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March IVa – Vignettes

March 2, 2017

Forgot to mention; those Poignant or Painful or Embarrassing or Missed-Opportunity or Regretful Vignettes from your Personal Herstory that are buzzing around your head like flies again, are probably an infestation that wants to be Cleared so you Adjust your Values Cleanly.  Try this…

“[Name], for whatever you may have done or not done that hurt me, I Forgive you.  [Name], for whatever I may have done or not done that hurt you, please Forgive me.”

If you can’t recall their Name, substitute something like “That person with whom I [did/didn’t/had/didn’t have] [such-and-such], back in [such-and-such] [days/nights/years].”

If this isn’t enough to create Peace of Mind so you can Change the Subject, then Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade, Tap on It, and PIAVA Forgiveness.