we have no Unconscious blocks to a Manifestation, the Universe will Respond directly to a PIAVA.  When we do have Unconscious blocks, or Conflicting Goals, the Universe will show us the blocks instead.  It uses the Fisherperson example – give someone a Fish, and they’ll eat; teach someone how to Fish, and they’ll sit around in the boat drinking beer all afternoon, then maybe they’ll get to eat, if the ballgame didn’t scare away the fish.

So the third part of the PIAVA process is, after a suitable hiatus, “Paying Attention.”  If we haven’t directly Manifested what we PIAVAed, or gotten some useful information about it, within a day or two, we want to review what we PIAVAed while we Ask what occurred, between the PIAVA and the review, that was Unusual or Unexpected.  That will be a clue to our block or Conflicting Goal(s).  Since the blocks and Goals are likely to be Unconscious, the clue will probably be in the form of a riddle or a funhouse mirror, a role reversal, or another befuddlement.

So we may have to PIAVA that we come to Understand the relationship between the original PIAVA and the Unusual or Unexpected Event.  For instance, suppose you PIAVAed World Peace and Equal Rights, and the next day your fellow countrypersons elected a Misogynist and Racist to be your Fearsome Leader.  “Great Spirit, what the heck does that say about the sort of Self-Sabotages the Unconscious might be perpetrating to World Peace and Equal Rights?”  

And off we go from there, Exploring the Unconscious Wilderness…

Full Moon 29.11a

November 25, 2016

As we approach the 29 November New Moon, Avoiding Expectations is the most important thing we can remember to do.  As Pan often reminds Michael Roads, “Look and Learn” – Observe, no Judgments, no Conclusions.

We not only have a Grand Quintile (Massive Learning Opportunity) but a Yin Gate (Feminine Mystery School), both of which continue into December, with the Yin Gate ongoing into January.  Our Trust Grand Sextile also remains.

The Grand Quintile features…

  • Jupiter – Expansion
  • Quaoar-Pholus – Being Fully Responsible to Our Survival
  • Neptune – Our Cultures
  • Sedna – Becoming Conscious of Our Fear
  • Vesta – Our Unconscious Beliefs

The Yin Gate is embedded in the ongoing Golden Rectangle that we’ve been reading as Recovery of Our Abandoned Genius.  The Golden Rectangle contains…

  • Ixion-Mercury – Awareness of our Abandoned Genius
  • Chaos – Our Potential, Limited only by Our Beliefs
  • Haumea – Rebirth
  • Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne – Ongoing Recovery of Our True Self

and the central axis that completes the Yin Gate is made up of…

  • Lilith – Self-Sovereignty
  • Sedna – Awareness of our Fear

which creates the four Quincunxes (Curiosity) that characterize the Mystery School

  • Lilith to Uranus-Eris et al – “I Wonder how Yintegrity and Self-Sovereignty might fit together in my Life.”
  • Sedna to Ixion-Mercury – “I Wonder how Fear has suppressed my Genius.”
  • Lilith to Chaos – “I Wonder what sort of Unimagined Worlds might Open Up to me when I regain my Self-Sovereignty.”
  • Sedna to Haumea – “I Wonder what awaits me on the Other Side of Fear.”

While some of these might sound like “Duh!” Wonderings, they aren’t; there are genuine Mysteries behind their apparent obviousness.  For instance, it might seem like of course Yintegrity and Self-Sovereignty fit together, like hand and glove, yet if we depend on Approval from Others, can we really Enjoy full Yintegrity?  

“People unwittingly and unknowingly cluster.  Every strong emotional expression clusters.  Like attracts like; this is clustering.  But there is one exception.  People who live and express unconditional Love are people of Balance.  And Balance does not cluster.  These people walk their own path.  

“And this is what I’m looking for – the person or people who do not cluster.  I use my far-away vision, taking in all the townspeople who are visible in one long over-glance.  People with Balance stand out from the crowd, rather like a light on a dark night.”

–Michael Roads, Through the Eyes of Love, Book Two, p,273.

The more you’re able to Open Up to genuine Accept-No-Conclusions Curiosity, the greater your Leap into Growth.

In addition to the Ixion-et al Golden Rectangle, the Grand Sextile includes Eurydike (Trust) and Pallas (Boundaries).  When Lilith and Sedna are factored in, plus Venus and Chiron (and we stretch Orb a tad), we have ten out of twelve points for creating a Grand Unx (twelve more or less equally-spaced planets) in our recently-favored 20-26 Degree zone – the ideal Configuration for breaking free from Archetypes, Karma, and Self-Sabotage.

Of the two Vacancies in the Grand Unx, one is occupied by asteroid Siwa, a Slavic Fertility Goddess whose Discovery chart reveals a fascinating picture of the Traumatic Reality of Creativity/Procreativity.  The other Vacancy is 23 Cancer, A literary society.

Portal 18.10 Part 1

October 18, 2016

You can find a picture of the Geometry of a Yin Gate at…

Yin Gate is an Initiation into the Goddess’s Mystery School.  In a Mystery School we’re forced to Learn to hold contradictory Perspectives at the same time, because to make any Sense out of the Reality we’re being shown, we have to replace the Concept of Contradiction with the Concept of Paradox.  In a Yin Gate we’re forced out of the Logical “Left Brain” and into the Relational “Right Brain.”  What we Encounter does not follow the rules of Logic.  It follow the rules of Relationship.

So what are the rules of Relationship?  Well, we know one of them already; the Universe does not operate under Either/Or, it operates under Both/And.  When the Red Pill gives you Heads and the White Pill gives you Tails, you have to move to The Coin.  It’s not always so obvious as that.  It’s more often like Encountering the Gollum and having to solve his Riddles.  It’s the classic case of needing to find a New Perspective that can Relate the apparent incompatibilities that we have Encountered to one another.  

  • Pause a minute and consider your recent Experiences.  Does this make them any less incomprehensible?

Or the Alternative, which is simply Accepting the Paradox as it is.  This is actually the better course, because we’re no longer forcing Reality into our little intellectual boxes, but letting the Universe be larger than mind.  Universe and Consciousness are synonymous, but we’ve been weaned on the Propaganda that mind is larger than Universe, that mind can successfully constrain the Universe into a series of equations; this is Propaganda because it’s sold to us as if it were the Only Truth.  In fact, mind is a small subset of Consciousness.

Acceptance of Paradox is very similar to Acceptance of Confusion as an Emotion rather than a Riddle that needs to be solved intellectually.  Without Accepting Confusion exactly as it is, we are unable to Grow our Consciousness Lovingly and Gently.  We could suggest that the necessity for Growth is endemic, and that without Loving and Gentle Release it backs up until Trauma forces us to Grow.  I don’t see that as a property of the Universe.  It’s an idea, a Perspective.  If it helps you understand your Past, then it’s useful.  If it motivates you to Embrace Confusion as it is, then it’s useful.

Acceptance of Paradox is the process by which Knowledge becomes Wisdom, engendering Intuition, and Trust of it.  You’ve been taught that Tolkien’s Hobbit tales are a classic Hero’s Journey.  But seriously now, what Reward does the Hero receive?  Self-Confidence and Idolization – Puffery for the Ego, easily blocking Acceptance of Confusion.  A fitting reward for the Age of Aries, but that was two Millennia ago.  For the Age of Aquarius or even the Age of Pisces, Self-Confidence can be a hollow Reward, especially if it isn’t matched by Self-Knowledge.  But then, The Fool represents Courage, doesn’t it.  The Hobbit tales are actually a Yin Gate.

  • What other rules of Relationship do you routinely use in your own Life?

In any Yin Gate the emphasis is strongly on the Opposition in the center, the one with the two back-to-back green Arrowheads or Fingers of God, which literally signify “Pay Attention!

At 11am PDT on 18 November, asteroid Nemesis (Epiphanies about Self-Sabotage) Conjoins asteroid Juno (the Edges of our Consciousness) at one end of the central Opposition in our current Yin Gate.  This is 24 Scorpio, where the recent Nova appeared ( ).  It’s not an Initiation; Nemesis and Juno have met before on their current Cycle.  The other end of the central Opposition is occupied by Sedna, symbolizing Actions Taken out of Panic.

So we could say that the basic Energy embedded in this Portal is about Becoming Aware of the triggers that move us toward Panic and cause us to Act in ways that do not further our best interests.  When you apply this filter to your recent Experience, does it generate any useful Insight?

The remainder of the Yin Gate should help us understand more about this basic Energy.  This is 22-26 Degrees, the place where we’re starting Version 4.0 of our current Big Project, and beginning to adapt it to Community.  We’ve been working very intensely in this space for a while now, and it will save our Lives over the next four years.  Without the green Arrowheads, a Yin Gate would “just” be a Golden Rectangle (“just” because a Golden Rectangle represents profound Grace), which is the blue box in the picture.  A Golden Rectangle provides Grace around the two Oppositions – the red “X” between the corners of the blue box.

We know these two Oppositions well.  One of them is about the Emergence of a Deeper version of our True Self, symbolized by dwarf planet Haumea (Rebirth) Opposing Uranus (our Soul Self) and Eris (Truthtelling).  This is the same axis that Saturday’s Full Moon sat upon, which is a very Strong Affirmation.  While the Moon has moved on, the Sun is still very near Haumea.

The other Opposition is about the Recovery of our Hidden Genius, which may require that we Remember and Let Go Of the Trauma that forced it to Hide, as Ixion (our Abandoned Unique Genius) and Pholus (Being Fully Responsible To) Oppose Chaos (Unlimited Potential) and asteroid Veritas (Truth).  The Golden Rectangle tells us that these two processes are Complementing one another, each making the other Easier.

This second Opposition is Lit Up further by being one axis of the Grand Cross we spoke of at length in Portal 13.10.  The Opposition that Squares the Hidden-Genius axis is the one between Chiron (Despair and Miracle) and Hopi (Respect for All Things) – Embracing our Projections.

So, Bottom Line, this Portal is about Becoming Conscious of our “Stops” – the barriers in our Psyche which Stop us from Activating our Unique Genius and Living Authentically.  Once they’re Conscious, we can Change them.  The essence of those green Arrowheads is Curiosity.  “I Wonder how this will Unfold.” – not a Question that seeks an Answer.   Wonder as in Awe.  “Great Spirit, please Lovingly and Gently Open my Eyes to the Miracles that will Unfold here.”

Heavy II

February 22, 2016

The other big Configuration in the cluster near the Midpoints of the Signs is a Yin Gate in 22-25 Degrees.  There’s a nice picture and description of a Yin Gate in .  A Yin Gate represents an Initiation into Mystery, embodied by the Central Opposition, the one with Yods to both ends of it.  The Central Opposition in the current Yin Gate is Vesta-Eris in Aries to Haumea in Libra…

The Central Issue here is…

Becoming Aware of the Limitations imposed on our Life by our Unconscious Beliefs.  

We normally have very good reasons for keeping Unconscious Beliefs repressed, though the reason could be as simple as we’re too busy or too lazy to rework our entire approach to Life just because a few pieces don’t fit together well.  The folks at the Tea Parties carrying “Government Keep Your Hands off my Medicare” come to mind.  Or the poor saps who don’t realize that “Making American Great Again” means making it Great for the billionaires.

Often though it’s about not wanting to face down our Held Emotions – the situations that we in one Body or another endured and never want to revisit.  As we mentioned in the previous Heavy I post, those could well be coming up this week.  We can look for more clues in the “Subsidiary Issues” which we elaborated in ), but first, getting our Limiting Beliefs pulled up by the Roots is only half of the Central Issue.  The other half is a…

Rebirth of our Social Self and the way we Relate to the Outside World.

We can dig for more information about that in the Sabian Symbol, “The sight of an autumn leaf brings to a pilgrim the sudden revelation of the Mystery of Life and Death.”  I don’t think Elsie used “Pilgrim” in the same way that John Wayne did.  My guess is that rather than thinking “That Asshole!” about a fellow Pilgrim who doesn’t Behave the way Mom said every decent person should, we might think, “Whoa, that poor Bloke has probably Lived through the same sort of Nightmares I have.”

The Subsidiary Issues provide reinforcement and background, but not a lot of Insight.  They’re

  • The Threat of being Overwhelmed when our Held Emotions well up in our throat ( South Node in Pisces ) versus Allowing our Ego to be Overhauled to reorient our Life toward our Deepest Desires ( North Node in Virgo ) and 
  • Actions Motivated by Fear of Loss ( Sedna in Taurus ) versus Actions Motivated by a Deep Intuitive Understanding of Context ( Mars in Scorpio )

But now, this is a Yin Gate, which means that the two Subsidiary Issues are bound together with a Great Deal of Grace ( the Golden Rectangle ), so they complement and educate one another.  The Trines indicate Dumb-Luck Grace between Fear and Desire (which would appear to suggest that it might be a good time to Face Down our Fear), and between Karma and Action.  What sort of Action?  That’s suggested by the Sextiles, in this case Action in Pursuit of our Mission, or in Pursuit of our current picture of our Mission – namely our Deepest Desires.

The Goddess is no Dummy; she encoded our Mission into our Deepest Desires, so there’s no way we could possibly forget it.  Motivation from the intellect is fine, as far as it goes.  But it doesn’t have nearly the Power and Persistence as Motivation from the Heart or the Gut or the Groin.  We were just Programmed to Believe that those kinds of Motivations were Silly or Stupid or Uncivil.  We were easy to Program because that’s what our Held Emotions told us anyway.  Which is just another way of saying that’s what we’re doing this week, examining our Programming and our Vulnerability to it.

Then there are the Dos Equiis, the four Curiosities, where the Universe is advising us to eschew Analysis and substitute Wonder.  These are…

  • I Wonder how my Unconscious Beliefs have warped my Deepest Desires
  • I Wonder how my Beliefs have constrained my Actions
  • I Wonder how Fear of Loss Limits my social interactions
  • I Wonder how my Held Emotions have warped my social interactions

These are Mysteries.  If your mind jumps at the chance to provide simple Answers to these Musings, thank it for Contributing and change the wording.  For instance, if it’s obvious to you how your Fear of Loss Limits your social interactions, change it to “I Wonder what would happen to my Social Life if my Fear of Loss was assuaged,” or something else that triggers your Imagination rather than your intellect.

At mid-month, this Configuration was not just a Yin Gate, but also a Flying Yoda, with a Kite stretched across the Golden Rectangle, topped by Haumea, and with T-Squares to each corner-to-corner Opposition in the Golden Rectangle.  We talk about Flying Yodas in , but in that essay I don’t think we mentioned the embedded Yin Gate or the T-Squares.  

The picture in shows the tailed Flying Squirrel, and actually, if we moved Ceres a few degrees forward, Mercury-Juno-Makemake-Ceres-Mercury would trace out a Golden Rectangle and enclose a Yin Gate.  (That’s a hypothetical; Mercury would be likely to move forward four times faster than Ceres.)  The T-Squares in that picture would be Pallas on Mercury-Opposite-Makemake, and Mars on Juno-Opposite-Pallas.

At the moment we have only a one-armed Flying Yoda, since the other arm was formed by Klotho and Sappho.  Klotho-Sappho (cutting a new Fabric for Life based on Singing the Praises of Love) is a great arm for a Haumea Kite to have, and not only can we easily conceive that the full Flying Yoda has provided a continuing Blessing, but any projects born around mid-February will certainly receive that Blessing.

The persisting arm of the Flying Yoda is Ixion, another fabulous Blessing.  If you didn’t notice the aroma of our Abandoned Genius in the earlier discussion of Programming and Desire, you might want to re-read it.  It’s quite a “coincidence” that Ixion occupies a Ray of the Grand Trine, because while we didn’t name it that, the Ixion Discovery chart contains a full Flying Yoda, focused on Ixion itself!  See .

We’ll be able to bring our Abandoned Genius home here as well, as Grace surrounds it and connects it to our Rebirth.



March 23, 2015

zinn8439bpZinnwaldite from the Zinnwald or “Tin Forest” on the border between Germany, Poland, and Bohemia.  A complex Potassium Lithium Iron Aluminum Mica, it’s the most Liberating mineral I know of.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω 

For the last few days and the next few hours (till 8am PDT March 23, more or less – see for other time zones), the dwarf planet Ixion is Strong (Stationary turning Retrograde).  Ixion is about Healing the Self-Hate that we’ve developed as a result of seeing ourselves through the eyes of the rules and Expectations that our Culture and Families of Origin have had for us.  In the Unconscious there is no negation, only dimension, so Good is the same as Bad, and Up is the same as Down.  It’s the Coin thing – when we get stuck in the Dualistic mind, we need to remember to Attend to the Coin rather than heads Either/Or tails.  So if on the Soul level we want to develop a particular Skill in a Lifetime, often we choose a Family of Origin that will suppress that Skill in us.  That way we can’t help but end up paying a lot of Attention to the Coin, and once we flip out of Duality, the Skill can bloom.

Of course, along the way, we can’t help but notice that we’re good at this Skill, but since everyone else hates it, and we’re it, we must be hateful.  Then, once we flip out of basing our Identity on how well we perform, and start to Attend to Yintegrity instead, one of the Portals we have to pass through is Healing this Self-Hate.  Sometimes the death of a parent can feel Liberating, because the external voice of Expectation has stopped.  Or when we move to the other corner of the country, or even a different country.  But of course we’ve internalized the voice, and we still need to deal with that.

It’s becoming obvious that the future of Healing is converging on the notion of clearing negative epigenetics out of individual cells, and these Skill-suppressing rules and Expectations – which have become Self-Hate – join Trauma, Karma, heavy metals, and toxic chemicals as flavors of negative epigenetics.  Genetics is about the Genes we got passed down to us from the Ancestors; epigenetics is about which of those Genes gets switched on or off by our environment.  Genetics is “Nature,” epigenetics is “Nurture.”  Turns out Nurture is the stronger of the two, because with the right techniques we can manipulate our Genetics.  A while back we mentioned Nilima Baht and her Cancer-Healing meditations, for instance…

We’ve been using meditations #5 and #6 with success, along with the “Truth Yantra” (mandala) that she links to at the bottom of the page.  The other meditations sound intriguing as well, especially #4, since March 22 was International Day of Water, but I haven’t tried them yet.  Now it turns out a book with a comprehensive description of these Healing processes has fallen into my lap, The Journey, by Brandon Bays.  On p.156 she quotes Marianne Williamson, from Marianne’s book A Return to Love

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous’  Actually, who are you not to be?

“You are a child of God.  Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.  There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won’t feel insecure around you.  We are meant to shine, as children do.  We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.  It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.  And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  As we’re liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

And on p.110 she quotes W.B Yeats…

“We can make our mind so like still water that beings gather about us to see their own images, and so for a moment live a cleaner, perhaps even fiercer, life because of our quiet.”

You know what it feels like to be in the presence of a Saint. 

Like the Butterfly in China who, flapping her wings creates a tiny vortex that with resonance can grow into the Hurricane of Chaos Theory, we can create our own microclimate of Freedom and Power and Ecstasy.  When enough of us flap our wings, when fifty of us move beyond 8-by-10 color glossies and start a movement, or a hundred of us start washing the glyphosate off our food-like substances, we can create our own Yintegrity-Storms to counteract the Fear-Storms that the Lizards send out.

The Ixion discovery chart has many Strong features, but the Strongest is a Winged Yin Gate focused on Ixion itself, which is Conjunct Pallas and Quaoar.  Ixion is Retrograde at Sagittarius 6, “A game of cricket,” and the Winged Yin Gate is in the first Decanate of the Signs.

A Yin Gate is a Golden or Mystic Rectangle with planets at the Midpoints of the shorter sides of the Rectangle.  The Midpoint planets receive overlapping Yods from the corners of the Golden Rectangle, forming an XX pattern.  The Golden Rectangle is driven by the Oppositions between the corners.  The Yin Gate is driven by the Yods.  A Winged Yin Gate forms when a Kite overlays the Gate, so that the top of the Kite is one of the Midpoint planets.  A Winged Yin Gate is driven by the planet at the top or Focus of the Kite, as abetted by the other Yod and the Oppositions, and of course the Grand Trine.

In this case, Ixion rules his own Discovery chart, with co-rulers Pallas (Boundaries) and Quaoar (Law-Giving).  The tail of the Kite (ie, focus of the second Yod) is Sun-Saturn (Laser-Like Focus).  Self-Sovereignty, with little compromise, in other words.  The Oppositions in the Mystic Rectangle are the Nodal Axis (Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going) and Vesta (Belief) Opposite a Conjunction of Pholus (Over-Reponsibility and Blame) with Hylonome (Grief unto Ego Death).  Even less compromise.  The Wings, or other corners of the Grand Trine in the Kite, are Neptune (Culture, Material Confusion, Spiritual Clarity) and Haumea (Rebirth).

The Kite in a Winged Yin Gate fills four points of a Grand Sextile, and a Mystic Rectangle fills four points of a different Grand Sextile, in the same degrees.  In this case the Kite is Dynamic, and the Rectangle Dynamic.  There is a fifth point in the Magnetic partial-Grand-Sextile, Chariklo (Charm and Beauty), leaving a powerful Vacancy at 6 Pisces, “A parade of army officers in full dress.

Another prominent Configuration in the Ixion discovery chart is five-sixths of a Dynamic Grand Sextile at the Midpoints of the Signs.  The Vacancy is 18 Libra, “Two men placed under arrest.”  The extant planets are Pluto, Lilith Conjunct a Stationary Uranus, Venus Conjunct Eris, and the Vertex.  A Grand Trine is nestled into three of the other six Sign Midpoints, between an Out-of-Bounds and Stationary Makemake, an Out-of-Bounds Nessus, and a Stellium of Sedna, Moon, and Juno.  Were it not for the Winged Yin Gate, we’d call Makemake the ruler of the chart.  The Yod to Makemake has a base of Lilith-Uranus (Yindependence and Yintegrity) Sextile to Venus-Eris (Walking in Beauty and Exposing Denial).  That’s a very powerful Yod.

The Second Harmonic

June 20, 2014

A reader’s question…

“When you speak about the two oppositions in the Mystic Rectangle besides the central Opposition on the back to back Yods in the Yin Gate, you use the word ‘subsidiary Issues.’  Are you using the word “Issue” in the sense of ‘problem,’ or in the sense of ‘way out’ or ‘solution’ to the central Opposition?

Let’s take our recent Full Moon Yin Gate as an example, since it’s still very much in effect.  The central Opposition is Uranus to Vesta-Ceres.  The “subsidiary” Oppositions are Venus-Saturn and Lilith-Chiron.  It’s a “derivative” of Lilith, but we can refer to it as Lilith because that’s the primary new Energy involved.

“Problem” is a relative term.  If I’m into eustress, a “problem” can be motivating, even exciting.  If I’m into stress, then I certainly don’t need more “problems,” I’ve got plenty already!  The word “issue” is a more neutral way of referring to what would appear to be a problem to someone in stress.  I don’t use the word “issue” to mean “way out” or “solution.”  But there’s more to it than that.

An Opposition presents a “problem” only to someone stuck in the mind.  An Opposition is a Duality.  If we’re in Either/Or mode and feel like we have to “pick up on one and leave the other behind” as John Sebastion so eloquently put it, then you bet, we have a problem.  And there are certainly some cases where we do have to make a Choice.  Suppose we felt that we had to Choose between Following our Joy (Uranus) and being True to our Creed (Vesta).  That’s a problem.

In Both/And mode we could PIAVA to modify our Creed to be more Sustainable (Ceres), which I think is the real proposition being offered to us here.  (We probably wouldn’t Choose to modify our Creed because most of our Beliefs have roots deeper than Choice.)  The Opposition will illustrate to us which portions of our historical Beliefs are obsolete relative to whom we’ve become.  That could be a problem if we’re locked into some Life situation where specific Beliefs are required, but other than that it should be liberating to rebalance our Beliefs with our joie de vivre.

This is a very fundamental “issue.”  Angeles Arrien (Tarot Handbook p.30) defines the Second Harmonic as…

“The universal principle of intuition, independence, self-trust, and self-resourcefulness.  This is the androgynous figure who archetypally represents balance. … Mythically, this archetype also represents the journey homeward or the return to oneself.”

In other words, the journey from the Duality of the mind to the Inclusiveness of the Heart.  Sounds a lot like Lilith, actually.  The Second Harmonic is represented by the High Priestess, and the High Priestess is the quintessential guardian of the specific Rituals and Doctrines of her Lineage – in her linear role – quite the opposite of “intuition, independence, self-trust, and self-resourcefulness.”  Yet like the Empress she has the power to express Compassion.  Another situation where we want to look at the Coin rather than the heads or the tails.  The Coin here is Both/Either.  Oppositions always invite us to look for the Coin.

As we’ve said many times, there are no contradictions in Nature; contradictions exist only in the mind of the observer.  Nature is Unitary and Multifarious; the observing mind is Dualistic.  The Opposition appears to involve contradistinction – between, say, being self-directed (Aries) or being other-directed (Libra).  The Aries-Libra Coin is Orientation.  Heads is self-direction, tails is other-directed.  What’s the Coin? is a very powerful question to Ask whenever we find ourselves stuck in Either/Or.  So on a more fundamental level the Yin Gate is asking us to examine our Orientation.  Do we habitually look for the Rules, or look for Joy?

So, what about the “subsidiary issues?”  They provide additional information about the central apparent dichotomy.  To rebalance Joy and Creed in our Lives we may need to also rebalance Beauty and Order (Venus-Saturn).  We may have been hedging our Values in order to maintain Discipline, or letting Pleasure distract us from keeping our Focus on The Most Important Thing.  What’s the Taurus-Scorpio Coin?  Stability would be a good approximation.  Balancing Work and Pleasure enhances Stability.

If we consider the other Opposition in the Mystic Rectangle to be Lilith and Chiron, what’s the Coin there?  What universal principle underlies both Despair/Miracle and Yindependence?  That Coin is Power – we either give away our Power (Despair or Subservience) or we keep it (Miracle or Suzerainty).  The Coin for Virgo-Pisces is Completion.  So we’re being called to Finish Business in the places where we’ve habitually given our Power away.

So “in a word,” the deeper indication is that we are Reorienting our Relationship to Power and Stability.  That certainly rings true for my Life lately; does it for yours?  If this was a natal chart and we were talking to a client, and they didn’t immediately resonate to that very concise formulation, we could bring in details about Creed, Joy, The Most Important Thing, Values, Self-Direction, and Perspective.

The Yin Gate is an Initiation into Mystery.  This one Asks us to sit with the Mystery of how Joie de Vivre and the Sacred fit together Sustainably in the World and in our Lives.  A Mystery is something we don’t have to figure out.  We don’t need to know the mechanism that makes it work.  We don’t need to know why it occurs, or how, or when.  Your Science may have a number of tidy definitions of how Plants make Food from Sunlight – it’s about the Chlorophyll or the Electrons or the Fertilizer, depending on who you talk to.  But it’s a Mystery.  By defining it we make it into a machine so we can pretend to be the only Conscious and Powerful Entities about.  By defining it we lose respect for its Magic.

I mean, truly, do you really Believe that by always Following Your Joy you can manifest Power and Stability?  For most of us it’s quite the opposite.  That’s the Mystery.  The problem in that first sentence is the word Believe.  Believing is Seeing; we Manifest what we Believe.  But we don’t change Beliefs by Choice.  How do we change them?  Another Mystery.  I wonder what Curiosity might do for us here?

Full Moon Yin Gate and Portal 7.5-15

June 13, 2014

stail5783bpSwallowtail Selenite, a Crystalline form of Gypsum or Calcium Sulfate.  The same stuff that the inside walls in your house are made of.  Like Feminine Power – often so subtle that it’s not even seen, but what would you do without it?  Look at those subtle colors!

* * * * *

As we’ve said about the Full Moon’s Yin Gate…

“The Core Issue is the Mysterious Relationship between our Soul’s Path and our Personal Mythology.  And the way that Mystery is Changing, as our Personal Mythology changes, and as our Soul’s Path evolves and adapts to the Choices our Ego makes. 

“This is the central Opposition from the Vesta-Ceres Conjunction to Uranus, the central axis of the Yin Gate.”

“As in any Yin Gate, there are two Subsidiary Issues.  The first is the Mysterious Relationship between the concept of Order in your Personal Mythology, and the concept of Beauty in your Personal Mythology.  Do you know what it means to a Native American to ‘walk in beauty’?

“One of the other Oppositions in this Yin Gate is between Venus and Saturn.

“And the second Subsidiary Issue is the Mysterious Relationship between the concept of Miracle in your Personal Mythology, and the concept of The Feminine in your Personal Mythology.

“The link is indirect, which we’ll explain in a while, but the third Opposition is between Chiron and a derivative of Lilith.  Derivatives were not reigned in after they caused the Worldwide 2007-8 crash.”

Here’s a picture of the Yin Gate


A Yin Gate is a Golden Rectangle (two parallel Trines with Sextiles between their ends, the blue lines) with embellishments – namely a planet that bisects each Sextile.  The two bisecting planets create back-to-back Fingers of God or Yods (the green lines) with the opposite corners of the Golden Rectangle.  Which means that there are three equally spaced Oppositions involved (the dark red lines).

In a Golden Rectangle, the two Oppositions provide the Energy, and describe any conflicts or Learning Opportunities that might arise.  But in a Yin Gate it’s the central Opposition that provides the Energy and intrigue, by virtue of the back-to-back Fingers of God.  A Finger of God (two Quintiles from a third planet to each end of a Sextile) basically means Pay Attention to this!

In this case the Core Issue is realignment of the Balance between the Yintegrity that we’ve been working with since 2012, and the re-examination of our deepest Values, which we’re in the middle of.

The actual Initiation of Vesta (our deepest Values, or that which we hold Sacred) by Ceres (Sustainability) doesn’t take place for a few more weeks, but they’ve been dancing together for a while now, so we can consider these realignments with our Yintegrity to be part of the Initiation, which as we said earlier was about “A child giving Birds a drink at a fountain: Manifest Form reconnecting itself to its overlighting Spirit.

* * * * *

Sacred And Sustainable

As it turns out, this re-examination of our Deepest Values is very profound.  Take a look at this intense ten-day Portal that spans July 5 through 15 – though we’re actually already well into the preliminary training…

  • July 5: Ceres Initiates Vesta at 22 Libra
  • July 5-6: The Moon crosses Mars, Ceres, Vesta, and North Node
  • July 12: Ceres Initiates Mars at 25 Libra
  • July 13: North Node Initiates Vesta at 25 Libra
  • July 13: North Node Initiates Mars at 24 Libra
  • July 14: North Node Initiates Ceres at 24 Libra
  • July 15: Vesta Initiates Mars at 25 Libra
  • July 16: The Sun Squares almost everybody from Cancer (the Sun Squares Mars a few days later)

As if any combination of the The Sacred (Vesta) and Sustainability (Ceres) isn’t important, the involvement of the North Node means that new parts of our Mission in the Lifetime are coming into Consciousness.  Mars brings Energy and Excitement into this Renaissance.  And the Moon manifests it from Potential into Form. 

These Initiations span the Gemini and Cancer Duads of Libra, which imply that we as Individuals and as Cultures have worked our way through Social Self 1.0, Social Self 2.0, and Social Self 3.0, and we’re embarking on Social Self 4.0…

We’re bootstrapping a whole new way of doing business with Other (primarily Other People, but also any Entity other than what we habitually think of as Me and whom we habitually Defend as Me, which for most of us includes the Planet).  We’re basically starting over in July, rebuilding all of our Relationships on a very different footing, one based on Compassion.

Social Self 1.0 was based on Reaching Out (Libra), 2.0 on Barter (Capricorn), 3.0 on Excitement (Aries), and Social Self 4.0 will be based on Nurturance (Cancer).

The feet of the Vesta-Ceres Finger of Yod are Chiron (Despair, Impossibility, Miracles) and Venus (Beauty in every sense of the word, including Coherence)…

We can expect two things from this bootstrapping – Elegance, and Miracles.  Be very watchful here and in July for any sign of Despair, Cynicism, Skepticism, or any sense that something otherwise important is impossible.  When you catch yourself in Doubt or Disbelief,

Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade.

Let me repeat that with emphasis, because it’s critical for the Planet. 

Be very watchful here and in July for any sign of Despair, Cynicism, Skepticism, or any sense that something otherwise important is impossible.  When you catch yourself in Doubt or Disbelief,

Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade.

There is something you Want very deeply.  Never give up on that; it’s one piece of the jigsaw puzzle called Planet Earth.  When you encounter any reason why it’ll never work, forget everything you know, quickly PIAVA Both/And, and Change the Subject.

* * * * *


The other pole of the Core Issue is the work we’ve been doing since 2012 (since the 1960s really) on our Yintegrity.  To review…

Yintegrity means doing what we feel like doing, moment to moment.  Yangtegrity means doing what we said we were going to do – the traditional measure of Integrity in a male-dominated World.  In order to live in Yintegrity we probably have to reduce our Commitments, renegotiate broken Agreements, and make Amends when necessary.  Avoid Explaining yourself whenever possible.

Not hard to see the connection between our Yintegrity work and Sustaining what we hold Sacred. 

The feet of the Uranus (Yintegrity) Finger of God are Saturn, and that funny little upside down “T” that we’ve drawn in the upper right corner of the blue box.  Saturn’s easy…

Saturn tells us that maintaining our Yintegrity – not giving away our Power or allowing someone we Love (or someone we don’t) to have Suzerainty over us – is The Most Important Thing.  We’ll be continuing our re-examination of the Sustainability of our Deepest Values in the context of our Yintegrity, not the other way around.

When there appears to be a conflict between Yintegrity and the Sacred, it’s your understanding of the Sacred that needs to be renegotiated, remembering that Now we see through a glass darkly.

There abide Faith, Hope, and Charity, and the greatest of these is Charity – there is no Love without Self-Love, and Yintegrity is the purest form of Self-Love.  With reduced Commitments, Renegotiation, and Amends, Yintegrity is also the purest form of Other-Love, as it eschews deception on all levels.  Yes, it sounds like Chaos when you’re in Resistance or attached to the status quo, but the status quo is Unsustainable.

So what’s that upside-down T all about?

There is no planet at the upper right corner of the blue box in the picture above.  This is the 18-degrees-of-Virgo Vacancy that will draft you into serving the Collective version of the Yin Gate if you have a natal planet or other “hot spot” there.

Okay, this isn’t really a Yin Gate – it’s missing a foot!  To avoid discriminating against the disabled, we call the missing foot a Vacancy, and invite one and all to fill it with a token from their Nativity.  True, but we should put it this way too.  It takes six points in alignment to make a Yin Gate.  When we have five of the six points, the Yin Gate is there in Potential.  We manifest it into form by invoking the Vacancy.  We can do that in several ways.

We can find someone who has a planet or other hot astrospot close to the Vacancy; they’ll be sort of a living key for opening the Yin Gate.

We can look for an obscure asteroid or a fixed Star hanging out there, and cast the implied meaning of the ‘roid or Star as the key that opens the Gate.

We can look up the Degree of the Vacancy, discover its meaning, and supply that Energy Consciously.  The Sabian Symbol for 18 of Virgo is…

A Ouija Board: the ability to contact deeper recesses of the unconscious psyche, and sensitivity to psychic intimations and omens.”   That certainly very much complements our work finding a Sustainable Sense of the Sacred, and dropping enough of our Masks to find our Yintegrity.  In fact, it’s probably necessary work for the task!  A prime purpose of the PIAVA process, embedded in the Pay Attention part of it, is to become sensitive to psychic intimations and omens – aka the Unconscious Surround that we haven’t differentiated into Consciousness yet.  Most especially our self-sabotaging Patterns.

When we write about the second element of the Full Moon chart we’ll see how incredible this actually is – the second element is dominated by a Finger of God and a Mjolnir (not just Pay Attention, but also Epiphanies) pointing at Juno, our symbol for the Edge of Consciousness.  And shitohdear, why does that Ouija Board sound familiar?  Because it’s the very degree of the Pluto-Uranus Initiation in 1965, the beginning of the Yintegrity Cycle we’ve been working on!

When we find corroborating evidence like this – several indications pointing in the same direction – we not only know we’re on the right track, but we know that it’s an especially profound process that we’re working on, as the Heavens are making sure we aren’t going miss it!

But it turns out there actually is something near 18 of Virgo in the Full Moon chart.  The upside-down “T” in the upper right corner of the blue box in the picture below is the symbol for a “Midpoint,” which is just a point halfway between two planets.

Midpoints are sensitive places in a chart where the Energies of the two planets are blended.  Obscure, yes (except perhaps in Germany where their study originated, at least in modern times), but also meaningful.

Earlier we referred to it as a “derivative of Lilith” – it’s the Midpoint between Lilith and Ceres.

These are some pretty fundamental Goddesses we’re working with here – Ceres or Diana, the Goddess of Grain; Vesta or Hestia, the Goddess of the Hearth (who was honored in ancient Greece before honoring Zeus and after honoring Zeus, giving you an idea of who was really important); and Lilith, the Goddess of Yindependence.  Nobody does Yintegrity without first learning Yindependence.

Feminine Power often works invisibly. 

Just as this particular representative of Lilith (we’ll soon encounter another) is “imaginary” or symbolic, Lilith is pulling strings from behind the curtain, through her Midpoint with her co-matriot Ceres.

The symbol we routinely use for Lilith Energy is the second center of the Moon’s orbit around the Earth.  The Moon’s orbit is an oval, and ovals have two centers.  One is the Earth.  The other is a place in the Heavens that we call Lilith.

There is a subtle intimation that you may not get your macaroni unless you respect Ceres – certainly it’s true that you won’t get fed psychically without seeking your Yintegrity.

* * * * *

Whew, that’s a lot!  And it’s only the first of four major themes in the Full Moon chart.  How could I summarize this?  I’d just say Wow!  Zowie!  This is Big!  If you’ve lost the plot, go back to the parts in red and burn them into your eyelids in a large font.

Friday the 13th Full Moon

June 10, 2014

covell2452bpYes, this Stone really is this color.  It’s better, actually.  It’s a Mystery.  Copper Sulfide Covellite has a similar impact as does this Full Moon – stirring up what’s buried so it can be used as fertile Compost instead of sabotaging us as we open up to simultaneously increasing both Yindependence and Community and start working on the real problems facing our species.

* * * * *

If we run down our list of what’s most important in a chart and compare it to the shortly-after-midnight pdt Friday-the-thirteenth Full Moon, we find

  • the dwarf planet Makemake Stationary Direct,
  • a Yin Gate, and
  • a small crowd of Centaurs hanging out behind the (Full) Moon.

That’ll keep us busy.  We need to say a word about Centaurs…

Centaurs are a group of hybrid comet/asteroid iceballs that have irregular and unstable orbits between Saturn and Farout.  Of course the most famous Centaur in astrology is our Miracle-Maker Chiron.  We’ve also looked at Chariklo.  Ceres is about four times as big, and Pluto about five times as big, as the biggest Centaurs, so they may never qualify as dwarf planets – a dwarf planet has to have enough gravity to roll itself into a coherent ball, rather than being just some big irregularly shaped rock or dustbunny.  No one in modern history has ever given them a good look, so it’s not known yet whether some of the Centaurs are also dwarf planets.

We’ll get to the Centaurs that cluster behind the Moon a little later.  For now, what do we know about Makemake?  Here’s what we said earlier

* * * * *

Dwarf Planet Makemake

“Look to see if we get any major clues or shifts – or technological innovations – toward Cultural Sustainability between June 10 and 12.

“We’ll have to find time to analyze the Makemake discovery chart, as Makemake turns Direct on June 12 at 29 degrees of Virgo.  It turned Retro during the last few days of 2013 at 2 of Libra.

“Virgo-Libra is a very powerful Cusp, signifying the shift from individual effort to exploration of Community.  Our first clue about Makemake’s meaning is that he’s here to help us transition to Sustainability, since he was a Survival God on Rappa Nui. 

“Makemake is a dwarf planet about 2/3 the size of Pluto, orbiting in a fairly circular path in the neighborhood of Pluto.

“Makemake enters Libra thrice – October 19, 2013; September 7, 2014; and July 13, 2015 – as it stutter-steps across the line.  It takes about 30 years for Makemake to cross a Sign, so we’ll only see a Makemake Sign-change such as this twice or thrice in a Lifetime.

“The last time Makemake moved from Virgo into Libra was 1713.  Ben Franklin was 7 years old.  George Washington wasn’t born till 20 years later, Thomas Jefferson 30 years later, James Madison 40 years later.

“It’s interesting that the Pallas-Neptune Opposition corresponds with the Makemake Station.

“As they say, history doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes.  As it was in Ben Franklin’s youth, remote masters are setting up conditions for possible revolt by overexploiting the People.  Then they were geographically remote; now they’re sociopathically remote – though they were undoubtedly that then too.”

The Makemake discovery chart is too complex to go into very deeply here, but the standout features (using our list of most important things) are…

Makemake presides over a significant project to hold our nose to the fire of Emotions that would otherwise prevent us from being constantly Attentive to the Edges of our Consciousness.  While Denial is no longer an option, once we recognize what’s happening and embrace it, it will be delightfully easy.

The meat of the discovery chart:  A Lilith-Saturn Conjunction T-Squares the Nodes.  Along with Juno, Makemake itself forms the base of a T-Square focused on a Moon-Pluto Conjunction, and along with Ceres, Makemake forms the base of a Finger of God pointing at an Eris-North Node Conjunction.  Heavy stuff.  However, the Makemake-Juno Opposition is also the vertical spar of a very fortuitous Kite with Saturn and Ceres.

A Moon-Pluto Conjunction is one of the more Challenging astrological Configurations for rampant Emotions.  But, the Conjunction is in Sagittarius, and Sadge is all about burning away the chaff – in Scorpio, the way out is Through; in Sadge, the way out is Letting Go There are many fewer martyrs.  The Eris-North Node Conjunction is in Aries, implying that sudden Insights which break through our shells and masks will follow our initial hesitation – or more likely, our initial horror at having allowed ourselves to say that!  While our tongue will be unrestrained, it will also be acute.

We’ll cover this Makemake discovery chart in more detail later.

* * * * *

The Yin Gate

Here’s an interesting bit of trivia I just ran across…

Let’s say we want to know how many ways we can arrange four books on a shelf.  It’s easy: You find the possibilities by multiplying 4x3x2 – called ‘4 factorial’ and written as 4! – which is 24.  But what if you have 10 books?  Easy again: It’s 10! or 10x9x8x7x6x5x4x3x2, which is – ready? – 3,628,800 different ways.  Imagine: Going from four items to ten increases the possible arrangements from 24 to 3.6 million.

Bottom line: Possibilities are always wildly, insanely greater than the number of things around us.  If each neuron, or brain cell, could connect with any other in your skull, the number of combinations would be 85 billion factorial.  That winds up being a number with more zeroes than would fit in all the books on Earth.  And that’s just the zeroes after the 1, the mere representation of the number, not the actual count.  The brain’s connection possibilities lie beyond that same brain’s ability to comprehend it.”

(from “Body of Work” by Bob Berman, in Discover Magazine for July/August 2014.)

Share this story with the next person you run into who believes that the Human brain is capable of understanding the Universe.  The brain can’t even comprehend itself.  Sure, as below, so above, but if homocentric Arrogance weren’t so self-sabotaging, it would be silly.

The relevant point for us here, is that if we want to Grow our Consciousness, or even become Attentive to its Edges, we need to get used to the idea of Mystery.  Yes, we can intuitively master the job of successfully arranging all of the dishes into the dishwasher.  But if you think you can grok what will happen when even ten people work together, let alone several billion, you got a bad case of Overthink.  I know, we were programmed that way, but now we have to deprogram ourselves.  And acknowledging not just the Presence, but the Omnipresence, of Mystery is where we start.

And this is what a Yin Gate does for us, it Initiates us into Mystery.

What sort of Mystery, in this particular Fullmoon Yin Gate

The Core Issue is the Mysterious Relationship between our Soul’s Path and our Personal Mythology.  And the way that Mystery is Changing, as our Personal Mythology changes, and as our Soul’s Path evolves and adapts to the Choices our Ego makes. 

This is the Opposition from the Vesta-Ceres Conjunction to Uranus, the central axis of the Yin Gate.

Most people use the word Mythology to mean a primitive version of what we call Religion.  Not so here.  Your Personal Mythology is the set of Beliefs through which you filter the incomprehensibly large amount of stimuli that comes to you from the Universe.  And through which you Deny the enormously larger amount of information that doesn’t stimulate your hopelessly limited sensory mechanisms.  For instance, “Atoms” and “Stars” are Mysteries.  To the extent that you have a working conceptual model of what they are and how they fit together and how you relate to them, that’s part of your Personal Mythology.  A Fundamentalist takes his or her metaphors literally, and in very real ways we’re all Fundamentalists.

As in any Yin Gate, there are two Subsidiary Issues.  The first is the Mysterious Relationship between the concept of Order in your Personal Mythology, and the concept of Beauty in your Personal Mythology.  Do you know what it means to a Native American to “walk in beauty”?

The second Opposition in this Yin Gate is from Venus to Saturn.

And the second Subsidiary Issue is the Mysterious Relationship between the concept of Miracle in your Personal Mythology, and the concept of The Feminine in your Personal Mythology.

The link is indirect, which we’ll explain in a while, but the third Opposition is between Chiron and a derivative of Lilith.  Derivatives were not reigned in after they caused the Worldwide 2007-8 crash.

Meanwhile, if you have anything in your natal chart in the neighborhood of 18 degrees of Virgo, this Initiation has your name on it.

We’ll explain why soon.  Thanks to Elizabeth for helping point out some of the nuances of this Full Moon.